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The Real Reason Lake Mead is Rising

  • Published on Mar 24, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Lake Mead is one of the largest reservoirs in the United States. In 2022, it dropped to record low levels, and nearly reached dead-pool status. But today, the reservoir's condition is very different. Water Levels are rising, and snowpack on the Colorado River is reaching record high levels. Therefore, how what does the future hold for Lake Mead, and how will rising water levels affect the future of this reservoir?
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  • Sebastian Dorian
    Sebastian Dorian 2 months ago +276

    The state of Nevada only uses 1% of its allocated share of water from lake mead. The southern Nevada water authority has been able to recapture, recycle and reuse 98% of the water we pull out of Lake mead. We are definitely not the problem. We are currently the only state that has been able to conserve such a high amount of water.

    • stick004
      stick004 2 months ago +1

      Maria CANCER , why are you posted this as a reply. The OP didn’t make this video. This smells like a scam a mile away.

    • Gen
      Gen 2 months ago


    • Shelby Fredrickson
      Shelby Fredrickson 2 months ago +9

      Yeah,,, tell that to alll the people in Las Vegas who have grass lawns...

    • B Reft
      B Reft 2 months ago

      Ask the northern Nevadans about that.

    • Steve Stoves
      Steve Stoves 2 months ago +15

      @Shelby Fredrickson there aren’t very many homes with those anymore. Been here 32 years and it’s way different now.

  • Grant McCoy
    Grant McCoy 2 months ago +46

    I was hoping for a success story like the ones in California I keep hearing about. Those reservoirs filled up already, but I think they were quite small comparatively. To be fair, even 6 feet of water at Lake mead is an absolutely incredible amount of water, but so is the amount they lost.

    • Christopher
      Christopher 2 months ago

    • Lars Fridtjof Nærheim
      Lars Fridtjof Nærheim Month ago

      Build Sites, but it is not enough! Do this also: There is 11 times more water in The Columbia River. IT is easy to move 1 or 2 "Colorado Rivers", down to Red Bluff. No pumps are needed! CA`s water problem are fixed forever!!!

    • Ron Patrick
      Ron Patrick Month ago +1

      I was thinking the same thing. All of the rain in Ca was filling there reservoirs. But Mead is the largest
      in the US. We have to conserve water…

    • Astute Cultivator🔫🤠
      Astute Cultivator🔫🤠 28 days ago

      Lake Tahoe ain’t small

  • Toussaint Lou
    Toussaint Lou 18 days ago +11

    Fortunately everything you said has changed dramatically due to the March 2023 snowfall. The 34 tracked reservoirs upstream of Lake Powell are filling, rising from 59 to 71 pct in just months. Lake Powell had enough water to perform a three-day high volume release to replenish the beaches along the river. The projections in the latest 24 month report are up from here. As I type, there is another snow fall west of Denver happening in the Rocky mountains making things even better. California must complete the Sites Reservoir, and the 7 state agreement has to be adjusted. There are not 16.5 MAF to share every year, but actually 13.5 MAF. Instead of 7.5 million acre feet for the Upper states, and 7.5 MAF for the Lower states (with 1.5 MAF for Mexico), it should be 6 MAF each. Once that is in place, we go forward.

    • Victor Ortiz
      Victor Ortiz 17 days ago +2

      This comment is more on point than the actual video lmao

    • Toussaint Lou
      Toussaint Lou Day ago

      Update: 5/29/23, the 34 tracked reservoirs are now at 78 pct, and I predict them to go over 90 pct. Lake Powell increases the annual amount NV uses, every four days during this meltoff. Expect this increase until the last week of July with a peak at around 3590' (Lord willing). What people don't know is that as Lake Powell increases, the amt of power Glen Canyon can generate increases dramatically. The same with Lake Mead and Hoover Dam. Davis, Parker and Headgate dams, downstream of Hoover, are regulated by Hoover and very consistent. Lake Mohave, Havasu and Moovalya have tight seasonal levels.

  • Jimjam
    Jimjam 2 months ago +86

    I have a question. Has Lake Mead almost reached dead pool status?

  • Kurt P
    Kurt P 2 months ago +221

    Let's see...more rain and increasing snowpack can result in the water level rising. Brilliant!

    • Thomas Stuart
      Thomas Stuart 2 months ago +13

      you saved me 8 minutes even though I kinda figured :D

    • edward tobiasen
      edward tobiasen 2 months ago +1

      Nope, all the lakes need to make a bottom, and that will use around half of the surplus water coming down.

    • Vins Web
      Vins Web 2 months ago +9

      that took 8 painful minutes. LOL

    • RainMaker
      RainMaker 2 months ago +5


  • Everyday SQL
    Everyday SQL 2 months ago +289

    This video HAS reached Deadpool status.

    • Jeff Rippe
      Jeff Rippe 2 months ago +10

      Welp, I wonder if Lake Mead has been close to Deadpool status in the recent years? You’d think they would address the Deadpool question in this video…. I just had to say something to recognize you comment. I just about sent a mouthful of soda headed straight towards my wife when I read that comment! Hilarious. 😂

    • Mondavou
      Mondavou Month ago +3

      Best Comment!

    • Ivan Jetá
      Ivan Jetá Month ago +6

      Drinking game right there... xD

    • Jeffy
      Jeffy Month ago +1

      He’s awesome

    • Grizz
      Grizz 19 days ago


  • Stephen Jensen
    Stephen Jensen 2 months ago +28

    Colorado river rights support Colorado and Utah--not Mead. I believe Utah gets the majority of their Colorado river rights by by using the Strawberry reservoir to divert some of the water that would normally flow into the Green. Eastern Utah does not have a lot of agriculture. There is not aqueduct or pipe from Powell or Mead to populated areas in Utah. Of the upper basin water Utah is entitled to 7.5% which they use around 60% a year. The vast majority of Colorado river is used by California and Arizona. This also makes sense due to geography. Just want to make sure it is clear what Lake Mead supports. Utah and Colorado is supported by all the great vegetables they get from California. I don't think Almond milk is all that important IMO.

    • Stephen Jensen
      Stephen Jensen 2 months ago +1

      I missed something. The Virgin River feeds into Mead and Utah gets a lot their water from the virgin (Probably the majority). Again geography would make it very hard for water to run in but one direction. Bottom line I am for Utah also cutting for many other reasons (Great Salt Lake), however, our impact on Mead is not going to be that significant. Only California and Arizona will be able to make meaningful differences in their cuts. BTW populated centers in Colorado and agriculture all feed to the Gulf.

    • Tom Bell
      Tom Bell 2 months ago +4

      An acre of almond trees require 5 times the water that an acre of vegetables does. There are almond tree farms in the Imperial Valley that are 5 MILES square. Do the math: the rest of us could use the water.

    • Don Diddly
      Don Diddly 2 months ago +2

      @Tom Bell Almond trees are fed by natural aquifers and water supplies in Northern California. Southern California (which is supplied by Colorado River sources) is not a substantial producer of almonds. I have an almond tree at my So. Cal. home, and it produces quite prolifically without me supplying so much as one drop of water to it. Last time I checked, Northern California's reservoirs are past capacity and water is being dumped into the ocean. It's the same with the Colorado River right now. They are releasing abnormally high amounts of water into the Gulf of California right now.

    • Matthew Way
      Matthew Way 2 months ago +1

      ​@Don Diddly probably shouldn't be releasing a whole lot of Colorado if the reservoirs are that low.

    • Smokey Walker
      Smokey Walker 2 months ago

      Like the world will end if they stop watering almonds. If all the almond trees die, no one will even notice.

  • e v
    e v 24 days ago

    I'm amazed that nationally/globally wide that when dry seasons hit, inland waterways are not recut. When areas are dry or even relatively dry, dig out the creeks, rivers, ponds ect. That rich soil could be used for farmland. The tuns of soil removed will allow for more water to be displaced where you want it.

    • Kenny Phillips
      Kenny Phillips 20 days ago

      Oh, the unintended consequences.

    • e v
      e v 20 days ago

      @Kenny Phillips Agreed, of doing nothing or the same old status quo

  • S P
    S P 2 months ago +14

    Lake Mead, if the water level rises this year, it will only be a few feet less than 12'. And that depends on how much they decide to fill Lake Powell. To have significant increases, it would have to have this level of snow pack in western Colorado basen for more than 15 years. Or if Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Phoenix stopped existing, that would rise the water levels.

    • Steven Jay
      Steven Jay 2 months ago +1


    • S P
      S P 2 months ago +2

      @Steven Jay if you are confused, this video is misleading. Lake Mead is not filling up because the western Colorado basen had one above average year of snow. The water level will only rise a few feet. there is a reservoir called Lake Powell that has very low water levels as well it is above lake mead on the Colorado River that will need to be filled up before they fill up Lake Mead. Also it would take decades of above average snow fall to start to bring back Lake Powell and Lake Mead back to capacity. There has been a drought in the west for the last 25 years or so. Also Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Phoenix are the biggest cities that take water from the Colorado River so much that the lakes levels won't ever get to capacity again unless they didn't exist.

    • harpintn
      harpintn 2 months ago +8

      The biggest water user is agriculture, and they are growing very water intensive crops that are mostly for export. Things like Almonds and and hay.

  • Rich B
    Rich B 2 months ago +38

    It’s always been a water usage problem not a supply problem.

    • Grant McCoy
      Grant McCoy 2 months ago +4

      It is the American desert though. Low water supply is it's defining characteristic.

    • Marshall Smith
      Marshall Smith 2 months ago +3

      Same old story, conservation is for “Thee not for Me”.How many of us moved here and expected to have the same broad leaf forests that we had in the Midwest? The nurseries were happy to accommodate us.

    • 83btm
      83btm Month ago +1

      @Grant McCoy Your use of the word "though" suggests you have an argument that disagrees with the OP...and you don't have that.

    • Bad Awesome
      Bad Awesome 26 days ago +2

      Most of the water is used for irrigation, not watering lawns. So if you want your vegetable prices even higher, just cut off the water to California.

    • 83btm
      83btm 23 days ago +1

      @Bad Awesome Watering lawns _is a form_ of irrigation. People don't rely on CA to feed them to the extent you think they do, and we'd all do just fine without desert-grown almonds.

  • mrtea
    mrtea 2 months ago +5

    Huge pipelines from flood prone areas to supply water to lakes in drought ridden areas. Every year great bounties of water come down from the sky and cause insufferable damage on the effected communities. Areas that are prone to regular flooding would be great candidates for fresh water retrieval BEFORE it floods and becomes mixed with waste water and other undesirable contaminates.

  • Smokey Walker
    Smokey Walker 2 months ago +18

    I live in the Utah mountains. We have 4 times the snow we had last year. Flaming Gorge will fill this summer then they will need to spill down into Powell. Lake Powell will go up 45 - 50 feet by this summer. They have bought themselves at least 3 more years to build golf coerces. Long term the problem is still here but for then next 3 years the emergency is over and it's back to wasting water like in the past.

    • Lauren
      Lauren Month ago

      golf courses?

    • tom murphy
      tom murphy Month ago +2

      gotta go and wash my car and water my tangerines and cannabis

    • Amie Davis
      Amie Davis Month ago +2

      I predict serious flooding this summer. The Rockies here in Colorado are still getting snow.

    • D. Wayne
      D. Wayne 15 days ago

      Good time to sell property there, don't wait until the next drought. A lot of property will lose a lot of value when they hit dead pool.

  • Zeke on Storm peak
    Zeke on Storm peak Month ago +1

    Western Colorado uses very little of its allotment. Since most of Colorado’s population uses water off the Atlantic drainage, water that flows east of the continental divide. The lower basin states take most of the water. If you look at the big picture, Colorado contributes a major addition to the water, but takes very little. It’s gravity!!

  • Max Power
    Max Power 2 months ago +1

    This didn't happen overnight. It's been happening over years. Great that's there is an above average snowpack but far from solving the problem. It's going to take years to come back to old levels but the demand outweighs the supply for years now. There isn't an easy solution in order to solve the problem. The future for Mead and Powell doesn't look promising at this point.

  • Woods123
    Woods123 2 months ago +49

    Let's try to depress people further than they are already by minimizing the effect of the largest, best snow pack in recent history.

    • dr Rexol
      dr Rexol 2 months ago +12

      CA democrats pray for drought and big fires

    • Pete Parker
      Pete Parker Month ago +6

      After 20 years of drought one good snow pack isn’t going to help. Every square mile between lake mead and the hugest mountain it comes from is dry. That soil will soak up a huge amount of the snow just to try and fill up the soil profile. It will take years and years of it to improve. That’s the truth of the matter.

    • Alan B
      Alan B Month ago +1

      @Pete Parker Very true Pete,

    • dr Rexol
      dr Rexol Month ago +1

      @Pete Parker How much water has CA released out of the dams this winter

  • James Carter
    James Carter Month ago +1

    The water level in Lake Mead has been falling for over a decade, not just because of high water usage in 2022

  • Mighty Mousy
    Mighty Mousy 2 months ago +13

    Lake Mead would not have to rely on such weather to be at maximum capacity if community drives from there to Colorado were to place one rock dams statewide to statewide in every spot where you see a runoff crack in the earth, with no foliage. This will trap water and allow riparian to start growing. This will in turn rejuvenate the aquifer, increase wildlife, and stop flash flooding. Study the map at 8 seconds in to see what giant runoff canals look like. These too can be repaired with one rock dams with community drives, and GPS tracking. If this is done, that entire area would be green and not sand.

    • Fat Daddy Stacks
      Fat Daddy Stacks 2 months ago +4

      I Agree:
      Sometimes I think Americans get so stuck of reinventing the wheel, then using processes that already exist.

    • Pete Parker
      Pete Parker Month ago

      A couple of problems with
      Your solution,,,, one, no one other then Vegas folks and a few small towns are near the watershed until you get into California. Two, it’s been in a serious drought for 20 years. No amount of rock dams is going to help other then to cause more evaporation. Because unless you have been there? It’s high desert and hot as hell most of the year. All the way until you get a few hundred miles into Colorado.

  • Alex Gonzalez
    Alex Gonzalez 2 months ago +36

    Does anybody know if Lake Mead has almost hit Deadpool status? I don't think he made it clear enough

    • Christopher
      Christopher 2 months ago +1


    • Open Minds
      Open Minds 2 months ago +2

      Some Clip-Sharer learned a new catchword and is trying it out Deadpool Deadpool Deadpool sadly we had to listen to it X100

    • tom murphy
      tom murphy Month ago

      its all a big set of lies designed to work together

    • Open Minds
      Open Minds Month ago +1

      ​@tom murphy Ooooh this will be fun - hang on let's all putting on my tinfoil hat ⛑🎩👒 OK OK enlighten us with your mighty wisdom that you only know and the rest of us are just sheeppeople and go through life blind - pleasssssse.

    • Toussaint Lou
      Toussaint Lou 18 days ago

      Deadpool is 950' above sea level and Lake Mead is at 1051'.

  • Michael Deierhoi
    Michael Deierhoi 2 months ago +31

    When a video with the pretentious phrase of "The Real Reason" in the title claims to explain something it is almost a given the video will come up short. The video does use good graphics to explain the circumstances of Lake Mead, but ends coming short on a lot of details.
    At the beginning of the video the narrator stated that Lake Mead had fallen so much in 2022 that was at almost at Dead Pool status. Lake Mead dropped to 1040' as stated at another point, but that is still 145' above dead pool (which is 895') and 90' above Minimum Power Pool. So how is 145' from Dead Pool ""almost dead pool? That is a vague statement totally lacking any attribution in this video. And that latter term, Minimum Power Pool, was not even mentioned in this video.
    In addition later in the video the narrator said that Lake Mead dropped to a record low because of high water use, but the video says nothing about the extreme drought affecting the region which was a second big reason for the record low level Lake Mead reached in 2022.
    And there is still another reason why Lake Mead dropped as low as it did and that had to do with Colorado snow pack. Colorado actually had a normal snow pack in 2022, but because of a warmer than normal temperature in late winter much of the snow sublimated!! In other words much of the snow evaporated away because of warm dry weather and never reached the river channel. What water run off from the snow pack that did make into the river channel was absorbed by the dry river bed. Consequently, a much smaller percentage of snow melt reached either of the two main reservoirs downstream.
    This video was also repetative in repeating the same facts several times which indicates that narrative was poorly written as well as lacking explanation for statements made.

  • James Ruscheinski
    James Ruscheinski 15 days ago

    can canals be dug from nearby water sources to Lake Mead, almost like another river, perhaps from Rocky Mountains where there is a lot of snowpack?

  • Lindsey Day
    Lindsey Day 17 days ago

    There has been a La Nina the last 3 years which creates drier than normal conditions for the southwest. Fortunately it is predicted that El Nino will return this year perhaps increasing rainfall totals there this year.

  • Richard E. Redner Jr.
    Richard E. Redner Jr. 2 months ago +2

    Take a note from the book of The Euphrates river in the fertile cresent. The more reservoirs/dams you tax a river with, the populations around those massive reservoirs explode and the consumption goes through the roof and then you start choking off supply downstream which causes even more demand. The hoover dam lake Meade reservoir was at capacity until the Davis dam came into being. The consumption tripled and it doesn't matter how much snow or rain you get, it's eventually going to dry up. They need to look for other sources of water. Maybe extending the aqueduct system from the high Sierra down into death valley and into the Colorado. They've been talking about bringing in water all the way from the coast but they won't spend the money.

    • dethray1000
      dethray1000 Month ago

      LA owns the the eastern snow pack,water--on the western side of the sierras the water is already allocated--go to plan b,c,d,e,f,etc

    • Willis Swenson
      Willis Swenson Month ago +1

      How about building desalination plants on the ocean? What California should have started doing sixty years ago.

    • Lauren
      Lauren Month ago

      the drying up of the euphrates river is a prophecy coming true; it has to, in order for the kings of the east (likely rusha and shi na) to march onto israel and attack it, as stated in th bk of revelation.

    • Willis Swenson
      Willis Swenson Month ago

      In the 1960’s there was a drought in California and the SW. there was discussion then about building a desalination plant for the LA basin. But, as now, it cost too much. The cost?
      About $468 million.

      DON HAGERTY 23 days ago +1

      But they always have money to support their wars

  • Amethyst Prince
    Amethyst Prince Month ago

    This is such a good video!!! I love Lake Powell…Page is a a breathtaking city! Better views than the Grand Canyon in my opinion.

  • Sextoy Repairman
    Sextoy Repairman Month ago +1

    You can thank the eruption of the Hunga Tunga volcano last year for all the water and as i predicted both Powell and Mead will be completely full by mid june, im here in slc Utah and Alta ski resort has a record snow about of over 900 inches and winter here isnt over yet and i predict that Alta ski resort will get an ideational 5 feet of snow by the end of may, back in 1986 it snowed the 4th of July

  • Jaco
    Jaco 2 months ago +12

    If 3 months of monsoon rains haven’t fully replenished water levels, then Lake Meade is a lost cause.

    • stick004
      stick004 2 months ago +7

      It didn’t monsoon rain anywhere near Lake Mead and Powell. Can you use a map?

    • Jaco
      Jaco 2 months ago

      @stick004 Thanks for the ad hominem attack. News reports in the Midwest are filled with images of streets underwater and rains which are unrelenting. I suppose if you live in CA, the dots are easy to connect.

    • stick004
      stick004 2 months ago +7

      @Jaco , thanks for proving me correct. You don’t know how maps work. It is flooding in California. Which is the West Coast. It is not currently flooding in the Midwest, which is where I live. Neither of these 2 places are even in the same Time Zone as Lake Powell and Lake Mead!

    • Jaco
      Jaco 2 months ago +1

      @stick004 You’re welcome. You are a very wise and astute man for recognizing my deficiencies.

    • Michael Hart
      Michael Hart 2 months ago +1

      It would take a decade of rain to fill those lakes back up.

  • Mask Hysteria
    Mask Hysteria 14 days ago +2

    Would love to see you do a video on the *real* reason Lake Mead dropped so drastically over a few years. Hint: it has almost nothing to do with climate change.

    • Ralph Macchiato
      Ralph Macchiato 2 days ago

      But everything to do with human action..

    • Toussaint Lou
      Toussaint Lou Day ago

      I agree. Last year was bizarre. Almost no melt off made it to Lake Powell. They said it was absorbed by the dry ground and banks, but I researched the post 1934 records, and last year was an outlier.

  • monstirz
    monstirz 16 days ago

    If this was a above record snowfall year in the Rockies and El Nino is just beginning will that make another record snowfall year? In 1996 there was a El Nino year and the desert was flooded in Ridgecrest Ca where I was living.

  • Don Quarnstrom
    Don Quarnstrom Month ago

    having visited hoover dam two months ago, its good to see some recharging of the reservoir

    • tom murphy
      tom murphy Month ago +1

      we need it full so it can't provide flood control any more- brilliant

  • Clare Stucki
    Clare Stucki Month ago +1

    I'm guessing the reason the lake is rising is because more water is coming in than is going out. Wow, I must be a hydrologic engineer.

  • Lone Wolf Run Club
    Lone Wolf Run Club 2 months ago +21

    I assure you nobody here in Las Vegas thought their life was in danger.

    • ID10T
      ID10T 2 months ago

      because everyone can go to Lake Bellagio for water?

    • Dude Duderson
      Dude Duderson 2 months ago +2

      @ID10T Lake Mirage?

    • Dude Duderson
      Dude Duderson 2 months ago +2

      And they died unaware of the situation that killed them.

    • ChumleyChumchizer
      ChumleyChumchizer 2 months ago +1

      I've been in Vegas for 24 years and it was definitely a major factor in deciding whether or not to sell and move back to Ohio.

    • Don Quarnstrom
      Don Quarnstrom Month ago +1

      ignorance is bliss...happy guy

  • James Ruscheinski
    James Ruscheinski 15 days ago

    might California review it's opposition since it's reservoirs and snowpack have improved recently?

  • Jerry Sanchez
    Jerry Sanchez 23 days ago

    I really believe restrictions should go on to conserve our valuable resource To have farmers be more conservative on the way they irrigate their fields Hotels And golf courses Be careful have the water the grass and that it's not going into the streets conservation conservation of our precious resource is the only way we keep out of crisis

  • nole 89
    nole 89 2 months ago +1

    If lake mead cannot get up to full pool after all the rain and snow this winter then they’ve got a serious watershed problem with the design of their reservoir system. They can whine all they want about not getting enough rain but it appears bad engineering is the real problem.

    • tom murphy
      tom murphy Month ago +1

      herbert hoover shoud have been jailed for its design

  • George R
    George R 16 days ago

    I just don't understand how the rain does not help these lakes because so much 💦 has fallen

  • Soinicx1
    Soinicx1 2 months ago +88

    Take a drink whenever he says deadpool status

  • Edward Sullivan
    Edward Sullivan 2 months ago +4

    All of the alarmist chatter about dead pool status is always done while never mentioning the numbers.
    Dead Pool is a water elevation of roughly 900 feet.
    Last July Mead was at 1041 with 89% of average snow pack.
    It's now 1046 and rising with a massive snowpack nearing 200% of average. No where near dead pool.
    And there is no currently defined scenario for the catastrophic dead pool any time soon or even in a distant future.
    So why is it constantly being suggested & implied as a real worry?
    It's not.
    The real worry is how politicians will address the growing demand and consumption.

  • Eugene Beck
    Eugene Beck 19 days ago +1

    If you took a drink every time they say "dead pool status" you would be hammered.

  • Imaseeker13
    Imaseeker13 2 months ago +4

    With historic snow packs this year then how can they say it will be lower like last summer? There will be snow in the mountains till July so snow will be melting into the lake all summer

  • Kristina Kahila
    Kristina Kahila 2 months ago +2

    That's very good news about Lake Mead.

  • Steve Perry
    Steve Perry 20 days ago

    Be happy that you’re being blessed with water.

  • Dark Pesco
    Dark Pesco 2 months ago +4

    How many times in 8 minutes can someone say "Deadpool status"? This guy was seeking the Guinness Book of World Record status on this one....

  • bimmjim
    bimmjim 23 days ago

    I am amazed that you allow recreation in your water sources.
    People drink that water, don't they ??

  • WoW Guy
    WoW Guy 2 months ago +6

    Groundbreaking news, I just found out lake mead is in a different state @ :24, so much has changed in the last few months, what state is it in now? Utah, maybe California

    • Kristin Parks
      Kristin Parks 2 months ago +2

      It borders Arizona and Nevada.

    • Absaalookemensch
      Absaalookemensch 2 months ago +2

      It's been relocated to the state of Change.
      When the normal weather cycles are wetter, the lake is high. When they're dryer, the lake is low.

    • WoW Guy
      WoW Guy 2 months ago

      @Absaalookemensch Thank you, I feel much better now. My only issue now, is I really don't like Change, that was a great comment, I got a good laugh

    • Village idiot
      Village idiot 2 months ago +1


  • georgiebest ManUtd
    georgiebest ManUtd Month ago

    So happy 4 Lake Mead

  • jab2able
    jab2able 2 months ago +15

    This narrator used the term “ Dead pool status “ multiple times but never once told the viewers what in the hell Dead pool status is. Some one needs to explain to this genius to tell the viewers at least once whatDead pool status is.

    • watching listening
      watching listening  2 months ago +3

      Dead pool is the point where the water level will be too low to enter the intake towers to pass through the dam. So at dead pool there is no movement of water, the reservoir would become effectively stagnant. There will be water still entering the reservoir (hopefully), but none passing the dam to continue down stream. Effectively the river stops flowing. There are pipes in the reservoir that can draw water out to continue to supply a few communities but I am not sure how many or which ones. With water still flowing in to the reservoir and these pipes drawing water out hopefully the water quality would not become completely stagnant,but the quality would suffer. I am not an authority on this, but it is what I understand from what I have read.

  • David VanHelden
    David VanHelden Month ago

    Wow !... who would have thunk that rain and snow could make a lake rise.......

  • Michael
    Michael 2 months ago +13

    you keep repeating the same info, just give us what it was last year or past and give us data today, Stop trying to make it difficult

  • Abandon Belief
    Abandon Belief Month ago

    give it a few weeks then we will see if they saved the Deadpool of the salten sea lake by ACCIDENTLY leaving the hose on while on vacation again.

  • Darren Lane
    Darren Lane Month ago +3

    California needs to get it's house in order.

  • Sandra Miller
    Sandra Miller 2 months ago

    Or specifically, storms coming in dumping snow, which melts into water.

  • Glenn Gammon
    Glenn Gammon 25 days ago +1

    Ca has started doing massive desalination. Since the majority of people live along the coast then do a lot more desalination & let the other six states get on w/ the agreement.

  • Sailor376also
    Sailor376also Month ago +1

    Mead is up one foot. And it is expected that Lake mead will rise another one foot in the coming days because of the Grand Canyon high release; (They are giving the Grand Canyon a rinse and spit for three days. Helps moving sand, beaches, fish, debris, rocks,,, to help natural processes.) Note,,, One foot,,, another one foot,, ONLY 170 more feet to go.

  • Delicious Food Ranger
    Delicious Food Ranger 2 months ago +1

    Wow,,nice lake..beautiful nature

  • Keinlieb
    Keinlieb 23 days ago

    CA is supposed to be the most environmentally friendly state out of all the states in the south west yet it's the only one not will to reduce water usage.

  • Brad F
    Brad F 2 months ago

    They also can stop releasing to much water to fill but they won’t.

  • Bruce Arterbury
    Bruce Arterbury 2 months ago +8

    Please, look up Bi-National Laguna Salada project! In a nutshell, flooding Laguna Salada, Mexico increases precipitation in the whole Colorado River Watershed by 15%

    • Anthony Martinez
      Anthony Martinez 2 months ago

      Natural cycle is needed hence when they built dams it killed many species of fish that swim up stream. But over all the reason Nevada is running low is because for decades they wasted on lawns and golf courses. Today Nevada keeps building big companies and casinos and homes to keep their workers close by along with the visitors that scale past 50, million visitors that can waste more water than lake mead holds. Stop blaming others when it’s your own city recklessy building and growing as if we can’t see why they are running out of water for building a city in the driest place in the United States. Why doest any one regulate those casinos? They should have never continued building homes.

  • doug sproston
    doug sproston 2 months ago +2

    California, you simply can not have green grass or endless gardens unless it comes from rain.

    • dhrracer
      dhrracer Month ago

      A video like this is irrelevant without explaining where the water goes and for what purpose. Then that purpose what does it give in return. What agriculture industry is there in Colorado, Utah, Neveda and Arizona?

    • tom murphy
      tom murphy Month ago

      wrong again- helix water district supplies me with whatever i need for my tangerine trees. they have warned us of impending cutbacks in 2045- and that was BEFORE all this rain.

  • wasup fool
    wasup fool 2 months ago +5

    Record snowfalls in the mountains will help big time this summer

    • Christopher
      Christopher 2 months ago +1

    • 83btm
      83btm Month ago

      only if elected officials allow it to

  • LuisManuelHdez
    LuisManuelHdez 2 months ago +3

    On another note, flooding across California for the past few months results in all that water going back in the Ocean! No reclamation!! Let's continue to raise pricing!😂

    • tom murphy
      tom murphy Month ago +1

      what do you think fills our reservoirs- mass pee-ins??

    • LuisManuelHdez
      LuisManuelHdez Month ago

      @Tim Murphy Don't know bout you but mine might!

  • Joe
    Joe Month ago

    "by looking at this map we can understand how snowpack affects the lake" - immediately switches away from map.

  • Steve French
    Steve French 22 days ago

    How does rain in California help lake mead?

  • 98grand5point9
    98grand5point9 2 months ago +1

    The reason the lake level is rising is because less is being taken out than what is flowing in. Stop wasting water, no lawn watering, no golf course watering, recycle all water from municipal systems. It's not that difficult. If inflows are less than outflows restrictions will have to be placed on new people moving into the area that relies on that watershed. Simple easy, case closed.

  • I know better
    I know better Month ago

    Don't worry it will be in the drought again at some point in the distant future

  • Korndog 88
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    • watching listening
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      About as many times he repeated HIMSELF. A Higher educational performance obliviously meant for folks like me who couldn't get the sum of his 8 minute narration in the first 2 minutes. I hope he's making student loan payments.

  • Sextoy Repairman
    Sextoy Repairman 2 months ago

    You haven't seen nothing yet just checked nullschool holy crap lake Mead and Powell will be completely full possibly before the end of may and here in Utah our mountains are getting dumped on bigtime, thank that eruption of the Hunga Tunga volcano last year for all the snow and rain we will be getting and even the Mississippi river will spring back to life very soon

  • Steve Akin
    Steve Akin 2 months ago +8

    I enjoyed a new drinking game. Every time I heard the phrase “dead pool status” I took a shot. I’m about five shots in, and I’ve lost count. Re-watch this video with that in mind and enjoy!

  • Dan toler
    Dan toler 14 days ago

    They need to be smarter about their water capture but they have put in so many harmful regulations and end up hurting themselves.

  • John toes
    John toes 2 months ago

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  • Pat Dombrowski
    Pat Dombrowski Month ago +2

    I'm sorry it will take years to get back. Years of snowpack.

  • robert petersen
    robert petersen 18 days ago

    Man this guy is a dam genius

  • J. C. B.
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    Did you say - dead pool status?

    • WoW Guy
      WoW Guy 2 months ago

      maybe I didn't listen hard enough, I didn't hear dead pool mentioned at all... then again, I have a.d.d.

  • David Bonhote
    David Bonhote Month ago

    Why not haul ice from Antarctica to help sustain Lake Mead so that the water levels don't drop dangerously low again?

  • Ricky Al
    Ricky Al Month ago

    So the lake will develop a hilarious sense of humor and rapid regeneration powers? Awesome!!

  • Gene
    Gene 14 days ago

    Hoping El Niño is a big one this year.

  • Bryon Tharp
    Bryon Tharp 2 months ago +15

    I live at lake mead it ain't rising trust me.

  • TexanOnTwoWheels
    TexanOnTwoWheels 2 months ago +1

    California should be drawing less water because their reservoirs are full and will stay full through the summer, so I say close the valves on them

    • Michael Hart
      Michael Hart 2 months ago

      You'd be cutting off farmers in southern California. That would wreck food prices for the country.

  • Bob Sullivan
    Bob Sullivan Day ago

    Is it just me, or does “Deadpool status” sound kinda awesome 👏🏼

  • Kevin McLaughlin
    Kevin McLaughlin Month ago

    *Consumption lead to record low level*
    No, drought and supply has been the primary driver, although of course consumption is a part of it.
    Also, just wondering if deadpool status has been acheived. Please let me know a few hundred more times.

  • Lawrence M
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    I counted the voice over saying “Deadpool status” 10,000 times.

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    this guy really likes saying "Deadpool Status"

  • Garritt DuBois
    Garritt DuBois 19 days ago

    The best way to conserve water/use less is to CLOSE THE BORDER. The problem is not lack of rain/snow BUT OVERUSE on the river. It was never designed to support the numbers of people in the southwest along with agriculture use.

  • Mrpapermon
    Mrpapermon 2 months ago

    Will fill up from snow pack. How ever, it should be a learning experience to build more retaining Facilities. We should never have Deadpool with the runoff not recovered.

  • Lawrence Goldworm
    Lawrence Goldworm 2 months ago +1

    Personally, I don't think you can say the words, "dead pool status" too often.

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    After watching this worthless video, My brain has reached Deadpool status! Thanks a lot!

  • Chi Com Cop Shop
    Chi Com Cop Shop 2 months ago +1

    Flaming Gorge in Southern Wyoming is also a major back-up source -

    • Michael Deierhoi
      Michael Deierhoi 2 months ago +1

      Much to the chagrin of people in Wyoming who use that reservoir because it has dropped at least 12 ft due to twice sending water downstream.

    • Jimjam
      Jimjam 2 months ago

      seems like calling it Gay Gorge would be more politically correct.😊

  • Prayon Kreutz
    Prayon Kreutz 2 months ago +9

    California has seen record rainfall & an above average snowpack in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Their reservoirs are filling back up. They shouldn't be sivening water from Lake Meade at all. If I were negotiating Lake Meade's & the Colorado River's water useage, I would definitely take those conditions to the table. California should NOT be able to use the water coming from Lake Meade & the Colorado River this year (or, years when they don't need it do to their precipitation & storage levels.) Cut em off!

    • Michael Hart
      Michael Hart 2 months ago +2

      Most of California's use goes to farmland irrigation in the Imperial valley which is way closer to the Colorado than the rest of California's water infrastructure. If you like eating, you'll understand the need for irrigation.

    • Will Ward
      Will Ward 2 months ago

      Where is the major tributary for Meade in California?

    • Brian V
      Brian V 2 months ago

      Cali’s farms feed you 🤷

    • Jerome Ross
      Jerome Ross 2 months ago

      Here in california we are wasting so much water growing almonds. If we get rid of the almonds and gow actual food rather than a luxury we'll be fine

  • DanD
    DanD 2 months ago

    Right now, California's reservoirs are all above 90%. As it stands, CA doesn't need to pull water from Mead for this year. Of course, that don't mean shift to Sacramento. If you don't use it, then you may lose it ... always politics first.

  • Jerry E. Bustin
    Jerry E. Bustin Month ago +2

    Congress should tell California, TOUGH LUCK.' All States receiving water from Lake Mead will receive an equal share of water. If the farmers complain, let them find another occupation or move to Nevada or Arizona and start a farm there...

    • tom murphy
      tom murphy Month ago +1

      when you guys in other states start conserving and banking water like the people of california have, then it just might happen....and grow something to EAT or SMOKE while youre at it....

  • jake marlow
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    Drinking game: Each time "deadpool status" is mentioned, you have to take a shot.

  • sureshot556
    sureshot556 2 months ago +1

    Why would California have a major impact on Colorado River consumption when all of its reservoirs are completely full and the Sierra mountain range has over 300% snow pack? California should be completely independent from the Colorado River this year.

    • tom murphy
      tom murphy Month ago

      thank you for that- its great to be free

  • Chris C
    Chris C 17 days ago

    This video sounds like me when I had to write a 500 word essay on what i did on my summer vacation....

  • Glade Goodrich
    Glade Goodrich 2 months ago +34

    California needs to look north if it wants more water. All that rain waters just going into the ocean!

    • Roy Jones
      Roy Jones 2 months ago +3

      I've wondered for years why California doesn't run a pipeline or two from The Columbia river in Oregon. It's huge and always full. Most of it's water dumps into The Pacific.

    • theshyguitarist
      theshyguitarist 2 months ago +2

      Because the govt is draining it. That water doesn’t just release itself. Do some basic research, because these kinds of posts make some of you seem dumb.

    • Fish Monger
      Fish Monger 2 months ago +1

      @theshyguitarist Do you remember when then Gov. Of Alaska wanted to build a pipe line on the ocean floor to bring fresh water to Cali?

    • Allen Atkins
      Allen Atkins 2 months ago +2

      "Forget it, Jake, it's Chinatown."

    • Fish Monger
      Fish Monger 2 months ago

      @Allen Atkins good one!

  • Michael Mazowiecki
    Michael Mazowiecki Month ago

    Consumers of Colorado water should be made to pay the real economic cost of the water they use, instead of getting it "for free". That should curb wasteful unrestricted consumptionand implement water recycling and other conservation measures. California is downstream of Lake Mead so it could be easily cut off , if necessary.

  • Fishdog Fishing
    Fishdog Fishing 2 months ago +4

    How much of this water is granted free to old water rights for farms in California ??? Residential water use in California is only 15% the rest is agriculture and and left over for environmental purposes like water for our salmon that have been being killed because of lack of water.

    • Dick Z. Normas
      Dick Z. Normas 2 months ago +1

      So let's screw farms even more. Can you raise your own crops?

    • Fishdog Fishing
      Fishdog Fishing 2 months ago

      @Dick Z. Normas it’s not screwing the farmers, there need to be a balance. As of now the agricultural industry has been getting far more water than everybody else.
      The last 20 years there has been an increase in agricultural acreage and a decrease in water flow in Salmon. Is it OK to kill off one industry and species for another industry?
      I know small commercial fisherman that are going to be out of work this year and will have to give up their businesses. And any disaster, relief money that may come to them will be too late. It’s not the small farmers sucking up the water, it’s a big corporations that are growing to export out of the country. We don’t need to feed the world.

  • Carl Schreffler
    Carl Schreffler 25 days ago

    Rain water in California does not go into Lake Mead rain water in California mostly goes through the AQUEDUCT (L.A. River) back out to the ocean why California needs to build Desalination Plants and stop worrying about Beach Property Vaules! And I'm a Los Angeles native I know!

  • Proud American
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    This guy’s voice has reached deadpool status.

  • Hein Madsen-leipoldt

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  • David Tyra
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    Here in Michigan we have lots of water

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