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Rhaenyra Targaryen's 3 Strong sons (House of the Dragon)

  • Published on Sep 29, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • HotD season 1 episode 6 discussion
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    Going over all the new Velaryon / Targaryen children in the prequel
    between Visery, Alicent, Daemon, Laena, Rhaenyra, Laenor, and Harwin Strong.
    The dragon scene with vhagar & laena velaryon was wild, but she's leaving far too soon.
    She didnt even make it to episode 7, before another big time jump.
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  • whycreate
    whycreate  Month ago +133

    Warner Bros is a piece of shit company. They put a strike on the channel
    so had to frankenstein this edit, but will likely delete it soon.

    • dElla88
      dElla88 Month ago


    • PJ Rivera
      PJ Rivera Month ago +2

      Was wondering why this video seemed familliar

      JVVAYNE Month ago

      @JCResDocStudt94 l Verified l ᱬ l don’t watch it ig.

    • JCResDocStudt94 l Verified l ᱬ l
      JCResDocStudt94 l Verified l ᱬ l Month ago +1

      *all fair. they need to slow down now.* they had to do something, bc of s8...but now they need to stop. they coould have told all of these across 2 more eps & had it be more impactful. idk how to fix the actor changes tho. it is hard to care when youve connected w other actors. _JC

    • Mocha
      Mocha Month ago +1

      Sorry to hear man.

  • Argos2297
    Argos2297 Month ago +14

    Jace has already become my favorite giving him some personality really makes this easy to watch. We already see he is the person people turn to when they need something . We see that he's brave and not scared to stand up to people bigger or stronger than him. And we see that Jacerys can read a room and catch on to some nuances. Also he seems to be genuinely kind.

    • Bivamshu Khadka
      Bivamshu Khadka Month ago

      You'll love him even more. His best is yet to come.

  • juliet kareithi
    juliet kareithi Month ago +23

    I love your narration “single uncle daemon is coming soon to add more chaos” 😂that last statement is priceless

    • J E
      J E Month ago


  • Bush Master
    Bush Master Month ago +201

    For the people who complain the show is fast the Book is even shorter: Harwin and Laena have a couple of lines about them so they already expanded them on the show, for the people who say they should expand even more GO REWATCH SEASON 7 & 8 of Game of Thrones and think if you want them to go beyond the books. There will only be 1 more time skip in ep 8 for the children to grow and no more timeskips then the show will be fleshed out more.

    • Carla
      Carla 24 days ago

      House of the dragon should be a stand alone as Got was and for a regular person who watch the show every Sunday is not easy to understand, on the book they describe everything is going on TV they must explain who is who, I didn't know, anything about The house of the Dragon but at episode 5 that I had to read the book to understand the series, when Harwin was waiting at Rhaenyra's room to meet his 3rd son I didn't know he was the one who smiled at Rhaenyra at Aegon's celebration or that he stopped Rhaenyra at the streets of King's Landing when she escaped with Daemon or how I would know he rescued Rhaenyra at her wedding? I asked who was him cuz he's hot but that's it, but the part that bothered me was that they not even showed us how Rhaenyra and Harwin started their relationship, you at least with Daemon and Laena we saw them flirting. To finish my comment let me say somethin else, when I read the book I found that the Lord Commander of King Viserys died long time ago but what happened to the one in the series after the Green Council? To be professionals with a big budget to have the best of the best...If a regular person like me can find mistakes in the adaptation of the story tells you They clearly didn't do a good job. I can not imagine how many mistakes the super fans of this saga have found.

    • Se7enth Soul
      Se7enth Soul Month ago

      Thank you for this context.

    • William Valentine
      William Valentine Month ago

      I hope they haven’t cut the third of Alicent’s sons

    • Kaydee
      Kaydee Month ago

      The only thing that needed more explanation of how Sir Criston Cole got away with murder. Nothing more is needed. I get people wanted to feel connected to Laena and Harwin, but they simply don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. I loved Laena’s character but her function in the story was to give birth to the girls and die. That’s what happened. Want more write a fanfic.

    • Romain Chambard
      Romain Chambard Month ago

      @Daemon Targaryen those characters doesn't count in the story

  • King Edward "Longshanks" I, Hammer of the Scots, Lord of Wales and King of England

    “Oh, by Strong sons you mean they have a lot of upper body strength, right?”
    “…They just have a lot of muscles, right???”

  • Made-line 🎭
    Made-line 🎭 Month ago +24

    It's refreshing to have a well-known ASOIAF channel blatantly say they needed more character development from minor ones such as Laena and Harwin before killing them off, and that HBO should have taken more time with it. I'm loving the show, though episode 6 started the feeling of it being too rushed.

  • QickThot
    QickThot Month ago +40

    wedding Helena to Jacaerys could have prevented so much BS. Though I do like Aegon and Helena

    • ProTapia
      ProTapia Month ago +2

      @Rafael Luna oh absolutely. Rhaenyra is like the meme of the guy who puts a stick in the front wheel of his bicycle.

    • Rafael Luna
      Rafael Luna Month ago +6

      @Daemon Targaryen seriously . In the end ; the egg that was meant for aemmas son that was retrieved from daemon by rhaenyra herself ends up being the dragon that takes her life in the end . All he had to do was wed rhaenyra with aegon or with daemon ; hell she had the chance to choose someone she could've chosen strong then ! Her recklessness almost makes me team green im tellin ya 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Daemon Targaryen
      Daemon Targaryen Month ago +13

      A Daemon and Rhaenyra marriage approved by Viserys would've prevented all the BS. Daemon needs to be KING. He's popular with the common folk. Rhaenyra's marriage to her gay cousin made her way more vulnerable.

  • Neo Riv
    Neo Riv Month ago +24

    Since Visery state, and the fact they didn't introduce Daeron yet, i supose that he was cut out of the show. Not the most important character but he was the only of Alicent's son that was not a complete douche.

    • demi bk
      demi bk Month ago

      i’m hoping he’s just in oldtown and he’ll pop up later in the show, maybe a mention in episode 7 and then an appearance in 8??

    • Ella Adair
      Ella Adair Month ago +12

      Didn’t the book say that Daeron is with his mother‘s side of the family?Maybe he‘ll still make an appearance.

  • Chris Rubin
    Chris Rubin Month ago +1

    Im pretty sure Dreamfyre is not untamed, she was first tamed by Rhaena Targaryen, and now i believe she is bonded to Halaena, after all they said Aemond was the only one not to have a dragon

  • Matthew Crooks
    Matthew Crooks Month ago

    It's still not confirmed but in the show I wonder if they will make it where jace is actually sir Cristins son instead of harwin strongs

  • Jeffrey Samson
    Jeffrey Samson Month ago +3

    Off topic. I'm writing a fanfic about the targeryans before the doom it's in wattpad called " House targeryan and the forgotten families" It's a work in progress but it answeres everyone's burning questions and paints a clearer picture in martins world in my image. Could use some assistance to bring the world to life.

  • DeadpoolAndFriends
    DeadpoolAndFriends Month ago +3

    I'm liking the series, but damn they sprinting when they should be jogging. Laena was under served. Them cutting Daemon's hug with his daughters was a mistake, and it probably only would have cost them 15 seconds. This episode and the next just rushed to much. Though i think the jump fromom 7 to 8 will be the last one. Thankfully. I understand that in the overall scope of the story of the Dance of the Dragons that Laena, Laenor, and Harwyn are not big characters, but their impact is important. And rushing them cheapens their impact.

  • Hasan Wilson
    Hasan Wilson Month ago +10

    In the books it implied that Daenerys‘s connection to the Viserion is stronger than her connection to Drogon

    • Lilly Pharaoh
      Lilly Pharaoh Month ago +3

      No i think that's just because viserion is very friendly (in general even to strangers that aren't targeryan) hence why she spoils him a little, drogon is her bonded mount (hence the dragon dreams where drogon feels everything she does and vice versa)
      Rhaegal on the other hand is downright mean and vicious

    • OfficiaL eLsie
      OfficiaL eLsie Month ago

      @Hasan Wilson lol give an example

    • Hasan Wilson
      Hasan Wilson Month ago

      @OfficiaL eLsie in every chapter where she's with all three

    • The Electric Prince
      The Electric Prince Month ago

      Makes sense since she named it after her brother.

    • OfficiaL eLsie
      OfficiaL eLsie Month ago +4


  • Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson Month ago

    It's really weird: I went into the show being pro-Rhaeneyra, but watching it I slowly grew to dislike her. All of her kids suffer awfully because of her shitty decisions. She never shows how she'll be a good queen either. Alicent is just as bad because she just wants to do what is "right" regardless of the outcome.

    • Sara Novo
      Sara Novo Month ago

      Tbh I dislike both of them but end up rooting for the children instead, so I'm team black not for Rhaeneyra herself but for her children. Also Alicent's boys are insufferable

  • Ðêrêk
    Ðêrêk Month ago

    One of the reasons I enjoy your channel, is that you're able to provide constructive feedback without shitting on the show. Too many of these other channels do tha. That's why when it listen to reviews; it's kinda between you and alt x shift.

  • Lilly Pharaoh
    Lilly Pharaoh Month ago +9

    Laena's death was way more touching and logical in the book

    • Romain Chambard
      Romain Chambard Month ago

      @Lilly Pharaoh that is not true she died in the stairs end of the story.
      It enhanced the bound between her and her dragon who did'nt want to burn her but did because she asked her. It's the sacrifice you do for people you love even if you don't want. Laena couldn't rid it anyway she was too weak and it was stated that she wouldnt have survived neather her baby. It's her body her choice, her death. I didn't want to talk more with a stupid pro life anyway.

    • Lilly Pharaoh
      Lilly Pharaoh Month ago

      @Romain Chambard she didn't die enhancing her anything she died the death of a dragon's enemy not the death of a dragon rider daemon died the death of a dragon rider, rhaenys died the death of a dragon rider etc
      She was also portrayed as a selfish person instead of giving her child a chance she literally had it boiled alive inside her (a baby hours from delivery is not a fetus its a person in the books the baby lives 2 hours after being born) that's not sth to be proud of
      Not to mention I do remember one of the characters mentioning that she did arrive to vhagar and the maesters failed to document it

    • Romain Chambard
      Romain Chambard Month ago

      @Lilly Pharaoh in the show she died enhancing her powerfull relation with her dragon. In the Book she couldn't even get to Vhagar and died in the stairs

    • Lilly Pharaoh
      Lilly Pharaoh Month ago +2

      @Romain Chambard in the book she actually died on top of vhagar bracing for flight, in the show she died like one of the cowardly sheep burnt by cannibal or sheep stealer burnt to a crisp

    • Romain Chambard
      Romain Chambard Month ago

      No at all.

  • Jeremy Sanders
    Jeremy Sanders Month ago +11

    I would like to point out that she literally could have married him if she wanted and if she wasn't such a drama queen it would have never been an issue

    • tyler
      tyler Month ago +3

      By the time they met the king needed a political marriage with the Velaryons. She no longer had the option to choose. Unless she had already refused him off screen beforehand.

    • The Electric Prince
      The Electric Prince Month ago +3

      SHE WAS GIVEN A CHOICE! And she did not make one.

  • RobewhO
    RobewhO Month ago +9

    Well, I am just gonna call it now that Jacaerys will end up being Criston's son in the show.

    • Made-line 🎭
      Made-line 🎭 Month ago +1

      And Rhaenyra probably knows it. She would have had to have started sleeping with Harwin _right_ after or just before her wedding, because otherwise it wouldn't make sense for Harwin to believe Jace is his...

    • Made-line 🎭
      Made-line 🎭 Month ago


  • SDG
    SDG Month ago +13

    Alicent : When you're just trying to call out the family th0t, raise an actual man, and hold the realm together through male primogeniture but the audience hates you 😔
    Nah lol jokes aside Rhaenyra totally made that offer out of the kindness of her golden heart and pure generosity. It totally wasn't because she is trying to entrench the claim of her illegitimate son. No sir. A flimsy marriage alliance is not gonna save Prince Aegon & Aemond’s lives if Rhaenyra’s spawn by Harwin takes the throne & ppl start calling him what he really is. Rhaenyra’s claim to the throne itself is shoddy at best cause Viserys broke the long-established precedence of the king's firstborn son taking the throne to name her heir. Her illegitimate sons have no claim at all. Blackcest fans swearing this time the Queen they support won't turn out to be a complete psycho. Insert Pepe Silva gif. Moar Girlboss Warlords 👏👏

  • Nathan J
    Nathan J Month ago +4

    Chaos Prince Daemon to Single Dad Daemon and soon the Rogue Prince. Interesting evolution

  • CityofMagic
    CityofMagic Month ago +7

    Glad you got this put back up it’s a quality video!

  • Urius Tosh
    Urius Tosh Month ago +10

    In the show, the first son appear to be a Cole.

    • Griffith the Chad
      Griffith the Chad Month ago

      @JSan yeah you could be right. I assumed Cole and Rhaenyras conception was a year or two before Laenor and Rhae’s marriage but Jac does kind of have Cole’s hair.

    • JSan
      JSan Month ago +8

      @Griffith the Chad we don’t know if she drank the tea. I did notice that Jac’s hair is straighter and darker than Luc’s in the show which lends weight to the idea that maybe Jac’s biodad is Cole. If he is, it makes a lot of future scenes far more interesting. Also notice that Nyra never confirmed to Jac that Strong was his dad. She just said that he was Targaryen and that was all that mattered.

    • Griffith the Chad
      Griffith the Chad Month ago

      I think Coles baby batter was killed after Rhaenyra drank that abortion potion in EP 4.

  • Spartan Heart
    Spartan Heart Month ago +1

    Ita a firefly not bee. Also larys is a skin changer. You see the rat in every episode

  • Vermithor Silver
    Vermithor Silver Month ago +1

    Aegon and viserys are yet to come who will be daemon's children

  • Apollo Thee Gawd
    Apollo Thee Gawd Month ago +6

    They cut the scene of daemon hugging his girls after laena’s death. Some bs

  • Hasan Wilson
    Hasan Wilson Month ago +32

    Rhaenyra was so goddamn careless. Why sleep with your sworn shield when you have better options.

    • JSan
      JSan Month ago +1

      @Freya awesome explanation and I completely agree! Targaryens are hot blooded and that doesn’t only apply to the tendency to engage in violence, it means they are passionate in all ways.

    • Freya
      Freya Month ago +4

      @The Electric Prince if you say so. But Daenerys can't conceived anymore children and she does have a passionate love affair with Dario. Also Rhaenys was always surrounded by beautiful young men and had affairs with them lol. There were rumours that Aenys was not Aegon's child. It was possible Aegon the conqueror was sterile. Visenya conceived at around 39 years old and there are rumours she used blood magic and only did it to ensure they had another heir besides Aenys who had regressed after his mother died. Visenya believed Aenys was a lost cause and found a way to have a child, Maegor. Maegor was never able to father healthy children, they were miscarriages, stillbirths or deformed, probably due to the blood magic.
      Many Targaryen women were hot blooded and had bastards. Daemon Blackfyre's mother who manages to get pregnant while locked up away from men. The fact that Rhaenyra had bastards is not unusual for Targaryen women and it's wrong to call her stupid for something that's in her nature as a Targaryen. Jaehaerys, Rhaenyra's great grandfather, had daughters that were just as hot blooded as Rhaenyra. You should read up on them to understand where she gets her restless streak from.
      But let's not discount the fact that she is intelligent and has an aptitude for politics. She isn't afraid to take action when necessary and she is progressive, empathetic and fair. She has many good qualities that a ruler should have. More good qualities than her father and definitely more than her brother Aegon.

    • The Electric Prince
      The Electric Prince Month ago +1

      @Freya Daenerys is far more passionate (Visenya too) but I can't see her (book or show) having bastard children. Rhaenyra is just next level dumb, Jon is dumb but that is more due to integrity and honor than arrogance.

    • The Weekend Meltdown
      The Weekend Meltdown Month ago

      @Freya ye she's stupid control yourself man do the right thing

    • Hasan Wilson
      Hasan Wilson Month ago +13

      @Freya she knows that her position as air to the throne hangs by a thread and she pretty much makes it worse by having obvious bastards. See if they had her traits it wouldn’t be as obvious. Or even inherited the Baratheon black hair.

  • James Meow
    James Meow Month ago +2

    I was an adventurer like you, until I took a dagger to the eye.

  • Lᴜɪ́s
    Lᴜɪ́s Month ago +10

    Rhaenyra made bad decision after bad decision. Reminds me of Cersei.

  • Stephanie Page
    Stephanie Page Month ago +1

    Is it possible that jon daenerys distant direct descendants from jacerys or jon daenerys may have come from lucerys or joffrey?

    • China Orosco
      China Orosco Month ago +2

      From the books aegon weds his daughter to daemon and rhaenerys youngest son. So dany and jon come from there line including aegons line as well.

  • Maester Drew
    Maester Drew Month ago

    The pacing is not remotely rushed 🤦🏻‍♂️ they’re not even to the dance of dragons yet in a show that’s supposed to be about the dance of dragons. The pacing is extremely slow so far

  • PSOpwnage
    PSOpwnage Month ago

    yea the scenes need to be 2x as long at least

  • Debi B
    Debi B 28 days ago

    Why are we not seeing Joffrey Targaryen (Strong)?

  • Everything batman collector

    They will slow it down as soon as viserys goes.

  • Ana Laura Morel Rocha
    Ana Laura Morel Rocha Month ago +1

    Lil Baela Targaryen is an goddanmit badass.

  • Duke of Keredon
    Duke of Keredon Month ago +1

    I think you should launch an poll to see how many people support the blacks 🖤 Vs the Greens 💚 😃

  • Adnan
    Adnan Month ago +1

    really good content, keep it up.
    P.S. u could really use a mic upgrade, u sound a bit muddy somtimes

  • QickThot
    QickThot Month ago +4

    Warner Bros are such assholess! Keep doing your thing bro! we support you !

  • Viljami Venemies
    Viljami Venemies Month ago +1

    Where are the Daynes in House of The Dragon ?!?!?!?

  • Antoine PPP
    Antoine PPP Month ago +2

    We sure Joffrey isn't a Velaryon ?

    • Ram sen
      Ram sen Month ago

      I didn't see Joffrey in last 2 episode,why????

  • TWSTF 8
    TWSTF 8 Month ago +1

    Haha their quote/unquote "children" huh?!? 😅
    Yeah, because they're supposedly kids lol right?! #credulous at BEST

  • Ginny Gryffindor
    Ginny Gryffindor Month ago

    The seed is Strong...

  • Alfred Borden
    Alfred Borden Month ago +2

    WB is tripping. Your fans got your back.

  • Chris Bloss Bogarìn

    No I am fine with the pacing. I didn’t really care about any of that. I’m ready to get to the dance.

  • sheriffroscoebrown
    sheriffroscoebrown Month ago +1

    am i going crazy or is this a reupload i swear i’ve already watched this video 3 days ago

  • JazzyCat
    JazzyCat Month ago +3

    Is this a re-upload?? was there something wrong with the original?

    • Shimon Simmons
      Shimon Simmons Month ago

      I thought I was crazy. I knew that I already saw this video.

  • Aid kik
    Aid kik Month ago +1

    Kinda like you lost most of us with the drivel about character development and slower episodes...they're on a..wat 50? Minute schedule to cram in hundreds of pages? I think they're doin fine

    • The Electric Prince
      The Electric Prince Month ago

      Dafuq are you on about? The show is an expansion. They are adapting 2 lines to 1 hour episodes

  • Anisha Kamat
    Anisha Kamat Month ago +18

    Definitely, the biggest problem with show is it's super fast pace. What's the point of making a TV series instead of a movie if you're not going to explore the little details and take your time to develop characters so that the audience can develop emotional bonds and get a better understanding as to why the characters do what they do and the choices they make.

    • Anders Hass
      Anders Hass Month ago +2

      @Shop-a-Holicissue with Game of Thrones is they cut content out of the books that would have brought more depth to the story instead of it being so shallow.

    • Mocha
      Mocha Month ago

      @Iside Hope so

    • Iside
      Iside Month ago +2

      Season one is just the intro ,prologue and introduction to the main stories. They're setting up for the Dance, i don't understand why so many people complain when even in the books( since it was written more as a history book) it wasn't that stretched

    • Mocha
      Mocha Month ago

      @Dr. Khushboo Raikar I understand that, but I believe that stories should take their time. I’m hoping once the dance actually begins, it will slow down a bit.

    • Dr. Khushboo Raikar
      Dr. Khushboo Raikar Month ago +9

      I don’t understand why people are complaining about the fast pace, that’s exactly how it should be, these episodes are setting the stage for the upcoming Dance of the Dragons.

  • BoredOnYouTube
    BoredOnYouTube Month ago +14

    It just enhances the demonstrated sexism in the show. Aegon IV legitimized his bastards but Rhaenyra can’t do the same.

    • Timothy Mills
      Timothy Mills Month ago

      @James Meow at that point it would be a horrible idea. It’s an admission that her children are bastards. No more plausible deniability and now the realm has every reason to rebel

    • BoredOnYouTube
      BoredOnYouTube Month ago

      @Ray Green but it’s gonna make the dragons die out anyway 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • BoredOnYouTube
      BoredOnYouTube Month ago

      @Ray Green it not being a good idea was not the point though

    • Ray Green
      Ray Green Month ago +2

      Rhaenyra is not queen yet so doesnt have the power to do so. Also, Aegon IV legitimizing his bastards sparked another civil war so probably not a good idea for Rhaenyra lool

    • BoredOnYouTube
      BoredOnYouTube Month ago

      @The Electric Prince que?

  • Stormer JC
    Stormer JC Month ago +1

    Yeah I still firmly believe that the pacing and time jumps is hurting the show and it's the characters, I hope we slow down in future

    • Stormer JC
      Stormer JC Month ago

      @Aaron Parker at least it will slow down after that then, that's all I can ask for, tho personally I just looked over the lore of the dance of dragons and made notes, I truly believe that there was enough content for a 6 season show if you play your cards right, but it's like the show is afired to be boring and is trying to rush towards the big dragon fights and war as fast as possible,
      I should also correct myself in saying that the pacing per episode is fine just overall its rushed if you put them back to back in my opinion

    • Aaron Parker
      Aaron Parker Month ago

      @Stormer JC I'm actually okay with the time jumps I just wish we got like one or two more episode before EP 6 for more development of the relationships (Young Laena to Vhagar & Damon, young Rhaenyra to Harwin and Laenor, maybe her first brown haired kid as well and how that affects Cole and Alicient.). The pacing is fine for the story but I agree does hinder your attachment to what's happening to the characters. However I know that after this next time jump the story slows heavily and will focus more on the juicy bits from the book

    • Stormer JC
      Stormer JC Month ago

      @Jesse Vaneman I know that not super happy with it tho

    • Jesse Vaneman
      Jesse Vaneman Month ago

      There will be One more time jump

  • jaimierae525
    jaimierae525 Month ago


    STOMPER Month ago

    You literally copy this from another Game of Thrones Clip-Share or you even titled it the same not really smart

    SHARK VADER Month ago +1


    STOMPER Month ago +9

    Her sons are NOT strong tho

    • Ronan
      Ronan Month ago

      They are Strong but not strong

  • Tieler
    Tieler Month ago