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Mountain Bike Cornering | Finding The Correct Body Position

  • Published on Sep 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • A simple but detailed explanation of how to achieve the correct body position when cornering in flat turns and more. In my opinion, this is one of the most important techniques to learn when riding a mountain bike and should be learned before pretty much any other technique or skill. Hope it helps!
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  • Kyle & April - Ride MTB

    Your vids keep getting better and better Aaron! So cool to see you giving back. You’re a good dude 🤘🏻

    • Aaron Gwin
      Aaron Gwin  Year ago +95

      Thanks brother! Let’s do some together! 🤔😎

    • Kyle & April - Ride MTB
      Kyle & April - Ride MTB Year ago +51

      @Aaron Gwin yeah we are so down!!

    • James Gurney
      James Gurney Year ago +20

      A Kyle & April + Aaron Gwin how-to/instructional video would be a pretty damn good video. Kyle & April ‘s How to Drop video and derailleur tuning videos are the best I have found and really helped me a lot. I just recently starting watching Aaron’s channel but these technique videos are really helpful.

    • Martin Ďurčanský
      Martin Ďurčanský Year ago +8

      @James Gurney I always love how April doesn't know how a bicycle looks but within minutes she goes tru the fastest progression ever. Then in the next video that utilizes concepts from the previous one, she again doesn't know why there's two wheels on the bike, but then delivers the progress of lifetime yet again. But yeah, other than that the informational value of the videos is really one of the best by far.

    • Bo on Mountain Bike
      Bo on Mountain Bike Year ago +6

      @Aaron Gwin with Kyle & April how to...I would Love to see that.

  • Peter Holtzclaw
    Peter Holtzclaw Year ago +45

    Having an icon, a legend who up with Greg Minaar and Nico and select other downhill greats, explain all of these techniques on Clip-Share for all of us us to enjoy and learn from is indescribably awesome. Just points to his character to be giving so much back to the sport.

  • Martin Rodger
    Martin Rodger Year ago +9

    Natural instructor. Great reasoning, straight to the point without complexity which can dilute the lesson.
    Please continue this.
    Subbed, liked etc.

  • Edwin Betts
    Edwin Betts Year ago +6

    Loving your videos Aaron. Your breakdowns and explanations are so clear and easy to understand. I can't wait for the rain to stop here so I can get out and work on my turns. I broke my rib after washing out on a berm a few months back and have lost a heap of confidence coming into flat turns and berms. Need to build that back up again and you've given me a great place to start. Cheers!

  • Bike Somm
    Bike Somm Year ago +7

    What a master class of a series Aaron! You definitely rock & are helping the whole world along with stuff like this 🌎🚲💨😎

  • paul curtin
    paul curtin Year ago +2

    This was immediately useful. Been riding for decades and flat turns were always my biggest challenge. I learned more in the first 8 minutes than in all or the 4 or 5 other videos I’ve watched. Clear explanations broken down simply. Great video, thank you.

  • Craig Handley
    Craig Handley Year ago +3

    Even for me who’s an experienced rider these back to basics videos are much appreciated. You’re a brilliant mentor Aaron. Thankyou.

  • Joe Breakwell
    Joe Breakwell Year ago +2

    Really great to have a pro rider teaching fundamental bike skills. That knowledge and experience really comes through and the style of teaching is really accommodating. Thanks Aaron

  • JBS
    JBS Year ago +2

    Great video Aaron! Loving the "how to..." videos. I am interested in learning more about dynamic weight shifts throughout supported and unsupported turns; how your weight shifts from front to rear as you move through the turn. Any advise on this would be greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work!

  • PeteBeWithYou
    PeteBeWithYou Year ago +5

    After coming back to mountain biking after 10 years, I’m glad to find new mentors, like yourself, to level me back up. Been working on cockpit setup, using my heels, and suspension tuning on my Intense 951 XC for the last couple of months. Some rides are better than others, but I learn on every ride. Gonna throw these drills into the mix. Time to buy some short cones! Thanks Aaron!

  • Scat Silvurz
    Scat Silvurz Year ago

    Thanks for confirming what I've always thought about the 'range of foot drop' for different cornering situations. Growing up motocrossing, we always weighted the outside peg - and I've maintained that line of thinking with my mountain biking. That's where experimentation and rider experience really factors in. But, this is the first time I ever heard a rider of Aaron's caliber describe this nuance so effectively. Great video!
    Little mental trick - draw a straight line from your tire contact straight up, no matter the lean angle and the perceived center of mass is always straight up from there - gravity always follows the path to the center of the earth, so orienting yourself within this vertical path provides the most cornering grip into your tires.... (and illustrates why when Aaron says not to lean your body into the corner, as this takes you off the center of mass path)

  • EyesUpHeelsDown
    EyesUpHeelsDown Year ago +2

    Started watching your learn to series. I loved the previous one and learned a lot (the use the whole trail if you can to look for a faster path not just the main trail) You're a natural instructor! Very clear explanation and easy to understand

  • MotoMort Training
    MotoMort Training Year ago +11

    Another fantastic video. I’m definitely going to incorporate the oval and figure 8 drills in my training. I tend to jump to the slalom drill too early.

    • Husky Thor
      Husky Thor Year ago +1

      I need to incorporate drills period. I just want to ride the trails, but a few drills sprinkled in would help 100%

    BRYAN MYERS Year ago +8

    Master Coach! Thank you for sharing THE developed knowledge and perspective in a super dynamic and conducive format complete with beautiful scenery and great production!

  • anthonyca
    anthonyca Year ago +3

    Great video! I came from dirt bikes and haven't ridden bikes since I was a kid and just couldn't get comfortable. I could see my friends do this in the first turn or 2 until they lost me but I couldn't break the mental cognative dissonance and get it right. Thank you for the explanation and video examples.

  • monclof M
    monclof M Year ago +21

    Thx Senor Gwin!! Would love it if you could talk about weight distribution between the tires in your upcoming videos. When are you centered on the bike, when do you weight the front or the back tire . Fear of loosing traction in my front tire is what slows me down the most.

  • Tim Powers
    Tim Powers Year ago +1

    Such quality information. Cornering correctly in different types of turns is one I struggle with. It’s easy to forget just one of the many parts that goes into it. When you do get them all together and rail a corner the feeling is so good. Thanks for posting and sharing the techniques used. Now once the snow melts I can get back out and rewatch this video. Cheers bud 💥💯🤙

  • Mike G
    Mike G 15 days ago

    Thank you for the instructional video. I'm 54 and I've spent about 2 weeks total on a bike. I recently bought a fat ebike and quickly realized that I need to develop some basic skills. Just learning to ride with my right foot forward is a challenge. It will take a while to get the right muscles strengthened so I can maintain the correct form during turns. You've taught an old dog some new tricks. Thank you again.

  • Lorenzo Rebagliati
    Lorenzo Rebagliati Year ago +1

    Very clear and detailed Aaron, I'm going to use the one hand leaning with the kiddos of our bike school... I'm sure they'll have fun trying it!! 🙂

  • Brad Holmes
    Brad Holmes Year ago

    Great video! im in my late 20's and have been riding for a while now and am pretty decent and picked up some of this naturally. however, I never had the recourses to get proper instruction. Ive watched a ton on the internet and it was nice to see how you took this huge topic and really broke it down. Im looking forward to practicing this in the near future its still snowing where im at but the spring I just around the corner! I really appreciate you taking the time to do this and im definitely taking out the old go pro so I can analyze myself after the fact. I think that will help me a ton with reassuring myself that Im doing what you said to do right! keep up the great work!

  • AdamG
    AdamG Year ago +6

    In Part II id love to see you provide coaching on the “scandi flick” and to demonstrate these concepts at WC pace. Thanks for taking the time to produce these AG!

  • Christopher Filipiak

    Thanks so much Aaron! I've always been curious about what handlebar grip to weight and if you should ever counter-steer on a mountain bike. And, what if anything changes on a high speed (15 mph+) gravel turn vs. generally slower trail turns. Any insight or recommendation is much appreciated :)

  • やったらん
    やったらん Year ago +1

    Thank Aaron for awesome lesson !. I used to ride downhill bike but I quit it for sometime. But after watching your video, I feel I want to ride again ! 😊😊

  • LOVE 62
    LOVE 62 Year ago +1

    Aaron, just wanted to thank you for these. My daughter and I watch these and study them. She just joined the HS MTB team so anything to teach her to be faster. Great training aid, keep them coming. Murrieta local🤙🏻

  • Neil Barstow (#colourmanagement)

    Loved the video. You have a great skill in communicating the queues for good cornering technique. Thanks for sharing. .
    I’m really hoping you might explore and explain the technique for a steep tight slalom loam track in a future video.
    Thanks man.

  • Rob Hall-Boman
    Rob Hall-Boman Year ago +1

    Another great one Aaron! Thanks for sharing 👌 I get moto cornering basics such as weighting the outside peg and the attack position. They translate to MTB so well!

  • Smile Fitness Exeter - Personal Training, Biomechanics Coach and Massage Therapy

    Great stuff Aaron, many thanks for sharing your extensive knowledge. In the future videos that you mentioned at the end would you help me out with fore/aft position and weighting/torsion on the bars for most grip please? I used to sit right back and look massively around the turn. Kinda made the bike do the turn on the back wheel so I can’t say I ever washed out because of it but it definitely limited my speed. Working on this aspect everything feels so much better now. Keep up the good work. Thanks again.

  • Emmit Davidson
    Emmit Davidson Year ago

    Thanks Aaron! This is really gonna help me ride faster at my local races. Your vids are much appreciated!

  • John Williamson
    John Williamson Year ago +1

    Another gem of a teaching video Aaron. Good to see you on an Ebike as well! And with that in mind, is there any tips on cornering with a heavier (Ebike) weight?

  • bruce berry
    bruce berry Year ago +1

    Knowing your subject good enough to explain it simply is key to a great video like this! Thank You Aaron Gwin! This will make me a better rider!

  • Nine Tries
    Nine Tries Year ago +1

    Thanks...Very helpful! Do you suggest also pointing knees or rotating body a bit in the direction you turn, or will you discuss this in a future video? I've been riding for some years now but still feel so sketchy on turns. Find good turning harder than jumps.

  • Claire Moore
    Claire Moore Year ago +5

    Thank you. I’ve been really going backwards in my riding coz of lack of confidence (& skills) in corners (choosing to walk many)! I’m gonna totally take it back to basics and try to get this dialed. Thank you.

  • Simon
    Simon Year ago

    Cheers Aaron for spending the time on imparting some of your insight to us everyday riders.
    With the lean and body separation, is there a phasing that happens, I.e. tilt bike first, followed by moving hips and weighting the outer pedal? As I sometime feel I'm counter weighting between inner hand (stretched out) and weight on the outer pedal.

  • Darris Nelson
    Darris Nelson Year ago +1

    This is such a great video tutorial on turns! It may seem obvious, but I feel it’s important to point out (as you did) that turns are made standing.

  • vailguy99
    vailguy99 Year ago +2

    Just bought a bike after a 25 year mtb hiatus, was dropping and pressuring the outside foot on turns and wanted to make sure I was using correct form. Thanks for the video was helpful. By the way, went with the intense taser MX expert, to substitute for my KTM 300 XC.

  • Ricky Downhill
    Ricky Downhill  Year ago +4

    I'm sure my cornering technique is horrific. I'm definitely going to take some time this spring to work on this!! Well done Aaron.

  • Niko Roma
    Niko Roma Year ago +1

    This was really helpful. I learned cornering on a Streetbike where you actually position your body on the inside of the bike/turn and kind of hang off the inside of the bike in order to get a knee down and keep the bike more upright. I never realized it was the opposite for bicycles or dirtbikes.. Will give it a shot, Cheers!

  • hopNglo
    hopNglo Year ago +1

    Wow…I’ve always had questions on whether to fully drop the outside foot. If the corners come at you quickly, it gets very awkward. You explained this very thoroughly. Thank you.

  • Brian Drebert
    Brian Drebert Year ago +1

    most clearly taught flat corners video ever. Master class...

  • Matt Taylor
    Matt Taylor Year ago +4

    This video and the ‘Cornering with your eyes’ video just solved 90% of my problems with carrying speed through sections. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  • Junnan Ma
    Junnan Ma Year ago +2

    How awesome to have Aaron Gwin himself teaching cornering! I am surprised that Clip-Share did not recommend this video to me earlier. So helpful!

  • Alex M
    Alex M Year ago +1

    revelation, bro. self taught experienced rider but i found myself countersteering and just shifting weight back every turn. your lesson was magic. works just as well on road.

  • Heath Norton
    Heath Norton Year ago +10

    Good to see you taking a stance on the foot down vs level pedal debate, with a bit of nuance added. Nice thing about your videos is that their is no question that your techniques work.

    • Channing Venegas
      Channing Venegas Year ago +3

      There is a place for both. 🤘

    • bonky wonky
      bonky wonky Year ago +1

      I once had a lengthy online argument with Shaums March about this, who is a firm believer of feet level cornering. The guy went as far as claiming Hill crashed in VDS because of incorrect (outside foot down) foot positioning.

    • Channing Venegas
      Channing Venegas Year ago +3

      @bonky wonkywell that's interesting. I Guess once Shaum has a track record as good as Hills then I maybe I'll start listening. Lol

  • Jeremy Dawes
    Jeremy Dawes Year ago +2

    Really well explained and good detail compared to other cornering videos I’ve watched. Thanks!

  • Sgt J
    Sgt J Year ago +2

    Only been riding a couple years ... from understanding the elbow position and overall body positioning from your tips ... I realize my bike geo and cockpit setup might be a bit off... thanks Champ!

  • Jeffrey Woodward
    Jeffrey Woodward Year ago +1

    Love it! Thank you Aaron! I am subscribed and following! I am going to start practicing with my kids in the yard and driveway.

  • rafsxful
    rafsxful Year ago +1

    Aaron thabk you so much for sharing you knowledge and experience.
    I've been working on my corners technique and those exercises/drills will be very welcome.
    Also noticed that your videos are getting a noticeable higher quality. Thank you so much for you time, effort and knowledge.

  • Richard Marzec
    Richard Marzec Year ago

    Great video. Exactly what I what I was looking for to improve flat turn speed and traction during gravel racing.

  • Wendy Lee
    Wendy Lee Year ago +1

    This is fantastic! Can't wait to get out and practice these drills!!

  • Mountains of Adventure

    Very detailed and easy to understand. 👍I hope I can improve this year utilizing these points. Thumbnail is on point too 🙂👍

  • Greg Dawson
    Greg Dawson Year ago

    Thank you for this. I'm really focusing on my turning right now and got a lot out of this video.

  • Van Chee
    Van Chee Year ago +1

    As a beginner, I have learned a lot from your technical videos. Your demonstration and subtitles helped me more cause my English is not good enough. Excellent channel. Thank you Aaron!

  • aapocketz
    aapocketz Year ago +2

    Good advice at the end about practice. One problem I have with cornering is figuring out where the real limit is without exceeding it.

    • Suit in a ute
      Suit in a ute Year ago

      With your body position like this you can get closer to the limit/reach it/pass it, without the wipeout consequences you get when attempting to do the full lean into a corner/incorrect technique.

  • 2020vision
    2020vision Year ago +1

    Awesome video thanks Aaron, I for one am constantly puzzling with this. Would be sweet if you could give your 2c on handlebar pressure and how that plays a part in this cornering thing..

  • Devin Zoller
    Devin Zoller Year ago +1

    AG- these are awesome, please keep doing them. Two questions- how do we find out about your classes (online schedule or..?) and secondly- coming from a moto background, are you ever consciously countersteering or is that essentially impossible without a throttle? Thanks man, and best of luck in the upcoming season!!

    • Scat Silvurz
      Scat Silvurz Year ago

      countersteering a bicycle requires a lighter touch than countersteering with a moto....due to the difference in weight. Same principle applies, even without the twist tube

  • Its Me
    Its Me Year ago

    Thanks Aaron for a simple to understand video. I know now what I am doing wrong which will eliminate the many crashes

  • Jens Rißler
    Jens Rißler Year ago +1

    Best technique Video i‘ve seen👍🏼 good to hear you talk not only about the „how“ but also about the „why“!this ist missing in a lot technique videos!
    Keep it up 🤟🏽

  • Suit in a ute
    Suit in a ute Year ago +1

    Great stuff Aaron. It just feels so awesome when you get this technique right. It's not natural for me yet so I really need to concentrate on it while cornering.
    I've got this old and bad habit of wanting to put the seat against the inside of leg while cornering which then puts me in totally the wrong position. I fall back to doing that a lot.
    The 'over exaggerate your position when practising' tip has helped me a lot.

    • Jason Jordan
      Jason Jordan Year ago

      I believe Aaron did the same thing with the seat, no?

    • Suit in a ute
      Suit in a ute Year ago

      @Jason Jordan I rewatched bits and pieces of the clip. I can't see Aaron touching his leg against the seat when he's got the bike leaned over for cornering.
      I'm not sure why I have this bad habit. I think it's some kind of mental thing that I'll be safer if the tyres slide out. Could be a habit from pre-dropper days. It won't help at all. Having the seat resting against my inside corner leg makes my body position lean into the corner more rather than be over the centre of the bike. It has no benefit.

    • Jason Jordan
      Jason Jordan Year ago

      @Suit in a ute I think he's doing it at 6:20. Double check me.

    • Suit in a ute
      Suit in a ute Year ago

      @Jason Jordan Watch it through. As he follows through from 6:20 his leg doesn't move and is actually forward of the seat at 6:26.

    • Jason Jordan
      Jason Jordan Year ago +1

      @Suit in a ute Thanks for setting me straight.

  • Will Singer
    Will Singer Year ago +2

    To get this type of content from arguably one of the best is amazing! All the best in the up coming season mate 🤗

  • Dermot O' Meara
    Dermot O' Meara Year ago +2

    Really good advice and technique shown in this vid. I've 3 boy's ....all avid mtbers, all at different levels. this will help us all. And help close the gab in levels so we can all ride together going forward as a group. 3 great drill we can practice in our spare time at home. Then take it to the trails on the wkends . thanks a million.....!!!🚵🚵🚵💪💪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪

  • halogenlamp2
    halogenlamp2 10 months ago

    Brilliant, if only I'd seen something this good years ago! Thanks Aaron

  • Steve Padilla
    Steve Padilla Year ago +2

    This guy Aaron Gwin may have it down pat. He should think about racing downhill mtb. He may even win a race a world cup or even win one without a chain.
    Keep up the great work and thank you for giving back to the younger generation and old dudes like myself to remember things to stay up with my 19 your old Son. Well at least to ride the same trails as him. haha Thanks again.

  • Eddie Luis
    Eddie Luis Year ago +1

    Thank you so much for the advise! Keep up with the awesome videos!

  • James A
    James A 8 months ago

    Love the video.
    Exactly what I was looking for.
    Clear direction, slow-mo action, drills for home and you get right to it with no guitar solo, MTB porn intro. ✌✌

  • Dharma Benincasa
    Dharma Benincasa Year ago

    Fantastic !!! Thank you so much that was so well explained and great practical tips , Stay healthy and happy 🤩🤩🤩

  • Samantha Benfield
    Samantha Benfield 4 months ago

    Super helpful! thanks for the breakdown and simple drills

  • Billy Martyn
    Billy Martyn Year ago +1

    This is helpful stuff! I especially like the part about different foot forward vs left or right turn.

  • vikram.joshi.dirtrider

    Awesome tutorial! Probably one of the best cornering video I've seen.

  • Colin Edgar
    Colin Edgar Year ago +1

    I like to imagine the amount your outside foot should drop roughly matches the angle of the turn. (ie 45 degree turn = outside foot forming 45 degree angle from bottom position). Any turn 90 and over and your outside foot can just be bottomed out.

  • Luiz Carvalho
    Luiz Carvalho Year ago +1

    These tutorial videos are really good. Any tips for jumping with flat pedals?

  • qualm43
    qualm43 Year ago

    This technique is terrifying on dry desert conditions.... Ever since i started setting my body on the inside of the bike's axis (think moto gp style turning) ive been able to carry A LOT more speed through turns and on exiting turns. This works incredibly well on dry & slippery berms. With my body just inside the bike's axis, I can smash the bike into berms without feeling like I'm going to die. Took me ten years to figure this out because it isnt what anyone ever advises.

  • Brent S
    Brent S Year ago +6

    This is awesome, thanks Aaron. I’ll be practicing this as soon as the snow melts:)

  • Colleen Pilkenton

    This is excellent I've been riding for a few years but still find cornering difficult

  • Jay Ellis
    Jay Ellis Year ago +1

    Wow. amazing, been riding years but learned loads !

  • Danny Flores
    Danny Flores 11 months ago +1

    Excellent! Very helpful. Great job 👏🏻

  • Trevor Hernandez
    Trevor Hernandez Year ago +1

    Love the emphasis you put on the feet rather than just pressure from the hands that I tend to see from a lot of mtb guys, coming from moto it makes a lot more sense!

  • corismsyn
    corismsyn Year ago +4

    When I saw "Aaron Gwin" and "Cornering" on my feed I was pumped to watch the video. Awesome tips! Can't wait for more to come. Between Aaron's channel and Ben Cathro's recent series I'm sure learning a lot.

  • optiontahoe
    optiontahoe Year ago

    What’s the pressure distribution between your inside and outside hand when cornering in this video? To achieve the proper position are you trying to push down on your inside hand, your outside hand, or both evenly? Also, do you somehow push the inside hand down to create lean angle (to start) but end up on the outside?

  • Desmond Garcia
    Desmond Garcia Year ago +1

    Thanks Aaron I'm gonna try it this week and dial in my turns! Keep the video coming!

  • mark Buttery
    mark Buttery Year ago

    Thanks for the video Aaron , regarding the body movement , i am very interested in your position of your head relative to the handlebars eg how far you position your head and body down the axis of the bike (forward ) as this has a big factor on front wheel wash out due to weight over the wheel. This is where i go wrong. Many Thanks

  • Matthew Temple
    Matthew Temple Year ago +2

    very helpful!! just what I was looking for 🙏

  • Fred Sanford
    Fred Sanford Year ago +1

    Thank you. Excellent communicator of technique and application while simplifying the complex.

  • SudoChuckwalla
    SudoChuckwalla Year ago +1

    Love these videos dude, always look forward to watching them. Keep it up!!

  • James Ratcliffe
    James Ratcliffe Year ago +1

    Thanks arron the video was amazing.
    Really helps when you explain everything probably.
    Keep them coming.🤙

  • Home Sweet Home
    Home Sweet Home Year ago +1

    Thanks Gwin. I especially appreciate the MX references. Your videos are very helpful. Keep it up.

  • Akatarawa Japan
    Akatarawa Japan Year ago

    Great vid. Your stance looks so natural, fluid and functional compared to the guys who go on and on about ‘the hinge’.

  • Dr. Aaron Young DC
    Dr. Aaron Young DC Year ago +1

    This video really helped me improve my cornering. Thanks!

  • Harris Pilton
    Harris Pilton Year ago +1

    i was dubious about watching an almost 20 mins vid about cornering, now I'm glad i watched it!
    great presentation dude, big respect to ya!!

  • Sebastian Schweiger
    Sebastian Schweiger Year ago +1

    Thanks a lot. I am riding bikes for years now, but it's super heplful to get reminded on the most important basics!

  • 慢吞龜L
    慢吞龜L Year ago +1

    Priceless! How low the chest should drop in a turn? I'm grateful for your sharing

  • vamshi krishna
    vamshi krishna Year ago

    When dropping the outside foot only partially in turns that have a larger radius, do you weight the inside foot to keep the tension and help achieve partial outside foot drop on the pedal?

  • Gary Bitters
    Gary Bitters Year ago

    Hey Brother, tried this cornering technique while riding some scary flat turns today. I could not believe how much confidence I had using this technique👊🏻😎

    • Aaron Gwin
      Aaron Gwin  Year ago

      Yes man! Stoked it helped. 👊🏼👊🏼

  • Groosome128
    Groosome128 8 months ago

    Didn't think I'd watch a 20 min video on cornering after years of riding but that was good :)

  • jlow
    jlow Year ago

    Hi Aaron
    Your videos are great. Thanks for sharing!
    Am I supposed to do something with my hips during the corner?

  • Todd Purkey
    Todd Purkey Year ago

    Great video! you're an excellent teacher.

  • William Shaughnessy
    William Shaughnessy Year ago +1

    Subbed. I really like that you gave specific examples of how to move your body instead of just saying "separate bike from body."

  • Thomas.
    Thomas. Year ago +1

    Muchas gracias por este gran trabajo amigo,
    Muchas gracias.

  • John Conner
    John Conner 3 months ago

    I watched another video that said to keep your pedals level - not drop your outside foot. I have no idea how people do this but I find it near impossible to get the seat out of the way if i dont drop my outside foot. My seat hits my inner thigh and severely limits how much lean i can achieve while also feeling more awkward. if I had a longer dropper post, I could prob drop the seat another 1.5 inches and make it work, but I'd be willing to bet alot of people need to drop that foot.

  • DazLad_MTB
    DazLad_MTB Year ago +1

    Pretty much what we teach per the BICP program. Great points Aaron!