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Easter Sunday | Jo Koy on Food Featurette

  • Published on Aug 3, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Who knew empanadas could be so contentious?
    Easter Sunday
    In Theaters Now
    Stand-up comedy sensation Jo Koy (Jo Koy: In His Elements, Jo Koy: Comin’ in Hot) stars as a man returning home for an Easter celebration with his riotous, bickering, eating, drinking, laughing, loving family, in this love letter to his Filipino-American community. Easter Sunday features an all-star comedic cast that includes Jimmy O. Yang (Silicon Valley series), Tia Carrere (True Lies, Wayne’s World films), Brandon Wardell (Curb Your Enthusiasm series), Tony nominee Eva Noblezada (Broadway’s Hadestown), Lydia Gaston (Broadway’s The King and I), Asif Ali (WandaVision), Rodney To (Parks and Recreation series), Eugene Cordero (The Good Place series), Jay Chandrasekhar (I Love You, Man), Tiffany Haddish (Girls Trip) and Lou Diamond Phillips (Courage Under Fire).
    Easter Sunday, from DreamWorks Pictures, is directed by Jay Chandrasekhar (Super Troopers, The Dukes of Hazzard), from a script by Ken Cheng (series Wilfred, Betas). The film is produced by Rideback’s Dan Lin (The Lego Movie franchise, It franchise) and Jonathan Eirich (Aladdin, The Two Popes), and is executive produced by Jo Koy, Jessica Gao, Jimmy O. Yang, Ken Cheng, Joe Meloche, Nick Reynolds and Seth William Meier. The film will be distributed by Universal Pictures domestically. Amblin Partners and Universal will share international distribution rights.
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Comments • 79

  • Ernesto Jr. Acosta
    Ernesto Jr. Acosta 3 months ago +50

    “And by the way, my son can dance.” The nightmare phrase any shy Filipino kid dreads hearing by their mother during Filipino gatherings. Take it from me, I’ve been there.

    • Melody Cruz
      Melody Cruz 3 months ago +2

      Yup, or my kid can sing and play the piano. If you dont want to do it, theyre gonna give you that “look” and you better do it or else…. 😂

    • Maria D
      Maria D 3 months ago +2

      Hahahahaha very true

    • Mario brosx Super
      Mario brosx Super 3 months ago +2

      So True Funny how it seems...👍

    • Manggo Neada
      Manggo Neada 3 months ago +1

      yup and they better perform! lol

  • Bedillia Sosa
    Bedillia Sosa 3 months ago +13

    He’s right about the food for conversation trade. My neighbors were Filipino and they always brought me food and stood to chit chat. They were very loving people.

  • Ruelito Cayamanda
    Ruelito Cayamanda 3 months ago +32

    Happy for Jo Koy and all the Pinoys in the US and other countries. Its high time that we get noticed like our Asian brothers and sisters.

  • Chris Purfor
    Chris Purfor 3 months ago +5

    I saw Jo Koy live in Sacramento a few years ago, he’s awesome and he kept the show going for an additional two hours!

  • Zhai Juander
    Zhai Juander 3 months ago +18

    Congrats to All Cast of Easter Sunday, So proud filipino, watching here in riyadh saudi arabia, OFW🇵🇭🇸🇦

  • Carrie Anthony
    Carrie Anthony 3 months ago +5

    I can't wait to see this movie Easter Sunday Tiffany haddish is absolutely been my favorite person ever these two are just hilarious together

  • Raphael Santos
    Raphael Santos 3 months ago +51

    If there is a scene in the dining room, I'm gonna expect to see a wooden spoon and fork and some form of the last supper (sculpture or picture).

    • Luz O
      Luz O 3 months ago

      Or the bead curtain. But I did not notice any of those in the movie scenes. I did see the Santo Nino in their living room, though.

    • Alakdan Hilario
      Alakdan Hilario 3 months ago +1

      @Already Tired - Why❓ - that’s a wood carving from the Philippines 🇵🇭, now became a souvenir item- something Filipino ‼️🇵🇭👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    • Already Tired
      Already Tired 3 months ago

      My grandma had the giant wood spoon and fork in her kitchen. I never understood why.

    • Jett R.Smith
      Jett R.Smith 3 months ago

      Hahaha exactly.

    • The Pinoy Chopping Board 101✈️
      The Pinoy Chopping Board 101✈️ 3 months ago +1

      The wooden spoon and fork were featured in the trailer.

  • Lem Nikim
    Lem Nikim 3 months ago +8

    Looks like an awesome movie. Gotta watch it!👍🏼❤️

  • Adnilor Opmaco
    Adnilor Opmaco 3 months ago +5

    Congratulations Jo Koy and Family😍😍. Thank You Lord!!

  • Allan Salgado
    Allan Salgado 3 months ago +11

    Sana more Filipino movies, include Rob Schneider, Batista, Jacob Batalon..etc..More Power to your Movie! Love it! Going to watch it here at Spain

  • ms fe
    ms fe 3 months ago +12

    ❤❤❤ Bought tickets for tonights movie premiere! So very excited for this film! ❤❤❤❤❤❤👋👋👋👋👋👋

  • LesMisCye
    LesMisCye 3 months ago

    "JOSEP DANCE!!" lmao so true. Some can dance but we are more into singing and karaoke!! 😁🎤🎶🎵👑 80% of Filipinos can sing!

  • Towie Vasquez
    Towie Vasquez 3 months ago +1

    congratulations in advance @Universal Pictures, @Jo Koy & the rest of the "Easter Sunday" Team! we're all eagerly looking forward to catching this on the big screen, it's just really sad we have to wait pa for soooooooo long to get to see it on the big screen! 😞knowing how some/most Pinoys are, i'm almost sure MARAMI (lots) would share snippets on social media that might potentially and inevitably, tragically, devastatingly spoil it for us... huhuhuhu sniff! sniff!
    "Anticipation of spoilers is sometimes worse than the actual spoiler itself." more power to you guys who worked so very hard to get this historically awesome film done from start to fifnish, a huge, heartful thanks from all of us, your fellow Filipinos, mga kapwa Pinoys! we appreciate you!!!

  • LesMisCye
    LesMisCye 3 months ago

    Filipino represent!! 👏👏😍😍 #ProudPinoy can't wait to watch this.

  • Gemstone Gynoid
    Gemstone Gynoid 3 months ago

    Saw this had poor ratings. But I saw it today and found it funny and relatable. Though I'm a pinoy american too. Probably falls on deaf ears to those outside this mini culture.

  • Yani5688
    Yani5688 3 months ago

    Every family event is a freaking talent show. You need to either sing or dance.

  • nagwagi2000
    nagwagi2000 3 months ago

    I wish Jokoy's REAL LIFE Mom and Son were in the movie instead! Imagine if they used some actor to play Jokoy? You get the drift - they should have let Josephine and Joseph play themselves in the movie too!!!😎

  • Don Ramon
    Don Ramon 3 months ago

    They should have let Jokoy's real son took that role as the son, it would have been more funnier since Jokoy is telling in his past gigs that Jo junior is a natural funny guy.

  • jeff 🇵🇭
    jeff 🇵🇭 3 months ago

    pinoy na pinoy nakaka proud naman si jokoy nag karoon ka ng ganito pelikula 💯👌

  • Di Jed
    Di Jed 3 months ago +4

    Awww, empanadas are my favorite too, Jo!!

  • Zitrofeld
    Zitrofeld 3 months ago

    I love Jo Koy 🤗😍❤️

  • Roz Code
    Roz Code 3 months ago +1

    Proud to be filipino 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  • Bee da trot TV 👊
    Bee da trot TV 👊 3 months ago +1

    I need to see this movie. Trailers is hilarious

  • Nemia Vlog
    Nemia Vlog Month ago

    Cant w8 to watch Easter Sunday😍

  • shirly nails
    shirly nails 3 months ago

    Excited to watch this movie here in the philippines😍

  • G
    G 3 months ago

    The mom looks so young she can pass as his wife hahahhaha

  • Ging Ocampo
    Ging Ocampo 3 months ago

    love it!

  • MTQueri
    MTQueri 3 months ago

    Yep…Got 5 tickets for tomorrow, August 5 at 4:40 pm. Leaving work early. We’re all excited.

  • Ariel Ordinario
    Ariel Ordinario 3 months ago +1

    Next thing: a Filipino Disney movie!

  • Azee
    Azee 3 months ago +1

    I saw the movie Easter Sunday.
    Honesty, people who watched it were in denial, they can’t accept that the movie was BAD.
    I’m pinoy, the movie / script / plot was poorly made.👎👎👎✌️rate it 5.5 out of 10.
    Actors / Actress were good, props to them.
    If the script was written by PINOY, this movie would have been better.

  • angela long
    angela long 3 months ago +1

    The movie had a great family concept, however I would rather take a bottle of Everclear mixed with Clorox and pour it down my snatch after contracting gonorrhea before I sit through it again. $20 and 90 minutes of my life that I can never get back.

  • Kris Tinna
    Kris Tinna 3 months ago +4

    When will this be shown here in the Philippines?

  • Philippines Unfiltered
    Philippines Unfiltered 3 months ago +1


  • claremaui britain
    claremaui britain 3 months ago

    i wanna watched this movie of jokoy for sure🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

    • NoVisionGuy
      NoVisionGuy 3 months ago

      @Ruelito Cayamanda grammar nazi foh

    • Ruelito Cayamanda
      Ruelito Cayamanda 3 months ago

      wanna watched? Hasn't happened yet and you're already referring to it in the past tense?

  • Superlative CG
    Superlative CG 3 months ago

    We're all a little crazy inside.

  • Xy Neqanon
    Xy Neqanon 3 months ago

    When is it out in the 🇬🇧?

  • Jeretso
    Jeretso 3 months ago

    Hmm I can sneak an empanada in each pocket into the theatre

  • Derek's Ho corner 2013
    Derek's Ho corner 2013 3 months ago +2

    Awesomeness job

  • Emina Aninomata
    Emina Aninomata 3 months ago +1

    Will they show this in the Philippines?

    • My_Other _Side
      My_Other _Side 3 months ago

      When is the showing in the Philippines?? I need to watch this.

  • Ajax Ahko
    Ajax Ahko 3 months ago

    Empanada yumny how about lumpiyang shang hai 😊 always present

  • sabadidon
    sabadidon 3 months ago

    watched it already... nakakatawa

  • I play Roblox Edward park

    Despicable Me 4 will have Innuendo

  • Denise Danielle Dukes
    Denise Danielle Dukes 3 months ago +5


  • Legendary Godzilla Fans
    Legendary Godzilla Fans 3 months ago +1

    Philippine Fans Be Like

  • Bernardo Lahoz
    Bernardo Lahoz 3 months ago


  • iamWeeds
    iamWeeds 3 months ago +2

    Representation matters

  • Renee Q
    Renee Q 3 months ago +1


  • Bulshitero
    Bulshitero 3 months ago

    Strronngg ol nayt lonngg! Lol

  • Francis ᜉᜇ̴ᜈ᜔ᜐ̃ᜐ᜔ ᜎ̃ᜆᜈ᜔ Litan

    Is LBC (Luzon Brokerage Company) sponsored with this movie ?

    • Alakdan Hilario
      Alakdan Hilario 3 months ago

      Free LBC Ad- TY lamang pero promoted naman Balikbayan 🇵🇭 Box 📦 nila‼️🤡🇵🇭😂

  • Donkey Kong Romero Rodriguez


  • Ai Sam
    Ai Sam 3 months ago


  • Eric Hernández
    Eric Hernández 3 months ago


  • Wayne Guy
    Wayne Guy 3 months ago

    Stay home, it sucked so bad

  • Abd Rahim
    Abd Rahim 3 months ago

    دريم دريم دريم دريم عبدالرحمن نطوح

  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 months ago

    This movie flop in manila and in states,follow adrew dice clay stick to stand up and stop making movies

  • Gina Hasa
    Gina Hasa 3 months ago

    Here's another Filipino Joke. This movie. Still 45% on Rotten Tomatoes. Majority of reviewers gave it a 2/10

    • Alakdan Hilario
      Alakdan Hilario 3 months ago

      Gina Hasa - hasahin mo kaya muna utak mo ‘teh‼️🇵🇭Self-appointed film 🎥 reviewer ‼️🤡🇵🇭”crab mentality “ - chance to hit HOLLYWOOD ‼️🇵🇭🎥

  • JasperxMaster
    JasperxMaster 3 months ago

    fak joy koy filipinos

  • masguapoako
    masguapoako 3 months ago