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I Was Wrong About The American Breakfast...

  • Published on Jun 14, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • A while ago I made a video about the American(USA) breakfast. I made some pancakes, eggs, and bacon, and I rated it a 3/10. A lot of people were upset, so I had to redo it properly. This time I gave it my best shot, and I also made some hashbrowns.
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  • Small Might
    Small Might 3 months ago +544

    "I used the bacon grease to cook my hash brown."
    Now you're thinking like an American.

    • Kelvin O
      Kelvin O 2 days ago

      Freedom grease

    • Bo Wei
      Bo Wei 29 days ago

      Im not American, but even I know that using bacon fat would make hash browns a lot more flavorful and interesting. It’s not gonna be a healthy meal no matter how you do it, so might as well make it taste good no?

    • The Dragodile
      The Dragodile Month ago

      ​@Small Might they're responding to bacon grease being a southern thing

    • T3M3P1C
      T3M3P1C Month ago

      @Hali G thats because it reaches like -40 celsius there

    • Shadic Official
      Shadic Official 2 months ago


  • David Richardson
    David Richardson 3 months ago +598

    i hope he knows nobody eats this breakfast when they have to go to work. Its totally a sunday breakfast

    • many a true gamer
      many a true gamer 16 days ago

      pretty sure he said that

    • Sun
      Sun 19 days ago

      its the same thing for every country though, no one eats all that stuff for breakfast everyday (obv can be be exceptions).

    • Teakei
      Teakei 21 day ago

      Why do we have to know everything about you guys?

    • Σ
      Σ Month ago

      Well that went wrong when he rated the Dutch breakfast

    • dierksbird
      dierksbird Month ago

      My late for work meal is a granola bar

  • Dawn
    Dawn 3 months ago +374

    I'm an American. For a weekday, I eat cold cereal and milk. This breakfast is for a holiday, anniversary, or weekend.
    Also, most Americans do not consider vegetables a breakfast food. If you need veggies, you can have an omelette.

    • Mishka Sarda
      Mishka Sarda Month ago

      that actually makes sense

    • Nathaniel B
      Nathaniel B 2 months ago

      Or eat a salad at lunch

    • Brock Reynolds
      Brock Reynolds 2 months ago

      @Brandon Mathieu True.... we do fruit at breakfast

    • The Banatter
      The Banatter 2 months ago +1

      @Sean And?

    • Xen Xander
      Xen Xander 2 months ago

      You touched it.. veggies work in omelets but not all veggies..
      Bok Choy, Spinach, mushrooms (not a veggie), onions, chives *(my favorite), sweet onions (not the same as the other onions, more like tender shoots), or tomatoes (not a veggie, but a fruit, but if putting fruit in an omelet you do other things)

  • Paul Jordan Talbot
    Paul Jordan Talbot 3 months ago +461

    Maybe people outside the US don't know this, but you make this kinda breakfast for OTHER people. It's a hosting thing, a labor of love for guests or family, or special occasions after a holiday (or just Sundays). And if ur single or don't have people to cook for that's why we have Diners and Deli's/Bodegas, to get ur dose of LOVE in the TUMMY. Or u treat ur self, haha! (And REAL 100% maple syrup is so important, it's expensive but you need 1/3 the amount for double the flavor)

    • Loki Ro
      Loki Ro Month ago

      @Minco the question is, when was the last time you made yourself this type of breakfast. probably not in a while if ever. most people who eat like this will have it at a diner.

    • Loki Ro
      Loki Ro Month ago

      yeah thats actually a perfect description. this is a sunday morning, parents treats the kids breakfast or you go out to a diner and sit down and eat.

    • Paul Jordan Talbot
      Paul Jordan Talbot Month ago +1

      @Sheila Yi I didn’t know how else to respond to rude people other than offer them breakfast 😂

    • Sheila Yi
      Sheila Yi Month ago +1

      This comment did just turn in marketing strategy? Lol

    • Sheila Yi
      Sheila Yi Month ago

      I kinda expected it because of how fancy it looks. Who is that insane to make that breakfast, good looking, much time invested... and has to eat it alone? Id understand it ocasionally for self care and to treat yourself, feels kinda lonely to host a banquet for 1 person still (that 1 person being yourself).

  • Fallenangel69_69
    Fallenangel69_69 3 months ago +606

    Just remember you can add veggies and fruits. Use fresh fruit on the pancakes. Add veggies to the scrambled eggs, etc

    • N+3ra¹hàän3r0
      N+3ra¹hàän3r0 Month ago

      Oh good idea!! I'm sure nobody in the world ever thought of adding fruits to pancakes and vergetables to eggs before!! Good job!

    • Rebecca Hanson
      Rebecca Hanson 2 months ago +2

      Agreed I usually put spinach or something in my eggs. Of course I don’t usually eat a breakfast this intense in the first place.

    • draco argentum
      draco argentum 2 months ago


    • HuskerGram
      HuskerGram 2 months ago +1

      I guess he doesn't realize that potatoes are a veggie. But yes, absolutely fruit on pancakes. We typically have a bowl of berries. But he forgot that OJ is a fruit. My go-to is low-sugar cranberry-black cherry juice. (I can't have OJ because I'm diabetic.)

    • Diane Moonstone
      Diane Moonstone 2 months ago +1

      I like my omelets with veggies like fresh, sliced tomatoes, spinach, or asparagus with cheese. I have a couple of buttered toasts, and coffee. No hash browns, etc. This meal I can make at home on a rare, leisurely weekend Brunch/Lunch. But if I eat out on a weekend Brunch, then the extras can come in. Again very rare occasions generally. Then the option 2 would be pancakes, eggs, ham or bacon with coffee and fruits. Option 3 would be Bagels & Lox. But all for the rare, leisurely weekend Brunch, not for a rushed daily breakfast.

  • Mr. Perry
    Mr. Perry 3 months ago +288

    You can replace the pancakes with toast instead if you don’t feel like ingesting all that carbs and sugar. I do that sometimes and I think it can make the meal better if you aren’t craving pancakes.

    • Xen Xander
      Xen Xander 2 months ago +1

      Or waffles.. but that can be just as heavy .. though waffles in general are lighter.

    • •.zee.•
      •.zee.• 2 months ago +1

      ooooo i love putting scrambled eggs on a piece of toast if im trying to make a breakfast like this

    • TheAtkey
      TheAtkey 3 months ago +2

      Yeah I've always felt pancakes, eggs, bacon and hashbrowns is too much. I will usually have pancakes with some sausage, or eggs with some bacon and toast. Also french toast>pancakes. I don't eat those things for breakfast everyday not even close.

    • no, YOU are!
      no, YOU are! 3 months ago +7

      What do you think toast is?

    • Emma Strange
      Emma Strange 3 months ago +5

      Wouldn't that just be a incomplete English breakfast?

  • Liam
    Liam 9 months ago +1699

    As an American, we don't eat this stuff every day. This is a special occasion breakfast, or something you'd eat on the weekend. It's best to eat on the weekend because like you said, it makes you feel lethargic and it's ok to feel lethargic on a Sunday morning, but maybe not on a Tuesday.

    • Diane Moonstone
      Diane Moonstone 2 months ago +2

      @The Savage Sloth : More of a Brunch/Lunch deal, not strictly breakfast at all. And only on a slow weekend.

    • Inksday
      Inksday 2 months ago

      Speak for yourself

    • Brosey Wales
      Brosey Wales 3 months ago +2

      @GeoGold You've got a funny way of spelling whiskey, boy.

    • Apsoy Pike
      Apsoy Pike 3 months ago +2

      As an american, I don't eat breakfast at all. Maybe a handfull of peanuts if I'm really hungry.

    • JackTGreat
      JackTGreat 3 months ago +2

      It's the pancakes that make us feel lethargic. That's why they're a better dinner food.

  • Ja C
    Ja C 3 months ago +158

    I usually think the big heavy and almost desert-like breakfast of the US has roots from the English breakfast and the frontier days of the US when you gotta pack all that calorie in for a big day of work.
    That said, dipping bacon into egg yolk is pretty heavenly.

    • Darrell Farley
      Darrell Farley 2 months ago +2

      As an American myself, I only eat that type of breakfast maybe every 3-4 months (never mind I’ll be 64 this year). But there are regional differences in a “Big Breakfast” that breakfast was a generic “DENNY’s” type of breakfast. The only time I ate like that daily was as a young man in the Marine Corps!

    • Brian Smith
      Brian Smith 2 months ago +2

      I was thinking the same thing. That breakfast is made for a long day of working on a farm. 😁🇺🇲

    • Limulus polyphemus
      Limulus polyphemus 3 months ago +5

      Yeah but you cant do that witch scrambled eggs, hence why fried eggs are vastly superior, the only advantage scrambled eggs have is that you can throw cheese and veggies in there

  • Dave Spriter
    Dave Spriter 6 months ago +30

    i like that you had the bacon grease hashbrown epiphany naturally. as an american, i’m glad that you gave this breakfast another chance and really got into the mindset.
    a lot of people here feel the same way about the unhealthiness and comfort food factor, but i also think part of the saccharine nature of it is that it’s kind of a gesture of kindness. like making this breakfast to serve to a family member on their birthday morning or for your mom on mother’s day, or maybe making this breakfast for a partner on an anniversary or after a good night (: it’s a gesture like making cookies for someone except it’s a large fresh meal, at least in my experience
    OH also it is SIGNIFICANTLY more appealing when you are SEVERELY, SEVERELY hung over. this is well known here

  • Charles Donovan
    Charles Donovan 3 months ago +92

    My only critique, I think you had way more food on that plate than I've ever had for breakfast

    • Nathaniel B
      Nathaniel B 2 months ago

      I hop is a g

    • Asura1951
      Asura1951 2 months ago +2

      true, except at maybe IHOP.

    • Briar Black
      Briar Black 2 months ago +6

      That’s breakfast for the family not one person!

    • plother4242
      plother4242 2 months ago +3

      true. that would be more than a months worth of breakfast for me since I normally just have some tea or coffee and sometimes a piece of fruit.

  • OnePieceFan
    OnePieceFan 3 months ago +70

    As an american, this a special occasion breakfast. We don't really make it because it takes alot of effort, it's heavy, and it has alot of clean up. I assume it has a similar status to the Full English breakfast... i doubt you make that more than once a week.
    Realistically, you are far more likely to be served American Omelets, egg sandwiches, or even fried eggs and bacon/breakfast sausage. Often with a side of oatmeal or grits(corn porridge) and a fruit like apples, oranges, or bananas.

    • first last
      first last Month ago

      i don't think anyone would assume that this is something people made regularly

    • Engine 27
      Engine 27 Month ago

      I'm sorry what did you say? Why did you deleted your comment?

    • Engine 27
      Engine 27 Month ago

      Anything you cook it takes a lot of effort and a lot of clean up.

    • Andrew Dunnells
      Andrew Dunnells 2 months ago +3

      Bacon, eggs, and hashbrowns is common, without the pancakes.

    • Diane Moonstone
      Diane Moonstone 2 months ago +4

      Agree completely. 👍

  • Average Chad Legionary
    Average Chad Legionary 3 months ago +31

    Honestly I’ve always been more of a waffle guy but this breakfast is way bigger than the real deal. Most Americans will eat an approximation of this very breakfast often but usually without the pancakes and a few other minor differences.

  • Sam Frank
    Sam Frank 9 months ago +3561

    American breakfast isn’t really an everyday breakfast, at least not for anyone I know. It’s more about the culture and mythology surrounding it. In the US “breakfast food” is almost a synonym for comfort food. Parks And Recreation is an American TV show that does a great job of demonstrating the place that this meal holds in Americana. Lazy weekend mornings, late night diners, etc. When I lived abroad for a spell, I remember going to an American style diner one day and ordering the full American breakfast. The setting helped me understand that this breakfast food just feels like home, for me and millions of other Americans. And yes, it’s delicious, even if it doesn’t have vegetables (although the US has a history of counting fried potatoes as a serving of veggies)

    • Heather Hamlin
      Heather Hamlin 2 months ago

      I eat a bagel every morning….

    • Akiku2
      Akiku2 3 months ago

      For me, breakfast is a piece of fruit or some leftovers. My mom literally has a banana and a cup of coffee every morning for her breakfast. I'll be honest, I normally don't even eat breakfast. It tends to make me a little sick if I eat in the morning. But if I do, I'm typically having an apple, some berries, maybe oatmeal if I'm feeling ambitious, or an occasional omelette. I don't really do pancakes, though I will have toast every now and then. I'm not really a breakfast person.

    • Lol🗿
      Lol🗿 3 months ago +1

      @Animalia_ what is dry? I get the pastry’s like doughnuts or pancakes, but nothing else is dry. The hasbrowns look dry, but are moist inside. The bacon and eggs both aren’t dry

    • Localwattsonmain
      Localwattsonmain 3 months ago

      ​@sara saratell that to the British museums. Oh wait, you aren't going to do that are you

    • Axcyantol
      Axcyantol 3 months ago

      @Luke i do

  • Eric Forsberg
    Eric Forsberg 2 months ago +9

    Here are a few of my other favorite breakfasts.
    1). Huevos Rancheros with tortillas, Spanish Rice, and Refried Beans, plus a side-bowl of Menudo Soup, etc. (a Mexican breakfast)
    2). Dim Sum of assorted steamed pork and shrimp Dumplings, baked BBQ Bao Buns, Soup, chicken feet in spicy sauce, pan-fried noodles, Sticky Rice in Lotus Leaf, etc. (Cantonese breakfast)
    3). Fried Chicken and Waffles with a side of Greens with Ham-Hocks, and a side of biscuits with sausage gravy, plus grits, cornbread, candied Yams, etc. (a Southern Soul-Food breakfast)
    4). Shakshuka, feta, olives, Arabic salad, breads & pastries, fresh mint tea, & assorted mezza, like hummus, Kibbe, Baba Ganoush, and grape leaves stuffed with rice & lamb, etc. (Turkish breakfast)
    5). Bibimbap and fermented Bean-Paste soup (Jjigae) with tofu and seafood, plus "Naengmyeon"- cold-buckwheat-noodles, salad, and all of the "Banchan" you can eat. (Korean breakfast)
    6). and of course - the "Full Scottish" with baked beans, black pudding, haggis, grilled mushrooms & tomatoes, plus kidneys, bangers, thick bacon, toast, marmalade, etc. (Scottish breakfast)
    7). Eggs Benedict with a side-salad, asparagus, coffee, freshly squeezed orange juice, a Mimosa, and a Bread & Pastry basket, etc. (fancy American Brunch)
    8). Grilled Freshwater Eel, Broiled Salmon, assorted Sashimi, Rice Bowl, Miso Soup, Sweet layered Omelet, assorted Kyoto pickled vegetables, assorted Tempura, Green Tea, etc. (Japanese breakfast)
    9). Sliced cured meats, cheeses & sausages, smoked or pickled fish, head-cheese, liver pate, boiled beets & potatoes, muesli & yogurt, assorted breads & pastries, etc. (German Breakfast)
    10). Rice Porridge with Seafood, smoked Duck, Char Su BBQ Pork loin, Crisp-Skin Roasted Pork Belly, flat Foon noodles with Beef, Pot-Stickers, Chinese Broccoli, Soup, tea, etc. (Chinese Breakfast)

    • Diane Moonstone
      Diane Moonstone 2 months ago +2

      Agree. But again, not a daily breakfast for most Americans. That would be a going out brunch/lunch rare treat on a weekend. Our daily breakfasts are usually a rushed affair of buttered toast & coffee, or cereals. Plus maybe grab an apple or a banana. Or make a rushed smoothie.

  • fightergirl
    fightergirl 5 months ago +8

    as an American who works a lot of manual type labor, I try to eat like this every third day or so, twice within a work week if that depending on how I'm feeling.
    Like a lot of American food, it will give you power if you're using it, but make you fat and lazy if you aren't.
    I'm convinced high fat content is what gives me enough energy to do what I do.
    thanks for giving this one another go, you gave it much more love this time.

  • Lucas Conner
    Lucas Conner 3 months ago +47

    "and I'm just lacking vegetables, like tomatoes or beans"
    neither of these things are vegetables my man

    • J
      J 2 months ago +2

      Beans which are legumes is still a vegetable.

    • #1 Roxy Fan
      #1 Roxy Fan 2 months ago +5

      A Tomato is technically a fruit and beans are legumes.

  • Andi Dreyes
    Andi Dreyes 2 months ago +12

    That breakfast is usually what I had after church as a child. Truthfully, we eat smaller, faster breakfast (if we eat breakfast at all). So we do country potatoes (has other veggies in with potatoes, like bell peppers, onions, garlic, salt and pepper). But we do parfait types too. Or non-dairy fruit smoothies. That's my preference for breakfast. My husband does a scrambled egg, onion, Roma tomato with day old rice seasoned with garlic powder. It's awesome for breakfast.

    • Anne B.
      Anne B. 2 months ago +2

      My daughter does that. She'll scramble 2 eggs with peppers, onion, garlic, and sometimes (Smoked Sausage chunks) and mix it all with rice. It's pretty good in my opinion.

  • Zach Bright
    Zach Bright 4 months ago +8

    I always thought this breakfast was more of a hangover cure, and not a regular thing to eat, but still iconic.

  • My Name Isn't Patrick
    My Name Isn't Patrick 9 months ago +1259

    "I cooked the hashbrowns in the bacon fat"
    I literally started to nod my head and say "yes yes." Thats obvious to us.

    • Asura1951
      Asura1951 2 months ago

      @Quackio yes and she is right, both ways in fact.

    • Tom Raine of Magigor
      Tom Raine of Magigor 2 months ago

      yeah he cooked it in the fat then complained it was too greasy. If you want a less greasy one you could cook it in butter. If you want to add a more robust flavor profile then you can use a compound butter. It really would make the dish lighter. In addition to that most times the eggs wouldn't be plain. They may have tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, or cheese mixed and matched. The pancakes can be substituted for a biscuit and looking at the traditional full experience breakfast it should have an apple with it

    • Matt
      Matt 3 months ago

      @Quackio We the United States

    • Edward Marshall
      Edward Marshall 3 months ago +1

      @Cousin M No. Bacon fat is for gravy and roos.

    • Toveri Juri
      Toveri Juri 3 months ago +1

      Sounds horrifying.

  • Michael Psellos
    Michael Psellos 3 months ago +87

    The best way to think of the American "diner" breakfast is as template.
    Every state, region, major city, and family has some sort of spin on the formula.
    Unless I go to some very generic I hop or Dennys the pancakes and home fries/ hash browns are always different.

    • Diane Moonstone
      Diane Moonstone 2 months ago

      @Sourpenguin360 : Agree. It's a rare occasion brunch at a dinner. So it takes the place of a combined breakfast and lunch.

    • AzraelThanatos
      AzraelThanatos 3 months ago +2

      yeah, different sausages and other things instead of the bacon, mainly determined by what is a local thing. Pancakes often swapped out for things like french toast, waffles, or whatever variant you want. Or just a more basic bread such as toast, bagels, or similar...or whatever pastry/donut is available.
      Most places also add fruit and dairy to it as well, cheese in the eggs is often one, several places have yogurt as part of it.
      A good portion of the reason for the diner breakfast is because it's all stuff that cooks easily and well on a flattop and quickly.

    • Sourpenguin360
      Sourpenguin360 3 months ago +1

      @Andytheshizno agree but it's more of a once every month thing tho.

    • Andytheshizno
      Andytheshizno 3 months ago +5

      @Sourpenguin360 there's something nice about going to an American diner and getting a good breakfast with a cup of coffee in the morning

    • Sourpenguin360
      Sourpenguin360 3 months ago +1

      You guys get breakfast?

  • Aaron
    Aaron 2 months ago +5

    I think the only thing this is really missing is fruit. A small handful of raspberries or blueberries, maybe a wedge of grapefruit. The orange juice is nice, but only a small glass. You would typically see a glass of milk with this as well. And there are definitely ways you can make this breakfast even more luxurious. And as others have said, this is not an everyday meal. This is for special occasions, weekends, or to impress guests. A normal breakfast is going to generally be scrambled eggs and toast or a bowl of cereal and cold milk. We Americans don't usually have vegetables with our breakfast. If we do, it is usually in an omelet and will have some combination of white/yellow onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, green onions/scallions, or mushrooms.

  • Isaac Taylor
    Isaac Taylor 3 months ago +2

    I've never actually seen someone eat that many pancakes at one time; when I have breakfast like this, I usually only have one or two pancakes, and sometimes I skip them altogether, depending on if I'm in a sugary mood.

  • CryptidNemesis
    CryptidNemesis 3 months ago +13

    Some things of note that others would have told you:
    1. This is not an every day thing, that's only perpetuated by tv shows where they show the character walk downstairs to the smell of freshly cooked breakfast. We eat it on special occasions or generally just weekends.
    2. While not stereotypical, adding fruit and veggies is kind of fun. I personally like some fresh spinach in my scrambled eggs along with fresh shredded cheese because it adds color, texture, and some extra flavor. I also really like bananas and/or chocolate chips with my pancakes, but if you were to ask all Americans who like pancakes, what they like on them, you will find a good variety. Some like blueberries and strawberries and raspberries with their pancakes. My family even has a family secret to make ours taste better, but what I can say is it isn't just about maple syrup. Maple syrup is good, but buttermilk syrup is pretty good too. It's a lot of finding what you like.
    3. That bacon is kind of horrendous. Thick is good, but that is super short and stubby.
    4. The Orange Juice pick is a pretty bad choice for us when you go all out like this because it's naturally sugary here, even the freshly squeezed stuff can be pretty sugary imo. Milk or coffee would work better here.

  • Gaurav Singh
    Gaurav Singh 7 months ago +1

    Now his channel has over 1.3 million subscribers, his channel is growing damn rapidly. All the best to his commitment and his luck factor👍👍

  • Steven T
    Steven T 8 months ago +101

    A veggie-heavy breakfast staple of American diners are the "western omelet" or the "farmer's omelet". You'd probably really like it!!!
    Peppers, potatoes (squeezed dry), mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, ham, and 3 eggs with a splash of milk whisked together. Pan-sear (NOT cook, only sear) your ham/bacon to render the fat. Roast the veggies with the ham for a few minutes next to reduce water content. Pour eggs, cook one side, flip, toss in cheese, fold, wait until cheese melts to serve. Enjoy!

  • PunkinLady
    PunkinLady 3 months ago +8

    6:28 usually we Americans have either some kind of hash for vegetables (peppers, onion, tomato, potato) or instead of scrambled eggs, making an omelet with any of mushrooms, peppers, onions, spinach as filling. Generally speaking the classic American breakfast isn’t one single dish, but an aggregate of different breakfast foods that Americans normally have separately. Only point of contention with this preparation: American Hash Browns are almost always Russet potatoes (very starchy white potatoes), not yellow potatoes. Although it does look delicious

  • The Milkman
    The Milkman 3 months ago +20

    This is something you would have on the weekend may on a Saturday maybe a Sunday at most. There’s also regional stuff sometimes you get a Steak in there. Sometimes you get biscuits and gravy.

  • The Amazingly Randy
    The Amazingly Randy 3 months ago +2

    Most mornings I'll just have some bran flakes, instant oatmeal/grits, or two eggs with bacon and toast if i'm motivated. My ultimate weekend breakfast is 2 fried eggs, 3 slices of bacon, two pieces of wheat toast with butter and strawberry jam, hash browns with cheese and fried ham, a biscuit covered with sausage gravy, and a couple cold slices of cantaloupe or honeydew melons. Cup of coffee, cup of OJ, and a tall glass of ice water. Get in my belly.

  • Raul Endymion
    Raul Endymion 3 months ago +2

    My American breakfast looks like this.
    Two parts protein (One rich, plus savory or strongly flavored), to one part starch, one part fruit, and then your drinks a small hot drink and a cool one (usually coffee and a sweet tart juice). It's also important to remember that America has a wide varity of local varations on their average breakfast. Most of the time when I picture "American breakfast" I picture Diner breakfasts.
    Average American Breakfast includes bacon (rich savory meat), with small sausage links (porky and herby), and some kind of egg for extra because that's also in the American spirit of sharing wealth and richness. Then a few triangle slices of toast with a thin layer of butter and a tart sweet jelly. For a fruit it's whatevers in season or a local favorite; bananas, apples, oranges, or say half a grape fruit are a few varities that come of the top of my head. Then finally for drinks a cup of coffee and a small glass of juice, in early American Diners the juice was freshly squeezed. Thus the drink is fresh, varied, and sweet.
    It's still a very savory breakfast. But the fresh fruit, juice, and optionally the starch of choice are parried to contrast the savory parts of the dish.
    Some varients include changing the thickness of the bacon from extra thin and crispy, to thicker and more tender pieces. Or changing the eggs from scrambled to fried, or even boiled. You can switch the toast for potatoes. Use any local fruits. Have some drinks, and chat with a close friend or with family, but it's obviously rich, savor, and fresh and delicious by yourself.
    This is my American breakfats treaty as a dumb American. Thinking of the breakfast even state by state you at least have 50 varities technically, at least I'd argue it. But I love all kinds of breakfasts anyway. Great video btw!

  • DomInator
    DomInator 3 months ago +15

    This is a special occasion breakfast, your average American has oatmeal, cereal, toast, or something along those lines as a day to day breakfast.

  • Dachi Gobeja
    Dachi Gobeja 9 months ago +972

    "i made the entire country of the United States very upset"
    happens more often than you think

    • Inquisitive Feline
      Inquisitive Feline 3 months ago

      😅 referring to more than just food

    • Jamie Jam
      Jamie Jam 4 months ago +2

      British people existing is a popular point of contention (for Very good reason if you ask me)

    • Oreo
      Oreo 4 months ago

      @Mortomi the us never installed dictators except in iran

  • Miathemouse
    Miathemouse 2 months ago +1

    American, here. There really are people who eat a breakfast like this on regular work days, despite what other Americans say. This is a great breakfast for anyone who has a job which requires strength and endurance. I have an ex who worked on his grandmother's farm, for a while. He ate a full breakfast like the one you made every day that he worked, and he needed every calorie of it. He was a lean guy, prior to starting to help at the farm, and he only gained muscle mass while working there, despite how much fat, sugar, and carbs his daily breakfast contained, because he burned through it, while working, and didn't eat like that on his days off.

  • Elizabeth 1st of England & Ireland

    For confirms, this is usually a diner style. You'd be surprised finding out that people rarely makes this honestly, for breakfest I just have yogurt with fruits, ice cold water & a gronla bar because no way on earth I can eat that all for breakfest.

  • CUontheflip
    CUontheflip 2 months ago

    One tip for the eggs- I always add a dollop of heavy cream to the eggs before I whisk them and they come out so damn fluffy. I will also point out that we usually have Oatmeal or an omelet for weekday breakfast. I think you would approve of my omelets as I add spinach, tomatoes and mushrooms.

  • Bakon Man
    Bakon Man 5 months ago

    Is it just me or are the best pancakes the ones cooked in too much butter, giving the edges a salty crunch? With chocolate chips or syrup, that salty and crispy contrast with the fluffy and tender inside is just heavenly to me.

  • Michael Matthews
    Michael Matthews 2 months ago +1

    Looks super yummy, and you're right, it's a lot. Which is why we don't eat like that except for special occasions, like an occasional Sunday brunch. More regularly, some eggs and toast, or a bowl of cereal/oatmeal/grits, or just pancakes/waffle, or biscuits and gravy.

  • Mortomi
    Mortomi 7 months ago +595

    I can understand it not being healthy as a point, but the “classic” American breakfast is basically a holiday food.

    • Laurie
      Laurie 2 months ago

      @Jeremiah ST Then you are an atypical US American.

    • Diane Moonstone
      Diane Moonstone 2 months ago

      @JavaScrapper: Agree.👍🤭🤣🤣🤣💕

    • snintendog
      snintendog 3 months ago +4

      @joshua kim you got it backwards a fuckton of Carbs and A healthy dose of protein and sugar is the perfect combo for labor and the myth that sugar is good for thinking jobs has been bunk for 50 years.

  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson 6 months ago +1

    I make homemade pancakes all the time ( I make a homemade mix ) I also have a nonstick griddle where I can make 6 at a time. Glad you tried this again. I am also team THICK bacon.

  • lynndec22
    lynndec22 2 months ago +6

    I almost never eat all of those things in a single sitting. Pancakes + bacon or sausage, eggs + toast, eggs + hash browns… and I love veggies in my scrambled egg or fruit with pancakes.

    • lynndec22
      lynndec22 2 months ago

      @Asura1951 I’ve had chicken & waffles exactly once, on vacation. I shared it with another person bc it was too much. I’ve never had pancakes & chicken.

    • Asura1951
      Asura1951 2 months ago

      fried Chicken and pan cakes?

  • fransebelle
    fransebelle 7 months ago +1

    This breakfast is a classic for a reason, but we rarely eat it except on special occasions. Where I live (nj) the pork roll, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich is famous! When going to work a morning shift I normally grab a wawa bacon croissant sizzli and some fruit, but when at home I tend to make toast with blueberry jam or oatmeal, with fruit and yoghurt. I also love a good toasted croissant with cream cheese for breakfast! I enjoy eating that with either juice or a smoothie :)

  • DuskDawnAndFate
    DuskDawnAndFate 2 months ago +2

    "I need veggies" "It lacks balance" *Compares it to the Full English*
    My man, you gave the French breakfast such a high rating despite it being bread and chocolate.

  • treppie
    treppie 4 months ago +1

    I’d be curious to see you rate a lighter American breakfast, like avocado toast (preferably topped with poached egg, and accompanied by a cup of berries).

  • hlsl s
    hlsl s 9 months ago +1000

    This is more of a classic “US diner breakfast” if your eating out for brunch or on weekends but there is not regular breakfast IMO, for me I usually have standard things like yogurt, eggs and toast, etc. + there is just so many different people and cultures in the US with their own food + US breakfast is a blend of different countries foods + adaptation it’s hard to pin down one thing, but yes I’d say this is a classic US breakfast and I agree with all your points. One more thing I feel like usually you’d just have 2 of those things or 3 like bacon and eggs or pancakes and bacon, etc.

    • Carsten
      Carsten 5 months ago +2

      @Theories Banana every country is diverse but few countries are made up mostly of immigrants from around the world like the US. That has a huge impact on our culture. You have people who follow American traditions but then you also have a huge population of people who follow traditions from their homelands. There are a lot of other countries that are diverse but let's not act like every country is as diverse as the US. There are a lot of homogenous countries with tiny minority populations like Japan, the Koreas, Tunisia, Yemen, etc. Then you have places like Cuba, Paraguay, and Honduras where the population has mixed together so much that mostly everyone speaks the same language and eats the same food.

    • Chance
      Chance 5 months ago +3

      @Theories Banana This is simply not true. Very few countries have a meld of cultures like the US.

    • Omar & Mariam
      Omar & Mariam 7 months ago +1


    • Jake
      Jake 7 months ago

      Wdym I get pancake bacon eggs and hash or sausage when at home

    • nat
      nat 7 months ago +1

      yes, this applies to literally everyone around the world lol. everyone knows that most people don't eat a full course meal for their breakfast, it's just for fun

  • mord33cay
    mord33cay 4 months ago +1

    i second everyone saying that this isn't an every day thing, but definitely a unique american cultural thing - restaurants and family dinners in the US always tend to be big so you take home leftovers! "no one goes home hungry" is a big thing here. you're not expected to finish, and you're encouraged to save it for the next day so you can have another meal :D

  • ninebone13
    ninebone13 2 months ago +1

    Thanks for giving the 'American Breakfast' a second chance. You made enough food for two, maybe three people. As many have said, this is the 'hospitality' breakfast, personally it is two different meals for me. I would fix myself the eggs (fried or scrambled), meat, potatoes (optional), bread (toast, English Muffins, or biscuit) for one meal and pancakes or pancakes + meat for another meal. Orange juice is optional (it talks back to me = indigestion) and can be substituted with apple or grape juice. My breakfast is 1 egg scrambled, 2 slices thin bacon or two American sausage links and a biscuit with jelly and sweeet tea is my beverage of choice. Leave Out the Sugar and Vanilla in your Pancake recipe! The sweetener for pancakes is the type of syrup (maple syrup, corn syrup, golden syrup, molasses, or honey) you pour on it. I mix all the liquids for my pancakes together before adding to the dry ingredients for the pancakes. Try buttermilk, sour milk, or yogurt & sour cream as substitutes for the sweet milk in your pancakes. For the hashbrowns, use the larger holes of the box grater and as you get to smaller pieces of the potato use the pad rather than the tips of your fingers to push the potatoes through the holes. Veggies & fruits - since you didn't serve any bread, i.e. biscuits, toast, English Muffins or croissants, you didn't serve any fruit jelly or jam. In the summer, I like to add a garden fresh tomato to my breakfast, especially if I am doing fried eggs. You left out the biscuits and sausage gravy, oatmeal (porridge), and grits (which I like with fried eggs and fresh tomato slices).

    • Diane Moonstone
      Diane Moonstone 2 months ago

      This is a once-in-a-blue- moon type of meal for me. And yes, I definitely do not like a sugary, sweet basic pancake. I actually prefer it savory, just plain butter with my sausage, eggs, and coffee. And just two of them in smaller pieces.

  • Stevefriendbrav
    Stevefriendbrav 3 months ago +1

    Outside of a rare McDonalds breakfast, I've almost never ate pancakes with eggs. It's either an egg based breakfast with sausage or bacon, hashbrowns and toast, or a pancake based breakfast with sausage or bacon.

  • Elijah Brenyo
    Elijah Brenyo 3 months ago +10

    this breakfast is like a Saturday morning kinda meal you wouldn't eat it on a Monday

    • Random One for Stuff
      Random One for Stuff 22 days ago

      Yeah, I usually only eat a bagel with cream cheese, cereal, a fried egg, or something else light for breakfast. If you eat the stereotypical "American" breakfast every day, you're gonna gain weight rapidly and also feel bloated for the whole morning.

  • Round Raccoon
    Round Raccoon 5 months ago +2

    It really depends on the part of the country you're in. In some south eastern states the classic breakfast is grits with biscuits and gravy with kind of breakfast meat and country style sauteed potatoes. Chicken fried steak is also very popular in the south. In most western states especially california it's likely a diner style omelette. Pancakes are available at almost any breakfast place though. I don't really like pancakes just the sweet cream variety. I much prefer almost anything else.

  • oceanwavedvd
    oceanwavedvd 9 months ago +744

    Either he generally thought his breakfast game was weak or he got threatened to get shot enough times he gave in

    • Jamie Moss
      Jamie Moss 2 months ago

      If I wanted to eat beans for breakfast I'd make breakfast tacos with black beans. Baked beans for breakfast is weird.

    • Diane Moonstone
      Diane Moonstone 2 months ago

      @Ragnar : Never, ever underestimate the nationalistic fervor of any other people from other countries. Try antagonizing any foreign citizens and you'd think we Americans were soft and kind-hearted. Especially smaller countries. They'd look at us Americans and think we're maligning them from our privileged, "superior" vantage point. That chip on the shoulder applies to all nationalities, but people are quicker to judge Americans because of a basic lack of understanding of how the other half lives. And perhaps an insecurity of how other people feel they are perceived. 🤔

    • α2
      α2 3 months ago +1

      @Ragnar I love how the only reason you think of Americans being the "worst offenders" is your own bias hatred toward them and not... the simple fact they have the most english speakers who can reply on video done in English.
      It's amazing how easily you can see the truth when you take off the hate googles.

    • Ragnar
      Ragnar 4 months ago

      @Kristion Johnson Americans are the worst offenders from what I’ve seen though because of the whole “we’re the greatest country on earth” mentality that’s been pounded into the heads of Americans since grade school. People here will absolutely bury you for even mild critiques of anything American, even food, but ESPECIALLY the military. But that’s another story for another video.

    • Kristion Johnson
      Kristion Johnson 4 months ago

      @Ragnar u mean people from all over the world instead of specifically saying America u could have also just said " people from all over the world need to stop having a thin skin when it comes to someone talking about their countries stuff."

  • Lavender
    Lavender 4 months ago +1

    I'd have to agree that this specific breakfast is not very healthy, but that's mostly because it's a once and a while food. The best example I have is waking up on a Sunday morning feeling sleepy and hearing your mom sizzling bacon on the pan. It feels really homey and chill, and helps you wake up in the morning but definitely is a laid-back, special occasion thing. A more everyday breakfast could be buttered toast, maybe with some eggs as well, a bowl of cereal, or some waffles. Also, if you want more vegetables an omelette could be a good way to go as well.

  • youarenotalion
    youarenotalion 7 months ago

    I usually would use the larger size side of the grater to grate my hashbrowns, not sure it actually changes much. Also it's worth making potato pancakes or latkes by mixing in some eggs and flour (and maybe some green onions or cabbage) and eat with applesauce!
    And I think another pretty standard more everyday American breakfast is a bagel and cream cheese and depending on the type of bagel, lox and tomato slices

  • Zayin M
    Zayin M 5 months ago

    Re-stumbled upon Kwook a couple of weeks ago with his national dish shorts ranking! When it got to ranking American breakfast I knew what to expect and prepared to take the L. Damn, those original pancakes, tho 👀😬, lol. Some food for thought from my perspective, I believe the evolution of the "American" breakfast is vastly different from other countries' traditional breakfasts. "Flapjacks" surged in popularity among lumberjacks, miners, and farming families- men in particular could expect to expend enormous amounts of calories throughout the day, so just like arctic explorers can eat pure butter to offset their calorie burn, so too, perhaps with the carbs, sugar, and butter in the pancakes and salt, fat, and protein in a stable form like bacon. To get a truly traditional breakfast based on nutrition and flavors playing to the land's strengths you probably have to look to Native American or central and south American breakfast traditions.... Which I know absolutely nothing about. Probably involves salmon, though, here in the northwest.
    As far as the good old pancake, if you want to have more fun with it and get American asFR*CK I suggest frying the *pancake* in bacon fat with fresh blue berries in the batter, *if possible* on an open fire in a camping scenario (v smoky). Sub the sweet orange juice for strong black coffee and you begin to recreate the experience it was always intended for, suddenly the pancake becomes a 10/10 sense-making, super-minor-offense-but-maybe-still-technically-illegal experience. It's a lot of work, particularly if you don't normally camp, though, I get it. I was very pleasantly surprised with this revisit! *Making sure I'm subed*

  • Rain
    Rain 6 months ago +2

    LMAO glad you remade it! we dont eat like this very often, its a very “special occasions” kind of breakfasy!

  • Warren Eckels
    Warren Eckels Month ago

    As Kamil Kamil said, this is a Sunday breakfast typically consumed after church on Sunday morning. Taking a nap is part of the experience.
    It is also within the normal parameters of an American breakfast to put onions and mild peppers in the scrambled eggs or as the filling of a folded omelet. A tomato sauce with chiles (a salsa casera is my favorite) then goes on top of the omelet.

  • 16chaos61
    16chaos61 9 months ago +105

    I agree with comments saying this is more "American Diner" style breakfast. It's definitely not an every day breakfast for most people (more like once a week/month), but almost always available at any restaurant serving breakfast. But good on you for actually giving it a genuine second attempt! Thick cut bacon is definitely the way to go, hash browns looked great, and those pancakes are definitely a step up! It can still be improved a little bit, and in ways that can partially address some of your criticisms (but a lot of those criticisms will be hard to avoid completely. It's the USA. We aren't exactly known for balance)
    "hash browns" are divided into 2 styles, and the dominant style depends on where in the US you get them (but usually you can find both styles pretty much everywhere). The type you made are northern style. Southern style are cubed potatoes, and you can take a step up by making home fries. Home fries are southern style hash browns with things like onion and bell pepper mixed in while cooking, boosting flavor and nutritional content when made well.
    It's also not uncommon to customize your eggs with things like onion, mushrooms, tomato, and peppers (usually bell pepper or jalapeños, depending on spice tolerance).
    Finally, you can just as easily substitute orange juice with milk, coffee, or tea. It's really up to personal preference here, and idk why orange juice is considered the go to.
    On a different note, another very common breakfast that will probably better address your concerns is an omelet with hash browns (both styles are acceptable), sometimes bacon or sausage, and a small bowl of fruit on the side. Not sure this would really reach a 10/10, but I think it would be an improvement over pancakes.

    • Jigglypuff
      Jigglypuff 3 months ago +1

      @EmbraceWithin most Americans I know do coffee and 3 eggs, or a bowl of oatmeal with some fruit in it. Throw the eggs on a biscuit if youre in a hurry, and need to eat it on the go. We keep it light for the most part; this is a weekend or holiday breakfast

    • 16chaos61
      16chaos61 6 months ago

      @AspenRose Animations in my experience, the cubed ones are also called hash browns (most commonly in southern states of the US).

    • AspenRose Animations
      AspenRose Animations 6 months ago

      are the cubed potatoes called hash browns too? i thought they were called cottage fries, doesnt the "hash" part of hash browns refer to the criss crossing of the potato (like a "hashtag")?

    • R17
      R17 7 months ago

      Replied 9

    • Ivette Rodriguez
      Ivette Rodriguez 7 months ago +2

      Orange juice is the go to beause it helps make you not feel nauseous from the sausage and bacon. Or at least hels cut the grease.

  • Ian-Christopher Hammer
    Ian-Christopher Hammer 5 months ago +2

    Honestly I consider this to be more of an American diner style breakfast. That or a Sunday morning breakfast

  • Magi♥️
    Magi♥️ 6 months ago +1

    I think in every country there is the cultural, fancy breakfast and the normal every day breakfast. In Germany for example the fancy one is brötchen and dark bread with ham and cheese and tomatoes and cucumber where the normal breakfast is just müsli (oats etc) or toast with jam and nutella

  • Ledia Shields
    Ledia Shields 2 months ago

    Preparation, execution, and ingredients are key to any good meal, a full American breakfast like you made, is usually for special occasions or had in restaurants, when doing road trips because they are so filling, you won't want to eat until dinner, glad you attempted and succeeded in redoing that

  • Erin's Journey
    Erin's Journey 3 months ago +9

    I LOVE ❤ your channel!! I think the ‘image/reputation’ of the American breakfast stems from 1950 TV (showing prosperity after the war) and continued to be promoted through media 🗞 rather than reality. I think an Americans ‘everyday meal’ is going to be VASTLY impacted on which ‘diet modality’ they follow.
    As you probably now know, Americans rarely eat this way. Its something maybe eaten on holidays and usually the pancakes would be toast and if pancakes, (1-2 at most!) eaten as a separate meal by the kids at the table. Americans also use ‘streaky’ bacon not thick pork belly (I LOVE your pork belly in this). My special occasion meal are Eggs Benedict 🍳with sausage and for everyday either just coffee or 3 eggs, just protein & fat. 🙏 Thanks for all you do, its fantastic!

  • plother4242
    plother4242 2 months ago

    this is definitely a once in a while breakfast, made for holidays or made for guests. When our family makes this breakfast it is usually for dinner. We don't normally have pancakes with it and we put chopped onions in the hash-browns and make it either an omelet with veggies or fried eggs with tomatoes sliced on the side. We don't usually have so much food unless its for the whole family! It would be more like one of those pancakes with strawberries on top instead of syrup, one or two eggs, a little bacon or sausage. Even that is once in a while. We normally just have tea or coffee, a piece of fruit or a piece of toast and we are out the door if we even bother having that. Other people have things that seem strange to us for breakfast too. I have never seen anyone in the US have pork and beans with their breakfast or black pudding but you see it all the time in pictures of British breakfasts. I can't stomach the thought of pudding made out of blood.. seems gross to a lot of the world but as you can see, what some people grew up with and like, other people can't understand.

  • Phebe Lee is me
    Phebe Lee is me 9 months ago +376

    As an American I actually agreed with your views on it being unhealthy. My mom always likes to cook so we grew up with a healthier diet and every time I would go to a friends house, the ones that actually ate breakfast (a lot of people my age don’t even eat breakfast), would have a pretty unhealthy breakfast, lunch and dinner and I would always feel sick after because my body is literally rejecting the unhealthy meal. And I’m not saying it’s wrong that people eat that I’m just stating my opinion so please be kind and respectful if you decide to defend your self

    • Diane Moonstone
      Diane Moonstone 2 months ago

      @w2cky : That's actually old school thinking. Now there are proponents of Intermittent Fasting where you're told to postpone breakfast until lunch time and limit your late night meal schedule as well.

    • Avashnea
      Avashnea 3 months ago

      Get rid of the pancakes and hash browns to make it healthier.

    • Toveri Juri
      Toveri Juri 3 months ago

      @Danielle Vaughn
      Eggs aren't unhealthy unless you have cholesterol issues from already bad eating habits. Beans are the same as eggs they are very healthy nutrient rich foods and will not cause you any issues unless you eat them all the time.

    • WTao
      WTao 4 months ago +2

      @Danielle Vaughn did you really just say that beans and eggs are unhealthy?

    • Will Lastnameguy
      Will Lastnameguy 7 months ago

      @w2cky If I feel hungry I do eat something like that. I like Belvita.

  • chinookH47
    chinookH47 3 months ago +33

    If anyone is intrested some other "American Breakfeast" items are:
    Biscuts and Gravy
    Corn beef
    French toast
    "Cowboy" eggs cassrole
    Egg sandwhichs (So many kinds)
    Most American skip breakfast though

    • Bangtan Humanist
      Bangtan Humanist 2 months ago +1


    • M Hammer
      M Hammer 2 months ago

      @Asura1951 shit on a shingle is pretty good

    • Asura1951
      Asura1951 2 months ago +1

      @smtpgirl or SOS..AKA Creamed beef on Tost.

    • smtpgirl
      smtpgirl 2 months ago

      don't forget scrapple

    • Chad Atchison
      Chad Atchison 2 months ago +2

      @M Yup I was just going to say he missed the hash with the corned beef lol.

  • Carmen Pereira Mercado
    Carmen Pereira Mercado 2 months ago +1

    We don't eat this everyday, it's a treat for a special occasion. Usually for traveling, birthdays, get together with friends, etc. It was originally for people who worked on farms and ranches who need lots of calories for backbreaking work.

  • Carol Giffen
    Carol Giffen 4 months ago +2

    A bowl of low fat yogurt with granola sprinkled on top, garnished with blueberries is probably more appropriate if you have a desk job. Not so much if you work on an oil rig or build roads. I doubt many people eat that many pancakes in one sitting. But, the breakfast looks delicious to me. 😊

  • Becky Smith
    Becky Smith 2 months ago +1

    As others have said, this is only an American breakfast on weekends or at a diner. Most of us don't have that much time to prep, cook, and clean up breakfast in the mornings. Many of us just eat cold cereal and milk for breakfast.

  • Jordan Jenkins
    Jordan Jenkins 2 months ago

    "I need vegetables"
    *proceeds to name a fruit and legumes
    😉 Glad you enjoyed the traditional American breakfast. It's a comfort food!

  • Wes Juice
    Wes Juice 9 months ago +202

    There’s good food everywhere, I think what really was annoying about the last video was that you were essentially making American breakfast look bad to non-Americans. The whole point of channels like this for me is the experience of other foods and using that as an example for what I can do.
    Thanks for giving it a genuine chance

    • Diane Moonstone
      Diane Moonstone 2 months ago

      @Navier : The point is, no one eats that everyday!!! That was the olden days when there was a stay-at-home mom who had the time and stamina to prepare breakfast. Now, it's a mad scramble to get to the door for work or school by everyone. So the usual breakfast would be cereals and milk, plus juice. Or toast and coffee, or a Smoothie to go. Or stop off at Peet's or Starbucks, or McDonald's, perhaps, IF you had additional time. Now that type of breakfast is reserved for a rare weekend Brunch treat, or holidays, or some celebration.

    • Jigglypuff
      Jigglypuff 3 months ago

      @Alyssa Burton dang succotash is native american? I liked eating that growing up, I didn't know it came from them, that's neat
      the deer stuff makes sense too since you can't sneeze in the south without hitting one lol

    • WTao
      WTao 4 months ago

      And it's bad lol

    • WerrutkyUpNext
      WerrutkyUpNext 5 months ago

      @your father 😐

    • your father
      your father 5 months ago

      @WerrutkyUpNext im not a man I'm your father

  • ivan boston
    ivan boston 2 months ago

    How to further improve your hash brown game: Rinse them with water so that they spread out some and press them between two tea towels or some sheets of paper towel. Do not press them so hard that they get "gloopy" and leave them in your fridge for a bit the cold dry air will help dehydrate them

  • Aqua
    Aqua Month ago +4

    American breakfast is 100% for special events and maybe the weekend. That's why it's so overboard lol. An average day to day american breakfast would be like eggs and toast or a smoothie xd

  • Dread Quixadhal
    Dread Quixadhal 2 months ago +1

    Interesting. I've never had hash browns made like that. The typical hash brown in my part of the US (Michigan) are more like coarse flaked potatoes that you toss in a greasy pan and just move them around so they get a nice mix of browned bits and not-so-browned bits. Getting rid of the water is no so vital there, but if you don't it will make a mess while cooking.
    There was an old restaurant near me that used to serve breakfasts that size... and instead of just scrambled eggs, you got a "farmer's omlette"... diced ham, onions, green onions, green peppers, and cheddar cheese inside about 4 eggs.

  • McGwee
    McGwee 2 months ago

    Man this sounds great, I'd never go this far for breakfast myself. I'd use instant pancake and frozen hash browns.

  • Celeste Narciso
    Celeste Narciso 9 months ago +161

    The breakfast looks amazing, but you are not wrong, not exactly the most nutritious but definitely delicious

    • Julian Ayala
      Julian Ayala 7 months ago +2

      @Zioneyx I've always seen it as a event night style meal. Like are we having movie night, BAM, breakfast. Card night, BAM. Casual date night, BAM, you got a great time. Calling it a "meal" is kinda hard unless you make a point to add extra things to it to make it better for you. Though it does feel nice time an again.

    • Zioneyx
      Zioneyx 8 months ago +9

      The american breakfast isnt something you eat normally its like once a month

    • Gilgamesh Devourer of Worlds, Gil for short
      Gilgamesh Devourer of Worlds, Gil for short 8 months ago +4

      Oh most definitely. As good as a big breakfast is you definitely don't need to do it more than once a month.

  • David Minken
    David Minken 2 months ago

    What you made is definitely more feast food than daily breakfast fare. I'll throw down a massive breakfast like that if I know that's basically all I'm eating for the day - like a weekend day that's shaping up to be a full day of chores or some lengthy project.
    In other words, it's a breakfast suitable for a day on the farm.

  • Eric Davis
    Eric Davis 2 months ago +1

    I've only eaten a full American breakfast a few times in my whole life. We usually eat much lighter meals for breakfast. All of those items combined are more of a 'special occasion' meal than standard fare. You look like you did well with your preparation and I think the honest evaluation is fine, even 3/10. Is your bacon smoked like American bacon? Would love to see Japanese, Brazilian and Indian breakfast.

  • Squidoodle
    Squidoodle 15 days ago

    The thing about American Breakfast is that it's so versatile. The definition of a breakfast can be entirely different if you ask 20 people.

  • Ragewin Nine Thousand
    Ragewin Nine Thousand 6 months ago

    I usually pair the “traditional” choices together at a time. Pancake and sausage is my go to pairing; along with fruit if possible

  • Trout
    Trout 2 months ago

    Just want to throw my family's hash browns variation in here. Using leftover baked potatoes cut them into 1/2-1 inch triangles with the skin still on. Fry in a pan with diced onions and jalapenos with fat of your choice. Might be closer to home fries but this is what hash has always been to me, way better than traditional hashbrowns imo. Goes great with a fried egg

  • andrzejekk
    andrzejekk 9 months ago +343

    Could you make a Polish breakfast? In fact, it combines elements from the breakfasts of neighboring countries, but also has its own unique elements, such as ripened sausages, cold meats or cottage cheese with radish and chives. I'm sure you will like it

    • Victorie Rhee
      Victorie Rhee 8 months ago +2

      @Kiryłow TK Ej dosłownie XD
      Jakby o ile upiększanie śniadania ma jakiś tam sens, czyli że twarożek chleb na zakwasie i wgl to ok bo przynajmniej to się serio je na śniadanie tylko nie zawsze wiadomo. Ale kurna racuchy? XDDD jaki psychopata je racuchy na śniadanie

    • Victorie Rhee
      Victorie Rhee 8 months ago +1

      @PLANET who the heck eats racuchy for breakfast XD? ive never seen any person do it and im born and raised polish so

    • Majima Goro of Pripyat
      Majima Goro of Pripyat 8 months ago

      @Kiryłow TK +

    • Kiryłow TK
      Kiryłow TK 8 months ago +2

      @Majima Goro of Pripyat no właśnie nikt normalny nie je racuchów na śniadanie wszyscy żrą przetworzony chleb i parówki z jajecznicą czy coś XD
      Jak chcesz wymyślać nieistniejące śniadania to po co nam półśrodki wciskajmy mu kit że drożdżówka ze śmietaną chleb na zakwasie jajecznica ze świeżych jajek z cebulą szczypiorem i rzodkiewkami i sucha krakowska+masło to tradycyjne polskie śniadanie XDDD

    • Majima Goro of Pripyat
      Majima Goro of Pripyat 8 months ago +1

      @Krokodyl ale my nigdy tego nie jemy na sniadanie

  • Joshua G.
    Joshua G. 4 months ago

    For the hash browns - you can grate in a little onion with the potatoes. Delicious! And a seasonal fruit salad with this breakfast is pretty typical.

  • Bhoba
    Bhoba 3 months ago +2

    This breakfast is so good, made for a weekend day with nothing going on though definitely. I'm from a small town in the Midwest and we have some great diners near me, breakfast here is perfect for a cheap meal that ends up being split into 1 or 2 more as they seem to give so much.

  • Rachel
    Rachel 2 months ago

    as an american with a filipino mom, who grew up in a very latino population dense city, you got it right that breakfast food in america can get pretty diverse.... my fav treat breakfast is SPAM w/ garlic fried rice and scambled eggs prob with some fresh cut fruit

  • Gina
    Gina 2 months ago

    Growing up we would have a breakfast like this on Sundays. We never had pancakes, we had toast, English muffins or bagels. We always had beans with our big breakfast and usually some fresh fruit.

  • Lois Avci
    Lois Avci 3 months ago +2

    I've met foreigners who imagine everyone here in America eats this exact breakfast everyday, which is unfortunate. There are so many other possibilities.

  • dot
    dot 9 months ago +186

    I'm honestly surprised we got a 5.5. If we're rating breakfasts with how nutritional they are, the way they energize you to start your day, and something you could have every day, I would put the American breakfast at dead last. I love it to death but I'm only eating it on days I don't want to do ANYTHING.

    • Diane Moonstone
      Diane Moonstone 2 months ago

      @A Long Way to Go : No one has a "full American breakfast" as described. That's a brunch/lunch on a rare, leisurely weekend treat. Most Americans are rushing through the mornings to get to work, school, etc., and just barely have time to grab something for breakfast! That is the old stereotype of old when you had a stay-at-home mom to cook breakfast. Nowadays, it's both parents are working, and everyone is rushing out the door. So it's either cereals, milk, coffee, or grabbing a pre-made commercial snack, or a smoothie.

    • rugiiman
      rugiiman 3 months ago

      @ChandlerIsWatchingim a member of that sub but we aren’t on reddit buddy

    • Oblivion
      Oblivion 4 months ago +4

      @A Long Way to Go yeah but how is that "food" supposed to fill you to not feel starving

    • A Long Way to Go
      A Long Way to Go 4 months ago

      @WTao that's still lighter on the stomach than a full American breakfast

    • A Long Way to Go
      A Long Way to Go 4 months ago +1

      @Othello breakfast is supposed to start your day, not ruin it lol

  • DiscreetScrivener
    DiscreetScrivener 5 months ago

    One of my favorite American breakfasts (idk how ubiquitous it is) is what I know as a Mountain Man Breakfast. Typically we make this when camping.
    Basically get yourself a Dutch oven, dice some potatoes and fry it together over hot coals with some bacon, scrambled eggs, and sausage, then throw in some cheese for good measure.

  • R Telles
    R Telles 2 months ago +1

    The Mexican style American breakfast
    Chorizo,fried potatoes ( papas ) hot salsa and beans (frijoles ) in a fresh folded tortilla
    Used to grab that in the morning and out the door I'd go not to return till supper time ,spent the day out exploring the area .

  • OceanLily
    OceanLily 2 months ago +2

    We don’t do veggies for breakfast, we want carbs, protein and fat😂sweet, salty and spicy. If we’re talking week day then it’s cereal, oats, egg McMuffin or breakfast burrito. We save the veggies for our lunch salad.

  • Kara Ray
    Kara Ray 6 months ago +2

    Actually normal Americans don't always have all of those items at the same time. Sometimes just the pancakes and bacon or sausage. Or just eggs and bacon, etc. Some people eat omelettes with veggies too. The big breakfast you made is a special one maybe eaten on a Sunday or Holiday.

  • Joe Banana
    Joe Banana 3 months ago +3

    american breakfast is for special times. When you have something to celebrate, someone special to eat it with, a holiday morning, when your mom leaves to go to work and your dad makes doesn’t know what else to make for dinner

    • goldfishie
      goldfishie 3 months ago +2

      Breakfast dinners are elite

  • ThisIsKiki1
    ThisIsKiki1 9 months ago +218

    I do agree, I like all of those foods and sometimes want them for breakfast, but it does lack balance. My family has American breakfast as a late Saturday breakfast, and we usually add fruit or even a fruit salad, beans, and we swap out the juice for tea and coffee... we also dramatically reduce the portion hahaha maybe part of the problem is you are eating 7 pancakes, half a pig's worth of bacon and 3 eggs 🤣

    • Diane Moonstone
      Diane Moonstone 2 months ago

      @Apple Brush : Agree.

    • Apple Brush
      Apple Brush 6 months ago +1

      Agreed. I'm glad he made a proper brekkie this time. And it did look delish. But the only time I saw portions like that was Christmas morning or IHOP. Coffee for the grown ups, milk for the kids. A normal weekend meal had this, but two pancakes, a slice or two of bacon or sausage patties and the eggs.

    • an anon
      an anon 6 months ago +2

      @Find God i said plenty healthy cause coffee does have benefits in itself like being a great source of antioxidants, vitaminB2, magnesium, it lowers risk of diabetes, heart disease and even depression but also has 0 calories.
      and i didn't say it was more healthy, i was just saying coffee is actually pretty healthy, also adding something to a food, doesn't make the food unhealthy, it makes what you add unhealthy, but what added and how much varies alot (a tiny bit of sugar and cream is totally different to what amounts to a dessert in the case of a frappe or some lattes, even with the benefits), so i chose to use black coffee as what's healthy, also plenty drink coffee plain.

    • Find God
      Find God 6 months ago

      @an anon Yeah but most people aren’t drinking black coffee, they’re adding things to their coffee for flavor and just because black coffee has no calories doesn’t give it the nutritional value of orange juice.

    • an anon
      an anon 6 months ago +3

      @Find God coffee can be plenty healthy and come in at 0 calories black.
      though tolerance for black coffee varies on personal taste and quality of the coffee. (its alot easier for less harsh and more flavorful, but more expensive coffees).

  • Christopher Driesenga
    Christopher Driesenga 3 months ago

    The traditional American breakfast originates from farm culture. It's designed to provide plenty of protein and carbs for a long morning of hard work. It's also primarily made up of farm sourced ingredients. Also, as you noticed, the individual items cook quickly if prepared beforehand.

  • Dee Bee
    Dee Bee 2 months ago +1

    This breakfast is more of a special thing. We do not normally eat all that stuff together. Labor of love definitely.
    Man, those hash brown & pancakes look awesome. But usually Pancakes and bacon or ham is enough.

  • Ruth Taylor
    Ruth Taylor 2 months ago

    Not all Americans eat this everyday, Also sometimes feeling it is off also! I'm glad that you gave our breakfast another chance. There is a whole gourmet menu, out there, some are good and some ...well. LOL, You could also try your veggies in omelets, that is really the bomb!!

  • Kollection on the trak
    Kollection on the trak 4 months ago

    4 months and bro shot from 300k to 2 mil. This breakfast series has been killer from him. He makes all the breakfasts look amazing and it’s very refreshing content in general

  • Michael Galok
    Michael Galok 2 months ago

    I'm glad you redid the American breakfast. Those hash browns look great. Frying things in bacon grease is the secret to the English breakfast, it can only boost everything. The OJ definitely counts as a vegetable. You could also add some toast with a fruity jam, which also counts as a vegetable.
    Breakfast also varies by region in the US. You've got your Southern breakfast which has to include grits and sausage gravy biscuits. You've got your northeastern breakfast, which requires bagels and lox as well as taylor ham. And there's your southern california breakfast which is something like avocado toast and a wheatgrass smoothie, lol.

  • Kirinino_Sleeps
    Kirinino_Sleeps 9 months ago +713

    I didn’t think you were wrong about the US breakfast. Lmao. I love it despite its greasy flaws. 😆
    But the lack of hashbrown does bring it down. 🤣 So I love the redo.

    • Diane Moonstone
      Diane Moonstone 2 months ago

      @Profeshinal : Yes, it's very different from region to region nowadays. I think this type is a more traditional one as shown on movies, etc., but I imagine our country's assimilation of varied cultural norms from other immigrants have made a lot of influences into our everyday culture and cuisine. So a diner in the South, or Midwest, versus New York, California, or even Texas, would show the evolution of our cuisine.

    • Aoki Aoki
      Aoki Aoki 7 months ago

      Hashbrown is awful 😖

    • Roman Simkins
      Roman Simkins 7 months ago +1

      @Profeshinal He had it thin the first time, he changed it because he doesn’t like thin bacon.

    • Profeshinal
      Profeshinal 7 months ago +2

      @Roman Simkins Maybe, but this does bring up the fact that the traditional American breakfast is probably different in almost every state. That's why it was so hard for him to get the food right.

    • Roman Simkins
      Roman Simkins 7 months ago +1

      @Profeshinal Probably just my state then? And I wasn’t completely sure so that’s why I didn’t say “all”.

  • M Delashmitt
    M Delashmitt 2 months ago

    We rarely had pancakes, hash browns, grits or oatmeal was our starch. We served sliced pealed tomatoes, onion wedges and hot peppers with every meal as condiments. This kind of meal was needed here in the south where most people were farmers. You would finish breakfast at sun up and lunch was much lighter at noon, when it's hot as heck, then dinner was at 6 or 7.

  • Cubes
    Cubes 4 months ago

    With the American breakfast, there are many things like sausage,bacon,pancakes,hash browns, eggs. It doesn’t have to be everything, you might want duos like pancakes and bacon, or just one single thing like a couple eggs

  • Timotheosis
    Timotheosis 3 months ago +6

    Seems like a lot of the ire you're getting is you're assuming this is typical everyday breakfast here in the States. I get that it's our famous breakfast spread, but people typically only eat like this on weekends (and even then there's regional variety, weekend breakfast in the South will likely be quite different).
    Actual everyday breakfast here in the States are usually things like:
    - Oatmeal, with fresh fruit and/or nuts, with or without cinnamon.
    - Omelets. Specifically American Omelets, usually stuffed with veg. For example one of my staple breakfasts is an omelet with tomato, mushrooms, and spinach cooked together and a sprinkle of cheese. Peppers, onions, and meats are also very common omelet stuffers.
    - Grits, which is so versatile you can go many directions with them.
    - Breakfast Burritos, which like omelets can be done any way you like from healthy to quite indulgent. (and are frequently prepped the night before for extra efficiency (we Americans are obsessed with efficiency)).
    - A grapefruit, commonly seen with other options in this list.
    Also, I commented on your original American breakfast video that a more Southern take is worth a try. Eggs however you like, sausage gravy and biscuits, a fresh tomato, and grits being very common for weekend breakfast here in the Appalachians.

  • SilentThunderer
    SilentThunderer 2 months ago

    When you are making the scrambled eggs in that sized pan, try mixing 1 Tbsp Butter and 1 Tbsp EVOO. You don't have to worry about the eggs sticking to the pan, and the EVOO helps keep the milk solids in the butter from burning.