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Haaland scores 2 goals in 3 minutes 😱

  • Published on Mar 17, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • Taddeilino
    Taddeilino 2 months ago +8100

    Harlaand is a hybrid of the modern game, has the hunger of Ronaldo, can sniff out a goal scoring opportunity like Messi and has the physicality and Athletic ability of Ibrahimovic. He's basically a modern day superstar

    • YoDog
      YoDog 2 months ago +162


    • sean mcniff
      sean mcniff 2 months ago +215


    • KrazeM8
      KrazeM8 2 months ago +46

      He’s muslim..

    • NotSamy
      NotSamy 2 months ago +161

      ​@KrazeM8 yeah? And so what? That's even better, that way he'll be guided and helped by Allah

    • KrazeM8
      KrazeM8 2 months ago +9

      @NotSamy lilallah

  • Max Ly
    Max Ly Month ago +1533

    I love how he's giving credits to his goal partner. Truly seems like a humble guy

    • The Prime Grenadier
      The Prime Grenadier Month ago +14

      not humble bro he wouldnt be getting these one touch tap ins unless it was from his crazy teammates

    • Gustavo Uzzo
      Gustavo Uzzo Month ago +15

      True. He is amazing.

    • Jamie stones
      Jamie stones Month ago +59

      ​@The Prime Grenadier he is acknowledging it that's why he is humble 💀💀

    • SabeethThePilot
      SabeethThePilot Month ago +3

      He is funny guy

    • Aaron Saada
      Aaron Saada Month ago

      ​@The Prime Grenadier How do you explain that he has the same stats in any club he went to?

  • ton-618
    ton-618 25 days ago +17

    Finally seeing someone who plays football with fun. Someone who truly enjoys it.

  • Tid5l
    Tid5l 2 months ago +2792

    He deserves Golden Boot for being an goal machine.

    • Speedy Playz
      Speedy Playz 2 months ago +104

      He probably will one day

    • Steven Aukett
      Steven Aukett 2 months ago +31

      Cr7 will moan and say he shouldn't because he's youth still lol

    • Raf
      Raf 2 months ago +62

      ​@Speedy Playz he can win it next season if he wins the UCL

    • Somebody
      Somebody 2 months ago +20

      He will but if he wins UCL ,Super cup,Premier league and domestic cups such as fa cup and community shield

    • FootballFan
      FootballFan 2 months ago +17

      He can this year if he wins ucl.

  • ongoma ogambo
    ongoma ogambo 23 days ago +3

    The kid was built different
    Superb player ❤

  • Khaba Chaka
    Khaba Chaka Month ago +522

    that pass from Alvarez 🤯🤯🤯🤯

    • Yimairy Soto
      Yimairy Soto Month ago +8

      It was foden the two times

    • Roberto Lo Riggio
      Roberto Lo Riggio Month ago +20

      ​@Yimairy Soto the first pass was from Alvarez

    • gabriel yñiguez
      gabriel yñiguez Month ago +2

      ​@Yimairy Soto La primera fue julian alvarez

    • KAL
      KAL Month ago +2

      ​@Yimairy Soto Alvarez number 9 and foden 47

    • S.A.V.A.G.E
      S.A.V.A.G.E Month ago

      That pass was overweighted
      Imagine someone else at the end of it

    FRIEDSTEVV Month ago +9

    The way he tried to give the credit to Foden is heart warming

    xFINISHxHIMx Month ago +13

    Haaland celebrates EVERY goal like its his first one and last one for the club. Brilliant striker.

  • Alarico Nilton Suhadolnik

    Muito esforçado e tem muita energia

  • Leonard
    Leonard 29 days ago +2

    Haaland, beast. GOATed beast.

  • Matthew Watts
    Matthew Watts Month ago +94

    Love that he was pointing at Foden after the goal. A world class striker knows he’s nothing without his team too assist

  • Dineshika Nawarathna
    Dineshika Nawarathna 2 months ago +729

    I love Haaland for one more reason. He is not going for celebrations but the assist and giving the assist his credit. That is classy..

    • erisontop
      erisontop Month ago +4

      Haaland not Halland

    • Read more....
      Read more.... Month ago

      ​@erisontop Hareland not Hazerlander

    • Oar
      Oar Month ago

      he’s so likeable. unreal player and a true team player

  • Jon Joe
    Jon Joe Month ago +2

    Man. Respect. This guy is going for legend!

  • Victor Andrade
    Victor Andrade Month ago +42

    If Haaland keeps evolving like this, we might be witnessing a legend!

  • TheBenson51
    TheBenson51 2 months ago +894

    Foden's pass for his second tho 🔥

  • Niels Larsen
    Niels Larsen Month ago +10

    Any professional that makes people say "That doesn't look that difficult, he just..." is an absolute master at what they do

  • Hanma
    Hanma Month ago +1

    One of the many future goats

  • Pratyush
    Pratyush 18 days ago

    Those are some EXCELLENT assist

    SPORTY LIFE 2 months ago +555

    Pep should let haaland finish games now 😂😂

    • SagaxPeth
      SagaxPeth 2 months ago +54

      Need save up his energy for the UCL though, also for next week Epl

    • JPIQQG
      JPIQQG 2 months ago +17

      Better to save him for UCL

    • Rizal M
      Rizal M 2 months ago +15

      That's will get every opposite coach got fired😂

    • The Cityzen hub
      The Cityzen hub 2 months ago +2

      ​@Rizal M🤣🤣🤣🤣 true 😂😂😂

    • SUB2 City Xtra & The Mancunian Way🔧
      SUB2 City Xtra & The Mancunian Way🔧 2 months ago +4

      Tell the world you are slow, without telling the world you are slow

  • Meysson Mayatto
    Meysson Mayatto Month ago

    o cara é muito letal...
    pra mim só não é mais letal que R9

  • Samuel Williams
    Samuel Williams Month ago +447

    He celebrates every City goal with a huge smile on his face, regardless of whether he was involved or not. The guy absolutely loves footy.

    • Samuel Williams
      Samuel Williams Month ago

      @Bruh decent comment this mate

    • Samuel Williams
      Samuel Williams Month ago

      @Bruh that’s what northerners call it in the pub while you get brave in youtube comments in the comfort of your parents’ house

    • Bruh
      Bruh Month ago

      @Samuel Williams Oh sorry
      I've never heard it + It's quite weird that's why I said it
      I take my words back

      FOOTY~GOALS Month ago +2

      u mean he loves manchester city

  • Ritchie Mclean
    Ritchie Mclean 2 months ago +19

    Took my son to watch this game. His first city experience, the 7 hour drive was worth it.. what a game

  • Gleen18⚽️
    Gleen18⚽️ Month ago +1

    That pass from Foden on the second goal though 🔥

    INSOMNIA Ten! 25 days ago +1

    Such an amazing feat. I remember Cho Gue Sung from SK scored 2 goals in less than 3 minutes as well, too bad they still lost against Ghana. Well played though.

  • Greenfield Initiative
    Greenfield Initiative Month ago +1

    The humble giant❤

  • Xander Alex
    Xander Alex Month ago

    such a reliable finisher

  • TJ Ngwezi
    TJ Ngwezi 2 months ago +255

    8 goals in two games I feel like I'm watching a legend in the making

    • C V
      C V 2 months ago +11

      You are

    • Prosper Hope
      Prosper Hope 2 months ago +6

      he got two goals in three minutes in both of the games

    • BossFFX1
      BossFFX1 2 months ago +12

      He kinda already is if you think about it, he is gonna break records that have been standing for years, IN HIS DEBUT SEASON IN THE PREM, THE ENGLISH ARE THE FARMERS AFTER ALL (or this guy is a robot sent by aliens)

    • Trimon
      Trimon 2 months ago +2

      @BossFFX1 the aliens have come to the farm, but instead of abducting a cow they're dropping off one of their own

    • BossFFX1
      BossFFX1 2 months ago

      @Trimon and the cow has some sort of geneticly edited meat on him or sumn cuz we're watching actual football ERITAGE unfold before our very eyes

  • Rafael Dantas
    Rafael Dantas Month ago

    Maluco é imprevisível demais 😮

  • Rajina.p
    Rajina.p Month ago +5

    That two passes were wild🔥

  • Erling Haaland
    Erling Haaland 2 months ago +11

    He is the most lethal striker in the modern day football 💀

  • Edward Maginnis
    Edward Maginnis 27 days ago +2

    He is playing because he loves the game! When he scores, 50 so far and counting he lights up the stadium with his smile! The best player in the world by a country mile!

  • deeka
    deeka Month ago

    Finishingnya istimewa

  • Muddappa.A.S
    Muddappa.A.S 2 months ago +8

    The way he appreciated the assist❤

  • Misriya ponnus
    Misriya ponnus Month ago +1

    Haaland polli😘😘😘🎉❤

  • Shinji. Vamp
    Shinji. Vamp Month ago +4

    Foden's pass was caviar, insane goal🔥🔥🔥

    FOOTY~GOALS Month ago +4

    my mans just too quick💀

  • Mustakim Ahamed
    Mustakim Ahamed 22 days ago

    Now the best player in the world 🤟💝

  • Let’s debate
    Let’s debate Month ago

    This is all the stuff of Roy Keanes nightmares 😂

  • Rohan
    Rohan 2 months ago +6

    My boy lewyy♥️👽

  • Stewart Trent
    Stewart Trent 29 days ago +1

    His finishing is just exquisite

  • Victor Santana
    Victor Santana Month ago +1

    That first goal gave me goosebumps!! Only thoses who played football wil know that feeling! Priceless

  • Meow? I guess
    Meow? I guess Month ago +6

    Eyyo that second pass from Foden is just 👌😌

  • Peterson Fonseca nunes silva

    Ta voando o moleque.

  • A M A
    A M A Month ago

    Our Robot had an update recently, he now assists too.

  • Mohamed Elfatih
    Mohamed Elfatih Month ago +4

    Halaand is a perfect striker he gets the job done and knows that his teammates made the cake and gave them credit for it and he's puttin the cherry on top ~ respect

  • Mauricio Becerra
    Mauricio Becerra Month ago

    Haalan un bestia

  • Joel Marthaler
    Joel Marthaler Month ago +1

    That pass was gorgeous

  • Rob Burnett
    Rob Burnett 2 months ago +427

    nothing beats Lewandowski, 5 goals in 9 mins.

      ANASGREATNOOB Month ago +1


    • XtrayXD
      XtrayXD Month ago +6

      2 goals in 3 minutes is better

    • Aleksandra Jabłońska
      Aleksandra Jabłońska Month ago +64

      ​@XtrayXD But in that record Lewangoalski scored 2 goals in 2 minutes

    • UpcastGames
      UpcastGames Month ago +20

      @XtrayXDmbappe scored 2 goals in 1-2 minutes in the World Cup final against argentina

    • Cahyo Wibowo
      Cahyo Wibowo Month ago

      Sorry, not yet

  • @iticozx
    @iticozx Month ago

    Haaland jogador visionário 👏🥇

  • Lucian Cristian Lingurar
    Lucian Cristian Lingurar 2 months ago +8

    He’s next level ❤

  • Hi
    Hi Month ago

    the pass so clean

  • Yesnoyesno
    Yesnoyesno 2 months ago +8

    Lewandowski: 5 goals in 9 mins aint matter

  • Tofoo
    Tofoo Month ago +1

    They should make an award for him being a freight train 😂

  • Sinan Karat
    Sinan Karat Month ago

    The goal machine🔥

  • Jorge Martinez
    Jorge Martinez Month ago +3

    That left back was straight up SLACKING

  • A M
    A M Month ago +1

    Haaland, the edited Player we've had all once created in Fifa 🎉

  • Taku Hove
    Taku Hove Month ago

    That second finish wasnt easy at all . Beautiful tap in lol

  • Ryujinnn Official
    Ryujinnn Official Month ago +7

    he’s such a humble guy 🥹

  • Anand Appu
    Anand Appu Month ago +1

    First goal so nice ❤

  • Ahmed Rahat
    Ahmed Rahat Month ago +19

    The Pass from Julian🔥

  • Rodrigo luengo
    Rodrigo luengo Month ago

    So humble and down to earth, Haaland + Foden =

  • ThatOneDude
    ThatOneDude Month ago +1

    Those passes are insane

  • Fahid Abdul Casias
    Fahid Abdul Casias 2 months ago +4

    he has the Goal sense

  • ZellGoingUp
    ZellGoingUp Month ago +1

    Foden was like “ I know you seen that cross”

  • Akmal Nur Hakim
    Akmal Nur Hakim Month ago

    lini tengah op, winger op + st haaland op " nikmat mana yang kau dustakan"😎

  • Hannes Sahlsten
    Hannes Sahlsten 2 months ago +146

    Lewandowski: "Those are rookie numbers"

    • FreakyBob
      FreakyBob Month ago +8

      Haters: "Lewandowski: "Those are rookie numbers" "

    • jagehajlajd
      jagehajlajd Month ago +3

      Haaland is superior to lewa and much younger

    • Hannes Sahlsten
      Hannes Sahlsten Month ago +19

      @jagehajlajd He has yet to score 5 in 9

    • Diego Philipp
      Diego Philipp Month ago +1

      Haaland 5goals in ucl

    • Hannes Sahlsten
      Hannes Sahlsten Month ago +2

      @Diego Philipp That took him 25 minutes. Lewandowski did it in 9.

  • Djeneba Sanogo
    Djeneba Sanogo 6 days ago

    Je l’aime tellement 😢

  • Darkz Edits
    Darkz Edits Month ago

    He doesn't just take the credit for the goal but gives credit to the one who does the assit

  • Allen Jones Styles
    Allen Jones Styles Month ago +8

    This guy has the best positioning for a goal in recent times

  • Adik F
    Adik F Month ago

    Fastest Hattrick by Sadio Mane

  • Pritish
    Pritish Month ago

    100% goal scoring rate...this guy never miss

  • shahabhas tk
    shahabhas tk 2 months ago +14

    He got a magnet connection over the ball!! It goes straight to him from woodwork as well 😂

  • Fran Araujo
    Fran Araujo Month ago

    Capo master... buen tipo y gracias por ser amigos de tus compañeros sobre mas de los argentinos..

  • 2010Bursa spor.  Ertuğrul Sağlam

    New terminator G.O.A.T🎉

  • Ian Israely
    Ian Israely Month ago +3

    Esse cara tem q dar umas aulas pros atacantes aqui do brasil

  • Mazen Omar
    Mazen Omar Month ago

    Monster 😱

  • enemy
    enemy Month ago

    100% goalmachine💣💣💣

  • BR Calistenia🇧🇷
    BR Calistenia🇧🇷 2 months ago +335

    Lewandowski: 5 goals in 9 minutes🤯

    • ArdaN Kaya
      ArdaN Kaya Month ago +3


    • Huy Phuong
      Huy Phuong Month ago +1

      Zzz …

    • Bruno Shakur
      Bruno Shakur Month ago +2

      Haaland 8 gols em 2 jogos, não é 5 em 9 minutos, mas não deixa de ser um feito incrível!!!

    • BR Calistenia🇧🇷
      BR Calistenia🇧🇷 Month ago +4

      @Bruno Shakur o comentário é sobre o Lewandowski 😅🤣

    • Bruno Shakur
      Bruno Shakur Month ago +3

      @BR Calistenia🇧🇷 eu entendi, realmente foi algo incrível que Lewa fez, mas os feitos do Haaland também foram, não tem necessidade de diminuir um pra enaltecer o outro

    VAZHA GAMING Month ago

    1 st goal was clean.. 🤍🤷🏻‍♂️

  • BKB Z1mon
    BKB Z1mon Month ago

    the assists for that are crazy as well

    AYAN EDITZ 2 months ago +12

    The man who scored 5 goals in 9 minutes left the chat

  • Anikh_ spell
    Anikh_ spell Month ago

    both times assist were fabulous

  • Wizdy Gaming
    Wizdy Gaming Month ago

    this guy is a beast

  • Wildert Jean Pierre official

    This boy will be the new king of football for this new generation😅😅

  • Ант Анд
    Ант Анд Month ago


  • Secret Energy
    Secret Energy Month ago

    that defender after second goal looked so helpless 😂💀

  • Marcos Trabol Arriagada

    Ver a Halland Correr me llena de Orgullo por el Ser Humano

  • Manusia Biasa
    Manusia Biasa Month ago

    New goal machine 🚀🚀💀

  • Riuu_Riko
    Riuu_Riko Month ago +1

    he's pure finisher

  • Shamik Kamat
    Shamik Kamat 2 months ago +5

    Those who are saying that these are only tap-ins, watch the first goal. It is just so hard to score that goal. The ball is almost with the goalie but haalnd still gets it in. Truly a legend in the making

    • Priyanshu
      Priyanshu 2 months ago

      The first one was just pure luck no skill

    • Linse Sunny
      Linse Sunny Month ago +1

      ​@Priyanshu prove why its luck. Don't just bluff and leave comments like some kids. Did it rebounded to him or anything to say it's luck??

  • Marek Szumkowski
    Marek Szumkowski Month ago

    Haaland and Foden, best duo.

  • Daniel Cancel
    Daniel Cancel Month ago

    The two finishes are nice, you have to have so much composure to finish both in a soft touch. That first finish was nice 🔥, real ballers know what I’m talking about

  • Mitrocepan
    Mitrocepan 2 months ago +11

    The best reel of the world 😍 ⚪🔵⚪

  • Sebastian Ackine
    Sebastian Ackine Month ago

    Simply the successor to the throne ⚽🤷‍♂️

  • Rohith
    Rohith Month ago

    Passion Like his idol

    GGMONTANA 2 months ago +6


  • AceMaxus
    AceMaxus Month ago +1

    Halland just rock on epl 🥵🔥

  • AlphaZ YT
    AlphaZ YT Month ago +1

    The celebration before it was a goal was Cold 🥶🔥

  • Bodhin B james
    Bodhin B james 2 months ago +4

    Tap-in goat 💀

    • Asumah Yeboah
      Asumah Yeboah Month ago

      So ohne on one‘s are tap-ins now??

    • diggles
      diggles Month ago +1

      @Asumah Yeboahwasn’t even a 1 on 1 he just tapped it in no dribbling involved

    • Asumah Yeboah
      Asumah Yeboah Month ago

      @diggles yo Boy Messi only scores ths types of open play goals in psg with less physical presence

    • bot_general10
      bot_general10 Month ago

      A goal is a goal not everyone can score tap ins in the quantity he does

  • Tobi_TV
    Tobi_TV Month ago

    Haaland is a humble guy pointing the credit to his teammate instead of celebrating