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Boris Johnson claims Putin threatened him

  • Published on Jan 29, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson claims in an upcoming BBC documentary that Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened him with a missile. CNN correspondent Clare Sebastian has more. #CNN #News

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  • Billie Hoskins
    Billie Hoskins Month ago +42

    Perhaps what Putin really said was, “ Boris I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but your hair looks like a missile hit it. “ 😂😂😂

  • Firewind II
    Firewind II 2 months ago +55

    Johnson to Putin: "Thanks, I needed that."

    • Ann An
      Ann An 2 months ago +5


  • A.E
    A.E Month ago +13

    Putin : *chest congestion*
    Boris Johnson : Putin threatened me.

  • XpeH BaM
    XpeH BaM 2 months ago +54

    Bahaha threatened him with a hairbrush 😂

  • Mike Caetano
    Mike Caetano 2 months ago +23

    Boris Johnson sure knows how to get attention for himself.

    • Anderson Langosh
      Anderson Langosh Month ago +3

      If you think putin couldn't have said that - you know notihng about russians I guess.

    • Lepi Doptera
      Lepi Doptera 2 months ago +4

      Certainly better than Putin, who had to start a war to have his fifteen minutes of fame. :-)

  • Hoosier_Daddy
    Hoosier_Daddy Month ago +3

    2:18 That cutoff though😂

  • Tracy Knowles
    Tracy Knowles 2 months ago +35

    Well if it was on a phone call you would think it was recorded and witnessed by others . No conversation without proof of the aligations

    • Firewind II
      Firewind II 2 months ago +1

      Except between Trump and Zelenskye.

    • SuperBullaMan
      SuperBullaMan 2 months ago +2

      I want Putin to find 11,780 votes.

    • Carol Ayala
      Carol Ayala 2 months ago +1


    • David Harness
      David Harness 2 months ago +8

      Totally agree, lets hear the transcript, not one word can believed from this ego maniac, king of the world.

  • Darth Sidious
    Darth Sidious 2 months ago +51

    Boris is just trying to stay relevant in these times. If this happened why didn’t he say anything then?

    • Thersa Williamson
      Thersa Williamson Month ago

      I hope that Ukraine will continue to get all the weapons it needs to help it kick out the Russian occupiers

    • 2012isnear my my my
      2012isnear my my my Month ago

      @Daniel Hamilton i see Elenssky got to you first

    • greg person
      greg person 2 months ago

      Trying to deflect all the time j when committee is in full force

  • MustangMagie
    MustangMagie 2 months ago +19

    Who does Johnson’s hair!! What a chop job!! 😂😂😂😂

    • Ronny JoeJimBob
      Ronny JoeJimBob Month ago

      Constant state of a hang over.

    • America 1st!!!
      America 1st!!! Month ago

      The same makeup artist from dumb and dumber. He did Harry's hair!

    • Billie Hoskins
      Billie Hoskins Month ago

      Boris’ hair looks like one of my dolls whose hair I cut as a child. 😂

    • Awi
      Awi Month ago

      That's a very carefully crafted populist piece of propaganda. It's appealling to rednecks.

  • J.U
    J.U Month ago +6

    Boris: I'm telling the teacher.

    • Oliver 101
      Oliver 101 Month ago +1

      😂 Putin the bully. Boris the bullied.

  • DomingoDeSantaClara
    DomingoDeSantaClara 2 months ago +35

    It's not very often I'd tend to believe Vlad, but here we are. Bojo just looking for attention methinks.

    • niburu
      niburu 2 months ago +1

      Can he get any more pathetic? YES HE CAN.

    • Ann An
      Ann An 2 months ago

      A boy like it.

    • Erzsébet
      Erzsébet 2 months ago +1

      @Charles C. Parker Their interpreter was bad🤡

  • Wrong think®️
    Wrong think®️ 2 months ago +29

    He pushed me off the swing set 😭

    • Doobas
      Doobas 2 months ago

      @Wrong think®️ it’s a recorded call, if it were untrue people would be incentivized to leak the real call and gain fame and clout

    • Wrong think®️
      Wrong think®️ 2 months ago

      @bradley heights sure he did bro

    • Charles A Smith
      Charles A Smith 2 months ago


  • XRoToR
    XRoToR 2 months ago +4

    The difference between a threat and a veiled threat is very little.

  • Barry Lucas
    Barry Lucas 2 months ago +90

    And now we believe what Boris tells us?

    • Kenyatta Anderson
      Kenyatta Anderson Month ago

      @Rinkydinkfretboard Well, Merkel also said that Putin threatened her with tanks, so the conversation may have been

    • sam lees
      sam lees Month ago

      @Solo why does he have no dignity ? How many times has Boris lied to his own people ? All Uk has to do is release 30 seconds of the call where Putin threatens Boris !! Job done 😂

    • Just Crazy
      Just Crazy 2 months ago +1

      Here I found an intelligent human being!

  • Taimour Dwidar
    Taimour Dwidar 2 months ago +17

    Please make the call record public. I bet you that would be fun. I'm sure that Putin would not say that, as it is not Russian style. Do it t. Peskov!

  • JustJane
    JustJane 2 months ago +10

    Think he’s just jealous of Boris’s head of hair !

  • Marolyn Briggs
    Marolyn Briggs 2 months ago +8

    I believe him.
    I remember it being reported that Russia was threatening the United kingdom as well.

    • nononononono1no
      nononononono1no Month ago

      @Marwan mostafa lol says who? I love truth like nobody else. So don't tell me a thing about it.

    • Marwan mostafa
      Marwan mostafa Month ago

      @nononononono1no its not justification , its the truth that u want to ignore and deny. Double standards .

    • GK 7906
      GK 7906 Month ago

      Just like most of our media, you are sure it has happened you are just not clear on the when, why, how and in which context.
      You know, minor details.

    • Marwan mostafa
      Marwan mostafa Month ago +1

      @nononononono1no you say your opinion and people who share similar experiences will say the same just because you’re hoping America would help against Russia . If you read history and isolate your Emotions , you’d know that America is more of a warmongering country than Russia ever was .

  • Madison Gittens
    Madison Gittens 2 months ago +73

    He thought the Ukraine was would only take a minute … it’s a year lol

    • John C. Smith
      John C. Smith Month ago

      That was CNN/BBC BS r you confused ? lol

    • Madison Gittens
      Madison Gittens Month ago

      S N the USA win afghanistan

    • niburu
      niburu 2 months ago

      @Obman's History Project not with US/nato around.

  • warpedjaffas1
    warpedjaffas1 2 months ago +9

    Once one dangles from a zip line, one becomes a hard man to threaten.

    • Sandarah Catmom
      Sandarah Catmom 2 months ago

      @GameOfEnder Seems unlikely he was challenging anyone to a fist fight...

    • GameOfEnder
      GameOfEnder 2 months ago +1

      Putin? Tough? 😂. He’s a 3 foot tall reject hobbit. Completely un-intimidating 😂

  • David Devilliers
    David Devilliers Month ago

    It ought to come as no surprise to anyone that Boris is delusional

  • Electric Gigolo
    Electric Gigolo Month ago +3

    "I say this to you, Vladimir. People who live in a glass houses shouldn't throw stones"
    - Boris

  • William Jones
    William Jones 2 months ago +4

    This is the way in which worlds are ended.

  • Edwin Felix
    Edwin Felix 2 months ago +10

    Putin apparently joked "You'll next be accusing me of having unfriendly journalists and political opponents killed 🤣😅😂"

    • GameOfEnder
      GameOfEnder 2 months ago +2

      Wouldn’t put it past Walmart Gollum 😂

  • erin lewis
    erin lewis 2 months ago +15

    Who hasn’t Putin threatened?

    • Van Anh Le
      Van Anh Le Month ago

      Many countries in the world like India, Vietnam, China, Brasil ... Don't think that the west is the whole world

    • Snowalker
      Snowalker Month ago


  • NimbusKhan NK
    NimbusKhan NK 2 months ago +22

    Aren't these high-rank phone calls taped?

    • niburu
      niburu 2 months ago

      Unlikely to have ever been a call. - he has got the attention he craves. The English will, probably have him back as PM again now.

    • Firewind II
      Firewind II 2 months ago

      One would think, but not between Trump and Zelenslyi.

  • Thought Thinker
    Thought Thinker 2 months ago +1

    I think it's hilarious that when Boris talks.
    So many people only focus in on his hair, and probably don't hear a thing he says.
    IT'S HAIR.
    Who cares how he or any has their hair, or if they have no hair at all.
    It would be just as ridiculous if that much attention was paid about his tie, or no tie, or the color of his shirt, or anything that really is of no importance at all.
    It's the words and the meanings of those, and how they are used, that are of importance.
    How small minded people are.
    As the words and their meanings go right over their heads...

    • niburu
      niburu 2 months ago

      Is that not what most people do when a liar opens irs mouth?

    • Thought Thinker
      Thought Thinker 2 months ago

      @Samantha That's cool,
      I'm all confused it seems

    • Samantha
      Samantha 2 months ago

      @Thought Thinker no I meant can.

    • Thought Thinker
      Thought Thinker 2 months ago

      @Ken Murray In what way do you think I was fooled about anything?
      Maybe you should reread my comment.

  • Susana Rupolo
    Susana Rupolo 2 months ago +25

    Why Boris Johnson has a little of respect for people ,acting as a young boy that his hair look like just getting out of bed. And was a public leader. Insane behavior.

  • Andrea Forlani
    Andrea Forlani Month ago +1

    Boris the best friend of Zelensky..two really comic actors..like Stanlio&Olio

  • dog friendly
    dog friendly 2 months ago +22

    I know Boris is a rather large target but it wouldn't only be him that got hit

  • Al Yu
    Al Yu 2 months ago +6

    And the Oscar for the best adapted screenplay (Love Hurts) goooees tooo... Boris Johnson!

  • GothicusTheBold
    GothicusTheBold 2 months ago +8

    "jolly" implying it was in joking terms with him and not a serious threat lol

  • Parramarion Gutiérrez
    Parramarion Gutiérrez 2 months ago +1


  • Johnson Llobet
    Johnson Llobet Month ago

    Intriguing, i always knew there was more to life and i have also been looking for a way to find not only protection but a way to be influential to the human society

    • Johnson Llobet
      Johnson Llobet Month ago

      @Chris Young oh really, i just saw his website, interesting.i will leave him a message.

    • Johnson Llobet
      Johnson Llobet Month ago

      @Chris Young hi, isnt the brotherhood a myth?

    • Chris Young
      Chris Young Month ago

      oh well you can achieve that by being a part of the illuminatus brotherhood, i know it sounds like a mystery but there are ways you can actually get in contact with them

  • Disciple “Doug” News

    Boris Johnson, the guy who cuts his hair with a steak knife and combs it with a balloon, is worried about a missile landing on his head? Am I getting this right?

  • Catalin Vasiliu
    Catalin Vasiliu 2 months ago +16

    Amazing that you're still listening to BoJo...

    • Helen R
      Helen R 2 months ago +2

      Amazing that someone listens Putler and anyone else in his circle.

  • WiperHunter
    WiperHunter 2 months ago

    That’s hardly a threat.

  • G W
    G W 2 months ago +3

    He threaten me with missiles, while riding topless on a horse 🏇

  • Bud Bas
    Bud Bas 2 months ago

    There is an ultimate rule in conversation - whether it is debate, negotiation, dialogue, etc. ; Reject the idea, not the person.
    People are changing and so the world. We make it by influence people, not by conquer people.

  • Абд ал-Азим Узбекистон

    Молодец Борис! Главное что ты сделал для человечества, это то что ты сумел убедить европейцев в необходимости помочь Украине в борьбе против Путлера и его кремлевских фашистов. Ты политик с львиным сердцем!
    Храни тебя Аллах, Великий Англичанин!

  • gacj2010
    gacj2010 2 months ago +32

    Of Course ... He threatened the whole NATO

    • Will robinson
      Will robinson Month ago +1

      @Anderson Langosh Everything gets wiped out including them....

  • Leisa Kovacek
    Leisa Kovacek Month ago

    Putin, in his old age, has awakened imperial ambitions. He even compared himself to Peter the Great. That's why it's important to help Ukraine with weapons, they can stop him

  • waltir
    waltir Month ago

    I miss Boris

  • James Dawson
    James Dawson 2 months ago +16

    Join the club, he's been threatening pretty much everyone

  • Chris
    Chris 2 months ago +29

    This is so ridiculously UNTRUE you can't help but laugh 🤣

    • Chris
      Chris Month ago

      @Harry Lippidardo Thanks dude 😎. or as in Forrest Gump says "Stupid is as Stupid does" 😂

    • Harry Lippidardo
      Harry Lippidardo Month ago +1

      @Dino Ziemann You believe that?? Lmao. Sure thing dude. American media is so honest.

    • Raymond K
      Raymond K 2 months ago +1

      ​@Harry Lippidardo anti government boy Harry has spoken ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for proving my point Harry. 👋

    • Doobas
      Doobas 2 months ago

      Then why is nobody leaking the real call to collect fame and clout ?

  • PPV
    PPV 2 months ago

    Boris to Putin: "Ok fine, I'll reveal my secret to this glam hair."

  • Da Gre
    Da Gre 2 months ago +1

    Putin denied it, he said he doesn't even do sumo anyway only karate.

  • Graham Wade
    Graham Wade 2 months ago +2

    The one assassination I wouldn't hold against him

  • MVVpro
    MVVpro 2 months ago +1

    "And then he said, remember all those lies you told during your Brexit campaign? Guess who made them up and used you to spread them to your fellow countrymen."

    • Ver Coda
      Ver Coda 2 months ago

      Still waiting for the 35 million a week extra for the NHS that the Brexit Bus promised to come to pass. As well as for the Northern Ireland Border issue to be solved - how many *years* later now is it that the Tories and Brexiteers and GB News hosts *still* don't have a solution for the Border?

  • thefirst
    thefirst 2 months ago +9

    Lol, and he's just making it public? Hahaha funny how politicians take us all for fools.

    • C Clemen
      C Clemen 2 months ago

      Anyone supporting the Ukraine war is a fool. You have that right.

    • Charles A Smith
      Charles A Smith 2 months ago

      Indeed he could he lying too cause he already did thats why he had to step down from his PM role

    • iamthe partyone
      iamthe partyone 2 months ago

      Hes trying to sell books.

  • Troy Cote
    Troy Cote 2 months ago +6

    Russia requested a meeting last April with Boris, and told them he would pull out if they promised no NATO in the Ukraine. Boris said No!

  • Hub Bone
    Hub Bone 2 months ago +3

    Boris Johnson got some nerve! The deaths with Covid19-remarks "Let the bodies build Up" attitude/s amounts to criminal words, actions & deeds to/on the UK populace.

  • Zwischenzug
    Zwischenzug Month ago

    And Tucker Carlson threated Bo Jo with a question.

  • EN
    EN 2 months ago +2

    brits would be eternally grateful

  • The T
    The T 2 months ago +1

    He must have threatened him with a comb🤣

  • Darren Babych
    Darren Babych 2 months ago +28

    who has he not threatened. That would be a shorter list

    • niburu
      niburu 2 months ago +1

      There is plenty people in England who would not WARN - him. Just give him what he deserves.

    • Al Yu
      Al Yu 2 months ago +4

      @Ghost of wolverine Babych thinks the West is the whole world

    • Ghost of wolverine
      Ghost of wolverine 2 months ago +1

      Who had he ? India china ?

    THUNDER CATT 2 months ago

    Boris telling the truth...he do it all the time ,kinda trollish-ish , if you look close enough,you can see him ,trying not to laugh or smile ,exactly like boris described ....i don't pay him no mind....

    • niburu
      niburu 2 months ago

      Thunder - that’s not working - ignoring him just makes him more infantile and desperate

  • Anh Conroy
    Anh Conroy Month ago +1

    The world has turned a blind eye for too long to what Russia has done in Chechnya and Georgia. Now we have these consequences. This time, Putin must not be allowed to go unpunished.

  • Lorcan Duffy
    Lorcan Duffy Month ago

    For once, I believe the Monster Putin.

  • Riotbaby
    Riotbaby 2 months ago +33

    Boris doesn't have a reputation as a truth teller.

  • David Dunne
    David Dunne 2 months ago

    Crikey , for once he might be telling the truth ..................possibly .

  • GameOfEnder
    GameOfEnder 2 months ago +4

    Dollar-Store Dobby is definitely arrogant enough to say that tbh.

  • Viewer
    Viewer 2 months ago

    Since Boris and Vlad are each their country’s version of a Republican, it’s impossible to tell which one of them is lying.

  • Iván García Novais

    Hehehe... I can imagine Boris had to change clothes after making 'sh*t' on himself...

  • marcux83
    marcux83 2 months ago

    guess it sucks got Boris he's not in the news anymore 😂

  • Kevin And Deb
    Kevin And Deb 2 months ago +4

    I still think Putin viciously threatened Trump in that private meeting Trump had with him. Trump walked out looking like a second grader leaving the principal's office with his parents.

    • GameOfEnder
      GameOfEnder 2 months ago +1

      @Kevin And Deb in Russia yes. But for non Russians who hero worship or fear him it’s embarrassing.

    • Kevin And Deb
      Kevin And Deb 2 months ago +1

      @GameOfEnder an awful lot of people are. Those who speak out against him have a bad habit of falling out of windows.

    • GameOfEnder
      GameOfEnder 2 months ago +1

      Which is embarrassing. Imagine being intimidated by a 3’7 hobbit with thin skin. 😂

  • Radwulf Eboraci
    Radwulf Eboraci 2 months ago +1

    Putin's truth is whatever he says it is.

  • David Harness
    David Harness 2 months ago +6

    Let's hear the transcript.

    • Fast Charger
      Fast Charger 2 months ago

      I like how the haters have a war criminals back instead of someone a bit more reliable and responsible

  • nathon hamilton
    nathon hamilton Month ago +1

    Surely Mr Putin must realise that nuclear strikes work BOTH ways , not just FROM Russia but also TO Russia.

  • Richrico Granada
    Richrico Granada 2 months ago +7

    I wish Donald had the same hair style as Boris

    • You Tube
      You Tube 2 months ago

      I wish my rent was as cheap as his

  • Landslord Mukhabela
    Landslord Mukhabela Month ago +1

    Boris is a big big dreamer.

  • Persuasive Barrier
    Persuasive Barrier 2 months ago +1

    And here we all thought Putin was this lovable guy who's just "defending his huge, barren, country." Derp.

  • DR
    DR 2 months ago

    Now he's just saying something! 🙄

  • ipokebadgerwithspoonz
    ipokebadgerwithspoonz 2 months ago +6

    And next he will be trying to sell you a bridge in London. He's one of the biggest liars over here. The only thing he'd threaten him with is a folder on all the things he did in Italy at a party where he got rid of his minders.

    • Helen R
      Helen R 2 months ago +1

      Putler.. the biggest .

  • Casper Selka
    Casper Selka 2 months ago +6

    Tbf as much as I don’t believe a word the Kremlin say I also don’t believe a word Boris says.

    • Al Yu
      Al Yu 2 months ago

      @GameOfEnder so he'd better believe Boris or what?

    • GameOfEnder
      GameOfEnder 2 months ago +1

      Difference is Boris won’t send you to prison for that comment. Putin would.

  • TheLastBison
    TheLastBison 2 months ago +33

    Boris should release the transcripts of the tapes or small part of it if it is true.

    • TheLastBison
      TheLastBison 2 months ago

      ​@qi li It is still the conservatives in charge and if Russia was threatening not only him, but the UK (with its own independent nuclear arsenal) then it says a lot about the thinking inside the Kremlin and their tolerance for risks/ belief in the success of a Ukrainian invasion. If this is true, I am surprised it hasn't been in the news since the invasion.

    • Jeremy DeCaro
      Jeremy DeCaro 2 months ago

      Repent. Put your faith in Jesus Christ, not in men. John 3:16 KJV For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
      Luke 13:3 KJV - I tell you nay: but except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. John 3:3 KJV - “Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.”

    • Charles C. Parker
      Charles C. Parker 2 months ago

      Not happening.

  • Drake Hound
    Drake Hound 2 months ago +1

    So he had to quickly make up a story to cover up his betrayal about DAY 1 government in exile.

  • Natáyo
    Natáyo 2 months ago +9

    I don't know if this is true or not but it definitely sounds like something Putler would say, he thinks he can solve all his problems with missiles smh.

    • niburu
      niburu 2 months ago +1

      NATA yo - really?

  • The Word Is
    The Word Is 2 months ago +2

    I'm still haunted by "Beaker" of Sesame Street.

    DJZROB ZOMBIE 2 months ago +10

    With want ? A bottle of vodka ?

    • margaret hill
      margaret hill 2 months ago +1

      With some radioactive poison seriously!

  • Fish World
    Fish World Month ago +3

    😂😂 the colonial empire is always known for deception. That was a nice try Borris ☺️☺️

  • nicholas gerrish
    nicholas gerrish Month ago

    To which Boris ought to have responded, “Well, that would be unfortunate, because even at this moment, missiles are pointed at your home city, and Moscow….
    Such a conversation is stupid, so let’s talk about Ballet instead. Do you think I might get to visit the Mariinsky or the Bolshoi any time soon?”……

  • Adriana Canavati
    Adriana Canavati 2 months ago

    Hard for people to believe without evidence ,

  • Troy Elliot
    Troy Elliot 2 months ago +5

    Any one who will listen.
    Now is the time to show love.
    Now is the time to use are best weapon.
    The only one that works.
    Let's not show hate to the Russian sivilians. Show them love. Tell them
    We need to stop this war together.
    Reach the part of them that doesn't want this war either. Make it clear we respect.
    Love wins. In Jesus's name.

    • Amilcar Simone
      Amilcar Simone 2 months ago

      Amen to that, let’s pray the west stop sending equipment to be blown😂😂😂, actually kinda wanna see the tanks and the best jets go into Ukraine just to see them blown up and then the world will finally realise the paper tiger that is the west,house of cards ready to crumble 😂😂😂

  • James Hurst
    James Hurst 2 months ago

    Yea, sure, we all know Putin never threatens his adversaries.

  • Bill Berndtson
    Bill Berndtson 2 months ago +6

    Wow. I'd assumed the threat would be financial. Londongrad LOVES the Russians, after all.

  • apok1980
    apok1980 2 months ago +37

    I know the Brits aren’t too happy with Boris right now. But I will basically take the word of everyone else before I even listen to the Russians

    • PositiveLastAction
      PositiveLastAction 2 months ago

      @Damian Leeson well that would mean that you are gullible and easily fooled then. Something I would not admit on social media but it’s your life…

    • Damian Leeson
      Damian Leeson 2 months ago +1

      @PositiveLastAction I’ve met him several times and he is an utter charlatan.

    • Poundshop Cicero
      Poundshop Cicero 2 months ago

      @PositiveLastAction You could not be more wrong. " No amount of facts and evidence will change the mind of an idiot ".

    • Angela H
      Angela H 2 months ago +1

      @PositiveLastAction no mate, we're judging the git on his actions in government

  • Rob Bowman
    Rob Bowman 2 months ago +48

    As a Brit, I'd highly recommend not believing a word of this. After all, we ousted him largely for being a liar.

    • PositiveLastAction
      PositiveLastAction 2 months ago

      Yeah sure, Boris is just lying about the story for sh*ts and giggles. Come on use your head of course this happened.

    • Helen R
      Helen R 2 months ago

      @NimbusKhan NK why would you care for appearance , you do not take him home ? See Putler.. a psycho behind his facade

    • Donny Paul
      Donny Paul 2 months ago

      Unless one is a Russian living on the fourth floor or above, or a civilian living in Ukraine, threats from Pootin means nothing.

    • Donny Paul
      Donny Paul 2 months ago

      @UA Princess What's a 'rashist'?

    • dan dansen
      dan dansen 2 months ago

      Please, Pootin, put the tip of one boot on NATO soil.
      Pretty please.


    😆🤣😂 that's funny

  • namur 1990
    namur 1990 2 months ago +10

    The tragic attempts of a man to generate some relevance again.

    • Big D's Gaming
      Big D's Gaming  2 months ago

      wrong he is making thousands every week working for the British MIC selling weapons contracts , all ex PM's do it

  • Josphat Njenga
    Josphat Njenga 2 months ago

    Boris Johnson was trying to make Putin negotiate

  • Rich
    Rich 2 months ago +3

    Phone calls are recorded. If not it's just hear say!

  • 🎩MR HAT🎩
    🎩MR HAT🎩 2 months ago +11

    Boris Johnson has the coolest haircut out of any politician iv ever seen, id deff invite him to a party..🇺🇲

  • gduka79er
    gduka79er 2 months ago

    no clown would fall for that side-street bluff, sorry vova

  • tp
    tp 2 months ago

    Why don't these world leaders learn to keep their mouths shut?

  • Ricky
    Ricky  2 months ago

    Not a fan of borris at all and never was but I hold citizenship in both the UK and USA since birth ,currently I reside in Florida however I would fly back immediately to assist my homeland where I could and fast if missiles were deployed with many family members residing in the UK and London does not need anymore bombings such as my elders went through during world war two.

  • Sharil Aris Zz0
    Sharil Aris Zz0 2 months ago

    Everything has to be charge now to a point the world will be run dry.

  • Hera
    Hera 2 months ago +8

    I even heard him call Boris the Most Dangerous Woman in Europe

  • Marianna Batz
    Marianna Batz Month ago

    A complete victory for Ukraine with the 1991 borders will help Putin understand that his time is up and it's time to take responsibility for all his crimes.

  • S Sir
    S Sir 2 months ago

    Boris is a confirmed repeat liar, who can take anything he says seriously?

  • Robert Plant
    Robert Plant 2 months ago

    I dont understand why people think Boris Johnson is lying. Weird.