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[EPIC RIFFS] The Riff That Defined Rock 'n Roll

  • Published on Mar 26, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • We look at Rock 'n Roll's most iconic guitar riff!
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Comments • 861

  • Victor
    Victor Year ago +1084

    I was blessed to see Chuck at an airport on his last tour. I saw an old gentleman with a funny hat, just sitting on a corner like just anybody, instead of being praised as the absolutely mythical rock&roll god that he was. I asked for a picture and he was the sweetest. He and his staff seemed quite surprised that a 20yo kid had recognized him. So, for a moment, I could hold one of the very hands that forged rock.

    • PA
      PA Month ago

      Dream on

    • Angel Rodriguez
      Angel Rodriguez 5 months ago

      you never know he might have gave you his powers

    • Jett Crash
      Jett Crash 5 months ago

      @Jim Shorts I’d say serving three years in prison would slow anyone down…

    • Dave Bowman
      Dave Bowman 10 months ago +1

      @David Smith The story about Chuck Berrys fist landing on Keith Richards chin is pure rock'n'roll stuff. There should be a video somewhere on this 'tube where Keith tells the story. With a smile and giving Chuck credit for everything. Theres an excellent video somewhere here (or on YT Music) from a birthday gig for Chuck, where they play "Nadine", and if i recall correctly it was backstage at that event that Chuck nearly knocked out Keith. Search for the interview of Keith video, and the "Nadine" gig video and you shall be well rewarded!

  • Dev
    Dev Year ago +1700

    You guys aren't ready for that yet, but your kids are gonna love it.

    • Familiar Purrson
      Familiar Purrson 9 months ago

      Yeah, and, knowing how marginalized Berry was through most of his later career and now seeing it done at *the beginning,* don't you want to find the bozos (Zemeckis and Gale, to be precise) who wrote that sequence and pop them one in the mouth like George does to Biff? Maybe even every July 3. (The film's release date)

    • Keith Klassen
      Keith Klassen 10 months ago +1

      @Ken Smith I guess the kids did, indeed, love it.

    • Mar G
      Mar G 10 months ago +1

      Ah yes, I remember hearing it the first time. It was at a school dance in 1955. Some weird new kid went crazy on the guitar. Then he dissapeared and I wouldnt see him for another 30 years. Weird. ;)

    • Joe Schultz
      Joe Schultz 10 months ago

      Better stick to Earth Angel

  • Alan Howell
    Alan Howell Year ago +503

    Unbelievable lesson. The lighting, the clever editing, the insert sections, the guitar, the tone, the detail and clarity of the lesson. Quite simply the best guitar tutorial I’ve ever seen. Perfect.

    • Liquensrollant
      Liquensrollant Year ago +5

      ​@moosic2i I think he did a good job. Even Chuck Berry himself didn't play it as well as this in the live videos I've seen!

    • Abraham Albarracin
      Abraham Albarracin Year ago +5

      @moosic2i ok hater

    • moosic2i
      moosic2i Year ago

      All that maybe true, but why does it sound so frickin lame weak & compressed compared to the original recording. No grit no rock n roll no balls!

  • Shawn R
    Shawn R Year ago +212

    Man, that spin around edit where the guitar changes was literally PERFECT 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
    Edit: ok Paul, you have become a full on editing wizard. I’m honestly blown away at the quality of your videos!

    • Phil Z
      Phil Z 20 days ago

      that was so perfect.....

    • Ralph111417
      Ralph111417 Year ago +3

      @Jon Snow It's the frame after the first guitar is no longer visible. Givaways are Pauls right finger and the inlay on the edge of the guitar body. It's quite masterful!

    • Jon Snow
      Jon Snow Year ago +5

      i cant even see a cut ?

    • Pp Vk
      Pp Vk Year ago +1

      Amen to that

    • Ralph111417
      Ralph111417 Year ago +2

      Been analysing that edit since I finished watching the video. Very smooth!

  • Randy Kintzley
    Randy Kintzley Year ago +12

    Genuine rock royalty. Chuck might be responsible for inspiring more people to play guitar than any human that has ever lived. ... and if he didn't inspire you directly, there's a good chance he inspired the guy that inspired you.

    • Jett Crash
      Jett Crash 5 months ago +1

      Chuck was the REAL king of rock ‘n roll

  • Thomas Gladders
    Thomas Gladders Year ago +20

    I grew up in St Louis. My band played Mississippi Nights in 94. We actually played Johnny B Good with Chuck Berry in the side seats chillin. I found this out later and was mortified we even tried to play it in front of him! He never said a word to us. :)

    • Quima
      Quima Year ago +1

      You missed the chance of a lifetime brother

  • Dror Ben-Gai
    Dror Ben-Gai Year ago +77

    Having a hard time deciding what I like more: the contents or the presentation. You're killing it in both!

  • Akash Maheshwari
    Akash Maheshwari Year ago +867

    Fucking crazy, guitars ane riffs are fine, who the hell is editing??
    Don’t tell me you do it all by yourself apart from teaching 100s of students daily and being a husband.
    I would feel pity of me not being able to manage 10% of what you are.
    Crazy work man!!!!!
    Huge fan from India 🇮🇳

    • Techo13
      Techo13 Year ago +2

      Watching this man grow over the years has been incredible. The evolution of Paul's film making has been remarkable. He is definitely setting the standards for guitar content. Look at how far the film making has come clip-share.net/video/PonqAuhgxjk/video.html

    • Shubham Sinha
      Shubham Sinha Year ago +1

      sir inke channel se hi sikh leta hu 😂 btw really learn a lot from both

    • Arturo Cardenas
      Arturo Cardenas Year ago

      I was literally just thinking the same thing. This is in another level. Amazing

    • Norbert Schut
      Norbert Schut Year ago +4

      Yes he does, and in between making this awesome work I used to see him in our local supermarket buying groceries like ordinary lazy and struggling mortals like myself, amazing..

  • AmbushNinja
    AmbushNinja Year ago +26

    Came for the riffs stayed for the flawless editing 🤯

  • Shawn Rasson
    Shawn Rasson Year ago +54

    As usual, finding a way to teach a guitar player how to fish…now not only can we play this riff, but Paul is providing insight to simple ideas that give us a way to make this music truly influential in our own playing. Thanks Paul!

  • Joe May
    Joe May Year ago +14

    This tune never gets old. I specifically love the fills he does between the “go johnny go, go” parts

  • Jenny McKenzie
    Jenny McKenzie Year ago +12

    I vividly remember the first time I heard this riff made me smile like a mad woman when I was only a 9 year old girl, exactly the way you played it in that intro brought back the same emotions and feeling of happiness, gotta say I love it.

  • Douglas Freeman
    Douglas Freeman 4 months ago +1

    That Johnny B. Goode opening riff sends shivers down my spine. Rock 'n' Roll perfection.

  • Troy Babs
    Troy Babs Year ago +18

    Your camera work and editing skills are just as good as your guitar playing!

  • John B
    John B Year ago +17

    It's so easy to just accept the song as a great tune, but it's groundbreaking, genius, and inspired millions to pick up the guitar and play. Such an important piece of history

  • 400 billion suns
    400 billion suns Year ago +17

    I've purchased your electric and acoustic courses, but I still feel the need to say thank you for these amazing, artistic, entertaining, and immensely helpful lessons you post here too.

  • Creed Kirkland
    Creed Kirkland Year ago +3

    The way you blend your love of music and filmmaking together is truly incredible. Love your content!

  • Jithin Kumar
    Jithin Kumar 8 months ago

    i love how much fun paul has with his videos... its just so fun to watch over and over again

  • Kevin Knight
    Kevin Knight Year ago +7

    Another excellent demonstrative video. Johnny B Good has been one of my life time favorites. I used to tell people that Chuck Berry is the true King of rock and roll music and they didn't understand. As far as I know, the song School Days is the first time that this style of music was called rock and roll (1957). "Hail, hail, rock and roll, deliver me from the days of old." Thanx Mr. Davids

    • Larry Power
      Larry Power Year ago +1

      @ Kevin Knight ~ My admiration of Chuck’s music knows no bounds, but he was not the ONLY King of Rock and Roll.
      Little Richard, Fats Domino, Bo Diddley and Jerry Lee Lewis were also pioneers. But one thing is for sure: Chuck Berry
      WAS AND STILL IS Rock And Roll Guitar. No Chuck? No Stones, no Beatles, no rock and roll guitar. It’s really the elec-
      tric guitar that finalized the phenomenon of Rock And Roll for the masses.

  • Tonner S. Pettitt
    Tonner S. Pettitt 4 months ago

    You do a great job of explaining and showing a complete amateur how to play guitar with all the nuances of what makes a great guitarist, love your approach and willingness to share

  • Trent Plumley
    Trent Plumley 9 months ago

    Yeah for a real iconic riff you went the distance with this lesson. I really appreciate the break down. Thank you fantastic lesson! Must watch! 100%

  • Neill Braganza
    Neill Braganza Year ago +4

    Been following Paul since his early Clip-Share days, and man his production has gone next level. So nice to see him absolutely slaying it.

  • Ben
    Ben Year ago +1

    on top of all your talents, your video editing skills and creativity are off the chart!

  • Mark Burnett
    Mark Burnett Year ago +6

    One of the greatest guitar lessons ever recorded by me. A wealth of knowledge both execution and theory conveyed by a master player and teacher. Study this and practice!

  • Bastiano Gr
    Bastiano Gr Year ago +1

    Your videos are just amazing. Not only is the content (and the content structure) top notch, I also really love your approach to teach. It's entertaining and extremely focussed at the same time. You have such an easy-to-grasp way of explaining things, and you share so much insight. Also your voice, the colors, the lighting, the editing, your flawless English (although you're apparently not an Englisch native speaker), and of course your insanely tasty, smooth guitar tone are simply unparalleled! Really easy on the eye and on the ear. Your videos are like meditation and music lessons in one. Doesn't get better than this. Thank you for doing this!
    Oh, by the way. Coincidently, I watched a couple of Johnny B. Goode lessons on Clip-Share just recently. Not one of them even got close to yours, as far as quality and learning effect go. 👏🏻

  • Jason O'Hara
    Jason O'Hara Year ago +3

    Man this guys videos are impressive. You dont even need to play guitar to enjoy his content 👏👏

  • TheAlgoflon
    TheAlgoflon Year ago +3

    I would really like to thank you for all the excellent content you have put onto Clip-Share. You have re ignited my interest in my guitar. It no longer sits in the corner being ignored except for the odd sing along session at family gatherings, and is now played almost every day for hours on end as I explore the seemingly endless new ideas that your videos have opened up for me.You have shown me what I thought was impossible for me to achieve to be well within my reach

  • Mystic Magic Smurf Dark Lord

    I’m so glad that I’ve gotten to the level of musical skill that I can finally understand most of this

  • Brotelho
    Brotelho Year ago

    Long time Paul Davids fans will know that this is not the first tutorial video on this particular song.
    But I'm happy that he's revisited it because not only has his guitar playing skills gotten better and his videography skill have gotten better, but his teaching skills have gotten better too.
    Like a perfect circle. Keep it up Paul. Hope you revisit other songs you've covered before as well.

  • Chris Farri
    Chris Farri Year ago +14

    That transition for the guitars on the intro is flawless 🔥

  • Ry7hym
    Ry7hym 2 months ago

    this is exactly the music theory refreshment I needed and it goes along with the riff that I'm learning

  • AristophanesNow
    AristophanesNow 10 months ago

    Damn! The ultimate breakdown of the ultimate riff. A masterpiece!

  • Sam Garcia
    Sam Garcia Year ago

    Always quality videos with plenty of great content you truly make learning the guitar easy

  • Joe Ballard
    Joe Ballard 5 months ago

    Paul, your contributions to the guitar playing community are invaluable. I wish I could have watched this 30 yrs ago. God bless you

  • Colton
    Colton Year ago

    Woah the production on this video is another level compared to what you usually put out. Great job man!

  • Steve Fielding
    Steve Fielding Year ago

    Wow! Paul your videos are sublime. The quality of your work is in my opinion the best on the internet! We are so fortunate to have you!

  • Salsa Bro
    Salsa Bro Year ago

    We really don't deserve this quality on youtube. Awesome video!

  • viddiot
    viddiot Year ago

    It's incredible seeing a breakdown like this (incredibly good!)...but what blows my mind is Chuck, when he wrote this would have just played it how he felt it, right?...with no thought of mixolydian/blue notes etc. It's amazing seeing songs reverse engineered like this.

  • Ian
    Ian Year ago

    your editing and transitions are amazing. It probably takes awhile but I guarantee it keeps people watching so it's worth it!

  • Scott Kidwell
    Scott Kidwell Year ago +10

    You had me from the intro... well done!
    The lesson is great, and I realize I've been half-assing it for far too long.
    The editing and video production is really next level. Brava, and well done!
    Thank you, Paul 🙏

    • Matt Stanley
      Matt Stanley Year ago +2

      I’ve half assed it so long ... I’m not sure I can break my
      Bad habits !!! But as a St .Louis native , I’m going to relearn it correctly as a tribute to Chuck !
      Btw ... the last album he recorded has been released ... at age 94 . It is ! outstanding

  • Lawrence Taylor
    Lawrence Taylor Year ago +2

    As a rock listener, this was a cool video for me to at least understand what those with the six strins are capable of. Bravo.

  • Gregory Hasputin
    Gregory Hasputin Year ago

    Outstanding job Paul. Once again you have outdone yourself. BRAVO!!!!

  • Ties
    Ties Year ago

    Still so impressed, not just by your musical knowledge and talent but also by the insane quality of your videos. Keep up the good work en blijf rocken Paul!

  • EJ Orbe
    EJ Orbe Year ago

    Your lessons have always been great and entertaining, but your editing and creative have really gone up several levels! Really enhancing your great story telling!! Awesome job!!

  • Eric McBrearty
    Eric McBrearty Year ago

    I am continually impressed with this channel. Your level of ability Paul is Outstanding!

  • Adnan Abdillah Ghifari

    That transition is soo awesome

  • Frank Long
    Frank Long Year ago

    Great video. You are my favorite musician on Clip-Share! I am glad you are succeeding.

  • SinisterPlotter
    SinisterPlotter 6 months ago

    The editing in this made me smile so much. So well done!

  • Nejc Pirc
    Nejc Pirc Year ago

    Woooow... You are getting better and every next video speaks for itself in terms of editing and sound and light... Master!

  • William Cohen
    William Cohen Year ago

    Paul this is easily the best video I've seen on this page! Transcription and analysis, context, and true teaching! This is what guitar players need more of on the Clip-Share's!!!

  • FrankyBabes
    FrankyBabes Year ago

    The first 30 seconds of this is wonderfully put together. Such attention to detail.

  • Mahdi Yussuf
    Mahdi Yussuf Year ago

    Your videos are getting more impressive! Kudos, man 👏🏾👏🏾💪🏾

  • Yordan Aleksandrov

    Your videos are amazing! It is rare to come across someone who actually puts effort into their content, great job, dude! I am still a beginner guitarist, meaning I intake very little from those videos, however - I still love watching them!

  • N Jordan
    N Jordan Year ago

    Genuinely highest production quality for a music Clip-Share channel. Just discovered you, subscribed.

  • Dr. Debajyoti Bose

    Lot of work went into making this video, I can tell, well done Paul.

  • lamp man
    lamp man Year ago +5

    Chuck Berry, from all accounts, was a difficult man to be around (and to play with) but he was a friggin' genius, musically. Johhny B Goode is still one of the greatest songs ever written imho. Thanks Paul, this was exceptional!

    • Bill Door
      Bill Door 5 months ago

      @Jett Crash yes, he did a version but it predates him as well. I’ve heard the 1929 recording. It’s a piano intro that’s note for note for the Berry version. Which makes sense as it was Berry’s piano player who came up with all of those Berry guitar intros.

    • Jett Crash
      Jett Crash 5 months ago

      @Bill Door it’s actually from Louis Jordan’s 1946 song Ain’t that just like a woman (they’ll do it every time).

    • Bill Door
      Bill Door 5 months ago

      Actual, the intro to Johnny B Goode is note for note from a piano riff from 1929. In fact most of his riffs were written by his piano player.

  • akwamarsunzal
    akwamarsunzal Year ago +1

    Your video editing is outstanding! Of course, your teaching is amazing, that along with the videography, makes these videos some of the best content on Clip-Share!

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    The Groovy Guitar Dude Year ago +419

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    Katzensprung74 Year ago

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  • Main Channel
    Main Channel Year ago +2

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    Scott Bradley Year ago +4

    Maybe the best video you have ever produced by in terms of quality and content. Bravo !!!

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    Tony Pisano 10 months ago

    Tus videos son de una calidad estetica y creativa sin limites! Felicitaciones amigo youtuber!

  • Ervin
    Ervin Year ago

    How was that guitar transition so clean?!?

  • gyp tech
    gyp tech Year ago +1

    Wow I'm revisiting this song this weekend. Love how he captures the nuances of this classic . Great work Awesome guitar.

  • Char Less
    Char Less Year ago

    Very smooth transition on that guitar change.. like a magic with no editing..

  • Luis Tenorio
    Luis Tenorio Year ago +1

    I watching the first 15 seconds at least 10 times. That was the smoothest transition I've ever seen in my life. Masterful.

  • PesimisT
    PesimisT Year ago

    Your best video ever made Paul, congrats! Unbelievable editing!

  • Dan H
    Dan H Year ago +7

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    Eric Bouza 10 months ago

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    Thanks for breaking it down. 😊👍🎸

  • brainsmoothy
    brainsmoothy Year ago

    Yeah man. I’m paused on the frame grab and you’re hold an acoustic. The speaking with yourself bit was pretty great. This is extremely well done.

  • Thomas Lambert
    Thomas Lambert Year ago

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    Poppa Steve 9 months ago

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    White Cloud Year ago +1

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  • Esben Maaløe
    Esben Maaløe Year ago +1

    Hi Paul. I take immense joy in your videos and I feel I'm really learning something from them - big thank you for that! One small request: When you break up a longer passage like this, could you restate the bits real quick before you move on to explaining them? It'd help us folks with poor memory, but I think that it would also help reinforce the following explanation in a musical way?

  • smoky
    smoky Year ago

    at 3:55 we went from the most iconic blues/rock n' roll riff straight to smoke on the water and i love it

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    Von Andrei Year ago

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    EDIT: WHAT THE HELL? I played the guitar switch transition at 0.25x but it still looks so smooth!

  • Dwight Holland
    Dwight Holland 11 months ago

    Great job combining the blues notes and mixolydian into an iconic riff that helped to define rock n' roll !

  • replicated
    replicated Year ago +2

    This was a great video. Thank you. Chuck Berry never gets enough credit in my opinion. The true King of Rock n Roll.

    • replicated
      replicated Year ago +1

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    garfield4108 Year ago

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    The Rare Treasures 6 months ago

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    Stein Portmann Year ago +1

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    Donald Parker Year ago

    The first lead lick I ever learned (after House Of The Rising Sun) back around 1976 or so. Being able to play that seemed to really put me ahead of my peers. Funny thing though ... I never tried to copy Chuck. My inspiration was the Johnny Winter And Live version. An album that I would still call one of my "desert island" picks. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  • Thor
    Thor Year ago

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    Aaron Bennett Year ago

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    Fun to watch!

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    Stefan 6 months ago

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  • Ozgur Oz
    Ozgur Oz 4 days ago

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  • Dude McNuggz
    Dude McNuggz Year ago

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    Kuiotic Year ago

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    David Wayne Year ago

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    Batphink 2 Year ago

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    Pól Year ago +10

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    • Larry Power
      Larry Power Year ago

      moosic21 ~ Seriously? This is probably the best tutorial on the JBG intro I’ve seen. And I grew up with Chuck Berry’s
      music. I think your criticism is misplaced, but that’s just me …

    • moosic2i
      moosic2i Year ago

      Yeah, it's a pity Paul has'nt paid as much attention to the actual sound of the music he's trying to explain. Where's the grit, the energy not this over produced compressed muzak!

  • P9 Guitarist
    P9 Guitarist Year ago

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