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GRWM dating spill.. you know why you're here (how we met, content creator, new management, more+)

  • Published on Feb 4, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • HEY BITCHESSSSS XO were overspilling today cuz we need to catch upppp!! talking about dating, social media creators, management, and all the teaaaa
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    -SPOTIFY open.spotify.com/playlist/6jv...
    RIFFIE: / @alexandermcmichael
    FAQs ♡
    22 years old, graduated nursing school, now a full time content creator!
    I'm Puerto Rican and black girl
    filming on SONY ZV1
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  • gia alyse
    gia alyse Month ago +2170

    ugh right, your Clip-Share feels safe and where we can all kekeke and laugh so it's ANNOYING when a troll wanna try and ruin a good thing, but literally 99.9% of us are here and happy for you!! Thank you for being so open and vulnerable with us!!!!!

    • stal
      stal Month ago +2


    • Phoebe Eckheart
      Phoebe Eckheart Month ago +2

      @MaryJo Kelly came here to say this 🫶🏻

    • Stephanie Rochelle
      Stephanie Rochelle Month ago +31

      Facts , I feel like I’m on FaceTime with the bestie 🤎 it’s so safe

    • MaryJo Kelly
      MaryJo Kelly Month ago +54

      FACTS! honestly so sad that I may have missed the opening to the spam, but if people are leaking shit already then I will gladly stay out for her peace of mind. It's a privilege that she shares her life with us as openly as honestly as she does already

  • Natalies Outlet
    Natalies Outlet Month ago +468

    The way you talk about heading to the restaurant, gave ME all the butterflies and nerves haha so happy you’re happy girly! 💗 excited to continue seeing you grow 🫶🏽🫶🏽🫶🏽

  • D’ama Higgins
    D’ama Higgins Month ago +415

    I’ve never wanted so much happiness and light for an influencer before. You’re so precious

  • Vidisha Banerjee
    Vidisha Banerjee Month ago +276

    this boy is the definition of “if he wanted to, he would” and this is why my expectations will be so high 🫠 you deserve the world 💗

  • iz
    iz Month ago +216

    Girl I haven’t been this invested in someone’s content in years, you really put out quality. You’re so special and honestly the whole package so never settle for less. So happy you’re getting everything you deserve (romantically and business wise)!

  • Saudia Diab
    Saudia Diab Month ago +141

    You honestly bring back the old school sit down Clip-Share vids , I feel like you inspire girls who maybe have kinda given up on the possibilities of working with brands and doing Clip-Share and it just kinda shows that any one can get out here and go for their dreams , myself included . It’s just a refreshing vibe and u inspire me ! Keep doing U girlll!🤍

  • Aeisha Brown
    Aeisha Brown Month ago +797

    Girls we up! Montay be speaking facts once again!
    He can be an addition
    Not a subtraction, not a division…an ADDITION!!👏🏽
    Y’all hear that ladies!!

  • Abbey Sempebwa
    Abbey Sempebwa Month ago +50

    Monet, as someone who is going thru an extremely lonely season I appreciate you making videos like this so much. you are literally a friend to me and ive never even met you! also im watching this on the stair master purrr gotta get the summer bod in check

  • Kaitlyn g
    Kaitlyn g Month ago +46

    MONET you have me over here smiling and giggling for you

  • Muskaan Tejani
    Muskaan Tejani 26 days ago +1

    Your videos make me feel so good.

  • Maria Fernandez
    Maria Fernandez Month ago +7

    such a genuine Clip-Share, definitely appreciate how real you are about everything and how you make it feel like a personal connection with your viewers

  • Analisa Sanchez
    Analisa Sanchez Month ago +224

    It’s so refreshing to connect with such a real person 😭

  • G 123
    G 123 Month ago +22

    Sometimes a boss ass woman needs to be treated like a princess!!! Period!!! You deserve all this happiness coming your way Monet!! Ily ❤

  • Abigail Castillo
    Abigail Castillo Month ago +9

    girl you caught me i’m watching in class when i’m supposed to be watching my teacher. but girl i’m happy for the growth and accomplishments you’ve had. and the way za boy treats you, you deserve nothing less 💗💗

  • Eileen Han
    Eileen Han 13 days ago +2

    I recently discovered your content and I’m in loveee!! You’re a huge inspiration to me and I love your energy, your vibe and everything! I wish you allll the success girl🫶❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

  • Denisse Chavez
    Denisse Chavez Month ago +17

    monet you are literally like no other influencer out there so many people connect with you on a different level you’re just so real like that. i love that you’re apart of the influencer industry it literally feels like we’re best friends 🤣❤️

  • As Told By T
    As Told By T Month ago +4

    When I say I love this for you, I truly love this for you. Love this vibe. The fact that you make us all feel like your bffs. One of the realest in the game!

  • Cherry
    Cherry Month ago +366

    ZABOI IS TREATING HER RIGHT!! Girl I’m so happy for you I love seeing you win

  • Ali Wright
    Ali Wright Month ago +4

    I am SO sorry someone recorded you like that fr. So so happy for you and it’s so nice to see someone be real and honest with their boundaries. I love these grwm videos ❤ like everyone’s said ^ it feels like I’m on FT w/a best friend. What’s said in the corner stays in the corner 4L! ❤❤

  • Julianna Sisco
    Julianna Sisco Month ago +4

    Im so excited for what this year is going to bring you monet! I’m usually a silent watcher but it’s so insane how fast you are growing and you are getting the recognition you deserve, I love your genuine content and I never skip a second when watching your videos. You’re such a safe space for me and so many others 💋💋

    JUST BINTA Month ago

    i love this! soo happy for you 🤍

  • Angel Ortiz
    Angel Ortiz 19 days ago +1

    I love playing your videos when I do facials on customers, now every time they come back they’ll ask me to play “the pretty girls podcast”

  • Elnica Brutus
    Elnica Brutus Month ago +1

    The vibes I’m giving watching this chit chat is chillin after a long ass day of school & soon to be work. Sit down chit chats are my favorite videos and I love it. I’m loving the content keep ‘‘em coming ❤️

  • Sienna Prathap
    Sienna Prathap Month ago +417

    monet in her dating era and I'm here for ittt

  • tiana
    tiana Month ago +7

    I love how real and genuine you are!! Like we more influential people like you in the world ❤ keep shining bright miss monet ✨

  • Nicole Westfall
    Nicole Westfall Month ago +6

    Your videos are literally the best I feel like we are on ft LMAOOO but seriously we love a girl who can give us entertaining vlogs and sit down videos😌

  • Charmee Taylor
    Charmee Taylor Month ago +2

    I just want to say I am so proud of you Monet! I've been following you for about a year now and to see your growth is inspiring! Seeing you shift and change through life has brought me so much joy and healing! Thank you for all that you do! Sending you oceans of love for being my safe place this year! 💖

  • mishayla guzman
    mishayla guzman Month ago +1

    It’s amazing the impact you have on so many people. You are truly one of a kind ❤

  • Kailani Maifea
    Kailani Maifea Month ago +1

    I love the sit down GRWM & chit chats!💗 they are the best. I truly feel like we’re just sitting on the phone with you or something. I love that everything is going your way! Zawls are UPPPP🤩

  • SJ
    SJ Month ago

    Montay slaying with the Clip-Share game love you girly xx

  • Aya
    Aya Month ago +5

    I really respect your privacy and the way you’re handling things and keeping it as private as possible ,you deserve to have stuff to yourself and not share it on social media as it can be overwhelming sometimes ❤️❤️

  • Britt
    Britt Month ago +1

    All these things are happening for you and I’m so proud of you and excited!!!

  • cierra renea
    cierra renea Month ago +210

    so happy for her that she's getting treated good and keeping her privacy

  • Maram Maaroufi
    Maram Maaroufi Month ago

    My vibe rn is in bed rotting but you looking ZO ZLAY as always Monet queen💗

  • Ariel Terriquez
    Ariel Terriquez Month ago +4

    Love watching these while i cook!! Very FaceTime vibes

  • Thirteen Hales
    Thirteen Hales Month ago +3

    1) I AM SOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY FOR YOUUUUUU!!! 💗💗💗🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🥰🥰🥰🎉🎉🎉🎉
    When you said "I'm whole" and that you're up (you have your family, best friend and a blossoming career) - that made my heart explode with happiness! 💞💞💞 And when you said that Za Boiii needs to "ADD, not subtract or divide..." - I meannnnn, that's a whole word!!!! Like, PERIOD!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽💓💓💓💓💓👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽
    You have a very good head on your shoulders. You are very much balanced, healthy, happy and whole. Keep those standards sky high! ✨
    2) My guess for your brand collaborations are: M.A.C. and Makeup By Mario.
    I wish u continued blessings and success! 💗

  • emily cruz
    emily cruz Month ago +11

    Girl I’m doing my nails right now at home in my comfy clothes and I really feel like this was the ultimate girl talk 💅🏻 Like girl.. GIMME ALL THE TEA

  • Art Thomas
    Art Thomas Month ago +159

    I could listen to you talk forever! You have a vibe that is so inviting and friendly Im sure people invited you on their podcast, not just for the podcast, but because they know you’re an amazing person and want you to be a part of their life ❤

    • Art Thomas
      Art Thomas Month ago

      @Monet McMichael Love you back 😘❤️🥰

    • Monet McMichael
      Monet McMichael  Month ago +9

      🥹🥹🥹😭😭😭😭💕💕💕 luv u art

  • Cafes and lattes
    Cafes and lattes Month ago

    I’m so so so happy you’re happy!!

  • Unique L
    Unique L Month ago +1

    I loved this so much! I just love how you enjoy sharing your life with us & kekeing with the girls while also respecting your own boundaries! Like I literally felt like I was on FaceTime with a bestie 🥲💗

  • Hadeel Ajaj
    Hadeel Ajaj Month ago +5

    NOT ME NONN STOP SMILING THIS WHOLE MF VIDEO‼️❕ I’m so so happy for you!!!! you deserve all the hapiness in this whole world. You’re the most genuine creator out there and I’m just obsessed zawllll😊😩💚💚💚✨✨✨💕💕💕

  • yuna
    yuna Month ago +1

    I’ve been sick this whole weekend and I had to miss this big senior party that I’ve been waiting for for MONTHS and you making me feel better girl. Thank you and love you 💞💞

  • hannah marie
    hannah marie Month ago

    happy for you girl xo

  • Morgan Cole
    Morgan Cole Month ago +97

    HEYY PRETTY ZAWWLLL, I just want you to know how much you truly inspire me to be my most confident self and have radiant energy like you. Thank you for everything you do, you truly dont understand your impact on all of us. LOVE YOU SO MUCH GIRL!! So proud of you and all your accomplishments.

    • Morgan Cole
      Morgan Cole Month ago

      @Monet McMichael AHH FREAKING OUT. MY BEST FRIEND & I ARE OBSESSED W YOU & ARI. we look up to you guys & talk ab you guys literally everyday. we love you so much 💖💖💖

    • Monet McMichael
      Monet McMichael  Month ago +11

      this literally made me tear up YOU ARE WHY I DO THISSSS!!! so happy we can be there for each other like this 🥹🥹💕💕💕

  • naj
    naj Month ago

    I love these facetime feel videos! You’re my absaloute favorite youtuber and creator not only because of your beautiful energy but also because your’re such a down to earth and humble person. I truly feel like we would be besties and you inspire me to be a strong, happy, and thrivingly independent woman! Love you gurl!

  • Emma Caserta
    Emma Caserta Month ago +12

    you inspire me so much and watching this felt literally like a FaceTime, it’s so nice to have somebody with a platform who keeps it real and reminds me of myself. always rooting for you ❤

  • Ariane Morin
    Ariane Morin Month ago

    I love your grwm girl omg I’m living for this! ❤️ You deserve everything that is happening to you right now!

  • Anna Rojas
    Anna Rojas Month ago +1

    miss girlllll thanks for reigniting my Clip-Share era, healing era, girly era and most of all my happy era 💗💗💗 you have me geeked and excited for you all the time!!!! Can’t wait to see all the fun things you have planned this year 💗💗💗💗 catch ya next week 🥰

  • Paige Smith
    Paige Smith Month ago +103

    I realized today, it’s officially been one year since I started watching you!!! All I have to say is that you’re an amazing creator! 💕

    • Monet McMichael
      Monet McMichael  Month ago +9

      🥹🥹😭🫶🏾🫶🏾 sooo happy ur here. love u so much

  • Bree Bree
    Bree Bree Month ago

    BESTIE! ❤️❤️ I’m so so sooo proud of you! I’m 3 days late and normally I be early, but baby you are killing itttt! and I absolutely love youuu and love watching you!

  • Stephanie M
    Stephanie M Month ago +8

    Monet you have unlocked a new understanding of appreciating life a lot more even at a young age!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Tory Burroughs
    Tory Burroughs Month ago +3

    been really struggling with life and these vlogs make it a lot easier to get through thank you monet 😭❤

  • Michelle Park
    Michelle Park Month ago +2

    your channel and content are literally my safe space. i seriously feel like you’re my big sis js talking on ft and it feels so personal (in the best way). ugh i cannot wait to see everything you do this year 🤍🤍🤍🤍

  • dontatme
    dontatme Month ago +51

    Yesterday I was having a lil date day with my bestie and we were talking about you and how insanely easy you are to love, relate, admire and be happy for. You really are 1 of 1 and I am 100% in love with everything that you do, thanks for being so inspiring and for representing Puerto Rico 💜

    • Monet McMichael
      Monet McMichael  Month ago +7

      omgg this means so much. I LOVE YOUUU THANK U FOR LOVING MEEEE BORICAAAA

  • Alexis Sawh
    Alexis Sawh Month ago

    I’m soo very happy to see you thriving and doing big things❤️

  • BlackGirlVlogs
    BlackGirlVlogs Month ago

    NOT MONET PREACHINGGGG!!! AN ADDITIONNN!!! And nothing less! My man and i are going on 2 years now and that’s because I learned to be whole before committing. Such a power move! YOU ARE THE PRIZE ZAWL, he better not come to playyyy 😭👏🏽💕 so happy and proud of you!!!

  • Jessica Perez
    Jessica Perez Month ago +2

    Doing my makeup and just listening to you! Literally so happy for you ❤️

  • vale_
    vale_ Month ago +1

    love watching these while getting ready! So happy to see you up girllll 💕

  • Julia Ramirez
    Julia Ramirez Month ago +1

    I LOVE YOUUUUU! OMG YES WE STAN A WHOLE QUEEN WHO NEEDS AN ADDITION, and IM LEARNING FROM YOU! I literally want to cry bc I’m so happy for you! 💓

  • Lina Porter
    Lina Porter Month ago +40

    It feels like catching up with a friend when post, I love hearing all the story times

  • taylor rae
    taylor rae Month ago

    Finally catching up with you girl! I’m so happy that you found someone that matches your energy and vibe. Love the chit chats 💁🏾‍♀️💁🏾‍♀️💁🏾‍♀️.

  • Adriana S
    Adriana S Month ago +1

    Literally watching this at work🤣 but girl I love your videos, you’re such an inspiration to me and one of my role models. I wish nothing but the best for you babe. You’re amazing and so sweet and extremely compassionate. I love you zaaawwwllll💅🏼💅🏼🤍🤍🤍

  • Halima Mohamed
    Halima Mohamed Month ago

    Girl I love this for you, and I love you!!!!! ❤

  • Aleah Falcon
    Aleah Falcon Month ago +52

    Being a Clip-Share girly is everything. I just sat down and my CONTENTTT for the week is served. I love you my queen of all thanks for catching up

  • Amalina H.
    Amalina H. Month ago +4

    I really love how this feels like our little safe corner, so happy for you🤍

  • Brandon Chavarria
    Brandon Chavarria Month ago +2

    Currently trying to heal from an abusive relationship and its so refreshing to hear how you think and how you handle everything! I look up to you so much babe, sending love 💋💋

  • Wilca Capellan
    Wilca Capellan Month ago

    Thank you for sharing all you share Monet ! But also thank you for that little sneak into the spam 😂 rooting for you girl ! Loved this chat ❤️

  • Morgan Murrell
    Morgan Murrell Month ago

    Your videos are always a vibe! In my head I'm just cheering you on like a proud big sis seeing you live your best life. Continue thriving and shining!

  • Nedu Frank
    Nedu Frank Month ago

    Omg I could not stop smiling throughout the video!!! So happy for you M!!! So so happy ❤❤❤❤. You deserve everything good and sweet🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Unyime Akwawo
    Unyime Akwawo Month ago +2

    watched this on a cold snowy day, after school, lights off, warm bowl of oats and it made my whole dayyy. luvvv catching up with you, your energy is the warmest

  • Kissena Seng
    Kissena Seng Month ago +33

    monet giggling makes me so happy for her 🥺

  • joylynn smiley
    joylynn smiley Month ago +1

    Love you so much Monet!! You really encourage me always, and help to believe that working hard is jus so worth it. I hope you feel safer on all of your platforms because you should! We are all so happy for you

  • payten rodriguez
    payten rodriguez Month ago

    All I have to say is you are so amazing, real, kind , beautiful, and inspiring. I have watched so so many of your video's and never get bored. Your truly intertangling (I literally stay up and watch you all night) you deserve all of the good the comes to you. lovee you smm , Tell the granniesss we love them.#favoriteyoutuber

  • Jenn P
    Jenn P Month ago

    Love love loveee to see you happy and treated well because you deserve it!!

  • bells g
    bells g Month ago

    currently at work watching you while I close up, you’re so real I love youu

  • Lydia Oberdorf
    Lydia Oberdorf Month ago +42

    genuinely cannot stop smiling while you're talking about zaboiiiiii. so happy for you monet!

    • anivette Lopez
      anivette Lopez Month ago +3

      Gurrrlll same!! I can’t stop smiling at my screen😂😂

  • Gigi Castillo
    Gigi Castillo Month ago +3

    CANT WAIT FOR PARIS CONTENTTT honestly you and ari’s friendship is so beautiful I thought you two were friends since kids, you have your other half 🥹 also I love being here in the Clip-Share circlee tiktok gets overstimulating. For those who leak they’re not in your best interest and don’t wish the best for you, true fans will respect your privacy and boundaries ❤

  • Najlaa Kamhouri
    Najlaa Kamhouri Month ago

    i literally love u and how your videos make me feel like we’re bestiessss

  • Kasey Peterson
    Kasey Peterson Month ago

    I am watching this on Monday because I worked a double yesterday but I am sitting on my couch and drinking my coffee. Catching up on your videos

  • Emma Tosdevin
    Emma Tosdevin Month ago +3

    I genuinely love you as a creator!! Like I feel like I’m talking to a bestie! Sorry those people keep trolling you!! We’re all here for you and love you!! Take care of your mental when you have the time! ❤️ going and going fast in life can be so exhausting just wanna make sure you’re good!!

  • Nahja Shabazz
    Nahja Shabazz Month ago


  • Melissa McDonnell
    Melissa McDonnell Month ago +25

    ZABOI is treating our Monet right and im here for it!!! So happy for you

  • Liv Wright
    Liv Wright Month ago +1

    You always know what to say miss Monet!!! You deserve all the happiness and to feel like a princess 💓💓💓

  • Zumaya Mahamud
    Zumaya Mahamud Month ago

    so happy for you kween

  • Martha Dvojacki
    Martha Dvojacki Month ago +2

    not me getting cheesy hearing you spill the TEAA sis 😭😂 love seeing this giddy side of you girl you deserve nothing but zeee best! Also I feel like you’d be such a natural on a podcast! Keep being you Monet!! Love ya sis 🤍

  • Michael McKee
    Michael McKee Month ago +1

    I AM LOVINGGG the strong, independent, goofy silly woman you’re turning into!!! Keep those standards high mamas, SO SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!

  • cheyanne💕
    cheyanne💕 Month ago +38

    I love you, Monet, I never comment, but this video had to. I felt like we were talking personally and I love it so much thank you for being so amazing and personal. I swear we are besties. I truly thank and LOVE YOU GIRLLLL.

  • Caroline Richards
    Caroline Richards Month ago

    MONETTT i’m so happy for u and all of the abundance this year has given u so far💞 U DESERVE IT ALL🤍💟 god ilysm

  • mya virdi
    mya virdi Month ago

    Watching this while I’m working! Definitely helps my workday go faster bc it feels like I’m catching up with a friend

  • lu fr
    lu fr Month ago

    BEST INFLUENCER EVER. litterly your the only one that brings the hype, has the biggest heart, and is litterly some entertaining to watch. love you so much

  • Brook H
    Brook H Month ago

    This is going to be your year!! Im so glad to see you growing and blossoming into this ahmazing person :) thank you for letting us into your personal life!!!

  • Ambrosia Delph
    Ambrosia Delph Month ago

    i’m watching this from my bed enjoying my rest day! but i truly love you so so much and your content inspires me to no end. you are stunning & smart & so unproblematic. you deserve an amazing relationship you are amazing

  • Jaya Young
    Jaya Young Month ago +32

    Her videos are the best because it feels like girl talk on self care sundays! 😊

  • Egypt Banks
    Egypt Banks Month ago

    Loveeeeeeeee your videos, I feel like we are besties! You’re such a vibe, bright light and you also give off bright energy.

  • Samantha Evans
    Samantha Evans Month ago

    i love watching your videos every sunday when i take my hot girl showers and getting ready for the upcoming week and just makes me feel like we are on facetime!! congrats on you blue check!! and everything you do is amazing!! you are my favorite influencer ❤❤

  • Gabriela Garcia
    Gabriela Garcia Month ago

    I’m so happy for you, queen! Can’t wait for your collabs! You deserve everrrything! ❤

  • Peree Connor
    Peree Connor Month ago

    Monettttttt!!! Thank you for this!! I love how honest and real you are which is so inspiring to me! I love your content and will always support you & your big accomplishments!!! You truly deserve it and watching you grow is beyond amazing ❤❤❤ so proud of you zawl and never ever stop being you!! I love you ❤️🫰🏽

  • Miranda Rivera
    Miranda Rivera Month ago

    I literally love you and you’re such an inspiration and such an angle and I hope nothing but the best comes your way!!!

  • Bethany O
    Bethany O Month ago +32

    This came at the perfect time, I’m settled in ready to catch up 💓

    • Bethany O
      Bethany O Month ago

      Also currently doing my weekly reset, getting ready for the week!

  • semhar kahsay
    semhar kahsay Month ago

    so happy for youu monet! you deserve everything fr