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  • Published on May 7, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • Thogden
    Thogden  9 months ago +2813

    I just want to say thank you to Schalke fans. From the moment I walked in, I was sucked into the atmosphere. A club this big belongs in the top tier of German football. I will be looking out next season. 🔵⚪

    • HighAir
      HighAir Month ago +2


    • SchalkeMerica
      SchalkeMerica 3 months ago +1

      @Leon04 hello 👋

    • Leon04
      Leon04 3 months ago +2

      @SchalkeMerica hi

    • Leon04
      Leon04 3 months ago +1

      @zNvji_ GE

    • Mika B
      Mika B 4 months ago

      Nice. You're welcome ! Great Work ✌🔵⚪ S04 forever 💙

  • GamerBrother
    GamerBrother 9 months ago +3326


    • Augustiner hell
      Augustiner hell 7 months ago

      @MacKz Das zeigt doch grade, dass es keine fake Fans sind.

    • Woodstock 84
      Woodstock 84 8 months ago

      @Tom Bungers laber nicht🤣😂

    • felsenmeer
      felsenmeer 9 months ago

      @MacKz Auch hier muss man wohl wieder einen US Comedian zitieren : "With all respect, go f*** yourself". Haut ab ihr Fußball"Hater"!!!!

    • MacKz
      MacKz 9 months ago +1

      Ein Wunder das ihr den Spielern nicht hinterher gerannt seid, wie damals. Fake Fans

    • felsenmeer
      felsenmeer 9 months ago +1

      was für ein fließendes Englisch, Respekt. Habe vorhin noch die U17 gesehen (:-)

  • Louis.
    Louis. 9 months ago +3812

    The German second divison is one of the craziest leagues in the world

  • JammyJamJam
    JammyJamJam 9 months ago +3137

    Never been to a German football game, but you can tell this is one amazing atmosphere. Also what a stadium they have.

    • Jyynär Palisenniemi
      Jyynär Palisenniemi 4 months ago

      @Dennis P Halt mal die fresse

    • Dennis P
      Dennis P 4 months ago

      @Jyynär Palisenniemihast keine Ahnung du kackvogel.
      Geh du Mal in deine zusammengezimmerte Rotzbude .
      An jeder Ecke wird hingepisst und bauliche Mängel.
      Scheiss auf 25000 auf der Süd die ganze Liga weiß das bei euch soviel Stimmung wie auf ner Beerdigung ist im Vergleich zur Menge der Süd .

    • Platon Philosoph
      Platon Philosoph 8 months ago

      @Jyynär Palisenniemi selbst eure eigenen Leute sagen das, selbst Leute die seit mehr als 40 Jahren fahren von von waren beim letzten Derby vor Zuschauern erstaunt, das selbst ohne Ultras der Block bebt

    • Jyynär Palisenniemi
      Jyynär Palisenniemi 8 months ago

      @Linus Pohl In your dreams

    • Linus Pohl
      Linus Pohl 9 months ago +12

      @Jyynär Palisenniemi But far better fans! This atmosphere dortmund never had. This was just incredible

  • Ryan
    Ryan 9 months ago +3261

    Even the 2nd Division bundesliga stadiums have the most incredible atmospheres like no other

    • Ivan Piatnykivskyi
      Ivan Piatnykivskyi 4 months ago

      @Davidpg1dke Werder ein Leben lang 🟢

    • OrangeCobra EU
      OrangeCobra EU 4 months ago

      this is the same in ligue 2

    • Karan Bhatia
      Karan Bhatia 6 months ago

      better than man city for sure

    • Kevin Hanandi
      Kevin Hanandi 8 months ago

      Because 2nd division in bundesliga is like fallen giants, like schalke themselves, werder bremen, hamburg sv, hannover 96, and so on

    • BIDI
      BIDI 8 months ago +1

      the 3rd division is also crazy

  • Ryan Sands
    Ryan Sands 9 months ago +1478

    as an american. i can only dream of atmospheres like this. we need a promotion/relegation system

    • T W
      T W 5 months ago

      The thing is, the difference between MLS and the league below is insane.

    • Black Sparrow
      Black Sparrow 7 months ago

      You also need real clubs not franchises

    • Ancient
      Ancient 8 months ago

      I feel like NCAA college football could pull off a promotion and relegation system.
      It would certainly fix some issues, and maybe create some new issues.

    • MickeyKraut419
      MickeyKraut419 8 months ago

      @Christian c Go to a Millwall match. Not a big club by any means, but they have crazy passionate fans. They know their team is not likely to ever win the premier league, let alone be in the premier league all that often. Still loud and singing the full 90. Newcastle United, Middlesborough, Leeds United, Portsmouth and Derby County also have incredible fans. Most of the major English clubs are hit or miss on how intense the atmosphere is going to be. A lot of Scottish clubs have insane atmospheres. But across the whole of a country, I think Dutch and Belgian clubs have the best fans in Europe. Passionate, loyal, and loud as hell for the full 90. The only place we see game day atmosphere like this in the US is with major college football programs like Ohio State, Alabama, Clemson, LSU, Penn State, Michigan, Oregon, USC, etc.

    • MickeyKraut419
      MickeyKraut419 8 months ago

      God yes we do. They can keep the playoff format to declare champions... that's all well and good... But MLS and USL need merged into one overseeing body with a promotion/relegation format. And franchising needs to be done away with permanently in all American sports. It's stale and doesn't incentivize improvements in ownership and management of clubs. And the worst part of that is cities and fan bases get robbed of the clubs they hold dear when owners decide to move town. It's happened to Baltimore, Cleveland, St Louis, Los Angeles, Oakland, New York City, Minneapolis, and many others over the years. Large, medium, and small cities alike. American ownership groups don't often understand that the heart and soul of every team begins and ends with the fans. Sports teams, first, foremost, and always, are cultural commodities of the communities they are based in.

  • crc
    crc 9 months ago +2337

    Mit der Herner Legende unterwegs 🙏🏼

    • Ceo Verona
      Ceo Verona 8 months ago +6


    • Power Experiments
      Power Experiments 9 months ago

      PIZZA ON 10,000 MATCHES!

    • Power Experiments
      Power Experiments 9 months ago

      PIZZA ON 10,000 MATCHES!

  • Chris Cracknell
    Chris Cracknell 8 months ago +115

    I’m a chelsea fan and went to schalke away in the UCL about 8 years ago and of all the grounds I’ve been too it’s the only time I was blown away by the support and the ground itself. Incredible fans great football club good to see them back in the top flight a big club that deserves to be amongst the best in Germany.

    • AufKohleGeboren
      AufKohleGeboren 6 months ago +4

      As a Schalke fan (who also got same Chelsea jerseys in his closet😉) thanks a lot mate. All the best for Chelsea next season👌🏻

  • Luca De Gabriele
    Luca De Gabriele 9 months ago +1714

    The return of Schalke! Glad to see them promoted back to the Bundesliga where they rightfully belong!

    • Nesto
      Nesto 9 months ago

      @Aidy Gooner true

    • CleanestBowl553
      CleanestBowl553 9 months ago

      @Random Person Isn't Germany a better place to live than USA?

    • Aidy Gooner
      Aidy Gooner 9 months ago +2

      Schalke, Hamburg and Bremen not only should be back in the Bundesliga but they should be challenging for a spot in Europe. Leverkusen and Villarreal are great examples of consistently being competitive despite being deemed the "smaller" which shows it's all about leadership from the top.

    • Martin ( 🎼 )
      Martin ( 🎼 ) 9 months ago

      Shut your face

    • ITSytyt
      ITSytyt 9 months ago


  • Ehmjay
    Ehmjay 9 months ago +515

    16:27 he’s a legend. Everyone knows him
    In Germany he gets on TV everytime
    He’s in the stadium

    • Ma Nu
      Ma Nu 5 months ago

      @Xofurs I will, i promise

    • Xofurs
      Xofurs 5 months ago

      @Ma Nu Look harder then

    • Ma Nu
      Ma Nu 8 months ago +1

      I am german and never saw him before 🤷‍♂️

    • shakalaka301
      shakalaka301 8 months ago +29

      Mohamed Mohamed is his name.. he is a legend 🙌

    • Gusatv Gans
      Gusatv Gans 9 months ago +17

      There ist even a small docu about him

  • Around The Globe
    Around The Globe 9 months ago +787

    I don't know about you guys but the passion and the amount of love that Germans have towards football even if it's Third Division or Fourth Division is something stunning.....Real Football Fans that's the Germans....♥️🤍♥️....
    Love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩

    • Ceo Verona
      Ceo Verona 8 months ago +3

      Love back to Bangladesh.🇩🇪

    • Lucas Kübrich
      Lucas Kübrich 8 months ago +3

      we even celebrate in Kreisliga C, so

    • Christopher Kreis
      Christopher Kreis 8 months ago +2

      Liebe Grüße zurück aus Deutschland

    • tom2004
      tom2004 9 months ago +10

      You have to watch rot weiß essen at the channel breilmannswiese. 4th division and they have such good fans

  • - Gaga
    - Gaga 9 months ago +441

    The second Bundesliga promotion race (and usually relegation too) is so close nearly every single season. People don't know just how competitive and fun that League actually is. Plus it hosts some of Germanys greatest Fans. For example Rostock, Dresden, next season Magdeburg and St. Pauli. It's always worth a watch or visit imo.
    Glad Schalke is back. I can finally travel to Gelsenkirchen next season. We'll leave our Red and White Mark though. Greetings from Berlin 🇮🇩

    • Samas
      Samas 4 months ago

      no one needs the nazis from the east

    • Rod Bailey
      Rod Bailey 8 months ago +2

      2. Bundesliga will host HSV for another season :) until they get promoted nobody knows when

  • Phil
    Phil 9 months ago +383

    The atmosphere in German stadiums is just incredible

    • Kalle Grabowski
      Kalle Grabowski 6 months ago +4

      @Max Marl mehr Touristen als auf Malle

    • Max Marl
      Max Marl 8 months ago

      @Patrick Dortmund…

    • Patrick
      Patrick 8 months ago +4

      @swanpride And Frankfurt, Dresden,.... İ could go on the next few hours

    • swanpride
      swanpride 9 months ago +6

      It is, but that is also Schalke. Football in the Ruhr Area is an experience in itself.

  • Billy Guitarguy
    Billy Guitarguy 9 months ago +238

    German people are so friendly and love their football, brilliant country

  • arian
    arian 9 months ago +900

    The best game I've ever watched as a Schalke fan 💙💙

    • Maikel_Rijk
      Maikel_Rijk 4 months ago

      Schalke und fc twente❤❤💙💙

    • Guy Georges
      Guy Georges 8 months ago

      nothing compared to Vélodrome

    • Justin Ebbink
      Justin Ebbink 9 months ago +1

      Schaaaalke und der FCT

    • ITSytyt
      ITSytyt 9 months ago


    • arian
      arian 9 months ago +1

      @Foxcub HD It was awesome as well, but the promotion is so important for us

  • Karl Albrecht
    Karl Albrecht 9 months ago +660

    It’s mad how German 2nd division has a higher average attendance than the first div in Spain or Italy…

    • Hyena laughing matter
      Hyena laughing matter 2 months ago

      @T.J.G Same applies to you too.

    • T.J.G
      T.J.G 2 months ago

      @Hyena laughing matter Ye I can’t take your opinions seriously when you only watch big gentrified prem teams

    • Hyena laughing matter
      Hyena laughing matter 2 months ago

      @T.J.G Celtic and Rangers have drums and megaphone too but they dont come close to Bundesliga tho. And im 100% sure even with drums and megaphone english fans will still suck why? Because in your stadiums are only casuals now, and event fans. Thats just the reality. Basically castrated by foreign billionaires.

    • T.J.G
      T.J.G 2 months ago

      @Hyena laughing matter I know loads about it tbh mate. I argue with melons like you all the time that confuse drums and megaphones and flares for actual good atmospheres. Anyone could go to a game and follow a guy at the front with a megaphone

    • Hyena laughing matter
      Hyena laughing matter 2 months ago

      @T.J.G Oh boi you live still in your old glory days? English football is dead deal with it. You dont know about drums and megaphones because Utras never existed in England unlike the rest of Europe.
      Is complete different culture you dont know about.

  • Elias W
    Elias W 9 months ago +316

    Watched Man City-Schalke champions league last 16 match a few years ago and the Schalke fans were loudly cheering their team on despite being multiple goals down. Very happy for Schalke to be back!

    • Patrick
      Patrick 6 months ago

      @Mc Die Don't laugh at him man

    • Mc Die
      Mc Die 9 months ago

      @Phillip Liggins 🤭🤭🤭😂😂😂. => Königsblau; Greetings from Lübeck (Germany)

    • Phillip Liggins
      Phillip Liggins 9 months ago +4

      Das koennig blau - from an English Schalke fan!!!!

    • EazzY
      EazzY 9 months ago +2

      @Karl-Heinz Grabowski manchester ist nicht london🤣🤣

  • Anthony
    Anthony 9 months ago +891

    A crossover I never thought I needed! What a great video

    • Power Experiments
      Power Experiments 9 months ago

      PIZZA ON 10,000 MATCHES!

    • Power Experiments
      Power Experiments 9 months ago

      PIZZA ON 10,000 MATCHES!

  • jojohorst LP
    jojohorst LP 9 months ago +126

    To be honest, the audio in this video still doesnt quite do justice to how the atmosphere actually was inside the stadium. Never ever experience such a loud crowd. It really was amazing watching this game live. Great stadiumvlog nonetheless.

  • Brian Mccluskey
    Brian Mccluskey 9 months ago +149

    Amazing game, amazing stadium, amazing fanbase. As a celtic fan I would love to play them in Europe at some point

    • Joshua Zapf
      Joshua Zapf 8 months ago +5

      As a schalke fan i always wanted to play celtic, both such unique clubs

    • 7LiST7
      7LiST7 8 months ago

      @Dwayne Chalmers Bayern, Dortmund...

    • finnox
      finnox 9 months ago +5

      schalke - celtic would be an amazing game

    • GreenEagle
      GreenEagle 9 months ago

      @Dwayne Chalmers you retard don't even deserve an answer hahah we beat Real 4-3 in the Bernabeu, right before they went on to win the Champions League for the 3 consecutive years following that. Also never forget thumping the CL title holding Inter 5-2 in San Siro 2011

    • Dwayne Chalmers
      Dwayne Chalmers 9 months ago

      You guys can't play anyone in Europe without getting thumped 😂

  • Daz 47
    Daz 47 9 months ago +196

    As a Schalke fan living in Scotland thank you for bringing the atmosphere to me through from this video ⚒

  • Masterkontrollprogramm
    Masterkontrollprogramm 9 months ago +137

    Hi Thogden, i am a German St.Pauli Fan and i was in the stadium too. No doubt Schalke04 deserved to win. Well done Schalke ! I watched you already before in some other vlogs or predictions. I mean travelling with your Dad is really special and an experience for life enjoying together. Keep healthy ! Btw A lot of Germans had been happy that Rangers had won against Leipzig. You cant buy Tradition as you have seen " AUF SCHALKE " !

    • Medhunter
      Medhunter 9 months ago +2

      Bester Mann.

    • TutNix04
      TutNix04 9 months ago +8

      Danke für Deine Worte... und bitte: Kommt nächstes Jahr hinterher! Der Wermutstropfen am Samstag war, dass ihr der Gegner wart... und wir die, die Euch die letzte Hoffnung nehmen mussten.
      Bis hoffentlich bald.

    • Bastian M
      Bastian M 9 months ago +3

      FANS Final ⚫️⚪️🦅

  • Shaun West
    Shaun West 9 months ago +75

    Massive credit to the Schalke Fans. Incredible !! Respect from a Hammers Fan.

    • AufKohleGeboren
      AufKohleGeboren 6 months ago +2

      Come on you Irons from a Schalke Fan 😎🤘🏻

  • NabilMMSTC07
    NabilMMSTC07 9 months ago +438

    Schalke deserve to be in the Bundesliga after so many terrible years. Great to see them back.

  • Chelsea SW6
    Chelsea SW6 9 months ago +74

    Thogden this is a great video and it seriously brings back some incredible memories for me because I went to Schalke v Chelsea when we won 5-0 there in 2014 and that City it’s football club it’s stadium The Veltins and tbe people are incredible second to nobody
    I have been all over Europe watching Chelsea and following England and Schalke has made the biggest impression on me it’s truly a beautiful unspoilt place
    It’s a working class area an industrial area and the town centre is so lovely, tbe people are mega friendly and it’s true Schalke have the best fans in the world full stop it’s like a huge community a Schalke family and people don’t realise how big Schalke are, they are huge their fan base sings for 90 minutes most of the chants sung at palace and Watford etc come from Schalke and the whole Schalke experience is incredible
    There are so many people especially old school supporters from England that go to matches in Germany because English football doesn’t offer what the experience in Germany does I love Chelsea but I’d love to go back to Schalke and Gelsenkirchen and I definitely want to go to a Dortmund v Schalke game with the Schalke supporters though
    So well done Thogden and well done Schalke

    • Joshua Zapf
      Joshua Zapf 8 months ago +2

      Visitors are always welcome! People who love the beautiful game will love Schalke, always said it. Derby against Dortmund is truly something special, hope you will be able to experience it one day and see a win for us🔵⚪️

    • Karl-Heinz Grabowski
      Karl-Heinz Grabowski 9 months ago +8

      That's a briliant sum up of the culture here, the football cult in the ruhr valley is omething else. Glück Auf to you and hope you will see your derby (and a Schalke win ofc)

  • PegasusTante
    PegasusTante 9 months ago +432

    as a Dortmund fan, congratulations Schalke, we see us next season!

    • Conor Smith
      Conor Smith 8 months ago

      @js99 u’s changes it ha maybe that’s what he meant

    • js99
      js99 9 months ago +35

      'we see us', feinstes Denglisch ausgepackt 😂

    • Power Experiments
      Power Experiments 9 months ago

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    • Power Experiments
      Power Experiments 9 months ago

      PIZZA ON 10,000 MATCHES!

  • Benedikt
    Benedikt 9 months ago +680

    Theo, I always enjoy your Vlogs 👌 Greetings from Germany 🇩🇪

    • Benedikt
      Benedikt 9 months ago +2

      @Free Me true call 🐐

    • Free Me
      Free Me 9 months ago +2

      Free tayk

    • Power Experiments
      Power Experiments 9 months ago

      PIZZA ON 10,000 MATCHES!

    • Power Experiments
      Power Experiments 9 months ago

      PIZZA ON 10,000 MATCHES!

  • Jeroen Adema
    Jeroen Adema 8 months ago +39

    Schalke 04 and my local team FC Twente have a close friendship when Twente was about to go bankrupt they organised a benefit match for us. Schalke belongs in the 1.Bundesliga
    All the best from Enschede

    • AufKohleGeboren
      AufKohleGeboren 6 months ago +4

      Schalke und der FCT 😎🤘🏻Come in Twente Enschede

  • luca.  lbst
    luca. lbst 9 months ago +370

    "He's definetly going onto the pitch"
    You're god damn right

  • Im_Your_Shadow _
    Im_Your_Shadow _ 9 months ago +303

    16:35 he´s a legend, every German Football Fan loves him

    • Marmotte
      Marmotte 4 months ago

      @Janik_gaming Habe ihn noch nie gesehen. Den Gleichgewichtssinn hätte ich niemals, bei mir würde schon ein Becher auf dem Kopf umkippen. :D

    • Phil 1912
      Phil 1912 9 months ago +5

      @Harry Otter Ralle bester Mann! Gibt immer alles beim Kegeln!

    • Vieirinhaliker
      Vieirinhaliker 9 months ago +1

      @Liebes Wölkchen saß neben ihm bei Fortuna gegen Schalke hahaha

    • Harry Otter
      Harry Otter 9 months ago +2

      @Philip Mothersole Wer kennt Ralle nicht digga

    • Liebes Wölkchen
      Liebes Wölkchen 9 months ago +14

      @Philip Mothersole der heißt mohammed , cooler typ

  • balina91
    balina91 9 months ago +71

    Thogden you absolute legend!!! I've followed you for a while and always thought: how do you always manage to be at the best games? As a die hard Schalke supporter I lost my mind last night watching this, and then to find that you managed to even show up at a Bundesliga 2 epic like this...👏!

  • C. Jumbomann
    C. Jumbomann 9 months ago +45

    I swear I live like 10 Mimutes away from the stadium and I could hear the fans singing and celebrating all night. The hole city was partying through the night.

    • Karl-Heinz Grabowski
      Karl-Heinz Grabowski 9 months ago +4

      I've heard the Nordkurve up in Buer, only experienced this with some real loud concerts before

  • DemaryouzT
    DemaryouzT 9 months ago +30

    I've been sitting on my fathers shoulders in the stands of their old Parkstadion when I was 2 years old, I can't even put into words what this last saturday meant to me. You will probably never get to see the best football at Schalke but being a fan you know that it doesn't matter as long as you have a stadium full of people whose hearts burn for the club.
    Hope to have you back at Veltins Arena next season, you're always welcome bro💙

  • Rhein
    Rhein 9 months ago +79

    13:52 Ko Itakura is a beast, he's actually on loan from Manchester City, i think he could be a top defender in the next few years (he's only 25, still quite young for a centerback), he played very well with Groningen in Eredivisie too and he's a solid starter for Japan National Team, along with Tomiyasu it could be a top defence.

    • memememe908
      memememe908 9 months ago +2

      We might be able to trigger buying clause of around 4 million because of promotion. Would be a crazy investment given our financial situation but was ridiculously good this season, he is my player of the season even ahead of terodde

    • yannbik_24
      yannbik_24 9 months ago


  • jusen 67
    jusen 67 9 months ago +112

    18:31 he is a legend. Whole Football germany Loves him

  • who knows
    who knows 9 months ago +111

    Not a schalke fan but the passion was just something else something more something special❤❤❤

  • Nicola Vallely
    Nicola Vallely 9 months ago +28

    Thank you Theo,for putting together this amazing vlog,just love the atmosphere. German football rocks xx 🐻🐻

  • Hans Dieter
    Hans Dieter 9 months ago +100

    I love your vlogs and Videos man, always happy to see you in German stadiums. You're welcomed here

  • Ben
    Ben 9 months ago +41

    18:04 He simply said "To the german viewers, go subscribe to him, he is one of the kindest people I've met so far"
    Glück Auf⚒️

    • ChumpChamp
      ChumpChamp 9 months ago

      Thanks, I managed the first sentence but then it got a bit fast 😂

  • Rozzify
    Rozzify 8 months ago +9

    Wow, this atmosphere is incredible and Schalke have just got a new fan

  • boban bobanic
    boban bobanic 8 months ago +9

    I knew about how fanatic Schalke fans are, and how they always had full stadium when they played in the Bundesliga, i mean the first division. But it is crazy to have the same attendance even when you are playing in the second league. Basically say, we do not care who we are playing against, we came to watch our team. Amazing this culture of supporting your club no matter the circumstances.
    I read down in the comments how even in the second league Germans have amazing stadiums, sure but Schalke is not really a 2nd division club, it is one of the biggest clubs in Germany and they are not really used to playing 2nd division. They were relegated because of financial difficulties and not being able to pay big money for better players, at least i think that was the reason they ended there.

  • mauiefn
    mauiefn 9 months ago +89

    For all the non german speakers: In the end he said that Thogden is a great guy and all the german people watching should go subscribe

  • Daniel Fleming
    Daniel Fleming 9 months ago +7

    Thank you Thogden for videos like these, its really helping me through my struggles with anxiety amd mental health right now, congratulations to Schalke on returning to Bundesliga!

  • Silke Canada
    Silke Canada 9 months ago +13

    Thank you so much for this video! We live in Canada, used to have seasons tickets, lived 7km away from the Arena. To have missed this, really hurts.....

  • rammstein__fan
    rammstein__fan 9 months ago +133

    Greetings from Germany.
    Would love to see you at schalke vs bvb next season.

    • rammstein__fan
      rammstein__fan 9 months ago +10

      @Suppliers Real fans should of course have priority. However, he takes everyone with him who cannot be there, for example because of work or illness.
      I understand what you mean.

    • Suppliers
      Suppliers 9 months ago +6

      Don’t you prefer that a real Schalke fan goes? I really like this guy Thodgen but tickets should go in the first place to the local fans and not some tourists that are able to pay way more.

    • Power Experiments
      Power Experiments 9 months ago

      PIZZA ON 10,000 MATCHES!

    • Power Experiments
      Power Experiments 9 months ago

      PIZZA ON 10,000 MATCHES!

  • Luxer
    Luxer 9 months ago +20

    Love this video, im from The Netherlands and are Schalke fan scince i was 2 years old. Schalke belongs in the Bundesliga and i dont think anyone can disagree with that. Great video! 🔵🔵🔵

    • Ceo Verona
      Ceo Verona 8 months ago +1

      💙🤍Hup Schalke Hup💙🤍

  • Noldigur
    Noldigur 9 months ago +47

    Perfect timing for you to watch a Schalke game! Glück Auf 💙
    Love your editing style btw

  • Todd ZiLLa
    Todd ZiLLa 9 months ago +19

    9 out of 10 games you go to are great games.
    Your killing it. Respect from Pittsburgh,PA

  • Till 1895
    Till 1895 9 months ago +50

    As a Fortuna Düsseldorf fan, we kind of made this scenes possible for you. Glad you had fun, bye bye Schalke :)

    • Ja Ja
      Ja Ja 9 months ago +23

      Danke Fortuna. So wie es mit dem neuen Trainer läuft, seid ihr nächste Saison dran

  • Mia san Mia
    Mia san Mia 9 months ago +13

    As a Bayern fan, I was even excited that Schalke would still turn this game around. These fans are incredible.

  • Dodgers 2020
    Dodgers 2020 9 months ago +18

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    BIGGEST respect

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  • Smooth n’ Slowed Soundtracks

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      Power Experiments 9 months ago

      PIZZA ON 10,000 MATCHES!

    • Power Experiments
      Power Experiments 9 months ago

      PIZZA ON 10,000 MATCHES!

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    Greats from Gelsenkirchen/Germany the home of FC Gelsenkirchen-Schalke 1904
    I'm so happy.
    Thanks for your video, I feel it like Saturday afternoon in the stadium in the Nordkurve

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    Listen, i'm Werder Bremen supporter, i watched the game and first i was a bit upset because of that turnaround. I mean, look at the table, if Schalke would have left points behind it would have been the best for Bremen.
    BUT first of all I need to point out, that I'm so proud of these Schalke Fans - THIS is german football and i'm glad that you english people saw a piece of it. Fans like that are making the difference and believe me if i say, that not only Schalke can create atmospheres like this.
    And second of all congrats to Schalke, Werder will follow next week :D

    • buschiization
      buschiization 8 months ago +1

      @Jakob you got heard :D

    • Jakob
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