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How to LEVEL UP FAST in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet | EXP Farm

  • Published on Nov 19, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are here! With these new open world Gen 9 games on the Nintendo Switch here is how to level up your pokemon to level 100 fast with the best possible method of EXP farm and experience grinding your Pokemon using Chansey!
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  • @ActualAero

    Let me know what other guides you'd like to see for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet!

  • @aerodragon83

    Just a heads up, once you have access to Area Zero, near area 3, there is a tunnel (your rare paradox spawn tunnel, Roaring Moon and Iron Valiant). You can't eat in area zero, but you can eat, and then go into the zone, and the buff still works. In this tunnel, level 55 chansey spawn, which award more xp

  • @bobjob2514

    Fun tip. If you're buying ten or more of an item, try pressing right instead of up nine times. You can increase the value by ten. Also works for xp candy, etc.

  • @Harray97
    @Harray97  +576

    Larvitar to Tyranitar in 15minutes is INSANE. I remember this grind took me days in Fire Red

  • @icefirebird

    After trial and error:

  • @Deezmazing

    After you unlock the Zero Gate area, you can find Chansey at an even higher level. Go to Research Station No. 1. Climb up the dirt hill in front of you and run to the left until you approach a reasonably sized rock, or just hug the mountain in front of you when you ascend the dirt hill. There will be a giant pit, jump into this pit and there will be Chansey that spawn at lvl 55. Use the sandwich method mentioned in this video and have fun!

  • @bacca4813

    A very small, but helpful tip is to put your fighting type move in the first slot, just to save yourself those few extra seconds of having to scroll to it.

  • @youreatowel1103

    Awesome tips here. Something to help move items around, press ZL in the menu to enter item swap mode to move hold items around your party faster instead of going through menus. Not sure why this isnt in the User Interface, but there it is.

  • @nojorooney

    Thank you! I was under leveled for the elite four and I didn’t want to waste a lot of time searching across the map for any high level trainers I missed so this was helpful

  • @nilanjl
    @nilanjl  +113

    In cases like this, it's much quicker to have the low level pokemon with the lucky egg in a different slot and use a higher level pokemon that can 1 hit in the lead intil the pokemon with the lucky egg is strong enough to 1 hit. In the time it takes to fight one Chansey the way in the video, you could fight 5+ this way.

  • @gabush5825

    A very helpful thing is to catch a Zorua (thicket forest) and put it first at the party, use Taunt so now the Chansey can't spam soft boiled! And! Knock off does LOTS of damage! Thanks for the video! ❤️

  • @anthonyroa5903

    Man i appreciate this. I’ve just been farming in the final area 😅 this is significantly faster already

  • @AlyxWyld
    @AlyxWyld  +19

    Once you get a few decently high level Pokémon, you can farm 5 and 6 star raids for insane xp in the form of xp candies, i did these for about an hour and afterwards i was able too get 4 of my Pokémon from mid 70s to 100

  • @bobjob2514

    Note: pokemon in your party get roughly half xp if they don't participate. If your trainee isn't one shotting, it's faster to just use a stronger one. Switch training takes more time than it's worth as well.

  • @Kate-uj4so

    You are a life saver!! I was majorly under leveled for all the end game parts of the main quests and I was struggling getting all my Pokémon to a good level. Thank you so much for this amazing trick!! ❤

  • @ninjavikinggamer

    Thank you so much for this guide! Will help me level up before the Elite 4 a lot faster. However I just wanted to mention you don't have to do the entire crouch thing, just riding your bike seems to do the trick

  • @joshhind4452

    Awesome! Super straight forward for exactly what I was looking for

  • @SylverScourge

    Thank you! I was too under leveled for the 3 endgame quests but now I can get to the proper level to continue

  • @Always257Ii

    Thanks for the this! I’ve legit just got a shiny after an hour of hard power levelling 😂🎉

  • @PanelGuyBlueHat

    Your a lifesaver, this guide is so helpful. It helped me evolve my level 20 Axew and my level 40 Gabite