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Trying to learn ANYTHING new.

  • Published on Jun 23, 2019 veröffentlicht
  • This was me when I try the learn the simplest iluusion tricks
    Fly - Teil soundcloud.com/iknewteil/fly
    Oddwin - 8.16.18
  • ComedyComedy

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  • River Bucknor
    River Bucknor 3 years ago +27116

    Then in the comments you see everyone thanking him for the clear explanation

  • TheVoidNeedsAHug
    TheVoidNeedsAHug Year ago +2160

    "For this extremely simple life hack you will need some basic household items that everyone should have. You will need a power saw, a severed human arm, 84 gallons of battery fluid, a small child around the age of 4, and a paper clip."

    • Suf1an65
      Suf1an65 6 days ago +1

      Those videos piss me off, where the fuck am I gonna find a paper clip

    • Bean
      Bean 7 days ago

      “Now how the HELL am I supposed to find a paper clip?!”

    • No Brand Can
      No Brand Can 7 days ago

      where am I gonna find a paper clip?!

    • Prim
      Prim 8 days ago

      Dude, how can you POSSIBLY expect everyone to just have that on hand? Not everyone can afford paper clips, you know...

    • TheVoidNeedsAHug
      TheVoidNeedsAHug 9 days ago

      @Sagittarius A* no, they must be separate. It's not too much of an inconvenience though, and should only take about five additional minutes to rectify the problem. Good luck!

  • Brenda B Johnson
    Brenda B Johnson Year ago +9206

    Meanwhile the comments he like: best magic teacher ever. You really made things simple to understand and very clear. Thank you!

  • Griffy
    Griffy Year ago +3951

    “It took me about half an hour to finally master the technique but I can definitely say that my kids LOVED it. Unfortunately for me my daughter watches your videos too! 😅 Just fifteen minutes and she was doing just as good as me. Can’t wait to see your next tutorial. Truly the easiest thing in the world.”

    • SpaceBoy146
      SpaceBoy146 4 months ago +21

      "it took my son twenty minutes, but he finally got it down and now performs these tricks on a dialy basis. He's the talk of all his friends at school and I even took him to a local club meeting where he was signed up to do underwing training. it's all thanks to you, thank you so much !
      I just wish everyone would watch these videos, it would make the world a better place literally overnight !"

      RAINBOW SPONGEBOB COOL 8 months ago +1


    • TheVoidNeedsAHug
      TheVoidNeedsAHug 10 months ago +56

      i can see this in the comments

    • Not That Bad
      Not That Bad Year ago +17


  • Mohammed Safwan
    Mohammed Safwan 2 years ago +8496

    The only unrealistic thing is when he didn't quit after the first 2

    • Rajas Joshi
      Rajas Joshi 8 days ago

      No it was when he didnt fast forward to the explanations

    • A S
      A S Year ago

      He also didn’t skip a lot of the video

    • Duper
      Duper Year ago

      @Burrito Uzumaki yessir 👀 I knew it lmao

    • Burrito Uzumaki
      Burrito Uzumaki Year ago +1

      @Duper really

    • Burrito Uzumaki
      Burrito Uzumaki Year ago +1

      @Duper lmao

  • Mo
    Mo Year ago +1096

    When you realise that this dude doing “entry” level magic tricks would of nailed the superhuman interview while almost everyone that actually applies didn’t

    • Soc B
      Soc B 3 months ago +2

      He doesn't need to do a backflip to go invisible atleast

    • Len Kagamine
      Len Kagamine 6 months ago +1

      the benefits must not have been very good

    • Rammy Jammy
      Rammy Jammy Year ago +7

      @Mo 100%. i do animations on my channel, and i became really good because i put lots of time and effort. so relatable

    • Mo
      Mo Year ago +18

      @Rammy Jammy same for me man, but on the bright side, I’m sure you can become really good on any one thing if you put enough time and effort in

    • Rammy Jammy
      Rammy Jammy Year ago +6

      lol, literally takes me uhh bout 35 years to learn one thing

  • Uneven
    Uneven 3 years ago +16236

    youtuber magician: *punches a hole through the space time continuum*
    also youtuber magician: "it's very easy, even a kid can do it"

    • KneeGoblin
      KneeGoblin 5 months ago

      anyone can do it with a lot of practise

    • Merveille Ndjondjet
      Merveille Ndjondjet 8 months ago

      @SheriffSunshine they’re crying laughing

    • Merveille Ndjondjet
      Merveille Ndjondjet 8 months ago


    • Leon A Lewis
      Leon A Lewis 8 months ago

      Yeah, easy if you have super powers and impossible if you don't. Clip-Sharer magaician: OH SSSSSHHHHHH

    • farciarz funny
      farciarz funny 11 months ago

      @Wilmer360 TV Jesus? When he was little

  • FighterCK
    FighterCK 2 years ago +5046

    It's cool that Caleb is finally getting other actors to show up in his skits, but damn, how did he manage to get John Cena to show up in this?

    • SamJam77
      SamJam77 7 months ago

      @Nimon lmao man cares too much about his meaningless internet reputation

    • dart6
      dart6 7 months ago +1

      How did you get the first joke, but not the second one???

    • LabGoat
      LabGoat 7 months ago +1

      What? No. That was Dave Batista

    • totalymew
      totalymew 8 months ago

      @Nimon bruh

    • ᎠᏒΔψ N1H7 ᎠᏒᎪᏟᎾ YT
      ᎠᏒΔψ N1H7 ᎠᏒᎪᏟᎾ YT Year ago

      @Nimon you can't see the comment. Its John Cena

  • #1 Banana Hater
    #1 Banana Hater 2 years ago +12901

    “What’s your superpower?”
    “I can move beyond lightspeed”
    “Oh cool! we could use somebody like y-“
    “ *But it only works when i’m doing a magic trick* “

    • Kevin Greenley
      Kevin Greenley Month ago

      "Alright, how 'bout you show me a magic trick and make that guy disappear?"

    • LabGoat
      LabGoat 3 months ago

      Then continue doing magic tricks to the villain!

    • T3xTfil3
      T3xTfil3 6 months ago


    • darreners1
      darreners1 7 months ago

      Wait… is he The Magician That’s Also An Criminal?
      An supervillain indeed…

    • human person
      human person 7 months ago

      Hey, a disappearing trick might be useful

  • Matt Vollmer
    Matt Vollmer 6 months ago +233

    I love that "intense surrealism" jingle that Caleb puts into his videos when things cross the line.

    • Jaxon the Okay
      Jaxon the Okay 3 months ago +16

      it's the moment you realize you entered the twilight zone

  • ovolon
    ovolon 2 years ago +6244

    The slow motion clip of the shirt changing where he waves his arms wildly kills me, I was dying lmao

    • Emil Harty
      Emil Harty 5 months ago +1

      bruh!!! I started wheezing (fighting for my life) LOL

    • quex
      quex 6 months ago


    • guhb 15
      guhb 15 6 months ago


    • Pinhead
      Pinhead 7 months ago

      bro I was crying shit was too funny

    • The R.F.G Club
      The R.F.G Club 9 months ago

      SAMEEEEE 😂

  • NuTTy—
    NuTTy— Year ago +619

    “If you can’t see it then that’s ok you know you probably just need to *train your eyes* a little bit more” 😂😂😂😂

  • user1204
    user1204 3 years ago +8536

    I love how calmly he is explaining his inhumane abilities to the viewers

  • Shadowkirby
    Shadowkirby 2 years ago +1758

    *Able to stop time*
    Magician: "It’s just some simple misdirection."

    • Giorno Giovanna's cum dumpster
      Giorno Giovanna's cum dumpster 2 months ago

      ​@I'm mentally handicapped:(

    • EData
      EData 11 months ago +1

      I will show it in slow motion...its really very simple. Just shoot 10 500 yottawatt gamma ray lasers to create a black hole horizon near the apple. This will cause extreme curvature of spacetime near the apple thereby making it look like time is stopped for it to the outside observer. Really just some simple misdirection and sleight of hand.

    • ingenuity23
      ingenuity23 11 months ago

      @I'm mentally handicapped no, part 6 ending does not reset the fucking universe. araki created an alternate universe for part 7 which is unrelated from the events of made in heaven. after emporio kills pucci he is erased from all timeline and the original timeline is restored to one where he never existed. that is why jolyne is irene because she no longer is bound to the joestar curse

    • him
      him Year ago

      @I'm mentally handicapped the funny part is this spoiler isn’t even correct lmao

    • Gamer Central
      Gamer Central Year ago

      @I'm mentally handicapped yes we already know. Although they said their gonna bring back the main universe in part 9 so Collio. And basically every jojo fan already knows that

  • Depressed Tomato
    Depressed Tomato 2 years ago +1120

    Everyone's talking about the magic tricks but can we talk about how this man got more tabs open than my 8th grade science teacher

    • Meshamu
      Meshamu 4 months ago

      If you like having bonkers amounts of tabs open, you might want to try one of those tab suspender or tab unloader extensions. Depending on whether your browser supports such a thing. Could save you some memory on the tabs you've left idle for a while.

    • Nani Andrea
      Nani Andrea 10 months ago

      Was gonna say

    • Sahasra Kalwala
      Sahasra Kalwala Year ago

      u should see my tabs... its terrible

    • Dijkstra
      Dijkstra Year ago

      uh... one sec lemme count... 26 tabs open

    • ShowMeSomethingRandom
      ShowMeSomethingRandom Year ago +1

      i have 100+ tabs open at all times

  • MrCompassionate01
    MrCompassionate01 6 months ago +55

    Feels this way trying to learn any art related thing
    "So as you can see this is actually pretty simple if you have a comprehensive understanding of every bone, muscle and fat layer in the human body, then to finish the piece your hand just kinda flies all over the screen, perfectly summoning the art into existence like a 3D printer on steroids"

    • Grambo Gringus
      Grambo Gringus 8 days ago +1

      @Mine Duck consistent practice is most important. I was mostly drawing stick men until 7th grade (12 years old for those not in the U.S.), now I'm a college freshman who's able to draw a fairly realistic human. And I work too much and am focusing on my beat making hobby to practice, if I practiced every day, hyperrealism would be my next step. But it is what it is.

    • Mine Duck
      Mine Duck 5 months ago +4

      Why am I so dumb of a monkey that I can look at things all day everyday for a lifetime, but ask me to draw a anything harder than a stick man and I'll fail.

  • Legendary Productions
    Legendary Productions 2 years ago +837

    Caleb: “that has nothing to do with technique he’s inhuman!”
    The guy: he knows to much (steps out of Computer)

  • Bugaboy
    Bugaboy Year ago +33

    2:27 his reaction is just priceless 😂😂

  • Jack Ford
    Jack Ford 3 years ago +20259

    Theory: Caleb lives in a universe where everyone has some kind of power and he just kinda has to deal with it.

    • NamelessPerson
      NamelessPerson 9 months ago

      Caleb’s power is cloning so everyone looks the same and they made Caleb city to live in and everyone has unique powers and people can sign up to join teams which is how that the two videos of really stupid powers exists

    • Who?
      Who? 10 months ago +1

      Isn’t that just My Hero Academia?

    • Aakarshit Srivastava
      Aakarshit Srivastava 11 months ago +1


    • Andel Heriveaux
      Andel Heriveaux 11 months ago

      @Skep Abbas literally

    • Sabali Signs
      Sabali Signs 11 months ago

      OP You just explained my life...

  • Anish
    Anish 2 years ago +633

    He's not inhuman bro, he just has a better chair.

    • Certified Goat
      Certified Goat Year ago +14

      Nah it’s just simple misdirection his chair just boosts his stats by BEYOND LIGHT SPEED

  • Benbu
    Benbu Year ago +3

    Thank you for having that many tabs open

  • Malaz Karar
    Malaz Karar Year ago +23

    I honestly relate to this. It sucks when a tutorial is supposed to make you think less but ends up putting your mind into overdrive.

  • C Jones
    C Jones Year ago +40

    I'm in med school and this is me, screaming at the screen, during every 👏🏿 single 👏🏿 pharm lecture while the profs clap themselves on the back saying, this is easy isn't it? So easy - you all get it, don't you? All the while, I understand absolutely nothing lol!
    I feel you, Caleb the learner! It's all unrevealed magic tricks. It ain't easy. 😑🙄

  • JRG 7777
    JRG 7777 Year ago +11

    This is exactly what happens each time I try to get into programming. 6 times and it still happens exactly like this.

    • TransparentLabyrinth
      TransparentLabyrinth 6 months ago +2

      Have you tried bucky's old C++ tutorials? channel is called thenewboston. I've heard it said they are "bad" because they don't cover enough detail or something like that, but I found them pretty easy to follow back when I knew next to nothing about programming. IIRC, he uses really basic examples of stuff, instead of doing like some tutorials where it's like "and here's an entire algorithm and game engine I programmed for this example and the variables are named foo and bar."

  • Michael McGlaughlin
    Michael McGlaughlin 2 years ago +9792

    I started actually crying when he “slowed down” the shirt popping technique😂😂😂

    • FennTheFennecFoxYT
      FennTheFennecFoxYT Year ago


    • Inf Jxsh
      Inf Jxsh 2 years ago +1


    • K Mit
      K Mit 2 years ago +1

      @grass ask his roommate he made a beat off of lol

    • K Mit
      K Mit 2 years ago +1

      Lmao that shot had me in tears 😂😂😂

    • son KAKAROT
      son KAKAROT 2 years ago +1

      Me too lol

  • Painfall
    Painfall 2 years ago +139

    "HE SAID GO QUICKLY NOT BEYOND LIGHT SPEED!" i fucking died laughing this is an amazing channel

  • Fluffyudders
    Fluffyudders Year ago +43

    I can't be the only one who wants the tutorial video as a separate upload so that I can send it to friends out of context.

  • Rainman Feld
    Rainman Feld Year ago +140

    When he hit the .."*sniff* I don't understand." That took me back to having my pops teach me literally ANYTHING..His response was.... repeating what he said

  • Technodog
    Technodog 2 years ago +298

    “You’re inhuman” watching anyone good at rhythm games

  • OneBillionTacos
    OneBillionTacos Year ago +75

    Yep. This is 100% accurate. Especially the crying bit.

  • Rayne Ozier
    Rayne Ozier 3 years ago +4253

    I tried to learn magic in middle school and it only lasted a month because all of the tutorials were like this.

    • Zipho Masuku
      Zipho Masuku Year ago +2

      The tutorials themselves are a magic trick 😂

    • El Duardo
      El Duardo Year ago +8

      You made middle school last only a month? Man, I wish I had watched those time bending magic tutorials...

    • Gaze73
      Gaze73 Year ago +3

      you're a wizard, harry.

    • King of demons
      King of demons 3 years ago

      Adam Guy can you send a link to a vid

    • Krasserj4k
      Krasserj4k 3 years ago +3

      I would reccomend the channel "julians magician school"

  • Auto-sabotagem e Procrastinação

    “I’ve mastered the ability of standing so incredibly still that I become invisible to the eye"

  • Peregrine Wolf
    Peregrine Wolf 2 months ago +3

    The shirt slow motion part killed me and I couldn't laugh since I was dying 😂😂

    • edit kid
      edit kid 2 months ago +1

      Bro did it at lightspeed 💀

  • Solomon Cyress
    Solomon Cyress 8 months ago +16

    The comments: i did this at my sons birthday party yesterday the kids and parents was all cheering, cant wait to see some more of your awsome videos, thank you so much, definitely subscribing.

  • Strum Dynasty
    Strum Dynasty 2 years ago +12

    The most impressive part of this is actually the tutorial video itself. Not only did Caleb have to make the effects look good for the joke to work, but he had to pull off that “tutorial guy” thing without breaking character for the humor to land. Genuinely, he did a great job with that.

    • TransparentLabyrinth
      TransparentLabyrinth 6 months ago +1

      Yes, the amount of work/skill that must go into him writing different parts, playing different parts, filming different parts, and splicing it all together to look convincingly like he's different people interacting with each other is just astounding. There are actors who make bank more or less playing themselves and he's out here convincing us he's different people within the same video. And without a bunch of expensive makeup work to change his appearance too.

  • James Rowe
    James Rowe Year ago +77

    “It probably looks like I’m invisible right me…”

  • HiJacker
    HiJacker 3 years ago +5335

    *Murders an innocent person and hides all evidence*
    Tutorial guy: "Simple misdirection"

    • CookieChi
      CookieChi Year ago +1

      @Khem Dino Also calub: "SiMpLe MiSdIrEcTiOn"

    • Khem Dino
      Khem Dino Year ago +1

      *Repeadedly stabs guy and then places a portal on the dead body*
      Caleb: Simple trick

    • Khem Dino
      Khem Dino Year ago

      How do you do ¥bold

    • thegigadykid1
      thegigadykid1 3 years ago +1

      Lol ong I'm dead

    • ____
      ____ 3 years ago +2


  • Anijay
    Anijay 4 months ago +3

    3 years later and I still laugh so hard at when he switches his shirt in slow motion 😂. I love this video!

  • Cameron Estrada
    Cameron Estrada 11 months ago +2

    I am LITERALLY rolling on th floor laughing at the part where he was taking off his shirt at the speed of light 😂😂😂

  • KyleIdk
    KyleIdk Year ago +12

    I love how he even put the background music to pretend like an actual tutorial, that’s some dedication right dang there.

  • Oddsie
    Oddsie Year ago +2

    This video is so true, especially the part where he straight up does something seemingly impossible and then hits the audience with the “Yeah this one’s pretty easy, it’s mainly for kids and stuff.”

  • aBbie rEynolds
    aBbie rEynolds Year ago +71

    The only unrealistic thing about this is that the dude in the video didn't have a thick Indian accent that you can hardly make out what he's saying😂😂

  • SupaFX
    SupaFX 3 years ago +10560

    The tutorials always say “it looks complicated but it’s very simple”
    It’s not simple 😂

    • GK_ 195
      GK_ 195 3 years ago

      Like mumbojumbo's redstone tutorials

    • Sunkhrist
      Sunkhrist 3 years ago

      Music producers in a nutshell

    • 1AB23C
      1AB23C 3 years ago

      @floyd I learnt rubic cube from Clip-Share though...

    • floyd
      floyd 3 years ago +1

      Try watching a Rubik's Cube tutorial it's impossible

    • Lunar Overdrive
      Lunar Overdrive 3 years ago +1

      @Long af username not typing that Yeah! Someone should make a skit about it too! It sounds like a great plot!

  • the lavinator
    the lavinator Year ago +5

    I was having a tough time with the shirt trick. After seeing this video i was able to master it in 5 minutes. Thank you caleb

  • Kennedy
    Kennedy 2 months ago +3

    3:03-3:15 was literally me through most of my philosophy class

  • random name
    random name 5 months ago +1

    His surprised jump from the reaction of the shirt gets me everytime

  • Ninjastormling
    Ninjastormling 2 years ago +3

    Ah, he’s not using an illusion. He’s using actual full blown, real deal magic

  • saturou gojo
    saturou gojo 3 months ago +17

    "He said go quickly, not beyond light speed" killed me

  • Eli Stratton
    Eli Stratton 3 years ago +4652

    Who else thought the magician would re-appear behind Caleb😂

    • Zeyy
      Zeyy 3 years ago


    • Tanaya Amar
      Tanaya Amar 3 years ago +1

      I was just gonna comment that!!

    • Vanifer
      Vanifer 3 years ago

      "And as you can see, I'm now standing in your living room!"
      "BUT HOW?!??!? *HOOOOWW??!*
      "Well, it's just a very simple easy to do trick. My little sister actually pulled the same thing on me one time, so y'know, fun and laughs all around!"

    • J.E
      J.E 3 years ago +1


  • tibli
    tibli Year ago +25

    the way he literally starts crying out of frustration and not understanding is so real lmao i felt that 😭

  • TheAwsomeManny
    TheAwsomeManny 2 years ago +29

    “Can’t be easier than this, so get to practicing...”
    Had me dying bro LMAO 🤣

  • Karno
    Karno Year ago

    Lmao as a guy who tried to learn magic tricks I say that this is realistic and relatable

  • Malky
    Malky Year ago +70

    Anime protagonists explaining how to do their techniques be like

  • yousefmstfa
    yousefmstfa 7 months ago +1

    Caleb here is like a kid who doesn't comprehend the *magic* of editing 😂

  • angelbeats71
    angelbeats71 3 years ago +2047

    This guy needs to interview for the super hero interview.
    Interviewer: "So, what's your power?"
    "I can do magic tricks."
    Interviewer: "You can do what?"
    "Let me show you."
    *After he shows him everything*
    "Easy right?"
    Interviewer: "WHATCHU MEAN THAT WAS EASY!"
    "No, you just--"

  • Asiya Khan
    Asiya Khan Year ago +16

    There should've been comment section saying- *This video was so clear and easy. I have already started the advanced magic trick series from his tutorials*

    • theuncalledfor
      theuncalledfor Year ago +3

      The advanced magic trick: "Okay this one's called Gate, you just do these hand motions and say the incantation and it opens a portal to Hell. You can use this if you ever need to summon a demon or if you just want to go visit and maybe wreak some havoc over there."

  • I Came Here To Laugh At You
    I Came Here To Laugh At You 2 years ago +434

    "this is level 1"
    Level 10: *literally bending reality*

    • the Hughes
      the Hughes Year ago

      What about level 100?

    • Ire Makinde
      Ire Makinde Year ago

      Level 0 bendiing space time continium plot manipulation and quantum manipulation

    • rowboat
      rowboat 2 years ago +2

      level 100: figuratively bending reality

    • Tom Eye The SFM guy
      Tom Eye The SFM guy 2 years ago +6

      Level 10: Doctor Strange

    • _.Fay._
      _.Fay._ 2 years ago +7

      @Kyle Nason Are you joking? We all know it was in level 0.5

  • Orcsloot
    Orcsloot 11 months ago

    learning magi as a kid this is actually accurate af especially with card tricks and ANYTHING to do with slight of hand for that matter...

  • King Moto
    King Moto 2 years ago +2

    I love on every skit, dude still be talking, explaining shit, while Caleb’s mental universe be collapsing in on itself (cue disorientating puzzling anime music).

  • pepitodelrancho
    pepitodelrancho 6 months ago

    we gotta give his editing skills props

  • Obehi Obanor
    Obehi Obanor 3 years ago +2097

    *Goes beyond speed of light*
    Kahoot: WERE YOU TOOOOO FAST??!!

  • TransparentLabyrinth
    TransparentLabyrinth 6 months ago +2

    The trouble is, being skilled at something doesn't necessarily mean you have any idea how to teach it. I think when people have just got to around an intermediate skill level, that's some of the best times for teaching beginners; skilled enough to teach some introductory things accurately, but not so far in they've forgotten what it was like to be clueless.

  • Andre
    Andre 2 years ago +2

    I'm trying to learn 3d sculpting, and I can confirm that everything in this video is very true.
    I, for example, am at the part of the video where he starts to cry.

  • Jack Rainey
    Jack Rainey 3 months ago +4

    This is how I feel learning how to code right now...

  • DME
    DME 2 years ago +1

    I like his " shock reaction" every time something unexplainable happens🤣

  • Instantaneous Visceral Obliteration

    Making a video of yourself reacting to a video of yourself is high-key more of a reaction than most reaction channels lol

  • iNstantQue
    iNstantQue 3 years ago +3360

    I was definitely expecting him to appear in his room or something. You know how far left these videos can go 😂

    • DEFIB
      DEFIB 3 years ago

      iNstantQue did someone say F A R L E F T ? !

    • niera
      niera 3 years ago

      Me too 😭😭😭😭😭

    • Celery Stalk
      Celery Stalk 3 years ago

      Aye sameee I was expecting him to just pop up in the room
      That's when u know you've been on this channel too long💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

    • Kernita Harris
      Kernita Harris 3 years ago


    • ᕲᘿᖇᘿᖽᐸ
      ᕲᘿᖇᘿᖽᐸ 3 years ago

      iNstantQue I literally thought the same thing 🤣🤣

  • 폼폰오르세
    폼폰오르세 Year ago

    thanks Caleb, I was feeling pretty bad today but you made me laugh so much 🤣🤣

  • HeroLegacy
    HeroLegacy 2 years ago

    I found this video way funnier than I feel I should have 😂

  • WitcherFan3393
    WitcherFan3393 Year ago

    Since the start of this pandemic, I have tried learning things, and this is exactly what happens frequently. For me the best learning technique is actually doing in oftentimes many times repeatedly.

  • Kevin Chittinappilly
    Kevin Chittinappilly 11 months ago +2

    magic guy: opens a multiversal portal that leads to a different multiverse by moving at 640 million times the speed of light
    caleb: "ok now thats just impossible"
    Magic guy: "oh its not impossible caleb, look outside"
    Caleb: sees a 3 year old going into a different multiverse
    Caleb: i dont understand

  • Pepe the Frog
    Pepe the Frog 6 months ago +1

    I want this guy to walk in to the superhuman interview. "I have inhuman reflexes and skills that makes it seem like I'm doing magic... but I can only activate them when making tutorial videos by myself".

    • CatBatRat
      CatBatRat 5 months ago +1

      Interviewer: Yo, that's just video editing! You're just editing your videos!
      Magician: Wait-- wait, really?
      (you know, kind of like the guy who thought he could read minds but just needed more practice because he could only read his own mind, but he was actually just thinking)

  • Tempest_Axle
    Tempest_Axle 3 years ago +4618

    "He said go quickly not *beyond* light speed" LMFAO

    • Cooking My Way
      Cooking My Way 3 years ago

      My channel just died at this one 😂

    • Eric Samuel
      Eric Samuel 3 years ago

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  • CCWildWords
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    Also guy: It's misdirection.

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    Cactus Juice Year ago

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    • Martin
      Martin 3 years ago +10

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