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Poker After Dark | Season 13 All Episodes

  • Published on Jan 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    00:00 - Ep.01: Daniel Negreanu, Dan Smith & Scott Seiver
    45:00 - Ep.02: Daniel Negreanu, Dan Smith & MJ Gonzales
    1:30:00 - Ep.03: Daniel Negreanu, Dan Smith & Matt Berkey
    2:15:00 - Ep.04: Phil Hellmuth, Arden Cho & Ryan Feldman
    3:00:00 - Ep.05: Maria Ho, Nick Wright & Eli Elezra
    3:45:00 - Ep.06: Maria Ho, Nick Wright & Joelle Parenteau
    4:30:00 - Ep.07: Maria Ho, Nick Wright & Eli Elezra
    5:15:00 - Ep.08: Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth & Nick Wright
    6:00:00 - Ep.09: Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth & Maria Ho
    6:45:00 - Ep.10: Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth & Nick Wright
    7:30:00 - Ep.11: Phil Hellmuth, Nick Wright & Ema Zajmovic
    8:15:00 - Ep.12: Phil Hellmuth, Nick Wright & Landon Tice
    9:00:00 - Ep.13: MrBeast, Ted Cruz & Doyle Brunson
    9:45:00 - Ep.14: MrBeast, Ted Cruz & Alexandra Botez
    10:30:00 - Ep.15: MrBeast, Ted Cruz & Phil Hellmuth
    Poker After Dark Season 13 starred by likes of Ted Cruz, Alexandra Botez, MrBeast, Landon Tice, Phil Hellmuth, Nick Wright, Daniel Negreanu, Maria Ho, Eli Elezra, Arden Cho, Dan Smith, Scott Seiver, and Matt Berkey
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  • Benjamin Stef
    Benjamin Stef 7 months ago +81

    I actually love that I can hear the conversation of the players sometimes. It's nice that the commentator understands the timing of when to speak. Sometimes it's okay to not commentate every little thing at a poker table.

  • Joseph
    Joseph 4 months ago +10

    Poker After Dark always sets in me a good mood.

    MARK RAYMOND 2 months ago +2

    ELI Is such a legend. Always smiling and good vibes

  • GUNNER_Q10
    GUNNER_Q10 3 months ago +1

    The treasure trove of things Hellmuth says throughout this entire watch (but especially towards the end) are so hilarious and I am so happy we still get these hipocrisies out of him.

  • atc
    atc 6 months ago +7

    7:18:20. Nick jams after double doubling. Hellmuth has crumbs. Ali Nejad in the booth, no commentary, "uh oh" just laughing. Perfect

  • Regina Anisimova
    Regina Anisimova 6 months ago

    Поздравляю с этой сочной победой) Заносы офигенные получились!

  • Gino Valera
    Gino Valera Month ago +6

    when Phil randomly offered everyone strawberry pop tarts killed me

  • Rocco
    Rocco 2 months ago +3

    The Mr. Beast, Ted Cruz, Botez episode is the best. Seemed like everyone was having a good time and the conversation was interesting!

  • Eric
    Eric 7 months ago +13

    Nick Wright taking down Helmuth with the humility to avoid many rants was fun to watch. Edit (Ep. 10)

    • william julianelle
      william julianelle 4 months ago +1

      Humility is important in live poker. It can actually save you money, and make you money, in certain situations against certain players.

  • Chris S
    Chris S 5 days ago

    The side convo about the lack of humidity in Vegas was 100% spot on. I need a certain amount of humidity to feel human. You go to Vegas and yeah sure, it feels cooler on hot days because you're sweat evaporates instantly, but god damn do you need some extra water while you're there. Chap stick, Lotion, humidifier, and three times the water you normally drink in temperate climates.

  • Gino Valera
    Gino Valera Month ago +1

    I swear Phil puts so much bad karma on himself 🤣

  • Brandon
    Brandon 3 months ago +4

    I cant figure out why i never get bored watching this.

  • sicmic
    sicmic 19 days ago

    That final episode was so much fun.

  • CaliJay Rocket League
    CaliJay Rocket League 7 months ago +54

    Seeing Doyle there laughing literally makes me smile. I know he wont be here for long and its pretty upsetting tbh.

    • thesimpsons17
      thesimpsons17 7 months ago +7

      Could still have another 10+ years in him if he's lucky, never know we could have him for a while yet ❤🙏

    • Majestic Melodies
      Majestic Melodies 7 months ago +3

      I thought the same 10 years ago lol

    • josh brigham
      josh brigham 7 months ago +3

      I still think the Poker Gods immortalize him in Elysium

    • Kevin McLain
      Kevin McLain 7 months ago

      Is he your daddy?

    • CaliJay Rocket League
      CaliJay Rocket League 7 months ago +4

      @Kevin McLain no….. he’s my grand daddy

  • Andrew Ellis
    Andrew Ellis 6 months ago +2

    Hearing Maria say "only die hard poker fans" referring to those that watch footage of every hand regardless of action knowing dang well I watch every minute of play if it's put out especially the wsop main.

  • David Hacker
    David Hacker 7 months ago +6

    Phil is such a clow. I want him in every game!

  • LazyLion
    LazyLion 3 months ago +1

    3:08:42 very interesting conversation begins... the players seem to agree that the success of high stakes poker broadcasting was due to the editing, because apparently nobody would ever want to sit and watch 6 to 12 hours of uninterrupted poker sessions, but obviously this isn't true. right now we're experiencing a livestream poker boom where extended, unedited, complete sessions of cash poker are being broadcast on multiple youtube or twitch channels to the tune of hundreds of thousands of regular views - every week - with an engaged audience who comments and shares and hangs out in the livechat... 'highlights' are nice but true fans of poker have proven that they will consume whole content if given the chance

  • Allyson Horton
    Allyson Horton 6 months ago +1

    Давно не видал такого лютого камбэка) ты молодец, поставил лайк и подписался)))

  • SiNpro
    SiNpro 8 months ago +11

    The way Daniel was yawning in the background while Phil was talking about winning more poker after darks than any other player lol.... Priceless

    • sevpoker
      sevpoker 4 months ago +1


    • Martin Koepke
      Martin Koepke 4 months ago

      Could you give me a time stamp for that moment please? I don´t have the time to watch all these episodes.

  • millhouse millard
    millhouse millard 6 months ago

    Can't wait to watch berkey lol he's so good

  • Christian Malessa
    Christian Malessa 5 months ago

    I really like "sweating" hands. I wish they would do some on this show - it would make it more interesting

  • james
    james 5 months ago

    I iwsh they had a game like this where 1/2 of the table were some of these pros and the other 1/2 were all amateurs or reg cash game players. With the pots going to charity or just playing with monopoly money. It's be sooo interesting (and informative) to see the ways in which the amateurs would get destroyed, both from a technical and entertainment point of view.

    • Young
      Young 4 months ago +1

      I miss the big game

  • Dan Nguyen
    Dan Nguyen 7 months ago +13

    Daniel still soul reading in 2023.. what a legend 17:05

    • sevpoker
      sevpoker 4 months ago +2

      Lol in that spot it's not really soul reading

    • Dan Nguyen
      Dan Nguyen 4 months ago +1

      @sevpoker it is. Pros dont shove AKo with 1000bb deep stacks against strong players like daniel negreanu. You mostly see fish going buck wild over AKo both online and live. Solid pros online fold AKo to a 5 bet shove all day because youre almost always losing to aces and kings and youre coinflipping against queens.
      In this context berkey likely shoved because he held blockers to aces and kings and tried to rep those two hands. Daniel knows this. Thats why he said if he has queens or better hed look really dimb. Berkey did not want a call i can tell you that much

  • Vasili Mici
    Vasili Mici 7 months ago +7

    Doyle’s really good at smooth talking people still to this day. I wonder if he ever told Phil H he’s the greatest ever.

    • sevpoker
      sevpoker 4 months ago +3

      RIP Doyle

    • william julianelle
      william julianelle 4 months ago +2

      He believed Phil was the greatest tournament player of all time, but he also believed Phil was a sucker in the cash games. Those were his real opinions.

  • Dorothy Mackenzie
    Dorothy Mackenzie 6 months ago

    Я полностью доволен этим казиком. Играю здесь уже пару месяцев. Пока все гуд)

  • Männik Clark
    Männik Clark 6 months ago

    Еще бы хотелось увидеть все игры в этом казике. Можешь запилить обзор?

  • Freethinker Podcast
    Freethinker Podcast 7 months ago

    That's awesome that Chess Girl won! This was really nice. I hope to see Phil Ivy and Tom Dwan on.

    • william julianelle
      william julianelle 4 months ago

      Not surprised to see her win. ANYONE can win in poker over the course of one session or even a few sessions. In the short term anything can happen. Happy to see Alex winning though. I'm sure shes studied some poker at least a decent amount or somewhat.

  • Kodog
    Kodog 7 months ago +2

    its good to see Phil not be a sore loser for once

  • Yuu Neeq
    Yuu Neeq 3 days ago

    I feel bad for Ho, every time some loud argument or drunk topic comes up, the camera always cuts to her face presenting a yearning look of escape.

  • Vladyslav Yermolenko
    Vladyslav Yermolenko 7 months ago +3

    The best commentators were in The Big Game by PokerStars, undisputed

  • Rayven Skye
    Rayven Skye 6 months ago

    I cannot believe Ali is still commentator lol. I remember watching this when I was younger

  • Taisiya Rybakova
    Taisiya Rybakova 6 months ago

    Валидольная игра сегодня была) давай в следующий раз поизевее)

  • Falric
    Falric 2 months ago

    Wright is a breath of fresh air from the pros and finance dweebs talking about food and golf.

    • Michael Houghton
      Michael Houghton 8 days ago

      He's great. And a man who doesn't lie on the table. Will show his cards when he was bluffing. A pleasure to watch and mixing it with the pro's.

  • Jez Plays Bass
    Jez Plays Bass 7 months ago

    I'm new to Poker After Dark, so I'm curious what happened in that first all-in between Negreanu and Berkey - why were two flops dealt?

    • Charles Miller
      Charles Miller 7 months ago +3

      Not sure what hand you're referring to but sounds like they ran it twice? In big all-ins the players can agree to deal the remaining cards twice, with half the pot going to the winner of each run. Basically each player trades some part of their chance to win the whole pot for a chance to chop the pot instead. It's a way to reduce variance: you're less likely to get lucky and win the whole pot, but you're also less likely to get unlucky and lose it all.

    • Ricky.five.5_
      Ricky.five.5_ 7 months ago +1

      Daniel was being nice to Berkey. They ran it twice just because of poker etiquette. Its the beginning of the game and they are friends.

    • Christian Kätzel
      Christian Kätzel 6 months ago +1

      Running it twice has nothing to do with Poker after Dark tho, you can do it in every Cash Game of every Casino. It just lowers the variance in big all ins

  • Гавриил Филипов

    Шаришь за эти игры конечно)) каждый раз смотрю твои ролики и думаю сам начать тащить тут))

  • Валерий Пахомов

    Топи дальше братка, уверен дальше будет везти еще круче!)

  • Uli aritonang childs
    Uli aritonang childs 8 months ago +2

    I have never seen Helmuth win on a cash game...despite he won all those bracelets.

    • james
      james 5 months ago

      And you never will. Phil's tournament strats, especially when he was at the top of the game, were easily the best at that time and he deserves that respect. But the man is an absolute *_whale_* during cash games, it's unlike anything I've ever seen in poker.

  • Bosnian Bomber
    Bosnian Bomber 7 months ago

    Ep5.. 3:06 timestamp... AJ vs Elezras Q8... When he says I only DONT beat ONE hand... " Oh you got the Aces of spades? I like it " Just letting you know, you also lose to 65 of spades but hey what do I know?!?

    LOGAN 8 months ago +2

    Although i hate that saying Daniel is MJs student it sounds dumb in a way but coach has only opened his mind up to new possibilities and creative ways of finesse that he hasn’t thought of and advanced his career even more then it already has been for dominating 20 plus years.

  • TMG Dude
    TMG Dude 7 months ago

    Waiting for Bruce buffer to all in with *ITTTTTTSSSSSSS TIIIIIIMEEEEEEEE*

  • Konstantin Bartashevich

    1:03:46bad call of 4-bet with TT and he didn't get enough from the opp after the flop!

  • Иван Куприянов

    Бармен в офис зашел глаза поднял... Продавец пойла стал ценить клиента Даже сонный ботинок Шато нес чуть не уронил донес🤑🥳✌🤝

  • Liam Neville Violist
    Liam Neville Violist 8 months ago +4

    2:44:57 I think that might be the first time I've seen an All-In but the river card never came.... even though the aggressor was drawing dead. Usually it's a formality to flip over the river card when two players are all in even if one player is at 0%?

    • Mr. OP
      Mr. OP 7 months ago +1

      It was for like 4k.

  • Keep It 1k
    Keep It 1k 8 months ago +4

    Why doesnt it show the W/L for each episode at the end? You dont get to see who won or lost the most

  • Paul G
    Paul G 6 months ago +1

    He said the nut low of salad is arugula and fennel😂😂 I'm ded
    These bamas said egg is drawing dead😅😂

  • Richardark
    Richardark 4 months ago

    hellmouth is an apropriate name lmao, guy would give a great league player

  • Andrew Strom
    Andrew Strom 5 months ago

    Crazy they can't even get a full table. When both Hustler and Lodge have full tables all day. This show falling off hard af.

  • OGRE !!!!
    OGRE !!!! 7 months ago +1

    botez is so fun to watch

  • Despond
    Despond 4 months ago +1

    Commentator doesn't realize how hard standing still for 30+hrs would be especially with your arm in a fix positioning touch a stationary object. At some point your mind doesn't matter and your body will just say: "No".

    • william julianelle
      william julianelle 4 months ago

      It's definitely doable if you're very strong and in shape, although it would be hard. If you're not strong and in shape enough then your body couldn't do it regardless of how you handles it mentally, because your body would just give out. It would be hard for anyone though, because it would be an extremely mental challenge where you would have to force yourself to go through discomfort. It would be one of those things that you would keep telling yourself you couldn't do, but mentally if you just kept doing it you would be able to, but it would be so hard for you to do that because your mind would be telling you you can't, and that's if you're healthy, strong and in shape. If you weren't healthy, strong, and in shape you wouldn't be able to do it anyway. Hard challenge for sure. Your body would say no if you weren't strong enough like you said, but for someone who is it would be all mental, which would be very very hard.

  • Andrew Strom
    Andrew Strom 5 months ago

    Elezra aged like 30 years.

  • Lk T
    Lk T 5 months ago +1

    Franzi got dbl aces already..odds are great

  • Ricky.five.5_
    Ricky.five.5_ 7 months ago

    17:00 If your the Leader of SFY and your making decisions like this. I would definitely leave SFY and follow Daniel. He made Berkey look like an idiot.

  • Robert Piatt
    Robert Piatt 8 months ago +2

    Played with nick Wright @ resorts world catskill...hes a nice guy

  • Terry Gibson
    Terry Gibson 6 months ago

    С этими ласт спинами тебе прям повезло) но везет тому кто везет) ахахах

  • Francisco Vasquez
    Francisco Vasquez 6 months ago

    Cap 5. A bad day at the office for Elezra...

    • Francisco Vasquez
      Francisco Vasquez 6 months ago

      oops... I forgot to stay until the end of the episode

    • Sinisa Cucancic
      Sinisa Cucancic 6 months ago

      @Francisco Vasquez Isnt he suppose to be Persona Non Grata in poker community? I am not following poker last 5 years though.

  • Rafal Kordys
    Rafal Kordys 6 months ago

    with all due respect but Helmuth should play with these sort of amateures all the time to teach them how many outs they have and tell all these forbidden stories from poker world.

  • Shridhar LifeSchool
    Shridhar LifeSchool 8 months ago +6

    9:13:28 This was insane!

    • Scott Premo
      Scott Premo 7 months ago

      The card readers are wrong sometimes

    • Jonathan
      Jonathan 7 months ago

      Nah Graham is new to poker he didn’t know he was good. I saw him make a wait a second…face after too

  • Shaun Freeman
    Shaun Freeman 5 months ago

    99% think Hellmuth is the greatest 😂😂😂😂😂

  • JBitzz
    JBitzz 7 months ago +1

    Someone needs to clip Ted Cruz doing the "Phil H rage" out of context

  • Tyler Fabish
    Tyler Fabish 7 months ago

    Bro when I get pocket 4s in the big blind I am going all in every time.

    • Andre
      Andre 7 months ago

      sir feel free to come join my games

    • Kyle Brawner
      Kyle Brawner 7 months ago

      And that's why you comment on poker sites instead of playing in poker sites

    • Tyler Fabish
      Tyler Fabish 7 months ago

      @Andre bro in tournaments

    • JC MCgee
      JC MCgee 4 months ago

      @Tyler Fabish so you flip your tournament life every time you get a pocket pair?

  • TheChronographer
    TheChronographer 17 days ago

    I hate when they 'run it twice'. At least run it 3 times so it wont just undo the hand half the time.

    TRIBAL WAR 7 months ago +1

    Good sportsmanship for running it out 4 times on the river with ya boat.

  • okoto
    okoto 7 months ago

    Pokerstars is now booming

  • kristoffer nilsson
    kristoffer nilsson 7 months ago

    How the hell can you fold TT like helmuth did vs Richardson with that small amount left on the river, guess only the best in the world would do such a move without having any kind of read on the other player even though he tried telling everyone rofl.

  • Alena Melnikova
    Alena Melnikova 6 months ago

    Как же вы все это делаете? Я пробовал залететь, играл где-то час и всего лишь вышел в ноль(((

  • Susanne Abrams
    Susanne Abrams 5 months ago

    No announcer. The best known face in poker is sitting directly to the left of Hellmuth.

  • Andrew Ellis
    Andrew Ellis 6 months ago

    Bothers me that Landon said 2nd nut flush when it was the 4th technically 🤣

    • Andrew Ellis
      Andrew Ellis 6 months ago

      Well 5th if you want to consider all 3 straight flush possibilities

  • Justin Uren
    Justin Uren 7 months ago

    Thanks for this

  • Bennett Davy
    Bennett Davy Month ago

    Anyone know why Stephan folded his AK winner against hellmuth when they were showing down?

  • Tom Tomod
    Tom Tomod 7 months ago

    ep. 7 he was trying to think about bryn kenney.

  • B Prince
    B Prince 7 months ago +1

    How come when a out is folded by another player, it's still listed as a out on the graphic?

    • jaja Fisher
      jaja Fisher 6 months ago +1

      Always been this way and I don't care for it either

  • Fopenplop
    Fopenplop Month ago

    Hilarious that this was only 7 months ago and Nick Wright's controversial (at least at this table) opinions on NFTs and the "metaverse" have been proven obviously true. Understanding statistics is no replacement for having a bullshit detector.

  • c.w. B O G U S
    c.w. B O G U S 7 months ago

    6:27:46 Why did Aguiar fold the Queen and Jack of Clubs here?

  • JeremyCuddles
    JeremyCuddles 5 months ago

    Franzi completely ruined that first table by bitching about Daniels non-stop. Even referenced it later in episode 5. Lol.

  • 33 34
    33 34 7 months ago +1

    are they skipping parts of the original live poker game, the video seems pressed and choppy its hard to follow the action and lots of unconcerned table talk is okay but lots of noise.

  • Vladimir Janjanin
    Vladimir Janjanin 7 months ago +3

    hellmuth short stacking in an amateur lineup and then sitting there with 1k chips is beyond pathetic.

    • Key YT
      Key YT 7 months ago


    • Despond
      Despond 4 months ago

      Yeah cause poker never has swings.

  • Bringin Funny
    Bringin Funny 6 months ago

    3:24:48 Toronto hasn't made a conference finals Nick (WRONG) Wright? This season was aired in 2021. Toronto won it's first conference title and NBA Championship in 2019. Allrightythen sir 😂😂😂

  • newman
    newman 7 months ago

    Chapters by hand by hand is good

  • arrowheadzzz
    arrowheadzzz 7 months ago +1

    First couple of episodes were really good with top players and dgens, and then came PH's friends (no further comments needed) followed by a showing of "recreational players" to put it politely, showing a mentality and skill set of a corner casino 1-2 game. What's the point of such low quality episodes?

    • Pumudu Madde
      Pumudu Madde 7 months ago

      i enjoyed it. botez, mrbeast are good crowd pullers too.

  • Christian
    Christian Month ago

    Anyways im watching this 11 hour video but when i focused on the nurses they wanna say how delsuional i am and the rest the patients arent

  • Robert Kilpela
    Robert Kilpela 7 months ago +1

    When a player at the table is telling an interesting story the HOSTS should shut the heck up. I love the player interactions, the hosts may have interesting stories also, so they can start a blog, not talk over the players.

  • Wei Jing Burr
    Wei Jing Burr 3 months ago

    Cobb Salad is an Elite salad because it's almost not Salad. It's the salad for people who eat meat. Next Level Salad is what is.

  • NicksMySon1970
    NicksMySon1970 7 months ago +1

    Did anyone notice the dealer burn 2 cards on the river??? 2:25

    • Mike D.
      Mike D. 6 months ago

      Looks like there was a card there already that she just moved and then burned

  • ITube4RealFun
    ITube4RealFun 7 months ago

    Weak stacks for this stake.

  • TangLung LUNG
    TangLung LUNG 7 months ago

    Phil Helmut got wrecked with his J8

  • IntoCloudKicking
    IntoCloudKicking 7 months ago

    Running the cards out twice or more is not poker.

  • Eric Wenschlag
    Eric Wenschlag 4 months ago

    Dude Franzi got baby teeth - I can't unsee it

  • Jbsdhhg
    Jbsdhhg 7 months ago

    Hey Negreanu is that your coach no wonder!

  • OGRE !!!!
    OGRE !!!! 7 months ago

    the only acceptable commentators for poker are joe stapleton ali newhatever nick shulman joey ingram gabe kaplan or the late mike sexton if it isnt them its gonna suck period

  • Mavericks 2K
    Mavericks 2K 5 months ago

    Bro's taking a picture with doyle before he kicks the bucket 🤐

  • Karl leppik
    Karl leppik 6 months ago

    Блин, какие же тут безумные шансы)) я просто фигею с этого сайта!

  • George Caulfield
    George Caulfield 5 months ago

    The best holdem players dont limp in all the time, so no, Phil Hellmuth, you are not the best.
    His lack of aggression causes him to get bullied and outdrawn all the time.
    Then we get the ole Phil Hellmuth blowup.

    • william julianelle
      william julianelle 4 months ago

      He knows that, but this is a tv cash game. Top players limp in tv cash games all the time to make it more exciting and encourage other players to enter the pots. I'm sure you have seen that happen with many of the top guys before. No one gets invited to the tv cash games if they play tight and raise only the correct hands. Part of being a good poker player is understanding how to get invited to the games where you have the biggest edge. The players who play the best poker never make the most money, in fact a lot are broke or have been broke. They usually are just grinding against each other, making small profits. Having said all that, you're right about Phil not being the best. Phil is actually not a great cash game player at all, but not for the reason you mentioned. Phil is one of the best tournament players though in certain formats, although he's not good at high rollers though. He's one of the best at WSOP tourneys with amateurs.

  • Liam Neville Violist
    Liam Neville Violist 8 months ago

    Oh yeah, you *totally* dodged that camera at 8:24:04 .....

  • Adrián Herceg
    Adrián Herceg 3 months ago

    Parenteau nicely built the pot on the turn to just shove 10k into 11k.
    She bets 5k 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
    And then checks the river... Lost 5k in value... 🤦🏻‍♂️
    How many 6s Maria has on that river? 0?
    Please invite real poker players next time... Mariano, Spraggy, Doug Polk, Andrew Neeme, Brad Owen, Rampage... Those are players who actually have a plan throught the hand and not Eli, who can play in the field with Hellmuth and other old schoolers....

  • T. Hymas
    T. Hymas 4 months ago

    Hellmuth is bit creepy with the chess champ.

  • Alana Shuster
    Alana Shuster 5 months ago

    Shocked to see Sen Cruz. Go Ted Go!

  • Raphael Henry
    Raphael Henry 7 months ago

    Even with a weak lineup Hellmuth sucks.

  • Gino Valera
    Gino Valera Month ago

    love Eli

  • SirZachariahlll
    SirZachariahlll 7 months ago +109

    So I bought my subscription for no reason. Nice job fellas.

    • TruthSpeaker
      TruthSpeaker 7 months ago +7

      How long did you have the episodes for before they uploaded this?

    • SirZachariahlll
      SirZachariahlll 7 months ago +5

      @TruthSpeaker Not even a year. Free television isn't even posted onto Clip-Share for free in that time frame.

    • Pumudu Madde
      Pumudu Madde 7 months ago

      Good job to u too my good sir.

    • Alex Peterson
      Alex Peterson 7 months ago +12

      you do know you get more than just poker after dark right?

    • SirZachariahlll
      SirZachariahlll 7 months ago +2

      @alexpeterson1438 By far the reason most people signed up. Don't be a goofball.

  • Caleb Barfield
    Caleb Barfield 6 months ago

    Why does nobody ever sit in the 7 spot?