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  • Published on Mar 11, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • i went to Borussia Dortmund II vs Dynamo Dresden & it was insane…
    10k likes = i will visit a Dynamo Dresden home match 👀
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  • Thogden
    Thogden  6 months ago +618

    My first time on the Yellow Wall & my first experience of Dynamo Dresden fans!
    Good luck Dynamo on your push for promotion, you deserve to be much higher 🙌🏻

    • Fallen Hero
      Fallen Hero 6 months ago +7

      Be nice to see you get Oliver on to do Premier League predictions, he's becoming a regular on your channel.

    • Jason
      Jason 6 months ago +73

      You should come to Dynamo Dresden vs RW Essen on April 8. Both teams have great fans and it will probably be an exciting matchup

    • chj1969
      chj1969 6 months ago +4

      They are from Bundesliga for sure!!

    • Oskar Stobinski
      Oskar Stobinski 6 months ago +9

      Dresden is a good call for a match. Anything against a different eastern german Club would be good but they have played their main rival already and the two other ones are in the second division. But there are many more good well supported smaler clubs to see. Maybe wait with Dynamo. You have a lot more opitions

  • Alex
    Alex 6 months ago +2298

    Better atmosphere than in every premier league stadium

    • ITSytyt
      ITSytyt 6 months ago +1


    • Justin James
      Justin James 6 months ago +42

      More like every American sports stadiums

    • LIL Thyson
      LIL Thyson 6 months ago +153

      @Justin James english Fans are Bad too

    • Hurakan
      Hurakan 6 months ago +164

      @Prinve Dogra yeah because we dont sell our Clubs to some Saudi arabian Millionaire

  • Ralph E
    Ralph E 6 months ago +1498

    Fun Fact 1: Dynamo Dresden has the world record for all 3rd leagues worldwide. The average attendance at the home stadium is an unbelievable 27,545 fans (2015/16),
    and if Dresden had a bigger stadium (currently maximum 32,000), there would have been a lot more.
    Fun Fact 2: In 2019 at a cup match against Hertha BSC in Berlin, Dynamo Dresden had an unbelievable 35,000 away fans.

    • asap.boiiiii
      asap.boiiiii 6 months ago +225

      We also have the record of the longest Block flag to ever exist in Europe

    • Indeed Deedin
      Indeed Deedin 6 months ago +173

      ​@asap.boiiiii Block Flag 10/10 denglish

    • asap.boiiiii
      asap.boiiiii 6 months ago +249

      @Indeed Deedin Bruder ja was weiß ich was Blockfahne auf englisch heißt die und ihre Fans kennen sowas eh nicht

    • lil marci
      lil marci 6 months ago +21

      @asap.boiiiii 😂😂😂

  • Anustart - Love Each Other
    Anustart - Love Each Other 6 months ago +861

    Also important to note that the distance between Dresden and Dortmund is more than 500km (325 miles)

    • Rene Langwald
      Rene Langwald 6 months ago +8

      That's true, but it has to be said that more often than not, half of the fans at Dynamo away games come from the wider region around the opponent.
      Dynamo is not called the Bayern Munich of the East for nothing. They have a huge fan base all over Germany. Had more than 12,000 away fans in the cup in Hanover and in Munich around 1860 there were already around 20,000. Is like a religion for many of the fans!

    • Heiko Jaepelt
      Heiko Jaepelt 2 days ago

      Doch fahren rund 2000 Leute aus dd zu den Auswärtsspielen

  • Laubegast_Tom
    Laubegast_Tom 6 months ago +957

    We need Thodgen to go to a Home Game in Dresden because I can tell you this is an experience you need

    • Paul Haacker
      Paul Haacker 6 months ago +40

      Sehr ich genau so am besten zum einem Knallerspiel gegen Mannheim am besten top Spiel denk ich Mal

    • Herr Niemand
      Herr Niemand 6 months ago +8

      Maybe Relegation Games this year

    • Jan Vit.
      Jan Vit. 6 months ago


    • Kade Smith
      Kade Smith 6 months ago +1

      3.38 the lads behind him knowing who he is searching him up haha

    FRA-LAX 6 months ago +590

    that's what makes the difference. Thogden doesn't focus only on the best teams. Rather on atmosphere and emotions
    I appreciate him and consider it a very good deal

  • twiisler
    twiisler 6 months ago +762

    german football amazing. 3rd division better experience than in other big europe clubs

    • DaGo
      DaGo 6 months ago +5


    • TQAS 34
      TQAS 34 6 months ago +31

      Because they have more passion, there clubs fight for everything, they are more loyal

    • No No
      No No 6 months ago +1

      Das ist gut ja

    • Jack548
      Jack548 6 months ago

      @TQAS 34 I fl get g

  • paradox
    paradox 6 months ago +635

    The German Fans are so much better than the British fans. They need more RESPECT

    • CallMeConnor
      CallMeConnor 6 months ago

      At the end of the day you just have to admit what a world war for Germany

    • Freiwild Natural
      Freiwild Natural 6 months ago +39

      No, paradox, we german guys had for 30 years looked to the english clubs. I loved Manu, and all your england football fans in the old years. We loved the england football holigan szene, the clothes they wear an all other stuff around football, so also the english pups for,the plays.
      But then the english leagues become to the big owner investor clubs. Money from countries, like US an Quatar, staats they dont know, what football really means for the workers, they life 24/7 football.
      England have this worker cities like Manu or Liverpool, but know they cant go to look football, because the entree prices, so they got footballtourism and thats the reason why there is today no emotion an fanculture in their stadions.
      Now in england football is only a money sport and that is not the roods of football.

    • Foo
      Foo 6 months ago

      Atmosphere was flat and only 13000

  • Franz FS
    Franz FS 6 months ago +147

    Last week was the "Sachsenderby" in Dresden with 31k viewers.
    This Season you can go to Dresden-Waldhof Mannheim, the Fans celebrating the 70th Birthday and I think the stadion is full. 🖤💛

  • Jean-Sébatien Lecomte
    Jean-Sébatien Lecomte 6 months ago +99

    Such awesome content. Thogden always coming through with the unique games!

  • Addy Huncho
    Addy Huncho 6 months ago +190

    Dynamo often does themed trips at away games. For example a kind of controversial „war/camo“ theme.
    Today was a big trip with the theme „everyone to Dortmund“ and it was just amazing atmosphere! And they sold and handed out these bandana like things to do choreography with.
    I’ll happily take you to a good home game if you want :D

    • Perza
      Perza 6 months ago +1

      I’m an Australian but I love German football. How is it like to be able to go out with a good atmosphere and have a great time in any German city? Here in Australia there is nothing at all the watch that has an actual atmosphere.

    • Addy Huncho
      Addy Huncho 6 months ago +16

      @Perza it’s just culturally. Since German football clubs are not investor owned, but own themselves, the fans mostly have something to say in club politics, which is a big reason why the German fan culture is one of a kind in Europe’s Top5 Leagues.
      So for me as a German I’m kind of used to it. For you it could probably be kind of a culture shock then.
      For me it’s just an amazing day out. It’s just fun marching to the stadium singing the chants. The effort that the fanbase puts in is literally mindblowing sometimes. So for me going to a Dynamo Game is more than just going to watch some football, it’s also screaming at the top of my lungs for 90 minutes and just having fun :D
      If you’re abled to you should go to a German match sometime, try to find a club that is actually known for the great atmosphere, because there also clubs where the atmosphere is maybe not bad, but not as good as others. Also if you’re abled to I can only recommend to go to a standing block, where the atmosphere is coming from. Maybe you find a person that’s willing to take you there 👌

    • Perza
      Perza 6 months ago +2

      @Addy Huncho thanks man! I want to go to Germany one day soon but if I go I’m thinking of going to either a game like dortmund or something or possibly just a 3rd or 2nd division match because I heard that there are many great clubs in those divisions that have just lacked funding and have dropped because of it (like Hamburger SV).
      Here in Australia there used to be a league that wasn’t run by the government (or should I say government influenced) where you had clubs that were based on country so you’d have White Knights (Croatian-based club) etc. but the government cracked down on them. They would have pyro and crazy atmosphere (like German football or Croat, Serb, Greek and more). Thank you for the reply though!

    • Addy Huncho
      Addy Huncho 6 months ago +2

      @Perza yeah overall it’s more affordable to go to a lower division team and the atmosphere can be arguably even better. You probably have to see where you are in Germany even though it’s possible to make the trip from west to east for example you’re probably better of going to a game closer to the area. Dortmund & Hamburg are definitely worth watching, especially because their stadiums are way bigger than most lower division teams. Overall there are so many great stadiums you could visit. It’s just up to what stadium/team really is on your bucket list, or where do you end up in Germany.
      From Berlin (where I live) for example it is a decent drive to Dresden, if you are in Cologne or Munich you should definitely look for something else if you don’t want to drive 6+ hours. But I guess the Autobahn is kind of a sight as well 😂😂😂

  • Jeremy Clarkson
    Jeremy Clarkson 6 months ago +209

    You should deffinetly visit a Dynamo Dresden game, some say they have the best fans in Germany - even above Dortmund or Frankfurt. Best games are against other east german clubs such as Aue, Halle, Rostock or Magdeburg. If they finish 3rd you may be able to get tickets for the Play-Off-Match for promotion. But looking at the fixures left this season the best game should be against Rot Weiß Essen (8th April) followed by Mannheim. Next season there is a chance for a great DfB-Pokal fixure or against bigger 2nd division teams (if they get promoted).
    Edit: At 8:50 they are moving around and singing “Ost-Ost-Ostdeutschland“, meaning East-East-East-Germany. It is one of their signature chants.

    • kanaan_tv
      kanaan_tv 6 months ago +2

      I think magdeburg is better change my mind

    • Der Pimp im purple Pelzmantel
      Der Pimp im purple Pelzmantel 6 months ago +2

      Dortmund Fans are the best in Europe, Just Look how many people and how much noise they even Bring to the 2nd Team No Matter If Home or away. But Dynamo is for Sure Top 3!

    • Jeremy Clarkson
      Jeremy Clarkson 6 months ago +15

      @Der Pimp im purple Pelzmantel Dortmund fans are great - no doubt, but deffinetly overrated. You can make a point that they have the best fans in Germany (which i dont agree on), but not in Europe. Teams from eastern europe (Greece, Turkey, Serbia, ...) still are above Dortmund and that with far less successful teams

    • Daniel Marcher
      Daniel Marcher 6 months ago +9

      @Jeremy Clarkson Turkish fans just whistle 90 min pretty annoying tbh.

  • creekpete.
    creekpete. 6 months ago +36

    I would love to see you going to more second and third division football in Germany. Especially at the end of the season battles for relegation and promotion are going to be crazy. In the third I strongly recommend going to see a Dynamo game at home. Also Waldhof Mannheim, 1860 München, RW Essen and Saarbrücken (among others) are worth a visit! Second Division is packed too, especially a visit to the Betzenberg in Kaiserslautern is a must. There’s also besides Hamburg - Nürnberg, Karlsruhe, Magdeburg… you name it. Appreciate the love you’re giving to german football and fan culture!

  • Jan L.
    Jan L. 6 months ago +67

    The scars used by the Dynamos was a Matchday Special. Its a small triangular scarf with the colours of the Club aswell as a "Sportgemeinschaft" writing on top and the "Dynamo D" at the bottom. It was Used to Look more Like a unit with everyone having the Same scarf

  • quisefas
    quisefas 6 months ago +123

    Nice to see a Dynamo Dresden Match 🖤💛

  • RO 44
    RO 44 6 months ago +78

    Explaination for Theo: The fans walking sideways is probably one of the most famous chants of Dynamo. They singing "Ost-Ost-Ostdeutschland" (East-East-East Germany). The scarf that they had pulled out all the time was a special item you could buy yesterday only for this match.

    • Coolcol44
      Coolcol44 6 months ago

      It looked like a triangle.... So why that shape and why so many, and what does it mean please?

    • RO 44
      RO 44 6 months ago +4

      @Coolcol44 it was a Triangle indeed. Its a special for the 70th Birthday of the Club in April.

  • Daniel Fleming (The West Ham Football MadMan)

    Incredible atmosphere from both Dortmund || and Dynamo Dresden

  • John Turner
    John Turner 6 months ago +71

    Love Dynamo. The 1 German club I look out for. Hopefully go back up this season. Them fans deserve it

    • Kevin 1953
      Kevin 1953 6 months ago +5


    • Ronny Günther
      Ronny Günther 6 months ago +1

      May I ask, where you are from, John?
      And can you watch the matches in your country?

    • John Turner
      John Turner 6 months ago +3

      @Ronny Günther Hartlepool, North East England

    • Ronny Günther
      Ronny Günther 6 months ago +3

      Always nice to see how international the Dynamo Community is.

  • Niklas
    Niklas 6 months ago +117

    Thanks for witnessing us while we played away. You need to come to our stadium in Dresden. It's even better there 🖤💛

    • Zuesnastrio
      Zuesnastrio 6 months ago

      Please explain the arrow thing the Dresden fans done

    • Niklas
      Niklas 6 months ago +21

      ​@Zuesnastrio those weren't arrows. Our ultras selled little scarfs for 5€ each as a souvenir of this trip. Didn't have any message, just to create a nice picture

    • freund und helfer
      freund und helfer 6 months ago +2

      In Dresden Block Not Make Videos !

    • Niklas
      Niklas 6 months ago +1

      @freund und helfer Wer macht das auch? Am Ende selber schuld wer das macht

  • Luis D
    Luis D 6 months ago +61

    You should‘ve gone to the 3rd Division Match MSV Duisburg vs. Rot-Weiße Essen. 28.000 Fans in a Match in the German 3rd Division. A great Derby!
    PS: Nur der MSV!

    • Sean Rissland
      Sean Rissland 6 months ago

      Nur der Msv🦓🤍💙

    • Hans Hansen
      Hans Hansen 6 months ago +3

      Das einzige Heimspiel was ausverkauft war und ist diese Saison, LOL.... nur die SGD!

    • PhilS
      PhilS 6 months ago +1

      Bekommt ihr auch mal ohne Essen einen gescheiten Zuschauerschnitt😂😂

  • Fit Kisto
    Fit Kisto 6 months ago +21

    Best upcoming game of Dresden this season is against waldhof Mannheim. Great fans on both sides and both teams are fighting for promotion.

  • Gbase
    Gbase 6 months ago +9

    Cool that you are covering 3rd divsion germany matches aswell! I live in Saxony and i can say as a fan of FC Erzgebirge Aue (rival team of Dynamo) the Derbys here are insane! When you wanna go to a Dresden game you should probably visit Aue - Dresden or if you want another East-Derby: Aue - Zwickau! I would love to see that! Sadly both Aue vs Dresden games are already over for this season. If Dynamo dont get promoted you have the chance for next season.

  • Linus H.
    Linus H. 6 months ago +28

    You should go to Dynamo Dresden - Waldhof Mannheim. Could be a good game because both teams still have chances in the promotion fight and used to play in the Bundesliga. Its in April I think. Maybe I'll be there top but as a Mannheim supporter.

  • Nicola Vallely
    Nicola Vallely 6 months ago +16

    Totally brilliant Theo. Love the in stadium feel of your vlogs too. Up the TDL 🐻🤠🧸

  • Humor Humor
    Humor Humor 6 months ago +19

    You have to go to an 4th divison game in Germany. For example Alemannia Aachen, Preußen Münster or Kickers Offenbach
    They also have great fans for Teams in the 4th division

    • Jp
      Jp 6 months ago +1

      Next season in the third again ;) 🦅

    • mmww112
      mmww112 6 months ago

      Or Wattenscheid

  • HyperSkyper
    HyperSkyper 6 months ago +7

    I think it's so cool that you also visit such games and not always just the standard games 👍🏼👍🏼 You should really visit a home game of Dynamo, trust me, the support there is once again on a whole other level💯 Almost 30000 fans support their team in the 3rd division

  • Philss
    Philss 6 months ago +11

    If you go to a Dresden match make sure to watch a „derby“ game and don’t get to close to the ultras😅
    If you want to watch a match this season, the games against Essen or Waldhof are probably the most entertaining ones. Or you just watch a game at the end of the season when Dresden has a chance to get promoted.:)

  • Konstii
    Konstii 6 months ago +43

    You need to visit the Niedersachsen Derby between Eintracht Braunschweig and Hannover on Sunday. Gonna be crazy

    • i n
      i n 6 months ago +7


    • Konstii
      Konstii 6 months ago

      @i n 🤓🤓🤓

    JIZZDABOMB 619 6 months ago

    I only started getting into 3rd division german football, although i live in England and found myself following Saarbrücken and the atmosphere seems just so much better than most top leagues

  • Ole Sonneck
    Ole Sonneck 6 months ago +16

    You have to go to Erzgebirge Aue vs Dynamo Dresden if you ever have the chance!
    Also Dynamo vs Waldhof Mannheim is good, because Dynamo has its 70th anniversary and the atmosphere is going to be Great

  • A Mainzer Goes Places
    A Mainzer Goes Places 6 months ago +1

    For some context for the particular rivalry between Dortmund and Dresden: in 2011 they met in the 2nd round of the DFB Cup in Dortmund. Dresden had 4.500 fans in tow and even before the match there'd been clashes between Dresden hooligans and the police. With the kick-off Dresden's fans sparked one of the biggest pyro shows in a German arena in years, launched rockets onto the pitch and what not. The referee suspended the match twice and was close to calling it off altogether.
    BVB got a relatively easy 2:0 win and Dresden knocked out of the cup - but worse for them: because of the violent incidences the German football association banned the club from the competition for an additional season, at a time when Dresden needed every bit of money and the cup was their chance for some big matches while they were struggling to even hold on to the 2nd Bundesliga.
    Dortmund fans haven't forgiven or forgotten the swath of destruction left behind by the Dresden hools back then.

  • S_K_E_N_D_E_R_B_E_U
    S_K_E_N_D_E_R_B_E_U 6 months ago +50

    Cheers Theo, you should once visit TSV 1860 Munich, massive 3rd tier club in Germany with massive tradition and the biggest fan base together with Dresden. They had good old days in Bundesliga, even won once in 1966 and 2 times the German Cup (DFB Pokal) but trying to come back to those days. They were one of the creating teams to be in the Bundesliga from the beginning. Even before Bayern Munich. They are meant to be in the Bundesliga they even played in Champions League about 20 years ago.
    They are the big eternal city rival of FC Bayern Munich.
    Have a good one and thank you for your visit in 3rd league, keep it up!
    PS: Einmal Löwe immer Löwe!

    • MaxLorenz420
      MaxLorenz420 6 months ago +3

      Münchens wahre Liebe 🔴⚪️

    • Michael Schindler
      Michael Schindler 6 months ago +3

      Einmal Löwe immer Löwe

    • fo_1
      fo_1 6 months ago

      @MaxLorenz420 Mia san mia 💙🤍

    • i n
      i n 6 months ago +2

      Die Löwen jucken doch keine Sau😆
      Vergleicht euch lieber mit Regensburg oder Sandhausen, aber nicht mit großen Clubs.

    • S_K_E_N_D_E_R_B_E_U
      S_K_E_N_D_E_R_B_E_U 6 months ago +1

      @Fichtenwald wasn bei dir los, ich red von 3 Liga 🤣

  • Lukas Hezel
    Lukas Hezel 6 months ago +2

    If you want to see another derby in Germany you must go to Msv Duisburg vs Rot Weiß Essen. They both play in the third german divison but the atmosphere is like a Bundesliga game.

  • A Mc
    A Mc 6 months ago +17

    Dresden choreographed dancing. Who'd have thought! Line dancing at football. Awesome!

  • asap.boiiiii
    asap.boiiiii 6 months ago +16

    Love to See you watching my Favorite German Team Dresden💛🖤💛🖤 our Fans are Crazy and one of the best in Germany as 3rd Division Tea. You have to go to Dresden Home Game

  • Matthew Broderick
    Matthew Broderick 6 months ago +2

    You missed so many great games in the third german division. It's not only Dresden with a huge fanbase. Also Essen, Duisburg, Osnabrück, Mannheim, Saarbrücken, TSV München, Aue etc. Something like this doesn't happen often when BVBII is playing. They got one of the worst attendances in the league. There are a lot of people only because of Dresden.

  • anonym
    anonym 6 months ago +3

    and now imagine what would happen if dresden was promoted to the 1st bundesliga or even played internationally

  • UPS1DE
    UPS1DE 6 months ago +3

    If you want to visit Dynamo Dresden i'd recommend to go to a match between Dynamo Dresden and Erzgebirge Aue. It's a derby just like Schalke vs. Dortmund but with smaller clubs. Probably one of the most intense derbys of eastern Germany because both have this rivalry since over 70 Years and the fans always go crazy.
    Also the fans of Schalke and Erzgebirge Aue are kind of related to each other because of the common mining history of both clubs.

  • Heisenberg Exists
    Heisenberg Exists 6 months ago +23

    Finally 3rd divison germany 😎😎😎 greetings

  • andrew croft
    andrew croft 5 months ago

    Fabulous, i went to the old Dynamo stadium before it was rebuilt against Dortmund amateure around 2005
    Dresden fans are incredible, Magdeburgs' fans special as well

  • Malcolm Huckvale
    Malcolm Huckvale 6 months ago

    Great video as always. While you are in Dresden, maybe consider going to watch a Magdeburg game in Bundesliga II as well. Haven’t been myself, but have watched some of their games and you tube clips - atmosphere looks amazing.

  • Mrxwmat
    Mrxwmat 6 months ago +4

    Dynamo Dresden is one of the best that Germany has to offer. That's another level higher than Dortmund.

  • Can Butt
    Can Butt 6 months ago +2

    I have been there for Dynamo, this Fan Community is just going crazy every game Home and away with thousands of supporters

  • Elias Löscher
    Elias Löscher 6 months ago +5

    you have to go to a dynamo dresden home game, Atmosphere there is insane. Way better than some bundesliga teams

  • Jandroid
    Jandroid 6 months ago +6

    3RD DIVISION in Germany looks amazing, hope in Morocco our 2nd division develop to be just half as good as this

  • nurderbvbabernurderbvb
    nurderbvbabernurderbvb 6 months ago +1

    I was there too, i cant see me in the vlog, but it must have been very close. Nice that you visit our 3rd divison too, and even our 2nd team. i have to admit, the dynamo fans support is incredible, during the hole game, what a shame, they were so loud, it was difficult to hear the ultras. In our own stadium... Anyway... AUF GEHTS AMATEURE!

  • Stephan Schulz
    Stephan Schulz 6 months ago +4

    In my opinion, Dresden and Magdeburg have the best Fans in Germany. Is is worth to visit some stadiums in Eastern Germany, even in the 3rd or 4th division.

  • Phillip Bra
    Phillip Bra 6 months ago +6

    What a Support for Dortmunds Second Team
    Unbelievable Fans 🖤💛🖤💛

  • Ultra Fan
    Ultra Fan 6 months ago +1

    I m so excited of the Video from Dresden, it is a "Hexenkessel" and the best atmosphere of the 3rd Division.

  • Jens Lindner
    Jens Lindner 6 months ago +2

    @Thogden Great report👍 but the wrong block😉! You definitely need to attend a Dynamo home match. Consider 22.4. versus Mannheim or 6.5. versus Wiesbaden. And check out the presence at Olympia Stadium in Berlin back in October 2019 🖤💛.

  • Elias Schumann
    Elias Schumann 6 months ago +1

    I was a lot of time in the dynamo dresden Stadium and the Atmosphäre is always pretty good. If we Play in the first german Ligue the Fans could be so much louder than when the Play in the third ligue

  • Z
    Z 6 months ago +7

    Since i've been living in England for quite a while and still visit regularly i know where you are coming from. Love your content.
    The K-Block (think of it as the entirety of the organized Dresden-Fans) called for an invasion and to meet up for a march at 12:30 PM with 5€ ready. They were handing out the bandanas for 5€ each and we started marching at around 1:30ish i guess? Special occasion since we are going to celebrate our 70th anniversary soon. Eastern clubs tend to be "younger" for obvious reasons.
    The entirety of the eastern german fan culture (meaning the former "Oberliga"-Clubs) is way different from what you have covered in your vids so far and it is hard to grasp. They are coming from a whole different background both culturally and sports-historically is how i would put it.
    Generally speaking the best matches are Magdeburg, Rostock, Aue. Love to see you interested in my team :) Keep it up and prepare for a different experience!

  • GJF
    GJF 6 months ago +2

    As a dynamo dresden fan, i am so happy that you are watching!

  • Vincent T.
    Vincent T. 6 months ago

    There is no better fanbase in Germany, than these from Dynamo Dresden. They go everywhere in everytime to support there team.

  • MIRO
    MIRO 6 months ago +2

    Come to Preußen Münster , 4th division on the verge of going back up to 3rd division after three seasons down and we got over 11k viewers in the stadium this season aswell, 13th of may will be the final home match where hopefully the promotion will be celebrated 💚🖤

  • HensonNO
    HensonNO 6 months ago +1

    I can definitely recommend to visit a Dortmund II game in our old stadium Rote Erde.
    It has its own charm, beer and food is cheap and you always find nice people for a conversation.
    I like to go there with a friend cause the atmosphere is so relaxed.

  • Jonas_dd
    Jonas_dd 6 months ago +7

    Dynamo Dresden against Mannheim in a few weeks might be the best game to visit in the near future. There is gonna be a huge choreo because of the 70th anniversary of the club 🖤💛

  • Space.
    Space. 6 months ago +1

    Really nice Video from you! And i really like it that you give credits to the Dresden fans. I would recommend you that you should go to an Dynamo Home Game. Its the best club in the world 🖤💛! A good game is against Essen or Waldhof Mannheim.

  • S.
    S. 6 months ago +1

    Yes Dresden played with the first team, but Dortmund played with players from their first team as well.

  • Michael Schindler
    Michael Schindler 6 months ago +10

    You have to watch a TSV 1860 München Game💙🤍
    A Club which was once on the top of German Football but now unfoetunately is in the 3rd Devison. But we still have a very unique and passionate Fanbase

    • fo_1
      fo_1 6 months ago

      Na aktuell warten wir mal lieber

  • loubna loubna
    loubna loubna 6 months ago +10

    All of your clips are amazing. This is beautiful 👍💯

  • Edding
    Edding 6 months ago +1

    I can really recommend you to go to the Ostseestadion where Hansa Rostock plays. The atmosphere always is incredible, beyond imagination. Usually there are between 23000 and 25000 fans but the stadium is completely full and many people say it's the best atmosphere in second division. The team currently is fighting agianst relegation so the stadium is heated up even more. The hymn sung by the fans in the beginning of each match will give you goosebumps. If you want to visit them it's better to do it this season as long as they still are in the second division, you never know what happens. Great video as always! Fun fact: In 1991 Hansa won against Barcelona in the champions league in the Ostseestadion.

  • Judi July
    Judi July 6 months ago +1

    Dynamo has a great fan base, and you should visit a game. The thing you predicted to be an arrow actually was a three angled scarf, especially created for this match.

  • Anonym Anonym
    Anonym Anonym 6 months ago

    The thing all Dynamo fans held up sometimes are a kind of miniflags, everyone has it and it gives you the opportunity to make kind of like choreos without preparation if everybody holds it up. There is a special pattern on those triangles

  • der_schimpanse
    der_schimpanse 6 months ago +2

    Please come to dresden an feel the power in the stadium.
    It’s incredible!

  • Niclas
    Niclas 6 months ago +1

    I just love the content, even better to hear that you want to come to Dresden man! You won't regret it, come on the 22nd of April. Dynamo against Mannheim. Both fighting for promotion, but we will get it! #nurdiesgd

  • wacker 1913
    wacker 1913 6 months ago +3

    Please visit a Dynamo Dresden home game! In my opinion one of the best fans in germany. You should watch the video for example when they marched in Karslruhe in military clothes to protest against DFB around 5 years ago.

  • Max Riesenberg
    Max Riesenberg 6 months ago +3

    Really love your vlogs about german football. It's a dream for me to experience english football one day.

  • MrPhilblack1
    MrPhilblack1 6 months ago +6

    well, 3rd division and this atmosphere. Just amazing

  • Marcel H
    Marcel H 6 months ago +3

    Lets go to Dresden!💪

  • Moschustier
    Moschustier 6 months ago

    Another german club that plays even lower than 3rd tier but still has some crazy ultras is FC Energie Cottbus. Visiting them to a home game would also be an experience worth making I can tell you. Back in the days they were direct rivals with Dynamo Dresden in the 2nd Bundesliga by the way.

  • Nathan Eide
    Nathan Eide 6 months ago

    Dortmund Dad is back!! Oliver rules. I desperately want to experience a Dortmund matchday with him. What a legend.

  • Jiggajames
    Jiggajames 6 months ago +1

    Wow, what a bargain price too! I will be visiting my team Darmstadt next season when they climb to the top tier!

  • Sirano10
    Sirano10 6 months ago +3

    You have to watch a 4RD DIVISION Game in Germany. Saturday played Rot Weiß Erfurt against Lok Leipzig (more than 6.000 Fans). Welcome to the best fan culture in Europe!

    ABC DEF 6 months ago +1

    Thogden you should check out the polish club Lech Poznan, their fans are INSANE!
    For the first time since quite long they've finally qualified for the round of 16.

  • Luke Burgess
    Luke Burgess 6 months ago +2

    Always had a soft spot for Dynamo since getting them up to the bundesliga in fifa a few years back lol, so much so, ended up buying their shirt.

    • S.
      S. 6 months ago

      lol now its time to do it in reality

  • GermanFireworker98
    GermanFireworker98 6 months ago

    i think the best match to visit Dresden this year will be against Essen on the 8th April. There will be a full stadium and a full away block. :)

  • Seth
    Seth 6 months ago

    You should definitely go to a Dynamo Dresden home game. Especially end of season when they are going up.

  • Jbk Brother
    Jbk Brother 6 months ago +2

    If you enjoyed the third division you need to visit a msv Duisburg match against rot weiß Essen

  • Jakub
    Jakub 6 months ago +2

    I was in the away block 🔥 Forza Dynamo 🖤💛

  • Silas Lehmann
    Silas Lehmann 6 months ago +5

    dresden fans underrated, in 2. liga their choreos were incridible

    • icey y0
      icey y0 6 months ago +3

      how can they be underrated when everyone in germany would admit that they have one of the best fan scenes in germany? :D

    • Silas Lehmann
      Silas Lehmann 6 months ago

      @icey y0 there are much better fans in germany than in dresden,only in england would the atmosphäre of the dresden fans be something special

    • S.
      S. 6 months ago

      @Silas Lehmann nice denglisch you got

    • Silas Lehmann
      Silas Lehmann 6 months ago

      @S. germany for life haha

  • Arne
    Arne 6 months ago +1

    Someday you have to visit a home game of Dynamo Dresden. The atmosphere there is even crazier

  • Der Krieg3r
    Der Krieg3r 6 months ago +1

    The best Games are of course Derbys but dynamo has played them already so I would say the best game at the rest of the season shlould be Dynamo Dresden - SV Waldhof Mannheim (22.04 14:00) both teams have great fans and they are both close to the 2 divison (at the moment). And the date is 2 weeks after the 70 birthday of dynamo dresden ( the first home game after the birthday) so there would be a great choreo I think

  • Rich Jackson
    Rich Jackson 4 months ago

    Dresden are my favourite second team, incredible fans

  • Marvin Belz
    Marvin Belz 6 months ago +1

    The best Game in Dresden might be a Game, that can decide the Promotion on Matchday 33 or 34.
    Otherwise the game against the higher ones like Wiesbaden, Mannheim,... will be mad.

  • gigle
    gigle 6 months ago +2

    Would be really nice if you come over to Dresden💛🖤
    The Athmosphere would be even better

  • Niklas4464
    Niklas4464 6 months ago

    you should go to Dynamo Dresden vs Erzgebirge Aue in the future its one of the biggest German rivalrys in my opinion

  • eastfoxyt
    eastfoxyt 6 months ago +2

    GUYS PLS MAKE THE 10K FULL i want to see how he reacts to us :D Maybe i am in the Stadion too :D C Ya there

  • sfk_rt12
    sfk_rt12 6 months ago +1

    you have to watch the game Dynamo Dresden against Erzegebirge Aue next season. the athmosphere is crazy

  • Benedikt Pöschko-Delago

    Please go to Dresden, they have some of the best fans, the experience is great there

  • Torben Siefker
    Torben Siefker 6 months ago +4

    you could try the game VfL Osnabrück vs SV Meppen at 13 May. It is a big derby in the 3rd german division

  • henic
    henic 6 months ago +4

    Never thought you would watch a game of my favourite team

  • Pflaumen Pflücker
    Pflaumen Pflücker 6 months ago +4

    You should Come to dynamo home game vs waldhof Mannheim. Its the First Home match After the Clubs 70th Birthday. There will be a massive Choreografie

  • Schleicher22
    Schleicher22 6 months ago

    best game would be to go to Dresden versus Erzgebirge Aue, but it already took place this season

  • Louis Böhme
    Louis Böhme 6 months ago +1

    I would recommend you to go to Dresden on Saturday 6 May. On that day, Dynamo Dresden plays against Wehen Wiesbaden. Both teams are direct competitors in the fight for promotion.

  • Tony [X]
    Tony [X] 6 months ago +1

    you should go to a Hansa Rostock game in the 2. Bundesliga.. biggest derby is FCH vs ST. Pauli, but all east clubs are also derbys

  • Chloe Griffiths
    Chloe Griffiths 6 months ago +1

    The editing in this is so good!!

  • Achim E.
    Achim E. 6 months ago +2

    Dynamo has a huge tradition and a big fanbase. They belong to a higher league! So, as they have yellow to as their color, there were two yellow walls this time… 😉👍

  • LXuXs /
    LXuXs / 6 months ago

    Please more 3 League Germany :)

  • Deployz
    Deployz 6 months ago +2

    If Dresden dont manage to tier up you need to go to the game against Aue. In second league it would be Rostock or Magdeburg