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In Studio with Steve Lukather

  • Published on Dec 12, 2012 veröffentlicht
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  • Seth Wal
    Seth Wal 4 months ago +8

    The best. Any genre, any speed, any thing... He delivers gold in one or two takes. He's beyond just chops.

  • Widjoseno Sastroamidjojo
    Widjoseno Sastroamidjojo 10 years ago +30

    Wished I could be there too .... Steve Lukather is just the best among all the guitarists and he is a complete musician. He is the reason why I play guitar... Thanks for all the great music Luke....GBU Luke. (Awie, Jakarta)

  • Anthony DeFabees
    Anthony DeFabees 3 years ago +21

    He's such a genius player.

  • Cooper
    Cooper 3 years ago +14

    I've got this CD and met Steve at a small show in the Cleveland Area . One of my favorite CD 's I play it often driving down the road . Steve was as nice a person you get. Stood for pictures and chatted with everyone. Thanks Steve !!

  • Kirk Johnson
    Kirk Johnson 3 years ago +11

    Really terrific that he let you film this hanging out and playing around. So cool.

  • gary schraa
    gary schraa 6 years ago +85

    whether it's a documentary or a museum or movie or star on the walk of fame steve lukather deserves to be nationally and internationally recognized as t h e guitarist of the century . Gilmore is great , and beck is great , and it does go on and on ____but someone has to be at the top . and that is steve

      JIMMY HUNTER Year ago

      @CRISIS FOCUS Paul Warren. (period)

    • Mitchell Levine
      Mitchell Levine 2 years ago

      @gary schraa Don’t get me wrong - Lukather’s a great player. At one point, he was doing almost 100% of the studio gigs for rock guitarists all by himself!
      What Jimmy Page was to the London 60’s studio scene, Lukather was to L.A. in the 80’s.

    • gary schraa
      gary schraa 2 years ago

      @Mitchell Levine Thank you . (Now ) I just have to mention this because this is either the most coincidental of all coincidences , or my name isn't Gary , but when I googled "Mitchell Levine" ________ what I got was 'Andy Mitchell' guitar teacher at Levine Music School and that in 1999 you recorded a solo guitar album titled "Chimaera" (Thus explaining your in-depth knowledge and my lack of) haha ain't that something ?

    • Mitchell Levine
      Mitchell Levine 2 years ago

      @gary schraa I believe “Dean” was just Mike Landau’s nickname.

    • gary schraa
      gary schraa 2 years ago

      @Mitchell Levine I guess maybe I'm biased towards Steve . lol . So I guess what I was expecting were stronger adjectives about him like , accomplished , incredible , etc. As for Dean Landau I wonder if you meant "Michael Landau" ? My point being that at the top of world class guitarists such as Larry , Michael , and Steve , being humble and placing your closest circle of friends above yourself shows class . With all of that said I believe I finally see [SemiLive sixstring strumists] point checks out and is correct after all . Thank you guys

  • Johnny Guit
    Johnny Guit 6 years ago +49

    LUKE is my fav. all around guitarist w/ a killer voice + great guy!!

    • Any Colour You Like
      Any Colour You Like 3 years ago +3

      all good guitar players love Steve Lukather's playing. he is incredible

  • Brett Wall
    Brett Wall 2 years ago +8

    That amp between the Gibson and the Magnatone had incredible overdrive.

  • fiddlefolk
    fiddlefolk 9 years ago +6

    Nothing but love for Steve! Thank you for so many years of bad ass music!

  • Joe Reyes
    Joe Reyes 4 years ago +8

    Incredibly proficient musician with a great pocket and sense of melody! One of my all time favorite!

  • MrBigrumor
    MrBigrumor 9 years ago +9

    Cool to see Trev hanging out with his dad in the studio! Thanks for posting!

  • Bill Schrey
    Bill Schrey 8 years ago +10

    Steve, thanks for all the great music through the years. Keep putting out the solo records. They are MUCH appreciated.
    Does anybody know what any of those anonymous amps were ? The AC 30 and Marshall (what model? ) were easily identified. Steve ? Anybody ? Thanks for posting this video!!!

    • Triple 4
      Triple 4 4 years ago +1

      That 59 Gibson amp was frickin Awesome

    • Alessio Sfasci
      Alessio Sfasci 8 years ago +5

      Hey mate, in this record Luke used a lot of vintage amps.. A 1959 Gibson GA-6, a 1950 Magnatone 213, and a 1966 Supro 1620T. The Vox was a 1964 Vox AC30 Top boost model, and the Marshalls are a JCM2000 DSL 100 and a little JMP.. it's a 2061X

  • Duncan Brode
    Duncan Brode 3 years ago +6

    Good reminder to go listen to his solo stuff again! Thanks for all the great music Steve and crew!

  • Wm Wallace
    Wm Wallace 9 years ago +6

    God thx for this footage! Awesome! Steve is one of my favorite artists of all time . . I've always loved his style : )

  • Jürgen Mayerl
    Jürgen Mayerl 4 years ago +2

    I love it and hang around to watch such rare videos. This is music history. Thanks for posting this masterpiece.

  • bigskyduck
    bigskyduck 10 years ago +3

    Priceless footage, Rick. Thanks for sharing!

  • Mr. 1000
    Mr. 1000 3 years ago +3

    This must be one Hell of a great album, it sells for $114.80 on Amazon! Mr. Lukather, I know you are a kind soul, PLEASE send me a copy of this CD!! 🙏🙏

  • Francesco Rubin
    Francesco Rubin Year ago +1

    i often come back to this video, and always amazes how good sounds all he plays, even "simple" things!

  • Blakkheim
    Blakkheim 6 years ago +2

    watching these guys jam and create music really reminds me a lot of me and my band.

  • hitaniswatchingyou
    hitaniswatchingyou 7 years ago +12

    thank you for filming and than you luke for letting us fans have a glimpse at your brilliance!

  • Mala Yerba
    Mala Yerba 4 years ago +4

    Lukather Maestro de Maestros

  • シ
     9 years ago +3

    thanks for sharing this. always fun to see top artists at their craft

  • latté lucks
    latté lucks 5 months ago +1

    Luke is a wonderful musician, truly.

  • George Mason
    George Mason 2 years ago +2

    That studio reminds of one I did a lot of tracking in back in Missouri. Same monitors. Same layout. And similar board. Both great sounding studios.

  • Rob Lawhorne
    Rob Lawhorne 3 years ago +2

    Love the finished product. Fav Lukather album. Fun watching the work days.

  • Johan Juhlin
    Johan Juhlin 10 years ago +4

    this footage is a real treasure! Wow! many thanks for this great upload

  • funklover24
    funklover24 Year ago +1

    One of my dreams ... to meet Steve in real life.

  • Robert Hector
    Robert Hector 3 years ago +2

    Steve you are a great player matey. massive chunks of pure guitar heaven. Keyboard man great too and the band stuff too. Will listen to this album for sure at some time. Thanks for this. Ever Changing Times was a great tune by A Franklin and M. Mac as well.

  • Inaldo Silva
    Inaldo Silva 10 years ago +1

    na minha opiniao um dos melhores guitarristas e vocalistas do planeta. vida longa ao luke

  • JGMiller
    JGMiller 2 years ago +3

    Ever Changing Times has some really great Lukather tracks on it. Overlooked album i think.

  • Chris N.
    Chris N. 2 years ago +3

    Love that record!

  • Gunther Mampaey
    Gunther Mampaey Year ago +1

    Great guy and great artists all.

  • Mark Rodrigue
    Mark Rodrigue 6 years ago +3

    Blows me away... Love to be there too. Great drummer. Where did he come from? Steve sure can pick em.' Love the guy!!!

  • Robert Simmons
    Robert Simmons 3 years ago +10

    He can sound just like Boz Scaggs. I got to hear him do it at a show in Biloxi . They were having fun and it was a great show we had a great time

  • njarnjas
    njarnjas 9 years ago +6

    You're sitting on a couch and next to you Stevie vinning on his guitar,priceless!

  • fiddlefolk
    fiddlefolk 9 years ago +8

    by the way i would go with the first amp! Vibe aliceous!

  • Anton Zandt
    Anton Zandt 8 years ago +4

    His blue electric guitar is so beautiful! :)

  • Alex T
    Alex T 4 years ago +2

    Priceless footage! Thank you so much!

  • Heitor Carlos Tusset
    Heitor Carlos Tusset 9 years ago +1

    É um prazer ver um pouco de como ele trabalha.

  • K P
    K P 5 years ago +2

    So much fun! And so much creativity...

  • Steve Suttle
    Steve Suttle 5 years ago +1

    images and words from dream theater ...on the acoustic part he was playing towards the end...not as a diss but has been played before..Steve is awesome!!!

  • Geezberry
    Geezberry 5 months ago +1

    10:50 what amp is that? sounds tremendous

  • Newton Pires
    Newton Pires 9 years ago +11

    16:50 my favorite solo guitar setting

  • Ed Johnson
    Ed Johnson Year ago

    So cool to see. Thanks for this.

  • Ewout Honig
    Ewout Honig 4 years ago +2

    One of the weirdest produced albums ever. Very large dynamic range, very present but narrow mixed drums, guitars at times as wide as a jumbojet and LOUD in the mix.... But hey... I like it.

    • Evan Keal
      Evan Keal 3 years ago

      I thought the same, it sounds like my mixed, and the drums are detracting the overall quality, both in tone and the aforementioned contrast to the music in spatial terms. Maybe they were not yet processed fully, compression would easily fix most issues I am wanting to resolve on them listening here.

  • MoonGlow
    MoonGlow Year ago +2

    That little Gibson amp sounded KILLER !

    DRUMMER TV ARGENTINA 10 years ago +1

    Amazing !! Thanks for sharing and Greetings from Drummer TV Show from Argentina !!!

  • Enter the Light
    Enter the Light 4 years ago +3

    Musicians love to chill and riff...I think we could live in a studio..

  • Georg Hägglund
    Georg Hägglund 8 years ago +9

    Toto will be out with a record within the month. It's going to be called "Toto XIV" and there already is a video out for the song "Orphan". Also another track called "Holy War". Sounds good to me!

  • diffusiventity
    diffusiventity 6 years ago +1

    thank you so much for uploading this! Love luke

  • utriPMtube
    utriPMtube 3 years ago +3

    Steve my hero

  • PNgaia33859
    PNgaia33859 4 years ago +1

    jeff must be at my next wedding playing ,being 80 and 85 yrs, we can handle

  • SocialDist92
    SocialDist92 10 years ago +1

    this is a jewel! amazing luke

  • tom watson
    tom watson 9 years ago +6

    we love you steve

  • Mr. 1000
    Mr. 1000 3 years ago

    Even though all of the amps sounded good, I thought the second amp he tried sounded the best. But of course pretty much anything would sound good with Steve playing through it!

  • Johnny jr
    Johnny jr 7 years ago +7

    Great video, Luke is the shit

  • gelatosamurai
    gelatosamurai 7 years ago +4

    Fantastic insight. Thanks so much.

  • Laurent Quintana
    Laurent Quintana 3 years ago +2

    wow thanks for sharing this treasure

  • Sandra Scholten
    Sandra Scholten 3 years ago +1

    babko is awesome

  • johanaavit
    johanaavit 10 years ago +1

    Very cool stuff!!

  • Jose newton Pimenta
    Jose newton Pimenta 2 years ago +1

    Hello Esteve Lukather my favorite singler and guitar
    Congratulations for job solo
    The best of my generation

  • jlr022159
    jlr022159 3 years ago +1

    Fantastic clip, thanks!

  • Eric Vera
    Eric Vera 10 years ago +9

    nice!!! i cant believe i met him a couple of months ago! (:

  • adam872
    adam872 10 years ago +1

    How good did that Hammond and the AC30 sound!

  • handsome man
    handsome man 6 years ago +2

    man that ac30 crunch tone is fuckin legit man

  • Ivan Vernillo
    Ivan Vernillo 10 years ago +2

    Interesting! Good job!

  • Jason Zimmermann
    Jason Zimmermann 6 years ago +4

    22:42 : Dad, you're boring me.
    23:17: Look, son, Summer Breeze!
    23:23: Nice!

  • galaxian Chuck
    galaxian Chuck 9 years ago +1

    maybe, the rest of us are guys or musicians and really think their music is just the bomb. Enjoy though, he really rocks our world (one way or another) :0

  • FreedomZealot
    FreedomZealot 7 years ago +5

    At around 19:30 Steve busts out some SRV-style stuff. I had no idea that he had that in his arsenal, but it just figures that he would.

    • Johnny Guit
      Johnny Guit 6 years ago +2

      +FreedomZealot Yur kidden right? LUKE is a former Top LA Session Guitarist that rec'd on over 1,500 LP's + Playing professionally for another..what..39 yrs now, so yeah, he can play 5* Jazz, Fusion, Great Blues (Hendrix!!), Kick ass rock and hard rock (White Sister-Toto!) and real hot pyrotechnique guitar w/ all the tricks! Luke played w/ SRV and Jeff Beck in Japan! Tours w/ the Great Larry Carlton..Talk bout yur hot players! Luke is a God in Europe as well! JSP

    • CoffeeWaldo
      CoffeeWaldo 7 years ago +7

      He's a session guy. He can play anything.

  • Muzikmannen
    Muzikmannen 7 years ago +2

    Thanks a lot! This is really nice to watch..

  • Kaka amarok
    Kaka amarok 9 years ago +2

    very nice!!! thanks.

  • Toby Baker
    Toby Baker 2 years ago +1

    Really enjoyed that

  • GurnakeDaSnakeMon

    How old were you when you realized a Dream was to be in a recording studio session? Regardless cool video and thank you

  • kmart
    kmart 2 years ago +2

    What a cutie is Trev. And also almost identical to his father

  • vidsforsquids
    vidsforsquids 5 years ago

    LUKE! SOLID, man! Cool video- thanks!

  • Mark Johnson
    Mark Johnson 3 years ago +1

    That AC 30!!! Wowwwww

  • euskaldoude
    euskaldoude 8 years ago +2

    tu es le meilleur Steve

  • D.J. John Hulsey
    D.J. John Hulsey 3 years ago +7

    Trevor is diggin his dad

  • J. Andrew Gonzalez
    J. Andrew Gonzalez 4 years ago +1

    That organ player!!!

  • Goo Jo
    Goo Jo 8 years ago +1

    snare sounds great man

  • jeff dowler
    jeff dowler 5 years ago +1

    I thought Magnatone was the best, but didn't hit the spot with ether one but that Gibson amp nail it.

    • brian ruyack
      brian ruyack 4 years ago

      Maggie's vibrato sound was sweet!

    • jfabritz
      jfabritz 4 years ago

      I thought the Gibson was pretty sweet tone-wise.

  • Jiří z Lipé
    Jiří z Lipé Year ago +1

    He looks so much like Bill Bailey here... They should have started a band or something at that time. :-)

  • Eawahwah
    Eawahwah 2 years ago +1

    Ah. A fellow convert of the Delay Llarma. Excellent.

  • Dica Guimarães Jr
    Dica Guimarães Jr 9 years ago

    Guitarrista dos guitarristas,Steve Lukather by Toto ...

  • Andres Etchenique
    Andres Etchenique 7 years ago +5

    Frikin Hammond B-3 witht he LESLIE sounds KILLER !!! You'll never be able to replicate that with a Synth !!! It's the air pressure that the LESLIE creates - and you have to capture that with a mike.... AWESOME - whomever uploaded that !! MUSIC MAN !! NOT SAMPLING !!! ORIGINAL FRINKIN' LIVE PLAYING !!!! There will be nothing like that !!! TIRED OF "RECORDING ARTIST" THAT DON'T PLAY A FKINKIN' INSTRUMENT !!!

    • Johnny Guit
      Johnny Guit 6 years ago +1

      +Andres Etchenique ...Hammond B3's usually go thru a Leslie as well as Stevie Ray Vaughn's guitar did! That sounded phenom!

  • SN95 Mustang Garage
    SN95 Mustang Garage 5 years ago +1

    I'm late to the Lukather party even though I was a ToTo fan in the early 80's. I guess because it wasn't harder rock I skipped over it. Now I've learned to play Rosanna on guitar, fun song to play.

    • SN95 Mustang Garage
      SN95 Mustang Garage 4 years ago +1

      KingdomofLuke1 I don’t but now I’ll look into it.

    • KingdomofLuke1
      KingdomofLuke1 4 years ago

      Do you have Toto's album Kingdom of Desire JamCave Studio? It's my favourite Toto album, and the last one the mighty Jeff Porcaro played on. It's got a harder edge to it. Check out the youtube for this current tour as well, killer live. They have started releasing their US tour dates for the summer too, if that's where you're from.

  • Deadshot 424
    Deadshot 424 2 months ago

    Wish Jeff was still around

  • Paul J
    Paul J 9 years ago +2

    This one goes up to eleven.

  • gukakmakuk
    gukakmakuk 6 years ago +1

    ...King Genius

  • BigDickBear🐻
    BigDickBear🐻 Year ago

    That could only be the dream of a non musician

  • Jari Walden
    Jari Walden 10 years ago

    Wish, i`d be there...

  • RevWillieG
    RevWillieG 3 years ago +1

    I love Steve, but his sound sounds a little over processed sometimes. Kind of cool to hear him just playing directly into amps and jamming.

  • Samy mozart
    Samy mozart 10 years ago

    Please can U tell me what is the little amp that Luke is playing at 10:30 ?? please answer , thanks :)

  • Marc Walker
    Marc Walker 10 days ago

    Epic legond period!!

  • Trucker Kev The Paid Tourist

    Amp demo Luke rockin a chain drive wallet!

  • Warren St. James
    Warren St. James Year ago

    at 14:35..what type of amp was that..I like the vibrato..sounded like a vibrolux but fuller...????

  • insidemusicast
    insidemusicast  10 years ago +1

    I'm not sure what Jason said, but we like it!

  • ralph oliver
    ralph oliver Year ago

    Guitar Savant ......but with a sense of whimsy

  • Sandra Scholten
    Sandra Scholten 10 years ago

    Thank you! :)

  • birddoggarton
    birddoggarton 10 years ago +3

    How Friggin Luckyy ou are bro......DAMN !!