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IKEA in a Nutshell

  • Published on Nov 21, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • ComedyComedy

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  • HatGuy
    HatGuy 2 months ago +1831

    Everybody gangsta until the lights turn off and the faceless employees say "The store is now closed, please exit the building" and you notice there is no exit

    • The 05-council
      The 05-council Hour ago +1

      @blazer Mettro we are here to help we always are just ignore the stuff with the d class

    • The 05-council
      The 05-council Hour ago

      Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck shiiiiiiiiiit

    • HatGuy
      HatGuy Day ago

      @ñyafú fortnite
      don't listen to the fool
      fool being vali and being me, also.

    • ñyafú
      ñyafú Day ago

      for your brain that's comprised of a single braincell with cancer and a autistic 12 year old i'll explain what aromantic means. it means that i don't sinp on ppl or want a relationship with anyone

    • ñyafú
      ñyafú Day ago

      @vali (anti-furry) i'm aromantic

  • Otis Thomson
    Otis Thomson Month ago +28

    I’ve lived in Sweden my whole life, So seeing him trying to pronounce easy Swedish words is just hilarious 🤣

  • Bunsin Srenarong
    Bunsin Srenarong Month ago +1

    Watching Gordon destroy people both logically and emotionally is always one of the best experiences.

  • neski
    neski Month ago +2

    as an IKEA employee myself, i can confirm we are not allowed to leave the store

  • tinyhammertoksvig
    tinyhammertoksvig 2 months ago +165

    As Swede I have to congratulate you on your pronounciation of Älmhult and Småland. Most english speakers would pronounce them like Almhult and Smaland but you actually got the Ä and Å pronounciations pretty close. At least different enough from just saying A. Kudos!

    • QueDoom !
      QueDoom ! 13 days ago +1

      As a Swedish man muself I agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • Diplopia
      Diplopia 19 days ago +1

      As another Swede, I agree.

    • xdbozo
      xdbozo Month ago +7

      as a swede, i can do nothing but agree

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks 2 months ago +926

    Fantastic video as always!

    TOAST Month ago +2

    We need to agree that billy the bookshelf is the most iconic thing ever…

  • Pav0l
    Pav0l Month ago

    Man I sure do love playing bloons tower defence while also playing hide and seek, testing beds and eating meatballs while walking around a Swedish furniture shop.

  • Luke Davis
    Luke Davis Month ago

    This video actually inspired me to locate a nearby ikea and go windowshopping, i don't think I'll buy anything.... I'll just wander around and stare at those Gutless Xbox 360 Shells they have set up 😂

  • 🇬🇧UK roads, cycling & transport

    I love IKEA, felt like a treat and a nice day out when I was little

  • Niemand
    Niemand 2 months ago +1767

    Fun story: My parents once forgot me in an Ikea. I was too young to remember but they told me there was a misunderstanding, my mom went to a Toys r us with my brother and my dad went to another store while was just forgotten there. When they met up again after like 2 hours they realized that I was gone. They looked for me for like half an hour until they found me in a Smaland, just sleeping there lol.
    Edit: Now that I think about it there's a slight chance they just took the first child they found in Smaland and that the real me is still wandering in the Ikea, lost and afraid.

    • Vortex Creations
      Vortex Creations 29 days ago +2

      well now i feel bad for you, or both of you.

    • OliverTheDum
      OliverTheDum Month ago +1

      And the best parenting award goes to:

    • кака
      кака Month ago +2


    • wawa cat
      wawa cat 2 months ago +1

      I live in småland and ikea småland was my childhood sob

    • MgForce
      MgForce 2 months ago +1

      @Mr. Fox ASMG my base shall be completely made of blahaj

  • finzar
    finzar Month ago +1

    I still question if I'm actually in IKEA to this day

  • Cooldawg gaming
    Cooldawg gaming Month ago +2

    Imagine you wake up in your room and when you leave your room you realize that you were in an ikea

  • ThatSlavicBoi
    ThatSlavicBoi Month ago

    I have a tradition in my house where we visit Ikea like once every three months to buy enough meatballs to fit in the whole car lol, they're delicious

  • Ivan Zhukivskyi
    Ivan Zhukivskyi Month ago +1

    this man perfectly portrays british humor using memes

  • The Gamehouse
    The Gamehouse 2 months ago +5645

    Ladies and gentlemen, prepare for yet another certified hood classic by this absolutely Chad of a man

  • toeed
    toeed Month ago +2

    Bout suffocate due to laughter cause of how funny this Chad of a man is

  • Pixel000
    Pixel000 Month ago

    My local ikea closed down recently, And you were allowed to take the showroom furniture from the showrooms for significantly less than usual. I miss my ikea :(

  • RadekCrazy1
    RadekCrazy1 Month ago

    Ikea in a nutshell: We throw in some extra parts just to mess with you!

  • Montag
    Montag Month ago

    Anybody else love the IKEA ice cream cones? They are my favorite thing there

  • Firdaus FDZLH
    Firdaus FDZLH 2 months ago +2132

    I'm convinced that Joeseppi never actually made it out of IKEA store while recording this video, and he's currently living in this maze, releasing this video and putting cryptic message in it.

    • BananaBlanc
      BananaBlanc 14 days ago

      @poopoo poopoolicarpio same

    • Gar
      Gar 16 days ago

      Scp fans rushing to type a reply to this comment be like

    • Whomp
      Whomp 18 days ago

      @Sir Proud op jitiring typing

    • zombie gamer
      zombie gamer 27 days ago

      Now he did somehow

    • Tim Collins
      Tim Collins Month ago

      That would explain the blood stained note in my meatballs

  • Hawli Dayı
    Hawli Dayı Month ago +1

    this is literally what i felt when i visit ikea

  • Wang Seng Sin
    Wang Seng Sin 2 months ago +101

    This man is scarily good at promoting these things. Its 9pm on a rainy day and I want to go to an IKEA right now.

  • Tight Stream
    Tight Stream Month ago +2

    Person asks : "Why did you get banned from IKEA?" Me : Because I took that fattest dump in one of the display toilets to the point it broke. " Person : 😶...

  • 🍃 Tree Witch 🍃

    IKEA used to be famous for being simplistic and budget. Now it’s just the name.

    BRUSHTRAIN REELS 2 months ago +479

    I actually was a intern at IKEA, everything he said is 100% true, except he forgot the part where in the staff cafeteria, you get high class meals and free drinks

    • multiplefandoms
      multiplefandoms 23 days ago +1

      @3squares6lines OR maybe WE are the ones with broken Clip-Share and he is the only on that sees the real thing, who knows.

    • 3squares6lines
      3squares6lines Month ago +1

      @Almisaur weird, reinstall youtube then, but if that doesnt work, then something is wrong with your device

    • Almisaur
      Almisaur Month ago +1

      @3squares6lines i don't know man, all i see in the video is soccer stuff with no commentary, and everyone seems to be convinced that the creator of this video is some guy named "joeseppi", but that's a complete lie, in the part where it says the creator of the video, it says "numerical" so i don't get it

    • 3squares6lines
      3squares6lines Month ago +1

      @Almisaur are you blind? this IS a video about ikea

      BRUSHTRAIN REELS 2 months ago

      @Nino Joel I live in the US

  • Just some berd
    Just some berd Month ago

    Man I went into an IKEA with a friend and a camcorder I was looking for a small chest he was here for the fun and we made forts we made homes we used couches and beds chairs and we went towards the back I took a sticky note we made a small fort I put the sticky not on the entrance called “the 2 amigos fort” it was a beautiful day

  • Pearce campbell
    Pearce campbell Month ago

    Did you know that the IKEA logo actually spells “IKEA” which is actually a reference to the company “IKEA”

  • juno,,,, certified idiot,,,

    it made me extremely happy when you said that you were gonna get blåhaj but when you got monke i was dissapointed
    i like monke but there are 6 blåhajs in my room because they are precious babies

  • theDragonSlayer
    theDragonSlayer 29 days ago +43

    I have no doubt that there is someone out there with a complete collection of every IKEA stuffed animal, and that terrifies me.

    • Get Wrecked
      Get Wrecked 5 days ago

      Fine I'll do it myself

    • Kirsten
      Kirsten 11 days ago +1

      What’s wrong with that 😭😭

    • Kirby balls
      Kirby balls 13 days ago +1

      I want to do that

  • Dell Conagher’s Conspiracy Theories

    Thank you joeseppi for going into ikea and making it out alive to share your experience to the world

  • Ravioli
    Ravioli Month ago

    Fun fact: ikea marks down the price of their hot dogs to have the cheapest hot dogs within a certain mile radius (depends which one)

  • Corgi MC Fluff
    Corgi MC Fluff Month ago

    You have not seen wierd until you have worked at a Ikea store.
    I worked at my local one for a summer as a janitor and i don't know why, but the same Seniors show up, on the clock, every single day, to have their breakfast. And its not like this place is like the middle of the town. These 70+ year olds are taking the buss for 30-60 min every morning to have breakfast at Ikea.

  • Randomeder
    Randomeder Month ago

    when i was a kid, i would stay at the play place thing and make friends that i would never see again

  • Fillip Stormo
    Fillip Stormo Month ago

    U must have used sooo many hours on this! 10/10 video🥇Big W

  • Bekhan
    Bekhan 2 months ago +881

    I used to work in an IKEA as a security guard, at night it really is as he described. Wasn't scared, but it seemed like you were in a horror movie(especially when the lights had to be turned off at 10 pm) especially where you had to close every single security door, but in the end you always ended up in the kitchen and could take free drinks and candy. Ikea treats their employees well.

    • multiplefandoms
      multiplefandoms 23 days ago +1

      @Almisaur Its an video about Ikea.

    • mlg noob
      mlg noob 2 months ago

      @Almisaur IKEA in a nutshell
      there now can you read video titles?

    • Almisaur
      Almisaur 2 months ago

      so you spamming ikea stuff on a soccer video huh?

    • Almisaur
      Almisaur 2 months ago

      why are ya'll talking about ikea on a soccer video? i don't get it

    • Almisaur
      Almisaur 2 months ago

      bro it's a soccer video, if i wanted to know about ikea i'd go to an ikea video

  • IrrelevantDoge
    IrrelevantDoge Month ago

    very rewatchable, amazing vid

  • ItsChucky7
    ItsChucky7 Month ago

    I fell into the backrooms the last time I went to IKEA

  • doodoocaca
    doodoocaca Month ago

    Ikea is just the cover up for the backrooms

  • OtToasted
    OtToasted Month ago +1

    What software does he use for these cool videos?!?! (I need it)

  • Simon Losier
    Simon Losier 2 months ago +813

    Ikea coworker here! The reason why the rooms feel so real is because each room setting has a story in mind and every item in it has been thought of to fit that story! For example a condo for a young couple who both have highley demanding jobs and have a high liking for bougie things would be a story for a condo room setting

    • Umi ZoomR
      Umi ZoomR 2 months ago

      I like my theory more.
      All the display rooms are based on murder scenes.

    • Ignochomp99
      Ignochomp99 2 months ago +2

      The lore in IKEA is fascinating.

    • Crest
      Crest 2 months ago +1

      @Simon Losier you win this round xD

    • Simon Losier
      Simon Losier 2 months ago

      @Crest You wont be alive as Swedish meatballs

    • No-Life Noah
      No-Life Noah 2 months ago +2

      @Crest they have to flat-pack all the furniture first though cause it won't fit in the truck otherwise. rumor has it that all Ikea furniture has a secret button somewhere that automatically disassembles the furniture that only the Swedish can see for this end

  • Croissant
    Croissant Month ago

    I always love the elevated spfas

  • Alex.H Leconte
    Alex.H Leconte Month ago

    Laughs hysterically

  • Scept3r Studios
    Scept3r Studios 2 months ago +23

    As a person who’ve been to Ikea Pasay multiple times, I can confirm that it’s the largest. There’s like 3 or 4 floors, and a basement for parking. And it’s brand new too (the ikea here opened on nov 25 last year, they’re celebrating their one-year anniversary). Also, Ikea is right next to SMX convention, which can be an amazing experience if there’s an anime convention going on (you can occasionally spot cosplayers shopping in Ikea lol).

    • Iver
      Iver 7 days ago +3

      Hopefully they'd open local stores here in Mindanao too 🙂

  • hirudiu
    hirudiu Month ago

    not only have you destroyed your sweden viewers but you destroyed your phillipine viewers just from the word 'pasay'
    just joking, pretty funny video! ✌✌

  • Penguin In 4k
    Penguin In 4k Month ago

    i remember my first time in ikea i remember i thougt i lost my mum but she was in the room next to me in the showroom and i remember shitting myself lol

  • Hagia Sofia Kyna Rahman Altiar

    the workers do get a little quirky at night..

  • Dypov
    Dypov Month ago

    Can you do “Scholastic Book Fairs In A Nutshell” next?

  • DragonWMZ
    DragonWMZ Month ago

    as a swede i can say that ur pronounciation wasnt too bad

  • Jmmy Kent
    Jmmy Kent 2 months ago +1019

    As a Swedish person, I can tell you the names are actually pretty self explanatory. For example, the djungelskog bear directly translates to jungle forest. Also blåhaj is just Blue shark.

    • atimoz
      atimoz 5 days ago

      Lies, propaganda. I will not be fooled

    • Jmmy Kent
      Jmmy Kent 8 days ago

      @Bronzeanon djungelskog is pronounced youngelskoog in English and blåhaj is blowhay. Not direct pronunciations but most Swedish speakers will understand.

    • j m
      j m 13 days ago

      atleast with americans

    • j m
      j m 13 days ago

      @Bronzeanon well blahaj is mostly just pronunce blah haw

    • Bronzeanon
      Bronzeanon 13 days ago

      How do you pronounce those words tho? I'm extremely curious but too lazy to use google translate

  • Jester Turner
    Jester Turner  Month ago

    Its all fun and games until Simon Henriksson got in

  • uncreative name
    uncreative name Month ago +2

    4:27 bro fr on the tierlist the 1st bed ranked A i have that bed
    and the lowest tier bed ( the wooden one ) is my bed at boarding school

  • Fr Ba
    Fr Ba Month ago

    I’m Finally 101% Swedish

  • Paratoks
    Paratoks Month ago +1

    When he calls a blue shark blåhaj the shark.
    Blåhaj literally means blue shark XD

  • Meatball
    Meatball 2 months ago +445

    As a Swede this video is top tier and I cant even complain about the pronunciation, in fact I love it so much I think we should reconstruct the Swedish language according to you.

    • InterPlay
      InterPlay 2 months ago

      @Almisaur Oh okay sorry!

    • Almisaur
      Almisaur 2 months ago

      @InterPlay sorry i wasn't trying to be rude it's just that it's a football vid not an ikea vid

    • Meatball
      Meatball 2 months ago

      @Almisaur me?

    • InterPlay
      InterPlay 2 months ago

      @Almisaur Bruh when were we so rude to you?

    • Almisaur
      Almisaur 2 months ago

      1. you're spamming the same comment about ikea on a soccer video
      2. you're posting it a ton of times

  • ignas dontknow
    ignas dontknow Month ago

    billy has been happily holding my 50,000 books for 2 years now xd

  • Xander3600
    Xander3600 Month ago

    I don't think I have ever been there, I always just get things online

  • wolf gang
    wolf gang Month ago

    I bet IKEA built the labyrinth for Minotaurus.
    I always get lost in that annoying square can.

  • Туан Нгуен

    IKEA has a deal with him he releases a great video about IKEA and they release him

  • somerandomchild
    somerandomchild 2 months ago +415

    Can we appreciate how Joseppi risked his life to enter and IKEA to show us what's inside.

    • Sav Akbiyik
      Sav Akbiyik 2 months ago +1

      @somerandomchild I've never been inside a IKEA. Also it's completely

    • somerandomchild
      somerandomchild 2 months ago +2

      no but fr i remeber i ran to the toy aisle in ikea and my parents were thought they lost me compleetely when i was a kid

    • Schweppes Original
      Schweppes Original 2 months ago +3

      *Lord Joseppi

    • TR0J4N
      TR0J4N 2 months ago +2

      *ahem* LORD Joeseppi, what might you know!

    • Advait Vaze 1881
      Advait Vaze 1881 2 months ago +4

      Ah yes….SCP 3008

  • Destitute Follower of the Onions

    Ikea chair Ikea Table Ikea Stool.....goodbye picket&rail.....I do love the woodworks by them really

  • Unnamed Troll
    Unnamed Troll Month ago

    You got the 41% stuffed animal

  • YakiYuki
    YakiYuki Month ago

    I could hear the entire LGBT community weep as he picked the monkey instead of blåhaj

  • David
    David Month ago

    If bro would post regularly he would be viral

  • Henry Allsebrook
    Henry Allsebrook 2 months ago +156

    This made me realise every piece of furniture in my room is from IKEA. My bed, my bedside table, my desk, my chair, my curtains, my pegs, my clothes hangers, my poster frames, my bed sheets, my blanket, my cork board, my rug, my towel, my lamp, my desk plant, my mini-organiser chest of drawers, my magazine files, my cubes on the wall and my laundry basket. There is nothing that's not IKEA. And my room is pretty small as well. I feel like an IKEA Stan at this point

    • Almisaur
      Almisaur 2 months ago


    • Samson K J
      Samson K J 2 months ago

      Fight Club moment

    • melvin storbes
      melvin storbes 2 months ago

      I stan IKEA.

    • Bored pancake
      Bored pancake 2 months ago

      As a Swede, this really warms my heart

    • Shaun Cheah
      Shaun Cheah 2 months ago

      IKEA: Everyone has a home, but if you don't have a home you can buy one there!

  • Noobob
    Noobob Month ago

    if u go to IKEA u just can't hold it to eat some Swedish meatballs.

  • Demetrius Gekas
    Demetrius Gekas Month ago +11

    Never thought a video about a furniture store could cause such a rollercoaster of emotions, video goes from funny to nostalgic, can perfectly relate to everything this man said, actually couldn't be any more on point!

  • Toxic's Tutorials
    Toxic's Tutorials Month ago

    You should do clothing stores in a nutshell or public playgrounds in a nutshell

  • Nutwurd
    Nutwurd Month ago +1

    5:44 Missed opportunity to say “Screwed”

  • Teaocity
    Teaocity 2 months ago +153

    I can confirm that I was not Swedish before I ate many Ikea meatballs

    • Nino Joel
      Nino Joel 2 months ago

      To bad they removed the horse meat... It tasted way better

    • ʙIu
      ʙIu 2 months ago

      @TankerOfTheYear balls? 🧐

    • TankerOfTheYear
      TankerOfTheYear 2 months ago


  • Thelift2013
    Thelift2013 Month ago

    ikea's iconic heart plushie with hands

  • sjahier3000
    sjahier3000 Month ago

    literally every ikea looks the same

  • The Bright halo
    The Bright halo Month ago

    You know, I think I need to get some bleach I’m really on something to be able to see this video 😮

  • Retro AG
    Retro AG Month ago

    your swedish prunaunsiation was suprisingly good (exept for blå haj)

  • dbHRGdb
    dbHRGdb 2 months ago +2

    Nicely Done, I really enjoyed that. You are truely the master of a witty summary.

  • Mrivanov1
    Mrivanov1 Month ago

    1:05 As a Romanian I appreciate all the Romanians watching.

  • TheF
    TheF Month ago +1

    Do Home Depot in a nutshell

  • Komodzsen
    Komodzsen Month ago

    i love the smell of ikea

  • Avery the Cuban-American
    Avery the Cuban-American 2 months ago +367

    2:15 SCP-3008 is actually an infinite Ikea with faceless employees and food that stocks itself in the SCP universe. You could say if you lose one screw...you're _screwed._ Plot twist, the meatballs are made out of people who didn't find the exit. I believe that Lord Joeseppi is actually still in the IKEA, he just found the show room that looked identical to his room and started making the video and living there
    Love the irony how the world's largest Ikea isn't even in Sweden. It's specifically at the Mall of Asia. Mall of Asia is the world's fifth largest mall and is owned by SM Prime. They own other megamalls (or as they call them, SM Supermalls) in the Philippines like SM City North EDSA (13th largest), SM Megamall (15th largest), and SM Seaside City Cebu (16th largest). The Philippines sure loves to take things from the US like fast-food and malls and says "Hold my beer"

    • Thunder Spark
      Thunder Spark Month ago +1

      Man didn't even mention the infinite ikea in the video :(

    • Galaxy
      Galaxy Month ago +1

      @Dr. Doctor You mean colonial mentality? Yeah, we sure as fuck have that. 💀

    • Airdart
      Airdart Month ago +2

      @arthur preen 3008 isnt its own thing. its from the scp universe. someone just made a roblox game out of it.

    • thi kim
      thi kim Month ago +1


    • Dangowo シ
      Dangowo シ Month ago +1

      no wonder the swedish meatballs my swedish mom makes every friday tastes so good, hmm human

  • Werto761
    Werto761 Month ago

    the thumbnail should be the national Swedish flag

  • Lamper
    Lamper Month ago

    Do "My Singing Monsters In a Nutshell" next!

  • ilon Larsson
    ilon Larsson Month ago

    "blaaahaaj" damn i did not know people were that bad at saying animal names. that literally is the name of the animal

  • S de Koning
    S de Koning Month ago +1

    Hey Joeseppi could you please make a video about Hoodwinked too?

  • Kim Jong-un
    Kim Jong-un 2 months ago +203

    For future reference: DJUNGELSKOG = jungle forest; BLÅHAJ (pronounced blaw-high) = blue shark. I speak every language in the world so I'm very familiar with Swedish. At a normal interview, they tell you "Please take a seat" while at an IKEA interview, they tell you *"Please make a seat."* The NJ couple that got married are from Newark, and they got married at the IKEA in Elizabeth right across from the notorious Newark Liberty International Airport. Knowing Newark and its violence...IKEA is the BEST place to get married there. And if either tries to leave each other, they won't be able to escape the other.

    • FuzzFac3
      FuzzFac3 17 days ago +1

      Thank you Swedish Kim Jong-un

    • poopoo poopoolicarpio
      poopoo poopoolicarpio 2 months ago +2

      nord korea tog 1000 volvo bilar från oss

    • JetLag
      JetLag 2 months ago +7

      Google translate left the chat

    • ArbiterAK
      ArbiterAK 2 months ago +13

      every language hmmmmmmmmmmm yes all like 200 main ones, nevermind the other thousands of others

    • The KitMi*
      The KitMi* 2 months ago +2

      hes the chosen one

  • grilled cheese warrior

    Playing hide and seek in an IKEA store that should be a mitsubish video.

  • Yeet Yeet
    Yeet Yeet Month ago

    I swear I could have seen Djungelskog in a ikea.

  • Norbert Gmiąt
    Norbert Gmiąt Month ago

    6:24 School tables be like:

  • Vector
    Vector 2 months ago +4

    Dude, I actually got lost in ikea as a kid. I can’t describe the odd other worldly feeling of just seeing room after room. It was like a different universe… until my mom found me

  • Where is he
    Where is he 2 months ago +168

    When he got to the plushies I slammed my table Ace Attorney style and audibly yelled “ITS NOT JUST THE SHARKS?!”

    • tam tran
      tam tran 2 months ago +1


    • DoggoBro
      DoggoBro 2 months ago

      Is this exaggeration or do people actually do this

    • Titouan R
      Titouan R 2 months ago +7

      I love how everytime Blåhajs are mentioned I can find people who know only the plush
      I feel less lonely, before discovering trans subreddits i didn't even know Ikea had plushes, and I felt dumb about that

    • Not a summoner
      Not a summoner 2 months ago +3

      @Nick Were you suprised to find your ass stitched onto a Blåhaj?

    • Tacheco 2
      Tacheco 2 2 months ago +2

      @Nick probably because a bunch of stuffed cotton doesn't really do anything for trans people unless I'm missing a part of the story

  • Steve Perkins
    Steve Perkins 2 months ago

    I got Blahaj as well! I am dumb enough to take the Ikea quiz

  • Barbapappa Gaming
    Barbapappa Gaming Month ago

    Hm yes the entire country of Sweden is 65k square meters seems about right

  • trippin
    trippin Month ago +1

    I'm checking in with 2 IKEA sharks

  • ASA
    ASA Month ago

    I thought this was Trixie Mattel out of drag about to have an IKEA field day lol

    • ASA
      ASA Month ago

      Her Swedish accent is needed

  • somerandomchild
    somerandomchild 2 months ago +143

    Joseppi not uploading a lot makes his content feel special and not forced.

    • a potato
      a potato 2 months ago

      Lord Joeseppi*

    • TheRoseCat
      TheRoseCat 2 months ago

      the best youtubers always upload scarcely. (like mykul reeeves)

  • dreamtrailarcade
    dreamtrailarcade 13 days ago +1

    I'd never been to ikea and when I first saw this video I resolved to go. Today I finally experienced the wonder of ikea. Thank you Joseppi!

  • Aschenbechermann (Ying Young)

    blåhaj is probably pronounced blowhigh and means blue shark but i am not swedish, just drunk - which is kinda similar

  • tabby4K
    tabby4K Month ago

    You see now we have to do a Lowe’s video

  • JarvisToasty
    JarvisToasty 2 months ago +2

    I absolutely love this character in the grey coat. Joeseppi's made him so expressive.

  • MapleLmao
    MapleLmao Month ago

    by far the best joeseppi video

  • Hotdog
    Hotdog Month ago

    The store is now closed please exit the building...proceeds to decapitate you.