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Antique Hand Cranked Hammer Drill - Restoration

  • Published on Dec 18, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • It was in spring this year when I picked up this beaten up antique hand cranked hammer drill. My friend has found it on the steel waste together with the german „Weltrekord“ ratchet screwdriver. The condition of the drill was super bad. It was very corroded, had a lot of missing screws, the handle was in very bad condition and the crank was bent so much you couldn't even make a full turn. That's all said, it was the perfect item for a new restoration video.
    At first I thought this should be a quick and easy project, but one problem after the other became visible and it turned out to be a real challenge. There was the big dent in the left side of the case. Usually you can't bend casted parts, but with a bit of heat and careful pressure on the arbor press I was able to remove it a bit. It also worked to get rid of the warping with some heat. For the finish of the housing I wanted to have an antique cast aluminium look. I thought it would look very cool if I could tumbler these parts after sandblasting. I ended up building a huge rotary tumbler from scratch and it worked very well (video link below).
    Another big issue was the tool holder and the drill bit, as they were both completly rusted. Big thanks to @HandToolRescue at this point for helping me out with the dimensions on these two parts by disassembling and measuring his own hammer drill. After a bit of search on eBay I found a set of original Rawlplug drill bits. After they arrived I was able to measure the shaft and the taper of the drill to then turn a new tool holder. It all worked out very well and yes, the drill only holds with the taper ;-)
    Before I even started this project I just had one question in mind „How am I going to replace the messed up handle cover?“. My first idea was to wrap it in nice black leather like steering wheels are made. That would definitely work, but that's something I've never done before so I was quite sceptical. Then the idea of a heat shrink tube came up. That would be a very easy solution, but heat shrink tubes don't have any structuires to it and it wouldn't quite fit the the rest of the tool. Thanks to the research of my Patreons and channel members, they have found very special heat shrink tubes that have a structure in it. I really liked it as it almost looked exactly the same like the original handle.
    After all it was a very intense and time consuming project. I've done so many hours of research on this one and I had to learn new skills. I'm very happy how it turned out.
    I hope you like my work and the video.
    Huge thank you to all of my Patreon supporters and specially to:
    Tonya M Broerman
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    웅록 윤
    My camera:
    Panasonic HC-VX11
    I payed a lot of attention on the lighting when filming this video and also the quality of the sound to create an ASMR style video.
    If you have any questions about the process, machines i'm using or other stuff, just ask me in the comments. I read them all and i try to reply as soon as possible.
    Sorry for my bad english, it's not my language. I try my best to improve my technical english.
    Subscribe for more of my content. I'm uploading videos about mechanical stuff, as new creations and buildings and also restorations.
    Thank you for watching :-)
    Building a Huge Rotary Tumbler from Scratch - Homemade Rotary Tumbler
    • Building a Huge R...
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  • Atticus
    Atticus 11 months ago +1398

    I gotta admit, there’s always an anxiety filled moment at the end when I feel like you’re not going to test it out and you never disappoint

    • Smashy Rashy
      Smashy Rashy 3 months ago

      Thats where other restoration channels sometimes fail

    • Alberto Serolf
      Alberto Serolf 3 months ago

      I felt the same 😆

    • Kate Apple
      Kate Apple 4 months ago

      What I am always genuinely surprised by…is how relaxing the videos are! they’re like ASMR but better and REAL 😂

    • Mia Grace Quitco
      Mia Grace Quitco 5 months ago

      Same here!

    • sybe3214
      sybe3214 5 months ago

      So true. 😄

  • Jessica A. Voigt
    Jessica A. Voigt 8 months ago +221

    So cool to see you using some things that you restored in the past to help restore new items! Amazing restoration as always!

  • Alo Ryt
    Alo Ryt Year ago +28

    WOW !! Za każdym razem oglądając twoje filmy, jestem pełna podziwu dla majstersztyku i precyzji. Ale przede wszystkim, że potrafisz to potem poskładać na nowo. Świetna robota!!

  • Василий Ипполитов

    На три вещи можно бесконечно смотреть в жизни - Как течет вода, как горит огонь и как "моя механика" реставрирует казалось бы "мертвые" вещи! Великолепная работа!

    • Pavels Vincento
      Pavels Vincento 17 days ago +1


    • Gayaz Musin
      Gayaz Musin Month ago +2

      Не мёртвые вещи, а уже практически обглоданные кости, я бы так сказал.

  • Михаил Гурьянов

    Потрясающая работа! Сколько сил было вложено! Приятно было смотреть

  • Moulk Inc. - Studios La Belle Bretelle

    Hey, I just wanted to say I love your videos. You are very talented and watching you fix old stuff is somehow really satisfying and calming. Keep up the great work!

  • Sandpit Family Adventures
    Sandpit Family Adventures 2 years ago +53

    There's no other restoration channel on Clip-Share that I've found that's as good as yours. You set the bar sir.

  • kaziel
    kaziel Year ago +36

    Just found this channel, such beautiful precision in your work. So relaxing to watch and so satisfying to see the product fully restored at the end.

  • Ratty Woof
    Ratty Woof Year ago +8

    It always seems to me that you significantly improve on the original casting or machining in your restorations - beautifully done!

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    I have tried to watch other restoration channels that come up in my recommended, and it's just not the same. The sounds and enjoyment from your videos are unparalleled in my brain. Definitely, my favorite restoration type channel.

  • hard hat hatchery
    hard hat hatchery Year ago +17

    I really admire your perfectionism. Unbelievable how you turn things that are trash in the eyes of most people into the original, no a far better, optimized state. I've watched every video of yours with joy!

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  • richfiles π
    richfiles π 5 months ago +4

    Never gets old to see such fine attention to detail and extraordinary craftsmanship on these restorations!
    Also, looking at the shape of this device... The stock, that pistol grip, the overall shape...
    Hmm... Yes, this is _clearly_ a "hole rifle". It fires holes! LOL

  • Илья Полтавченко

    Невозможно оторваться от видео. Приятно наблюдать за работой мастера, который любит свое ремесло!

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    Genial , parabéns melhor restauração já vista.

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    I love one aspect of your videos beyond the repairs: your editing. That's part of what makes them so enjoyable, the way you show the progression of time without just accelerating the video is wonderful.

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      Daniel Mcilwaine 2 years ago +1

      This is why I watch these videos and basically no one elses. Hate sped up footage.

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    Tracy Robinson 7 months ago

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  • Lucas Maximiano
    Lucas Maximiano Year ago +7

    My first thought once I saw this hammer drill being disassembled was "NO WAY HE IS GOING TO ASSEMBLE IT BACK."
    Amazing restoration, unbelievable!
    Good job indeed.

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    • Matt H
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    • AboveEmAllProduction
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      It's a nice doubling up of the channel's theme. The tools haven't just been restored to looking nice. They've been restored to *usefulness*, and get *used*
      Something pleasant about it

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      Thanks, I'm glad you like it :-)

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  • Dan-O
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    • my mechanics
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    • JCastle007
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  • User Name
    User Name 11 months ago +1

    Impressive. Been involved in construction almost a half century and never seen this tool (or the likes of it) in that time. Not the manual version.
    Really like that parts tumbler and how it came to fruition. How you stick as close to original design as possible but are willing to improve upon it, if necessity dictates, garners my admiration. In this vid I got to see an earlier restore put to task, the arbor press. These are tools that were meant to be used, and use them you do. I find that immensely gratifying and impressive.
    How someone, anyone, handles and treats a tool is a testament to their character, whether admiring/respecting an old tool or doing the same with the lastest gadget/tool. 🤘👍✌️🤛

    • my mechanics
      my mechanics  11 months ago

      Thank you very much, I'm glad you like it :-)

  • Clemens Wexler
    Clemens Wexler Year ago

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    Lob & Anerkennung!
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    Ich bin begeistert! Thanks!

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    Le Kramm 2 years ago +30

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    Thiago Furlan 9 months ago

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    MSG Year ago +1

    Everything is amazing! Skills, tooling, filming. My guess is the tool became better than it was brand new!

  • Marina Gschwind Grieder

    Einfach perfekt, was dir Hände dieses Mannes vollbringen. Auch das bedienen der Maschinen, welche Schrauben, Muttern, Stängel etc. zur Perfektion herstellt. Großartig! Möchte gerne wissen wie viel Stunden daran gearbeitet wurde….