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Grian and Mumbo being a ICONIC DUO for 19 minutes

  • Published on Jun 7, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Grian and Mumbo being a ICONIC DUO for 19 minutes
    Grian : @Grian
    Mumbo : @MumboJumbo
    Scar : GoodTimesWithScar
    Impulse : ImpulseSV
    The clips used in the video above are not mine! The original creator of the clips deserves all the credit, so SUBSCRIBE to Grian!
    Intro song - You Reposted In The Wrong Neighborhood
    0:00 intro
    0:32 Hermitcraft 8
    14:46 Last Life 2
    #minecraft #grian #mumbojumbo
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  • Schminds
    Schminds Year ago +849


  • Zy Randomness
    Zy Randomness Year ago +2862

    People: *call grian **_grain_*
    Grian: you think I’m bread?!
    Grian: *calls Mumbo Potato Boy*
    Mumbo: yeah I’m gonna roll with that

  • Inevra
    Inevra Year ago +1233

    Knowing now that the whole moon thing was planned, it became all the more amazing because their reactions were so well acted out, lmao. I sincerely thought Xisuma/Ren/Doc/whoever was messing with the moon without everyone else's knowledge

    • Kugelblyatz
      Kugelblyatz Year ago +55

      What if they actually didn't tell anyone until everybody noticed

    • Jr.
      Jr. Year ago +23

      Wait... did EVERYONE kmew?

    • Inevra
      Inevra Year ago +101

      @Kugelblyatz no, I remembered watching something about this, can’t remember which one. Probably during Impulse’s twitch stream? The moon thing was something everyone agreed to do, and Ren (or is it Doc? dammit my memory is horrible) and Grian were the ones who helped arrange it. Grian was the one involved in making the season’s ending animation

    • Inevra
      Inevra Year ago +48

      @Jr. yep! I can’t remember whose stream was it, but the moon plot was proposed late into the series because they didn’t know how to properly end the season short. They decided they would do something different.
      I THINK it was Impulse’s twitch stream. Could be Xisuma’s

    • Mr. Boomguy
      Mr. Boomguy 7 months ago +5

      @Kugelblyatz That would've been even more amazing.
      Like at their meeting, they'd pitch that they would do something to end the season with, but also keep them in the dark for a more real reaction.

  • K-Studios
    K-Studios Year ago +2109

    Nothing beats Grumbo

  • Milliejazz17
    Milliejazz17 Year ago +970

    11:30, “is the moon big?” Now knowing how big the moon really has got, its tiny and so hilarious how they thought it was bigger than normal compared to now.

  • JAPStudios
    JAPStudios Year ago +489

    Grian: *eats berries to remember where he put his diamond*
    Mumbo: *mysteriously walks past grian and starts mining without a word*
    Mumbo: *gasp* "Grian I didn't say it!"
    Grian: "My diamonds were right HERE"
    Conclusion, Grian telepathically without realizing it, gave Mumbo the knowledge of where he put his diamonds.
    Thank you for reading my TedTALK.

  • TheNJM
    TheNJM Year ago +290

    Are we gonna forget that they both casually agreed to disguise as trees in Hermitcraft ?

  • Squidgy
    Squidgy Year ago +496

    1:29 I just love how grian just comes across a random cave in a cliff and that exact place becomes his actual home lol🤣

  • TheRudeCanadian
    TheRudeCanadian Year ago +149

    Alternatively "Mumbo and Grian share a braincell for 18 minutes"

  • Tundra
    Tundra Year ago +135

    After seeing it from both angles, and now here, hearing grain say "we can still be friends mumbo" is one of the few saddest things I have seen out of minecraft, it brought tears to my eyes. It still hurts my heart to this day.

    • 103_Nadia Paramitha Hapsari
      103_Nadia Paramitha Hapsari 10 months ago


    • Kodiak
      Kodiak 9 months ago +5

      Grain? GRAIN?!?!

    • Abigail Wozniak
      Abigail Wozniak 5 months ago +2

      Huh? Are they no longer friends?

      LPS LIZZY STUDIOS 4 months ago +8

      @Abigail Wozniak YES they are still friends. the clip Tundra is talking about comes from the series Last Life. To understand it, you should go watch either Mumbo or Grian's POV from it. :]

  • Erin Wallace
    Erin Wallace Year ago +220

    I just realized. Mumbo in hermitcraft 8: farms potatoes, becomes pig. Technoblade: Is a pig, farms potatoes. MUMBO IS TECHNOBLADE CONFIRMED?!?

  • yourmomdotcom
    yourmomdotcom Year ago +82

    For as long as I can remember , mumbo jumbo and Grian have always been somewhat associated with eachother in my mind.
    Back when I was much younger (different account back then) and I would watch them doing videos together and just assume they did everything together.

  • Render
    Render Year ago +102

    _Once you take a man’s fish, that’s it._
    - Grian 2021

  • Cameron Grondzki
    Cameron Grondzki Year ago +50

    Being completely honest I don't know if their channels would have taken off as well if it wasn't for their shenanigans on Hermitcraft together

    • Captain Yata
      Captain Yata Year ago +9

      Grian was friends with Mumbo before he joined Hermitcraft and he already had a bunch of subscribers, but I agree that Hermitcraft definitely helped :)

  • Craytherlaygaming
    Craytherlaygaming Year ago +196

    11:36 Sheesh, looking back... the moon looks *tiny* compared to what it is now. I mean then, it only barely was bigger than Pearl's castle.
    Now? it fucking eclipses the horizon

  • Matt The Hydra Dragon Hybrid

    We need moments with Grian, Mumbo, and Scar feel like they will be an iconic trio

  • Corpsey 404
    Corpsey 404 Year ago +89

    Love the complication!! Also the constant coming back to the diamond clips made me wheeze each time.

  • blaze warrior17
    blaze warrior17 Year ago +74

    Fork and spoon aren’t an iconic duo, bread and spoon are.

  • Craytherlaygaming
    Craytherlaygaming Year ago +191

    Grian: "I've checkmated myself"
    Proof Grian is just mythologically accurate Loki

  • _Poofel
    _Poofel Year ago +12

    The fact that Mumbo usually calls himself a spoon makes the thumbnail evenly better

  • shann png
    shann png Year ago +45

    My friend and I once did the diamond thing, and it was hilarious but for the opposite reason cuz every time she dug somewhere she found diamonds. I on the other hand did not.

  • Harry Thomas
    Harry Thomas Year ago +34

    Respect for telling everyone to sub to them at the start of the video! Even though it’s their content you still edited it to be a montage king of thing so you deserve my sub!

  • Kismet Scarlet
    Kismet Scarlet 9 months ago +8

    Mumbo and Grian = true definition of soulmates!

  • Reflecting Bubbles
    Reflecting Bubbles Year ago +83

    when they said the moon was massive, they had no idea.

    • Vaktors
      Vaktors Year ago +2

      I'm pretty sure they had

  • Christian Mclean
    Christian Mclean Year ago +22

    i want to see a mute mondays thing on hermitcraft where you have to stay mute for every monday session because that would cause so much havock and chaos and i love it

    • random person
      random person Year ago

      I dont think they have sessions on hermitcraft

    • Red Cold
      Red Cold 3 months ago

      @random personprob was talking about last life when it was still running

  • Hailey Larson
    Hailey Larson Year ago +152

    2:15 look at grains levels
    Very nice

  • Smirto
    Smirto Year ago +12

    Can I just say i've been binging your edits and I really enjoy them... keep it up :)

  • Oysterin Chillin
    Oysterin Chillin Year ago +19

    ah yes the most iconic duo, spoon and waffle/grain/dreamslayer/richest hermit/watcher/any other name hes been called

  • Emily C
    Emily C Year ago +29

    Mumbo really does move A LOT

  • Outcast
    Outcast Year ago +44

    Their bromance is priceless.

  • M.C and Springs
    M.C and Springs Year ago +10

    I swear these two just share a brain cell now

  • Grapaper
    Grapaper Year ago +10

    I think grian and joel are pretty iconic too but nothing beats them

  • Tabitha Ellis
    Tabitha Ellis Year ago +6

    The "my diamonds are over here" bit absolutely kills me lol

  • Rose
    Rose 3 months ago +1

    The fact that grian fell through the “bedrock” and Mumbo still went in straight after him 😂

  • KillerKatz12
    KillerKatz12 18 days ago

    I remember watching this episode, and the diamond part was ridiculous. Despite knowing that it was incredible long, I did not expect for it to go on for this long 12:07.
    Also, that is an extremely ineffective way to look for diamonds. Although they probably found more than I would've.

  • Shooba Queen
    Shooba Queen Year ago +4

    why is Mumbo calling Grian "buddy" the best thing 😂

  • Old Panda
    Old Panda Year ago +2

    Just like the spoon and fork, Mumbo can do it all but sometimes you just need a Grian to stab at things...annoyingly.

  • amazingly cool games
    amazingly cool games Year ago +27

    I like how they say the moon's a lot more massive now

  • moobie
    moobie Month ago

    grians "we can still be friends" was literally heartwrenching

  • Already Ark
    Already Ark Year ago +4

    Bro imagine choosing a duo that didnt last as long as the spoon and fork

  • ltloxA
    ltloxA Year ago +4

    Every good duo has a spoon

  • JK ASH
    JK ASH Year ago +8

    I still love how in season 7 grian said he'd do redstone and now in season 8 mumbo is actually getting into building?!?!

  • Lxmonp1e
    Lxmonp1e Year ago +2

    You know what? I don’t even watch hermit craft, but this makes me want to. I don’t have the mental capability to watch videos longer than 45 minutes, but this makes me want to

    • Michi Chan
      Michi Chan  Year ago +2

      ;D nice. Grain's vids are mostly 20-30 min, rarely 40 min, Mumbo too

  • Cecilia Illuzzi
    Cecilia Illuzzi Year ago +11

    I swear I stared at the thumbnail for at least ten seconds trying to figure out how Grian is a fork, god I’m an idiot

  • Michael Kelley
    Michael Kelley Year ago +1

    The whole bit from last life with them mining for diamonds lives in my head rent free and I’m totally fine with that

  • Sara Hanan
    Sara Hanan Year ago +14

    That first "Is the moon big?"
    BWAHAHAHA oh you poor innocent lads...

  • DarkShadow 6501
    DarkShadow 6501 10 months ago

    Wouldn't the knife and fork be a more common duo?

  • Wittich
    Wittich Year ago +22

    whoaaaah the moon looks so much smaller now seeing the iconic "is the moon big" scene

  • Mackenzie Harvey
    Mackenzie Harvey Month ago

    "I just vandalized your shop and now I own it." Power move right there Grian

  • Candy
    Candy 8 months ago +2

    The whole "Watch this" thing went on for so long and I was dying

  • cement eater
    cement eater 3 months ago

    Regarding the thumbnail: Mumbo is already a spoon, and it stands to reason that Grian is a fork. They are the same duo

  • Lipstickfrog
    Lipstickfrog Year ago +10

    me rewatching the initial "Is the moon big?" clip after s8 is over: ITS TINY!

  • Rohan Kishibe
    Rohan Kishibe Year ago +8

    Grain is now a fork. Because mumbo is a spoon.

  • Nathan Wilson
    Nathan Wilson 2 months ago +1

    I want to see an achievement get added in honor of mumbo called "What Just Happened?" and it's where you set fire to a squid, killing it.

  • A. Buster
    A. Buster Year ago +4

    Most Famous Hermitcraft Quote:
    "Grian, is the moon big?"

  • Lilsthethrills
    Lilsthethrills Year ago +3

    Them being British makes this better for some reason

  • Cameron Larson
    Cameron Larson Year ago +3

    I have to comment on the thumbnail being inaccurate due to the fact that mumbo is already a spoon.

  • hailey.a08
    hailey.a08 Year ago +2

    gotta love how at about 11:41 grian says the moon is massive, oh if only he truely knew what the word massive ment then 😂😂

  • SpookyButtz
    SpookyButtz Year ago +1

    I agree, 2 spoons are better then a fork and a spoon.

  • Corbin M.
    Corbin M. 26 days ago

    I love the randomly "I left my diamonds here" between clips 😂

  • •This_Is_An_Account•

    Mumbo : Mumbo Killzalot Jumbo
    Grian : Deflates

  • Warrior 0961
    Warrior 0961 10 months ago

    The mining for diamond part made that my favorite episode I was dying laughing

  • Marliemac
    Marliemac 11 months ago

    The Diamond was and still is Hilarious and Iconic.

  • Pen!
    Pen! 11 months ago +1

    The "is the moon big?" at 11:22 KILLED ME

  • Ammiel
    Ammiel 3 months ago

    You guys your a couple of diamond's, crazy and fun, noone like u, you make me laugh so much
    😂😂👍🏻im trying to,catch up on all your vds yes 🤓 Im a newbee MCer but not ever up to your standards
    Im a builder, but yr builds are way over anything I could imagine
    Cheers from Oz 🎉

  • jkinfinity
    jkinfinity Year ago +17

    11:24 they had no idea what would be happening in the near future...

  • Kit-kat
    Kit-kat 7 months ago

    Grian: *mines block underneath Mumbo slowly with an unenchanted iron pickaxe*
    Mumbo (while holding an enchanted diamond pickaxe): *backs away slowly*

  • Shakesqueer
    Shakesqueer Year ago +16

    Me re-seeing them descovering the first time that the moon is big: ahh, is so small lol

  • Operation Anonymous
    Operation Anonymous 2 months ago

    I mean, when are they NOT an iconic duo?

  • BurningGlory
    BurningGlory Year ago +4

    For the thumbnail:
    Corperate needs you to find the difference between these photos.
    *Me who knows Mumbo's a spoon therefore Grian is a fork*
    There is no difference.

  • whelsup
    whelsup Year ago +3

    Grumbo is the best duo ever

  • Sophia Ellis
    Sophia Ellis 2 months ago

    I told myself an hour ago I would go to bed soon, it’s now currently 2:00 AM and all I’ve watched has been these compilations

  • HF games
    HF games 23 hours ago

    I love how the links to the original creators work

  • Axolo 365
    Axolo 365 Year ago +21

    Hearing Mumbo say is the moon big knowing know that it is the sky lol

  • Lokoprenec
    Lokoprenec Year ago +1

    Once you take a man's fish, that's it 😂

  • MiaTheWatcher
    MiaTheWatcher Year ago +14

    Oh my god, remember when it was that small!? Back in the simple times..

  • Harold Hunter Gaming
    Harold Hunter Gaming 11 months ago

    Ok ngl them finding diamonds saying *It's right here* im pretty sure it's the last life series almost got me ded laughing

  • Artemis
    Artemis 2 months ago

    Mario and Luigi?
    Too be fair they are the actual most iconic duo, so it doesn’t count

  • Zike 670
    Zike 670 Year ago +2

    Crafting table and chest more iconic tbh

  • Mega Woofer 2000
    Mega Woofer 2000 3 months ago

    I love the intro music! It's such a vibe right?

  • PurplePearl
    PurplePearl Year ago +12

    Omg, the moon was so small back then

  • Whoknowsstudios
    Whoknowsstudios Year ago +3

    im here to challenge this by naming a more iconic duo, tis a throwback, Ssundee and Crainer beat grumbo, CRUNDEE FOREVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

    • Cookies 'n Stars
      Cookies 'n Stars Year ago

      Ye but at least these two are still together
      And that was not the point

    • Sophia Ellis
      Sophia Ellis 2 months ago

      Grumbo is the new Crundee for me, I’ve just hopped from one Minecraft series to another

  • Truth Tea
    Truth Tea Year ago +3

    Thanks bro good comp :) love the boys

  • STB4G
    STB4G Year ago +3

    The thumbnail is.. well
    The top one has a spoon and a fork, the bottom one has a spoon and a grian

  • Lego
    Lego Year ago

    17:45 Mumbo: You, you bad bad man!"Lol so good

  • Dark Galaxy
    Dark Galaxy Year ago +13

    “Is the moon big”
    Me after watching big moon: Nah, that’s tiny

  • Badger_Shorts
    Badger_Shorts 10 months ago

    Business with Grian:
    “I just vandalised your shop and now I own it!”

  • 🎗CallMeAspen🎗
    🎗CallMeAspen🎗 Year ago +17

    I love this, i need more

  • Bloop the Dragon
    Bloop the Dragon Year ago +4

    now that i think about it, they never really went back to the amethyst hut/ timmy the pig.

  • MinecraftNinja
    MinecraftNinja 3 months ago

    his xp level on 2:11 though😆😏

  • SunRays
    SunRays Year ago +13

    0:30 My mind: "Someone just said go white boy go" -Quackity

    • StoppedEmu67
      StoppedEmu67 Year ago +1

      @TheRiddled what in the fuck he was just quoting someone

    • StoppedEmu67
      StoppedEmu67 Year ago +1

      @TheRiddled also you said “disgusted” instead of “disgusting”

  • DsireX
    DsireX Year ago +2

    This video brings me joy

  • SHSL_Fanficer?
    SHSL_Fanficer? Year ago +3

    Hmm just wondering if they have an duo name? Like Tommy and Tubbo are the clingy duo, or Tubbo and Ranboo are the Bee duo?

    • Eve Isom
      Eve Isom Year ago +3

      Dream smp fan spotted smh

    • Manetheren
      Manetheren Year ago

      No it's just Grian and Mumbo, I dont think there's any sort of name for their friendship

    • Crystal Hearts
      Crystal Hearts Year ago

      Ik I'm late, but their duo name is literally just Grumbo btw

  • sagffsaggf
    sagffsaggf 11 months ago +1

    Nothing beats them

  • Akb
    Akb Year ago +2

    I think Grian and Joel are a more chaotic duo

  • Sirius Games
    Sirius Games 10 months ago +1

    I saw the thumbnail and just thought of the meme “they’re the same picture”

  • Prabh S K
    Prabh S K Year ago

    Grian and mumbo trading for fish

  • Draugnaustaunikun Hymnphoo

    Name a more iconic duo: Etho and BDubs.

  • ProtoStarAlari
    ProtoStarAlari 3 months ago

    I honestly totally forgot about the "moon's big" thing

  • MuffinOne
    MuffinOne Year ago +2

    The best duo