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"Dating with my Dad & Brother" Ariel's last option

  • Published on Oct 24, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • jah
    jah 2 months ago +92237

    “Arielle 🧜‍♀️”
    “Ariel 💃”

    “earl 🗿”

    • Hideri kanzaki
      Hideri kanzaki Day ago

      actually the mermaid in spanish is ariel too

    • ĀÑØŃ_
      ĀÑØŃ_ 4 days ago

      @saifulbrine , Greek

    • Ben Vista
      Ben Vista 10 days ago

      "im jewish"
      Nah girl you ain't look like one

    • jah
      jah 11 days ago

      @Hi it’s Me i did it so that ariel sounds more latin 😂 but yes ur right

    • Hi it’s Me
      Hi it’s Me 11 days ago

      Actually the Disney Princess’s name is Ariel so the mermaid emoji goes for the second one

  • The_original_weirdos
    The_original_weirdos Month ago +5543

    “ The choices are my brother or my dad”
    🎶 Sweet home Alabama 🎶

      CABOOSE BOB 6 hours ago

      @westleigh bush they do that stuff in Kentucky too

    • Arikian
      Arikian Day ago

      ​@I do stuff It's an ethno-religion with Judaism being passed down through the mother, at this point it's more of a nationality than a religion

      DURGA PRASAD M S 2 days ago

      @ojgfh uebsrnvn i mean in india, it's not illegal to marry either.

    • David Tuttle
      David Tuttle 2 days ago

      @Jodi Johnson but cousins are.

    • ojgfh uebsrnvn
      ojgfh uebsrnvn 2 days ago

      @DURGA PRASAD M S It's not illegal in lots of countries. It's just they can't marry, that's all. But to be fair, marriage is a process of creating family and incest couples are already family so creating such law would be stupid

  • Tanya Verma
    Tanya Verma 23 days ago +1055

    Dude c'mon don't get disheartened... They said "Boys or girls doesn't matter to them"
    Your mother is a choice too!

  • Mallory Cox
    Mallory Cox Month ago +1

    I live in Kentucky and just so you guys know, not everyone has a Deep South accent. And there are more options than your dad or brother. #stereotypes

  • LifeAsYari
    LifeAsYari Month ago +808

    “the choices are between my dad and my brother”

    • E C
      E C 9 days ago

      I'm aware of way more cousins in relationships in KY than AL...

    • SpongeBob Miscellaneous
      SpongeBob Miscellaneous 13 days ago


    • Jodi Johnson
      Jodi Johnson 22 days ago

      What does Alabama have to do with that? The only place incest is legal is 2 Northern states

    • LifeAsYari
      LifeAsYari 26 days ago +1

      @Lola Star tyy

    • Lola Star
      Lola Star Month ago +4

      omg i love ur channel!

  • Judas lives
    Judas lives 2 months ago +18350

    “The choices are my dad and my brother”

    • Tinco EAni
      Tinco EAni 7 days ago

      Did I stutter? - 👴🏻

    • Hungryy
      Hungryy 12 days ago

      I was about to comment this 🤣

    • HereNow
      HereNow Month ago

      @Kwizera Shaiththere are Spanish Jews though!

    • Sophia's Silly Squishies
      Sophia's Silly Squishies Month ago

      Jesus loves you all no matter what he is coming back soon Jesus is king my savior my everything ❤❤

    • Sadie_puglover
      Sadie_puglover Month ago

      Sweet home Alabama 😭

  • M Janger
    M Janger Month ago

    I also got the “as long as their Jewish” speech. My sister and I are queer but still like that’s a tall order

  • Ariel
    Ariel Month ago

    my uncle always called me earl lol

  • diane ashraf
    diane ashraf Month ago +44

    “As long as they’re Jewish”
    I can relate. My parents tell me all the time we don’t care… AS LONG AS THEYRE JEWISH

    • John Love
      John Love Day ago

      So she can be a Jewish lesbian but has to restrict her choices to other Jewish women. Which makes no sense because they can’t procreate she should be able to date any race if she’d be a lesbian

    • diane ashraf
      diane ashraf 18 days ago

      @Asaf tbh I don’t even wanna know the prices. Some are prob very expensive

    • Asaf
      Asaf 19 days ago +1

      @diane ashraf being a tourist is fun. until you see the prices of homes

    • Cal M302
      Cal M302 21 day ago

      That's so true.

    • diane ashraf
      diane ashraf 22 days ago

      @Asaf lol! I’m going to Israel soon. I’m very excited

  • suleikha warsame
    suleikha warsame Month ago +1

    The choices are my dad and my brother GOT ME DYING IN LAUGHTER 😂

  • Jesse Sleight
    Jesse Sleight Month ago +8432

    "You can be gay, but not inter-ethnic" is beyond hilariously fucked. Like, he's a little (very) confused, but he got a sampling of the spirit.

    • John Miller
      John Miller 14 days ago +1

      @Paolo it's both

    • Paolo
      Paolo 14 days ago

      Judaism is not an ethnicity… it’s a religion

    • John Miller
      John Miller 25 days ago

      depending of the Part of ky your, inter-dating being a baptist and dating a methodist.

    • Eren Yeager
      Eren Yeager 26 days ago

      Sampling had me rolling 💀

    • Logan Weersing
      Logan Weersing 26 days ago +1

      Do all Muslims live in Saudi Arabia too?🥴

  • irgendwoaunid
    irgendwoaunid Month ago

    The only CoHo book I’ve read is It Ends with Us. My biggest toxic trait is that I judge people for staying in toxic relationships. I’ve never been in one myself so I have no leg to stand on and I know this is something I have to work on. This book actually helped me personally to understand the complexity of toxic relationships, so for that it was useful. But romanticizing it is absolutely wrong and seeing how her other books handle the topic is problematic !

  • Yo Im Leo
    Yo Im Leo Month ago

    “My dad is Spanish” 💀

    • Alex Soze
      Alex Soze Month ago

      Bro I was wondering if anyone caught that, a Spanish Jew ?

  • Mysheing Xiong
    Mysheing Xiong Month ago +19

    "As long as they're Jewish"
    That's sounds like my mom. I'm Asian and she didn't even give me that option. They had to be a certain ethnic and she had to know them. Smh. Everytime I think about it, I laugh.

    • Sophia's Silly Squishies
      Sophia's Silly Squishies Month ago

      @dabebe that’s not true he is coming back to save his children and take them up to heaven but if you aren’t following Jesus and aren’t saved you will get left behind.

    • dabebe
      dabebe Month ago

      @Sophia's Silly Squishies he's coming back to murder us :`(

    • Sophia's Silly Squishies
      Sophia's Silly Squishies Month ago

      Jesus loves you all no matter what he is coming back soon Jesus is king my savior my everything ❤❤

  • zhanna davidova
    zhanna davidova Month ago

    I can relate, when I was young and wanted to share with my parents about experiencing of my dating life , the only thing they cared if he is Jewish!! Now my parents are not around, I divorced my Jewish husband and open for any culture or religion as long as he is a good person and right for me

  • Viral Gyaani Official
    Viral Gyaani Official 2 months ago +17626

    That's the most humble way to say "you can't date"😂😂😂😂

    • buffalo.black
      buffalo.black Month ago

      @HereNow You act like you don’t know how Clip-Share works. They recommend videos that you did not search for and you watch some of those recommendations. Some you like, some you don’t. You’re clearly not the brightest bulb in the drawer. Stick to junior HS. The adult world clearly isn’t for you.

    • HereNow
      HereNow Month ago +3

      @buffalo.blackfunny enough that you’re watching her!

    • Sophia's Silly Squishies
      Sophia's Silly Squishies Month ago

      @Hello There no one knows only God knows the date that he is coming back to get his children.

    • Hello There
      Hello There Month ago

      @Sophia's Silly Squishies when he comes back?

    • Sophia's Silly Squishies
      Sophia's Silly Squishies Month ago

      Jesus loves you all no matter what he is coming back soon Jesus is king my savior my everything ❤❤

  • Cerbie Birbie
    Cerbie Birbie 20 days ago +50

    My name is Ariel and the first time someone from the Midwest called me Erl, I froze. Was hilarious; I thought for a while that I should introduce myself as Erl instead for a while xD

  • Pogue Mahone
    Pogue Mahone 11 days ago +30

    Dating one's dad and brothers is a long and dearly-held Kentucky tradition!

  • Azi Nana
    Azi Nana Month ago +1

    This made me laugh 😂

  • Facundo Giménez
    Facundo Giménez 3 days ago

    “Anything in between” yeah I saw that one coming as soon as I saw it was a woman stand up ☕️

  • clouds8D
    clouds8D 2 months ago +98102

    thought the punchline was going to be “as long as they don’t pronounce your name as earl”

  • Sylvia Johnson
    Sylvia Johnson Month ago

    Love your style and your jokes! 🕍

  • Mrdoughlicious
    Mrdoughlicious 12 hours ago

    My wife is from Kentucky. Can totally relate to this. You should hear how she says "oil" lmao

  • Manish KG
    Manish KG 22 days ago

    "The choices are my dad and my brother!!" *Well glad we cleared that up* 😂

  • Alana Sanders
    Alana Sanders Month ago +1

    I’m seeing so many awesome creators from Ky. Finally being portrayed as more than toothless, druggies that are too into basketball.

  • Idk Why
    Idk Why 2 months ago +3810

    You guys don't get it, her dad straight away said you can't date.

    • Anthony Mukoko
      Anthony Mukoko 4 days ago

      @B. Sternberg Yeah you can go into Judaism the religion but it’s very rare that a Jew , especially from a lineage of Jewish ancestry (ethnic and religious) would convert out of judaism

    • Alberto
      Alberto Month ago

      @HereNow yes?

    • HereNow
      HereNow Month ago

      @Albertothere are plenty of Spanish Jews

    • Nicole Czarnecki
      Nicole Czarnecki Month ago +1

      There’s a Jewish community in Louisville for certain.

    • Mano
      Mano Month ago

      @B. Sternberg that is what I am saying but everyone should have a right to convert to religion with freedom as they please

  • Maxine Peel
    Maxine Peel Month ago +4

    She has a great way of delivering her lines - I think she'll have a long career...

  • Nigel Palmer
    Nigel Palmer Month ago +12

    I thought I have to comment I've seen this clip 4 or 5 times now and just realised I laughed every time

  • Very_Random_Edits
    Very_Random_Edits Month ago +51

    I’m Jewish and my parents had to give me two first names because my name is קיילה so I literally had to find my name translated so people could read my name 💀

    • נתנאל כהן
      נתנאל כהן 20 days ago +1


    • vandals
      vandals Month ago +1

      @Ott it's kayla

    • Ott
      Ott Month ago +2

      what's the translation and/or the phonetic spelling of your name? i'm very interested :) if you don't want to answer that's ok! just curious :)

  • Gagedamour Sarusaru
    Gagedamour Sarusaru 25 days ago +1

    True comedian ❤

  • Farid Isham
    Farid Isham 2 months ago +2026

    Ok that was genuinely hilarious. U know the punchline is coming, but it was unexpected 😆.

  • mcbrion
    mcbrion 29 days ago

    "...as long as they're Jewish." "Jewish? WE LIVE IN KENTUCKY..." I am dead on arrival when she says, "My choices are my dad and my brother." Hysterical!!!!

  • Arielle Tegels
    Arielle Tegels 23 days ago +2

    When your name is actually Arielle… and you’ve never met another person with the same name…

  • HereIsWisdom1318
    HereIsWisdom1318 Month ago +160

    "We live in Kentucky!"
    "Too bad for you!"

    • J=I=P
      J=I=P 3 days ago

      I like living here but what sucks about it is that weed's still illegal and it's a hardcore conservative state in the bible belt. (Also just to make it clear, that doesn't mean I'm a Democrat. I dislike both parties lol)

    • RedRight Sue
      RedRight Sue Month ago +1

      I always wondered about those states in our country, like are they even real? 🤣

    • J B
      J B Month ago

      The struggle is real 😂

      EVERYBODY GAMERS Month ago +1

      not now...

    • HereIsWisdom1318
      HereIsWisdom1318 Month ago

      @CeoTeo #MeToo

  • Ruby Bastani
    Ruby Bastani Month ago

    This Girl is killing me she’s so funny 😂

  • When-It -Rains
    When-It -Rains 2 months ago +2511

    As a fellow kentuckian, can confirm the audience isnt clapping at the joke, they are clapping because they all brought their sisters to the show.

    • evolutionisrealAND‍🏳️‍🌈⃠
      evolutionisrealAND‍🏳️‍🌈⃠ 2 months ago

      ​@Happi Mochi Basically the sound thats made when you penetrate the thing with your own thing. I ruined this innocent person.

    • RL
      RL 2 months ago

      @Iconica it’s not funny. Who said it’s even funny ?

    • Hat geantwortet
      Hat geantwortet 2 months ago

      So funny

    • WelpGeeko
      WelpGeeko 2 months ago

      As a fellow kentuckian i can confirm

    • Matthew Erwin
      Matthew Erwin 2 months ago

      It's all about them family pies.

  • ur local mexican😄♥︎

    i’m sorry, “spanish ppl” or “hispanic ppl”? 😐

  • Dirty Dan
    Dirty Dan Month ago

    As someone who moved to Kentucky early 2022, saying you lived there all your life is all i needed to know lmao. 🤣

  • Arya
    Arya Month ago

    Her expressions are everything

  • Keith Davis
    Keith Davis Month ago

    lmao. I love how the punchline was being setup to be something about the name but that came out of left field.

  • Thomas S.
    Thomas S. Month ago +147

    ... and the mother. She clearly didn't listen. 🤣

    • Muhammad Jahid
      Muhammad Jahid Month ago

      XD well they said whatever she's into and since she only considered the males then this would imply she is straight lol

    • Maude G
      Maude G Month ago

      Well yeahno.. she listened, she simply combined her parents restrictions+ hers (the fact she's actually straight it seems)

    • Ice▪muffin🍰
      Ice▪muffin🍰 Month ago


  • Deidra Little
    Deidra Little Month ago

    That's so sad when parents only want you to be with a certain race or religion. That's extreme discrimination against others.

  • axls
    axls Month ago

    dating family members sounds the safest bc you wont get your partner killed but also dangerous bc it sounds like ur dad will have a good long talk with ur bro but maybe longer than the ones they give for strangers becoming ur bf

  • Sandor Frohlich
    Sandor Frohlich Month ago

    Arielle...u r fantastic..great humor...fantastic delivery...great stage presence...& of course ur gorgeous.

  • Carla Corcoran
    Carla Corcoran 20 days ago

    I told my kids- “Love who you love. I don’t care if they are red, yellow, brown, black, or any other color of the rainbow. They can be any religion (oh, God, please don’t let them be Evangelicals!), and they can be male, female, or anything else-as long as they are consenting adults. Bring home a Republican, AND THAT SHIT WON’T FLY!”

  • Ath3naJey
    Ath3naJey Month ago

    Kentucky the new meme of ohio

  • Jane Stanton
    Jane Stanton 17 days ago

    Thank you for this laugh out loud 😂🤣💚👍

  • Emily Rose
    Emily Rose Month ago +1

    When the walking dead first started in the U.K., there was a good month when all of us thought that Daryl’s brother was called Murro because of the drawly way they said Merle. At one point ‘murro Dixon actor’ was a more common Google search than Merle Dixon 😂😂😂

  • Saitama Sensei
    Saitama Sensei 11 days ago

    The crowd is so supportive 😂

  • Yoshé
    Yoshé 2 months ago +3557

    As a Kentuckian, I can confirm that the Little Mermaid’s name is Earl.

    • Heather Robinson
      Heather Robinson Month ago

      London/Corbin we pronounce it correctly also.

    • Yoshé
      Yoshé Month ago +1

      @kycaffiend5081 BrO, i’M jOoOoKiNg. 💀💀💀 I’m just holding up the Kentucky stereotypes.

    • Yoshé
      Yoshé Month ago +1

      @kaylafrank6113 I’m from Lexington. :)

    • Kayla Frank
      Kayla Frank Month ago

      LMAO from what part because us from Louisville say it right🤣🤣

    • Legos and More in the Big Wide World
      Legos and More in the Big Wide World Month ago +3

      Yeah. Me too. I'd never say that in front of my Maryland mother, though. She gets mad, so I kinda hide how I really talk. Of course, she gets mad when me, my dad, and my sister get annoyed with her way of talking. Milk is melk, calm is com, etc etc. Anyone else?

  • lemme watch my BL
    lemme watch my BL Month ago +7

    Like this is sooooo true, the accent part. Was trying to talk about a towel in the bathroom and they heard tile just yesterday 🙄

  • Mixed Feelings
    Mixed Feelings Month ago +1

    POV: You're taller than both of them combined 😎

  • Golden Summer
    Golden Summer Month ago +17

    "The choices ar my dad and my brother"
    "Isn't that the point my guy?"

    • S1rWakka
      S1rWakka 8 days ago

      Wasn't the dad Spanish?

    • Sophia's Silly Squishies
      Sophia's Silly Squishies Month ago

      Jesus loves you all no matter what he is coming back soon Jesus is king my savior my everything ❤❤

  • Eya Made
    Eya Made Month ago

    I feel you Earl

  • Dave the Nigerian 🇳🇬
    Dave the Nigerian 🇳🇬 Month ago +16079

    *uUuRrl* 💀
    Edit 1: Dayum thanks for the likes

    • balck
      balck 25 days ago

      ariel is a product here so we say it as ae real

    • juice
      juice 28 days ago

      @•Kokomi★ like sharp or sharpie? lmao

    • •Kokomi★
      •Kokomi★ 29 days ago

      @juice you got it good mine is sharpe 🙃

    • qLeash_
      qLeash_ Month ago

      Bro i didn't just pronounce uUuRrl as URL 😭

    • Nie ́-`
      Nie ́-` Month ago

      I speak Spanish, so Ariel pronounce is like Erial Idk

  • Beth Greenfield
    Beth Greenfield 25 days ago

    So true!! My mom said that to me all the time. Ended up married to a blonde hair blue eyed guy from Nebraska I from California…

  • Lori Rose
    Lori Rose Month ago

    She’s good! Nice to see a fresh new face❤

  • My Emperor
    My Emperor 29 days ago

    As a Hindu in Kentucky, I feel you ✊🏼

  • Ella Kushins
    Ella Kushins Month ago +1

    i cant this is literally my family “doesn’t matter who as long as they’re jewish”

  • Bailey Logan
    Bailey Logan 2 months ago +2559

    This is lowkey their way to stop you from dating at all lmaooo

    • Bailey Logan
      Bailey Logan 2 months ago

      @Kc22 bruh you fail the assignment too. Smh 🤦🏾‍♀️

    • Kc22
      Kc22 2 months ago

      @Ceridden ._. Same as muslims.

    • שמעון בן עייש
      שמעון בן עייש 2 months ago

      Wanting to keep their religion makes them greedy?​@Carbon -BASED- Lifeform

    • Randy Random
      Randy Random 2 months ago +1

      ​@Carbon -BASED- Lifeform accurate name. 👌

    • yyy
      yyy 2 months ago


  • Fine Supplements
    Fine Supplements 2 days ago +1

    Not sure why people keep incest joke limited to southern US when Europe has a whole 2 centuries worth of incest monarchy’s still going strong, even to this day 🤷‍♂️

  • sconedstrawberry
    sconedstrawberry Month ago

    this is the only joke she has

  • Gayle
    Gayle Month ago

    She should go on AGT. She is very funny!!

  • Savage latex
    Savage latex Month ago

    She is so funny 😐 I laughed so hard I fell on the floor😐😐

  • 2XAKL17
    2XAKL17 3 months ago +22045

    Wait so she just explained the way her name is pronounced and the way other people say it just for the fuck of it? 💀💀

    • Sean parkes
      Sean parkes 29 days ago

      @Kenmathisiskenma but isn’t comedy meant to be funny?

    • HereNow
      HereNow Month ago

      @Leoclearly it’s what you spend your time on!

    • OL
      OL Month ago

      @Cedric Dylan what’s her name , please

    • Kristoffer Smith
      Kristoffer Smith 2 months ago

      ​@noposGuau She didn't get laughs from me either TBH

    • Argjent Brunçaj
      Argjent Brunçaj 2 months ago

      Yeah man. This new comedy is the shit

  • Ariel Richardson
    Ariel Richardson Month ago

    Omg, this kills me bc I've always lived in the southern u.s. and I constantly hear, "UUUUUURL"

  • CozierElf0
    CozierElf0 8 days ago

    I love this influx of female comedians that are actually funny

  • The Slayest of them all


  • Aly M
    Aly M Month ago


  • ChaiTea
    ChaiTea 2 months ago +1543

    I thought the ending was gonna be something like “it’s doesn’t matter who you date--boy or girl--you’ll still be our little ✨Earl ✨.

    • Sea Star
      Sea Star Month ago

      Cute !

    • yyy
      yyy 2 months ago


    • Sydney Phillips
      Sydney Phillips 2 months ago +2

      @George Varughese But then you said she *should* marry a Christian person, I see that as taking her from one box and putting her in another lol.

    • Sydney Phillips
      Sydney Phillips 2 months ago

      @R N In what way?

    • R N
      R N 2 months ago

      Much better than what she said.

  • Theyhate_arieee
    Theyhate_arieee Month ago +8

    I feel her exact pain wit the name bc my name is Arielle to but everyone can’t pronounce it and end up saying Ariel

    • Pogue Mahone
      Pogue Mahone 11 days ago

      Which is why parents shouldn't afflict their kids with fancy, pretentious names.

  • Osher Urson
    Osher Urson Month ago

    After my mom accepted me she said "as long as they're Jewish and a doctor/something big"💀

  • iTzKrakenYT
    iTzKrakenYT Month ago

    Thank you so much you see all my life I thought I was Hispanic you know half Mexican half American but it turns out I'm a Spanish person💀

  • Natasha Gates
    Natasha Gates Month ago

    😂😂😂😂😂 HILARIOUS

  • Viktor Ng
    Viktor Ng 2 months ago +8504

    "I live in Kentucky. My choices are either my father or my brother."
    "No you're in Alabama."

    • Hachi Chen
      Hachi Chen Month ago

      ​@katlin jonesSo I guess.. Sweet Home Kentucky then😂

    • Kathleen McBride
      Kathleen McBride 2 months ago +1

      ​@Juan Pérez Nothing! It's a great place to live. Just a lot of tired, lame and ignorant prejudice in the US. So tired of it.

    • DarkFoxV
      DarkFoxV 2 months ago

      ​@Unbannabl3 laws. On paper. Now why are those laws on paper so many?

    • Veronique Diallo
      Veronique Diallo 2 months ago

      Same difference.

    • Juan Pérez
      Juan Pérez 2 months ago

      Was going on in Alabama .? I don’t know

  • eric ramones
    eric ramones 24 days ago +1

    3 hours of feminine stand-up::(
    my cat being silly:XD

  • claire.mcbride
    claire.mcbride Month ago +1

    iM JEwIsH🌸😫💗💋💅😻

  • Maadjoa Gold
    Maadjoa Gold Month ago +1

    you can marry anyone as long as they’re Jewish 😂😂 but we live in Kentucky. The choice is between my dad and my brother

  • Zachary Karner
    Zachary Karner 4 days ago

    👏 that made me laugh good job cute

  • typical person
    typical person Month ago +3905

    “But I grew up in Kentucky-“
    okay that’s all we needed to know thank you very much

    • Anabel Tejeda
      Anabel Tejeda 14 days ago


    • Auvas Damask
      Auvas Damask 15 days ago

      ​@typical person Just like Bielefeld does not exist in Germany

    • Patricia Dugan
      Patricia Dugan 17 days ago

      I click it because it's true (Jewish Kentuckian)

    • Eric Barnes
      Eric Barnes Month ago

      ​@°Mel° it means white people are bad

    • Rose's Stuff
      Rose's Stuff Month ago

      Im from North Carolina and I came to say this
      Different states...but only in certain areas...
      The World: this word has X number syllables, Y number of sounds
      Southerners: hold up, hold my beer

  • Ariela Sprague
    Ariela Sprague 15 days ago

    Omg my name is Ariela and I COMPLETELY understand! I'm from Australia so you can understand how annoying it can be 😂

  • Irish plays
    Irish plays Month ago

    The choices are my dad and my brother,that's it😂

  • Summer
    Summer Month ago

    My daughter's name is Ariel and we nicknamed her Earl Lucious Whitaker Jones. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Awesome Girls
    Awesome Girls Month ago

    Omg my name is Ariel and I've heard every version of my name on the planet and it can be so frustrating correcting people

  • Pich Choco
    Pich Choco 2 months ago +934

    When you don't want your kid dating but can't tell them no...so, you make up impossible condition...lol

    • Joe Hung
      Joe Hung 2 months ago +5

      ​@Mlgharvard considering it's Kentucky, Brother and Father are usually their first picks for dating.

    • Wooden Arrow
      Wooden Arrow 2 months ago +3

      ​@Mlgharvard 🧐🤨📷📸

    • cheman00
      cheman00 2 months ago

      That’s not the intention actually, jews marry only jews.

    • Jan Kapuściński
      Jan Kapuściński 2 months ago

      Nah, jews just hate non-jews

    • Mlgharvard
      Mlgharvard 2 months ago +4

      She did get 2 good picks tho

  • Gqtr 2
    Gqtr 2 23 days ago

    It’s actually impossible for female comedians to make me laugh

  • wazzup123
    wazzup123 22 days ago

    "WE live in Kentucky." I am so sorry. My deepest sympathies.😉🤎❤

  • shiksha pandey
    shiksha pandey Month ago

    The choice is my dad and my brother 😂😂😂😂

  • Urvashi Pathak
    Urvashi Pathak Month ago

    This was my grandma 🤣. She was like "you can choose anyone as long as he is Indian", I live in South Africa.

  • John Salinas
    John Salinas 2 months ago +2171

    “My options are my Brother and my Dad” Bruh she ain’t in Kentucky she in Alabama 💀💀💀💀💀💀

    • John Salinas
      John Salinas 2 months ago

      Ok I'm sorry but 2K LIKES?!!?!?!?

    • Mellie _V3il☆シ
      Mellie _V3il☆シ 2 months ago

      @John Salinas lol they get mad no one cares it was actually pretty cool!😖😂💀😂

    • Lamar Latimore
      Lamar Latimore 2 months ago

      Truth is the joke itself is used by people who are very uneducated about the part of the country or world they are referring to. Check above post ☝🏾

    • Lamar Latimore
      Lamar Latimore 2 months ago

      Every state to the west of the Mississippi except for Texas and California has a higher incest rate Than Alabama, then Kentucky and W.Virginia in the east with the latter being #1.

    • Mr. Feb
      Mr. Feb 2 months ago


  • Clea Cloutier
    Clea Cloutier 29 days ago

    I would read it differently too, “Air-ee-elle” like the little mermaid 😂😭

  • Howtech
    Howtech 8 days ago +3

    “I might only be your brother...but I’m still y’er father.”

  • AriPups YT
    AriPups YT Month ago


  • Shawn Leak
    Shawn Leak 25 days ago

    Hilarious 😂

  • Nezumi
    Nezumi 2 months ago +1063

    When ur parents are supportive but under ONE condition

    • Zea Core
      Zea Core 2 months ago +7

      @Ethan the chicken protector I’m saying what it do but with Jew hahah

    • Ethan the chicken protector
      Ethan the chicken protector 2 months ago

      @Zea Core bruh how do you not know who Jews are?

    • Zea Core
      Zea Core 2 months ago +6

      What it jeeew

  • Juan Sebastián Rueda González

    That's really rough from his Dad, knowing that her name is a soap Brand...

  • Ariel Sepani
    Ariel Sepani Month ago

    My name's Ariel too! And I had the same problem living in Tennessee!

  • Naps _
    Naps _ Month ago

    “We live in Kentucky” 😂😂😂😂😂

  • A D A
    A D A Month ago +1

    They're way of saying: "You can't date anyone"


    When she said “we don’t care if it’s a boy,girl,anything in between” I was like ☺️ awww until they said “but they have to be Jewish” and I was like 💀

    • Pills For Your Wokeness
      Pills For Your Wokeness 2 months ago

      Rubbish. Delusional people everywhere. So it's supportive as a parent to expose you kids to such delusional community. You've failed as parents. 😩

    • Mel C
      Mel C 2 months ago

      I mean, her mums Jewish so she’s Jewish automatically and she passes that on as it comes from the mother

    • An name
      An name 2 months ago

      Nah this is typical jewish parent behavior, they were being supportive 🤣

    • Apostolado Santo Alberto Magno
      Apostolado Santo Alberto Magno 2 months ago

      If it was: but they have to be American, she would get cancelled. Not saying that America is not controlled by the Jews, but...

    • Akarasan
      Akarasan 2 months ago

      @mel mari mess 😬