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  • Published on Nov 25, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • @anushkavis6321

    The transition from heavy watermelon to twister was SO GOOD

  • @tori_tatertots418

    You could tell Micheal was so proud of Lily for flipping Syd off in the rock paper scissors part he was like "I taught her that!"

  • @nobittermelon

    I was laughing through out, but Sydney’s “not sugoi” REALLY took me out 😭

  • @nameoftherose

    Will was spot on with telling Toast and Jodi to stop thinking and just say the first thing that comes to them, they really improved after that.

  • @chrisarmstrong3727

    They definitely need to do a 2nd one of these 😂 freaking love Will

  • @kyoreos4790

    Michael kicking a baby like he's frolicking in a field is the most funniest thing I've ever come across this week. It's amazing

  • @amberclopedia8338

    John's transition to twister was so good!! And the part where he made crying baby noises was hilarious even Michael was caught off guard 😭

  • @g.j.9515
    @g.j.9515  +188

    Will: "remember its supposed to feel terrible, its gonna be brutal"

  • @nakynie463

    Will really knows how to spice up scenes

  • @gabrielshen3299

    Jodi looking confused at what her brain just thinks of is so fricking funny

  • @Achridian

    ok but Michael's silent cheering when lily flipped off sydney during their rock paper scissors was hilarious, they've been doing that to each other for so long

  • @jvwilly2572

    the bit at the beginning with will asking michael to marry him kills me every single time it’s so funny

  • @sid2844

    Will Neff is such an underrated creator I love his stuff

  • @caramel_mochi8609

    Would be great to see them do another shoot with Will Nef! This was really fun to watch! I don't know a lot of streamers and the first time I watched Will was during the finale of Mogul Money. For some reason he reminded me of the late Chris Farley.

  • @g.j.9515
    @g.j.9515  +39

    surgeon Toast having a shotgun on his back going into the surgery is underrated, was the moment their operation sketch became the best one. his little laugh at his own incoming joke took me out lmao

  • @homelessman1453

    Masayoshi crying like a baby birthed the greatest improv skit I've ever seen.

  • @vulcanviduus252

    Toast: What position would leave you like this?

  • @ecburns1227

    Kinda hoping for a part two lol

  • @timc5077

    I genuinely loved Will teaching improv while still being supportive during the cringiest of moments

  • @LilSteel
    @LilSteel  +12

    Please do this more. This was so good