I Bleached My Hair...

  • Published on Aug 16, 2019 veröffentlicht
  • HI SISTERS! In today's video, I decided it was time for a change... I BLEACHED MY OWN HAIR. 😬 What do you think!?
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    EDITOR: Louis Gargiula
    GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov
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Comments • 60 739

  • Scerenah McCoy
    Scerenah McCoy 9 hours ago

    James is the best

  • cool kidcrew
    cool kidcrew 20 hours ago +1

    I love you ❤️

  • Sophie Mendoza
    Sophie Mendoza Day ago

    You need a black backdrop now hahah! you blend in and sister you need to sister shine!!

  • astek_ official
    astek_ official Day ago


  • Kaylee Beames
    Kaylee Beames Day ago


  • Luna O
    Luna O Day ago

    Lol he looks like hes wearing a trash bag

  • Alyssa Shea
    Alyssa Shea Day ago

    Hi welcome to Jenna marbles ratchet salon, but it’s James Charles.

  • C.S
    C.S 2 days ago

    Sooo many orbs around him :)

  • noholdsbarred918
    noholdsbarred918 2 days ago

    Oh my God James I love your hair but next time maybe dye your eyebrows will make your face look more! LOL

  • Hayden Miller-Cluckie
    Hayden Miller-Cluckie 2 days ago +1

    twinkle twinkle sparkle

  • Hayden Miller-Cluckie
    Hayden Miller-Cluckie 2 days ago +1

    Gottaaaa loveeeee James

  • The Gold N' Doll
    The Gold N' Doll 2 days ago

    She is cute. Yes HuntEE... I need you you do my makeup in the ATL. hahah wishful thinking. Love you James Charles

  • Darien mcgallian
    Darien mcgallian 3 days ago

    Omg James!!!🥰🥰🥰 you look 100% with bleached hair sister!!! I love you so much girl!!! Can you be my sister?!?🥰❤️🥺😘😍💄

  • Roisin Hunt
    Roisin Hunt 3 days ago

    James Bond more like James Blonde.

  • Mel baby
    Mel baby 3 days ago

    I love ur hair always!!! Please never never cut the long off the top!

  • amaan TV
    amaan TV 3 days ago

    Why are u boy 😫

  • kay lairmore
    kay lairmore 5 days ago

    Sister James I'm sorry but me and my sister I'm sorry but me and my friend sister Alex we cannot stop laughing sister I'm sorry but you look ridiculous hopefully you look better soon r i p James Charles hairim OMG the finished results my face right now is on the ground you look so good see you later sisters

  • Lexi Lobdell
    Lexi Lobdell 5 days ago

    Lol I'm a natural blonde

  • Lexi Lobdell
    Lexi Lobdell 5 days ago

    You need Guy Tang if you're going to dye your hair 💞👌

  • Carmen Slicton Buckingham

    Does he know that your not supposed to wet his hair and it makes it worse and hurts

  • Faze anime Nightcore james

    My hair looks bad and it looks like a drink

  • XxxnicolexxX 14
    XxxnicolexxX 14 6 days ago

    James might not be naturally blonde....

    He sure does have the IQ of one tho

    (This is just a joke chill)

  • jared m
    jared m 6 days ago +1

    OMG!!!! I just realized that our birthday is two days before mine!!!

  • Gucci G
    Gucci G 7 days ago

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssss Hi sisters

  • Ukulele Drqws
    Ukulele Drqws 7 days ago

    Why not dye your hair lavender?

  • BrOcCoLi bOi iZuKu
    BrOcCoLi bOi iZuKu 7 days ago +2

    "You look like a chicken nugget, what have you done?"

  • Carbon
    Carbon 8 days ago

    I killed my self after watching this

  • Aesthetic ASMR
    Aesthetic ASMR 8 days ago +1

    His eyeball:RIP

  • Zayed .m
    Zayed .m 8 days ago

    Youre make up is like oh my god youre soo beautiful sister 😍😍❤

  • Kaylen Marlow
    Kaylen Marlow 8 days ago

    i dont think it suits him

  • Jason Espinosa
    Jason Espinosa 8 days ago

    How is it possible for someone so skinny to have such a saggy body?

  • Brittany Nicole
    Brittany Nicole 9 days ago

    Because yolo LMAO

  • Johnathan Simonds
    Johnathan Simonds 10 days ago

    I love when people dye it blonde so I like it looks good at the end

  • Rosa Morris
    Rosa Morris 10 days ago

    3:55 its pronounced "sashay"

  • Büşra
    Büşra 10 days ago +1

    He looks fucking handsome without makeup

  • sweetness & light
    sweetness & light 10 days ago

    How did he put the finished result out when he hadn't finished? Is he a time traveller?

    GOOGLETUBE 11 days ago

    R.I.P Black Adidas T shirt.

  • Abigail Ramsey
    Abigail Ramsey 11 days ago

    James honestly you looked good! You should not let people judge you for it!

  • Crafts With Jusy !!!
    Crafts With Jusy !!! 11 days ago

    Did James just touch his-

  • Wilma Hellstörm
    Wilma Hellstörm 11 days ago

    You must have silver shampoo

  • Holden Boy
    Holden Boy 12 days ago

    you don't have to dye your hair you are beautiful no matter what

  • Basketball Dimensionz
    Basketball Dimensionz 12 days ago

    Great, now you look like Donald Trump JR

  • Kathryn Vitiello
    Kathryn Vitiello 12 days ago

    Does anyone else think that the hair dresser made his hair look 10x worse

  • Ayan Mohamed
    Ayan Mohamed 14 days ago


  • Kaylee Bigham
    Kaylee Bigham 15 days ago

    From bts

  • Kaylee Bigham
    Kaylee Bigham 15 days ago

    He looks like someone from brs

  • Cami Hoffman
    Cami Hoffman 15 days ago +2

    He looks good with and without makeup 💄 ilysm I blond naturally

  • Kaysha Watson
    Kaysha Watson 15 days ago

    James: you guys kinda killed it
    Me:you litreally killed it

  • Brian Garrow
    Brian Garrow 16 days ago

    He went for danhelle Cohn or what ever

  • Sammywammydoda13
    Sammywammydoda13 16 days ago

    I know I’m a noob but how do you change your account profile pic

  • Carmen Ortiz
    Carmen Ortiz 16 days ago

    You look better with your brown hair than that blonde hair

  • Ninja Light
    Ninja Light 16 days ago

    16.3+million people cause h yout diseases James Charles
    Hod does that make you feel like?

  • Lauren Tomson
    Lauren Tomson 16 days ago

    U should do the birth Simulator!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GM
    GM 17 days ago +1


  • The pink sheep
    The pink sheep 17 days ago

    Why do you speak so fast?😂💪

  • Glorianne Gonzalez
    Glorianne Gonzalez 18 days ago +1

    13:34 me when i dont want to go to school

  • McKayla Hanahoe
    McKayla Hanahoe 18 days ago

    If he has something to go to in the morning, why cant he just wait

  • LG Cedarholm
    LG Cedarholm 18 days ago

    I loved the brown but I am not hating the blonde

  • Aranza Walls
    Aranza Walls 18 days ago +1

    I know how it feels I got bleach on my finger and it started to burn like hell

  • Kyla Burkeen
    Kyla Burkeen 18 days ago

    little did he know