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The Legend of the Voices of The Legend of Vox Machina

  • Published on Jul 27, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • In the fourth part of our behind-the-scenes documentary series, the Critical Role cast step into the recording booth to bring new life to Vox Machina with the guidance of The Legend of Vox Machina's voice director, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn! Catch a glimpse of their fantastic collaboration throughout this winding journey!
    The Legend of Vox Machina is available now on Prime Video! Watch: amzn.to/3o4nBS5
    Listen to The Legend of Vox Machina's official soundtrack here: lnk.to/voxmachina
    A very special thanks to our animation partner, Titmouse, our partners at Amazon Studios and Amazon Prime Video, and of course the 88,887 Kickstarter backers that made this dream a reality. We love you!
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Comments • 2 261

  • Mitochondria Lover23
    Mitochondria Lover23 Year ago +1177

    I want an "easteregg" where a random female Npc starts speaking with Mathew's voice, *coughs and then switches to the actual voice actor.

    • inciting a riot
      inciting a riot 10 months ago +2

      One every episode. I just hope Matt voices Viktor when he shows up

    • Adamaris
      Adamaris Year ago +3

      Oh that would be amazing

    • 15B
      15B Year ago +30

      I hope their changeling tavernkeeper does just that! It'd make so much sense in universe as well.

    • Nigel Calpe
      Nigel Calpe Year ago +16

      oh god i hope this happen

    • Mitochondria Lover23
      Mitochondria Lover23 Year ago +55

      @Lilith Renarde that would be just perfect or maybe the very first Npc to throw us of at the beginning

  • frankichiro
    frankichiro Year ago +1438

    "Hey guys, imagine if we could do like a 22 minutes animated special episode, wouldn't that be cool?"

    • yipyo morgan
      yipyo morgan Year ago +3

      Critters: "Hey that would be cool. How about 2 seasons of it instead?"

    • Robert McGonagle
      Robert McGonagle Year ago

      Here, take 11 million

    • Garrett Laundry
      Garrett Laundry Year ago

      Over 8 million dollars in donations later...

    • jito
      jito Year ago +1

      @frankichiro Remember operation Critical Push?

    • jito
      jito Year ago +2

      @Mr Emu Everything is chill. I was tired.

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks Year ago +1390

    I really wanna see the bloopers

    • jackelhigh
      jackelhigh Year ago

      O god yes please be bloopers

    • Jasper Fox (FoxGamer39618)
      Jasper Fox (FoxGamer39618) Year ago

      Me too.

    • Rennrogue
      Rennrogue Year ago +1

      @aarswft Great point!!!!

    • aarswft
      aarswft Year ago +23

      You've got like 900 hours of bloopers to watch, what are you talking about?

    • WeirdMole
      WeirdMole Year ago +14

      "The Legend of the Legend of the Legend of Vox Machina"?

  • Daniel Ben-Zvi
    Daniel Ben-Zvi Year ago +398

    To everyone asking about Orion Acaba/Tiberius:
    Orion has poisoned whatever relationship he had with the cast, all of his own doing. He has claimed IP copyright on Tiberius, forbidding his use in the show. He has threatened the cast with legal action if they mention Tiberius or him ever again. So, no, writing him out of CR history isn't disrespectful. If anything, it's far kinder than he deserves.

    • ODIN
      ODIN 6 months ago +1

      Anybody that watched his episodes and still thinks he deserves to be apart of CR is 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩

    • WorldWalker128
      WorldWalker128 8 months ago

      Wow. I'd wondered about that, and now I know. I know he'd gone his own way, but sheesh. Never knew he'd not so much burned that bridge as he'd nuked it. Oh well, his loss.

    • inciting a riot
      inciting a riot 10 months ago

      @Myerz9 I thought it was Keylith, not Vex

    • GamerKat'71
      GamerKat'71 10 months ago +13

      @Ingruentium Malorum My break with him came when he made that sexual 'joke' at Laura, and Travis sitting right there at the table. I guess it ultimately didn't matter as that happened to be his final episode, but damn.

    • Ingruentium Malorum
      Ingruentium Malorum 10 months ago +17

      @wiredspider this. He looked at the show and said "this is MY chance for greatness". The others said "This is OUR chance for greatness".

  • GatsuForce
    GatsuForce Year ago +355

    Can we get a separate "Mercer Edition", where Matthew voices all the NPCs?

    • inciting a riot
      inciting a riot 10 months ago +2

      @NinjaDrew10 Please refer to him by his title Our Eldritch Overlord Taliesin Jaffee.

    • MrFlaten92
      MrFlaten92 Year ago +11

      we kinda already have, its call Critical Role Campaign 1

    • Evija3000
      Evija3000 Year ago +19

      I can imagine some fan taking parts of the animated show and putting Mercer audio from Critical Role on it.

    • NinjaDrew10
      NinjaDrew10 Year ago +22

      @Ida Laursen I mean he can just get Tal to help him out with the whole "Time" thing.

    • Ida Laursen
      Ida Laursen Year ago +13

      I, respectfully, double he has time for that😅

  • odanarose1
    odanarose1 Year ago +430

    As a newbie voice actor in LA, it feels good to know that legendary voice actors are also in their closets doing auditions.
    Makes me feel like a real professional :)

    • minisomma
      minisomma 10 months ago +3

      if ya do it for a living, you're a real professional. don't sell yourself short

    • bezerkoid
      bezerkoid Year ago +10

      You got this! May your voice soon grace our ears

    • MongoTheDerp
      MongoTheDerp Year ago +7

      I know the feeling. I'm nowhere close to being able to take the step toward a place like LA or Dallas, but seeing their spaces to work on a MAJOR project makes me feel so accomplished with my own closet booth!

    • Colin Deal
      Colin Deal Year ago +12

      All voice actors are closeted in the literal sense :p

  • HeyItsDingo
    HeyItsDingo Year ago +643

    Just because of how close she is with Taliesin, I hope Erika Ishii plays Cassandra de Rolo.

    • HeyItsDingo
      HeyItsDingo 10 months ago +1

      @KL -144 I saw, I had never heard of him before, but I followed him on Twitter as fast as I could. Lol

    • KL -144
      KL -144 10 months ago +2

      Update: Gilmore is going to be voiced by Sunil Malhotra and he sounds excellent already for the part. Every clip of him he is genuinely so excited to be voicing such a loved NPC and I am looking forward to his performance

    • Len Laegrim
      Len Laegrim Year ago +7

      ​@dustybookshelves yeah, I also remember him saying he was trying to balance his own protectiveness of the character with his wish to give (ideally) a queer BIPOC actor the opportunity to voice and bring him to life for the show, instead of taking away a chance for representation. Idk if there's been anything else said about it, so I guess we'll have to wait for a casting announcement or the show itself

    • dustybookshelves
      dustybookshelves Year ago +9

      @TheCrispyNinja Oh, that would be wonderful. IIRC Matt said he is too emotionally close to Gilmore to have that character voiced in the show by anyone else, but if they had been looking for someone else, Payton would have been a joy.

    • darkrose light
      darkrose light Year ago +3

      That would be a good choice. I'm really excited to see the cast list.

  • CP Alexander
    CP Alexander Year ago +147

    Bloopers and Matt talking to himself have been mentioned. But you know what else is needed? Scanlan's songs complete with a backing track and a music video feel. That would make it perfect. 😅

    • Beth Stansberry
      Beth Stansberry Year ago +5

      i need like a whole minute long fight scene with a thousand miles over it.

    • Luis
      Luis Year ago +11

      Oh boy, does the CR channel have news for you

  • prophetisaiah08
    prophetisaiah08 Year ago +2640

    Mr. Travis Willingham, I'm stealing that phrase: "Symphony of Idiots." That's a fucking gem!

    • drfoxcourt
      drfoxcourt 10 months ago

      That's not a bad name for the Campaign 3 crew either. I'm using Thursday Night Bells for now, but calling Campaign 3 party,"The Symphony" might be better.

    • Samuraiko Productions Video Archive
      Samuraiko Productions Video Archive Year ago

      Oh my gods, I am so creating an all-Minstrel kinship in LORD OF THE RINGS ONLINE and naming it the Symphony of Idiots.

    • Jester's Sketchbook
      Jester's Sketchbook Year ago

      i always wondered what the collective noun for that was xD

    • SquiddyHS
      SquiddyHS Year ago


    • Colin Deal
      Colin Deal Year ago +7

      @Lord Of Gore yeah, but it's because animation takes time not because the boys are getting drunk and sexually harassing the women like Blizzard.

  • validol
    validol Year ago +217

    Taliesin said something about the voices we "will not be surprised to hear", so I'm pretty sure it kinda confirms the cameos of guests of the show
    Plus since they all came from VA they might ask their ex-colleagues to join, would be pretty fucking cool to hear someone like Troy Baker voice Vecna or smth

    • Vicenzo Stella
      Vicenzo Stella 10 months ago

      @Thomas Allen Had the same thoughts. However, according to some commenters, it might not happen.

    • inciting a riot
      inciting a riot 10 months ago +1

      @Vicenzo Stella they cannot use Tiberius as he is the intellectual property of Orion.

    • inciting a riot
      inciting a riot 10 months ago +1

      Ex colleagues? They still do voice acting.

    • David Tancon
      David Tancon 11 months ago

      Troy is in everything maybe let him sit this one out please.

    • BeBoChamp
      BeBoChamp Year ago

      Dear lord I pray Archon will be in the show!

  • Joshua McTiernan
    Joshua McTiernan Year ago +131

    If this has bloopers, they will be LEGENDARY.

  • Gunndy Gaming
    Gunndy Gaming Year ago +106

    EVERY time I hear that theme music, no matter how my day is going, I am immediately pushed to a happy place and feel a surge of excitement for what's to come!!!!

    • Cheryl Shearer
      Cheryl Shearer Year ago +1

      Same, C1’s intro is my ringtone and I love it!

  • wickedpissa25
    wickedpissa25 Year ago +371

    "A Symphony of Idiots", a Vox Machina Retrospective.

    • knuckles543
      knuckles543 Year ago +7

      With Laura “heavenly Harp noises” Bailey

  • Sky
    Sky Year ago +2615

    Mary is a no-brainer choice for voice director. Basically the only person for the job. Excited that so many people who were directly involved with c1 are being tapped to work on the show about c1.

    • Cameron McEwen
      Cameron McEwen Year ago +1

      @Steven D No doubt she’s sending the women of Blizzard her support.

    • Steven D
      Steven D Year ago +2

      @Cameron McEwen She also sings on most of the Silent Hills soundtracks (3 and onward) and that made me a huge fan of hers. Plus of course voicing the Major in Ghost in the Shell. Met her once and she was the sweetest person. She's pure awesome.

    • fortuntek
      fortuntek Year ago +1

      @Puhbaertus Greene Whoa whoawhoa WHAT. I had no idea she had any connection to Steve Blum. Now that I know they're married I'm now remembering Matt's comments in the video about how he's not voicing all his characters but that's we're all going to be very pleased... are we getting Steve Blum?? And who would he be good to voice...

    • Lazer Bear
      Lazer Bear Year ago +2

      @Cameron McEwen her list of voice acting credits is a mile long, but her best known projects as ADR/voice director are Cowboy Bebop, Naruto, and She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.

    • Cameron McEwen
      Cameron McEwen Year ago

      What else has she worked on?

  • Max Kay
    Max Kay Year ago +64

    To voice a different sentiment, I'm really excited to hear all the new NPC voices - especially Gilmore. I trust them to have cast someone they feel is right, and while Matt's personality and voice has been intrinsic to the game, I also think it's great that they have the opportunity to add an extra layer of identity to all these characters.

    • Vodid
      Vodid 10 months ago +3

      I'm pretty sure Gilmore is one of the characters Matt will be voicing. Could be wrong.

  • Krazy K
    Krazy K Year ago +60

    I didn't realize how much I missed seeing Marisha, Laura, Travis, and Talesin before this video 😅

  • ThePopeOfDope
    ThePopeOfDope Year ago +81

    When Matt was talking about the fact that they're working on something he just made up, I was like "Of course, you're one the creative geniuses or our time!"

    • Michelle Wade
      Michelle Wade Year ago +3

      Matt really is the Da Vinci of our times.

  • Karotten Kopf
    Karotten Kopf 11 months ago +5

    It sooths my heart to see a Frumpkin plushy in Liams studio.

  • Aurelius2142
    Aurelius2142 Year ago +67

    Do you all realize the work that Mary has done as an ADR director before? Rurouni Kenshin? A little show called Naruto?? THE FREAKING COWBOY BEBOP DUB???? That's basically the poster child for the Dub>Sub argument XD

  • Theinsanegamer10
    Theinsanegamer10 Year ago +55

    Critical Role should do a compilation of all the "The Legend of..." videos and call it "The Legend of The Legend of The Legend of Vox Machina"

    • Rob Graham
      Rob Graham Year ago +2

      Starting with the 'We broke Kickstarter' video from the Talks Machina set ... or the 'Bed Dream' ...

  • Tarmachan
    Tarmachan Year ago +41

    Looking forward to seeing who they pick to voice Delilah!

    • Jacob Robinson
      Jacob Robinson 10 months ago +6

      Well, turns out it's Grey Griffon. As in Azula from ATLA

    • Brian Ortiz
      Brian Ortiz Year ago +2

      I know but I'm under NDA :P

  • Angela Maggioncalda
    Angela Maggioncalda 10 months ago +5

    I find it so strange every time I'm reminded that 'normal' voice acting is just one person in a box. The first time I was introduced to group recording was extra features for 'Surf's Up' and am happy for the cast that they get to enjoy each other's company while recording.

    • MrJechgo
      MrJechgo 10 months ago

      It really depends on the project. For dubbing, it's often one actor at the time, since they need to be very precise and accurate with the mouth flaps. However, for original animation in which the voice acting is the original one, they can do whatever they want, such as recording together.

  • ASquared
    ASquared Year ago +1656

    Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if this series ends up being some of the best work the Critical Role team ever does. They aren’t being handed a character and told to feel them out and figure out what voice is right with them. No, right out of the gate they understand these characters more intimately than anyone else, because they didn’t just make these characters, they evolved with them, endured their struggles, felt their pain, and in many ways these characters are a part of them and their lives, in more ways than one. These characters aren’t going to be their best work because they’re good voice actors, it’s going to be their best work because of the understanding they have with the characters.

    • Hinterfragen!
      Hinterfragen! Year ago +2

      @Marvin Hubregtse Well, that's somehow similar, but also different in my opinion. Rowling is not a good writer, to be honest. Don't get me wrong Harry Potter was a fantastic idea and the story was absolutely fine, but her style and skill in writing is mediocre. Plus she has quite some contradictions in her books, because she made a lot of it up on the fly, since her lore was insufficient. If it wasn't a book for children and teens, it would have never made it.

    • Marvin Hubregtse
      Marvin Hubregtse Year ago +1

      i think they've said that as well that its both awesome and weird that its YOUR caracter you get to voice

    • Marvin Hubregtse
      Marvin Hubregtse Year ago

      @Hinterfragen! kinda like the dozens of publishers refuseing rowling at first

    • Sumner Hayes
      Sumner Hayes Year ago

      @Alex Chandler nah, an Emmy would be fun but not internet breaking. Sam has already won an Emmy, and Ashley and Laura have won even more prestigious awards.
      We should hang our hopes on this being an artistically great endeavor, not a random award or two.

    • Sylvia
      Sylvia Year ago +2

      @Alex Chandler Oh god that would be amazing!!

  • Zombiewithabowtie
    Zombiewithabowtie Year ago +44

    10:02 That looks like a Gilmore pose if ever there were one. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    • Maya English
      Maya English Year ago +3

      Thank you for the hope! I'm getting a little worried about that. I agree with the argument in general about the industry not hiring poc and that being terrible, but in this specific instance Matt IS Gilmore! I'm already sad he's not playing Allura. Plus this show will definitely have a bunch of jobs for everybody cuz Matt's world is populated with a billion different types of people lol.

  • Luke Jackson
    Luke Jackson Year ago +135

    You can trace when things happened based on what people are wearing xD lolol Everyone remember Brian's jokes about Ashley's beanie and everything? haha

  • gladiusdei
    gladiusdei Year ago +78

    I want this cast to remake the movie “Clue”.

    • Zuko Halliwell
      Zuko Halliwell 9 months ago

      Funny you should say that. I started watching the animated show last night, and earlier that day, I saw a stage production of the movie "Clue".

    • gladiusdei
      gladiusdei Year ago

      @Katie Roberts Fair enough!

    • Katie Roberts
      Katie Roberts Year ago

      @gladiusdei Nott is definitely a straight (wo)man

    • gladiusdei
      gladiusdei Year ago

      @Ebilkitty Rainstar Ok, I follow. I just don’t see Sam playing the “straight man”. But it could work.

    • Ebilkitty Rainstar
      Ebilkitty Rainstar Year ago +2

      @gladiusdei actually on second thought since people have joked about Sam being a Tim Curry lookalike, he could play Wadsworth

  • Crab in the Tophat
    Crab in the Tophat Year ago +91

    I can't wait for Keyfish animated in all it's glory with possible new monologue???

    • Andy Malik
      Andy Malik Year ago

      @Katie Roberts While true, I'm pretty sure I heard that season 2 for the animated show will also be "new" tailored content. But alas, I cannot promise anything.
      I did reread this post recently (got a notification) and I think I have to disagree that Keyfish would be fun to watch. If the show "takes itself seriously" then it won't have the cast's laughters and surprised reactions at what Marisha is doing, nor Marisha's confused "Wait, this doesn't work how I want?" face. It might not be as funny when we're seeing a fan character fall off a cliff, turn into a fish, and then a puddle of red. May not be as comfortable for people who don't know the original situation.

    • Katie Roberts
      Katie Roberts Year ago

      @Andy Malik A lot of articles are saying that it is all new content because intially in the kickstarter that is what they promised, when it was a special and then a few episodes. Then they promised to animate the briarwoods. After that? We don't know. Though keyfish happened in a fairly slow arc that may well be cut, if we even get that many seasons.

    • Andy Malik
      Andy Malik Year ago +2

      Lol, might have to wait a while. Possibly will never happen**. From what we know, the first season is about Briarwood, introducing those characters to us in a proper fashion. This is new material tailored for the animated series. This way the Animated Series has no dependencies on watching the Critical Role episodes, but more importantly so that the Animated Series doesn't SPOIL the Critical Role episodes.
      While it would be majestic and glorious and not really a spoiler, it was even more magical with the casts reactions as they were playing in the moment. That in itself is already full of glory, and having it animated would limit some of the casts' reactions as the actors were "there" and laughing/reacting but their characters weren't (and thus, many people would be removed from the scene). It sure could be a fun watch, but so is the clip of them at the table.
      **Note: It could happen by the official production company and Critical Role cast, but due to the reasons I mentioned above, if it does happen; it'd be a dedicated clip that's non-canon in the animated show and labeled as a spoiler for the games.

    • JW11
      JW11 Year ago +8

      With * tragic harp and flute music * while she's falling and then just * splat * "Oh look, it's a magic trick, a goldfish turned into a corpse"

  • Nicholas
    Nicholas Year ago +1393

    It's not even acting anymore. They are well and truly "re-living" an already written arc of their lives. Leaps and bounds more wondrous and real than you could ever imagine.

    • Nicholas
      Nicholas Year ago +2

      @aarswft That's not an issue, as it's each to their own. It would be wrong in saying that the characters they made aren't, at least in part, connected to themselves. Their ability to act so convincingly, BECAUSE THEY'RE ACTORS, only lends greater depth to the overall experience, that being Dungeons and Dragons, the very game built on one's imagination. Though it's all technically make-believe, whatever emotional feedback that the Critical Role cast, as well as the critters, gleamed from it all can in no way be lessened or denied. Plus, since campaign 1 finished awhile ago, what they are doing, as general as it can be stated, is in fact reliving a portion of their shared past, only now being in animated form.

    • aarswft
      aarswft Year ago

      This isn't the compliment you think it is and it's a huge problem with the fanbase. You need to learn to separate these people from the characters and the game.

    • Riff
      Riff Year ago

      Well said!

    • Nicholas
      Nicholas Year ago

      @SwanDuck Thank you. Didn't see that there.

    • SwanDuck
      SwanDuck Year ago


  • Metrosuez
    Metrosuez Year ago +52

    Considering that Mary is directing, I really hope Steve Blum appears in the show

    • Jonathan Seitz
      Jonathan Seitz Year ago

      He'll be a creature or a monster I bet.

    • Madhur Dhingra
      Madhur Dhingra Year ago +3

      @Julian Season 1 is till Briarwood Arc so probably not.

    • Julian
      Julian Year ago +9

      @V0IDHE4D or Kevdak, or any of the chromatic council

    • V0IDHE4D
      V0IDHE4D Year ago +11

      He'd be pretty good as Earthbreaker Groon.

  • Master_ Chef
    Master_ Chef 10 months ago +7

    It’s so humbling to see these high level voice actors working in makeshift home studios, gives me hope as an aspiring voice actor

  • Plato Aristocles
    Plato Aristocles Year ago +9

    I love Mary, Shes so good! I loved Zahra as a character, can't wait for this.

  • Kaitlyn Wickham
    Kaitlyn Wickham Year ago +67

    3:20 Pike freaking out about something as Taliesin loses it.

  • OneHalfChaoticElf
    OneHalfChaoticElf Year ago +1271

    I am still holding out hope that Matt will voice Gilmore, cuz he *is* Gilmore.

    • محمد ارشدی
      محمد ارشدی Year ago +1

      His own fault for making gilmore colored ... thats what u get for being inclusive ((im joking))

    • LordVader1094
      LordVader1094 Year ago

      @SelaRose Which is a ridiculous notion in general, because limiting voice acting based on race is stupid at its core. Will we stop Asians from voicing non-Asian characters? Or black people from voicing non-black characters? No, because that's stupid and voice acting is about being inhabiting the role of someone you're not, much like roleplaying. Pressuring people to stay within their racial borders is backwards af, and it's good to see other people who fully support Matt voicing the character.

    • LordVader1094
      LordVader1094 Year ago

      @Daqueda Yeah it's pretty dumb that the dude doesn't get to voice his own character just because of skin tone difference.

    • Noble116
      Noble116 Year ago

      @SelaRose I fully agree

    • Noble116
      Noble116 Year ago

      @cryofpaine to be honest I imagine playing in a campaign focused on fighting injustice would be pretty cathartic as you can actually make changes happen in that setting, will it be raw and frustrating along the way, absolutely, but there would be doubt be moments that more than compensate with good feels when you succeed, it wouldn't be for everyone if course but I could see people doing that, that situation wouldn't be too dissimilar from Beau's trauma of being kidnapped and actually having her villain punished in the end, of course I don't think Marisha suffered anything like that as far as I'm aware, but there were more than a few people I saw taking about how they felt vindicated and satisfied by it because they had gone through things similar and gotten little to no justice,
      I'm not one to be in the know as far as "trends" go so the new blackface stuff is news to me, rather odd one at that, also peoples jobs are threatened over dreads? I worked in security for years with multiple co-workers who had em and it was never an issue, it wasn't an incredibly formal site but professional appearance was still important to them and they never took issue with them, depending on the job I guess they may or may not have the right to tell you to present yourself a certain way so it would definitely vary, it's a big world and people are crazy so I suppose I'm not too surprised,
      If a white person is playing a black person in a fantasy world and faces no consequences for their skin, then neither does the black person playing a black person in that same fantasy world, in the real world yes most likely that they do in some way of varying degrees, but in that fantasy world it's an escape, it can be free of those consequence and prejudices and doesn't matter what anyone plays cus they're just people in there, adopting a negative mindset I can understand the upset, but objectively and emotionally detached it seems, idk misguided isn't the right word, close minded? Pessimistic? Understandably in a way as there's fairly good reason but if you let that get in the way of enjoying yourself and letting others do so as well it's just bad for everyone

  • Yggdrasil-Zero
    Yggdrasil-Zero Year ago +4

    You straight-up hired Zahra...
    this is simply amazing to have a guest come and direct.
    Someone who got first hand experience and was invited inside this wonderful artistic endeavour.
    Im so happy for you guys
    Im happy for us.
    Dnd was so vilified when I was a kid and so ridiculed.
    And now you guys pull this off.
    When I'm old and wrinkled, I'll remember this shit as a feat of arms for all geekdom.
    Maybe it'll just be pop culture then... ;)
    Thank you for this.

  • Christine Ó Coileáin
    Christine Ó Coileáin 8 months ago +1

    When I saw David Tennant's name, I screamed - literally screamed - at my TV, and a show that was already great got instantly elevated. My only sadness was that he wasn't there longer.

  • Laylla's Locker
    Laylla's Locker Year ago +5

    These people are living the dream! Makes me so happy for them and at the same time sad for the rest of the people who didn't roll well IRL or had other factors making the game too hard.
    Sending hugs to all of you. ♥

  • Belinda Luna
    Belinda Luna Year ago +11

    Matt: "I still want to hold on to some characters that I have a connection with."
    Hmm...sounds like that could've come right after him saying he's not voicing a certain shopkeep. So y'all prepare yourself for that possiblity.
    EDIT: Called it.

    • Belinda Luna
      Belinda Luna 11 months ago +1

      @Astroblaze Yeah, sorry, but that's not evidence of anything.

    • Astroblaze
      Astroblaze 11 months ago

      I wouldn't worry about that -- see 10:02

  • Cara
    Cara Year ago +607

    Wow, these voice actors are great! Exactly how I imagined the main characters sounding!!! Perfect casting!

    • WetMIlk
      WetMIlk Year ago +2

      @Mike Appleby how can you miss a joke this badly?

    • Cameron McEwen
      Cameron McEwen Year ago +1

      Ashley is the only one who hasn’t voiced on WoW.

    • Watsisface
      Watsisface Year ago +1

      @Mike Appleby whoosh

    • Lu
      Lu Year ago +4

      right? I loved the cast too xD, can't wait to see the final product hehe

    • Cara
      Cara Year ago +3

      @p. ;P

  • Robert Lykins
    Robert Lykins 6 months ago

    This show looks amazing & I can’t wait to see it. Sure hope it’s released on DVD sets like the Castlevaina series was!

  • Generic Name
    Generic Name 9 months ago +1

    Man I hope we get 5 seasons just so we can see the full story of VM.

  • Beev
    Beev Year ago +7

    I just love the passion of the cast. Its just heartwarming to see/hear how they love what they are doing.

  • Alexis Garland
    Alexis Garland Year ago +1

    Seeing them all in the booth together brought tears to my eyes. This is the epitome of a passion project, and I can't believe that I've been able to go along on this journey with them all...We're with you, Vox Machina, till the end.

  • Elliot
    Elliot Year ago +2983

    That "Coming Soon" taunts me. When is soon? WHEN IS SOON?

    • Mr. Blorp
      Mr. Blorp Year ago +1

      "WHEN IS SOON?" is such a mood

    • D Nar
      D Nar Year ago +2


    • Garay Workshop
      Garay Workshop Year ago

      @Kai K. That is actually what makes me think this might be already done. When Prime pay for two more episodes in the first season and a second season of 12 episodes they did became that studio kicking their butts. So my theory is that the show might be ready, last two videos of the legend of the legend felt closer to the finish line and the last Q&crew said it was the last of those videos... Why hasen't been release or anounced? They might be waiting for Amazon to fit it in their scheduele of releases and give them the thumbs up for promotion.

    • Erin Gauthier
      Erin Gauthier Year ago

      @hakulives2613 exactly!!

    • Callum England
      Callum England Year ago

      I bet is going to be a few weeks before campaign 3 to build the hype and maybe expand the audience of the stream

  • Apino
    Apino Year ago +19

    It would only be right for the show to be released on a Thursday! Change my mind!!

  • David Gardiner
    David Gardiner Year ago +12

    I love that they’re able to be together in one booth to record together. So often you hear of animation projects where the actors tall about the experience and they’ve not met each other. This should really help the dynamism.

  • Stygian XV
    Stygian XV Year ago +1

    Seeing this has honestly given me so much inspiration to get into the creative scene. I aspire to be a creative writer and my dream is to be a part of an amazing team like this someday. I am very excited to see the finished product. Stay safe and don't forget to love each other

  • Sean Smithee
    Sean Smithee Year ago +1

    I’m so glad I got into Crit Role in the last month and a half. I’ve found The Mighty Nein easier to get into purely bc the campaign started at the very beginning, but I’m super looking forward to this bc I really want to understand VM

  • noémie maurice
    noémie maurice Year ago +1

    3:20 just Taliesin trying really hard not to laugh his ass off while Ashley says her lines XD

  • Ben H
    Ben H Year ago +7

    It's amazing how every single person they've brought on seems like literally the only possible choice for the job.

  • Jaime
    Jaime Year ago +1

    I would literally do anything to have the type of bond and friendship like these guys have with each other. I envy it so much but at the same time, I'm just so happy they allow us to be part of it, in a way, through these campaigns and within the world of Critical Role. I'm always so happy and at peace whenever I'm watching an episode, no matter which campaign it is. I've rewatched random episodes of C1 so many times and it just never gets old. Never. The amount of excited anticipation I have for this new cartoon is indescribable. It'll be the perfect gift to brighten our lives while we wait for C3, whenever that may be. I'M SO READY!

  • Destiny Francis
    Destiny Francis Year ago

    This was really nice to watch. Such a talented group of friends. I look forward to watching there show for sure.

  • chaotic evil
    chaotic evil Year ago

    I Can't wait to see the magic you guys have made❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • MonaBee
    MonaBee Year ago

    I love Mary Elizabeth so this is absolutely the greatest thing to see! I'm so emotional over this animated series!!

  • Figgy5119
    Figgy5119 Year ago +14

    9:24 of course Sam is up to shenanigans even during a table read XD

    • Astroblaze
      Astroblaze 11 months ago

      how did I not spot that XD

  • K1ng_Diablo
    K1ng_Diablo Year ago

    Loving the behind the scenes, sooo excited for it to come out!!!!

  • ten-six-eight
    ten-six-eight Year ago +2

    I can't help getting emotional listening to the cast talk about how amazing this experience has been. I'm so glad I was able to back it and help make it happen.

  • thesamuraiman
    thesamuraiman Year ago +1

    I came in late to Critical Role, but I've loved most of these voice actors for yeeears. I'm sooo excited for this cartoon! 💜

  • darkmistress1980
    darkmistress1980 Year ago

    i was soooo chuffed when i heard my voice acting waifu was voice directing. love Mary in everything she does.

  • Walter Ward
    Walter Ward 10 months ago +2

    There are so many of us critters that found you during the pandemic that in its own weird way, it might be the best thing that could have happened for you guys

  • Pandy
    Pandy Year ago +488

    I got actual chills seeing Sylas in proper rendition, and Matt will still be taking on his role! Yes!

    • Gumbo
      Gumbo Year ago +3

      I'm hoping he gets to play Gilmore, but he expressed trepidation in that.

  • Maxord
    Maxord Year ago +91

    "I knew it! Critical Role is scripted!"

  • Jacob Stephens
    Jacob Stephens Year ago

    I am so excited for this. I know you guys are working your asses off, and we appreciate everything you do.

  • Morkdrage
    Morkdrage Year ago +2

    I've watched all of campaign one, and talks machina of those. Recently started with campaign two, and I must say I love you guys and I'm honestly happy just to know you are all holding on and have adapted to pandemics. Take care, stay healthy and doing what you love to do.

  • Kyle D
    Kyle D Year ago +15

    "Liam will watch an episode of the show"
    Oh boy. Looks like there's a crop that are mostly done. That bodes well for dropping this Q3/Q4.

  • WortsVO
    WortsVO Year ago +295

    Ashley being at the level she's at and still recording in a closet-booth gives so much hope to this little Voice Actor. hahaha

    • WortsVO
      WortsVO Year ago +2

      @Personal Piggy RIGHt?! haha. You're not a voice actor until you've sweat in a 3x3 closet for a few hours. haha.

    • Personal Piggy
      Personal Piggy Year ago +2

      Same! My husband is a voice actor, and he's working out of our bedroom closet. When I saw the clothes behind Ashley, I was like "HEY, THAT'S AWESOME."

    • Colin Deal
      Colin Deal Year ago +1

      @Solaire not all. Ashley was a child actor, so she got her start on screen note voice acting :p

    • Solaire
      Solaire Year ago +14

      Little voice actors are how they all started out , just need the opportunity to make it big

  • Wolvo
    Wolvo Year ago +10

    I personally can’t wait to see tary and grog go shopping animated 🤣🤣

    • Astroblaze
      Astroblaze 11 months ago +1

      unfortunately that won't happen bc Tary's arc is _way_ after the arcs that they've said the animated series will cover, but that would be hilarious

  • ephedianroyalty
    ephedianroyalty Year ago +3

    i would lowkey watch the full show of just them in a booth voice acting through it.

  • Shannon Irion
    Shannon Irion Year ago

    This is going to be phenomenal. Thanks to all the CR team!

  • Ravenclaw Fairy
    Ravenclaw Fairy Year ago

    This is true beauty ❤️ Critical Role, you have changed my life. Thank you, thank you all ❤️

  • Sean McBride
    Sean McBride Year ago

    So incredibly excited to see this project come to fruition and get to experience Vox Machina a whole new way.

  • ikseotop
    ikseotop Year ago

    You guys give me so much hope and increases my want to become a voice actor :) keep doing what you guys do and No matter what I’ll be a fan

  • Skitz McGee
    Skitz McGee Year ago

    Every time I watch these updates I get so giddy and can't stop smiling!! This is wonderful!!

  • Rebecca Downton
    Rebecca Downton Year ago

    Why did this make me want to cry immediately. I'm so happy for them ❤️ "Symphony of Idiots" Love it!

  • MisterGently
    MisterGently Year ago +639

    3 characters I want Matt to play: Artagan, Gilmore, Victor. When I saw the title I really hoped for some announcements for additional actors. But I'm hyped anyway.

    • Michelle Allard
      Michelle Allard Year ago +1

      I also really hope matt gets to voice gilmore and im pretty sure he will because of how iconic Gilmore is. Like you cant recast gilmore

    • Felix
      Felix Year ago +1

      @Noble116 There was a decent amount of backlash from Campaign 2 over Marisha and Sam making their characters women of color while they themselves were white. And they’ve been striving to diversify their cast since the start of Campaign 2 anyway between bringing on more people of color as guest characters to Exandria Unlimited with both Abriya and Aimee. So I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve decided to give the role of Gilmore to a person of color.

    • David Hasselhoff
      David Hasselhoff Year ago +2

      @Nonuv Urbeeznus blanket categorization and pigeon-holing people as a monolith based on their phenotype expression is pretty racist though.

    • David Hasselhoff
      David Hasselhoff Year ago

      @UltraBigFella I mean it's pretty specist to have a human play a non-human character.

    • Sebastian Lodge
      Sebastian Lodge Year ago

      I don’t know, Matt’s great but so are other voice actors.
      I want the world to feel big and diverse. I’d prefer to avoid using Matt as much as possible.

  • Flannsyn
    Flannsyn Year ago +1

    Mary Elizabeth McGlynn. Of course it's her. I've hoped it would be her, now I'm overjoyed at the thought all over again. I love her works!

  • Steven Creech
    Steven Creech Year ago

    Im soooooooooooooooooooooooo excited for this show. All the passion and love going into it all the excitement. Its going to be a banger. Also pretty sure I saw Matt doing a Gilmore in one of the cuts. He had that hand going.

  • TendoKondo
    TendoKondo Year ago

    God, I love each and everyone of these people💚💚Thank you for sharing this experience and the behind the scenes look at this incredible series!

  • Mad World
    Mad World Year ago

    This is so glorious. It makes me so happy.. i cant wait for it to come out :)

  • Johnny B
    Johnny B Year ago +177

    8:40 The increase of intensity Marisha had in each take had me dying

    • Floris
      Floris Year ago +2

      You can see her veins popping at the end there, haha!

    • The Real Amelia Bedelia
      The Real Amelia Bedelia Year ago +15

      The longer I love Critical Role, the more I appreciate Marisha. I always liked her but re-watching C1, Keyleth has low key become one of my favourite characters and I realised that I just love Marisha’s sense of humour.

  • Tumnus7
    Tumnus7 Year ago

    Dang this made me cry a little bit. I’m just really happy to see such cool people doing something that they love and that I’m excited about seeing!

  • ilovecheesecakee
    ilovecheesecakee Year ago

    The image at 3:09 just made my heart SO FULL

  • Sarah Is Unrelatable

    Deff cried over this one. I can’t wait to watch it with my family and friends, showing them something I love I know they’ll enjoy too.

  • Steven Landes
    Steven Landes Year ago

    So much hype!! Also so happy one of my favorites is doing voice directing for it!

  • morgan williams
    morgan williams Year ago +213

    I hope this smashes it out of the park so we can eventually get a mighty nein series

    • Derrick Haggard
      Derrick Haggard Year ago

      That's my hope as well.

    • morgan williams
      morgan williams Year ago +1

      @Warlock_e I love talisen in c2. Nothing gets my back up more than an entitled upper class toff though. It's as if America has no idea that there's any other people here in the UK.

    • Warlock_e
      Warlock_e Year ago +1

      @morgan williams i found Percy more tolerable after I got used to Tal in Campeign 2.

    • morgan williams
      morgan williams Year ago

      @Warlock_e story wise some of the big arcs in c1 were great. Only reason I've never watched more than those is because i absolutely detest percy, 10 hours of it is tolerable but hundreds of hours of him was a big NOPE!

    • Warlock_e
      Warlock_e Year ago +2

      @Leahbeah If you can keep pushing, Vox machina REALLY grows on you. it was a real struggle for a while. but then something just clicked and I was addicted

  • SkrymNV
    SkrymNV 10 months ago

    It's almost here you guys! Jan 28th. I'm so excited to see all my favorite voice actors in the same series. I have no doubt it will be a masterpiece

  • mynameis KOEN
    mynameis KOEN 10 months ago +1

    I can't wait to see Victor again. He needs to be in the series.

  • BaFultz1990
    BaFultz1990 10 months ago +1

    I want to see Zahra and Kashaw. I want to see them together. I want well everything. This is gonna be so good.

  • Jake Samuels
    Jake Samuels Year ago

    It's so awesome that they were able to get Mary Elizabeth McGlynn to come on as the voice director!

  • d tczyk
    d tczyk Year ago +771

    “Coming soon”
    As someone who grew up waiting for blizzard games, this phrase haunts me.

  • Alalein
    Alalein Year ago

    I am soooo looking forward to this! Thanks for everything!

  • Linus Ringh
    Linus Ringh Year ago

    That image of all of them in the recording booth at 3:08 just gave me chills. It's like the voice actor equivalent of seeing all the avengers in the same room together stood in a fighting stance

  • ChefDano3
    ChefDano3 Year ago

    Every time i see an update like this, i get so hyped!! This is so unique, so special, a show like this or a production like this... you just don't see it. you don't see a passion project of this caliber in any media, and I don't know if we'll ever see a project like this again. I can not wait!

  • Dollar Bill
    Dollar Bill Year ago

    I'm really hoping this turns out as good as it's building up ❤️

  • kei
    kei Year ago +174

    of course sam has the fanciest voice over rig at home, and of course he has a feather boa in his home booth

    • Stephanie
      Stephanie Year ago +1

      @darkrose light I thought I remembered that. Thank you for remembering which video it was in. I believe they explained somewhere that it helps with the sound quality.

    • darkrose light
      darkrose light Year ago +1

      @ChargerBulldogs19 in the Behind the scenes where they were recording the 'your turn to roll' song you can see Ashley wearing a feather boa in the booth while she sings. Definitely some kind of recording trick.

    • ChargerBulldogs19
      ChargerBulldogs19 Year ago +9

      The feather boa is apparently a VO/VA trick, it helps direct sound in a certain way. I wouldn’t be surprised if most VA booths have a boa at the ready

    • bananafish58
      bananafish58 Year ago +1

      He must have been having a "bad hair" day! XD

  • 14Squeaken
    14Squeaken Year ago

    Loving all the BTS video of recording sessions in this one! Just when I think I can’t get more excited.... another one of these comes out!!!!

  • ガチア – Garcia

    3 minutes in and I'm crying..... I can't say how much I am waiting for this new CR masterpiece ❤️

  • Bernie Monsanto
    Bernie Monsanto Year ago

    As amazing as this is going to be, I cant wait to see the animated series of The Mighty Nine and Exandria Unlimited (this space reserved for future group name. Possibly Hot Cross Buns?)

  • Hazel Phe
    Hazel Phe Year ago

    I have been with this show since the beginning and the vicarious joy is indescribable. Onions, onions everywhere.

  • JayKat7_
    JayKat7_ Year ago

    Judging by recent tabletops they’ve done, I’m thinking they can start recording together again. They just gotta stay 6 feet apart! 😸

  • drfoxcourt
    drfoxcourt 10 months ago +1

    This would be my dream job too, so I'm not surprised the critterverse is anxious to be immersed in an animated storyline with unique talents. Undoubtedly I'll be there too, watching it dozens of times in the first weeks of issue. I sincerely hope we can get animated special(s) of the Mighty Nein as well. Thank you Critical Role.