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The Most Underrated Team of All Time?

  • Published on Oct 1, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • This is a story about "Heat Culture" and the most underrated team in NBA history.
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  • jxm lel
    jxm lel 4 months ago +2032

    Im scared of Jimmy getting hate if he loses the finals. Getting a 8th seed team that far is enough to acknowledge his greatness...

    • Johnny Cached
      Johnny Cached 4 months ago +167

      It wasn’t when Lebron did it… just saying
      Nevermind, they were a 2 seed idk what I was smoking

    • Aniruddha Bhuvanapalli
      Aniruddha Bhuvanapalli 4 months ago +69

      Because lebron is known as one of the greatest players ever

    • Jeremy Doe
      Jeremy Doe 4 months ago +24

      @Aniruddha Bhuvanapalli lebron is a bum

    • Drake Vick
      Drake Vick 4 months ago +39

      @Johnny Cached I’m bouta say, but at least you sobered up lmao

    • (R)yu(n)jin
      (R)yu(n)jin 4 months ago +24

      @Jeremy Doe he is not a bum but he kinda is getting there but hes old so its understandable.

  • Ben Sampson
    Ben Sampson 4 months ago +1238

    The Miami Heat have had one of the greatest postseason runs in NBA History. Winning a Championship will solidify them as the best underdog team of all time led by Jimmy Butler

    • 3rr1k💕Russ
      3rr1k💕Russ 4 months ago +52

      more than half the players are undrafted. if he wins, its gonna be a top 5 chip oat

    • BSKT
      BSKT 4 months ago +7

      Himmy Butler!

    • Ethan
      Ethan 4 months ago +21

      I want jimmy to get a ring that will put him down as at least top 50 all time

    • Envy 45
      Envy 45 4 months ago +5

      If they do win it it'll only be second to the mavs ring with dirk.

    • Red Gorilla
      Red Gorilla 4 months ago +10

      ​@Envy 45 ummm.. that mavs team is better than this heat team

  • Jamal Watson
    Jamal Watson 4 months ago +324

    Pat Riley heard Jimmy beating Timberwolves starters with 3rd Stringers and decided to make a team around the concept.

    • NicoPengin
      NicoPengin 4 months ago +10

      😂😂😂😂😂 💯💯💯💯

    • Thunder Fan
      Thunder Fan Month ago +1

      Ha ha 😂😂😂

  • LeveL
    LeveL 4 months ago +451

    This right here is the reason why I fell in love with the Miami Heat. This Heat Culture, that people keep talking about...It's something that you rarely see in sports nowadays. You see it in some players (such as Tom Brady in NFL for example, with his work ethic even in old age), but you never see it in an entire organization. And no matter the result in this Finals, the Heat Culture will continue to prevail.

    • Jeremy Doe
      Jeremy Doe 4 months ago +2

      casual detected

    • LeveL
      LeveL 4 months ago +12

      @Jeremy Doe ?? Casual? What from what I wrote makes you think I'm a casual fan?

    • Rafa Allegretti
      Rafa Allegretti 4 months ago +16

      ​@Jeremy Doe are you a ranked fan to call others casual fans?

    • Yashiro
      Yashiro 4 months ago +5

      @Jeremy Doeclown detected

    • tnsle
      tnsle 4 months ago +4

      im a Laker fan but i agree with this. Heat organization and their culture is exceptional. they come to put in work and have a great leader in Jimmy Butler.

  • VIVE
    VIVE 4 months ago +185

    This is a real 8th seed too. Full 82 game season, no big trades, and struggled all year until the playoffs where they turned it all the way up. Greatest underdog story in sports history, if they win.

    • Brian Scalenrinie
      Brian Scalenrinie 3 months ago +3

      Even if they don’t it’s still cool

    • James Kelman
      James Kelman 3 months ago +10

      Leicester City is the greatest underdog story ever in sports history. This will be a clear second if the 🔥🔥🔥 win.

    • Kevin Kusman
      Kevin Kusman 3 months ago

      I think Hollywood will make movies about this team if they win. And Jimmy will be a HOFer one day

    • Big DOGE
      Big DOGE 3 months ago

      Cool story Nuggets 🟡🔵

  • Nacht Faust
    Nacht Faust 4 months ago +139

    If they manage to win it all, this Miami Heat run deserves a movie

    • Big DOGE
      Big DOGE 3 months ago

      Yeah cool story bro Nuggets movie now 🟡🔵

    • DisneyPlusMember
      DisneyPlusMember 2 months ago

      @Big DOGE for what they didn't do anything spectacular

    • t ru
      t ru Month ago

      @Big DOGEPretty mid finals run the only crazy team that they beat was the suns

    • cat
      cat 28 days ago

      @Big DOGE what they do

    • Big DOGE
      Big DOGE 28 days ago

      @cat sad boi Heat fan?

  • Vanilla Thunder
    Vanilla Thunder 4 months ago +35

    Riley finding and mentoring Erik Spoelstra is one of the best moves in NBA history. Tonight marks his 6th visit to the finals…that puts him up there with some pretty rare company. His rise from “video guy” to NBA champion is unprecedented.

  • Sebastian Porras
    Sebastian Porras 4 months ago +89

    I'm a huge celtics fan, even went to game two, never understood why the heat were able to do what they did. Thank you, I can finally understand why they were the better team

    • Jaxson Bateman
      Jaxson Bateman 4 months ago +9

      Feels like a combination of culture and coaching was the cause of the Bucks and Celtics losing (meanwhile the Knicks were a lot closer to the Heat in terms of raw talent). Both the Bucks and C's definitely had way more talent in their rotation, but potential doesn't matter as much as execution.

    • John Bustamante
      John Bustamante 4 months ago +6

      @Jaxson Bateman Facts! Boston definitely had more raw talent but their strategy of just shooting the ball wasn't going to cut it. Heat in six!

    • TheHamburgler123
      TheHamburgler123 3 months ago +1

      @John Bustamante I have to think that the abrupt change in coaching had something to do with it. Mazzulla was given the reins right before the season started. We'll have to see how they do next year after a full summer of new coaching.

  • Dynasty
    Dynasty 4 months ago +200

    underestimated for sure.. everyone was convinced it'd be Milwaukee, Boston, or Philly in the finals.. but the HEAT have a superstar, role players that are dawgs, the best coach in the NBA, and a great culture.. it'll be tough to beat Denver but it wouldn't shock me if they beat Denver and win the chip 💯

    • rickyricardo2006
      rickyricardo2006 4 months ago +13

      Funny thing is, no one trusted the nuggets to get to the finals either. Everyone had suns and lakers way above them.
      Even when jokic had a historic first game, the media was praising rui and the tactic to stop Denver. It was really frustrating hearing all that noice

    • indominus Rex 9
      indominus Rex 9 4 months ago

      The denver nuggets are too good they ain't losing to no team call the Miami heat and the denver nuggets will win the championship

    • Dawon
      Dawon 4 months ago

      They’re not role players, they’re Teammates 💯.

    • Jeremy Fulgar
      Jeremy Fulgar 3 months ago

      ​​@indominus Rex 9after game 2...😂😂😂

    • indominus Rex 9
      indominus Rex 9 3 months ago

      @Jeremy Fulgar bro be quite I don't care if the Nuggets lost game 2 they are going to win game 3

  • Bryan Moore
    Bryan Moore 4 months ago +72

    As a bulls fan I’m so happy for Jimmy and the Miami heat. I will be cheering for the heat in the finals!

  • Drake Vick
    Drake Vick 4 months ago +248

    All I’mma say is that if Jimmy wins a ring, we’re gonna need to have some uncomfortable conversations…
    Also, if they do win it all, it’s the greatest ring of all time, surpassing Dirk’s in terms of underdog-ness and level of difficulty

    • Blazedoutlaw
      Blazedoutlaw 4 months ago +53

      Kipsters it will most definitely surpass dirk’s ring.

    • Erik Sutton
      Erik Sutton 4 months ago +32

      ​@Kipsters man stop.. Dallas was 3rd seed and was a good team with HOFs.. This Miami team would be considered a gleague team.

    • Daniel Alvizo
      Daniel Alvizo 4 months ago +8

      Kipsters bro stop it’s literally Jimmy butler, bam adebayo, and a bunch of g leaguers

    • Benson Hsu
      Benson Hsu 4 months ago +24

      Kipsters Oladipo injured, Herro injured until Finals, Washed Kevin Love, Lowry in the twilight of his career, Jimmy, Bam, and undrafted players. How does last year have to do with this year? By the way 2009-20010 Mavericks were the 2 Seed and 2010-2011 they were the 3rd seed when they won the chip. Horrible point.

  • A B
    A B 4 months ago +160

    If my Heat win the finals. This would be the greatest underdog story in NBA history. We weren’t favored in any series. Maybe knicks. And we had 4 undrafted players playing key roles.

    • Orlando Williamson
      Orlando Williamson 4 months ago +4

      They didn't think we would be at the Knicks too they were 3rd seed I believe

    • Bone
      Bone 4 months ago +4

      Knicks were the betting favorites before the series as well

    • vincent
      vincent 4 months ago +1

      @Bone I agree knicks were the favorites but I always kinda knew we were going to beat the knicks but not bucks and Celtics tho. We’ll get it done in the finals

    • Blesseslabastard
      Blesseslabastard 4 months ago +2

      i want da heat to win real niggas kno jimmy buckets been killin since da bulls

  • Toad
    Toad 4 months ago +22

    So much respect for the heat, the epitome of hard work

  • Wilson Du
    Wilson Du 4 months ago +67

    This is one of the most inspirational videos I have ever seen. A must share!! Thank you for making this!

    • atg13
      atg13 4 months ago

      Blah blah blah

  • Tanner Aitken
    Tanner Aitken 3 months ago +5

    As a nuggets fan I’m not gonna lie I wouldn’t have been shocked if this team took us to game 7. they were way better than anyone ever gave them credit for and only the nuggets were capable of doing what they did. It literally took a historically great team to beat them in the finals. don’t think anybody else would have stopped them

  • Corey Washington
    Corey Washington 4 months ago +18

    That’s why I wasn’t even mad that the Celtics lost to them because I knew it would be a tough series overall. I always said the heat are a dark horse contender in the east. I don’t care who wins this finals but I’m leaning more towards Jimmy because I want him to get a ring

  • Fk
    Fk 3 months ago +2

    I didn’t know the Miami culture was that deep. The whole franchise sounds like jimmy’s mentality on the court and I love that

  • daniel yanez
    daniel yanez 4 months ago +46

    I knew mimi was going to get this far from the beginning of the season. Why? because last year they were 1st seed, 1st 3 point shooters, one of the best defenses, they where one bucket away from the finals and they are basically the same team but with better additions. It baffled me so hard how vegas gave the heat a 1 to 200 chance of becoming champions so hard that it made me bet on miami. for the first time in my life I placed a bet on a team to be champions before the playoffs, after the bulls game in the playins when the odds where 1 to 200 put 60 bucks. If miami becomes champions I would make 12,000 bucks. You need to love miami and really be immerse in this team to fully understand what this team was capable, during regular season they really didn't try hard enough, but I noticed they elevated their game against toughest teams and we lost a bunch of games against crappy teams, it's like we suffer ADD we don't care unless there is a challenge and that gave me the confidence to know that our record wasn't telling the whole story, like we lost so many games against the magic, hornets and other crappy teams. We also had a lot of injuries during regular season butler and adebayo missed so many games and the media didn't even mention it. All in all there where a lot of reasons to believe that the 8th seed was really misleading but nobody saw the signals but a few people. Lastly i think Jimmy butler and the rest of the team realized that being 1st seed means nothing, they where 1st seed last season and it didn't help to become champions, I think this year the goal was mainly to stay as healthy as possible. That's why it was so hard breaking to lose Herro and Oladipo right at the beginning of the playoffs but the team was able to manage.

    • Harapan
      Harapan 4 months ago +8

      easy to say that now

    • daniel yanez
      daniel yanez 4 months ago +1

      @Harapan I mean nothing is for granted but when you have a hunch you have a hunch. I never bet, im no that type of guy, but the fact that went out of my way to put some money proves that at the very least I did believe in my hunch.

    • daniel yanez
      daniel yanez 4 months ago +2

      and honestly it was backed up by pure common sense man. Who the fucks does the odds anyway who gives a team who was in the finals 3 years ago, who almost went to the finals last year a 1 to 200 chance? I mean to put it in perspective they where giving better odds to every other team !!!! to all the 8 teams in the west and the other 7 teams in the east, its complete nonsense thats why I had to bet I knew the analytics where just plain wrong.

    • Jaxson Bateman
      Jaxson Bateman 4 months ago

      @daniel yanez At what point exactly were they 200 to 1? I really can't imagine that was the case pre-season, but after they started poorly and failed to ever really get going, I could see those being the odds (and fairly justified too). You can't judge teams on how they played in previous years; you can only judge them based on how they're playing in the present - and during the season, you would've judge the Heat fairly as a, say, 200 to 1 underdog.

    • daniel yanez
      daniel yanez 4 months ago

      @Jaxson Bateman I was waiting for the right moment to place my bet, and right after the bulls playin game they where 1 to 200.

  • Marcy
    Marcy 4 months ago +57

    I want Himmy Butler to win so bad. My guy deserves a ring. He isn’t a legend yet, but I know he will be. Or at least I want him to be.

    • AdamBball
      AdamBball 4 months ago +14

      He is a legend to me already to matter what anyone says about him

    • Marc Regal
      Marc Regal 4 months ago +2

      He WILL be

    • Jaxson Bateman
      Jaxson Bateman 4 months ago +5

      Gonna out myself as a nerd here, but we love Jimmy for the same reason that we love Rock Lee from Naruto. Dude doesn't have as much talent as others, but he's a genius of hard work.

    • Kleatise
      Kleatise 4 months ago +2

      @Jaxson Bateman w for the Naruto reference. I’ll say I love anyone that’s willing to work like jimmy no matter the talent level. Jimmy is much more talented than many in the world, like everyone else on his own team.

    • Big DOGE
      Big DOGE 3 months ago

      Na Joker more deserving 🟡🔵

  • Shaun Boyle
    Shaun Boyle 4 months ago +4

    Such a well done video!! Love this kind of basketball. The loyalty that Miami has to their coaches is rare in a league where coaches become more like used tissue paper.

  • Richard Smyth
    Richard Smyth 4 months ago +15

    Really enjoy your team's work, thanks for putting this together.

  • Sonny
    Sonny 4 months ago +12

    how can you not root for heat. Pure fighters

  • Cory
    Cory 4 months ago +23

    All I can think about is 2 years ago of him hunched over.. also last year when we was 2 more inches away from playing Golden State. The injuries all season, the doubt from all the writes & spokespeople. Wasnt we “supposed” to be out aganist Milwaukee? Get swept? Y’all saying the same exact thing now aganist Denver. We been doubted all year, it’s okay keep doubting. Let’s Go Heat!

  • Stephen Sunday
    Stephen Sunday 4 months ago +15

    AWESOME VIDEO! If you guys can make more of these types of breakdowns of organizations and teams, I’ll watch every one of them.

  • zwaldemar
    zwaldemar 3 months ago

    My favorite team for so many years! Even before the big three I always loved Heat. I hope so much they can pull this off against the Nuggets, but even if they don't - damn I'm proud of these guys. And I'm not even American. GO HEAT!

  • Shenae LeGrand
    Shenae LeGrand 3 months ago +3

    This is SO good! “Jimmy and the rest of the rejects” 🎯 I adore them all! I’m their digital godmother 😅 it’s always exciting to see who will shine next. ie Caleb’s been sick for two games, will he get his spark back? Will lil Nikola Jovic get some real minutes? 😂 I love seeing his smile when he’s finally on the floor. Max on defense is a killah. And Gabe’s confidence is unmatched. Game 3 in Miami here we come 🎉 Let’s GO Heat.

  • E G
    E G 4 months ago +8

    Man spo is the definition of hardwork, dedication and sacrifice and consistency and saying yes!I can learn a lot.

  • Captain 789
    Captain 789 4 months ago +87

    Nuggets maybe the overwhelming favourites ,and they have jokic and murray . But damn im rooting for my heat, we have beat the 2 best teams of the season already, we can do this.

    • Matt
      Matt 4 months ago +1

      Miami is too lucky Tatum got injured

    • Dan Michael Bucoy
      Dan Michael Bucoy 4 months ago +16

      ​@Matt was Tatum injured games 1-3?

    • zezeison
      zezeison 4 months ago +1

      We will win 🏆🏀🔥

    • Hazey Swayze
      Hazey Swayze 4 months ago

      Giannis was also hurt

    • Matt
      Matt 4 months ago

      @Dan Michael Bucoy what's with game 1-3🤣 wre talking 7🤣

  • JM_E
    JM_E 3 months ago +2

    This video gave me goosebumps. As a heat fan, i love how the team’s culture and history was brought to light. I do hope more people would appreciate Heat Culture after watching this

    • Ruv S
      Ruv S 3 months ago +2

      Yea same. We were a play in that was up 3-0 to the Celtics but still had like a 3% chance of winning. Wtf


    All the best for the Heat. Let's get that championship!

  • Jonathan Ikeda
    Jonathan Ikeda 4 months ago +5

    I notice that Miami Heat players have a good shape with a high stamina. Bam has a lot of muscle in his best shape body. It would be a very interesting game. I look forward to it.

  • Tucker Kempwait
    Tucker Kempwait 4 months ago +4

    I was 11 when bron went to the heat and I can’t deny I was a bandwagon (I still always thought dwade was the franchise guy bc let’s be real who didn’t) but since I’ve become a blazers/pelicans fan and I look at this current heat team and it’s the most hyped I’ve been for a team since 2011 I like jokic but I really really want to see the heat take a dub it would be the greatest story of all time and Jimmy deserves a ring with how hard he works

  • m mclaughlin
    m mclaughlin 4 months ago +8

    Bro this is a seriously good video and is truly inspiring, fantastic job.🔥🔥🔥

  • Jaxson Bateman
    Jaxson Bateman 4 months ago +6

    Heat culture is going straight to Denver from Boston after game 7 in order to get as acclimatized as possible to the higher altitutde. It's only a day or two extra they'll be there, but they aren't messing around.
    Also a fun fact: they booked the plane *before* game 7, as though they were confident of the win. Admittedly it wouldn't have taken much to redirect the plane to Miami had they lost, but the positivity is much better with their next destination scheduled as Denver.

  • Rodney Beck
    Rodney Beck 3 months ago

    Proud of my heat I didn’t think we would be the Celtics but they proved me wrong there hopefully we’ll make a comeback now in the finals

  • Joe Casiple
    Joe Casiple 4 months ago +2

    This finals is so far my most satisfying NBA finals. Full of underdogs hustling their way to the top. I'll be satisfied whoever wins the championship this season.

  • vincent vargas
    vincent vargas 3 months ago

    I loved this documentary regarding the Heat franchise. Because I believe it too, without sacrifice there is absolutely NO victory.

  • Just Naigre
    Just Naigre 4 months ago +5

    This is absolutely underated vids I've watch. You really did your work very well. Digging every inch of them.... bravo amigo 👏👏👏

  • lrumramatia
    lrumramatia 4 months ago +2

    heads and front office of an organization is really where winning starts from.. just like the warriors, lakers, boston or spurs.. if the leadership and culture is on the right direction everything will fall into what it deserve and what it shud be.. hope portland takes note and lands a good org leader too.. miami is truly amazing..

  • Tankotee
    Tankotee 4 months ago +7

    A good team is generally stronger than a collective of talented individuals.

  • Kanye West
    Kanye West 4 months ago +12

    Forever mad we fumbled martin, i use to love seeing the two brothers playing on our team, even if they didnt do the best they were cool players to me due to them being on the same team

  • G G
    G G 4 months ago

    It's so interesting to see that Miami Heat were probably the least liked team in 2011,fighting against the ultimate underdog and now in 2023 they are the biggest underdogs. This went full circle. Hopefully this Heat team gets the chip.

  • august
    august 4 months ago

    as a Giannis fan, i was scared when i knew we will face the Heat instead of the Bulls. Actually, i was scared when they lost to the Hawks.
    Some even replied on my comment the "Bukcs in 4" or "Sweep".
    And Giannis getting hurt didn't help either.

  • Nothemba Jozi
    Nothemba Jozi Month ago

    As a Giannis and consequently a Milwaukee Bucks supporter as soon as Miami won the play in I had PTSD from the time they obliterated us in the bubble. I wasn't surprised and as soon as Giannis went down I expected an embarrassing defeat. Jimmy Butler is something words can't define. I love him even though I hate him!

  • WeArePennState76
    WeArePennState76 4 months ago +1

    This is just further proof that you can’t let players, superstars or not, run your franchise. After one Finals loss in which your top player underperformed, he wanted them out. One of the best things Riley did was say NO. He hired him, firmly believed in him, and knew his work ethic. Lebron would probably love to have Spoelstra with the Lakers right now. BTW, I don’t hate superstars and supporting them, you just can’t let them run the show because they can and will bail on you at any moment.

  • Simpaciaga
    Simpaciaga 4 months ago +1

    Breathtaking, never knew Heat were so intense and emotional about playing

  • Veetour
    Veetour 4 months ago +7

    Great video. Love seeing the background of this Heat work culture.

  • Santeley Ebosele
    Santeley Ebosele 4 months ago +3

    Nonstop never disappoints

  • Alexei Brewster
    Alexei Brewster 2 months ago

    I'm not even a die hard Heat fan and they're my one of favourite sports teams ever, such a great culture 😊

  • jaquaves
    jaquaves 3 months ago +1

    this video really opened my eyes to the miami heat, i never really had a favorite team to begin with but after watching this video i got nothing but respect and admiration for heat culture!

    • Big DOGE
      Big DOGE 3 months ago

      Forgot about the nuggets tho 🟡🔵

    • jaquaves
      jaquaves 3 months ago

      @Big DOGE havent seen any videos on their moto so idk

    • Big DOGE
      Big DOGE 3 months ago

      @jaquaves Heat Moto is to lose even with the refs help 💀😂

    • jaquaves
      jaquaves 3 months ago

      @Big DOGE bro is basing the heat moto on one series, look at the bigger picture dawg

    • Big DOGE
      Big DOGE 3 months ago

      @jaquaves I am Nuggets are the bigger picture who gives a fuck about the heat they lost 😂💀 should’ve taken a look at Nuggets Nation if you really wanted to see some great Team play

  • Gggremlin
    Gggremlin 4 months ago

    I personally believe that Russell Westbrook can thrive in this kind of environment. He's competitive, hardworker, and he put his 100% in every game

  • Under the Radar
    Under the Radar 4 months ago +2

    I always thought that this Miami team is special❤ Hope they win the 'ship!

    • Big DOGE
      Big DOGE 3 months ago

      Na bro Nugz Nation 🟡🔵

  • Galunggong Gaming
    Galunggong Gaming 4 months ago

    What a well made video, man. Better than big sports network docus I've seen.

  • Meh
    Meh 4 months ago

    The epitome of both the meaninglessness of the regular season once play offs start and hard works beats talent. As much as people clown the guy Udonis seems like a good dude and a solid team mate to have on your side.

  • Nuno 193
    Nuno 193 3 months ago

    I hope they win. I wanna see Jimmy and Kyle with a ring!

  • Donny Hui
    Donny Hui 3 months ago

    This video motivated me to work harder. Hardwork beat talents!

  • Angelo Manzi
    Angelo Manzi 3 months ago

    This video was so well made, you just earned yourself a subscriber.

  • Ian Middaugh
    Ian Middaugh 4 months ago

    I’m not really sure how I feel about using the 8th seed point in this argument, this is a team that struggled in the regular season and hit their stride later on. If they were in peak form the entire season they wouldn’t be seen as the underdogs that they are being portrayed as

  • isaias ojeda
    isaias ojeda 4 months ago +1

    I feel bad for jimmy and the heat because no matter how hard they try, they get hated on especially if they lose the finals against a complete team like the nuggs

  • Watson SHIA
    Watson SHIA 3 months ago

    As much as I love to hear about the heat culture. I just want other people to hate them. It fuels their desire and passion even more and they are loving turning hate into heat. 🔥

  • No One
    No One 4 months ago +33

    Now Zion should be traded here. He needs a coach to work him out so he can lose all that extra weight and learn heat code.

    • EL_Negro_Hombre
      EL_Negro_Hombre 4 months ago +9

      Zion on the heat would be lethal 🤔

    • Nhật Ngô
      Nhật Ngô 4 months ago

      Also Ben Simmons to

    • atg13
      atg13 4 months ago

      Heat code🤣🤣🤣🤣🤡

    • No One
      No One 4 months ago +1

      @EL_Negro_Hombre exactly, a fat explosive forward getting trained well is scary.

  • Somato
    Somato 4 months ago

    hey nonstop, this may be one of your BEST videos ever. my respect for the Heat quadrupled.

  • mt93
    mt93 4 months ago +52

    I think the O4 Pistons were even more underrated. That victory was not expected at all

    • Code RedHoops
      Code RedHoops 4 months ago +14

      Yea def underrated but you got think ik people pick the pistons to atleast go to finals or eastern conference finals no one pick the heat besides heat fans to even past the first round . The heat was a underdog in every series they went in

    • Rob B
      Rob B 4 months ago +5

      the 04 pistons were so stacked with wing and star players that they passed the chance to pick carmelo Anthony in 2003.

    • D X
      D X 4 months ago +3

      they literally had 3 all star players and prince was a nba all defensive player….

  • Alfred Paz
    Alfred Paz 3 months ago

    I think this should be a trend now, A long tenured Exec and Head Coach developing a teams culture. Case in point Coach Spo and Coach Malone in the recent Finals

  • Mr.Dr.Prof. Stonerman
    Mr.Dr.Prof. Stonerman 4 months ago

    or this just goes to show that Eric Spoelstra actually knows how to coach an team of NBA players and should be regarded as one of the greatest coaches in the NBA

  • The Ecom Ninja
    The Ecom Ninja 3 months ago

    You can't hate the Heat. I'm rooting for them to get the chip this year.

  • jbmp1390
    jbmp1390 4 months ago

    I'd argue that the Nuggets, despite their standing in the conference this year, have been just as underrated as this Heat team, definitely when it comes to the wider NBA and fans also. The Nuggets have been CONSISTENTLY overlooked, clowned on or straight up ignored/forgotten by most. I've been a Nugs fan for a large part of my life now so I know what I'm talking about a little bit at least.

    • Statiic
      Statiic 4 months ago

      Yeah maybe overlooked and underrated In the past but we are talking about THIS season, that’s a great joke 😂 nuggets are not underrated or overlooked at all right now, matter of fact everybody is scared of them, they are no where near as underrated as the Miami Heat right now

  • G
    G 3 months ago

    Proud Heat fan since the bubble! This is our time! Lets go heaaaat!

  • Naxireal
    Naxireal 4 months ago

    Gotta say as a lapsed NBA and Heat fan this is the team I want to see. Sick of the pampered blue chippers, a team full of overlooked scrappers winning the finals is exactly what the league needs.

  • Michael Nguyen
    Michael Nguyen 4 months ago +3

    Well the Nuggets turned them into an average team in game 1, so let’s story continue 😢GO Nuggets

  • William Davis
    William Davis 4 months ago

    "I'll take Hard Work over Talent any day" Ray Allen HOF speech 2019

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    Ghost Of Sochima 4 months ago

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  • timhoward5
    timhoward5 4 months ago +3

    *Yes, the 2023 Miami Heat team is CLEARLY, the most underrated team of all time.*

  • iamcosmos
    iamcosmos 4 months ago +1

    Miami heat us what basketball should be ❤

  • Dan Cesc Villon
    Dan Cesc Villon  4 months ago

    I'm not even a basketball fan lol but they have my respect man, as the saying goes " It pays to be a winner "

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    Alexander Brown 4 months ago +7

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    Jose Mandujano 4 months ago +4

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    • Oliver Delica
      Oliver Delica 4 months ago

      Honestly this is why I also rooted for the Lakers. Not because of lebron and ad. They were done 2-10 in the regular season's start.
      But no use of mentioning them now as they're off the playoffs

  • Sega S
    Sega S 4 months ago +2

    That’s why LeBron was in his physical peak during his heat days

  • Johnny S.
    Johnny S. 4 months ago +1

    Wow I had no idea how legit the heat culture is. Respect it big time

  • Ivan Bautista
    Ivan Bautista 4 months ago +1

    I hate to say it but I really love the Nuggets to win to the Finals, I hope the heat will still go to the finals next year, I just want Jokic to piss off the media

  • They Call Me DOM
    They Call Me DOM 4 months ago

    People never talk about the Heat starting 11-30 and finishing 30-11.

  • Elias Tekleselassie
    Elias Tekleselassie 4 months ago

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    Uasakura 4 months ago +5

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  • MV
    MV 4 months ago

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  • Chris Stephens
    Chris Stephens 4 months ago +1

    Well now I want them to win lol. I wanted the Nuggets to win, but dammit if this video didn't make me wanna be a Heat fan.

  • Rome Makes
    Rome Makes 4 months ago

    1000% the most underrated team I’ve ever seen they get no respect for beating who they beat it’s always framed like the other team messed up… 4 whole times.

  • Tony sin
    Tony sin 4 months ago +2

    Nuggets i think is too tough to beat, but i want the miami to win this season

    SUTEFU 3 months ago

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    Pam Diamante 3 months ago

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    EasyMoneyRad 4 months ago

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  • Apoorv Singh
    Apoorv Singh Month ago

    Pat riley really won at everything man as a coach as a player as a gm like bro completed all side quests

  • Benjamin Speer
    Benjamin Speer 4 months ago +2

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    Sterling Tong 4 months ago

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  • Robert Andrade
    Robert Andrade 3 months ago

    My philosophy is that you don't motivate players with speeches; you have motivated players that you draft. That's where they come in, and those are the guys that are competitive. You can not teach competitiveness.
    Phil Jackson

  • Johnny Montalvo
    Johnny Montalvo 4 months ago

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