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Beat Kid RONALDO's Football Team, Win $1000

  • Published on Jun 3, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • today kid ronaldo's team will play in a football tournament, if the kid footballers beat his football team he they win £1000
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    What's up guys it's SV2 welcome to my new channel where i will post fun cool videos that are not football related, from vlogs to challenges & much more
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  • SV2
    SV2  Year ago +184

    ⚽ GET TICKETS FOR SV2 CAMP HERE: www.sv2fc.com

  • GE_Bex
    GE_Bex 3 months ago +13

    Quote of the day
    “And you’ll be wrong”
    -Kid Ronaldo

  • Vr77 Ahmed
    Vr77 Ahmed Year ago +422

    Whoever’s reading this,i wish that whatever your going through gets better and whatever your struggling with or worrying about is going to be fine and that everyone has a fantastic day!Ahmed

    • zizu jama
      zizu jama Year ago +8

      thanks bro Ahmed

    • Noufal Np
      Noufal Np Year ago +5

      Your a guy we all nead

    • Diar Reqica94
      Diar Reqica94 Year ago +4

      Thanks broo

    • Karen Fraser
      Karen Fraser Year ago +7

      My sis is a year 7 and she’s going through some exams she’s never taken before so this could really help her out so thx and if your going through anything I hope that gets better

    • Katie Ledbetter
      Katie Ledbetter Year ago +3

      Thankyou,praying for you too

  • Li L
    Li L 3 months ago +16

    “That’s definitely a Foul”
    “Urm excuse me that’s a card”

  • Cwalshy652
    Cwalshy652 2 months ago +1

    those goalkeepers saved like one shot💀

  • Fkffkxgmcf
    Fkffkxgmcf Year ago +35

    We have to say he never fails with his great content

  • Ankita Ghimire
    Ankita Ghimire 2 months ago

    Quote of the day
    “And you’ll be wrong”
    -Kid Ronaldo

  • Siby Thomas
    Siby Thomas Year ago +159

    DAMN kid ronaldo is actually givin a lot of content
    this kid is fire

  • KHK3000
    KHK3000 Year ago +12

    SV2 never misses with the videos. You make my day 😃😃

  • Jessy Pinto
    Jessy Pinto 11 months ago +8

    Kid Ronaldo is out of this world!! What a genius!!

  • Abcre7tle
    Abcre7tle 11 months ago +19

    The free kick was amazing 🤩

  • Angelo Majoja
    Angelo Majoja 11 months ago +20

    10:00 the goal keeper was scared 😂

  • Jfilthy7
    Jfilthy7 2 months ago +3

    I like how they blur the kids face but then it unblurs 😂

  • Julio Chavarria
    Julio Chavarria 5 months ago +3

    😂kid was a great kid and he had his first time at this point

  • Iz7official
    Iz7official Year ago +15

    That free kick was class 🗣🔥

  • Charlotte Detsikou
    Charlotte Detsikou 6 months ago +1

    Kid normal is on fire he is always gonna make his team win I wish I was like that's all I have to say the The SV2 is a Brilliant
    Keep on running and playing you will get awesome kid ronaldo I will be like you 1 day Legend kid ronaldo🏃🔥🔥🔥

  • myfive london
    myfive london 11 months ago +20

    Ronaldo is a legend, that's all I have to say.

  • Warren Cavney
    Warren Cavney 11 months ago +104

    No hate but notice how the “kid Ronaldo” only passed to his little brother 😂

  • DezKage-
    DezKage- Year ago +5

    9:51 kid Ronaldo trynna act all tough
    Kid in the back : “ what you doing 👁👄👁”

  • Fortnite Game
    Fortnite Game 8 months ago +3

    He proved john wrong what a legend

  • A
    A 7 months ago +2

    sv2 makes me laugh 😂 to much keep up the hard work

  • Sharon Appiah
    Sharon Appiah 9 months ago +4

    I watched this so many times and i subcribed❤️

    ADYAAN._ISLAM⚽️ 3 months ago

    Yellow got a point when the blue team scored ❤

  • Mathias Mortensen
    Mathias Mortensen 11 months ago +8

    5:00 i cant stop laughing

  • Wrong
    Wrong Year ago +3

    Love from India 🇮🇳 ♥

  • Adi
    Adi Year ago +4

    The video just started and i know its going to be a banger

  • Marley Paris
    Marley Paris Year ago +8

    Kaelin’s freekick was 😍🔥

  • London Business
    London Business 11 months ago +2

    In the first match the second goal from kid Ronaldo was so smooth and nice . Baller

    • Chelsea_11
      Chelsea_11 11 months ago

      He needs to learn from ronaldo's son

    CHRI5 TEN GAMING Year ago +3

    Who else thinks SV2 is one of the best Clip-Share football channels?

  • Benita Orduwa
    Benita Orduwa Month ago

    Dude awesome video I love the content😃

  • melanielamprecht
    melanielamprecht Year ago +3

    Whoever is reading i hope you have an fantastic day and what ever your going through gets better and hope you have fun throughout the years amen

    • Florence Akello
      Florence Akello 11 months ago

      Yes 🥰🤣 for 😊 he is enegertic and knows how to ⏯️▶️

  • Fire can boss done now Boss

    keep making these awesome videos

  • X Destroyer 19
    X Destroyer 19 11 months ago +2

    The first goal was so funny because kid Ronaldo makes them look so easy

  • RandomNoobKidUwU
    RandomNoobKidUwU 11 months ago +1

    That get griddy moment lol 2:36

  • Sugarhillx
    Sugarhillx 11 months ago +2

    Sv2 best guy to watch while eating

  • Auto
    Auto  11 months ago +1

    I’m dying go to 3:44 on the video and wait until kid Ronaldo little brother shoots the ball and hit the goalkeeper in the face 💀😂

  • ItzPreston
    ItzPreston Year ago +3

    More videos eman makes more banger content he produces

  • Prithvi Sitaula
    Prithvi Sitaula Year ago +1

    Can we just appreciate the griddy that kid ronaldo did

  • Hamood  habibi
    Hamood habibi Year ago +5

    Sv2 you have made my football childhood I would just like to thank you soooooo sooo much and keep it going

  • Kate Vickerton
    Kate Vickerton 2 months ago

    Crazy game today unbelievable from kid Ronaldo

  • Jake Moran
    Jake Moran Year ago +9

    0:40 has to be the best clip I've ever seen the sound 🤣🤣🤣

  • Biouti iroghama Tzaferi
    Biouti iroghama Tzaferi 8 months ago +1

    I love your videos every time I seen the day make me to have a big smile SV2

  • Siyanda Mwanda
    Siyanda Mwanda Year ago +8

    Ay Kid Ronaldo is actually the Goat of all time in the SV2 Channel🐐💪⚽️

    • Footballstyle
      Footballstyle Year ago

      cool said

    • Monkey
      Monkey 5 months ago

      No he’s not kid messi is the best

    • Monkey
      Monkey 5 months ago

      And messi is the goat

  • Jamzxyy
    Jamzxyy 11 months ago +1

    Kid Ronaldo 4 times well done another banger

  • Adam Reacts
    Adam Reacts Year ago +3

    You make the best videos love it keep it up

  • CD gaming
    CD gaming 7 months ago


  • ArmandTbh
    ArmandTbh 6 months ago +2

    Lol when the blues and the yellows played against eachother. When the “Charlie” guy scored the winner (he was on blue btw) they gave yellow a goal instead of blue loll

  • Jayasankar Pj
    Jayasankar Pj Year ago

    Kid ronaldo is insane 😈❗️

  • Abby Fuentes
    Abby Fuentes 5 months ago +18

    Kid ronaldo is kinda cute ngl😂 and that free kick bro!!fire❤

  • clapster
    clapster 7 months ago

    Dang that Freekick taken is so fire He's destroying everyone This kid is the best

  • Inaaya Bhatti
    Inaaya Bhatti 10 months ago

    The free kick was ammmmmazing

  • Ayden Playz
    Ayden Playz 10 months ago

    10:57 he wanted the ball alot lol

  • Chris Boyadjian
    Chris Boyadjian 11 months ago +1

    “1 Peter 4:8: Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.”

  • Roblox-Wrld
    Roblox-Wrld Year ago +2

    I love how he says sui 😂

  • Kayjay Jean
    Kayjay Jean 11 months ago +3

    Kid ronaldo though he hit it from the middle of the field

  • Sasuke shippuden
    Sasuke shippuden 11 months ago +2

    I don’t think you realised u gave yellow a point when blue scored

  • ECC Squad
    ECC Squad 11 months ago +1

    Love it

  • Roaster Squad
    Roaster Squad 11 months ago +1

    Bro I love playing football but 1year ago my football is no more and I want a football but my parents tell to study and to not play football now i see ur videos to learn more about football

  • Kelly Obrien
    Kelly Obrien Year ago +2

    When blue scored a second goal in their first Match you gave it to the yellows

  • Pro Football Gamer

    That free kick tho

  • EliteRagian
    EliteRagian 5 months ago +3

    A message about salvation by a divine figure, a savior to mankind

  • Joanne Kelly
    Joanne Kelly 5 months ago

    Let's go greys. Come on win?!

  • Nick Frensham
    Nick Frensham 6 months ago +2

    Love this

  • Fw_ftbl
    Fw_ftbl 11 months ago +1

    I know that he plays for Manchester United now but kid messi needs to be back in the videos

  • Shuffy
    Shuffy 11 months ago +23

    Not gonna lie but “kid Ronaldo” has to learn to pass. And when he loses it he should try and get it back, rather than just doing nothing

  • Urfav_annaXOXO
    Urfav_annaXOXO 10 months ago +1

    I wanted the blue team to win 🥇

  • Brandon Flores
    Brandon Flores 11 months ago

    I realized that when blue scored yellows point went up

  • Foot goal
    Foot goal Year ago

    This guy he makes the best content

    AUGHHHH 3 months ago

    For blue vs yellow you accidently made the score 2-1 yellow

  • razzj08
    razzj08 11 months ago

    Oooh my gad! That kid is insane🔥

    • Chelsea_11
      Chelsea_11 11 months ago

      Is he better than Ronaldo Jr?🤔

    • goffe
      goffe Month ago

      @Chelsea_11 nah

  • Vynexy
    Vynexy Year ago +9


  • 1uv chicharito
    1uv chicharito 11 months ago +1

    When blue made a goal vs yellow they gave the goal to yellow

  • Samuel Escobar
    Samuel Escobar 11 months ago +1

    I want to see kid Ronaldo play with kids of his age, not little kids. That is the only reason kid Ronaldo always wins

  • Uwantege Josiane
    Uwantege Josiane 9 months ago

    Bro I like your videos ☺️

  • Lil bestback
    Lil bestback 6 months ago +1

    See when blues won vs the yellows in the sf it said 2-1 to yellow’s 🙅🏻‍♀️

  • SlayerPlayz
    SlayerPlayz Year ago

    Kid ronaldo is unstoppable 😱

  • Z J
    Z J 11 months ago

    with yellow versus blue when blue scored they put a point to yellow

  • British dude!
    British dude! 11 months ago

    the blue team keeper was absolute bollocks not going to lie

    • Vazity
      Vazity 9 months ago

      Sacred of the ball

  • BlazeUchiha231
    BlazeUchiha231 10 months ago +1

    the guy on the grey team was built different. he probably shaves and pays taxes

  • AviaEddie
    AviaEddie Year ago

    I pray to anyone who’s watching this to have a wonderful day and always be happy

  • Nkid 13
    Nkid 13 6 months ago

    Am I the only one who noticed that the blue team scored but the point was recorded on the yellow team

  • Adriana Moreno
    Adriana Moreno 4 months ago +1

    ronaldo jr be like in ohio

  • Omolola Babatunde

    fun fact:rn at this point no one has watched this video fully without skipping

  • Sahara Williams-Price

    kid ronaldos brother needs credit aswell. mini coutinho

  • Tyler Eason
    Tyler Eason 3 months ago +1

    When kid ronaldo said “excuse me that’s a card” it sounded like a Karen

  • Dahmo MA
    Dahmo MA 11 months ago

    I’m coming to this camp one day and I’ll be called “Kid Ibrahimovic” deal SV2? Show this in one of your videos to see what they think about this,

  • Matthew Rivadeneira
    Matthew Rivadeneira 10 months ago

    Im just gonna say the player on the green team quote on quote said we got this, and then they lose to blue lol

  • MrGeorge
    MrGeorge 3 months ago

    Kid de bruyne makes us a lot of content,MANCHESTER CITY!!!!!!

    LJ CLAN 11 months ago

    kid ronaldo was allowing them catch up they even had kieron ronaldo insane

  • notthespounge_5
    notthespounge_5 4 months ago +1

    Kid ronaldo was on a documentary called save our squad with David becham playing for levels fc

  • Kanair Pro
    Kanair Pro 11 months ago +1

    He doesnt say its a foul for kid ronaldo but for others he does because he hates kid ronaldo (i think)

  • George Nicholas Essel
    George Nicholas Essel 11 months ago

    You should have made Jeremy Peterson do the commentary

  • Lea Berberi
    Lea Berberi 3 months ago

    Bro that foul 🥶❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥🔥🔥

  • Archie Livingstone
    Archie Livingstone 11 months ago

    Love your videos

  • EV7
    EV7 11 months ago

    This kids are going places

  • Kingman567
    Kingman567 7 months ago

    Yo kid Ronaldo played Amazing.

  • SantisArt
    SantisArt 3 months ago

    i screamed when he hit the free kick

  • Joshua Gutierrez
    Joshua Gutierrez Year ago

    IM BIG FAN Sv2 🔥💯💯

  • Manal Nasir
    Manal Nasir 11 months ago

    kid ronaldo is so funny

  • Inaaya Bhatti
    Inaaya Bhatti 10 months ago

    The free click was amazing