Reacting to 2019 YouTube Rewind (THEY FINALLY PUT ME IN IT)

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019 veröffentlicht
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  • Jamal Shamandi
    Jamal Shamandi Month ago +9472

    I really love rice man i truly wanna be his friend, he literally makes my day and i have been waiting for him to upload a video for so long and finally he did, thank you RICE

    • Danny J Batista
      Danny J Batista 20 minutes ago


    • J.P Sportzz
      J.P Sportzz 55 minutes ago +1

      Yeah well remember when he stole money from his fans and didn’t even apologise! I pity you young children who believe this man is even a slightly decent man, let alone a role model.

    • NZDeathStar
      NZDeathStar 5 hours ago

      You wanna be friends with one of the biggest doucebags on this site and an obvious complete douche in real life? Great goals you got there.

    • Aniballin
      Aniballin 7 hours ago

      You must be a kid lol

    • Akio T
      Akio T 7 hours ago

      Jamal Shamandi Gay pervert

  • Tajay Greenwood
    Tajay Greenwood 26 minutes ago

    Check thos out if you want dope music beats

  • Javier H
    Javier H 55 minutes ago

    Damn you washed up

  • Stan Kolodin
    Stan Kolodin Hour ago

    This man is very interesting, the duality of his being. Somethings he is down to earth with, others he can't see either because he's more of a creator than a viewer or he's lost a bit of morality.

  • KiWe.
    KiWe. Hour ago

    Ayo not gonna lie who are you?

  • PurPle On
    PurPle On Hour ago

    Rice Im disappointed U been faking 99% Of Ur Vids Ur Making Millions And in Faze im tell the owner

  • - Heartless -
    - Heartless - 2 hours ago

    How does this dickhead still have subs

  • Kevin Hurtado
    Kevin Hurtado 2 hours ago

    Hey rice just saying that your awesome and keep on doing what your doing...don’t let them hater pull u down and thnx for uploading videos and making my day love yuh

  • Enyer Gonzalez
    Enyer Gonzalez 2 hours ago +2

    Wya rice?

  • Naven Lim
    Naven Lim 2 hours ago

    He comes when he needs pay rent but I still enjoy watching his vids

  • xxvenomkillsxx
    xxvenomkillsxx 4 hours ago

    why is he so douchey

  • A channel with 5000 subs

    Ricegum? More like Ricescum

  • Lil Shuffle
    Lil Shuffle 5 hours ago

    He just wants money fuck this guy now man. I want a diss tracks but :/ he changed

  • Lil Shuffle
    Lil Shuffle 5 hours ago

    Only posts for money. Doesn’t do music. Doesn’t react to people dissing him. Doesn’t do anything fuck this guy

  • NZDeathStar
    NZDeathStar 5 hours ago

    My God, you are actually one of the biggest cock bags on this site aren't you. Complete fucking douchebag

  • YourOldPal Jake
    YourOldPal Jake 5 hours ago

    Let's go H3H3!!!!

  • Chris;is
    Chris;is 6 hours ago

    I came here to kick ass and chew bubblegum, but I'm all out of bubblegum.

  • Akio T
    Akio T 7 hours ago +1

    Asshole. Tweet stealer.

  • Hoodie Boy
    Hoodie Boy 7 hours ago +1

    Ksi been roasting you bro
    When is the diss track

  • Daniel Gonzalez
    Daniel Gonzalez 7 hours ago

    I thought this dude was dead

  • Sheik Frank Ice Chibu
    Sheik Frank Ice Chibu 7 hours ago


  • SamuRai ツ
    SamuRai ツ 9 hours ago +1

    nobody cares that your here.

  • Rez0.x.I
    Rez0.x.I 9 hours ago

    How many cats and dogs do you eat per day?

  • MrIrishinferno88
    MrIrishinferno88 9 hours ago


  • toomanytaps
    toomanytaps 11 hours ago

    I'm just passing by to see if he still exists

    DREAMCHASER 11 hours ago


  • Legit Sneakers
    Legit Sneakers 11 hours ago

    U fell off and let fame get to u were all disappointed we put u there and u forgot about us

  • Joshua Olela
    Joshua Olela 12 hours ago

    Been here since his mattress been on the floor🤣🤣🤣

  • JL
    JL 13 hours ago +1

    He literally acts like a 12 year old

  • Branden Casteneda
    Branden Casteneda 14 hours ago

    Boy this is why you are small Clip-Sharer you barely even post it's 2020😂😂😂

  • JackGeezy
    JackGeezy 16 hours ago

    Good thing this Damn clown isn't on Wild N Out anymore

  • Cristopher Morgado
    Cristopher Morgado 17 hours ago

    Yoooo rice release the new song 6 figure rich chigga

  • Adrian Rodriguez
    Adrian Rodriguez 17 hours ago

    Are we not gonna talk about the fact that his video ended soooo... early and without and Outro

  • anewkindofmedia
    anewkindofmedia 18 hours ago

    Joke thief

  • Eli Unreleased
    Eli Unreleased 18 hours ago

    Man I use to love this guy back then and now he doesn’t even upload

  • Upper Class
    Upper Class 18 hours ago

    Ricegum is a cringe loser who takes advantage of all you “fans” . Go fuck yourself asian jake paul

  • Kaeble
    Kaeble 18 hours ago


  • Youngboy Icy
    Youngboy Icy 19 hours ago

    How does he even get money?

  • Kyle Riles
    Kyle Riles 19 hours ago

    Rice I used to fuck with you so fucking heavy man that’s why it pains me to say you have turned into such a pussy.

  • wyatt imamoto
    wyatt imamoto 19 hours ago

    Okay see y'all next year

  • jesse selinger
    jesse selinger 19 hours ago

    I forgot about this guy lol

  • ITZ_ JAY
    ITZ_ JAY 20 hours ago

    He gotta start uploading

  • Tuguldur Sosor
    Tuguldur Sosor 21 hour ago

    Nobody gives a shit about that u didnt made it into rewind get fucked you piece of shit

  • Adam 25
    Adam 25 21 hour ago

    idk why I’m so late but I’m hyped for the rice come back

  • Retro Lover
    Retro Lover 22 hours ago

    This guy's channel hella dead...

  • Diego Torres
    Diego Torres 22 hours ago


  • Fuigo Diego
    Fuigo Diego 22 hours ago


  • Jason Qiu
    Jason Qiu 22 hours ago

    Ricegum you big bully.maybe people will ask why?
    Look what he did,try to find bixch at Kong Hong,let a old man eat the ice cream that he doesn’t want it,think the food was dog,can ricegum respect another people else?i don’t know,that’s what a jerk do

  • Tom Brady
    Tom Brady 22 hours ago

    Your channel is so dead

  • Steven G
    Steven G 23 hours ago +1

    i remeber watching him when he had more thank 100k and less then 500k

  • The Barge
    The Barge Day ago


  • John Lambert
    John Lambert Day ago

    But did it feel good tho?

  • Random Domino
    Random Domino Day ago

    You stole a tweet by the way

  • GamerAdrian21
    GamerAdrian21 Day ago

    Post fortnite tik tok challege plz

  • Evalina Jurado
    Evalina Jurado Day ago

    Where the hell you at 🍚

  • ilipro FTW
    ilipro FTW Day ago

    2019 wasn’t his year he said, 2020 was going to be strong he said.
    Looks pretty strong to me since he hasn’t uploaded at all, which is normal for a dead Clip-Sharer.

  • EpicGamerJoel
    EpicGamerJoel Day ago

    Why do you still exists

  • That One Trans Kid

    Wait ricegum still exists?

  • Alan L.
    Alan L. Day ago

    My man needs to start posting!

  • Ifan Jones
    Ifan Jones Day ago

    Man get your sinuses cleared, it always sounds like you’ve got a fuckload of mucus in your nose.