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Best Motherboards for Ryzen 3000 CPUs: X570 vs. X470 & B450

  • Published on Jul 11, 2019 veröffentlicht
  • Buildzoid looks at the best motherboards for AMD Ryzen 3000 CPUs, including the best X570 boards, X570 vs. X470, B450 for R9 3900X or R5 3600, and more.
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    This video answers a few questions. We look into X470 vs. X570 for Ryzen 3 CPUs, like the R9 3900X, R7 3700X, or R5 3600, and also talk about how opting for B450 can save money while still achieving goals, even on the 3900X. Further, we talk about the differences between X570 and X470 (and if you really "need" X570). This video ultimately addresses which are the best motherboards for Ryzen 3000 CPUs, including the best X570 motherboards at budget, mid-range, and high-end price points.
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    High-End X470 Motherboards:
    ASRock X470 Taichi Ultimate (cheapest 10GbE LAN for Ryzen | Amazon): geni.us/tSvSqHr
    MSI X470 Gaming Pro Carbon (can run 3900X fully overclocked | Amazon): geni.us/7JazZE
    Budget-Friendly Motherboards:
    ASUS Prime X470 Pro (cheap option for 6-core or 8-core | Amazon): geni.us/BfTa
    MSI Gaming B450 Pro Carbon (VRM downgrade, but can handle 3900X with airflow | Amazon): geni.us/t69Basg
    MSI B450 Tomahawk (cheapest option for 6-core | Amazon): geni.us/JoZh
    MSI B450I Gaming Plus (ITX motherboard | Amazon): geni.us/Vxd0
    X570 Boards Around $700 or so:
    Gigabyte X570 Xtreme (XOC/high-end without chipset fan | Amazon): geni.us/z6ByJFK
    ASUS Pro WS X570-ACE (lots of PCIe slots / workstation | Amazon): geni.us/tVBhxg
    X570 Boards Around $350 or so:
    Gigabyte X570 Master | Amazon: geni.us/uIqcIY
    ASRock X570 Gaming X | Newegg: geni.us/9JiTBtN
    ASUS X570 Crosshair VIII Hero (high-end ASUS | Amazon): geni.us/QAAoimp
    X570 Boards Around $300ish
    ASRock X570 Taichi | Amazon: geni.us/CvHR
    X570 Boards Around $200ish
    ASUS TUF Gaming X570-Plus (with WiFi | Amazon): geni.us/zdjTR9
    Gigabyte X570 Elite | Amazon: geni.us/n6kf
    Gigabyte X570 I Pro WiFi (mini-ITX | Amazon): geni.us/Aa2d
    X570 Boards Roughly Below $200
    ASUS X570-P | Amazon: geni.us/UMF4z
    Gigabyte X570 Gaming X | Amazon: geni.us/NOJuWT
    ASUS TUF Gaming X570-Plus | Amazon: geni.us/o5okA
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    Host: Buildzoid of AHOC
    Video: Keegan Gallick, Josh Svoboda
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  • Gamers Nexus
    Gamers Nexus  3 years ago +301

    Links to the motherboards in the description above!

  • SlavNyan
    SlavNyan 2 years ago +671

    "do you really think 3080 would be 2x faster than 2080?"

  • weareinflames
    weareinflames Year ago

    Still a relevant video to this day. Amazing information. I don't think anyone could break this down more elaborately. Thanks.

  • Wolfi
    Wolfi 3 years ago

    it would be very interesting to see motherboard comparison about ums frame buffer sizes too :) so you can see which boards support more than 2 Gb Vram for Ryzen APU's or even if that really makes a difference :)

  • Sumit Bali
    Sumit Bali 2 years ago

    Very nice and detailed comparison. I am debating amd vs intel for a deep learning pc. I guess there are more videos on your channel to help me make an informed decision

  • Lewis T
    Lewis T 2 years ago

    Since you made this video MSI added the MEG Unify which is essentially a non-RGB MEG Ace that runs cooler for $300. I've been using it for 5 months and I love it. In conjunction with the right components it yields very high percentile benchmarks. The PCIe 16x slot is useful for me because I would like to have this computer last for 7 years and it provides me with an upgrade path at around the 5 year mark. The CPU temp/post code readout is a great feature that I would not want to be without as I am a bit of a tinkerer.

  • Adam Entrekin
    Adam Entrekin 3 years ago

    One thing you forgot to mention for the $250 x570 mobos, is that they often have 2 way sli support, while the $200 dollar ones do not. But if you aren't sli-ing, the $200 boards make more sense.

  • ALoAT
    ALoAT 3 years ago +205

    This is exactly what I needed! Thank you, Buildzoid and GN!

  • caherin
    caherin 3 years ago

    This had great information and cross comparisons between boards. I know some about computers but this put everything in a different perspective...I definitely paid way too much for the Crosshair VIII Hero WiFi and am now gonna sell it on Ebay most likely to get the X570 Taichi. Thanks!

  • TFDwolf
    TFDwolf 3 years ago +18

    Thank god for buildzoid. I'm always lost when it comes to which motherboard to choose because, like he mentioned in the video, all the manufactures kind of suck. It's great to get an in-depth breakdown of the individual SKUs in order to make an informed decision on which is right for different builds.

  • Saturday Shanks
    Saturday Shanks 3 years ago +2

    Thanks so much for this video. Helped me pick out the motherboard for my first build. Having not done this before, I didn’t want to have to worry about getting an older CPU to update the BIOS etc.

  • HPGrizzly
    HPGrizzly 3 years ago

    Just a note for the X470 Taichi. There is currently some issues circulating around revolving a Whea Creatable Error randomly when your memory is overclocked to 3200mhz (my case). This issue affects MSI and Asrock motherboards until a stable BIOS is released.

  • ABroCalledSteve
    ABroCalledSteve 3 years ago

    I keep on seeing reviews on the X570 motherboards using more than double the power compared to X470 motherboards. That seems like a huge determination factor for selecting a motherboard

  • M A
    M A 2 years ago +18

    Choosing Pc parts is such a hard task especially when money is an issue and you have a million different type of components, I ended up getting the b450 Tomahawk Max, I saw a lot of good reviews on it, and it performs just as good as any other x570 mobo for the Ryzen 3000 minus the PCIE4 and other useless features. And you just can't beat the price!

  • Okinawa Japan
    Okinawa Japan 3 years ago +3

    One of the most informative and up to date videos I've seen on youtube. That perfectly met my needs for mobo info this week. Thank you!

  • Chaosy
    Chaosy 3 years ago +1

    Just bought the X570 Gaming Edge Wifi, I was stoked for the AIO promotion, but now I'm kinda worried. I might do some oc'ing when the launch issues settle down and I know that this board can handle an oc'ed 3700X well, I just hope that I'm not getting a worse mobo for the price. I will return it if that's the case.

  • WebbTech
    WebbTech 2 years ago

    Buildzoid is dope! Period! (and yes, I have the MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC...and couldn't be happier. Thanks for the review. Confirmed what I feel about it's architecture and performance at the price point. I have the 2700x CPU, will be "upgrading" to the 3700x soon...bios is 3rd gen ready. 7nm baby! )

  • HDTVKeith
    HDTVKeith 2 years ago

    Nice video. My biggest challenge is finding board that support dual x8 in the 2 PCIe slots. Many of them are first PCIe off CPU an then rest are off chip-set and limited to x4 lanes. The Asus Gaming F and X570-Pro support first 2 PCIe off CPU and at x8. I am getting a Ryzen 9 3900X and need to use a cheap PCIe video and then a second slot that will run x8 lanes to support my LSI 9280-16i4e Raid card for my home Server that will have 128GB RAM. Sounds liek ASUS X570-Pro and ROG Gaming-F are my best options.

  • Tim Baxter
    Tim Baxter 3 years ago

    Exactly what I was looking for if a little overclocking biased. Very helpful video to help me make a decision (which is a B450 at a good price with the features I need, probably from MSI) and I remember being this knowledgeable about my Q6600 and the chipsets then. Thank you!

  • Crptc
    Crptc 3 years ago +1

    That graph in the right with timestamps and a timebar. Thank you. Feel like I've arrived in 2030.