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"France Is Furious": Anger Grows at Macron for Raising Retirement Age as Millions Strike & Protest

  • Published on Mar 23, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • French unions say nearly 3.5 million people took to the streets Thursday in a nationwide general strike to protest President Emmanuel Macron's deeply unpopular move to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64. Macron forced the legislation through the French National Assembly last week, using a constitutional clause to bypass a parliamentary vote. Macron's government survived a vote of no confidence Monday by just nine votes, but public anger shows no signs of abating, with France's major trade unions planning another nationwide protest for Tuesday. "Not only is the government trying to do this pension reform that people see as fundamentally unfair, but they're ignoring historically large protests even by French standards," says journalist Cole Stranger from Marseille. His new guest essay in The New York Times is headlined "France Is Furious."
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Comments • 3 439

  • Seifer
    Seifer 2 months ago +1355

    Some additional information from a french citizen : It is the 11th time Macron is using a constitutional clause to bypass a parliamentary vote in a single year... he is basically governing like he is the king of the country and refuse to even meet the leaders of the strikes to negociate.

      CRÒNICA NISSARDA 2 months ago +119

      Like the Louis XVI method!What was the result?!🇨🇵✊

    • jamesncraigroc James
      jamesncraigroc James 2 months ago +92

      You lot voted him in again so who is to blame????

    • K Askolenn
      K Askolenn 2 months ago +243

      @jamesncraigroc James He mainly got elected by old people, already enjoying a pension, and middle class, scared of other canditates and scared of downgrading. Media bashing of opponents during the campain has been horrendous... Like in many countries, medias belonging to millionaires make the opinion... Many people do not bother to vote anymore, they feel it is a a lie, they are not represented and they always loose at the end.

      CRÒNICA NISSARDA 2 months ago +55

      @jamesncraigroc James The french peoples don't takes him a majority at the french parlement(assemblée nationale) where the laws must be voted!This is why he 's passing by scandalous article 49.3(by pass )!
      (sorry for my englisch)

  • Michael Brennan
    Michael Brennan 2 months ago +270

    Huge respect to the French people if only the sheep 🐑 of this country would protest 🪧 like you again huge respect.

  • Dr00g
    Dr00g 2 months ago +50

    French people need to keep protesting and letting their voices be heard! Mad respects

  • tindog
    tindog 2 months ago +265

    Well done French Citizens!

    • Marce Tor
      Marce Tor 2 months ago +12

      Thank you ! French solidarity goes for the whole world.

    • John Doe
      John Doe 2 months ago +2

      Lmfao, lets see how long they last. I give it maybe a month then it stops

    • Kephy_
      Kephy_ 2 months ago +7

      @John Doe It's been going on since two months bro, we won't stop until we win

  • kami lipe
    kami lipe 2 months ago +14

    Držíme pěsti,🍀 Francie!!! Občané Francie, nevzdávejte se, bojujte za svá práva a nároky žít v míru, klidu, za lásku v srdci...za svůj život, který vám dali vaší rodiče, a který vám chtějí politici "sebrat",...za své děti!!! V České republice jsou lidi slepí, hluší... ovce vedoucí na porážku ... vylhanými a cíleně způsobenými problémy politickou skvadrou, která nemá slitování, nesnáší seniory, bez jakékoliv empatie, sociálního cítění ... Jsme s vámi, Francouzi!!! Respekt a úcta🙏 k vašim snahám a za odvahu👍 !!! Držte se směru, nevybočuje, dáváte a posíláte naději i občanům jiných států...!!!❤❤❤

  • Doodles
    Doodles 2 months ago +606

    These criminal politicians think they can do exactly what they want without repercussions, thank you and well done to the French for standing up for themselves. This should be happening worldwide.

    • syde
      syde 2 months ago +31

      Thank you from a french protester

    • ben trem
      ben trem 2 months ago +5

      You don’t say how your people are going to pay everyone’s pension going forward?

    • soavemusica
      soavemusica 2 months ago

      This channel offers actual news.

  • Kurtis Banner
    Kurtis Banner 2 months ago +740

    I really admire what the 1st protester said, people are not on this planet to only work and die. How many people even reach their pension age before they die? But yet still these greedy politicians will try as much as they can to make it hard for the one's who have to reap the benefits of their labour 😔.... Evil people really rule this world no joke. 🤦

    • Angel angel * Puff 2015
      Angel angel * Puff 2015 2 months ago +32

      .macron est persuadé que nous sommes ses esclaves

    • Yutab Apangan
      Yutab Apangan 2 months ago +50

      Iranian People fully support French People, We salute You ☘️💕☘️
      People all around the Globe are extremely unhappy with the Corrupt Governments😨
      Situation in Iran is catastrophic and We want to get rid of the brutal regime 💥✌️💥

    • lilsaint91
      lilsaint91 2 months ago +14

      At age 64 most people will statistically reach their pension age before they die. France has one of the lowest retiremement ages in the world.

    • Asshole
      Asshole 2 months ago +25

      @lilsaint91 Les personnes qui atteignent cet âge sans trop difficulté, ce sont les personnes qui ont des métiers qui sont peu éprouvant… et ils sont loin d’être représentatifs du peuple. Et puis, on sait tous que si l’on accepte cette réforme, eh bien, l’âge ne cessera d’augmenter de 64 à 66 à 68, etc. Par la même occasion, il faut réaffirmer que nous sommes dans un régime où le peuple est la carte joker/ où la démocratie devrait avoir une certaine importance et influence.

  • Mercy🌾
    Mercy🌾 Month ago +10

    Love it. Power to the people of France..

  • Steven Howe
    Steven Howe 2 months ago +510

    RESPECT to the French resistance - the whole world is with you.

  • Lana Norcev
    Lana Norcev 2 months ago +27

    Bravo for French people!! God bless you 💐💐💐

  • Ignatius Sangma
    Ignatius Sangma 2 months ago +347

    We the people support French people for the fighting against their rights. Good 👍👍👍

    • Linkme Forfun
      Linkme Forfun 2 months ago +17

      Fighting for their rights... not "against".

    • Melvin
      Melvin 2 months ago +1

      Sorry there is no we! 😂 boom there hé goes crying

    • jsegura525
      jsegura525 2 months ago +1

      @Melvin we yes.

    • GondorianSlayer
      GondorianSlayer 2 months ago

      @Melvin you chinese.

  • C L
    C L 2 months ago +366

    The French want a referendum. They want to feel that they are being heard and listened to. Back in 1969, De Gaulle was met with great resistance regarding some reform he wanted to implement. He organized a referendum and vouched to give up leadership if he lost the referendum. He lost and stayed true to his word. He was a real leader who understood the principles of democracy. Macron wants to rule like a petty tyrant. It’s all about him and his power in total disregard for the governing principles of the nation. He has lost the respect of the people.

  • Captain Spock
    Captain Spock 2 months ago +823

    the workers make the world go around. the leaders are replaceable.

    • john woodward
      john woodward 2 months ago +14

      How very true.

    • Foo O
      Foo O 2 months ago +11

      Why replace leaches?

    • Sam Aitch
      Sam Aitch 2 months ago +1

      Crybabies harden up

    • Yamcha Conyan
      Yamcha Conyan 2 months ago +20

      You know what's wild? Leaders found a way to convince the workers to think that they need businesses to survive, and never the other way around.

  • Sander Polakes
    Sander Polakes 2 months ago +19

    Right now in Finland the retirement age for men is 65 but for me they already predict in the private pension fund that it would be 68-69 by the time I would retire.. that's insane to think about - might be dead by that time working in the restaurant industry. It's stressful enough to begin with.

  • D Chapero
    D Chapero 2 months ago +218

    Hey kids - this is what a real democracy looks like.

    • Constantin Valdor
      Constantin Valdor 2 months ago +10

      The people being screwed agreed

    • Roger Bartlet
      Roger Bartlet 2 months ago +5

      Instead of burning down city hall, the ECB would be a more appropriate target.

    • De Rekarts
      De Rekarts 2 months ago +5

      @Constantin Valdor What is the retirement age in your country ? 68 in the UK, it’s not the French getting screwed.

    • Revathi Bacsa
      Revathi Bacsa 2 months ago +3

      Well, you dont live here. We have stopped going out. We work online. Nothing works.

    • Constantin Valdor
      Constantin Valdor 2 months ago

      @De Rekarts don't start love alright!

  • H H
    H H 2 months ago +198

    This is how we all should protest
    Power belongs to the people,
    Respect ✊
    From Australia

    • Yslohr
      Yslohr Month ago

      It unfortunately isn't enough though.

    • Rubí Ferrer
      Rubí Ferrer Month ago

      Didn't work anyway

    • Yslohr
      Yslohr Month ago

      @Rubí Ferrer Indeed. Government just doesn't listen to anyone but their own side. Now if that doesn't remind you something I don't know what will...

  • JO 7Z
    JO 7Z 2 months ago +10

    I am french, i prefer watch other countries medias than french ones about this crisis. Who globaly says that we are just aggressive and still give government credit... Thanks again to give a real view of the situation.

  • jeronimo dennis
    jeronimo dennis 2 months ago +188

    The keywords are "not giving the people the chance to vote" which a lot of the Western Media are failing to mention!

      KIRSTEN S 2 months ago +9

      Yup. Unilaterally was the word the newscaster used. I think they are sick of this kind of King’s decree. It’s the “straw that broke the camel’s back”

    • Tex Killerson
      Tex Killerson 2 months ago +5

      @Gomer Pyle-- You are entirely right. Someday, long into the future probably, voters will have to realize that voting for neoliberals will always mean, “Do more for less.” Neoliberal candidates are never options -- even for consideration -- by mid-level (and below) employees.

    • Angélique
      Angélique 2 months ago +9

      ​@Gomer Pyle Our system is slightly more complex than your simplistic analysis suggests. The parliamentary debate on this bill has been corseted by the repeated use of tools that can be described as undemocratic because they do not allow for the compromise of oppositions. As for the re-election of the president, he himself admitted that he was elected to shield the extreme right and not for his programme. Giving an opinion is good but it is better when it is informed.

  • Ht Leong
    Ht Leong 2 months ago +223

    UK citizens should also protest as they are facing similar problems like France and germany

    • LA sessionXL
      LA sessionXL 2 months ago +12

      All démocratic society ….

    • Claudia Rocks
      Claudia Rocks 2 months ago +4

      agreed mine has gone up

    • SAT-TV 4 ALL
      SAT-TV 4 ALL 2 months ago +2

      soon more people 'll understand which powerfull tool the new "pandemic pact" 'll gave an Institution to "save the world health" :) the pension system then 'll be the lowerst prior :)

    • Kevin Alibert
      Kevin Alibert 2 months ago +10

      the UK made striking illegal if I recall correctly... very democratic of them

  • Bryan Coombes ART
    Bryan Coombes ART 2 months ago +196

    A country's people with balls... I LOVE it, Canadians watch and learn

    • landa maika
      landa maika 2 months ago +15

      We also do it for all the workers of the world

    • Matthew Bennie
      Matthew Bennie 2 months ago +10

      Both countries need to stop voting for these politicians that care more about foreign immigrants than their own citizens

    • Laurent PAUMIER
      Laurent PAUMIER 2 months ago +11

      North americans usually see french people as cowards. Maybe we just fight for the right things. 😉

    • Scheck
      Scheck 2 months ago +4

      Every country should act like this .. let it burrrrrn.. and the police should do the same

    • Antho Lo
      Antho Lo 2 months ago +2

      we are doing this for democratie, human right and because we believe in the power of unity

  • Susan Whitley
    Susan Whitley 2 months ago +50

    Raising the Pension age is unforgivable. Government collect their pensions when they want them, but the people have to wait, then wait even longer when the age is moved. French people are perfectly justified in their actions. Life cannot be all about work and paying tax, this thinking is outdated and needs reform. Leaders are using powers beyond their remit. Good Luck to the French People! 👍👍👍

    • Rich H.
      Rich H. 2 months ago +3

      France has one of the lowest pension ages in the EU.

    • Fred
      Fred 2 months ago +6

      ​@Rich H. Because of protests like this... if no one resisted the age of retirement would be much higher

    • Angela Milani
      Angela Milani Month ago

      my family operates the heineken in AMERICA

  • Benito Camelo
    Benito Camelo 2 months ago +19

    I recall when something similar happened in my country (Mexico). When Andrés López (the country's current president) took office, one of the first things he did was raise the retirement age from 65 to 68 years and no one cared. In fact, he did a lot of things wrong before people started bothering protesting this year against his attempted electoral reform. I admire the French bc they're protesting already!

    • Yusri Saadun
      Yusri Saadun 2 months ago +4

      This is really sad reality around the world.the workers are treated like a slave..how many people don't make it to reap their own reward by working until you died

  • Ronald Ud
    Ronald Ud 2 months ago +49

    Respect for the France people .

  • Thomas Hutchinson
    Thomas Hutchinson 2 months ago +332

    Meanwhile, people in our country are working until they drop. As a professional classical musician, I have been working consistently with some of the top-tier orchestras in the US for over 30 years, but because of one economic crisis and downturn after another, I am looking at the distinct possibility of NEVER having enough savings and pension contributions to be able to afford to retire.

    • DXR
      DXR 2 months ago +34

      There isn’t a Left in the US to organize workers. Unions in the US are corrupted and weak they fight for themselves (own economic interest) at the expense of the whole class of workers. Then there is the race question still unresolved since the Civil War. And there are male politicians who hate women attack the right to their own bodies.
      NYC is the only international city in the United States that an obscure left still exists. Outside of NYC America is a vast land of religious denominations promoting individualist ideas, voluntarism and theology, these social forces crush worker solidarity between working class families and employers are organized and empowered by wealth as a social class. Workers in America will have to go through privatization before they begin to organize themselves because they are not going to believe the alarm notices of a Left Opposition about their lives under capitalism; so they will learn it the hard way.
      Eradicated by an indoctrination against socialism the people in the US identified themselves with their own enemy and took without questioning the anti-communist rhetoric of American politicians since the end of WWII. This had effectively reduced a Left Opposition movement in America that many are sorrow for. Don’t mourn, organize, this from a 90 year old talking to you.

    • the main vain
      the main vain 2 months ago +7

      I work with stagehands ..... union and theres 70yo people still working or using the job for support to live

    • Hester Prynne
      Hester Prynne 2 months ago +9

      Join the company of millions of Americans in the same boat!

  • Lord Charfield
    Lord Charfield 2 months ago +56

    Every person on France’s streets is a true hero!

    • Martine Flament
      Martine Flament 2 months ago +3

      Very nice ❤😊les travailleurs vaicront, ne vous laissez pas faire. Ils sont une minorité de très riches, mais nous le peuple, nous sommes beaucoup plus nombreux. Sans nous, ils ne sont rien. Vive la liberté, vive mon pays libre. On vous 😍, merci d'une française pour ces très bons commentaires. Ça nous encourage vraiment. Vivement la France 🇫🇷 de mon enfance. Macron et ce gouvernement de bons à rien dehors, destitution. 😊

    • Lord Charfield
      Lord Charfield Month ago +2

      @Martine Flament You’re welcome, Martine! We support you! Solidarity with our French brothers and sisters ✊😍🙏

    • Teck Meng Lee
      Teck Meng Lee Month ago

      The students are the future voters of the France, they should sign a pledge NEVER to vote for Macron's party if this continues. Then the current French political party will know that French citizens are really angry.

  • Seven Ellen
    Seven Ellen 2 months ago +10

    Meanwhile in the UK people seem to be doing nothing about our state pension age being 68!! What the heck is wrong with my country??? I'm saving like a squirrel so I can afford to retire years before that, but the fact I have to do that just to enjoy life when I'm old is pretty sad. I feel like all my life now is just about saving up for when I'm old.

    • Morgan
      Morgan Month ago +1

      Society as we now know it is not sustainable in the long run. I will not spend my whole life working just to be lucky enough to retire at 67 with no health problems and with the hopes of being able to see a bit of the world or enjoying time with my family, while politicians and greedy criminals enjoy life as they see fit. It's in a state where society needs to collapse and restart over.

  • Aupaix Vincent
    Aupaix Vincent 2 months ago +97

    Merci pour l'analyse assez fidèle de la réalité française.
    Nous nous battons pour reprendre le contrôle de nos institutions et faire reculer ce gouvernement illégitime sur bien des sujets.
    Nos valeurs humanistes sont nobles et à portée internationale. Je vous invite à vous approprier le sujet et pourquoi pas nous rejoindre dans la lutte ;)

    • Massimo Lo duca
      Massimo Lo duca 2 months ago +14

      Andate avanti nella lotta, macron deve andare via …. Forza al popolo francese

    • Tuti Fruti
      Tuti Fruti 2 months ago +5

      No one listened to Macron when he totally honestly told his citizens that "The times of good life are over".
      That goes for the whole Western world.
      It is becoming increasingly difficult for the West to keep stealing from the other 150 countries, and Macron knew what he was talking about when he stated this a couple of months ago. Hence the new policy that everyone is all of a sudden against, but their state budget just has no money left to start paying pensioners at 62, but rather at 64. The times of good life are indeed over.
      Trouble is that the initial opposition to changing retirement age has 'on its way' picked up all other issues that bother the French and this is slowly turning into a possibility of a civil war.
      Again, that goes for the whole Western world.

    • benjy bachellerie
      benjy bachellerie 2 months ago +4

      @Tuti Fruti well... you quite didn't anderstand what is going on in France
      If you are curious, I can explain you a bit but right now you are just saying nonsense

    • d T
      d T 2 months ago +10

      Le monde nous regarde avec envie et nous sentons la révolution grandir et je pense que tout les peuples du monde ont besoin d’un nouvel ordre mondial mais pas celui que les gouvernements pensent établir …

  • Damian
    Damian 2 months ago +262

    FIGHT! Don’t let them enslave you for another 2 years !
    I stand with the french people 🇫🇷💪🏻💪🏻🇺🇸

  • Sharon Violino
    Sharon Violino 2 months ago +8

    I love the French and Respect them so much. They stand up for themselves like no others. Stay strong, don’t let your Government rule your lives. They work for you 🎉

  • Joe Nunya
    Joe Nunya 2 months ago +195

    this is what needs to happen here in the US times 100

    • thankqwerty
      thankqwerty 2 months ago +2

      how old do you want the retirement age to be then? 50 or 35?

    • Telmo
      Telmo 2 months ago +2


    • Dan Welterweight
      Dan Welterweight 2 months ago +20

      ​@thankqwerty not the retirement age issue, but about all other things.
      The Neoliberal pro corporate polcies at home and Imperialist interventionalism policies abroad.
      About the lack of universal health care. About the Corporate bailouts, lack of white collar accountability, about the endless wars, failing infrastructure, lack of drinking water, homelessness, price of prescription medication, the status of public education, lack of paid maternity leave and so on and on.

    • after a long night of hookin'......
      after a long night of hookin'...... 2 months ago +2

      @thankqwerty i dont think that was necessarily what the issue is. it's more about the fact that macron pushed the bill without the parliament's full vote. voting is a right. what he did screams cowardice, defiance, and shows that he is unfit to be a president.
      also extending retirement age affects younger people and older people alike. when older people work for longer that means less jobs for younger people--as if getting a job isn't already hard enough. not only that, extending retirement age also affects people who have to get doctorates and/or attend longer years in school because most of them focus on studies instead of getting a job--mind you, not ALL but MOST. which is a sound financial decision but is often the cause of distraction and failure in their academics due to time restriction and inflexible working hours. as any working student would tell you it's a nightmare having to sacrifice studies just to get to work on time or to avoid getting fired for asking to leave early just to attend classes. it takes a lot of years to build your retirement fund--and that's if it's even enough to retire on--and these people who have to spend more than 4 years in school are already at a disadvantage along with the ones who couldn't get jobs at 21.
      now, i am not saying the retirement age should be lessened to your exaggerated (and hopefully sarcastic) answer but macron's job as a president is and was to discuss this bill in parliament and have a full vote. if he didn't get the result he wanted then he can try and negotiate to find a common ground; a compromise.

  • B le
    B le 2 months ago +71

    Thank you for showing what s going on in France at the moment, but you are missing two important points :
    1 Not only is macron extremely unpopular , he s also anti liberal, you talked of the use of the 49.3 to bypass the Assemblée but he also allows terrible repression with use of fierce violence towards demonstrators , it is revolting to watch the numerous videos showing how the police acts, it is an absolute disgrace , they really behave like the brown shirts in Germany back in 1933. It’s horrible to see. 😢
    Also, Macron has been talking about his own people , French people, using most despising terms , he thinks and says things like “some people are “worth it” but most are nothing, !!! , or “ women working in factories are useless, they can’t read “. He hardly ever gives interviews, never, so to say, just allocutions. He can't stand contradiction.
    2 about the retirement age : Macron's rhetoric about the retirement age is more or less : “I don’t care if it’s not popular for I know that is the right thing to do, the population is aging so we have to work longer bla-bla-bla "…. the same usual arguments “de merde“ , ( excuse my French 😅) but we have had loads of debates in France to discuss that very point, and he’s been proven wrong , many times, by experts , demography specialists, economists. We even found out that he lied , using wrong figures and digits.
    You see, this is very important because everyone knows now that this so-called “ reform “ is unfair and undue , it is just dogmatic, pleasing powerful CEOs. That is the reason why France is so furious.
    We are not the country of “ the gaulois réfractaires” as he once called us in one of his famous contemptuous sentences, no , we are people who like to understand if we have other options and which. We enjoy life, but we work hard , France has one of , if not the highest, productivity rate. We can’t stand unfairness and dogmatism. We are political and we know that there are other alternatives, like increase the companies contribution, pay equal wages to men and women., make the present rich retired people pay their part and of course , “Tax the Rich “ for instance. Are we going to work endlessly so that the obscene rich get even obscenely richer ? Why isn’t actually everybody taking the street,
    peacefully for sure, It's not just a French problem, is it ?

    • Pétronille
      Pétronille 2 months ago

      Vous pouvez donner vos sources sur le point 2 s'il vous plaît, ce n'est pas étonnant qu'il ment

    • B le
      B le 2 months ago +1

      @Pétronille je parle des 1200 euros de Dussopt , des chiffres des cotisations tronqués parce qu'il refuse de prendre en compte les cotisations des entreprises et aussi du financement des caisse de retraites pour les années 2030 et au-delà. Il vous faut écouter le compte-rendu du COR et entre autre Michael Zemmour.

  • Tewodros Zerihun
    Tewodros Zerihun 2 months ago +14

    What a voice, what a presentation and Great Journalist all in all! Respect!!!

  • Robert Knotoff
    Robert Knotoff 2 months ago +3

    People need to push there government until things are corrected .

  • Phi Ma
    Phi Ma 2 months ago +5

    its not only against retirement. Its mostly against Macron Nero, his style of control, covid policies, police acting as a private militia etc etc

  • Peter Holdforth
    Peter Holdforth 2 months ago +3

    I am surprised that the opposition to Macron's policies has come as such a shock. Macron may be president of France but like many world leaders today, he is controlled by the World Economic Forum and it is their diktats that are being pursued, not those of the French electorate.

  • webster miller
    webster miller 2 months ago +328

    This is how it's done Americans !

    • Sunny Delight
      Sunny Delight 2 months ago +9

      It is an insurrection. Is that what you want call Ray Epps

    • Paddy Brennan
      Paddy Brennan 2 months ago +36

      @Sunny Delight
      ? Oh please
      Trying to compare shows that you are a trumper
      Macron is trying to be like Trump and people will not have it!
      No fascist strong men will ever tell free people how to live
      Here in Europe we will never forget what happened when fascists take control

  • Marie-Laure B
    Marie-Laure B 2 months ago +107

    Essential elements:
    - the French pension system, inherited from the union fights of the 19th century, is self sustaining, not in deficit, irrespective of age
    - but foreign private insurers have been demanding access to the French savings (it started under Sarkozy who nearly got us on a subprime scheme, that failed to pass because the 2008 crisis had started)
    - from a budget point, it only is a drop in the massive debt the government dug to give handouts to private companies, which have among others nearly fully destroyed our railways and our electricity)
    Aside from the extremely polarising attitude of Micron (to put it mildly) this is why ppl are pushing back, no more hostile takeover of our common goods is their underlying motto.

    • Saim Bhat
      Saim Bhat 2 months ago +12

      Hey Man! You don't need to explain yourself. Just do it. You have right to pursue a fulfilling life and if the contemporary economic and social conditions in france require you get an early retirement. Hell yeah, bring out the guillotine. People are more than numbers and cogs in economy. We are not born to work like horses and then die in poverty and neglect.

    • BrnPrs
      BrnPrs 2 months ago +6

      Exactement !
      Merci Madame.

  • L KS
    L KS 2 months ago +141

    Got to love the French, they live every day like it’s 1789…!

    • grr reh
      grr reh 2 months ago +9


    • Barbara Gentile
      Barbara Gentile 2 months ago +6

      ❤ 😂 👏👏👏

    • Ryan Joned
      Ryan Joned 2 months ago +1

      @grr reh 🤝😂

    • M F
      M F 2 months ago +5

      “like it’s 1789” would make popular lyrics.

  • raiseyourworld
    raiseyourworld 2 months ago +2

    In the UK they jumped it from 60 to 66 without notifying most of the people it would affect. I just found out by chance, 4 years before my 60th. No time at all to adjust finance planning. The WASPI group are doing a grand job in fighting it, but for people born in the 1950's, I was born in 1960. Great respect for the French as in the UK, this was allowed to happen without a peep from the people.

  • Mary Kay Ryan
    Mary Kay Ryan 2 months ago +18

    They're ignoring a democratic process! That is the most sinister part of this move on the part of Macron--a lacky representative of the banking/business community. What did the French say when Michael Moore asked them how they got all the benefits and protections they have? They said, "You have to make the government realize that they need to be afraid of us."

  • Milena
    Milena Month ago +5

    Respect to the French♡

  • john woodward
    john woodward 2 months ago +82

    Why can't we be more like the french people, they don't tolerate any crap from their government unlike us. Our government continues to raise our pension age for both men and women and we do nothing so who are the idiots.

    • Muu
      Muu 2 months ago +1

      They did but this reform is the straw that broke the camel's back

    • Marce Tor
      Marce Tor 2 months ago +1

      Unions are very strong in France. You must consolidates them by participating with membership and other, militating in popular workers political parties.

  • TheFriend2u
    TheFriend2u 2 months ago +25

    Liberty, Equality & Fraternity.

  • Van Essa
    Van Essa 2 months ago +39

    Even before the covid pandemic, back in 2019, the French government talked about reforming the pension system and the French people said no by going down in the streets. The anger which is increasing in France these days started in 2018, it originated the Yellow Vest movement (which still exists). Crisis was already there, in hospitals, in the education department, and what happened afterwards was more crises, in other sectors, which made the situation in France worse and worse... Our government's attitude could be rephrased "we do our thing and we don't care that the people thinks". They've made too many times a dishonest use of amendment 49.3 in our Constitution, which allows the government to force laws against the people's will, when people in the streets were asking for referendums. It's a pity that these days our democracy isn't as democratic as it should, and that our core values are trampled on a daily basis by politicians who are expected to defend and to serve them...

    • Rich H.
      Rich H. 2 months ago

      The French populous voted the president in. If you don't want his policies don't vote for him. End of.

  • Hellsbells
    Hellsbells Month ago +10

    Wow, well done you lovely French people it takes some guts to do this and you have what it takes in bucket loads.

  • SD.Cali.619
    SD.Cali.619 2 months ago +24

    I hope the people of France get what they are fighting for💯💪🏽

    • Yslohr
      Yslohr Month ago

      I hope we are too but all you can do is protest, loose money get beaten up by cops and try to make your voice heard to a government that doesn't care or stay at home and pray that it'll get better.

  • buba ba
    buba ba 2 months ago +5

    In Germany retirement age is 67. What breaks someone down in these systems is that working hourse are set from 8 to 12 and 14 to 18. So you have these two hours is the day as some kind of break which by the way you don't get paid for. Resulting that they take your whole day. By the time you get home and have dinner it's already 20:00. In other words you waste your whole day doing a job that enslaves you.

  • jbroundface
    jbroundface 2 months ago +105

    Way to go people of France!!!!

    • X 7
      X 7 2 months ago +5

      Meanwhile in the USA we can't even get Universal healthcare.

    • Alpharius
      Alpharius 2 months ago

      @X 7 good, i don't see why our money should be stolen just so others don't have to pay for things

    • C’estmonavis
      C’estmonavis 2 months ago

      @Alpharius roooh la mentalité de merde

    • Teck Meng Lee
      Teck Meng Lee Month ago

      If only people of USA can do the same, but we have only 2 crap parties to vote for and no good choice.

  • Randy Thiessen
    Randy Thiessen 2 months ago +14

    Good for the people to stand TOGETHER!!! Don't Back Down!!!

  • James Scanlan
    James Scanlan 2 months ago +48

    If I recall properly, the retirement age used to be 55. It's cool to see a country where labour knows how to organize and protest.

    • hull57
      hull57 2 months ago +2

      Where on earth was the retirement age 55?

    • James Scanlan
      James Scanlan 2 months ago +3

      @hull57 France. Duh.

    • hull57
      hull57 2 months ago +2

      @James Scanlan Huh? They just said it was 62 in France.

    • James Scanlan
      James Scanlan 2 months ago +6

      @hull57 "used" to be. As in, it was 55 and has been continually raised over the years which is probably why they're so pissed off.

    • hull57
      hull57 2 months ago

      @James Scanlan Didn't know that . But they gotta know that's just not realistic today. You'll be living off the backs of young people.

  • pablo moya
    pablo moya 2 months ago +3

    I'm Argentinian and wish we gather together not just for the world cup but for a better life, as French are doing now, they might not be such of fanatic for futbol as we are, but they do know about patriotism

  • Ooops Ohnoo
    Ooops Ohnoo 2 months ago +17

    With all the automation in different industries, our retirement age should be getting younger, NOT OLDER. The Rich need to pay taxes like we all do. We need to stop the rich facists that don't want taxes or common sense regulations

  • LauraNYC
    LauraNYC 2 months ago +7

    RESPECT TO FRENCH PPL ✊🏻👍🏻🙏🏻💗 Americans learn !!!!

  • William Denton
    William Denton 2 months ago +30

    Every country people should take to streets like the brave French.

  • A.J London
    A.J London 2 months ago +22

    Sending Support & Respect to France 🇫🇷 from Canada🇨🇦

  • Alexander
    Alexander 2 months ago +8

    I’d just like to point out to my fellow Americans that you need to keep this same support and energy when this happens here. Instead of dismissing it as “riots” like the American media.
    France understands that disruption comes with some destruction. We did it in Portland and y’all cried about the apple store having to have a fence…APPLE?
    Solidarity to those in France and I hope Americans take some inspiration and show up when it’s our time.

  • Rarzie
    Rarzie 2 months ago +2

    I can imagine that raising the retirement age to 64 is not popular. But the reality is that it's that or cutting pensions. It's one or the other.

    JUPITER AA 2 months ago +45

    The entire world is furious 😠 we don't wanna live to just work ourselves to death we all wanna enjoy life too! 🙏 ❤

    • Yeswell from Britanny
      Yeswell from Britanny 2 months ago +6

      Also protesting the takeover by big companies of common goods (the earth, minerals, waters...) and public services (trains, energy, roads, health, education, pension funds...)

  • Anna
    Anna 2 months ago +2

    And in Australia people accept the retiring pension age that is now to 67. 🤨

  • claudermiller
    claudermiller 2 months ago +56

    Too bad Americans stand up for billionaires instead of themselves.

  • Jessica
    Jessica 2 months ago +14

    👏French people know how to fight for their rights , I wish my country was the same

  • Dr. Khaled Atea
    Dr. Khaled Atea 2 months ago +53

    French deserve support from all countries.

    • Syn Ka'an
      Syn Ka'an 2 months ago

      @Temple of Doom How can you accept that ?

    • Francine PICHET
      Francine PICHET 2 months ago

      Thanks you❤

    • Arsene Lupin III
      Arsene Lupin III Month ago

      World deserves support to do this globally. Otherwise start learning Mandarin.

  • Peter Thomas
    Peter Thomas 2 months ago +2

    It seems France has 3 options.
    1) Raise the retirement age.
    2) Reduce pension payments.
    3) Raise taxes to fund the extra pension payments that are caused by increased life expectancy.
    Continuing with the status quo is simply not an option, they need to face reality.

  • Dan Welterweight
    Dan Welterweight 2 months ago +24

    The thing is it wasn't even Macron's decision to raise the retirement age.
    The decision was mandated by the EU.
    But just shows you who is really in charge in the West.
    The people vs the bureaucrats!

    • adri adrien
      adri adrien 2 months ago +5

      indeeed, frexit is the solution.

      CRÒNICA NISSARDA 2 months ago +1

      the vote "no"for europe in the 2005 by 55,% didn't respect!What the englisch democratics people opinion about this?

  • John Page
    John Page Month ago

    3.5 million in paris and over 9 million nationwide way to go french people this is about freedom not just pensions france is showing the rest of the world how its done. love to all freedom loving people worldwide.

  • Ada Dumitrescu
    Ada Dumitrescu 2 months ago +62

    Is not the retirement age is the poverty of people who worked and can’t meet their needs.

  • Judy Rayford
    Judy Rayford 2 months ago +9

    THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO it is truly appreciated IT TAKES COURAGE

  • Sassa
    Sassa 2 months ago +19

    If France needs pension reforms this needs to be done in a democratic way by the parliament - not by a presidential decree.

    • Mic
      Mic 2 months ago


  • Madusanka Madu
    Madusanka Madu 2 months ago +3

    Respects france peoples.

  • Mahsa Sara
    Mahsa Sara 2 months ago +64

    💯💯Where globalization means, as it so often does, that the rich and powerful now have new means to further enrich and empower themselves at the cost of the poorer and weaker, we have a responsibility to protest in the name of universal freedom. Nelson Mandela👌👆🙌🌐

    • Snow leopard
      Snow leopard 2 months ago +4

      Such beautiful words that has been ignored for too long ! Stay strong the people of France and rid of this dictator, and we shall do the same of these US influenced western facist gov. Standfast Fance !

  • P J
    P J 2 months ago +2

    Democracy sometimes doesn't work and this is a good example of it in France.

  • Anunnaki d'Orion
    Anunnaki d'Orion 2 months ago +6

    Macron does not want to tax super richs but can find money to fund Zelensky.
    How do you want people to accept?

  • Bernadette Shinton
    Bernadette Shinton 2 months ago +14

    French people simply don't want to lose their beautiful way of life .

  • Scott Cates
    Scott Cates 2 months ago +81

    When the left side of Macron's mouth says one thing but the right side says another, you know we still live under the Golden Rule -- those with the gold get to make the rules.

  • gumshew2007
    gumshew2007 Month ago

    Here in the US you can retire at the age of 62 with a pension but if you wait until age 67 which is considered full retirement age your pension will be higher and if you wait until age 70 your pension will go up again another 24% so most people wait until full retirement age which is 67 to retire and if some people can afford it they will wait until age 70 to get the highest pension possible.

  • John Matthews
    John Matthews 2 months ago +3

    This was a very good analysis. Well done Democracy Now.

  • ella
    ella Month ago

    This is not only about retirement age. People are fighting for democracy !

  • Tina Roderick
    Tina Roderick 2 months ago +6

    People of the world are fed up with these politicians who seem to forget that they work for US! I can only hope that Americans will put aside their differences and ban together against the injustice that is occurring in our own country. Get rid of these unethical politicians.

  • Steven
    Steven 2 months ago +4

    public retirement is a scam because it's promoted as a safe low return investment but the risk of reduced benefit and increase in age requirement making it like a scam. When pension is promised, it should have a defined $ and defined age signed into contract at the time of signup, so age increment should not be applied to those who are already in the work force. otherwise, pay out those bucks as salary and let ppl manage their own money.

  • Lola B
    Lola B 2 months ago +22

    We should be doing this in the UK too… good for France 👏👏👏

  • Ute
    Ute 2 months ago +3

    Merci France❣️

  • Sharon David-Melly
    Sharon David-Melly 2 months ago +7

    France loves their Democracy 🇫🇷💪

  • bvesey13
    bvesey13 2 months ago +4

    I’m very surprised he survived the no confidence vote last week

    • Marie-Alethe Blanchot
      Marie-Alethe Blanchot 2 months ago

      you talk abt the one that was public ? la motion de censure ?
      i was too

  • Spread Positivity and Enlightenment


  • Oana Lesnic
    Oana Lesnic 2 months ago +4

    In UK, the State Pension age for women changed to 65 in 2018 and is increasing in stages up to the age of 68, a price to pay for complacency...

  • hinteregions
    hinteregions 2 months ago +4

    Consequent upon the GFC, in Australia the government of the day increased retirement age to bail out the banks. "I hear they arrange these things better in France."

  • doris kornish
    doris kornish 2 months ago +2

    Thank you ! I like your intelligent reporting!

  • kathleen woods
    kathleen woods 2 months ago +5

    I have been there/lived there. They have Guts and I respect them. Wish us was the same.

  • HmmM
    HmmM Month ago

    I only wish other countries to do the same! Huge respect to French citizens who fights for their rights!

  • John NIbaz
    John NIbaz 2 months ago +29

    I was at the protest, not far from the lead. We were marching peacefully.
    Then the CRS (cops) charged down. When this happens and you've done nothing "wrong", the best thing is to move next to the buildings and stay still. So we did.
    One lady, aged something like 55-60, wasn't so lucky. One CRS charged her down with a violent shield hit as she was trying to run to us.
    In seconds, the charge was over. The cops moved backwards, and on the way, one cop, and then another one, came close to that lady, still laying on the ground. Instead off helping her up, one yelled "WHAT WERE YOU F*** DOING IN TE MIDDLE OF THE WAY, HUH?" and the other insulted her in terms I can't wirte down here.
    We put her back on her feet, dragged her to safety. We did what we could to give her some comfort. I couldn't say a word when I saw her eyes, wide open, full of fear and incomprehension. That was tough.
    Fortunately, she wasn't injured. Had she had cardiac issues, she could be dead now.
    The thing is, it's only the worst I've seen myself, but it's far from the worst that's happening all around the country. Far, far worse is happening, from arbitrary arrests, innocents sent to court and prison, people mutilated, losing an eye, one even lost a testicle. A student was run over by a motorcycle although he had already been taken down by cops on foot. What we are facing is horrible. What could come next is even worse. Deaths surely will occur. And in 2027, when the presidential election takes place, we could,a nd probably will, have a far right president.
    A far right president with a police above the laws.

    • Andy Brown
      Andy Brown 2 months ago +1

      2027 is a long long wait. wtf France.

  • Maximized
    Maximized 2 months ago +1

    Content de voir la france ce levée!

  • AuntiJen
    AuntiJen 2 months ago +15

    Has anyone yet said what the differential in the pension vote would have been, had it taken place? (Would it have been, say a 2 vote or a 50 vote loss? Just curious.)
    (I'm mainly interested, considering that in the US a policy/law change that universally unpopular among the electorate (especially if it craps on us, the "poor's") would have probably passed easily, in a bipartisan way bc the incentive structures for our representatives are completely divorced from the will of the people. Thx!)

    • Cn Jda
      Cn Jda 2 months ago +7

      The pension vote would probably failed by a little number of votes (between 0 - 5 votes)... (Parliament had 573 members)
      This is probably because of global strike going on France since January, lot of parliament member have change their mind.
      The use of constitution's article 49.3 to bypass the vote was just considered like a middlefinger for french people and parliament member...

    • Clayton Kusaj
      Clayton Kusaj 2 months ago

      @Cn Jda Ah, now the 49.3 signs I noticed make sense. Thank you.

    • AuntiJen
      AuntiJen 2 months ago +1

      @Cn Jda thank you 💜

  • Hannes S.
    Hannes S. Month ago

    Governments all around the world need to learn they are servants not kings! It's about time to humble them!

  • schreineinAV
    schreineinAV 2 months ago +45

    you'd think he's be sensitive to the issue of pensions & retirement age given his wife is at least 70yr old

    • terry Nicholson
      terry Nicholson 2 months ago +9

      it isnt for police, civil servants, politicians or the ruling classes -they can still retire. This is just for the rest of the population whose taxes pay for their own oppression.

    • John Black
      John Black 2 months ago +1

      Yeah but the likes of them dont need pensions,its a drop in the ocean when your wealthy.

  • Sandra D.
    Sandra D. 2 months ago

    It is necessary to add that to have a pension at the maximum payment, in France it is the rule of the minimum departure + 5 years. If at the moment this means that the French have to leave at 67 years of age to get the maximum pension, with the retirement it would mean 69 years of age!

  • Jay Tse
    Jay Tse 2 months ago +10

    In Canada, the retirement age is 65 if you can afford it!! Last time I was in Disney World, there were plenty of over 65 working in the happiest place in the world.

    • ashton m
      ashton m 2 months ago

      and? after you hit 65, you'll still need something to do on a daily basis

    • B le
      B le 2 months ago

      @ashton m haha 😂 19th century style

    • ashton m
      ashton m 2 months ago +2

      ​@B le 21st century style, most oldies in jobs are part-timers keeping themselves busy. In the 19th cent almost no one lived to 65, fyi

    • Andy Brown
      Andy Brown 2 months ago +1

      Not going to Disneyworld would have saved you a bit of money - could have paid the mortgage down. We gotta make hard choices in our lives.

  • Carrie
    Carrie 2 months ago +1

    Good for France stand up strong. Im a woman in Britain 63 having to work until I’m 66! I’ve raised 2 children have arthritis and am tired! In my Mother’s Day I would’ve retired at 60!

  • Dianna Skare
    Dianna Skare Month ago

    Thank BOTH of you (and all involved) in REAL JOURNALISM!

  • pavlos fteropetra
    pavlos fteropetra 2 months ago +1

    Bless our French siblings for taking point on this top down hegemony