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This father and son moment is too wholesome ❤️

  • Published on Mar 29, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • Dylan Anderson
    Dylan Anderson  Month ago +469

    🎥 @ChrisSantini on IG

  • Gigachad
    Gigachad Month ago +9058

    (20 years later) “and that’s how i started my skateboarding career”
    - tony hawk

    • Oofplayz
      Oofplayz Month ago +46


    • Deoxsis
      Deoxsis Month ago +190

      ​@Know_57 thats what ur dad said when u were born

  • Kirito Alt
    Kirito Alt Month ago +5725

    I wanna see this kid either a skateboard professional
    Or a stunt man

    • Shampou
      Shampou Month ago +29

      there’s some 2 year old in Japan or Brazil already ahead of the game 🤣

    • Tperm
      Tperm Month ago +5

      ​Julie bro don't click on the video it's just for views the accond probably got hacked as the comment is edited

    • Mr. Rawat
      Mr. Rawat Month ago +6

      I am pretty much sure he's gonna be a Doctor 🤣

    • ghifariamal
      ghifariamal Month ago

      Stunt man? 😮

  • M4
    M4 Month ago +1569

    *That’s a core memory right there*

    • Raj Ansh
      Raj Ansh Month ago +6

      ​Juliewho is wolf?

    • agreensubstance
      agreensubstance Month ago +2

      It really is, my son is 9. Still remembers being 3 with dad helping him ride!

    • ItsVishyBreh
      ItsVishyBreh Month ago +2

      It’s actually a Kaur memory 👳🏽‍♂️

    • M4
      M4 Month ago +2

      @ItsVishyBreh If I’m not wrong Kaur is used in females name and and if I’m not wrong again, the child in the video seems like a boy to me. Please don’t cancel me

  • Fernan Montevista
    Fernan Montevista Month ago +997

    What a nice moment .Kudos also
    to the guy who let him borrow his skateboard .

    • kci baker
      kci baker Month ago +2

      It's only wood and metal, besides a feel good memory of possibly inspiring someone to take up a healthy sport is all the payment needed. Heck at my local skate park it was partly to kindness of the skate community that inspired me to start skating

    • 🍓arisa🍓
      🍓arisa🍓 Month ago

      @julie-gz7qk it’s not even verified 💀

  • Whither109
    Whither109 Month ago +302

    “Happy!” 😇

  • Calebxstoller
    Calebxstoller Month ago +748

    This is so cute! God bless them ❤

    • Calebxstoller
      Calebxstoller Month ago

      Julie I really don't care about SSSniperwolf 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Kelly
    Kelly Month ago +465

    ❤That is the sweetest thing ever❤

    • Kelly
      Kelly Month ago

      Yeah I agree I think.

  • Saheb Kaushal
    Saheb Kaushal Month ago +271

    That is literally soo sweet..! 🌸 Hope you meet 'em soon..!!🪄

    • Darth Vader
      Darth Vader Month ago +9

      ​@Know_57stop. Go away

    • adiktado a la musika
      adiktado a la musika Month ago +5

      @Know_57troll looking for attention stop spamming kid

    • hello
      hello Month ago +8

      ​@Know_57 I see you every where bro you just want attention bc your parents don't love you

    • you missed
      you missed Month ago +8

      ​@hello nah live I seen this jokeman on like 20 shorts in the past week dookie has no life or moral support obv

  • Cool Akula 7
    Cool Akula 7 Month ago +223

    My faith in humanity is finally restored 😊

    • thunderstar254
      thunderstar254 Month ago +1

      Now double it and give it to the next person.

  • orcqluv
    orcqluv Month ago +9

    the little “happy!” was so cute 😭

  • asianthefirst
    asianthefirst Month ago +15

    That’s the cutest “happy” I heard in my life

  • bella bear !!
    bella bear !! Month ago +5

    this is so cute! my heart goes out to that father who taught his child something that he might grow up to love, perhaps be a professional! ❤

  • It's Personal.
    It's Personal. Month ago +16

    This is so humble❤

  • HybridXan
    HybridXan Month ago +6

    This is what family need rn. A lot of parents nowadays don’t spend time with their kids letting them do whatever. That’s why most kids end up being on the internet 24/7

  • Mad kiss
    Mad kiss Month ago +1


  • Saysaycool
    Saysaycool Month ago +5

    This is literally so wholesome Tysm this helped my day 😇

  • Jess
    Jess Month ago

    Not only did this young man let the little man borrow his skateboard, but he also bought him one. Thank you for sharing your love and respect for a little kid. You are an inspiration!

  • Jorden Ovshak
    Jorden Ovshak Month ago +4

    Need a follow up!!!!! Did he get the board yet??? 😊

  • Phil
    Phil Month ago +41

    Some of the realest and most genuine people I’ve met were in my skateboarding and bmx days. They just wanted to see our sport evolve and share with everyone they could

    • A\O Digital
      A\O Digital Month ago

      You could not say so much about adam22, point being any community will have "the best I ever met" and "the worst I ever met" type of people.

    • Serb
      Serb Month ago +1

      Jesus where did you live? Had a few nice lads in my park but the other half go there for drugs. Lots of beef with bmx, scooter kids, and skaters.

  • Jimmy Thompson
    Jimmy Thompson Month ago

    so wholesome

  • Kevin Brown
    Kevin Brown Month ago

    That kid is gonna be a pro like Tony Hawk someday! 😁

  • Vee
    Vee Month ago

    This is so inspiring and very nice of the guy doing this for the family.
    Thank you whoever you are.
    You are amazing.

  • Brigitte Bui
    Brigitte Bui Month ago

    Happy tears from this mommy of boys!

  • Trepidity Trepidity

    So sweet.

  • Favorite D
    Favorite D Month ago

    What a beautiful kiddo

  • Mark Higginbottom
    Mark Higginbottom Month ago


  • Mohamed Hesham
    Mohamed Hesham Month ago +1

    That was the cutest "happy" I have ever heard

  • Med Student 46
    Med Student 46 Month ago +3

    We Indians are so lucky to have fathers who actually care for us and are present.

  • R M.
    R M. Month ago

    Aw, God Bless! 😭🥺🥰

  • Kimberly Marrone
    Kimberly Marrone Month ago

    You're amazing ❤️

  • Jp Tf
    Jp Tf 8 days ago

    Love this type of generosity

  • Paulina Pantoja Viveros

    I'm not crying, you are

  • Coco Triplets
    Coco Triplets Month ago +8

    This is so wholesome! We need more people like this in the world. I hope this little boy keeps this legacy going

  • ACID_Source
    ACID_Source Month ago

    Cool we need more of this in the world

  • GrizzleyBruin
    GrizzleyBruin Month ago

    Awwwwww ! ! ! !

  • Shane Reid
    Shane Reid Month ago


  • Andi Leigh
    Andi Leigh Month ago

    Oh my God I love that he bought the kid his own skateboard! That is so thoughtful

  • N. B.
    N. B. Month ago

    That's so sweet! I hope he was able to give him the skateboard!

  • Shosha Ana
    Shosha Ana Month ago

    Skaters are some of the very kindest people!

  • LTS
    LTS Month ago +2

    Suupppper sweet!!❤❤❤

  • Cece K.
    Cece K. Month ago

    Awww!! How dope ❤

  • Jessie Soul
    Jessie Soul Month ago

    Omg, so cute "Happy!" Lol

  • silly
    silly Month ago

    So wholesome😭

  • dustin ashcraft
    dustin ashcraft Month ago

    That's awesome

  • F i N Nilrebna
    F i N Nilrebna Month ago

    Happy! Oh that’s nice 😊

  • Thaddeus
    Thaddeus Month ago

    That's the way we should all encourage the World to be.

  • Y2kGacha
    Y2kGacha Month ago +1

    “happy!” That’s so wholesome! 🥲

  • D.N. McKinney
    D.N. McKinney Month ago

    Ladies, that father-son-mother moment is one of the main reasons a man (man, not boy) wants to get married. There’s no price that can be put on it, and the boy might even forget that day but, the parents have another unique treasure to add to their souls.

  • Not-A-Social-Program
    Not-A-Social-Program Month ago +1

    Good man good dad ❤❤

  • Ms. Tei Tei
    Ms. Tei Tei Month ago


  • PJRankin
    PJRankin Month ago

    So cute

  • Celeste Ben Amara
    Celeste Ben Amara Month ago

    You never know the impact of an act of kindness. It could change Everything for the receiver. God Bless you!

  • Lynda Hammond
    Lynda Hammond 6 days ago

    How precious and kind!

  • Jennifer Morgan
    Jennifer Morgan Month ago +1

    i love it

  • el gadgy
    el gadgy Month ago

    Bless ❤

  • GR¡MM
    GR¡MM Month ago

    I love this stuff

  • KnowJesusKnowPeace
    KnowJesusKnowPeace 5 days ago

    I’ve never heard a good story about a skateboarder before. So nice. Not destroying public property, not striking people or vehicles with boards. Well done.

  • that's that
    that's that Month ago

    Oh he's adorable

  • Sunny :)
    Sunny :) Month ago

    how amazing

  • Koen Paff
    Koen Paff Month ago

    That is nice

  • Kelley Qolak
    Kelley Qolak Month ago +25

    Awe. How nice he bought him a skateboard❤️
    That's so thoughtful👍

    TRA_ RAFCOR Month ago

    That's so nice ❤❤

  • Xica Clothing
    Xica Clothing Month ago

    I love this!!!

  • Adam Temple
    Adam Temple Month ago

    Super cool 😊

  • Recklessneo
    Recklessneo Month ago

    This is what America needs to learn be nice and kind to each other.

  • Certified Fn Hater
    Certified Fn Hater Month ago

    Man it’s the smallest things that could make a person or families day. We should all do this.

  • VS206
    VS206 Month ago

    This is a good channel because all it has is positivity.

  • Ideas
    Ideas Month ago

  • shaggy1420 cush
    shaggy1420 cush Month ago


  • casualcrybaby
    casualcrybaby Month ago +8

    That’s so sweet

  • rotininoodles69
    rotininoodles69 Month ago +12

    this stuff honestly replenishes my feelings towards our current society. most people suck these days, but people like this warm my heart 🥺💕 this is just so sweet & precious.

  • Olivia St Bernard
    Olivia St Bernard Month ago


  • Raafee Khan
    Raafee Khan Month ago

    That a nice guy

  • Red ez
    Red ez Month ago

    Legend has it he is still waiting to give the board to the kid

  • colin a
    colin a Month ago

    This is why I love the skateboarding community. Nobody hesitates to help somebody.

  • Pysith T
    Pysith T 13 days ago

    Sooooo cuteeeeeee

  • KY Kevin
    KY Kevin Month ago

    How nice would it be if we could all treat each other this way

  • Berlin - a rescue dog🐕♥

    That's an indian family ❤

  • Whitney Baxter
    Whitney Baxter Month ago

    Good job man

  • JUIC3🧃
    JUIC3🧃 Month ago

    love this keep it up GOD BLESS❤❤❤

  • Sebastian Uhlmann
    Sebastian Uhlmann Month ago

    This is soooo wholesome and I'm literally about to cry! ❤❤❤

  • BeastX23
    BeastX23 Month ago


  • Baljinder Singh
    Baljinder Singh Month ago

    Nice 👍

  • rsus2012
    rsus2012 Month ago

    Did you ever get to see them again ❤

  • Erick Pine
    Erick Pine Month ago +1

    Awe I love acts of love kindness like this.❤😢

  • Carter Hensley
    Carter Hensley Month ago


  • B Suarez
    B Suarez Month ago

    How we should all carry ourselves. Extending a hand where it’s needed

  • Papi Chulo
    Papi Chulo Month ago

    That's so beautiful. You're the man dude

  • dribbled by ronaldinho

    If someone gave me a board as a child I probably would've dedicated my life to that guy

  • Divine Descent
    Divine Descent Month ago +1

    That's cool dude!

  • jfernnesta Parker
    jfernnesta Parker Month ago

    Very humble and gregarious!

  • dancingK9
    dancingK9 Month ago

    This for sure l👀ks like living life to the fullest on both sides 👏🙌🙏👍

  • wallof jars
    wallof jars 17 days ago

    Cool dude!!!

  • StrangeSkill
    StrangeSkill Month ago


  • Piyush Kumar
    Piyush Kumar Month ago

    Americans are kind hearted.❤

  • Izahar Izzudin
    Izahar Izzudin Month ago

    Thinking to do something good is the best thing

  • cheri churchill
    cheri churchill 2 days ago

    That is so cute!!

  • Alvino Maciel
    Alvino Maciel Month ago +1

    Kindness is key to a great life

  • Gezondheidscentrum Gennesareth