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Pedro Pascal Cries From His Head While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Mar 8, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Pedro Pascal is an actor you know from a string of massive global hits over the last decade, including Game of Thrones, Narcos, and The Last of Us. Currently, he stars in the much anticipated third season of The Mandalorian, streaming now on Disney+. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as Pascal takes on the wings of death and talks about epic on-screen deaths, working with Baby Yoda, and his unapologetic take on Mexican food in New York City.
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast  2 months ago +53383

    Thumbs up if you want to see Baby Yoda take on the wings of death.

    • Sanskar Wagley
      Sanskar Wagley 2 months ago +514

      He’d demolish all 10

    • theultimategamersterrazas
      theultimategamersterrazas 2 months ago +231

      Invite matpat

    • nintenmetro
      nintenmetro 2 months ago +136

      I think he’d want more than 10.

    • Rodin d’Orsay
      Rodin d’Orsay 2 months ago +30

      Pass, just do another stranger things kid or something

    • OddOneOut665
      OddOneOut665 2 months ago +62

      Gael Garcia Bernal
      Diego Luna
      Oscar Isaac
      Antonio Banderas
      And most importantly......

  • hank pank
    hank pank 2 months ago +52349

    Pedro is quickly reaching Keanu levels of universally loved by everyone

    • Kelli Franklin
      Kelli Franklin 2 months ago +942

      Definitely! I completely agree with that!

    • Joellen Lu
      Joellen Lu 2 months ago +2062

      They're both humble, genuinely good dudes, so it's not a coincidence that one is the internet's bf and the other is the internet's dad(dy)

    • Ron
      Ron 2 months ago +319

      Never thought of it that way, but I think you are right!

    • AdlockHungry
      AdlockHungry 2 months ago +126

      Agreed! And deservedly so, at that! 👍🏻

    • Travel Addict
      Travel Addict 2 months ago +188

      I like him more than keanu

  • Dally
    Dally 2 months ago +1730

    Sean is the ONLY interviewer I know who constantly have guests asking things like “how the F did you know that you’re the first person to ask me that”. Shows just how good Sean is. Mans always does his research.

    • Glytcho
      Glytcho Month ago +175

      Check out Nardwuar, Then you'll know 2

    • Crystalee Mejia
      Crystalee Mejia Month ago +42

      Yess watch Nardwaur too🙌🏽

    • Cheff Boyaryeezy
      Cheff Boyaryeezy Month ago +27

      Nardwuar's interviews are just that

    • shokes
      shokes Month ago +10

      Talk Easy podcast, as well! They talked to Pedro a year ago about the south coast prep school that Sean brought up, so idk why Pedro was surprised 😆

    • Made Of Honor
      Made Of Honor 22 days ago +8

      you CLEARLY have never seen a Nardwuar interview.

  • Emily Paul
    Emily Paul 2 months ago +3910

    The way he turned to the different cameras in the end and talked about how much pain he was in instead of promoting his own projects😅

    • Max Comix
      Max Comix Month ago +45

      i don't think he's trying to keep any projects secret i think he really just wanted to let loose and connect with his fans and that is wholesome :]

    • Crymble
      Crymble Month ago +8

      @Max Comix Yeah, I don't think that was implied lol
      Why would you think that? Your comment upsets me
      This is the kind of comment I think about for days to come...

    • Sun rise
      Sun rise Month ago +1

      You look pretty regardless of camera angle.

    • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Month ago +4

      @Crymble 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 WHATTTT??? YOU ARE HILARIOUS HOMIE 😂😂😂😂

    • Sky Walker
      Sky Walker Month ago +7

      Yep, that was both perfection and hilarious. Plus, his projects speaks for itself.

  • Sheila Evans
    Sheila Evans 2 months ago +2541

    Would love to have an action-comedy movie with Pedro Pascal, Keanu Reeves, and Brendan Fraser.

  • Aaron
    Aaron 2 months ago +2453

    I love the random angry "I f*cking HATE milk" 😆

  • icedmacchiato
    icedmacchiato 2 months ago +443

    His "goodbye 😃" at the end is literal golden retriever vibes. This man is so genuine and cool and goofy. I love him so much I will have a breakdown of some sorts.

  • Awesomeness
    Awesomeness 2 months ago +49224

    Let's all admit it...Pedro is the real hot one here

    • skefman
      skefman 2 months ago +811

      He’s our daddy. I hate even saying that how cringe it sounds, it’s true though.

    • Dew it
      Dew it 2 months ago +89


    • AHLAM
      AHLAM 2 months ago +290

      @skefman it is so cringey but true in the same time

    • Sarah Schimidt
      Sarah Schimidt 2 months ago +35

      yes please, gimme!

    • Nic Brone
      Nic Brone 2 months ago +12

      I got news for ya

  • Frank Viviano
    Frank Viviano Month ago +540

    How he thanked the host so graciously and sincere at the end made me cry

    • Superbike Discovery
      Superbike Discovery 8 days ago +1

      Wow yea its insane like realllly humble loving man

    • jon smith
      jon smith 6 days ago +1

      People being decent makes you cry? Did you get hugged enough as a kid?

    • Superbike Discovery
      Superbike Discovery 6 days ago +2

      @jon smith let people be bro, its haed to see genuine nice warming celebrities, and we did in this interview.

    • Pandemonis
      Pandemonis 5 days ago +1

      Yeah, when he says "Thank you for having me, I feel like I'm finally cool with the people that I care about and...", it really hit me.

  • pavcas
    pavcas 2 months ago +955

    I thought I couldn't fall more in love with Pedro, but is there anyone else who is blown away by his humbleness? When he says at the end: "I´m finally cool to people that I care about the most" it sounds so real, it really got to me. 😭No wonder everyone loves him and everyone feels good and safe in his company. I'm so happy he's getting so much attention. What a great interview!❤❤❤

    • Beth Sparrow
      Beth Sparrow Month ago +15

      I love him more now than before, didn't think that was possible. He's such a gentleman. And just easy going and real and likable.

    • john sawyer
      john sawyer Month ago +12

      It's my favorite kind of humor honestly. Someone who can make a joke that is so funny but you can also tell that even though it was a joke, it was also completely sincere

    • Luly B Santo
      Luly B Santo Month ago +1

      Yes! ❤

    • DukeOfTennessee117
      DukeOfTennessee117 29 days ago

      And then he called everyone that voted for trump Nazis

  • June Asiimwe
    June Asiimwe Month ago +318

    Pedro Pascal has that adorable demeanor of someone who you meet and instantly feel like you're best friends with. This is easily one of the best Hot Ones episodes.

  • Andrew Nielsen
    Andrew Nielsen 2 months ago +625

    I love how Sean follows along and does whatever the guests are doing. Doesn't pressure or give them a hard time. He's great.

  • kyoko4869
    kyoko4869 Month ago +205

    I legit think Pedro's the only famous person I would like to meet cause he's so relatable and feels like someone you feel safe and conformable with, even if you don't know them. Also, great interview with really thoughtful questions. Loved it!

  • Max Fosh
    Max Fosh 2 months ago +57801

    Pedro really dressed for the part, turning up as a chilli

  • grace ritcher
    grace ritcher 2 months ago +331

    I love how Pedro makes direct eye contact every time he takes a bite 💀

  • Fflawed
    Fflawed 2 months ago +267

    Pedro Pascal was an absolute delight. It's said time and again, but this is easily one of the best interview formats ever made. The questions are actually interesting, and the guest gets to genuinely talk about their life, not just whatever the current project is.

  • thelilpumspi
    thelilpumspi Month ago +383

    TW: Eating disorder talk
    This might sound weird but chicken wings have always been a fear food/forbidden food for me. But after watching this video I bought some from the grocery store and ate them in a "normal" way, lol (not overly restricting and also not binging). Thank you Pedro and Sean and everyone on the team for that little dietary win of mine :).

    • Lara The Ring Fabian
      Lara The Ring Fabian Month ago +21

      This is so cool. Congrats!

    • Di
      Di Month ago +18

      Congrats on getting a new safe food! Hope you can feel that way about all foods at some point!

    • Mariana PTKS
      Mariana PTKS Month ago +13

      Way to go

    • mistresswicked69
      mistresswicked69 Month ago +14

      That’s a big win. Congratulations 💖💖💖

    • d a i s y
      d a i s y Month ago +17

      That’s so cool congrats I know we’re strangers but I’m proud of you 💜

  • freashpea
    freashpea Month ago +109

    Pedro's natural comedic timing is so good

  • Juno Ghiringhelli
    Juno Ghiringhelli 2 months ago +228

    Dude Pedro seems like a genuine dude. This video made me cry in a way because his humor made me feel happiness and I love it.

  • kal
    kal 2 months ago +7635

    I love that Pedro took the "tell the camera what you've got going on" not as a way to address his current projects, but to tell everyone literally what he has going on that day. You just have to love that man.

    • Arianna Challinor
      Arianna Challinor 2 months ago +191

      This was such a moment hahahaha

    • nabila naritami
      nabila naritami 2 months ago +61

      I know right! He is so funny❤

    • Enzão Show
      Enzão Show 2 months ago +389

      and the “you should know this too” got me too

    • Tomás Fuentealba
      Tomás Fuentealba 2 months ago +141

      For real, he's the only one I've seen talking to more than one camera of the three they can talk to

    • Sidney Evans
      Sidney Evans 2 months ago +56

      yes! Pedro and Lizzie Olsen are the only ones I've seen do that! kinda love it :)

  • Mahsa Shakiba
    Mahsa Shakiba Month ago +46

    That "I'm finally cool to people that i care about the most" at the end got me so bad. It feels so real. Like he was waiting his whole life to be where he is right now. I'm so happy for him. He definitely deserve it😩❤️

  • Rachel Norris
    Rachel Norris Month ago +152

    15:23 the gentle "oh no" after eating da bomb just gets me every time lol. like usually people have a big reaction but he has like this quiet terror before the storm hits.

  • Ith's Corner
    Ith's Corner 12 days ago +12

    Hearing Pedro say "Thanks for having me, I feel like I'm finally cool to people that I care the most about." was such a humble thing to say. He truly is an amazing human being and not just a good looking one.
    Great one Sean.

  • John Ohkuma Thiel
    John Ohkuma Thiel 2 months ago +158

    24:25 When he turns to another camera and says, "You should know this too." right at the end, I lost it. That's freakin' hilarious.

  • Lauren Bendik
    Lauren Bendik 7 days ago +2

    This is delightful. The editing/addition of the animation, and how u build up the tension but add in the softness of introducing each bottle. Pedro is why i am here tho, bc he’s the best. He’s funny even tho he’s in pain 🥹

  • T.T
    T.T 2 months ago +39102

    Pedro Pascal is one of those actors that no one has a problem with and you only want to see succeed, no drama, no bad history, no controversies, just a pure nice guy.

    • Sunny __
      Sunny __ 2 months ago +3728

      I hope this statement ages like wine

    • Kendall Allen
      Kendall Allen 2 months ago +248

      This. 💯

    • Best username
      Best username 2 months ago +479

      He is a liberal…so there are some people out there that hate his guts.
      Edit: I realize this is kind of dumb considering almost everyone has political affiliation, not just Pedro Pascal

    • Tobei
      Tobei 2 months ago +797

      @Best username Eh, not really. The fringe hard right side, sure but conservatives and general republicans couldn't care less. I know it's pretty lost today but people can seperate the art from the person

    • theRealDavePortnoy
      theRealDavePortnoy 2 months ago +181

      All started with Narcos and that still may be his best role to date, though TLOU is coming close.

  • mjc 427
    mjc 427 2 months ago +83

    Props to Pedro, such a down to earth non pretentious man, so much fun to listen to his stories and take on things, loved this one.

  • amber danielle
    amber danielle Month ago +34

    Pedro Pascal simultaneously getting too attached to Grogu and then also getting jealous that Grogu was stealing the show, is so Pedro Pascal lol he really deserves all of this love and attention!

  • potridge
    potridge Month ago +49

    Pedro has the kind of face that doesn't always jump out at you. His characters are so diverse. I watched GoT and didn't recognize him when I saw him in The Last of Us.

  • Rafael Barragán
    Rafael Barragán Month ago +18

    Pedro is such a smart guy, he made me genuinely laugh during the whole interview. And you can tell how deeply he loves acting by the way he talks about movies and how he honors Cage. total respect.

  • TheRealBig Mak
    TheRealBig Mak 2 months ago +7552

    "I feel like I'm finally cool to the people I care most about."
    Protect this man at all costs.

    • Taylor Roland
      Taylor Roland 2 months ago +151

      literally made me cry, he did not have to say the sweetest thing on the last shot 🥲🥲🥲🥲

    • Ally Abernathy
      Ally Abernathy 2 months ago +69


    • NataliaAnderson
      NataliaAnderson 2 months ago +17

      @Ally Abernathy made me burst out laughing, thank u

    • pbnj
      pbnj 2 months ago +12

      ​@Taylor Roland right? this just made me realize more that no matter how much negativity my family brings to my life i still want them to be proud of me.

    • andrayathevampire
      andrayathevampire 2 months ago

      Please tell me he was joking cos.. 😡😡

  • Fangsinurface
    Fangsinurface 2 months ago +57

    I like Pascal as an actor and he seems like a really down to earth fun kind of person. I hope he has a long fruitful career

  • Erin
    Erin 24 days ago +11

    When Pedro says “I don’t have emotional space to go there” my heart actually started hurting cause my friends and I always ask “Do you have space?” before we go to each other for mental/emotional support. I absolutely love this man

  • k2aka111
    k2aka111 Month ago +13

    such a great guy, it was hilarious watching him eat those wings. I was really curious what he was like off camera and this has to be one of my favorite interviews

    • Lauren Bendik
      Lauren Bendik 7 days ago

      Since ive been watching his interviews, ive fallen completely in love.

  • Yakira Yeje
    Yakira Yeje 17 days ago +1

    “Goodbye!” 🥺
    “I’m finally cool to the people I care about the most” 😭
    He’s such a lovely person

  • Geneviève F.
    Geneviève F. 3 hours ago

    The animation with his mom was lovely, the team behind this show is SO talented

  • hardlyaaron
    hardlyaaron 2 months ago +3158

    "I feel like I'm finally cool to the people I care the most about" What an incredibly human statement. As a father in his mid 30s I can definitely relate to this.

    • William Thomas
      William Thomas 2 months ago +17

      Your life is complete now.

    • Gabe94 dot com
      Gabe94 dot com 2 months ago


    • Kxkdkf Soeleke
      Kxkdkf Soeleke 2 months ago +1

      I wanted to share with you the message of the Gospel of Salvation that has brought hope and transformation to my life.
      According to 1 Corinthians 15:1-11, the Gospel of Salvation is the message that Christ died for our sins, was buried, and was raised from the dead on the third day, in accordance with the Scriptures. This means that through faith in Jesus, we can be forgiven of our sins and receive eternal life.
      I understand that life can be difficult and we all face struggles and challenges, but the Gospel message gives us hope and a purpose beyond our circumstances. I encourage you to seek more about this message and to consider putting your faith in Jesus. He loves you and wants to have a personal relationship with you.

    • hardlyaaron
      hardlyaaron 2 months ago +17

      @Kxkdkf Soeleke Jesus H Christ, please don't

  • Amber Ridgeway
    Amber Ridgeway 13 days ago

    No matter how many times I watch this, Sean saying “Wow” at Pedro’s towel snap at 1:53 always makes me laugh.

  • Chachaa Kamal
    Chachaa Kamal Month ago +21

    Please protect Pedro at all cost!! He is nothing but lovely and most humble person I've ever seen in the entertainment industry.

  • WanderingInTheWoods Sam

    Pedro Pascal is so wholesome and sweet. I love his sense of humor too. He's a kid at heart too, talking about Captain Crunch while eating hot wings. Cutest thing ever!! I honestly love this about him. And yes, he's very attractive, but I love his personality. It completes him as a person. 17:20

  • Delighted By Dahlias
    Delighted By Dahlias Month ago +9

    This is undoubtably my favourite episode. Pedro is beyond entertaining to watch and listen to. Love him and love you Sean!!

  • cuteincolour
    cuteincolour 2 months ago +12

    Him being a fan of Nicholas Cage doesn't surprise me. Cage gets a lot of flack for being 'weird' but he is actually super talented and a real master. Pedro is amazing. Love seeing him answer these questions. I love the Daddy stuff and the nails stuff too, but this shows his depth.

  • Amaliiii
    Amaliiii 2 months ago +4689

    I love that he’s finally getting an interview asking about deep stuff on his acting and characters not simply just about how he’s daddy

    • Eve
      Eve 2 months ago +40


    • S.
      S. 2 months ago +42

      There are always good questions here. And good, unfiltered answers, since they are in pain on stop trying to be "correct" while answering.

    • Rob
      Rob 2 months ago +53

      It's Sean...probably one of the only interviewers that actually has a conversation with the actors/celebrities and not just the gossip the media wants.

    • Nu The Enderman
      Nu The Enderman 2 months ago +23

      hot ones always has the best interviews with celebs. Shawn asks actually thought full questions about the guest, not just the same generic stories that gets repeated on every other talk show. and i would say this is the best one so far

    • CaoimhePeac
      CaoimhePeac 2 months ago +12

      he had a really good time in Graham Norton too I think. He is sooo nice.

  • Tayah Bennett
    Tayah Bennett Month ago +11

    I love that he asks good questions that you would believe that interviewers want to ask when they start out. He doesn’t ask about weight, or looks, or relationships. I love it. These are my favourite interviews because of the honour and respect for each guest on the show

  • midoribushi
    midoribushi 2 months ago +27

    For real, can you not love this dude more? Such a good actor and a class act. Hat off to this legend.

  • Mina Cadalso
    Mina Cadalso 25 days ago +1

    Narcos was an amazing show and he did a fantastic job in it. Was super happy when he showed up in game of thrones and got the recognition he deserves not just from narcos watchers

  • Susanne Hedman
    Susanne Hedman 28 days ago +7

    Sean is awesome, he asks interesting and meaningful questions that make me invested as a listener. Pedro is so cute in this one, he's like a happy golden retriver 🙂

  • OhMan ThatGuy
    OhMan ThatGuy 2 months ago +5

    Come on Keanu Reeves its your turn, grab a mic and a wing!
    Edit: Breathtaking

  • Eve
    Eve 2 months ago +3249

    I’m so happy for him, he’s just happy to be there eating chicken wings and being asked questions that isn’t about some thirst tweets, or daddy stuff like that.

    • Eve
      Eve 2 months ago +40

      Big thanks to Sean

    • thecharliesruiz
      thecharliesruiz 2 months ago +15

      I’m hoping in the future, he MUST win the best actor from Oscar’s Awards🙏

    • danh tran quoc
      danh tran quoc 2 months ago +1


    • Gary The Goat
      Gary The Goat 2 months ago +15

      It’s so corny like leave the man alone

    • Joshua Jaraczewski
      Joshua Jaraczewski 2 months ago +13

      That's why I love these videos. They don't go after stuff like that. They go completely after the celebrity's personality and work life. I love that.

  • Christina Waite
    Christina Waite 23 days ago +6

    I love Pedro so much because watching him makes you feel like you know him and he gets you. It feels like you could have some really good talking sessions with him. The episode is one of the best of this show and the questions were so good as always. Good job and I can't wait to see more :)

  • Sheena Sukhai
    Sheena Sukhai 2 months ago +49

    Man I feel him when he said “I’m not a good sleeper” 😢

  • Emmaleia
    Emmaleia Month ago

    Best interviewer for actors I've seen, actually asks interesting questions and is really open and accepting! I love this

  • Yamato866
    Yamato866 Month ago +25

    Man, Pedro Pascal is a genuinely funny guy and great actor. He's definitely a favorite in all the hot ones I've seen. Great energy

  • wolfgamer J
    wolfgamer J Month ago +12

    I love this guy, he's so serious yet has a great sense of witty humor, I'm a fan! 💙😂

  • MiHanLin1
    MiHanLin1 2 months ago +3054

    I can't get enough of guests who are blown away by Sean and his team with their insightful and well-researched questions.

    • IKAROS
      IKAROS 2 months ago +29

      Nardwuar, but with hot wings

    • Bogdan Pogorilyy
      Bogdan Pogorilyy 2 months ago +4

      The right team that is for sure

    • LB
      LB 2 months ago +2

      @IKAROS exactly that!

    • Brock N
      Brock N 2 months ago +7

      Sean and Nardwaur are the best

    • Spit On
      Spit On 2 months ago +2

      Check out nardwuar

  • Alyssa Gradillas
    Alyssa Gradillas 2 months ago +18

    Wow what a good interview I love Pedro Pascal even more then I already did lol and I love how Sean always does his research and asks such good questions to each person he has on set. By far one of my favorite episodes, keep it up Hot Ones.

  • Fabian_0174
    Fabian_0174 2 months ago +27

    24:10 this part fk killed me, the way he just turned and knew instantly where to look. Combined with the darkness😂

  • Shae
    Shae Month ago +15

    If everyone was an ally like Pedro the world would be a better place.

  • shubie127
    shubie127 Month ago +17

    He is an amazing storyteller. Had me laughing and riveted. Hilarious guy.

  • Domenico Colonna
    Domenico Colonna 10 days ago

    He was extraordinary a really control of situation and a fantastic person.

  • BumpybumRus
    BumpybumRus 2 months ago +3233

    For someone that has absolutely blown up in the past 5 years taking lead roles in the biggest shows he still seems like an incredibly humble and genuine guy

    • Martin Vrabec
      Martin Vrabec 2 months ago +72

      to borrow a line from CinemaWins: Pedro Pascal is always a win.

    • SendYouToGod
      SendYouToGod 2 months ago +25

      I’m proud of his success from game of thrones, to narcos, to where he’s at now. Huge rise in stardom

    • Fabius
      Fabius 2 months ago +18

      He doesn't even try to endorse any of his projects. I love when the guests on the show don't try to sell you stuff!

    • mikekun15
      mikekun15 2 months ago +9

      He comes off as a genuinely kind and every one of his co workers had nothing but praise for him. Gotta love it!

    • Southernblonde1310
      Southernblonde1310 2 months ago +8

      I love the way he just talked about how the chicken got stuck in between his teeth in the end. He didn't even plug anything. He just wanted to do the wing challenge.

  • RedWolf7203
    RedWolf7203 2 months ago +16

    Pedro, is such a fun chaotic energy guy he sees everything as a good time not just a job or a career, makes the best of everything

  • firehawk2324
    firehawk2324 2 months ago +17

    Pedro continues to win my heart. What a heck of a guy!

  • Roxana Chivu
    Roxana Chivu Month ago +6

    Pedro pascal is such a nice human being i love his acting career and alsoooo he is such a game changer he is so calm and chill i love his cool vibe ❤❤❤

  • TheTalantonX
    TheTalantonX 14 days ago +2

    I love this show. I just had such an emotional release from the ending moments, such kindness after such piercing insight. Sean's more than a microscope, he's an MRI and CT scan all at the same time.

  • Solaire Intensifies
    Solaire Intensifies Month ago +11

    Pedro just seems like such a wonderful, charming, gracious person. What an absolute class act

  • Erik Foreland
    Erik Foreland 2 months ago +2642

    I always love when Sean asks "what do you have going on in your life" and the guest literally just says what's on their mind rather than promoting their latest content. So much more wholesome

    • Rishi
      Rishi 2 months ago +109

      He knows we’re all watching his shows anyways 😂

    • Daniël Pedro
      Daniël Pedro 2 months ago +18

      Yeah, we all knew Pedro was just gonna tell some kind of funny story 😂

    • Phazer SC
      Phazer SC 2 months ago +50

      I felt like Pedro turned directly to me when he turned over and said "you should know this too" lol

    • S
      S 2 months ago +15

      Because Sean is really good at establishing camaraderie and taking them out of that "promo zone", boring interviews are a chore for most guests so when they're having fun they don't sell so hard

    • Conray
      Conray 2 months ago +4

      But Sean should let them know beforehand that it means they should promote their latest project because sometimes after the entire episode we still don't know what they're promoting 😂

  • Celina Antonia Zimmermann

    „I need people to like me“ I hope he knows how many people do more than liking him ! He‘s such an adorable and gentle human being. Gotta love him

  • Miss Dire
    Miss Dire 12 days ago

    Pedro is such a Daddy. That man... Swoon. You could legitimately see the sweat popping out after he had Da Bomb, and the flush rising. It was precious. 😂

  • Christiane Schuster
    Christiane Schuster Month ago +13

    That was so lovely. I have a new appreciation for Pedro Pascal. What a breath of fresh air.

  • Justin Hamai
    Justin Hamai 2 months ago +8

    I think a lot of people fell in love with Pedro in "The last of Us", but i loved his work in Narcos. 😊

    • Andrea
      Andrea 2 months ago +1

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      Thanks for your continues love❤️ ❤and support,that’s what keeps me going
      How long have you been a fan of mine?

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