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Fear the Furry

  • Published on Nov 21, 2022 veröffentlicht
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    Albert Hutchins
    Andrew Palmer
    Adam Knopow
    Created by ►
    Tom Hinchliffe & Don Greger
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    Redminus Redminus
    BoyPorcelain OKillustrations
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    Twisted4000 Twisted4k
    Carmet MikeCarmet
    Glasscake glasscake
    Super Youmna super_youmna
    AZ ZoroxAnimated
    TwistedGrim TheTwistedGrim_
    Boy Porcelain olliekremer
    Holly Gee
    Storyboard Art►
    Boy Porcelain olliekremer
    Backgrounds ►
    Naav Draws naav_draws
    Soured Apple SouredApple
    Ikridia Ikridia
    Logan Cook logan_cook_art
    AJJ taksesal
    SlagBjorn.art slagbjorn.art
    Chompolon chompolino
    Lexivine lexivine
    SpectralBeacon spectralbeacon
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    Marine - Don
    UWU Marine - Tom
    Music ►
    Zach Heyde clip-share.net/p/PLX...
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    Justin Greger imadeasong
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    Oddest of the Odd
    James Lee
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Comments • 13 699

  • Flashgitz
    Flashgitz  10 days ago +4773

    Go to our 2nd channel to see all the secret stuff you missed in this cartoon hehehe! clip-share.net/video/AFOfdJ3y9bM/video.html

  • SuperWiiBros08
    SuperWiiBros08 10 days ago +19194

    love how each new episode of the Furry Crusades keeps getting more and more serious while still having a small comedic tone

    • SubTo_SketchyPaperz
      SubTo_SketchyPaperz Day ago

      Sup bro

    • Thomas Harris
      Thomas Harris Day ago

      They must all be purged so let’s do this it till theres nothing left

    • Ironic Weeb
      Ironic Weeb 2 days ago

      There’s less comedy here now, and a more epic story of an infestation taking over the universe

    • FireMageBraixen
      FireMageBraixen 3 days ago

      @Mehar probably the part where that one marine slumped on the ground said "uwu"

    • Zak
      Zak 4 days ago

      100% bet the furries are a sect of slaanesh worshipers

  • Imaginatively Unimaginative
    Imaginatively Unimaginative 7 days ago +1253

    I love how this started as a simple joke but now there's lore and a full blown story developing that is increasingly fitting into the war-hammer universe

    • Echo Stallion
      Echo Stallion 11 hours ago

      That's because all furry haters are the reason why this series has gone up and plus I think this is hilarious anyways and I'm a furry that has weapons.

    • giang kim
      giang kim Day ago


    • Simon
      Simon 2 days ago +1

      Wtf this is the first video I seen like this. Can someone please link the first so I can start this epic story??

    • Kieki Lewis
      Kieki Lewis 3 days ago +3

      I know right!? I love this so much.

    • dum
      dum 3 days ago +2

      Its kinda like alphabet lore, originally it was a just a 30-day challenge to animate each day

  • Kron Krian
    Kron Krian Day ago +65

    For those confused what the Apothecary is holding in his hand at the end, that's the gene-seed of the dead marine. It's essentially what allows a normal human to transform into a Space Marine. When a Space Marine dies, that seed is extracted from them in order to be used again in the future creation of Space Marines. The seed is a very rare commodity and indescribably precious to their respective chapters. The horror of that scene is the fact that the furry disease has corrupted it.

  • Lunar Antic
    Lunar Antic 3 days ago +214

    I like when the furries don't actually talk, it gives them less of a realistic feel more accurate animalistic xeno demeanor

    • Crockpot
      Crockpot 11 hours ago

      @Kickarse Lprogamer Defenitely Slaanesh

    • Cursed HFY
      Cursed HFY Day ago +1

      @Kickarse Lprogamer Definitely Slaanesh.
      This is a deep and horrible corruption greater than the galaxy has ever seen.

    • Kickarse Lprogamer
      Kickarse Lprogamer Day ago +1

      @Cursed HFY either the one that embodies lust or the one that embodies pestilence and I'm unsure which one u're referring to

    • Cursed HFY
      Cursed HFY Day ago +3

      Who are we kidding, we all know they're the most vile spawn of one chaos "god" in particular.

    • Evgeni Blanchard
      Evgeni Blanchard 2 days ago +1

      Also it make them less ridicule for a moment.

  • wafflezz52
    wafflezz52 3 days ago +102

    Rewatching, I've noticed many flashes of an even darker world.
    Cinematography on point

  • MeatCanyon
    MeatCanyon 10 days ago +22610

    well done boys, only gets better.

  • eMBO
    eMBO 6 days ago +560

    We were supposed to be given a parody, but instead we got God tier animation with sick lore.

    • Just Dom
      Just Dom 4 days ago +8

      I genuinely feel my allegiance to the space marines. This is the best legit animation story wise ever.

  • Nathan Padilla
    Nathan Padilla 2 days ago +15

    This was actually quite terrifying to watch; un ironically the best 40k content coming out right now. You guys are awesome. Can’t wait for the next installment!

  • Joe Arey
    Joe Arey 2 days ago +11

    you guys are mad lads, making it enjoyable to watch for both parties lol

  • BanditVeteran
    BanditVeteran 2 days ago +3

    Its stunning how far this series has come, keep it up you all!

  • Oat lord
    Oat lord 10 days ago +7289

    You guys realize you're officially producing the best 40k animated content right now, right?

    • Ian Visser
      Ian Visser Day ago


    • Kopitio Bozynski
      Kopitio Bozynski 2 days ago

      @Wavy GW has a hell of a lot more issues than just it's legal team. Even then I haven't heard of anyone blaming the totality of GW to begin with. It's mostly just anti-corpo speech that GW completely deserves.
      I won't even speak on Janovich, you seem to be set in your emotions on that matter.

    • Kopitio Bozynski
      Kopitio Bozynski 2 days ago

      @Darth Revan Alfabusa's If the Emperor had a Text to Speech Device.
      It started off as a parody about what the Emperor would think about the current state of the 40k universe and bloomed into a full blown story.

    • Kopitio Bozynski
      Kopitio Bozynski 2 days ago

      @StaringGasMask At least Alfabusa and the guys are still making some top tier content.
      Im loving their VtM series.

    • Crusader Vader
      Crusader Vader 3 days ago +1

      Don't say that too loud or GW will hear you

  • Neko man z
    Neko man z 2 days ago +8

    the horror touch to this has made this series crazy awesome love it

  • justanotherguyful

    This was literally an Astartes level animation. Just with simpler 2D animation but still awesome. Gave off very similar vibes.

  • BrendanDash
    BrendanDash 2 days ago

    i actually audibly gasped at this i'm so happy with this series

  • Dib40K
    Dib40K 4 hours ago

    I love this. This is the kind of horror I wanna see from 40k

  • DunamisD
    DunamisD 10 days ago +2053

    This has gone from being something just goofy to genuinely horrifying, and cool in an intense lovecraftian sort of way

    • floki stormborn
      floki stormborn Day ago

      @Master Shellv technically speaking they already do

    • skoffs
      skoffs 3 days ago +2

      @drstrangeman The three eyes on the specimen at the end indicates Nurgle had a hand in it, too

    • Taan
      Taan 9 days ago +7

      @Master Shellv basically beastmen, but sparkly and even more disgusting

    • Yes Man
      Yes Man 10 days ago +2

      Meatcanyon / Papa Meat connection

    • servomoore
      servomoore 10 days ago

      It's not Lovecraftian. Lovecraft was scared shitless by Spaniards. Furries would have killed him on the spot.

  • ZlotyCK89
    ZlotyCK89 9 hours ago

    That's a grim turn... I like how the style changed ! Well done !

  • skoffs
    skoffs 3 days ago +131

    Jebus, this was incredible. I really hope this isn't the end of the saga

    • DEC
      DEC 3 days ago +7

      Our crusade is without end.
      *We will SPAY! And we will NEUTER! TILL THERE IS NOTHING LEFT!!!*

  • anonymous ghost
    anonymous ghost Day ago +1

    Masterful work brothers, keep up the good work.

  • Sanjay Chakroborty
    Sanjay Chakroborty 10 minutes ago

    Great bro. We want more these type of videos from you. Thanks for sharing with us.

  • Flavor Flavius
    Flavor Flavius 10 days ago +957

    This is unironically becoming some of the best animated 40k content to date.
    Watching it out of context, you could just assume the templars were fighting warp abominations.

    • Ryan, The Most Wanted Furry
      Ryan, The Most Wanted Furry 9 days ago +1

      Yeah. I have no understanding of Warhammer 40k lore or whatever but this shit is so cool I want to see more. This was great storytelling and I can't wait for more

    • Flavor Flavius
      Flavor Flavius 10 days ago +1

      @John Bean Yeah this could definitely be taken as just a new form of perversion via slaanesh. I guess chaos can take ANY form, after all.

    • Neon Ninja 14
      Neon Ninja 14 10 days ago

      Damn, this is interesting

    • Bruhtholemew
      Bruhtholemew 10 days ago

      The furries at the start look like deranged animal cultists, and the templar furry looks like a wearwolf.
      They are turning feral.

    • Fenris Elecit
      Fenris Elecit 10 days ago

      Even wit context they are fighting abominations

  • Sean O'Leary
    Sean O'Leary 11 hours ago

    I love how this has a better production value than 95% of the shit on warhammer+ and its about fighting fucking furries

  • The Night Watcher
    The Night Watcher 2 days ago +1

    Believing you’re fighting furries for the imperium when you’ve actually been one of em the whole time. What a mindfuck that’d be.

  • Mister Happy
    Mister Happy Day ago

    These videos get more intriguing with every upload! Keep it up👍

  • Filipe Salles
    Filipe Salles Day ago

    it always amazes me how ANYONE BUT games workshop can do good (even great) warhammer content

  • Brian
    Brian 10 days ago +2966

    Even after being corrupted by the furry disease, the Templar remained loyal to the God Emperor. A simple but powerful detail that's true to the Warhammer 40k Lore.

      DARK LINK 2 days ago


    • john the man good
      john the man good 3 days ago

      @chong willson that the grey knights are coming ☹️

    • Bagheera
      Bagheera 5 days ago

      @bkzomen1 someone else posted a better theory. That hes fighting chaotic influence and we seeing hallucinations.

    • bkzomen1
      bkzomen1 5 days ago

      @Bagheera I just assumed it was desecration in a emperor statue

    • Redwolf Dogrocket
      Redwolf Dogrocket 7 days ago

      @OrphanPuncher your soul is weak. Guard yourself against the ruinous powers.
      The Emperor PROTECTS.

  • C.
    C. 3 days ago +6

    This is a masterpiece

  • El Socavón
    El Socavón 3 days ago +3

    I’ve learned more lore in these videos than the actual games ☠️

    • El Socavón
      El Socavón Day ago +1

      @VID3O yeah warhammer 40k

    • VID3O
      VID3O 2 days ago

      There are games of this series?????

  • Schro Dingerzat
    Schro Dingerzat 2 hours ago

    What originally was a funny series has become taken a terrifying turn. I am here for this! Maybe give us some horned rat representation?

  • Max Moreno
    Max Moreno Day ago

    Amazing works lads. I’d love to see a series but for your well-being please don’t kill yourselfs trying

  • Stonie Da Bear
    Stonie Da Bear 10 days ago +4350

    No matter how much of a parody this series is, the unwavering march to complete the mission or die by a Black Templar is so in character and well represented

    • Harley Austin
      Harley Austin 6 days ago +2

      As a wise Templar Chaplain once said "I have dug my grave in this place, and I will either triumph or I will die!, No pity! No remorse! No fear!"

    • Chris D
      Chris D 8 days ago +3

      That and the way the furries are portrayed too, except for the first episode, it's get the vibe right along with some of weird and less-than-NSFW stuff people explore in some furry art. There's a good bit of stuff in here that's very much stuff you'd only know if you get deep enough into the furry lore. It's not like the cursed anti-furry hate train that didn't get past knowing that most furries don't cosplay. Like they've... gone *in* for this.

    • Thomas Robert
      Thomas Robert 10 days ago

      @Checkmark oh wow an ip grabber

    • Саша Черняк
      Саша Черняк 10 days ago +1

      Did anyone else thought at first that this was a meme about Mauler and Rags from EFAP?

    • MelodusDethicus
      MelodusDethicus 10 days ago +10

      @Jiree Pugh Just another bot. Report their ass.

  • Miklós Neszt
    Miklós Neszt Day ago

    These episodes start getting almost epic as the astartes :D

  • Ekter
    Ekter 2 days ago +65

    Shoutout to the audio mixing, sound fx and music. It absolutely elevated everything.

    • demoman
      demoman 2 days ago

      @Hit me up👉@Flashgitz_1sorry mate, no old grandmas for you too fool

  • DrizzyBDoingStuff
    DrizzyBDoingStuff 2 days ago +2

    Im so genuinely invested in this now...

  • Bumble - Bee
    Bumble - Bee 6 hours ago

    Something tells me that the guys REALLY liked the Astartes series🤙

  • William Reish
    William Reish 9 days ago +2952

    i love how this series went from "funny astartes kill furry for our amusement" to an actually scary fan creation that perfectly captures the grimdark tone of 40k.

    • Bio-error 1d10t: User unable to create name.
      Bio-error 1d10t: User unable to create name. 12 hours ago

      @ninjahedgehog5 Since the Warp got to them.

    • Braids Cabal
      Braids Cabal 7 days ago +3

      @Evylin groomer

    • Esoteric Anonism
      Esoteric Anonism 7 days ago +4

      @Tigrerojo I bet you complain about the "toxic" Star Wars fans to your wife's son.

    • Schinak
      Schinak 7 days ago +5

      @Tigrerojo Usually the one calling others incels is the real incel.

    • andrew woodhead
      andrew woodhead 7 days ago

      @Tigrerojo Yeah , because I am triggered. I'm sick to the back teeth with hearing from toxic Star Wars fans and sad little online bullies and trolls.
      Warhammer is aimed at Children. Fair number of adults but the core demographic is children. The longer they keep the tide of woke nonsense and toxicity that overwhelmed Star Wars back , the better.

  • Sebastien McCormick
    Sebastien McCormick 3 days ago +2

    I fought the war on furries.
    On the side of furries.

  • Seth Wilson
    Seth Wilson 3 days ago +59

    This is incredible! It really did go from something fucking hilarious and comical, to serious and dark. You guys should think about making this a movie ;) Would pay good money for that. Keep up the amazing content!

  • ThatGuy Sneg
    ThatGuy Sneg 7 days ago +52

    Its insane that this started out as a joke and now has been becoming more and more interesting and badass the longer it has gone on

  • Well Wisdom
    Well Wisdom Day ago

    In the grim darkness of the far future, we where so innocent. Never to suspect what actually laid in the darkest corners of the twister warp.

  • Darryl Ferguson
    Darryl Ferguson 9 days ago +3208

    It's amazing how Flashgitz were able to take a concept this comedic, and gradually turn it into a compelling narrative with a serious and terrifying atmosphere.

    • Gotrek and Slixem
      Gotrek and Slixem 8 days ago

      @♡Milk I ask nothing less of you. It will make the exterminatus so much more efficient.

    • Connor Livesay
      Connor Livesay 8 days ago +1

      @♡Milk some, some are assholes, some aree geuinly fun to hangout with

    • Chromica Pop
      Chromica Pop 8 days ago

      Im getting serious animation school dropout energy from this but the talent says CHECKMATE WORLD I OWNED THAT

    • Tom G
      Tom G 8 days ago +4

      The current state of mankind is in serious peril and is quite terrifying my brother. We must stand against the furry menace if humanity is to have any hope of survival.

    • ♡Milk
      ♡Milk 9 days ago +3

      @Gotrek and Slixem I'M DYING ON THIS HILL

  • Kobicha the Hippogriff
    Kobicha the Hippogriff 2 days ago +12

    Honestly, this is better than the whole meme about “yaaay space marine kill furry cringe.”
    Them being a force of Chaos does fit very well. Under Slaanesh, obviously.

    • Kobicha the Hippogriff
      Kobicha the Hippogriff Day ago +1

      @Jomo In a way, Tzeentch could ALSO be a candidate, since he likes birds and is the god of change.

    • Jomo
      Jomo 2 days ago +2

      It'd be surprising if the furries are under a different Chaos God.
      Imagine a Chaos God far more twisted the Slaanesh could ever be...

  • Tobias H
    Tobias H 3 days ago +1

    I think Warhammer 40k should actually produce the furries. It's too good an idea to pass up.

  • Darek
    Darek 3 hours ago

    this disease must be stopped at any costs!!!

  • Yos Some-guy
    Yos Some-guy 2 days ago +24

    I just love how the Universe of W40k is so diverse that this looks totally canon. Well, there are chapters of space marines with werewolf curse and vampire curse...

  • The Doctor Mayhem Fun Time Show

    The most hilarious part of it all is that this is supposed to be a parody, but actually manages to capture the sheer horror that Space Marines have to face regularly.

      DARK LINK 2 days ago

      @wolf paw let me *open a Gate, take the Enuma Erish* This is the anti Life, now BYE

    • wolf paw
      wolf paw 8 days ago

      @Mandalore the Reclaimer UwU we can not be stop by anything by anyone ~X3 the worlds of this galaxy will become one with us just like many other galaxy’s before it ~X3

    • schmeat gaming
      schmeat gaming 9 days ago

      @wolf paw nyo! nyever! The Teddy beaw wegion stands with the Impewium of Mankind! We will nyot wet our bwothers in arms capityuwate widawt a faiw fight! We will make suwe that The Impewiums chiwdwen will nyever be thweatened by the hewetics!

    • Ryan, The Most Wanted Furry
      Ryan, The Most Wanted Furry 9 days ago

      @dr nobody If I ever had to be under command of somebody named like that I'm fucking fragging them and gladly joined the marines.
      And also, on our behalf, I'm so sorry for the bullshit the worse of us do.

    • Flathead Gg244
      Flathead Gg244 9 days ago +1

      @dr nobody well no, first slaanesh never kills it's enemies unless they have no other choice, they will literally tear you a new hole and continue doing unspeakable things to you until there's nothing left but your screaming soul trapped in their warlord's favorite anime pillow.
      Also that name most definately sounds like it would belong to a slaaneshy champion zero doubts about that.

  • guy who ask all the obvious questions

    Went from goofy to dark and gritty,
    Keep going

  • chrisdude119
    chrisdude119 2 days ago +27

    this was incredible!
    i really like how this started out as a simple joke about furries but it evolved into something deeper, darker and more refined, becoming a full blown story developing that is increasingly fitting into the warhammer universe.
    the ending of this video was incredible, truly haunting and beautiful!
    keep up the good work!

  • 3vrLol
    3vrLol 7 days ago +31

    Dude, this is reaching Astartes levels of quality and storytelling

  • brixt el protogen
    brixt el protogen 16 hours ago

    I'm furry and I really mean good animation, it's entertaining nwn

  • Anthony...
    Anthony... 10 days ago +1148

    Even after succumbing to the disease.....
    He still held on till the end. May his knowledge be passed on so others do not meet the fate he did....

    • MechaMicro
      MechaMicro 3 days ago

      @wolf paw choose to be incinerated to myself is one way or the other

    • Yesimbored
      Yesimbored 8 days ago

      @nicholas norwood I'll rather die

    • russetwolf13
      russetwolf13 8 days ago

      @The Quiet Kid perhaps not, but we know the strength of it's rotting corpse.

    • Kelvin Johnson
      Kelvin Johnson 9 days ago +3


    • Hunter Cheadle
      Hunter Cheadle 9 days ago +2

      May the father of understanding guide him 🙏🏾...

  • Sparky Superstar
    Sparky Superstar 3 days ago +3

    Holy shit, why does this look so epic?

    • David Carr
      David Carr 2 days ago

      ​@Hit me up👉@Flashgitz_1

  • Iuwl
    Iuwl Day ago

    It wasn't until a couple years ago when I realized UwU was actually a furry thing.
    God, how many times did I say it without realizing?

  • Thorns
    Thorns 7 days ago +20

    Holy shit the artistry in this was fucking incredible guys. The scene of the apothecary quick cutting to the beautifully rendered stone statue, the wide shot of the black templars hold. Incredible stuff

  • random wolf06
    random wolf06 2 days ago

    as a furry myself I find these videos funny as hell,I do have one question though,does Flashgitz dislike furries for real or is this just for fun??

    • random wolf06
      random wolf06 2 days ago +1

      @Goose Things oh ok I did not know,I seriously just found this channel so I don't know what he likes and dislikes

    • Goose Things
      Goose Things 2 days ago

      He said he doesnt have a problem with furries

  • Kur0Gaming
    Kur0Gaming 10 days ago +3165

    If this was an actual series on TV with one new episode every week I’d definitely watch it! 😂😂😂

    • AutismoGamer
      AutismoGamer 10 days ago

      @Саша Черняк cringe

    • Саша Черняк
      Саша Черняк 10 days ago

      Watch EFAP. It's a weekly podcast led by MauLer (gas masked long man) and Rags (furry doggo).

    • derp herp
      derp herp 10 days ago +1

      Warhammer Plus is what you want, and its pretty good honestly, the latter episodes of Hammer and Bolter especially

    • Kur0Gaming
      Kur0Gaming 10 days ago

      @AutismoGamer oh gawd can you imagine that? 😂😂😂

    • AutismoGamer
      AutismoGamer 10 days ago

      @ApexPredator it can be a top down 8bit shooter or a doom/Wolfenstein mod.

  • A Noble Fish
    A Noble Fish Day ago

    that was Fkin insane dude ! the Astartes vibe is all over the place ! hot damn

  • wiej007
    wiej007 3 days ago +3

    You either die a hero or become the enemy you swore to destroy...

  • Muhammed Ebrahim Moodley
    Muhammed Ebrahim Moodley 7 days ago +18

    I like the dead space reference at 2:55 where the necromorph was banging his head against the wall. Very subtle but nicely done.

  • Geristudios
    Geristudios 5 days ago +23

    I have to say that I was very surprised by the atmosphere I could feel from this last video. How it all started as a dirty joke and eventually developed into something serious to the point of horror atmosphere. Which fits perfectly into the 40k universe. I am very curious how it will continue. You really outdid yourself with that last video.

  • Singsong Gacha
    Singsong Gacha 2 days ago +1

    So is this like a "you either die against furries or live long enough to see yourself become one" type a thing?

  • redfiveish
    redfiveish 2 days ago

    "I can hear them. Howling within the deep. They are coming."

  • Michael V
    Michael V Day ago

    guys, that was amazing.

  • supercalifragilistic expialidocious

    Out of curiosity, what Chapter do these Space Marines belong to?

  • The Nostalgic Texan
    The Nostalgic Texan 10 days ago +784

    The fact that this has gone from "there's not enough loop-de-loops in the galaxy to escape the GLORY of our crusade" to pure on Lovecraftian levels of horror is amazing.

    • GrandmasterDevo
      GrandmasterDevo 10 days ago +1

      Seeing that weird, fleshy corruption gave me serious Dead Space vibes.

    • Carlos Cruz
      Carlos Cruz 10 days ago +1

      Nah, that's Tuesday for a space marine

    • kharnes
      kharnes 10 days ago +29

      Don't forget. We will SPATER and we will NEUTER until there is nothing left.

  • Jeremy B.
    Jeremy B. 5 days ago +10

    I don't think there's anything cooler than seeing what was meant to be a one-off parody accidentally turn itself into a high-quality saga. There's so much visual story and detail now.

  • MrConstruction
    MrConstruction 2 days ago

    From what I can get, the infection is considered a parasitic hivemind.

  • BuzzLightYearPFP
    BuzzLightYearPFP 10 days ago +1350

    i love how the series is becoming more serious and dark, it almost feels like something that could exist in actual WH40k
    edit: they're basically like a combination of genestealers, daemons, and beastmen.

    • Ritterk.703_
      Ritterk.703_ 7 days ago

      @Presented by Conor McTapper's Proper CatPiss
      Man, The Inquisition is gonna have a field day if they get involved. Mostlly the Ordo Malleus and Ordo Hereticus...

    • Scooter Grant
      Scooter Grant 7 days ago +1

      @Ritterk.703_ That's such a cool idea!!! To be frank, given this series is not following one group but rather different operations then we can fairly assume that this is quite the empire. Wether or not these are separated by decades I do not know. But it would be interesting to think that they are so large in number and have just been found by the Knights Templar. But yes that's a cool point indeed!

    • Ritterk.703_
      Ritterk.703_ 7 days ago

      ​@Scooter Grant Oh yeah, that's cool too, but that begs the question: How common is in-fighting between furry sub-factions?
      Are their relations like Ork Klans where a war between them is just a regular Tuesday?
      Or do the main furry factions see these guys as traitors or lunatics? (kinda like the Tau and the Farsight Enclaves)

    • Scooter Grant
      Scooter Grant 7 days ago +1

      @Ritterk.703_ That's a very cool analysis. But I love the theory that these are different sub groups of furry. Some are the more usual type and these we saw today are the more religious and vile type that see things from a puristic side almost acting as a mirror to the Black Templars.

    • Ritterk.703_
      Ritterk.703_ 8 days ago

      Another guy in another comment said that the Furries are evolving.
      In the first video they were dying in droves.
      Then in the sonic video they had psykers and... "goo" guns.
      Then in the coliseum and first contact videos they had tamed xenos and abominations.
      Now they have melee focused bruisers, lasguns, warp-flamers and mind-controlling parasites.
      Now I'm wondering about how other 40K factions would get involved with this mess...

  • Sablus
    Sablus 2 days ago +19

    Honestly felt very much like an actual 40k story but with the progenoid gland being corrupted by Nurgle or Slaanesh

    • Sladewilson27
      Sladewilson27 22 hours ago

      @Cursed HFY Slaneeshie genestealers basically

    • Cursed HFY
      Cursed HFY Day ago +4

      Quite frankly this would've been the most vile creation of Slaanesh by far.

  • Jordan Rodriguez

    This series went from parodying furries into Lovecraftian body horror level of nightmare fuel. I had a feeling that this would lend towards this. The idea is that these are not furries but are assimilated individuals of a cosmic threat of an unfathomable degree.
    As a furry and a fan of cosmic horror, it's incredible to make something from a joke into something terrifying. The templar holding the medal, the disturbing imagery, and the reveal that he was infected are nice touches with the storytelling of an unfortunate victim.

  • Rain
    Rain Day ago

    Now I want for the Adeptus Custodes to get involved in this, maybe one of those watchers of theirs coming in to help?

  • Talles
    Talles Day ago +2

    Fear the alien, the furry, the heretic

  • Rush Garcia
    Rush Garcia 10 days ago +30

    The nod to Astartes here is masterfully used.

    • Tonba
      Tonba 10 days ago +2

      Little more than a nod

  • WrathOfRagnarok
    WrathOfRagnarok Day ago +1

    Wouldn’t mind a short movie of this

  • Code Raccoon
    Code Raccoon 3 days ago

    Furry, best - strongest race! Yes, yes! We nehe infect! Consume! Control all! Praise pappa UwU!
    For real tho great animation. Your alls best yet.
    Signed; a furry fan.

  • Vuradux
    Vuradux 2 days ago +7

    Love the detail with the hand at 3:37 having it shadowed the same way the mutated Templar's arms were earlier.

    • noplesnono
      noplesnono 2 days ago

      Oooh good eye, I didn't even notice that!

  • Roriloty
    Roriloty 7 days ago +12

    never knew this series gonna go this far after all these years!, well done guys.

  • Team Epic Force
    Team Epic Force 10 days ago +758

    It is an impressive achievement that this parody has genuinely become so badass and worthy of our investment. Seriously with all the blips of foreboding imagery, no dialogue, fucked up reveals, and amazing pacing, this is easily my favorite short of the bunch so far

  • tomtin Akiyama
    tomtin Akiyama Day ago

    It's one power that can combat the furry the power of the weebs. 🤣

  • Masked Waste
    Masked Waste 2 days ago


  • Никита Сальников

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  • Musky_Rusky
    Musky_Rusky Day ago

    Just wait until a chapter formerly unknown to the Imperium turns out to be recruiting the furry menace

  • AceOfSpadesGuy
    AceOfSpadesGuy 10 days ago +894

    This is absolutely incredible. Not a single line of dialogue in the entire thing but you’re still hooked immediately.

    • Tristan Beer
      Tristan Beer 10 days ago

      ​@Craig Fedynich and it perfectly conveyed the horrific truth, that Astartes can be infected.

    • Brojo
      Brojo 10 days ago

      What, when

    • Ozzy
      Ozzy 10 days ago

      @Fast Eddy kill the furry

    • Fast Eddy
      Fast Eddy 10 days ago +2


    • Adrian Naranjo
      Adrian Naranjo 10 days ago +27

      The Space Marine said "uwu"

  • Teesquared00
    Teesquared00 2 days ago +8

    I'm not into Warhammer 40k, but this is (actually) getting me into Warhammer 40k.
    Unbelievable work gents. This is epic.

  • Joseph Winter
    Joseph Winter 4 days ago +3

    This started as a satisfying animation and then turned into the best portrayals of Slaaneshi daemons and warp fuckery that I've seen in some time. If only Games Workshop had the balls you clearly have.

    • Tech Priest
      Tech Priest 4 days ago +2

      Warhammer 40k isn’t as dark as it used to be. It started going down hill after the year 2006.

  • Joshua Adon
    Joshua Adon 3 days ago +18

    That was intriguing. Very good on the new take, very serious and grim. I love it.
    I hope to see more. Perhaps deathwatch will have to interfere.

  • One Two
    One Two Day ago

    This is cooler than the entirety of Hammer and Bolter
    like, holy Emperor damn this all

  • Foxster 13
    Foxster 13 10 days ago +264

    I can see other people have said this but I too love how the series of the Black Templars' crusade against the Furries went from comedic to actually serious and would somehow work within the 40K universe.
    I also liked (what I presume) to be a homage to the Astartes collection of videos. Absolutely amazing. Can't wait to see where this story goes next.

    • Andre Carter
      Andre Carter 10 days ago +3

      anything can work in 40k. Civilizations are so old and population sizes are so large that statistically almost anything can happen.

  • AnimatedMonkey
    AnimatedMonkey Day ago +2

    Animation lookin fine af

  • Nero DeathStep
    Nero DeathStep 3 days ago +1

    I know we're watching BLACK TEMPLARS vs FURRIES.... but holy shit this is accurate to 40k horror

  • Adam Drutzi
    Adam Drutzi 6 days ago +6

    Good job, honestly this series is one of the best animated 40k content currently. Can’t wait to see more!

  • Sebax Swampert
    Sebax Swampert Day ago

    We need a music animation where the emperor purges the furry heresy

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    Fred Renault 5 hours ago

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  • Joseph Breeden
    Joseph Breeden 15 hours ago

    Me: "No Mama, He was my brother! I'll do it!
    (TBH, it was a mercy)

  • Josh Frew
    Josh Frew 10 days ago +228

    The best detail is even though the marine was corrupted and mutating he held on to his faith and duty even in death and mutations he was a son of dorn and a loyal subject

    • David Miller
      David Miller 10 days ago +9

      thats what undergive ganger stock for your neophytes does
      take the toughest of the worst scum from the harshest places (usually necromunda) and mold them into disciplined tactians or devout zealots (yes the imperial fist and to an extent the templars use necromunda and usually underhives for alot of their prospects)

  • Badass Goat
    Badass Goat 3 days ago +1

    This is why the Imperium stopped the Damocles crusade.... I understand, finally 😂