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Using the Crucifix on Timothy... (DOORS)

  • Published on Jan 31, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Yes I finally did it now please stop asking...
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  • Dreadmania
    Dreadmania  Month ago +627

    disclaimer: this video was made for entertainment purposes and no you cant actually use the crucifix on timothy
    also if you wanna generate your own guiding light messages, you should check out www.roblox.com/games/11410965086/Guiding-Light-Generator Make sure to join the Discord server aswell! discord.gg/NfDWtBrRW6

  • noob_original
    noob_original Month ago +1112

    the fact you cant use the crucifix on timothy in the real game, means it is the most powerful being in the doors universe

    • Craig Dorao
      Craig Dorao 8 days ago

      1.The crucifix isn't just 𝘸𝘦𝘢𝘬𝘦𝘳... It's that the crucifix *is* useless... Int the rooms, it's just that guiding light is the one who gave power to the crucifix, but in the rooms, the crusidix will have no power so it's nothing but a useless pack of wood.
      2. Some of you say you can't use the crusidix on the rooms entities... But remember, the crucifix doesn't work.
      3. Timothy can't be used on the crucifix, but also snare. Snare is a trap and at yet, Timothy is an animal/bug. And that's all.

    • Contigojsm
      Contigojsm 12 days ago

      No Timothy is weak but you have to do ALOT to kill it

    • Johan Liebert
      Johan Liebert 27 days ago

      Jack too

    • Average Klee Enjoyer
      Average Klee Enjoyer 28 days ago

      @amortentia. It still works though, even if it doesn’t banish it

  • DarkXcaliber
    DarkXcaliber Month ago +112

    I like how he floats there for a second displaying his dominance and showing that he is unaffected by the laws of physics themselves.

    • ash 💗
      ash 💗 Month ago

      @TaZoom Turret what a bot would say.. 🫣🤨

    • cherg
      cherg Month ago +3

      @TaZoom Turret agree

    • TaZoom Turret
      TaZoom Turret Month ago +3

      I probably sound like a bot rn, but this is severely underrated

  • True Kyosaka Nanaho
    True Kyosaka Nanaho Month ago +271

    Guiding Light should’ve said:
    “You used the Crucifix on Timothy…”
    “That just powered him up further.”
    “He’s quite tricky, Don’t open drawers when you have a Crucifix In hand!”

    • Lisa Adams
      Lisa Adams Month ago

      @nano he is not powerful developer is

    • nano
      nano Month ago

      @Dubbleeae I know

    • Dubbleeae
      Dubbleeae Month ago

      @nano curious light only spawns in rooms not doors

    • spacedude3000
      spacedude3000 Month ago

      this is probably what it would of said if it was actually a feature in the game, and it would be a good feature to.

    • nano
      nano Month ago +1

      @3350 inshoter ik

  • Delta Jevil
    Delta Jevil Month ago +239

    This makes sense because, well Timothy is just a spider, no giant goo with eyes, no closet hider, no monster made of flesh, he is just a spider. He probably got so offended by the crucifix he poisoned you and you went to the backrooms

  • KanderTheCat
    KanderTheCat Month ago +137

    The fact that Guiding Lights doesnt even care enough to tell you that you died so the entity from The Rooms tells you what you died to

    • Pix0v
      Pix0v Month ago +1

      btw the rooms guiding light is called "curious light"

    • rob nicholson
      rob nicholson Month ago +2

      curious lights* 🤓🥸🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓

    • Spoozhmai Yousufzai
      Spoozhmai Yousufzai Month ago +2

      @Fritz Festejo what.

    • Michael Hintze
      Michael Hintze Month ago +4

      well crucifix only works on demons and timothy is a spider sooo

    • Fritz Festejo
      Fritz Festejo Month ago +3

  • Blitz Min
    Blitz Min Month ago +59

    note to self: never have a crucifix on-hand when opening a drawer.

  • TheSupremeDuck
    TheSupremeDuck Month ago +227

    timothy is simply too powerful

  • JustKET
    JustKET Month ago +42

    The game literally protected Timothy because he is small and doesn't have any strong powers, others think that he's weak but he get's protected by his owners and they gave him special power... they made him IMMORTAL, respect LSplash🥶

    • XndFz
      XndFz Month ago

      Seek and figure: AHEM

    • JustKET
      JustKET Month ago +1

      @Human happy Timothy🥺

    • Human
      Human Month ago +2


  • [ Content Deleted ]
    [ Content Deleted ] Month ago +6

    Achievement Unlocked:
    “0.01% Power”
    Don’t underestimate the spider.
    - Attempt to use a crucifix against Timothy…?

  • Eretayota
    Eretayota Month ago +2

    Achievement unlocked
    Unexpected Power
    How a Spider is that powerful?
    Use Crucifix on Timothy

  • Blue 13
    Blue 13 Month ago +2

    Everyone would faint when they realise they lost their crucifix and died due to a little spider.

  • pangcoda
    pangcoda Month ago +20

    lol timothy went from having it not be possible to kill somebody, to overpowering god

  • maTTe_S
    maTTe_S Month ago

    I would love if they added using crucifix on Timothy, but instead of the crucifix being used normally, you would just squish him with it

  • Undead Birthday Boy Blam

    "Achievement Unlocked: Bug Spray"
    "Bye Bye Spider!"
    Use A Crucifix Against Timothy

  • Ali tarık AKMANOĞLU
    Ali tarık AKMANOĞLU Month ago +3

    the reason you cant use crucifix on timothy is probably because he is just a spider not a monster, a demon or any type of hellish being. He's just a spider.

  • jellyboi
    jellyboi Month ago

    Showing how Timothy doesn't die to crucifix, means that Australia will rule the world with spiders

  • DarkZcape
    DarkZcape Month ago +91

    Imagine if this was added to updated Doors and then it made you teleport to Rooms lol

  • SpadeWolfo
    SpadeWolfo 23 days ago

    I'm scared of what this implies, the fact that Curious Light is who responded instead of Guiding Light.

  • Mega
    Mega Month ago +33

    if they do add a cutscene animation for timothy it should be u wacking him on to the floor with the crucifix and then u get to keep the crucifix

    • Leroy
      Leroy Month ago +1

      Yeah that would be way better and it would make sense

    • just a moth
      just a moth Month ago +2


  • Simonplays games mobile

    in fact the crucifix cannot be used on (the rooms entities are not included)
    Jack , timothy , glitch , shadow , windows ,void and hide
    But the only entities that can damage you in this list is timothy , void and hide

  • Juan
    Juan Month ago +1

    After all, timothy is the only entity that is not a monster, he is just a spider

  • PAN SEBA ☑
    PAN SEBA ☑ Month ago

    You can't use crucifix on timothy because it's not demon or thing, it's casual spider. Crucifix only works on demons and other things.

  • Sara Sophia Silo
    Sara Sophia Silo 21 day ago

    Never underestimate a little spider who has the most random name 💀

  • R yellz
    R yellz Month ago +1

    he had a crucifix already at door 9 that's the most surprising thing about this vid

  • Soooshi.
    Soooshi. Month ago +3

    It’s hilarious that the ritual turned red just like Figure because *he is just too strong to be stopped*

  • cool78guy
    cool78guy Month ago +40

    imagine if the game updates and the animation of crucifix changes and gets smaller only on that spider
    ik that you cant use crucifix on timoty

  • Just A FilipinoBall In The Pool (Steve Jr)

    Achivement Unlocked: *Arachnophobia*
    Go away spider!
    Use the crucifix on Timothy

  • manchild6
    manchild6 Month ago

    I mean,it makes sense,the rest of the monsters are some sort of demonic entity,like seek and figure,but Timothy is just a spider.

  • Breaker
    Breaker 21 day ago

    Timothy’s 10,000 IQ move

  • miclui
    miclui Month ago

    extra info with noob_original’s comment about why timothy is a true god: the game is a horror game, meaning it is supposed to give you a shock from something or make you shake from fear. the entity timothy although is a tiny thing, those who have arachnophobia will get scared because it is a spider, and the fact looting causally then suddenly seeing timothy appear is a moment of shock. in the same time, the game is a horror game (as i said already), meaning timothy is a god in this game because it can perform most things with only 1 mechanic.

  • Prol Hero
    Prol Hero Month ago

    Seek and figure need to force their way out of the ritual meanwhile Timothy just says nah you can't touch me nah you can't touch me making Timothy amogn one of the strongest living non demon being in the hotel.

  • Pinkzao mané
    Pinkzao mané Month ago +2

    Bro managed to buy crucifix and using on the most strongest entity 💀💀

  • Michael Hintze
    Michael Hintze Month ago +1

    timothy has always been holding back...

  • Coal Jones
    Coal Jones Month ago +12

    all hail the almighty Timothy

  • jraps
    jraps 22 days ago

    Timothy is the strongest and weakest because Similar to Jack and Shadow, Timothy is intended to be a jumpscare only, so there is no risk of dying to Timothy. If the player is at five health points or below, then it will leave them with 1-4 health points remaining. Because of this, it is simply impossible to die to but also is immortal to crucifix

  • Iliya Zarifjouzo
    Iliya Zarifjouzo Month ago

    According to matpat the crufix can be only used against Evil spirits such as screech and halt and rush but you can't use it on something alive like figure and seek

  • 卂ㄥ乇乂☕
    卂ㄥ乇乂☕ Month ago +1

    Archivement unlocked:
    use the crucifix on timothy

  • Claudio José Pereira Pereira

    If it was in the original game, the crucifix would kill Timothy with only the chains, you wouldn't even need to send it to the portal

    • Jan Stefaniuk
      Jan Stefaniuk Month ago

      nah man timothy is stronger than god himself

  • NotCouth
    NotCouth Month ago +70

    oreo dipped in milk can kill me easier than timothy, probably

  • dividedthrower
    dividedthrower Month ago

    fun fact: timothy isnt a demon or anything so the crucifix doesnt work on him

  • DarkShadow '
    DarkShadow ' Month ago

    We all highly underestimated the power of Timothy until now...

    • Jeff
      Jeff Month ago

      Hes a spider thats why the crucifix only banns Demons

  • Hank J. Wimbleton
    Hank J. Wimbleton Month ago

    our boy timothy really just said

  • red
    red Month ago

    timothy really wasnt gonna let that slide

  • SilverCoolbro
    SilverCoolbro Month ago +1

    Your telling me that a Spider can break out of a Crucifix but not Rush, Ambush, Halt, etc

  • Antonio Miraku
    Antonio Miraku Month ago

    imagine you could use the crucifix on timothy and imagine if you got a badge for doing that thr name has to be *Pest Control*

  • Qua_xor🇷🇺
    Qua_xor🇷🇺 Month ago

    You broke the game so badly that your dead body teleported into the rooms and the curious light came out.

  • Titan
    Titan Month ago

    0:21 Fun fact: Timothy doesnt fit at crucifix (too hard to explain)

  • Lyonyabros
    Lyonyabros Month ago

    The fact: You are get banned for using game's files and your revives x-399 proving that.

  • Zip
    Zip Month ago +1

    That's literally me when I see a spider in my room

  • Zelath
    Zelath Month ago

    How to kill timothy: step 1: go near a drawer where Timothy is. Step 2: ask a friend to open the drawer and make him back up. Step 3: throw the crucifix inside. Congrats you defeated timot- AAAAAAAAAAAA

  • BrikiBway
    BrikiBway Month ago

    the reason why a crucifix does not work on timothy is becuase hes a spider, you realize that right?

  • Rocko la venganza, ahora con menos afecto femenino

    How do you do this videos? I mean the part where you use the crucifix, i want to do animations like that

  • ARtube you
    ARtube you Month ago

    Crucifix probably doesn't work on timothy because he is a spider, not a demon.

  • Breath Air
    Breath Air Month ago

    Imagine sending a frickin spider to Jesus

  • Keya
    Keya Month ago

    "Good luck with your next run!" That's how I understood it was fake.

  • eizo
    eizo Month ago +2

    I still think that the guiding light of Doors and rooms are two diferent entities

    • Qua_xor🇷🇺
      Qua_xor🇷🇺 Month ago

      @AverageBeeSwarmEnjoyer it doesn't really guide you. But it does give you hints. So it's a "curious" light. Maybe the floor 2 there will be another light. Maybe an anguished light that will actually make the game harder.

    • AverageBeeSwarmEnjoyer
      AverageBeeSwarmEnjoyer Month ago

      @omspider and 7eggr Curious light.

    • omspider and 7eggr
      omspider and 7eggr Month ago

      @Nitisha what is the rooms guiding light name??

    • Nitisha
      Nitisha Month ago

      They are

  • The Baby
    The Baby 23 days ago

    They used chains of holy light and mf ritual for a spider 💀

  • not.
    not. Month ago

    fun fact:if you manage to actually die to timothy, no death message will display and it will say you died to spider

    • Jan Stefaniuk
      Jan Stefaniuk Month ago

      @Sethie you can if you get multiple of them at the same time will less than 5 health

    • Sethie
      Sethie Month ago

      You cant die to timothy..

  • frédérick ouellet

    It should be instead of all the crucifix shenenigans, just a wak on it and the crucifix break after

  • dream roblox animations

    Little Spider
    You just made him more powerful.
    Use the crucifix on Timothy

  • Noam Koch
    Noam Koch Month ago

    We should praise Timothy like we praise big man from Splatoon 3

  • Maica
    Maica Month ago

    rule no. 1 never mess with timothy

  •  Month ago +1

    Timothy is the most powerful entity on doors so you can't use on him

  • KingGaming
    KingGaming Month ago

    i know this is fanmade but I don't think this would work on a spider when it's made for demons

  • Angel Cruz
    Angel Cruz Month ago


  • Gold_Bacon
    Gold_Bacon Month ago

    i wonder if you use it on a-200 (ofc are mods i know)

  • Eddie cookthekiwaiio

    i want you to get a badge for using the crucifix for timothy and it says "You are stupid for wasting it on him"

  • Wilmar Garcia
    Wilmar Garcia Month ago

    Well timothy is powerful
    No wonder he always surprising us 😅😅😅😅

  • Amboosh
    Amboosh Month ago +1

    timothy uses 0% of his power

  • HelpImNoob
    HelpImNoob Month ago +1

    Timothy is the strongest being in the universe LOL

  • jamaje salazar
    jamaje salazar 17 days ago +1

    If this is real this could cure my arachnophobia

  • IshaHarper
    IshaHarper Month ago +1

    Bruh imagine you do that to a spider in real life 😂

  • The Jabiss
    The Jabiss Month ago

    Timothy, it... so powerful.

  • Eileen Decker
    Eileen Decker Month ago

    Achievement earned: Wai- what??????
    Description: Trying that won't work just don't open drawers

  • FlamingHeart Fox
    FlamingHeart Fox Month ago

    I cannot believe youy have x-399 revives...
    Also Timothy is *G O D*

  • Katherine Jones
    Katherine Jones Month ago

    the -399x revives tho lol

  • /! Akiko !/
    /! Akiko !/ Month ago

    Dreadmania : " BE GONE TIMOTHY " - Timothy : " NEVER B#@$ ''.

  • Sam Small
    Sam Small Month ago

    I don't think it works is because Timothy isn't a demon or anything, he's just a spider.

  • Seek
    Seek 18 days ago

    Damn Timothy had enough 💀💀💀🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Malek El-Zalabany
    Malek El-Zalabany Month ago

    Wait a minute u owe Lsplash 399 revives why do you have negative

  • Icantsleep'-'
    Icantsleep'-' Month ago

    Yess this is so satisfying 😍

    LSPLASH Month ago +2

    imagine if everyone had to use me for every entity even timothy

  • Nikiemae_
    Nikiemae_ Month ago +4

    An idea: instead of a crucifix you used a water spray
    So instead of the cool crucifix animation you just:
    * Rush coming*
    * Player with a water spray* "BEGONEE!!!" *psshh*
    And just like that Rush is ded
    (Its put as the badge art so i can see this happening LOL)

    • -Esquizo726-
      -Esquizo726- Month ago

      Unlocked achievement:
      Bad Boy
      (Use the water spray in Rush!)

    • Nikiemae_
      Nikiemae_ Month ago +1

      @OneAndOnlySean Ok *goes back to the workshop*
      But hear me out, April fools update.

  • GregoryPlayz
    GregoryPlayz Month ago

    in fact, timothy is tiny but scary

  • Carl İmamson
    Carl İmamson Month ago

    Fact: Timothy is the only monster who you can't avoid it
    Note: if you not count jack

  • 뉴비의 게임일기

    used the crucifix on timothy.

  • Is that the grim reaper?

    The Crucifix do get quirky at night..

  • Medic
    Medic Month ago

    So a spider is more powerful than me...

  • Viktor Radevic
    Viktor Radevic Month ago

    Bro rly went "Nah, I aint gettin draged to hell, YOU are"

  • putra
    putra Month ago +2

    damn and it even used the rooms guider

  • Erik show
    Erik show Month ago

    how to get a cross before reaching jeff's shop

  • Andreia Silva
    Andreia Silva Month ago +1

    2077: using the crucifixz on the hotel

  • Ghosthead1212's Random Corner of Youtube

    He's a spider, you'd be better off slapping him than exorcizing him cause he's not a demon, he's a spider.

  • Amrulimyam
    Amrulimyam Month ago

    never mess with timothy

  • Cyan Uranus
    Cyan Uranus Month ago

    You Can't Crucifix a Spider Shaped Demonic Fiend Creature. Timothy is too Tiny

  • Henrique 7sete Mais
    Henrique 7sete Mais Month ago +2

    Wait, thats the Rooms guiding light?

  • Silly
    Silly Month ago

    How do u get the crucifix at door 8??

  • British V1nce
    British V1nce Month ago

    nothing a flamethrower cant fix
    breaking news supposedly haunted hotel burned down by escapee

  • екар бро
    екар бро Month ago

    Look to Timothy-✅