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CRAZY quads on the flop 😱

  • Published on Sep 9, 2021 veröffentlicht
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Comments • 562

  • PokerStars
    PokerStars  Year ago +1483

    For some context, here’s what happened:
    At the final table of the PCA Main Event in 2009, Benny Spindler flopped four-of-a-kind Jacks against Gomes with pocket Aces. All the chips went in on the turn after an aggressive approach from Spindler, resulting in a K.O. for Gomes. He earned 4th place for $750.000. Spindler eventually came in 3rd place for $1.1 million.

    • Jamie Crawford
      Jamie Crawford 28 days ago

      It's absolutely insane how crazy hand scenarios flow into the board scenarios almost unmathimatical... One would never expect the other to line up the stars on this like it did here.. almost unbelievable to say the least...

    • dustin hawkins
      dustin hawkins 2 months ago

      And remember, big brother gets 55%.

    • inflation
      inflation 5 months ago


    • Kevin Lee
      Kevin Lee 8 months ago

      What does he expects? That person is bluffing? He’s just betting that person doesn’t have a J? Such a bad play

    • Thatguyoverthere
      Thatguyoverthere 10 months ago

      @Atlanta og Atlanta oh making the chips with inflated value makes their ducks bigger

  • Joe V
    Joe V Year ago +4231

    Imagine beating pocket aces, especially with 3 Js from the flop. Absolutely insane

    • Wesley Baker
      Wesley Baker 2 months ago

      Pocket aces rarely win

    • TheBradWaters
      TheBradWaters 4 months ago

      Not only pocket aces, pocket aces with a full house on flop

    • WILDcruiser
      WILDcruiser 6 months ago


    • TheColorBlack
      TheColorBlack 9 months ago

      @Tim actually the odds are roughly 435:1 so out of 1000 hands played you could expect to see three of the same card on the flop 2 times

    • KennyT
      KennyT 10 months ago

      @[Anonymous]_ I laugh at people who say TV-poker is rigged. You haven't played poker alot, have you?

  • WildBill 27
    WildBill 27 Year ago +3261

    I swear pocket aces lose more times than they win

    • Jc_SaltyYt
      Jc_SaltyYt 27 days ago

      @KennyT that’s pretty cool

    • Jc_SaltyYt
      Jc_SaltyYt 27 days ago

      Fr fr

    • Sean Quinn
      Sean Quinn Month ago +1

      Cause they do it’s a false sense of security like it’s an automatic winner but in the end it’s all how you play it

    • PSN - TrueProxy
      PSN - TrueProxy 2 months ago

      @Cscexy Exactly the same here that’s why I said it. If you’re saying a percentage it’s 99.99% or whatever percentage but it should be a decimal not a comma

    • Cscexy
      Cscexy 2 months ago

      @PSN - TrueProxy in Australia you use “,” to break up large numbers and “.” To signify change in counting
      E.g $1,000,000.52 means 1 million dollars and 52 cents

  • Tyler Slenk
    Tyler Slenk Year ago +38

    That flop raise + continue on turn was actually a really good play. No1 expects you to do that when u have quads

    • Mohammed Sherif KK
      Mohammed Sherif KK 5 months ago

      Yah because of that opponent thought he got a K i think.

    • Fuh Q
      Fuh Q 6 months ago +1

      I disagree some people wouldn’t think you are playing reverse psychology game it could be real value betting

  • Bryant.
    Bryant. Year ago +284

    I could never plays cards. I would show all my emotions and reactions 😂

    • jai bhim
      jai bhim 28 days ago

      Didn't that J hand wone here....I didn't understand what happend

    • Dinosaur with 500 teeth
      Dinosaur with 500 teeth 5 months ago

      @Oh_knee they aren't betting millions of dollars those are just tourney chips

    • Mr. Night
      Mr. Night 8 months ago

      @Vilda Chaya You sit as big blind and watch everyone fold before you.

    • Mr. Night
      Mr. Night 8 months ago

      @Vilda Chaya It do be like that

    • Oh_knee
      Oh_knee 11 months ago

      It is like I would be like bro fold I’m gonna win this one like for that amount of money people die I’d be afraid

  • NinjaDag1
    NinjaDag1 Year ago +135

    This is me playing any hand in online poker ever... "Oh, got a full house? Never mind, I got quads for you!"

  • Skelloter
    Skelloter 8 months ago

    Nice to see King Jack doing something for once

  • Houtaro Oreki
    Houtaro Oreki Year ago +256

    He got lucky that gomez taught he was bluffing because he pretty much gave away that he had a monster hand. O would've made it seem that I'm more reluctant to raise the first or call the last

    • Mak.Lee_PNW509
      Mak.Lee_PNW509 10 months ago

      Reading this thread gives me a head ache

    • Cody
      Cody Year ago

      But that’s the thing. He would’ve limped in if he was trying to sell that he had a bad hand which would’ve been obvious that he had a J. He played it perfectly

    • h0m1ess
      h0m1ess Year ago

      @Houtaro Oreki but he never went all in u til gomez did. There’s 3 j on the board and you have pocket aces with no way of any flushes. You’re betting that hand that Gomez had 10/10 if you’re smart.

    • Damk mank M
      Damk mank M Year ago

      @Jorge Hernandez is that human language? If so, which one?

    • dwj77
      dwj77 Year ago

      If he gave it away, how did he end up with all his chips? He raised the perfect amount because it triggered an all in.

  • Riley_
    Riley_ 6 months ago +2

    That raise was genius because he made it look like he was bluffing the quad.

  • Moe Syzlak
    Moe Syzlak Year ago +1

    This scenario happened to me just the other day.

  • Amir D
    Amir D Year ago +2

    Thats insane had my heart pumpin

  • Thomas Russell
    Thomas Russell Year ago +2

    The odds of a three of a kind hitting the flop itself are astronomical. Holding the forth card is even higher. Holding pocket Aces for a flop full house with the three of a kind in the flop might happen just a few times in a long career in poker. No one would expect your opponent to be holding the forth.
    So, yeah, that is a hand that would wreck your game. But falling into a 15.5M pot and knocking your opponent out at 4th place and dropping out in 3rd place, something had to have gone really wrong for him in the following hands.

    • Windy
      Windy Year ago

      I once had aces in big blind vs four of a kind jacks in sb. Two jacks on flop. Third jack came on the river. I smooth called his bet on river instead of raising my nut full house I just knew he either had quads or a bluff, but my soul really felt quads by how he played. Never forget that hand wish I was on tv I’d make a highlight reel

  • Adam Alva
    Adam Alva 5 months ago +1

    The raise on the flop was a great play actually

  • D Bongoloid
    D Bongoloid 11 months ago +3

    The moment spindler called all in gomes already knew he had the other Jack.

  • JohnDDonnet
    JohnDDonnet 5 months ago

    He played very good by raising, because of the low chance he has J, he was representing AA KK QQ AK with that raise, if he called, op wouldn't have bet so he would have to check or raise on turn which would show very strong hand, maybe he caught trips on turn. So he played perfectly

  • Punk Slapper
    Punk Slapper Year ago

    What was the preflop raise? Just curious.

  • Noble Cowboy
    Noble Cowboy Year ago

    What a great play.

  • Joe Barton
    Joe Barton 23 days ago

    I'm curious what was the 1 in 100 chance that Gomes had of winning before the last card was shown

  • neco-doph
    neco-doph 2 months ago

    the way he says “..all in 😎” to complete anhilation is hilarious

  • Mehdi Pakfetrat
    Mehdi Pakfetrat Year ago

    Always when i have 2 aces that happend to me😂

  • marcel strijk
    marcel strijk Year ago +33

    Imagine 2 running aces

    • 박지훈
      박지훈 Year ago +1

      @Wabb1e i guess A 4cards

    • Wabb1e
      Wabb1e Year ago +1

      that was the 1% chance

  • the man, the myth, the alcoholic.

    I couldnt imagine not folding even with 2 aces.

  • Trey Best
    Trey Best Year ago

    I mean I get the guy kinda had to play it out, that hand wins 99% but if I had seen the confidence in that kid’s hand and 3 jacks in the flop I feel like he should’ve known.

  • Ehud Lord’s Judgment

    I wouldn’t be able to contain myself. I’d be 😂

  • Vinnie Mascaro
    Vinnie Mascaro Year ago

    I'm thinking this is a less professional event. My clue is 4 of the same card present within the first 7 cards present (each players 2 cards, and the 3 on the turn). This says bad shuffle on the start. You don't turn 3 of anything like that...it is obviously possible, but I mean extremely unlikely if the deck is handled right

    • YWS
      YWS Year ago

      There’s no such thing as a bad shuffle

  • YarfrmdaA
    YarfrmdaA 5 months ago

    If I had pocket aces I would be so pissed lol

  • YarfrmdaA
    YarfrmdaA 5 months ago

    If I had pocket aces I would be so pissed lol

  • Simply simple 7
    Simply simple 7 Year ago +2

    That kid wit the quads better stay humble because that was the absolute best thing that could have happened at that place and time. Luck isn’t even the word……

    • John Lennon
      John Lennon 11 months ago

      Hes not just some kid w quads hes a professional poker player, why are you talking like it was just a one time lucky thing for him to win?

  • Itchy Anus
    Itchy Anus Year ago +53

    Just imagine if the turn and the river was Aces. Oh boy that would be so good.

  • Some Puerto Rican Guy

    I was thinking something crazy was about to happen and the turn/river was dual aces

    • promontorium
      promontorium 4 months ago

      The crazy part was baiting the loser to go all in.

  • Rick pardijs _
    Rick pardijs _ 11 months ago +3

    Just imagine the two other cards were aces

    • spelling
      spelling 3 months ago

      there was only one card left to add to the board, thats why it was 100 to 0. unless you mean at the beginning which i agree would be crazy

  • Albert Bryant
    Albert Bryant Year ago

    Think about the jack left out there after the flop man

  • Geiseric
    Geiseric 2 months ago

    Yeah you didn’t even need to flip the cards, he knew as soon as he called the all in he had the fourth jack.

  • Marshall Tucker
    Marshall Tucker 11 months ago

    I barley understand poke yet this is still so fun to watch

  • MrJoshua
    MrJoshua Year ago

    I lost a hand similar to that 4 nines

  • Kristian Murray
    Kristian Murray 4 months ago

    As soon as he bet the second time I would have folded

  • HypliX'
    HypliX' 6 months ago

    Me every time I get aces..

  • TheBombDotCom
    TheBombDotCom Year ago +1

    sometimes you just have to fold As, just an unlucky flop for pocket As. Bad call in my opinion. Those snap calls should have been an indication he had a J.

    • got em
      got em Year ago

      Forreal these guys dont even take a second to think, this wouldn't work in 2021

  • Rex Project
    Rex Project Year ago +1

    Tough, very tough to fold your cards and ego. I've been here before, it sucks. That feeling will never go away.

  • Zach Brown
    Zach Brown Year ago

    that must feel INCREDIBLE.

  • George Spalding
    George Spalding 7 months ago

    If I would have saw those Jacks come up with my Aces I would have started to celebrate but then.....Oh wait.

  • Brian Garcia
    Brian Garcia 6 months ago

    Imaging winning this pot and getting knocked out next after this guy how upsetting would that be

  • Evin Davidson
    Evin Davidson 8 months ago

    He would need that ace in the flop for the luckiest win ever

  • Patrick Bayeh
    Patrick Bayeh Year ago +1

    played perfectly for spindler’s rep and awareness

    • Patrick Bayeh
      Patrick Bayeh Year ago

      @younes ait rahou i think if spindler did the same thing and opp had A-10 he still would've gotten value

  • 108tna
    108tna Year ago +36

    Ummm I don't know poker that well but I believe it would be a bitttt longer of a wait to be a slowroll 😂😆

  • Ian
    Ian 3 months ago

    Sooo wicked 😵‍💫

  • justwannaname
    justwannaname 2 months ago +1

    I know jack about cards but seeing several these now and reading the comments pocket aces will get you into a lot of trouble 😂

  • Edward John
    Edward John Year ago

    Ever go all in with pocket aces and get that sick, queazy feeling in the pit of your stomach while you're pushing your chips in? Mhm. This is why that happens. It's an abort mission alarm and Gomes ignored his.

  • Omni Entertainment

    Was waiting for that 5th J.
    I'm kidding of course.

  • Katsurap
    Katsurap Year ago +1

    I've watched it 10x and i still dont know what happened 😂😂
    Enlighten me please

    • Toru
      Toru Year ago

      Thanks guys

    • Shane Byers
      Shane Byers Year ago +1

      @Toru The guy with the jack won

    • Katsurap
      Katsurap Year ago

      @Shane Byers oh wow thanks man

    • Richard
      Richard Year ago +1

      @Toru KJ wins. KJ has 4 of a kind JJJJ. The aces have full house JJJAA

    • Toru
      Toru Year ago

      @Shane Byers so, whos the winner? Gomes or the other guy?

  • bigbusiness87
    bigbusiness87 Year ago +47

    😂😂😂I’d rather have luck than skill anyday

    • JoMomma239
      JoMomma239 11 months ago +3

      Luck runs out. Skill will remain MUCH longer

    • Brandon McGillis
      Brandon McGillis Year ago

      You gotta be good to be lucky 🍀 and lucky to be good.

    • Allan Couceiro
      Allan Couceiro Year ago

      the way he flopped quads........ wow.

    • Allan Couceiro
      Allan Couceiro Year ago +2

      Spindler is a very, very skilled player.

  • Mike McNally
    Mike McNally Year ago

    Bro I would have freaked out if I had 4 j omg lol

  • BAT 300
    BAT 300 Year ago +1

    Gomes bit the bate thinking his opponent bit the bait😭😭😭

  • Mr. Silbergleit
    Mr. Silbergleit 9 months ago

    I totally thought the next 2 cards were gonna b aces

  • AbigBlackcat
    AbigBlackcat Year ago

    I thought two aces were going to come out

  • Amir Khan
    Amir Khan 10 months ago

    The hand I lose the most chips with is always AA

  • Ваня Михалюк
    Ваня Михалюк 10 months ago

    Любой бы примерно так сыграл в такой ситуации

  • Hex Prime
    Hex Prime Year ago +239

    His poker face is unreal, no emotion at all wen he saw it

    • Brandon
      Brandon 3 months ago

      I don’t know that “bad taste in my mouth” face said a lot 😂😂😂

    • tyrone loki
      tyrone loki 3 months ago +1

      The camera panned like 4secs after...

  • Travis Jones
    Travis Jones Year ago +1

    I know you have pocket rockets but if thus was a full table there is absolutely no way in going that deep into a pot with 3 of a kind kn the board.

    • Travis Jones
      Travis Jones Year ago

      @Vegas Gray I don't think you understand. If the table is full that's 20 to 24 cards on the table meaning there is an EXTREMELY high likelihood that the the 4th is in one of those hands and in this case it's just not worth it. I completely understand the early aggressive play buy once you 3 on the board I'm sorry but that's a horrible play. I'm not sure how nobody is understanding how simple math works. Rule number 1 is you never bet on your opponents not having a card. Play the odds man. In this case if it was a full table (and my argument is only if it's a full table which I don't think people seem to understand) it's extremely likely that he is playing against someone with quads. If you NEVER dump pocket rockets and refuse to dump no matter the situation you're just begging to lose your money in this game... there is always a reason to let something go. I won't even begin to explain why you wouldn't bet with someone playing that aggressively with 3 Jack's on the table... nobody is bluffing in that situation.... literally nobody. At least not in tournament play.

    • Vegas Gray
      Vegas Gray Year ago

      @Travis Jones 4th 10.. did you even watch the video. A flop of J J J is pretty safe for AA. A flop of 10 J Q is definitely more worrisome. A set of 10s Js or Qs might of hit, not to mention big slick. AA is never folding you goof. Learn the game of poker.

    • Travis Jones
      Travis Jones Year ago

      @Vegas Gray the table was full so there is what 20 to 24 card minimum on the table? The chances of someone having that 4th 10 go way up... your math is skewed. You're comparing going in blind without any cards being turned to seeing that there is already 3 tens on the table and 20 other cards you can't visibly see... the chances of someone having that other 10 MAKING IT FUCKING QUADS is more like 49%... I suggest learning how math works.

    • Travis Jones
      Travis Jones Year ago

      @Vegas Gray the odds are low yes but the flop look what is on the board my guy.... the cards are already in the table and he's already seen them he isn't going in blind. You're comparing apples to oranges here.

    • Vegas Gray
      Vegas Gray Year ago +2

      The odds of someone flopping quads are 0.2% or 407 to 1. AA are never folding that hand.

  • Niels
    Niels 4 months ago

    I lost a 200bb+ pot online while holding AA on a JJJ flop lol, opponent had QJo.

  • Ian
    Ian Year ago +57

    He played the quads really badly. Just lucky the other guy had aces, or he would have folded after that raise. If he got trappy and delayed a little and acted as if he didnt have too good a hand, he could have trapped him to go all in with the aces, thinking they're the best hand there.

    • Richard
      Richard Year ago

      Okay pokerpro. For one we didnt see the preflop action and 2 these guys have been playing against eachother for days. Who knows how theyve played other hands

    • Valzao
      Valzao Year ago +1

      @Ian yeah id probaply too check the turn to give villain chance to bluff

    • Ian
      Ian Year ago

      @Valzao no i meant check to the turn but if he check back the flop then bet the turn. Anyways I think it largely depends on position also. You could play the hand differently with position than when you're out of position.

    • Valzao
      Valzao Year ago

      @Ian Checking cant be bad either but would hate for it to get checked to the river and its gonna be hard to get money in the pot

    • Ian
      Ian Year ago

      @Valzao i guess he could raise or just call then. If he calls he could make villain turn his hand into a bluff

  • _tomma
    _tomma 20 days ago

    immagine if 2 ace's came out in 4th and 5th card XD

  • Boof 710
    Boof 710 Month ago

    What was the 1% chance of winning after the flop?

  • J. Proper
    J. Proper Year ago

    Dude lost more money in 10 minutes than I'll ever make. Sick haha

    • Homo erectus
      Homo erectus Year ago

      It’s not real money they’re tournament chips

  • Jay
    Jay Year ago +22

    He probably think he's so good in poker flopping quads 😆

    • Richard
      Richard Year ago +2

      Hes at a final table of a huge tournament. How you doin?

    • LaKoeps
      LaKoeps Year ago

      Ehmmm... okay?

    • vSaintzz
      vSaintzz Year ago

      Ya hahaha ya

  • F1nn
    F1nn 11 months ago

    Can someone explain why it was 99:1 in the beginning and only 100:0 after the river? The river couldn't change anything actually, even a 3rd ace wouldn't have been enough? Or am I missing something here?

    • F1nn
      F1nn 11 months ago

      @Donwan ah, okay.

    • Donwan
      Donwan 11 months ago

      @F1nn Gomes had more chips. So Spindler made a bet, and Gomes went all in. Spindlers only options are to call or fold.

    • F1nn
      F1nn 11 months ago

      @Marlon Rivera oh yes, now I see it as well, thank you! Can you also explain how Schindler can call when Gomes goes All-in? How does that work?

    • Marlon Rivera
      Marlon Rivera 11 months ago

      So the thing is that he gets 3 J after the flop, the possibility of winning against that is 99:1 , because there’s still a chance of getting A on the turn and getting another A on the river .
      The minute “the turn “ was revealed to be a 5 . The chances went down to 0% and the river was skipped because it was irrelevant, no point in dragging out a hand knowing the player already lost .

  • Trevor Never
    Trevor Never 8 months ago

    That couldnt have been any worse if a fifth of Jack came up on the river

  • Joe
    Joe 5 months ago

    What was the 1 percentage after the flop????

  • Jeff Stone
    Jeff Stone Year ago

    Gomes must have been high. Spindler's jamming all chips that he can handle and Gomes thinks there's nothing wrong? Could he have the 4th Jack?😂😂😂

    • Daniel Yuan
      Daniel Yuan Year ago

      Oh yeah, could he have the nuts? Yeah, fold your second nuts then.

  • S Irving
    S Irving 6 months ago

    Seems like a really dumb move from Gomes. As confident as Spindler was with his betting how in the hell did he not assume he must have a Jack in his hand?

  • brawndo
    brawndo Year ago +1

    How was he at 1% during the flop with quads on the board

    • ValentinoM
      ValentinoM Year ago +1

      @Ayala Telehala Very true, thanks for pointing this out!

    • Ayala Telehala
      Ayala Telehala Year ago

      Turn A, river A

    • ValentinoM
      ValentinoM Year ago

      I too am looking for an answer on this

  • Zyad Asad
    Zyad Asad 6 months ago +3

    If I just were that confident 😂

  • JrocKnorth
    JrocKnorth Year ago

    Yea, most of the time if someone throws that big of a bet like that I’m folding. Not all the time moms you. Have to read the room.

    • John Lennon
      John Lennon 11 months ago +1

      Nobody folds in this situation please stop ur embarrassing yourself

  • Young John
    Young John Year ago

    That is nasty. How can you fold aces ?

  • Iam804
    Iam804 Year ago

    So can someone explain the 1% chance after the flop?

  • Stephen Lee [Student]
    Stephen Lee [Student] Year ago +27

    Tell me a pro that would fold that, that is just the sickest cooler ever. I hate poker sometimes

    • got em
      got em Year ago +1

      Yea that hand is almost as rare as seeing a white stallion in the Amazon forest, I do realize this is a old tournament but this hand ended within 15seconds, clearly both players did not even mediate their decisions, phil Ivey easily would have seen this

    • Patrick
      Patrick Year ago

      Can't hate it for that. Part of the fun.

  • Dat Wonguy
    Dat Wonguy Year ago

    That deep breath after them jacks came out....

  • Arthur Duncan
    Arthur Duncan 17 days ago

    I don’t even play much poker, and even I know you don’t go all in with 3 of anything on the flop. Odds are they aren’t bluffing if they bet that aggressive.

  • Ofentse Tsoka
    Ofentse Tsoka Year ago

    Surely the 1% is that he can bluff I’m off quads🤣

  • Mahatma Gandhi
    Mahatma Gandhi 5 months ago

    I think I would probably walk outside and shoot myself!! That sucks big time. He had a great hand but his opponent had an absolutely fantastic hand

  • shortcrypto
    shortcrypto Year ago

    Gomes should ve think more when he raised him

    HBK360MUSIC 6 months ago

    Postle would’ve found a way to fold

  • Yuki4days
    Yuki4days Year ago

    I’m curious. It says he has a 1% chance of beating that but what cards would he need? I can’t think of it for the life of me

  • Jack's Corner
    Jack's Corner 7 months ago

    What’s even sicker is that let’s say miraculously if it hit runner runner Aces for Quad aces it wouldn’t even be a bad beat😂. Quad Jacks beat and not a bad beat because the kicker King doesn’t play.

  • lineman505
    lineman505 Year ago

    I have an interesting question do u go in ur own money or does the casino running the tournament give the players money to use

    • TheGimpyGamer
      TheGimpyGamer Year ago

      In a tournament style game there will be a buy-in for the tourney. Let's say it's 10k. The amount of players will determine how big the prize pool is. More players equals more money after the casino takes their cut.
      They have specifically put in 1mil or whatever amount, but that many players have been knocked out at that point in the game. Tourneys this large tend to take days to play all the way through.

  • Jomarlee Marquina
    Jomarlee Marquina 5 months ago

    Why would you call when you see the other raise at the flop with 3 of a kind lol. Yea it might be a bluff but come on. 😆

  • Abcdefg
    Abcdefg Year ago

    Why can’t I run like that?

  • Marcus Rios
    Marcus Rios 8 months ago

    Don’t slow play aces. Lesson learned

  • Bilal Rasool
    Bilal Rasool Year ago +1

    What cards give him the 1% chance of winning at that point?

  • Take the Clown Pill
    Take the Clown Pill 11 months ago

    That is a BRUTAL way to bow out. Golly

  • Ryakin Barton
    Ryakin Barton 9 months ago +2

    The guy who won, looks quite young.

  • Juan Sebastian
    Juan Sebastian Year ago

    At the end, a pair of a aces it's just a pair

    ORLANDO CLARK 8 months ago

    The fact that he 3-betted & then check would've made men think he was holding that Case-J....Just-Think-about it...

  • JediNxf7
    JediNxf7 8 months ago

    this could only be worse if he then lost to aces on the turn and river. after the flop that's a 1/990 chance, and this is as unlikely a flop as any, so I doubt it's happened between the invention of cameras (or holdem) and today, but still.

  • Trash Boat
    Trash Boat 11 months ago

    I love seeing pocket aces lose

  • Mama africa
    Mama africa 4 months ago

    I wonder what was that 1% chance

  • Frankie G
    Frankie G 8 months ago

    I'd raise too. If your opponent has a big pair no way he lays it down.

  • OverCraft
    OverCraft Year ago

    I wanted to see 2more aces

  • Sicarious
    Sicarious Year ago

    Pocket aces bring that hero before the fall mentality to people

  • kieren meier
    kieren meier Year ago

    Imagine losing that much money instantly because of a bad call

    • kieren meier
      kieren meier 11 months ago

      everyone would have done it but he still lost right ?

    • John Lennon
      John Lennon 11 months ago

      Wasnt a bad call