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Commander Cody and Crosshair Changed the Way We See Order 66!! The Bad Batch Explained

  • Published on Mar 22, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • #commandercody #thebadbatch #starwars
    Commander Cody and Crosshair may have changed everything we know about Order 66…in a good way! The Bad Batch season 3 is so much better than I thought it would be!
    Will there be a clone uprising? Or will they just continue to leave the Empire?
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  • Star Wars Fanatic
    Star Wars Fanatic  2 months ago +23

    Of course I meant Season 2 Episode 3. I made a video about the Mandalorian Season 3 earlier. That’s probably why I misspoke.

    • anna white
      anna white Month ago

      here one, theory wheels- not about grogu as much as ppl think, they see mando as the new jango, aimming to find a worthy successor for clones, mando has proven himself time and time again, they use him to make the sith trooper clones, plus some of the others, comparing movement and size plus the move lookin t visor mando style helmet compared to first order troops

    • J W
      J W Month ago

      I always liked cody and I think he will definately leave the empire
      One thing that always got me wondering is why the clone troopers and tactical droids and stormtroopers use binoculars. I always though their helmet visors had that zoom in binocular tech built in

    • Star Wars Fanatic
      Star Wars Fanatic  2 months ago

      @anna white valid points.

    • anna white
      anna white 2 months ago

      am i the ONLY ONE WHO THINKs THIS-when vader sent a message to the seppies, and walkin into the sep hq, did no one look at him and go "thats anakin the republic jedi hero," 'ITS A TRAP" mean he was known widely

    • anna white
      anna white 2 months ago

      and once more think what is buggin and eating at echo is cody is stuck, his team is always talkin about helpin cross hair, and he knows his friend rex is okay, but he was close to cody as well, cody and rex saved his life made his an arc trooper,so all this time they bent on saving clones close to them, he most likely has cody in his mind 'what about my friend" thoughts

  • Blazecap
    Blazecap 2 months ago +120

    You definitely tell Cody regrets killing Obi-wan in the episode. I go far as to say he was testing to see if crosshair also regrets order 66. He was already planing on going awol but he wanted to check if crosshair would too.

    • everyone
      everyone Month ago

      @Clearly Wrong He can still regret backstabbing his Jedi. Meh, Filoni canon sucks anyways.

    • anna white
      anna white Month ago

      @bbkg1979 in cody mind, he killed obi wan on utapah, durin order 66, guess he was never told about that whole vader obi wan thing on mustafar,

    • anna white
      anna white Month ago

      @Star Wars Fanatic i liked ep3, and some from season1, speakin of some of the knight of ren weapons were in solo, mainly the mando staff the one they made a vc fig for, always wondered if it is the same weapon that the knight uses, also the droids show has a kybo ren (now i wonder if kylo ren) is a nod to that

    • anna white
      anna white Month ago

      how i took it, everything they both say seem as a test to the other clone, you can tell cross hair lost faith in empire,

  • Indiana Holmes
    Indiana Holmes 2 months ago +63

    Cody's reaction to Crosshair's comment about the Jedi being traitors also suggested that Cody wasn't entirely confident in that assessment.

    • Norbert's reign of terror
      Norbert's reign of terror 2 months ago +6

      You can see the deep regret in his eyes

    • George VanHoose
      George VanHoose 2 months ago +16

      Especially since Cody was there when Obi Wan Kenobi destroyed the de-facto separatist leader, and to hear his General being called a "traitor" by someone who wasn't even there... Yeah I think that helped light the fire in Cody's mind that led to him leaving the empire.

  • Francis7a
    Francis7a 2 months ago +26

    One thing that occurred to me to consider, yet highly unlikely is that Crosshair did report clone force 99's survival and Rampart demanded he falsify his report as he did with Wilco. That would also give Crosshair the opportunity to protect them by complying. The risk there being Rampart would most likely secretly continue to hunt them down. However,
    I do believe Crosshair lied to Rampart and when Wilco exposed they were still alive, Rampart realised he could exploit Crosshair’s protecting them. That is why he questioned Crosshair why he still served the Empire after being treated as disposable and left for dead over a prompt search & rescue. I feel Rampart sees that Crosshair will eventually defect and lead him to clone force 99.

  • Red Five
    Red Five 2 months ago +7

    That face Cody made when Crosshair said they're traitors just tell you everything

  • Secretsongs20
    Secretsongs20 2 months ago +4

    Why didn’t Crosshair tell any clone that the Empire destroyed Kamino? Also Rampart says to Crosshair “funny how all these clones disappear around you. Is that a problem?” I thought that was a bait to see if Crosshair knew something. I agree that Crosshair probably lied and said the BB were dead. Rampart now knows it’s a lie. Crosshair had failed all of his missions prior to that, so why demote him now?

  • Rex_Editz
    Rex_Editz 2 months ago +4

    Great Vid! I like to think that we might see Cody and Rex meet up later in the bad batch however if this does happen, that might mean we will see the death of Cody in the bad batch as well as we never saw Cody in “Rebels” I could be wrong and maybe Cody doesn’t die but that’s my theory

  • Tigerwilson88
    Tigerwilson88 Month ago +1

    What if the Camino ins put chips in that intentionally wore off in case the Republic turned on them? That would be an interesting plot twist.

  • Damo Ibbotson
    Damo Ibbotson 2 months ago +6

    Could we see a different take on the clone rebellion as Kamino is already gone?

    • Damo Ibbotson
      Damo Ibbotson Month ago

      @Kernow Pictures was referring to the original bf2 adaption. We’ve also got Centax-2 facility that hasn’t been touched upon (that I know of)

    • Kernow Pictures
      Kernow Pictures Month ago +1

      They only blew up the capital city the planet is not destroyed and there are other cities on Kamino

  • Cole
    Cole 2 months ago +1

    Reckoning Star Wars rebels happens with every update. The empire captured Rex in that show and didn’t treat him like a traitor. Unless is was never record or reported what happen on the ship that day. Interesting

  • GT: EmeraldRepublic
    GT: EmeraldRepublic 2 months ago +3

    Only thing I disagree with is the clones getting more free will after the chips wares off. I feel it’s more like, the chip was activated during a massive changing point in the republic IE: The Empire. By the time the chips simmered off the clone did not recognize the once Republic they worked for. Cuz at the end of the day they were trained to be the perfect republic soldier. Not empire.

  • joe sunshine
    joe sunshine Month ago +3

    I like where this idea is going, that the empire cannot control the clones, even with the chips.

  • Tomato Fettuccini
    Tomato Fettuccini Month ago +2

    Minor point: Cody was the Commander of the GAR, not just of Kenobi's forces. The only people who outranked him were the Jedi, and Palpatine.

    • Kernow Pictures
      Kernow Pictures Month ago

      He wasn’t the only commander of the grand Army of the Republic there were many clone commanders

  • Ryan Lippert
    Ryan Lippert Month ago

    Funny how all of the animated and many live action shows now have a British accent when it should be simply a neutral accent which can be taught

  • Isaac Kuo
    Isaac Kuo 2 months ago +2

    My speculation - CODY is the one who wasn't sure about going AWOL yet. My speculation is that Nova was one of the clones questioning the order, and he was ready to go AWOL. But he was trying to convince his buddy Cody to go with him. Cody wasn't sure, so he wanted to get another's perspective. Obviously he can't talk about this with Imperial officers, but fellow "regs" tend to have similar perspectives for the obvious reason.
    So what does Cody do? He calls up Crosshair, so he can talk to him in private. Well, this conversation doesn't really clarify things for Cody ... Crosshair neither offers any compelling reason to fight for the Empire, nor a reason to leave. But the way things go down in the mission ... Cody realizes that the Empire isn't worth fighting for, the way the Republic was. Furthermore, if he had just listened to Nova he'd still be alive. Cody realizes that making no decision is the same as siding with the Empire.
    So Cody decides to leave, heavy with the guilt of Nova's death (the others, who weren't waiting on Cody to go AWOL with them, would have died in the mission anyway - with or without him). He talks to Crosshair on his way out, simply because he has no one else to tell.

  • shadowminor
    shadowminor Month ago +1

    A thought I had on the clone rebellion and how it could work in the Disney canon. Cody meets up with Rex and Gregor and Wolfe. Together they enlist the help of other disillusioned clones and the Bad Batch to fight the empire but something goes wrong and nearly all of them are wiped out. the only ones that survive are the Bad Batch plus Rex, Gregor, and Wolfe with Cody having sacrificed himself for them to survive.
    Possible even the Bad Batch themselves going one by one over a long arc in season 3. Making the trio in Rebels all that remain.

  • gr8tbigtreehugger
    gr8tbigtreehugger 2 months ago +6

    Dropping content like a boss! Many thanks for all your hard work!

  • Derrick Marais
    Derrick Marais Month ago

    I'm scared Cody's chip is working fine and might be trying to infiltrate the clone underground, hunting Rex.

  • Wardy
    Wardy 28 days ago

    Never even considered that all this time they could be leading towards a clone rebellion against the empire in the Bad batch.. it’ll probably end the same way it did in legends but at least they’ll die for what they believe in ;(

  • kdub38
    kdub38 2 months ago

    The Clones have eyes and can see what the Empire is doing to the worlds of the galaxy. If the Jedi had been giving those types of orders during the Clone Wars, they would have been deserting them as well.

  • Darth Resch
    Darth Resch 4 days ago

    Legends Cody, well Cody in the Revenge of the Sith novel, just followed orders bc that was his breeding… no chip needed. Canon Cody, not so much. You are right, the chip took their humanity, made them loyal to the new order not caring for the people, made them see the Jedi as traitors, and in some cases understand that Lord Sidious is their leader (Rex in the Clone Wars). Cody was apart of this, and like the others it wears off over time. This is why the clones were phased out in Canon vs Legends where they kept cloning. I think by 0 bby 1/2 the storm trooper army was still clones though the cloning had been stopped bc of uprisings in Legends.
    Crosshair is a different case. He is not a good person. I am unsure why people don’t see it. He has always been like that. He picked a fight with Rex saying Ecco was just another Reg and to let him die. He hates Wrecker and was not only shitty to him again and again, but he took a headshot at him. He also wanted Hunter’s spot. He didn’t care about his team other than the fact that he needed their skills to show he was still useful. He wanted his team back under his command to do whatever, kill whoever to keep being an elite team. Anyone who got in his way had to go. Crosshair is garbage and hopefully gets what he deserves and becomes the first wave of Dark Trooper (half droid). If you don’t think so look back at season 1. When they go after Saw Gerrera, they realize they are about to hit regular people. Crosshair says “give the order…” and who is in his scope? It is a head shot for grandma. Then later he does kill civilians… without the chip bc it is removed. Crosshair didn’t lie to protect Omega or the rest, he did it bc he was protecting himself and his own interests. He won’t be accused of working with the enemy. An enemy he helped so he could survive the bombardment. They saved him and he helped them back. Maybe they can be useful later. Thats why he stayed on that platform, knowing the Empire would ask him to do their terrible deeds and he would happily oblige. I think he is rotten. Maybe the war did it, maybe he just sucks. His “good” deeds are next to nothing compared to his words and most of his actions.

  • ahael75
    ahael75 2 months ago

    "More and more clones are questioning the order"- that could mean not just Order 66 but Palpatine's New Order / New Imperial Order...

    • Mike Baker
      Mike Baker Month ago

      I was thinking this, too.
      The "order" may not have referred to 66 exclusively but also Palpatine's New Order/the Empire.
      The Empire is basically going against everything the Clones fought for during the Clone Wars.

  • Guardian Of Light
    Guardian Of Light 2 months ago +4

    I'm starting to think this is how the chips work, they lay dormant, until one of the Orders is given, it then triggers forcign compliance, or at least Order 66 does. It can't be resisted long as Rex held only for a couple seconds. If Rex couldn't resist it, no one can, unless the chip was defective, so any Clones who didn't followe the order had defective chips and still free will. Perhaps it for a time "factory resets" them, thus they becoem more willng to follow orders that don't go against protocol, but it's probably like a drug effect, it only lasts so long before it slowly wears off, at this point it's the choice of the Clone to remain loyal to the EMpire and to what degree, Crosshair eventually had the chip removed yet stayed loyal, at least for now. Wilco stayed loyal but stuck to protocol and regulation, so when Rampart asked him to falsify a report, Wilco knew this was against protocol or whatever he saw as loyal to the EMpire, as this order was for Rampart's own personal gain, thus he was killed. Or Cody, who after attempting to kill Obi-wan remained loyal, until Seaon 2 EP 3, where he saw the Empire being cruel, and began questioning it, but was careful not to make it obvious, we'll see what becomes or Cody. THen there's Howzer, who could only take orders so long until innocents were threatened, but then again I don't think there was a Jedi on Ryloth, so his chip may not have activated, and so things were reletivally calm and he didn't need to do anything extreme, until the 2 episodes he appeared in, then he had enough. Then there's Gregor, who's chip was probably damaged, last we saw of him before Bad Batch, the guy had literally taken a small explosion, and clearly didn't come out unscathed.

    • Guardian Of Light
      Guardian Of Light Month ago

      @Bob Peter Yah, it's great that this is starting to become clearer. Especially with the latest 2 episodes where some Clones are questioning their orders, and some blindly follow it as long as they remain soldiers.

    • Bob Peter
      Bob Peter Month ago

      Yes. Exactly, the chips don't make them mindless droids, it's more like a drug or stimuli.

  • M. B. Sill
    M. B. Sill 2 months ago

    Excellent food for thought! Your insight goes so much deeper than other channels, that's what I love about it! Now I'm going back to rewatch episode 3! Thanx!

  • the Theorizer Moore
    the Theorizer Moore 2 months ago +1

    Crosshair needs to be redeemed

  • William Strother
    William Strother 2 months ago +29

    If there is a Clone Uprising, I would like Clone Force 99 expand from a squad to a whole battalion, complete with the signature Black and Red coloring, much like how Captain Rex fashioned part of the 501st fashioned their helmets after Ahsoka's face markings.

  • Mike Mallory
    Mike Mallory 2 months ago +1

    I'm going to follow your advice and watch the episode again!

  • Sandra_1976
    Sandra_1976 2 months ago

    Interesting video. Maybe the Empire should have put a little more effort into transitioning the Clones from the Republic to the Empire. Palpatine was really far too sloppy regarding them (like he was far too sloppy and over-confident in many other aspects). He should have looked a bit more carefully into the whole chip-thing and discussed this in a little more detail how it works with the Kaminoans. And he should have foreseen that the Clones do not simply disappear into nothingness after executing Order 66. With all his cunningness and planning, his over-confidence really was Palpatine's downfall. In order to be fully successfull, he failed too many times. The devil is in the details, as they say.

  • Patrick Dubé
    Patrick Dubé 2 months ago +1

    2 vids in 1 day. you're on fire today man. :)

    • Leorio, the saykio aniki
      Leorio, the saykio aniki 2 months ago

      *videos not vids. I do not understand the concept of wanting to shorten a word that is already short enough as it is. I find it ridiculous. But I do understand wanting to shorten long words.🤦‍♂

    • Star Wars Fanatic
      Star Wars Fanatic  2 months ago

      Well, I was off today and wanted to try to play catch up. I work on the channel every day. But I don’t always have time to make as many videos as I want.

  • Terry Glover
    Terry Glover 2 months ago +1

    The bio-chips may be failing.

  • Joe Hill
    Joe Hill Month ago

    Season 1 was amazing. Season 2 a total disaster episode 1 was alright the rest is like trying to watch paint dry.

    • Star Wars Fanatic
      Star Wars Fanatic  Month ago

      These last two episodes were a bit better than the rest of the season has been.

  • Brittany j Taylor
    Brittany j Taylor 2 months ago +1

    If the mando verse is leading to the Grysk Wars, why do they have Thrawn leading zombies???

    • Star Wars Fanatic
      Star Wars Fanatic  2 months ago

      @Brittany j Taylor sometimes. But like any of us, Lucasfilm and leakers can be misleading. I’m not saying they are wrong. I just don’t listen to rumors until I see it happen.

    • Brittany j Taylor
      Brittany j Taylor 2 months ago

      Night sisters

    • Star Wars Fanatic
      Star Wars Fanatic  2 months ago +1


  • Fooooo bet
    Fooooo bet Month ago +1

    i love how the empire thinks they taking the capital city with one drop ship LOLOLOLOL jesus just sending clones on suicide missions

  • James T Clement Film
    James T Clement Film 2 months ago

    I hate I'm missing it. No choice. :(

  • Creepy Night
    Creepy Night Month ago

    aaaand what does it change? We knew already all of that. Another click-bait title

  • Daddy Death and loona sexy 😘

    Season 2 Bad batch Not season 3

    • Star Wars Fanatic
      Star Wars Fanatic  2 months ago +3

      Ugh...I can't believe I made that mistake. I meant episode 3. I made a video about the Mandalorian Season 3 earlier...probably why I messed up. Thank you for pointing it out.

  • StandingAlone
    StandingAlone Month ago

    I think you are too fair with cross hair. He is a die hard operative of a fascist regime.

  • IronCloud28
    IronCloud28 2 months ago

    These are exactly the kinds of episodes o want from the bad batch. But unfortunately so much of the show has been boring missions

    • Eric
      Eric 2 months ago +2

      I personally liked them, each one added something to the show although not necessarily moving the main plot forward

    • Star Wars Fanatic
      Star Wars Fanatic  2 months ago

      There has been a lot of filler. I won’t deny that. Much like the Clone Wars.