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BLACKPINK - ‘Typa Girl’ Live at Coachella 2023

  • Published on May 25, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • sooyaaa__
    sooyaaa__  3 months ago +4109

    Rosé absolutely devoured the stage with her strong vocals & stage presence, truly a born performer!

    ITS TABIYA Month ago +1071

    Rosé's stage presence at Coachella and her insane live vocal needs to be rated 1000/10

  • Huỳnh Xuyến🌷
    Huỳnh Xuyến🌷 Month ago +319

    OMG Rosé and Jennie's vocals are LEGENDARY. Litteral chills.

  • Farkhanda Mudassar
    Farkhanda Mudassar 19 days ago +537

    Jennie is born for coachella. Her voice, rap, dance and vocals are on another level. She is better than many idols.

  • BTS and BP
    BTS and BP 9 days ago +16

    Jisoo's voice really shined in this album ❤❤❤

  • f r o g p o t a t o z
    f r o g p o t a t o z  Month ago +268

    Lisa's energy and singing is amazing!!! Jennie love it your amazing!!! rose and Jisoo's singing was fabulous!!!! 4 singers, 4 amazing dancers,4 amazing rappers, and 4 QUEENS.🖤💝 YALL MAKE WAY OUR QUEENS HAVE ARRIVED!

  • Rocky B
    Rocky B 4 months ago +1468

    Quién está de acuerdo en que BLACKPINK nunca nos decepciona???????

  • Alindi Pat
    Alindi Pat Month ago +302

    Jisoo’s voice is amazing ❤

  • ♡IvyEditzzAmazing♡
    ♡IvyEditzzAmazing♡ 9 days ago +17

    They are literally the best K-pop group!🖤💞

  • Unknown Gamerz
    Unknown Gamerz Month ago +296

    Lisa and Jennie's vocals are legendary 🎉
    매우 아름답습니다 ❤

  • Amira
    Amira Month ago +314

    Let's be real, Rose voice is so luxurious, especially at the beginning of the song, I really like her

    fer_ARMY_FOREVER 15 days ago +2

    Que lindas como siempre 💞❤

  • zera
    zera 4 months ago +4422


    • Stella🎀╰
      Stella🎀╰ 4 months ago +20


    • The Two McDonald’s
      The Two McDonald’s 4 months ago +71

      She deserves more lines!!!

    • Hasti Zohournia
      Hasti Zohournia 4 months ago +11

      each part of their songs shows their amazing talent

    • zera
      zera 4 months ago +62

      ​@Hasti Zohournia yes but i'm talking about rosé here you can write a comment additionally yourself

    • YaSaWa
      YaSaWa 3 months ago +1


  • TB11
    TB11 Month ago +191

    All of their performances literally gives me goosebumps. Best group to ever exist!

  • Tria Bigo
    Tria Bigo Month ago +302

    Jennie’s charisma is going through the roof!!!!

  • 신형만
    신형만 3 days ago +2

    OMG It's so beautiful performance... I love it

  • Atefa Ebrahimi
    Atefa Ebrahimi Month ago +407

    This is one of the BEST Coachella Performances in the HISTORY.
    They were legendary 🔥

  • Julia Ramos
    Julia Ramos 11 days ago +26

    Rose que vocal angelical e esse❤

  • Gürbüz Söküt
    Gürbüz Söküt Month ago +719

    Jisoo's vocal at the end has a very emotional feel. It's great that Jennie and Lisa intonation hard and soft voice so well. Rosé her clear and clear voice is perfect.❤❤❤

  • Mynameis
    Mynameis Month ago +268

    This was Jennie’s performance for sure. Her stage presence is insane. All eyes on her

  • Baby SlothAwful
    Baby SlothAwful 22 days ago +19

    Rose ❤ her dancing is sooooo overlooked! Her vocals are amazing

  • Qayoum khichi Y
    Qayoum khichi Y 29 days ago +116

    Jisoo vocals are just ❤❤❤❤

  • A Poddar
    A Poddar 3 months ago +3842

    The backup dancers with those feather things deserve a lot of praise too. Their presence and formation really elevated the performance 👍

    • io li
      io li 3 months ago +43


    • Lily
      Lily 3 months ago +34

      ​@gghhhjugi4056Um so?

    • ภาคภูมิ
      ภาคภูมิ 3 months ago +1

      @gghhhjugi4056 i know👐

    • •Kat•
      •Kat• 3 months ago +36

      @gghhhjugi4056 the fact they're American dancers doesn't have anything to do with this

    • asher
      asher 2 months ago +2


  • S-S
    S-S 20 days ago +28

    The visuals, the vocals, the dancing, everything is so addicting and beautiful!

  • Christin Musial
    Christin Musial 6 days ago +2

    I wish I can see this in real life one day. Breathtaking!🥹🩷🖤

  • dami
    dami 6 days ago

    Their live vocals are everythinggg

  • Geon Pereira Rodrigues
    Geon Pereira Rodrigues Month ago +154

    rose s stage presence at coachella and her insane live vocal needs to be rated

  • Bts fans
    Bts fans 6 days ago +2

    OMG I cant stop watch the music its really amazing 🤞🤞🎶

  • Sooyaaa__
    Sooyaaa__ 2 months ago +1736

    4 rappers, 4 vocalists, 4 dancers, 4 visuals ,4 queens AND 4 models. BLACKPINK는 결코 우리를 실망시키지 않습니다

    • boby jose
      boby jose 2 months ago +16

      @CaduLokowhat are u talking about?

    • ᐯᗩᒪOᖇᗩᑎT ᗩᗪᗪIᑕT
      ᐯᗩᒪOᖇᗩᑎT ᗩᗪᗪIᑕT 2 months ago +22

      ​@CaduLoko you want attention :) uwu

    • Aniiazz
      Aniiazz 2 months ago +8

      @boby josethe person was commenting in every comment like that only 3 cuz they keep saying Jisoo isnt a rapper vocalist VISUAL or dancer

    • Imaan Sheiko
      Imaan Sheiko 2 months ago +9

      This comment is so over used but so true 😩

  • KYT
    KYT Month ago +36

    it's been months but I'm still in love with this performance

    • Blink4ever
      Blink4ever Month ago

      Blinks please vote blackpink for the vmas best k-pop category!!

  • anju kaundal
    anju kaundal Month ago +30

    Jisoo's vocalsssssss ❤❤❤

  • AliciaPlaysRoblox
    AliciaPlaysRoblox 14 days ago +28

    We need a music video or something for this because the intro was insane
    Edit: I love how their voices are all unique from each other's

  • Мария Евсюкова

    Jisoo rocked it❤

  • Michelle Lee
    Michelle Lee 8 days ago +2

    Yg please make a dvd for this all performances in coachella😅😅😅 im so proud of my queens❤❤❤

  • Alyssa H.
    Alyssa H. 3 months ago +917

    Whoever came up with the feather fans needs a damn raise! That was brilliant and of course the girls nailed it! Absolutely loved this performance!

  • SC Coman
    SC Coman Month ago +48

    OMG!! they all are so great at their own thing and all of together is just MWAH~ ✨chefs kiss ✨그들은 단지 믿을 수 없다

    • lok21
      lok21 Month ago

      That's why they are unbeatable! We all knew many girl groups today set their standard according to Blackpink.

  • offrod pejero4x4
    offrod pejero4x4 Month ago +8

    A beautiful concert ❤🎉

  • Alaa Qaraguli
    Alaa Qaraguli Month ago +21

    Don’t care about what others say but their performances and stage presence always the best. They always give their all on stage.

  • saee and siya show
    saee and siya show 24 days ago +37

    블랙핑크의 가장 에너지 넘치는 노래 ❤❤❤

  • Mallie Ay
    Mallie Ay Month ago +28

    I attended their concert at MetLife and I must say Blackpink is the greatest K Pop group to ever do it!

  • bimbotime
    bimbotime 3 months ago +2521

    Rosé's stage presence, vocals, dancing skills and visuals are always on point especially when she's doing what she loves the most and that's performing. I stan a true performer, my girl will neve miss!

    • Trisha hillary
      Trisha hillary 3 months ago +56

      rosé's stage presence indeed is the BEST AMONG THEM!!! rosé my ultimate bias❤

    • jeo hana
      jeo hana 3 months ago +12

      Yesss!!! 🖤💗👑🗡️💜💜👑🗡️

    • Arabella Vanessa
      Arabella Vanessa 3 months ago +9


    • Rishabh Jain
      Rishabh Jain 3 months ago +7

      @Trisha hillary correct

    • Regina Jones
      Regina Jones 3 months ago +18

      Rose is literally one of the best people in BLACKPINK. The vocals and her timing is absolutely amazing!

  • starmin
    starmin Month ago +9

    I got hella chills watching this, imagine the chills of the people who watched it live! ❤

  • Oskr Aguilar
    Oskr Aguilar Month ago +9

    Una presentacion digna de una de sus mejores canciones, como las SUPER AMO!

  • pastachaelili
    pastachaelili Month ago +17

    They are the queens of Coachella

  • Pham Thuy
    Pham Thuy Month ago +21

    They vocals are amazing 😳🔥❤️‍🔥

  • Chaenniexo
    Chaenniexo 2 days ago +6

    Rosé stage presence is not a joke at all she always slayed all the time

  • ARRI
    ARRI Month ago +12

    구성, 퍼포먼스, 보컬, 안무, 밴드 연주까지 뭐하나 뺄게 없는 마스터피스!👍👍👍👍👍

  • Harshita Dixit
    Harshita Dixit Month ago +18

    They just setted fire on stage ❤️❤️🔥🔥

  • Saúl Ramos
    Saúl Ramos Day ago +2

    se lucieron

  • sofii
    sofii Month ago +33

    i was a person on the concert i was very happy to see my favourite group on coachella WE LOVE YOU BLACKPINK

  • mothna2009 alhmdany
    mothna2009 alhmdany 7 days ago +2

    Your singing is legendary. I hope you continue. You are the best K-Pop group in the world. You are the queens of K-Pop

  • Jpyrs
    Jpyrs 4 months ago +506

    YG realmente salvó está joya de presentación del terrible juego de camaras de Coachella, Gracias Tío YG 🙏🏼❤️✨

    • 𝖓𝖎𝖌𝖍𝖙𝖈𝖔𝖗𝖊 𝖑𝖔𝖛𝖊
    • eu sou joeh
      eu sou joeh 4 months ago +16

      en realidad el terrible juego de cámara era del equipo de yg 🤡🤡🤡

    • rox Ortega mata
      rox Ortega mata 4 months ago +30

      YG manejo las cámaras el día 2, el día uno fue el equipo de Coachella y ese día fue terrible con las cámaras,

    • Melanie Piris
      Melanie Piris 4 months ago +2

      @rox Ortega mata eso es verdad

    • Luna Elisse
      Luna Elisse 4 months ago +6

      Como cuando no le saben y quieren culpar a YG jajajaja por eso el segundo día fue trasmitido en la página de YT de las pinks

  • sooya
    sooya Month ago +14

    All of their performances are beautiful and talented 😭💗🌿✨

  • hosne ara
    hosne ara 20 days ago +7

    I obsessed with this performance....rock it girl 🔥🔥🔥

  • Michelle Lee
    Michelle Lee 8 days ago +2

    Have goosebumps watvhing these hope yg will make a dvd for this coachella 😊😊😊 i dont want them to disband ghey all so great 😊😊😊

  • Justaregularkpopstan
    Justaregularkpopstan Month ago +16

    Every time I listen to this I smile

  • Chanandler Bong
    Chanandler Bong 3 days ago +3

    This performance will remain in the history. Period

  • Sooyaaa__
    Sooyaaa__ 3 months ago +499

    Vocal 100%
    Dance 100%
    Visual 100%
    Stage presence 100%
    Outfit 100%
    Song 100%
    Rap 100%
    Black pink is the revolution

  • Sofía Lopez
    Sofía Lopez Month ago

    la entrada más épica 🖤💗💗

  • S0o0 (2)
    S0o0 (2) Month ago +5

    This stage is everything

  • Alicia💓
    Alicia💓 Month ago +6

    Amooo essas lindas

  • Jennie ruby
    Jennie ruby Month ago +15


    JUVELYN MANGITNGIT 17 days ago +3

    Rosé has me on a leash... shes absolutely strong in all aspect

  • annajescika_
    annajescika_ 4 months ago +219

    Essa apresentação foi épica. Mt bem coreografada, a voz e expressão das meninas. Perfeito. Enaltecer tbm a edição e filmagem da YG.

    • só observando
      só observando 4 months ago +5

      Tbm acho. Deveria levar como coreografia dos shows da born pink.

    • Angel
      Angel 4 months ago +2


  • Dianne Antonette Grafe

    the power of their live vocals

  • Shebaispretty047😭
    Shebaispretty047😭 Month ago +10

    They are so talented 😢❤💖 HAPPY 7TH ANNIVERSARY BLACKPINK🫶🏼🤭💖

  • bander hawre
    bander hawre 2 days ago +1

    That’s so iconic💙

  • Daniel Tabares
    Daniel Tabares Month ago +39

    Cuando las oi cantar a Rose y a jenni " typa girl en Coachella casi desmayo q lujo men super temason con toda la onda men🎶🎵❤️❤️😘👌👍👋

  • Raira Rembi
    Raira Rembi Month ago +7

    Não tem como negar, elas são o momento!! donas da industria 👑❤

  • Jisuss
    Jisuss 3 months ago +632

    El vocal de Rosé es insano! Es tan divina

    • avecesno
      avecesno 3 months ago

      vocal es una letra del alfabeto, sería su Voz, o su agilidad vocal, hay muchas formas de decirlos jaja

    • nico_editscoun
      nico_editscoun 3 months ago

      ​​​@avecesno si pero digamos es lo mismo pero se dice así según el kpop

    • avecesno
      avecesno 3 months ago

      @nico_editscoun No existe ninguna fuente que confirme lo que acabas de decir, simplemente es un modismo mal adoptado por fans

    • nico_editscoun
      nico_editscoun 3 months ago

      @avecesno si eso solo que no estaba segura como se escribía k-popers o no c se me olvida

    • Renza Joung
      Renza Joung 3 months ago

      Dimas AjiE M rumah jam 7

  • Sophie AndImTired
    Sophie AndImTired 27 days ago +9

    I think this is one of their best live performances ever!!!

  • Venus Diana
    Venus Diana Month ago +65

    I so love Rosie's vocal ❤️

  • •Bloss•
    •Bloss• Month ago +1

    this song is awesome

  • lisa_blackpink_BP
    lisa_blackpink_BP 9 days ago

    다들 노래가 너무 예뻐요 사랑해요

  • Aman Khaswan
    Aman Khaswan Month ago +2

    이 노래에 대한 나의 흥분을 설명할 수 없다 ❤❤❤

  • Ronald Zonio
    Ronald Zonio 2 days ago

    This performance is an example of masterpiece. I really love BLACKPINK

  • nell anie
    nell anie 3 months ago +207

    So exciting to see blackpink perform like this again. I missed their rookie energy and their ability to conquer the stage like it was nothing, this was refreshing

  • jungkook mi varon
    jungkook mi varon Month ago +1

    La mejor presentacion

  • AyeArt
    AyeArt Month ago

    These girls are so perfect...

  • tswizzle
    tswizzle 23 days ago


  • 🍓strawberry cakey🍓

    This was awesome ❤️❤️❤️

  • Ann Ronc
    Ann Ronc Month ago +1

    I love this girls so much 😍

  • miguel 10k challenge with 0 video

    All of their performances literally gives my goosebumps. Best K-Pop girl group to ever exist!

    • kevin ross
      kevin ross 4 months ago +58

      And you are the bot

    • yourlocalmidzy
      yourlocalmidzy 4 months ago +54

      Bro why I see you in every kpop video 😂

    • Banoyolo Sika
      Banoyolo Sika 4 months ago +27

      Who do you truly Stan 😅
      And thank for your support for our Queen

    • jennierubyjane
      jennierubyjane 4 months ago +11


  • 𝐒𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐢𝐧𝐞

    Jisoo is queen of whole kpop

    • Hunter
      Hunter 14 days ago +1

      And i am king

  • maritza otilia juarez vasquez

    this presentation is really fascinating. 🤩🤩😻😻

  • b
    b 25 days ago

    Omg their individual dances at the beginning. Iconic

  • 𝑨𝒓𝒎𝒚💜𝑩𝑻𝑺

    Another breathtaking performance 🔥

  • Winter Frost
    Winter Frost 14 days ago +9

    Omg they’re all so beautiful and talented! They nailed it!!!!!!

  • Leonel Rodríguez
    Leonel Rodríguez 4 months ago +120

    TODAS ESTUVIERON INCREÍBLES ‼️ Pero jamás me olvidaré de la parte de JENNIE en esta presentación, jamás.

  • Boop Beep
    Boop Beep Month ago +39

    QUEENS 🫶 Rosé’s angel vocals

  • K
    K Month ago

    Props to the back up dancer’s there perfect sync made the concert better😩❤️‍🔥

  • Siphokazi
    Siphokazi 16 days ago

    2023 Coachella Rosé lives in my head rent free!! Everything was on point😍

  • Hang Nguyen
    Hang Nguyen Month ago

    Giọng hát của rose tuyệt vời nhất ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Γεωργια Χιωτακη

    Blackpink you are the best 😊. I am so proud for you 💕 💞 💖

  • Perlita 🖤BP 💖
    Perlita 🖤BP 💖 4 months ago +90

    La canción es increíble las modificaciones son maravillosas ❤amo está canción se ven tan empoderadas mis reinas

  • Siwat Cha.
    Siwat Cha. Month ago


  • blinks_blakpink
    blinks_blakpink Month ago +3

    Lisa sempre arrasa no rap😊❤

  • Pepperpop
    Pepperpop 28 days ago +1

    Love it❤

  • Martin Amarilla
    Martin Amarilla Month ago +8

    they came. they served live vocals, performance, stage presence. they devoured. and they proved to y'all once again why THEY are at the TOP. speak to mothers nicely from now on.

  • Waddles (16)
    Waddles (16) Month ago +1

    This performance will forever be iconic