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The Expanse Aftershow S6E5 - Wes Chatham & Ty Franck w/ Shohreh Aghdashloo & Cara Gee

  • Published on Jan 6, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • In the 5th episode of The Expanse Season 6’s Aftershow, Ty Franck and Wes Chatham welcome lead actors Shohreh Aghdashloo and Cara Gee to discuss the final season of The Expanse. Tune in weekly after each episode of The Expanse as Ty & That Guy dive into the development, behind-the-scenes anecdotes, and easter eggs of Season 6.
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    About The Expanse Season 6:
    Holden and the crew of the Rocinante fight alongside the Combined Fleet of Earth and Mars to protect the Inner Planets from Marco Inaros and his Free Navy's campaign of death and destruction. Meanwhile, on a distant planet beyond the Rings, a new power rises.
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    The Expanse Aftershow S6E5 - Wes Chatham & Ty Franck w/ Shohreh Aghdashloo & Cara Gee

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Comments • 448

  • VideoVoid TV
    VideoVoid TV 4 months ago +428

    I never got over how adorable and demure Cara looks when shes not Drummer. She plays that role with such a heavy and intimidating presence. Its incredible what she can do as that character.

    • Leon Leon
      Leon Leon 2 months ago

      She looks better as drummer with the dark makeup

    • black impostor
      black impostor 4 months ago +1

      @Carmelo Quijano A7à

    • DanGwanCie
      DanGwanCie 4 months ago +1

      dude, when she's playing Drummer she's ever better

    • Matt Pastro
      Matt Pastro 4 months ago +1

      Totally understand your point. For the first 5 seconds I was thinking who is the character this actress plays and then… wha? What a talent!

  • will cruz
    will cruz 4 months ago +322

    I feel sad for people who don’t know The Expanse exists. It is the best show being produced currently. All the characters are so well written and the actors are so good in their performances. Every character has depth and act like real people going through real issues. The sets, extras, effects, etc are all top notch. The fact that they think of all the details like the gravity it’s just so well done. I can’t say there is a poorly written character in the entire series. Drummer… geez… Drummer is probably the most well written character and best acted character in a TV Show since Walter White. Cara is so good. The meeting scene was only a few minutes long but we’ve literally been waiting years for this and it did not disappoint. The Expanse is SIFI done right and in my opinion the best SIFI show since Firefly.

    • oerthling
      oerthling 3 months ago

      @Al Dunlop Seasons 7-9 hopefully. :-)

    • Morkiethuglife
      Morkiethuglife 3 months ago

      I don't think we are watching the same show

    • Beyond_The_Tequila_Rift
      Beyond_The_Tequila_Rift 4 months ago +1

      My thanks to getting into this Beautiful Space Opera, is to Kyle Hill and his science Channel, referencing the Expanse!!

    • will cruz
      will cruz 4 months ago +1

      @J.R.R. Tolkien I hadn’t heard about it until The Critical Drinker gave it a thumbs up. Gave it a try and loved it.

    • J.R.R. Tolkien
      J.R.R. Tolkien 4 months ago

      Asked around several friends in US and other countries and not a single know what it is…

  • Alan Crane
    Alan Crane 4 months ago +113

    The Queen has spoken, I truly hope the Queen is right. This show should go on.

    • Joseph Owens
      Joseph Owens 4 months ago +1

      Hopefully she is not simply the Queen of Denial. However, there is a business model at play. It really depends on audience turnover -- a bit like a restaurant in a sense. Disney, for example, will not make more than 3 seasons of anything, no matter how good it is, because the show appeals to a specific age demographic. The viewers age-out in three seasons, and then there is a new audience.... no point in making more shows than the target audience will watch. Or plates of pasta at the cafeteria. This is a bit different in that accumulated episodes blur the concept of "season". Where the rubber meets the road for The Expanse, is that it is taking them 6 - 8 episodes to get through a book. There are 9 books. (Fine with me)
      I have worked on shows that inexplicably went 5 or 6 seasons, two beyond the original three budgeted. Well, "inexplicably" meaning they were extremely good, and very popular. When you green-light a pilot, "nobody knows", to paraphrase Goldman. Then you get Cara Gee lighting up the firmament, and yes we would like some more, please.

  • Jose Luis Pérez
    Jose Luis Pérez 4 months ago +123

    Season 7 please!!! This is a great show!!!

    • p0rq
      p0rq Month ago

      See you in thirty years.

    • Joey Groves
      Joey Groves 4 months ago

      There's a significant time-jump in the books. As far as I can tell they will pick it up again... one day. Unless you want a see a series with the previous main characters all in crappy old-people makeup.

  • Aeriel Ferguson
    Aeriel Ferguson 4 months ago +207

    I cant get enough of Shohreh's voice.....avasarala is definitely my fav character❤

    • ahkl77
      ahkl77 3 months ago

      @Rick Massey maybe you need to give your canals a good cleaning

    • ahkl77
      ahkl77 3 months ago +1

      She’s got that public school head mistress presence - when she speaks all the naughty boys hush to attention

    • Aeriel Ferguson
      Aeriel Ferguson 3 months ago

      @Rick Massey lol to each his own🤷🏾‍♀️

    • Rick Massey
      Rick Massey 3 months ago

      @doctormoobbc I completely understand why your friend feels like that.

    • Rick Massey
      Rick Massey 3 months ago

      @Kafson her voice is terrible, it's distracting and just a turn off.

  • Aziz Bouhejba
    Aziz Bouhejba 4 months ago +125

    Cara Gee is the best actress on the show.. Camina is also a greatly written character

    • pierre childress
      pierre childress 4 months ago +3

      This is a show where 'eye nuance acting' is so noticeable. Cara Gee is one of the best at transmitting meaning just w her eyes.

    • Shawn Putnam
      Shawn Putnam 4 months ago +2

      the brilliance invovled in the show-writers fusing and parin goff parts of Camina Drummer, Bull, and Michio Pa is simply impossible to convey in words. Drummer in the books is smaller figure, and Michio Pa is the badass. Vanessa Smythe did a brilliant job with the veriosn of Michio she was handed tho. And that Samer Salem (oh lordy what a hooooot man), he was so brilliant this season, and the Ankawala short showed him at his finest

    • Charlie Fox
      Charlie Fox 4 months ago +6

      And it’s cool that it’s character being built from character’s in the books to build drummer for the show. They have done such a great job transporting the books to the screen l

    • Giancarlo Colon
      Giancarlo Colon 4 months ago +8

      100% Team Drummah!

  • Jonathan Musser
    Jonathan Musser 4 months ago +57

    Wow, I had never seen Cara Gee outside the show. She's so different as a person than her character. It really makes me appreciate her acting abilities.

    • Shawn Putnam
      Shawn Putnam 4 months ago +5

      she's quite the loveable, sweet goofball, and she and Keon alexander have been freinds for years. Such an amazing job they do playing off each other.

  • Yesquire0
    Yesquire0 4 months ago +144

    We viewers are so near to what appears to be the end (but, hopefully, maybe not). Let me take this opportunity to give all of you my heartfelt thanks, because you have been integral parts to the greatest TV show ever presented, bar none. Saying it is "great sci-fi" is damning it with faint praise. It is the best entertainment, ever, and has enriched my life beyond measure.

  • RechargeableLithium
    RechargeableLithium 4 months ago +44

    I hate that Amazon forced this final season to have only six episodes. I truly, truly hope the last three books will make it to the screen.

    • Pablo H.
      Pablo H. 4 months ago +2

      They will make more seasons. They better

  • Pulsar Echo
    Pulsar Echo 4 months ago +57

    Amazing cast; Avasarala, Drummer, Amos and Bobbie are the most stubborn but badass characters in the solar system. Wonderful show; why does it have to end like this!

  • bridge4
    bridge4 4 months ago +243

    love these aftershows. Wes Chatham is awesome. and Team Drummah!!! :)))

  • Rob Falgiano
    Rob Falgiano 4 months ago +73

    Yes, killer episode and these two ladies rocked it. Beautiful performances and awesome writing. So well done. Kudos. 🙌

  • Maximiliano Muena
    Maximiliano Muena 4 months ago +78

    please don't end this great show 😭😭😭😭

  • Joel Henry
    Joel Henry 4 months ago +55

    Ang lee once said, talking about Michelle Yeoh's character in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, nothing breaks my heart more than when a strong woman cries. That Camina Drummer moment with Naomi is one of my top three most powerful scenes in the entire series.

    • grey 7
      grey 7 4 months ago +4

      I need to rewatch Crouching Tiger. But yeah, there is something very cathartic, and this case moving, for someone who has been repressed for so long to finally be able to let it go.

  • eeeezypeezy
    eeeezypeezy 3 months ago +4

    I love what Wes says about Cara's performance being "undeniable." As an audience member I can second that, I'm still a little shocked when she speaks in interviews and she doesn't sound like a belter 😄

  • Tigered
    Tigered 4 months ago +28

    My favourite SciFi series and Cast in the last 20 years. The worst thing is that the season/series ends next week! Amazon please pick up the final 3 books and give it the budget it needs!

  • Edward McNair II
    Edward McNair II 4 months ago +19

    My three favorite characters in the whole series all together. What a treat!

  • Hikosaemon
    Hikosaemon 4 months ago +8

    LOVE Cara Gee. I’d watch a whole spin off series just on Drummer.

  • Evil Totoro
    Evil Totoro 4 months ago +39

    It feels, like Wes is the shows biggest fan, which is amazing!

  • LR Vogt
    LR Vogt 4 months ago +14

    Cara Gee became my favorite when Drummer was at the bar with Fred Johnson who asks her to retrieve the Navoo and she snaps back. "Can I finish my drink first?" Her tone and attitude are fantastic.

  • terry floyd
    terry floyd 4 months ago +11

    I love how that there is so much diversity that you dont even notice it anymore. Which to me is how it should be. People spend so much time and effort pointing this and that out, that they lose sight of how humanity is meant to be. I love all these characters and the actors that play them and the story and thats all that matters:)

  • Rijacki Ledum
    Rijacki Ledum 4 months ago +8

    I am going to miss these aftershows as much as the show itself! I love this cast and Ty so much. I can't accept that this is the end either. The episode was amazing, too. The show-down between them was nothing less than perfect. Drummer is amazing. Avasarala is stunning . Both of them are my top fav characters and great examples of powerful women. The fact the show has so many amazing powerful women is an absolute blessing. I am a woman working in the computer industry in my waning years. Seeing the embodiment of the future with such women in it gives me continued hope for the women to come in my profession that has, slowly but steadily, been getting better over the decades of my career. Thank you all, writers, casting, producers, actresses and actors, everyone who had a hand in this marvelous production.

    • S F
      S F 4 months ago +1

      Was only woman on the IT team for years. Agree with you re the impact of these characters.
      The shows diversity without comment on same is also powerful.
      By creating the Inner vs Mars vs Belter lines, they erased all others. Phenomenal!

  • pierre childress
    pierre childress 4 months ago +5

    This show was BY FAR the best sci-fi show in the past 20 years. Thanks to the writers, cast, crew, and Amazon for making this happen.

  • Patrick Combs
    Patrick Combs 4 months ago +49

    Even though this show tackles modern issues it doesn't have that feel it will ever be dated. I mean the characters are so well written and acted that one can binge watch the entire series over and over again. This is just an amazing series I almost missed out on simply because the advertising for it just didn't to me atleast that it was anything special but I've been blown away at how good it is.

    • Bijou Smith
      Bijou Smith 3 months ago

      Except for one thing, the macroeconomics. They botched it, but really had to in the TV series, to create the obligatory unemployment dystopia trope. If Earth still operates a fiat currency then they can employ everyone at decent wages, since there is no end of public purpose work to do, the MMT style Job Guarantee, zero slums, and end to nominal poverty. The neoliberal dystopia portrayed in _The Expanse_ will likely not be our future here in the real world, people will not tolerate neoliberalism for long (a prediction, not a prophecy you understand). But if you want to fabricate a mild scifi dystopia then neoliberalism/neo-feudalism is accepted by audiences who do not understand monetary systems. In 20 to 30 years from now it will not be so easy for writers, the knowledge of monetary macroeconomics will be more widespread, at least I'd hope, which practically will spell the end of the total bullsh*t of neoliberal austerity.
      I'd like to see good hard scifi without a contrived dystopia. Kim Stanley Robinson could do it, he groks MMT. The Earth need not have had people living off welfare, you could motivate Martian colony with just a pure ideological schism (libertarianism, which turns militant, for example).

    • Al Dunlop
      Al Dunlop 4 months ago +3

      Plus it never feels like it’s preaching to the audience, it subtly presents issues without beating you over the head with them.

    • Rob Osburn
      Rob Osburn 4 months ago

      Well said!

    • Grim Looters
      Grim Looters 4 months ago +10

      I think it feels that way because there aren't any modern issues - there are universal human issues, viewed through the lens of each age. The Expanse just logically extrapolates what the same old problems humanity has been dealing with since the beginning would look like in its futuristic world. It's well-written enough to always be relatable and pertinent.

  • Evil Totoro
    Evil Totoro 4 months ago +24

    They have so much chemistry on and off the screen. This show is the GOAT.

  • Kameleonic
    Kameleonic 4 months ago +12

    Drummer's scene with Naomi: burst into tears! 50-year-old guy knowing the show is about over:((( A-MAZING show.

  • Andrew
    Andrew 4 months ago +10

    just discovered this show and binge watched it all before the finale.

  • MannyG33309
    MannyG33309 4 months ago +3

    What a great series. Loved season 6 and the ending! Please season 7 come on!!

  • eeeezypeezy
    eeeezypeezy 3 months ago +2

    The way Ty Franck approaches science fiction, he needs to screenwrite an adaptation of Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars Trilogy. Everything he's talking about re: science fiction doing what science fiction is good at, is exactly what that story does so, so well.

  • Echo Sound
    Echo Sound 4 months ago +24

    If only Amazon gave this show the budget it deserves and supports all decisions taken by the producers, and not stand in their way and cut this season to only 6 episodes with so much potential this show can reach... Amazon you don't realize you have a gem... I mean I love this more than The Boys

    • Felipe Turriago
      Felipe Turriago 4 months ago +2

      True, but they also saved the show. No S4-S6 without them. Gotta give them credit.

    • Al Dunlop
      Al Dunlop 4 months ago +2

      Yeah it feels really rushed. I wish streaming shows had maybe 12 or 15 episodes per season, especially in a show with so much depth to explore like The Expanse.

    • Shaun Duquette
      Shaun Duquette 4 months ago

      @DontNeedToKnow84 It was like they were circling the ships and moving them really quickly. Seems different from past seasons.

    • DontNeedToKnow84
      DontNeedToKnow84 4 months ago

      @Shaun Duquette How so?

    • Shaun Duquette
      Shaun Duquette 4 months ago

      the space battles seemed a bit odd this season.

  • OifelOifel
    OifelOifel 3 months ago +2

    Wow! Cara Gee looks and feels so extremely different in the show.
    Tells me what a great actress she is!
    And that voice of Shohreh Aghdashloo. Amazing!

  • Michael Mayo
    Michael Mayo 4 months ago +42

    I've interview actors before and most of them have trouble stringing two sentences together, so a show and stars like this is just wonderful. Wes and Ty ask good questions, and you can tell that Shorhrea and Cara have really thought hard about their characters and the world they're living in, and they give thoughtful answers. It's also impossible to think of any other actors in their roles. "The Expense" is going to be any list of outstanding series for decades to come. I'm just heartbroken I won't get to see these wonderful characters anymore (at least for awhile, I hope) but I'm grateful I was along for the ride now. Graditude...

    • Don Starnes
      Don Starnes 4 months ago

      ​@MCP/ChronicBuzz He was a revelation!

    • MCP/ChronicBuzz
      MCP/ChronicBuzz 4 months ago +2

      "and they give thoughtful answers."
      Have you seen the one with Keon Alexander last week? He was fantastic and had quite some smart comments on Marco's psyche.

  • Van Dango
    Van Dango 4 months ago +12

    Wow! I didn't even recognize this actress was Drummer until they point it out. Kudos to her for such a transformative performance! Drummer is one of the best characters in the show.

    • davidc5191
      davidc5191 4 months ago

      Me too. I actually thought she was the actress playing Clarissa Mao.

  • TheHighGuard UK
    TheHighGuard UK 4 months ago +4

    I LOVE The Expanse!!! I love the characters, story and actors so much, just genius. This is one of those rare gem of shows which is just utter perfection in every aspect, one of those shows that will be watched again and again and be loved more each time. This is undoubtedly one of the greatest series ever made and I certainly hope it continues the story and universe in the near future but to all those who have been and are involved in it right now thank you so much for your passion, time, love, tireless efforts and extraordinary talent you have brought to this incredible series. Thank you.😎😁👍❤

  • Naeringsvarde
    Naeringsvarde 4 months ago +2

    Was smiling continuously throughout this. Thanks guys for pouring your souls into creating such a masterpiece show.

  • Last Boss
    Last Boss 4 months ago +6

    I feel like I want to have a few favorite characters, but EVERY single character had weight and it was an absolute blast to see it all come together. It's the journey and adventure we look for in our lifetime.
    Thank you ALL

  • Basho Matsuo
    Basho Matsuo 4 months ago +9

    This show is incredible. I’m really gonna miss it.

  • Danie Bello
    Danie Bello 4 months ago +5

    I want to thank everyone involved with this show for such an amazing job well done

  • John Herndon
    John Herndon 4 months ago +5

    Cara Gee is a great actress. The entire cast has been outstanding. Such amazing wide range of characters.

  • Daniel H
    Daniel H 4 months ago +2

    Great conversation! With its incredible writing, I also loved that the writers had Avasarala say, "F***" as often as possible, because no one can make that word sound more convincing than sweet Shohreh Aghdashloo.

  • craftchest
    craftchest 4 months ago +4

    I am sad this is the last season :(. These are amazing people, actors and characters. The Expanse is a show that could go on for a lifetime.

  • happytravelling
    happytravelling 4 months ago +7

    I've watched this episode 6 times now. There are so many wonderful moments in this episode. Chrissie (I love that name) tells Holden, "you must be the most naive person I've ever met". Bobby pounding on the table, 'gimme some of that' and convincing Amos to return to the ship. Drummer, stoic when talking to Michio and Josep and finally breaking down with Naomi, telling her that everyone in her family is dead or gone. As Cara Gee noted, Drummer seemed incapable of compromising and she finally did. I did not think she would even talk to Chrissie... And finally the admission from Tadeo that he set the charges that killed his brother. The look of horror on Philips's face and the tears in his eyes, as he realizes Marco has killed belters is momentous. And the walk of Chrissie going to meet Drummer, flanked by a security team, and Drummer by herself was absolutely riveting. These are truly game-changing moments. Wonderful episode!

  • Gillian Rosheuvel
    Gillian Rosheuvel 4 months ago +6

    Drummer and Avasarala's meeting was great! Kudos to Shohreh and Cara for making it so epic!

  • Ulf Melchert
    Ulf Melchert 4 months ago +7

    There must be a season 7! It's by far the greatest show with the best cast!

  • UrbanAgoge
    UrbanAgoge 4 months ago +6

    Thank you all so much, this was a treat to watch - my three favourite characters' actors and one of the writers of the best science fiction show I have seen in all of my 51 years.

  • Bertha Tillis
    Bertha Tillis 4 months ago +17

    These two Actors/characters are so excellent in their work. Please don't take off this show. There is so much in-between that's not told before the next book. Be another Star Trac, be on for 25 years or more.

    • Van Dango
      Van Dango 4 months ago +2

      No. I want the show to go on but only to adapt what there is off the books to adapt. I don't want this show to be run into the ground when other writers end up taking over and make a pile of dung.

    • BlushingCatLady
      BlushingCatLady 4 months ago +1

      If you play video games, disco Elysium feels like it takes place in the Expanse world and it’s a storyline RPG that’s just excellent.

    • tallaganda83
      tallaganda83 4 months ago +4

      I want 3 more seasons and definitely spin offs in the same universe/prequels etc I’m open to but I don’t want it dragging on indefinitely. All good things must end. I’m more interested in future projects from this creative team.

  • tom builder
    tom builder 4 months ago +2

    such a awesome show! the actors and effects make it one of the best scifi ever!

  • Over Watch
    Over Watch 4 months ago +6

    This is how you do an aftershow. I love all of these people.

  • Vin Krieg
    Vin Krieg 4 months ago +5

    Amazing Episode! I especially loved the outfit that Shohreh Aghdashloo wore as she walked to meet Cara. So stylishly badass!!

    • izabela siczek
      izabela siczek 3 months ago

      I don't normally care much about outfits or not as much as in this season, but wow her outfits and the jewellery

  • Tiberius Codius
    Tiberius Codius 4 months ago +18

    I think it's fantastic that the Expanse can be as diverse as it is without ever feeling like tokenism

    • Moocorp
      Moocorp 4 months ago +1

      It’s because it makes sense from a story perspective. The world will grow more and more diverse with faster travel and more connectivity.

  • Atlas
    Atlas 4 months ago +2

    I watched an interview of Shohreh Aghdashloo on Farsi because I wanted to be able to pronounce her name correctly.
    Her portrayal of Chrisjen Avasarala is my absolute favorite fictional character of all time and I think one of the most powerful and empowering female characters ever created. Shohreh Aghdashloo is a phenomenal actress and I want to see so much more of her in the future! Thank you all so much for this incredible show.

  • Grant Vause
    Grant Vause 4 months ago +6

    Greatest Sci-fi show by a long mile. Very underrated. Shouldn't be ending like this, with so much to give and to come. Sad time's.

  • Gen X
    Gen X 4 months ago +6

    This was such an amazing segment. They all seem like such great people. Shohreh Aghdashloo was legendary, but I have to say Cara Gee was hands down the best actor on the show. There were two scenes Cara did in particular which blew me away. That one episode where she gives a powerful speech to the crew and the most recent episode's discussion with Naomi (S6E5). Cara Gee RULES.

  • Kristine Cain
    Kristine Cain 4 months ago +1

    I got goosebumps when those two met…..I have watched it over and over. Fantastic performances…

  • marvin duval
    marvin duval 4 months ago +15

    Isn’t it so insanely incredible how Shorheh is absolutely passionate and invested in Avasarala. It’s just so endearing and awesome to see.

    • itskashkashi
      itskashkashi 4 months ago +1

      I've actually never watched Amy interviews with the actress before but avasarala is my favourite character and now I'm really enjoying the actress herself too.

  • MariahJade2 A
    MariahJade2 A 4 months ago +3

    Thank you so much for everyone involved in this wonderful show. Let the queen's word make it so! I've enjoyed every last minute of these past years. You are all amazing.

  • Derek Wagner
    Derek Wagner 4 months ago +3

    I love these characters so very very much. May there be something more we get with them. Thank you so very much.

  • VTEC77
    VTEC77 4 months ago +7

    I felt out of all the brilliant episodes over all the awesome seasons S6E5 was at the very top of the tree. All of the interactions between the various characters were superbly written and extpertly acted. Congratulations to you all for bringing us such entertainment through characters we love :)
    The scenes between Bobby/Amos and Drummer/Avasarala were my particular highlights. The scene between Drummer and Naomi for me through was the most powerful of the entire show. Seeing the toughest beating heart of the show finally lowering her defences and showing her vulnerable side was epic on a whole new level. Cara Gee, I salute you!

    • Alex Tunbridge
      Alex Tunbridge 4 months ago +1

      All of the characters have been so well developed across the seasons. This dialogue-driven didn't need action sequences to make it compelling throughout. Very few shows could carry that off, especially as it was the penultimate episode. Such a testimony to the talent of the writers and the amazing cast. A brilliant show that will hopefully continue in the future. This is what a good show should be.

  • Aloy Valerie Deathseeker
    Aloy Valerie Deathseeker 4 months ago +5

    Great show Ty and Wes! Cara Gee is so girly and fun she's nothing like Dummer at all but next week im going to miss this weekly show.

    • Charlie Fox
      Charlie Fox 4 months ago +1

      It is so cool how divergent she really is from her role.

  • mdimascio
    mdimascio 4 months ago +2

    Wonderful time watching and listening to you all. Love you! This is not the end!

  • Word Eater
    Word Eater 3 months ago +1

    Shohreh, Wes, and Cara were all amazing.

  • Hugh Mac
    Hugh Mac 4 months ago +1

    I thought Season 6 was fantastic, I'd love to see a Season 7 and more.

  • John W.
    John W. 4 months ago +6

    It's so hard to have a favorite character on this show because they're ALL so awesome, even Inaros. But if I was forced to choose, it would be Drummer!

    • Giancarlo Colon
      Giancarlo Colon 4 months ago +1

      Carmina Drummer, all the way. They are all great. I mean, Avasarallah is superb, but Captain Drummer has had to make the most difficult choices out of all. Team Drummah!

  • Danie Bello
    Danie Bello 4 months ago +3

    Avarsarala is my favorite character, she is an amazing actress. I want to see more of her please 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Cellabyrd
    Cellabyrd 4 months ago +5

    For some reason this episode seemed so short. I wanted it to last longer!! Wow!! I can't believe how much I enjoy this show and these actors, writers, and all involved. I hope they can do an episode with all of the main characters. And I hope for more . . .

    • S F
      S F 4 months ago +1

      Me too! Couldn't believe it was already over.

  • Tray Chester
    Tray Chester 4 months ago +15

    The best lesson from The Expanse is, all of the warring factions involved in the conflict are HUMAN, and if there is no common ground, there is no peace.

  • Eluned
    Eluned Month ago

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  • MuzzleFrontLLC
    MuzzleFrontLLC 4 months ago +1

    This is the most well cast program in history. I hadn't owned a TV in 18 years and bought one for this program alone.

  • Marcus Pereira
    Marcus Pereira 3 months ago +1

    Drummer is one of the characters with the most formidable and curious evolution throught the show. I know it has to do with the editors, but also I need to praise the actress who performed her.

  • Jeremy Ertel
    Jeremy Ertel 4 months ago +1

    I agree this episode was soo good
    can't wait to see the last one

  • John Hatch
    John Hatch 3 months ago +1

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  • BmG 313
    BmG 313 4 months ago +5

    The fact that the show not only examines but reflects some of the likely outcomes given the current state of the world and expands that into a solar setting for us as a human race to reflect on that and use it to become more is Hella impressive and appreciated I agree with several of the below comments if the shows reach was as great as I wish is be we as utling and framlings would be able to avoid the type of atrocities we have been repeating throughout history @WesChatha. Love this show and the brilliance of it needs to reach every person who has internet @netflix what's up?

  • Boris Toshkov
    Boris Toshkov 4 months ago +1

    I love how incredibly consequential is everything about that show. Ty seems to be making the actors really confident about their roles. I wouldn't say that the characters are predictable, they are recognizable. You know these guys and you know their motives the same way you know your friends.

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    Jeremy Cunningham 4 months ago +2

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    Tracey Jackson 4 months ago +12

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    Don Starnes 4 months ago +1

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    So, so luck, we the fans!

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    SKYWalkers SG 4 months ago +1

    when Drummer cried. I cried. It was such a powerful moment

  • Toni Djugum
    Toni Djugum 4 months ago +1

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    Raul Izquierdo 4 months ago +1

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    John Ryder 4 months ago +1

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    Ghadrack Potato 3 months ago +1

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    And every true fan has already been mentally designing Avasaralla's epic season 8 wheelchair throne.

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    LuckyST 4 months ago

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    Dsqr Labs 4 months ago

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    Again thank all of you involved in this great gritty humanistic Space Opera! -d²

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    Hege Zahl 4 months ago

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    rocketsjudoka 3 months ago

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    Flip-n-Burn 3 months ago +1

    Hard to really put any of the actors and characters above one or the other, so it's not to put any of the actors down, but Cara Gee & her Camina Drummer to me is the absolute G of the show. Even more impressive when looking at how different Cara is from Camina.

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    X Rossen 4 months ago

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    Dale Gallacher 4 months ago +1

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      Peter Cook 4 months ago

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      Giancarlo Colon 4 months ago

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