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Tally Ho's rig - blocks and sheaves!

  • Published on May 26, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    EPISODE 154
    In this episode we follow Bob as he builds some beautiful wooden strop-blocks for Tally Ho’s rig, and explains their purpose.
    (rebuilding Tally Ho ep154)
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  • guy bever
    guy bever 4 months ago +2097

    I would like to give a big thanks to Leo and his crew for their help. On May 15th of this month i was able to go see Tally Ho in person. I had emailed Leo and told him i was in hospice homecare. Leo told me to stop by if i could. My son took me and i couldn't believe the workmanship done on this boat. I won't be here for the finish, but people try to see this boat if you can after it's in the water. Leo and everyone from start to finish should be proud of themselves for this accomplishment.

    • tom stiel
      tom stiel 4 months ago +67

      God Bless You

    • Foo bar
      Foo bar 4 months ago +81

      I'm happy you got to see the boat in person, seems like a dream came true for ya. I hope I could see it too some day. Wish you a smooth ride man.

    • D M
      D M 4 months ago +29

      Seeing this boat transit Cape Cod Bay is on my bucket list.

    • gwkdad
      gwkdad 4 months ago +77

      Prayers for a peaceful passage Guy...

    • Joshua Bailly
      Joshua Bailly 4 months ago +11

      Yall do the funniest ads on Clip-Share!

  • aserta
    aserta 4 months ago +314

    Tally Ho is not just a boat, not just a restoration, not just a project on the internet, she's a love letter to wood working.

    • marcwolf60
      marcwolf60 4 months ago +2

      She is a beautiful stately Lady of the Sea

    • Jim Branham
      Jim Branham 4 months ago +4

      a love letter to wood working well said

    • The Great Vincenzo
      The Great Vincenzo 4 months ago +1

      And when she's finished, she'll be a love letter to the sea.

    • Mike Van Wyk
      Mike Van Wyk 4 months ago +1

      Absolutely spot on

    • JT Marino
      JT Marino 3 months ago

      It's also a man's ill-conceived gesture to win back his wife (named Tally) in the #1 trending TV show on Netflix right now 🤣

  • Bruce Pottorff
    Bruce Pottorff 4 months ago +110

    Note to potential sponsors: these are the ONLY pitches I have ever watched and I would happily watch more. Great job Tally Ho crew!!

  • JustFindingOurWay
    JustFindingOurWay 4 months ago +237

    This is the ONLY Clip-Share channel where I don't fast forward through the advertisements! Not only is the crew doing amazing work, but they're pretty hilarious, too.

    • Papa Wheelie
      Papa Wheelie 4 months ago +4

      I agwee, absowootwy hiwawwious!🤣

    • Jh Lalremruata
      Jh Lalremruata 4 months ago +1

      Me too

    • Inventive Owl
      Inventive Owl 4 months ago +1

      @Papa Wheelie *wheeze*

    • C Smith
      C Smith 4 months ago +4

      I fast forwarded through one and caught the end, it was so funny I went back to the begging and watched the whole thing. There was so much going on in one of them I watched it three times.

    • Ken_the_Bigfoot
      Ken_the_Bigfoot 4 months ago

      I literally snorting my beer when the TV turned on😂 I already use Surfshark, but if I didn't I would sign up just to reward the amazing acting.

  • Fair Wind Fasteners
    Fair Wind Fasteners 3 months ago +20

    It's great seeing our silicon bronze wood screws going in to that beautiful deck house! Nice job as always fellas!

  • HorsleyLandy88
    HorsleyLandy88 4 months ago +375

    The block guy does great work, respect.

    • Colin Stevens
      Colin Stevens 4 months ago +10

      I want to see more of this.

    • Sonja Bruenzels
      Sonja Bruenzels 4 months ago +12


    • Dan S Brown
      Dan S Brown 4 months ago +13

      @Sonja Bruenzels And Bob is a chip off the old block!

    • Jen Clark
      Jen Clark 4 months ago +6

      Yes! His work is SUPER impressive. I love hearing him get into the science behind it. Anyone who can geek out about their passion like that is a good person to have around.

    • calholli
      calholli 4 months ago +5

      I like his technique and tooling that he uses. I feel like I learned a lot just by watching the few short clips of his operation. Cool stuff.

  • nottherealjk
    nottherealjk 4 months ago +247

    Those teak hatches are absolute works of art. You truly have assembled the best of the best to help you. Quality knows quality so it makes sense these craftsmen and women are drawn to you and this project.

    • John Seifert
      John Seifert 4 months ago +12

      exactly! best of the best!

    • Robert Fallows
      Robert Fallows 4 months ago +10

      Well said!!

    • Giff Kucsma
      Giff Kucsma 4 months ago +2

      And I kinda cringe at the thought of exposing that beautiful work to the elements.

  • knowltot
    knowltot 4 months ago +94

    Well done TDS!!! Industry leader and supporter of the project!!

    • Try Thinking
      Try Thinking 3 months ago +1

      Advertising at it's best.

    • 327/365hp
      327/365hp 3 months ago +1

      That's really fantastic!

    • Milwaukie Dan
      Milwaukie Dan 3 months ago

      For sure a quality company and product…. Supporting another quality company and product. Thank you sirs

  • jeffrey spilker
    jeffrey spilker 4 months ago +3

    Its awesome that Bob is as passionate about his work as the rest of the people who have been working on this project 😊😊😊

  • Dan Blessing
    Dan Blessing 4 months ago +31

    Bittersweet to see Tally Ho nearing completion. Thank you Leo for bring us all along on your epic adventure!

    • racso fischer
      racso fischer 4 months ago +7

      Still a few years to go !

    • zora_noam flannery
      zora_noam flannery 4 months ago +5

      @racso fischer - we can only hope but it's looking like maybe less than a year. But this kind of boat is never finished. So, sailing adventures, anyone?

    • Alan Drake
      Alan Drake 4 months ago +2

      Two more years to completion. Hasn’t that been the prediction all along? 😉

  • Meta Tech HD
    Meta Tech HD 4 months ago +4

    🙏👏🛥 Hats off to Leo and his crew for their incredible support and hospitality! 🌟 On my recent visit to see Tally Ho, I was deeply moved by the craftsmanship and dedication put into this magnificent boat. Despite my health circumstances, Leo warmly welcomed me and my son. The attention to detail in the rig, with its blocks and sheaves, is truly impressive. Though I may not witness the final result, I urge everyone to experience the beauty of Tally Ho once it hits the water. Leo and the entire team should take great pride in their remarkable achievement.

  • Mats Wallsten
    Mats Wallsten 4 months ago +83

    The slow artistic shots over the harbour, the boats and old ships together with that beautiful music.. You really show of the atmosphere of craftsman, love for boats and a community of passionate people. It’s so much I love about these videos
    Thank you

    • Chris Norman
      Chris Norman 4 months ago +3

      I agree, it's what I noticed too. The standard is so professional.

  • LiveLifeTasteDeath
    LiveLifeTasteDeath 4 months ago +347

    I want to see the crew do a hair product sponsor commercial! Someone make that happen!

    • Don Johnson
      Don Johnson 4 months ago +8

      Pine tar to the rescue

    • Steve Bettany
      Steve Bettany 4 months ago +4

      That’s a magnificent mane at the start of the vid.

    • My Left Thumb
      My Left Thumb 4 months ago

      Some of that SIS 440, of course.

    • megamediker
      megamediker 4 months ago +8

      wana know the truth, these ads are the only one I am looking in vids. every other I simply skip. They are holarious!

  • Johnny Barfield
    Johnny Barfield 4 months ago +16

    I can’t imagine there’s a manufacturer of supplies for traditional boat building out there that doesn’t know about the Tally Ho at this point. Most businesses in niche markets such as this have an interest in the craft and beauty that their products facilitate and I’d imagine many tune in weekly. Thanks to TDS for supplying the caulking and getting this beautiful vessel one step closer to wet feet. I’m sure Leo’s story has inspired hundreds to one day build their own dream and they’ll remember it when the time comes to cork their own decks. Bravo!

  • David Smith
    David Smith 4 months ago +5

    Another great episode. What a great team of cool, skilled people you've accumulated. It would be great if you could ever find the time to give us an update on the awesome couple that used to be your (and Tally Ho's) landlords back in the day. It'd, obviously, also be cool to see their parrot again. Stay safe out there.

  • oldschoolman 144
    oldschoolman 144 4 months ago +163

    I hope you keep this channels alive after Tally Ho is finished and get to share in your adventures.

    • james worley
      james worley 4 months ago +1

      who else sees this boat being sold and a new project talking its place

    • Lynn Geek
      Lynn Geek 4 months ago +4

      @james worley ONLY after he has filmed at least his first full sail, if not two or three more.

    • Solomon Smith
      Solomon Smith 4 months ago +28

      @james worley I’m not convinced, no one puts this much effort into a project just to make a bit of money. There’s heart and soul gone into this, I can see him keeping this boat for life

    • Dbaider
      Dbaider 4 months ago +15

      @james worley Leo has already spoken about the continuing adventures of Tally Hoe, so stop that right there Mister...

    • marcwolf60
      marcwolf60 4 months ago +5

      This is such a labour of love that I cannot see this happening.

  • AR_119
    AR_119 4 months ago +34

    Once again I laughed way too hard at the sponsorship segment. Literally the only channel that makes me not only not skip them, but actively look forward to those bits of the video. 😆👍

  • Fink
    Fink 4 months ago +84

    Yes! Finally a new episode... of Dutchess of Desire

    • marcwolf60
      marcwolf60 4 months ago +4

      Poor Pat laughing his nipples off

    • ShamWerks
      ShamWerks 4 months ago +1

      I kinda need a second channel for the DoD now. So much character development.

    • Matthew McConnell
      Matthew McConnell 3 months ago +1

      I am unreasonably invested in seeing this story play out! lol

  • John Pandolfino
    John Pandolfino 4 months ago +85

    The craftsmanship is a joy to watch.... it's amazing that it even exists in this day and age...... massively massive artful work ...true artisan's

    • John Seifert
      John Seifert 4 months ago +1


    • pat K
      pat K 4 months ago +1

      Can’t say it better myself! Well I could but you just said it.

  • Malachi Landis
    Malachi Landis 4 months ago +7

    Those blocks are beautiful! I would love to see a more detailed description of the rope work going on there!

  • Roy Heffner
    Roy Heffner 4 months ago +4

    My favorite channel. I watch a lot of Clip-Share channels. 77 years old and got a lot of time on my hands. But I am a very qualitative guy and can only watch channels that have that. Yours is the best. I look forward to your episodes more than any other. In a couple of years the boat will be ready. Don't know what will happen after that but I am sure it will be great.

  • Roland Dunk
    Roland Dunk 4 months ago +21

    It is an absolute joy to watch Tally Ho coming together,brought about by such a skilled and caring team.Thank you,Roly🇬🇧.

  • Lars Frandsen
    Lars Frandsen 3 months ago +3

    Astounding old-world craftsmanship. For all ye ol’ farts (like me) who complain about the lack of skill and dedication of the younger generations, sit down and watch this series from the beginning. I did. Thank you for restoring my faith in the future of woodworking and so much else. This series is and has been a great inspiration.

  • DigiLab360
    DigiLab360 4 months ago +51

    Erica is so cool! Love her energy and presence, not to mention her mad skills.

  • PapillonMateo
    PapillonMateo 4 months ago +18

    Hatches: gorgeous. Head cabinetry: gorgeous. Blocks: gorgeous. We’re getting into a trend here, where the beautifully-shaped hull is turning into a gorgeous vessel.

  • Jen Clark
    Jen Clark 4 months ago +14

    Everything going into this boat is just surpassingly beautiful. I know nothing about boats, but I'm here for the passion each craftsperson has for their work, the attention to detail, and the beauty in every single thing being made.
    The "commercials" are highly entertaining, too. 😂😂😂

  • Guy Christie-Taylor
    Guy Christie-Taylor 3 months ago +8

    I made the pilgrimage! 13,398km from Adelaide SA to Port Townsend WA. It was worth every cent and all the effort. The place, the people, the Port-all are real and exceed expectations. Leo and his amazing team are not building a wooden boat, they are enriching our lives! Heartfelt thanks.

  • Sonja Bruenzels
    Sonja Bruenzels 4 months ago +35

    Handmade customized blocks!! This being Tally Ho (the fabergé egg version of a yacht) I should not have been so surprised, but still ... wow. Super interesting to see how they're actually made. Thanks for showing the process!

    • zora_noam flannery
      zora_noam flannery 4 months ago

      - It might be the Faberge (I don't know how to make an accent droit) egg of yachts. Unless one or more were built for major rulers of powerful countries.

  • Guy Taylor
    Guy Taylor 4 months ago +17

    The creativity and skills of those involved with Tally Ho's build never fails to amaze me. What an incredible crew!

  • Keith Glaysher
    Keith Glaysher 4 months ago +37

    Tally Ho really is going to be a world-class boat of the finest quality when she is finished, from stem to stern she's also a thing of great beauty, a testament to you and all who have worked on her, I have never seen a vessel with so much care and attention to detail in her build, so fine, you must be so proud of her.

    • marcwolf60
      marcwolf60 4 months ago +1

      In another 100 years or so future artisans will wonder at the quality of her build.

  • Poseidon
    Poseidon 4 months ago +5

    Still making the best commercials I've seen. Duchess of Desire is becoming my all time favorite series.

  • Shawn Mika
    Shawn Mika 4 months ago +2

    I got to admit, I follow a few other projects, and they're sponsored as well, but I usually jump ahead. When I'm watching a sponsor spot for Tally Ho, I always watch because I love their little skits.

  • Buddy Yaussy
    Buddy Yaussy 4 months ago +31

    I absolutely love the fact that so many masters of their craft have found such a passion for this project. Never seen anything like it!

  • Citizenone
    Citizenone 4 months ago +1

    This SV has developed into a true work of art. I am more impressed with every update. Can't say enough about the craftsmanship. Great to see the young craftsman involved.

  • bert macdonald
    bert macdonald 4 months ago +32

    Quality of joiner work is way beyond first class. And like all craftsmen at their level, they love it, they live and breath it !
    Absolute pleasure to watch, thank you Leo .

    • Breezely
      Breezely 4 months ago

      Yes. And probably better than original. Remember, it was some guy's fishing boat the first time around.

  • Martin Rugroden
    Martin Rugroden 4 months ago +39

    LOVE the commercials. Still laughing. I'm looking forward to the completion of Tally Ho. Your adventures sailing her will be just as entertaining, I'm sure.

    • JK-Video
      JK-Video 4 months ago

      I hope eveerbody who worked on her will have a chance to join Leo for a trip.

  • fast richard
    fast richard 4 months ago +6

    One fascinating aspect of this project is the interplay between traditional design and building techniques vs modern materials and methods. You have traditional wooden blocks with Delrin sheaves. You have traditional cotton caulking sealed in with modern TDS sealant. You have a very traditional sailing yacht with a modern engine and cutting edge electrical systems.

  • Rick James
    Rick James 4 months ago +1

    Leo, your team of enthusiastic boat builders are fantastic - it is a great division of fun and skill. 👍👍👍

  • Bill Meldrum
    Bill Meldrum 4 months ago +18

    Man… as much as I’m excited to see you guys launch Tally Ho, I’m going to go into withdrawal; missing your amazing crew doing such a high standard of woodworking. It’s going to be a floating work of art! 🇨🇦

  • Miguel Paixao
    Miguel Paixao 4 months ago

    What a team!!!
    Never got tired of anything that you do, film or say!!!
    Thanks for teaching how to work in harmony!!!
    BBC should be proud of you!!
    And should sponsored your amazing project!!!!
    Thank you all!!!❤❤❤❤

  • Gary C
    Gary C 4 months ago +36

    This is such a great channel. First up, Bob and the blocks. They are gorgeous. I didn't know how they were made, and the strops around them are amazing. Secondly, shout out to TDS for their awesome gift for TallyHo! Great job, guys.
    Finally, your 'commercials' are great. What a bunch of fun-loving crew members! Makes my laugh, thank you.
    Looking forward to splash day.

  • Cristi Neagu
    Cristi Neagu 4 months ago +25

    We spent years looking at what essentially was a pile of wood (albeit a pretty one), but now it's all moving so fast. The deck is nearly done, the interior is coming together, the rigging is getting a start. Amazing. Feels like any day now she'll be ready to take her first swim in a very long while.

    • paulaus
      paulaus 4 months ago +1

      I watched something like 146 episodes in a row at the beginning of the year. Going from a nightly fix to fortnightly has me in withdrawals.

    • Cristi Neagu
      Cristi Neagu 4 months ago +1

      @paulaus I know what that's like...

    • James Robert Coyle
      James Robert Coyle 4 months ago

      ​@paulausDid that.

  • Kevin Martin
    Kevin Martin 4 months ago +1

    Leo the craftmanship going into tally ho is terrific the hatches the blocks and even the heads you have a crew you can be proud of 😊😊😊

  • Robert von Kulig
    Robert von Kulig 4 months ago +2

    Love this channel. After crewing on the Blue Mermaid this last weekend in the Kings Coronation Medway barge match and because of the blood, sweat and tears it's the laughter that makes you keep going. Wonderful Leo and crew

  • John Seifert
    John Seifert 4 months ago +25

    I am constantly amazed by the myriad of such extremely skilled craftsmen you've been able to assemble to work on Tally Ho. It is truly mind boggling.

  • Tim Gelder
    Tim Gelder 4 months ago +1

    Another great episode. The pride and passion of the shipwrights is wonderful to see as demonstrated by the rigger

  • RBC 58
    RBC 58 4 months ago +20

    I’d be certain in 1910 Albert Strange built a beautifully functioning vessel, but I'm sure he’d be impressed with the quality that you and your crew have rebuilt Tally Ho to.

    • Ricky Morse
      Ricky Morse 4 months ago +2

      Definitely. Also, it’s solar powered and please have a seat Mr. Albert. I need to explain to you what a satellite is.

    • Tim Goodwin
      Tim Goodwin 4 months ago +1

      I've been enjoying the channel for a few months, have watched some very old episodes, but not nearly all (so this may have been covered at some point). I am curious what makes the boat still Tally-Ho? It seems that every bit has been replaced, it's really a new boat. Not meaning in any way to be critical or question the "authenticity", just wondering if there are distinctions made between "restoration, "rebuild", and "replicate".

    • Jonathan Lodge
      Jonathan Lodge 4 months ago +1

      @Tim Goodwin many define restorationn as needing to have some of the orginal still present. i have heard of cast iron stoves being separated so that each individual part can be used in what would otherwiise be seen as many new ones.

    • Thistledown
      Thistledown 3 months ago +1

      @Tim Goodwin
      Good question...Leo covers this in Episode 58 and Joshua Slocum addresses the same question in Chapter One of his book.

    • cerealspiller
      cerealspiller 3 months ago

      @Ricky Morse Apparently Leo has decided to stick with old-school navigation, and forego GPS on Tally Ho. So no need for any fancy satellites!

    UKOLDGIT 4 months ago +104

    As an aside, the worlds first production line recorded was designed by Isambard Brunels father Marc, this marine block manufacturing facility was producing over 100,000 blocks per year starting in 1802 for Royal Navy ships, the workshops are still evident in the Portsmouth Naval Dockyard and last I heard were in the process of being restored.

    • MikeAG333
      MikeAG333 4 months ago +7

      That factory was a big part of Britain dominating the seas in the 19th century. Blocks are such an important but unsung part of naval history.

    • Tom Bell
      Tom Bell 4 months ago +1

      Only one problem: they're not able to produce the blocks for Tally Ho for '2 more years'....

    • dan carter
      dan carter 4 months ago +2

      Henry Maudslay was the genius behind the machines and their success.

    • John Sherborne
      John Sherborne 4 months ago +3

      @dan carterit’s curious how talent can sniff out talent. Brunel had the idea, the vision. Maudslay could translate that into reality. He too was showing off, there is nothing utilitarian about the construction, almost architectural decorative bits all over. Imagine modern automation being decorated with turned finials.

    • James Baldwin
      James Baldwin 4 months ago +6

      Each British ship-of-the-line needed about 1000 blocks, so necessity was truly the father of invention. I've seen them with various markings, including the British Broad Arrow.
      Here in the U.S.A., kids are taught that the first modern factory and assembly-line, was the brainchild of Henry Ford but the Portsmouth Block Mill, predates that by more than 100 years.

  • Michael C.
    Michael C. 4 months ago +5

    Is Erica the coolest person ever to work on tally? I really do enjoy her and I appreciate her work ethic, her sunny disposition, and her overall cheery self. Thanks Erica!

  • Lee Tingler
    Lee Tingler 4 months ago +8

    Amazing work everywhere! My father would be proud of you. He built and rebuild boats along his pathway in life. I still have some of his tools. 4 cheeres🎉🎉🎉🎉 for team Tally Ho. A massive thanks for your wonderful videos, LEO.😊

  • Mike Van Wyk
    Mike Van Wyk 4 months ago +15

    Every video episode provides the viewer with interesting insights into Tally Ho's build process. To watch a younger generation applying olde world skills so amazingly skilfully is a joy to behold. Cannot wait to finally see the finished ship take to water. Well done Tally Ho Team!!

  • ezz
    ezz 4 months ago +2

    I cannot believe I have been watching this for years.
    The Stamina required to see a project of this scale through is incredible.
    Wish there was content all the time.
    A live cam perhaps......

  • Peter Cozzaglio
    Peter Cozzaglio 4 months ago +29

    I’m happy that you’re making your own blocks. I’m quite certain that when Tally Ho was first built, nobody went down to the local hardware store and bought them.

    • Cyril Hudak
      Cyril Hudak 4 months ago +3

      Perhaps the local Ship Chandlery. 😉

    • nagualdesign
      nagualdesign 4 months ago +1

      Don't be so certain. As somebody already pointed out, rigging blocks were the first product to be made on a production line.

  • Ziggiggles
    Ziggiggles 4 months ago +52

    Such amazing craftsmanship and quality. Great antics and shenanigans to keep the day fresh! Everything just comes alive with the varnish! Beautiful work on the head! Outstanding editing and score! Feel the passion for the blocks! Thank you all for the amazing journey we continue to join you on! Much love! Always! Oh Duchess!

  • Styxares
    Styxares 4 months ago +3

    Leo, just wanted to say thank you for leeting us accompany you at this journey. It is so much fun!

  • megamediker
    megamediker 4 months ago +10

    12.517 views in 49 Minutes after release, that is record breaking. I have never seen this on any channel!! Grants Leo! You and your team are the best of them all.

  • joe bacarella
    joe bacarella 4 months ago +1

    Once again Leo, this project is just incredible, the craftsmanship of this crew is amazing, some of the hatches and doors are so beautiful, you almost don`t want to see them get wet, they are so well built, they could be hanging on a wall as art, in a boat museum. The contrast of dark caulk with those deck boards, is gonna be stunning to see, and to see the time it takes to make one block, and Tally Ho needs 50, this team is unreal, Tally Ho looks so good, the entire boat could be in a museum, hats off to the workmanship on this build, it`s stunning.

  • Andrew Kiefer
    Andrew Kiefer 4 months ago +17

    Oh man I can’t wait for the next episode of the Duchess of Desire! You can’t leave us with such a cliffhanger.

  • Ian Whitfield
    Ian Whitfield 4 months ago +8

    The production and editing quality of these videos is not far behind the superb craftsmanship, it's a fortnightly treat for me along with a pint of Ruby and sour cream pringles which accompany the viewing. A great combination of British and American as well!

  • chopsddy3
    chopsddy3 4 months ago +1

    I came for blocks and sheaves, and found so much more.
    Drill braces and all! I’m loving this. 😁👍

  • Jernulf
    Jernulf 4 months ago +5

    I can't wait for the next episode of Dutchess Of Desire. The last one ended on such a cliffhanger!

  • HolynGrace
    HolynGrace 4 months ago +14

    Compliments on Bob's interview camera work. I really liked the focus and lighting arrangements; very effective! Bob's explanation was alos very well presented and interesting. Thank you.

  • Andes Blum
    Andes Blum 4 months ago +35

    Whoever cast this show did a hell of a job

    • Breezely
      Breezely 4 months ago +1

      Cast it? I think Leo put his shop near, then in Port Townsend, filmed a couple of episodes and the casting took care of itself.

    • marcwolf60
      marcwolf60 4 months ago +5

      I think someone has been too jaded by fake reality shows.
      This is a REAL show.

    • JT Marino
      JT Marino 3 months ago

      @marcwolf60 Still a show though and every show has a cast. Nothing fake about that.

  • Duff Jolly
    Duff Jolly 4 months ago +2

    I look forward to the sketches.
    Oh, and the workmanship is incredible, as always.

  • Living Life
    Living Life 4 months ago +4

    I'll tell you sonething. This is the only channel that I watch the sponsor. All the others I just speed through them. Yous people are awsome. Thanks for the laughs.

  • Jim Fling
    Jim Fling 3 months ago

    As an old woodworker, I'm envious of the guys who get to work with the wonderful woods and add their craftsmanship to the Tally Ho. I'm in awe of the quality of the materials and workmanship that have gone into this project. I can only imagine the $$ spent on the Tally Ho so far and can't imagine how Leo has raised all the funds.

  • Paul Bosen
    Paul Bosen 4 months ago +2

    I've been watching since the beginning and it's amazing to see the finish getting closer. From the beginning all the volunteers up to the craftsman now all of them are the nicest people iv'e seen online. Like the fellow below (Guy bever) I've become paraplegic since 2018 and any dreams of sailing are lived vicariously through the build shows. I will probably make it to see the launch (online) and hope to see TallyHo at sea. God bless all the craftsman from the beginning to now.

  • Kevin Larrett
    Kevin Larrett 4 months ago +1

    Outstanding job on your sponsor videos, they are the only ones I ever watch. From day one I believe you guys and gall’s have done an excellent job of keeping us glued to the commercial. Thank you.

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