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We Built a Dog Shelter in 30 Days

  • Published on May 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • We Built a Dog Shelter and Non-Profit cafe in 30 Days!! Go to our sponsor betterhelp.com/eamonandbec for 10% off your first month of therapy with BetterHelp and get matched with a therapist who will listen and help
    We cannot wait to supply Cerritos beach Dogs with our full line up of teas from drinkhabit.com 💜 . Eamon & Bec tea brand is all about connecting people and bringing back tea time.
    We are so proud of this project and grateful to have been a part of it from the ground up. If you would like to directly support Cerritos Beach Dogs you can visit our website cerritosbeachdogs.com or shop our merch collection over at eamonandbec.com (this merch is now sold out)
    A big thank you to the entire community for rallying around this project. Special thanks to:
    @wanderlusttravelcouple @rickyanddarian @ChooseThePathYouTake @thecumminscamper
    - The Hunter’s Vanlife, Mi Amiga Polly
    Eamon and I have been lucky enough to travel to Mexico in our van since 2018 and we've always been so sad to see the struggling stray dogs and puppies on the streets. We even fostered a sick puppy from Baja in 2019 and drove him back up to Canada where he's happily lived in his furever home for the last 4 years. So, when we met Alex and he said it was his dream to start a dog rescue here in Baja we knew we needed to help! 🐶 🐕 🐩
    0:00 we’re building a dog shelter
    1:00 rescuing puppies off the streets
    7:00 choosing the shelter location
    10:00 importance of mental health
    13:49 we’ve got a special guest!
    17:50 construction begins
    20:52 painting the cafe
    31:30 our really sick puppy 😔
    33:02 biggest shop of all time
    34:30 merch available at eamonandbec.com
    35:28 last minute scramble
    40:00 opening day!!

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  • Rocky Kanaka
    Rocky Kanaka 2 months ago +1172

    WOW the heart and passion that went into this is amazing. ❤🐶 I know first hand how much energy this takes physically and emotionally and can't say enough how awesome you all are. Thank you everyone involved in this and keep up the great work 💪

    • Lucy's Van_Adalé Lucy Guerra
      Lucy's Van_Adalé Lucy Guerra 2 months ago +18

      I absolutely love your rescue work as well. You and your wife are such an inspiration!

    • Heidi
      Heidi 2 months ago +9

      If you have Rockys big vouch - - You are going places !!! I see other big names going viral for this !!

    • l Cyan l
      l Cyan l 2 months ago +2

      @Heidi we got the same name!

    • lilly magdi
      lilly magdi 2 months ago +3

      I love it

    • Eamon & Bec
      Eamon & Bec  2 months ago +45

      Thank you so much for taking the time to check in on our project Rocky! Big love to you and all you do 💜

  • Cheryl D
    Cheryl D 2 months ago +187

    I almost stopped watching this episode because I was crying about those poor puppies, but I thought “wait a minute, this is Eamon & Bec, it’s bound to have a happy ending” and you did not disappoint. What a wonderful project!! Cheers to a successful CBD!

  • Xitlali Angel
    Xitlali Angel 2 months ago +103

    As a fellow mexican my country is beautiful but we lack empathy for animals so thank you from the bottom of my heart❤️

    • Britte Sanchez
      Britte Sanchez Month ago +9

      I don't like to look at it as a lack of empathy, but instead as a lack of education on the needs for the animals

    • Michelle Chavarria
      Michelle Chavarria Month ago +2

      Yes ! Mexico has the most stray dogs, is it good to see more people helping them

    • Linda Scott
      Linda Scott Month ago +2

      @Michelle Chavarria There are a lot in South America and India, and of course many other places.

  • Kinging- It
    Kinging- It 2 months ago +348

    This was just amazing guys.
    To turn all of that around in 30 days - we were rooting for you! 🎉
    Your hearts are so SO big. It’s one of the main things we love about you. Couldn’t help but she’d a little tear when you opened. We’re so proud of you AND your incredible team! - each and everyone of you - You’ve saved those dogs lives and many many more to come. THANK YOU ❤

    • Tamara Kelli
      Tamara Kelli 2 months ago +7

      Yesss! I agree! Just as you guys do!❤

    • CF NEAL
      CF NEAL 2 months ago +4

      @Tamara Kelli excellent!
      Is this not the truest meaning of --
      Congrats, good luck, and God bless.

  • Kristen Stephen
    Kristen Stephen Month ago +11

    You're wonderful humans. I've spent a lot of time in Baja and the sick and injured strays are heartbreaking. It's amazing, not only to see how much you're helping the dogs, but to see you bring together others from the community, to accomplish a shared dream. We need more of this in our world :)

  • latersbaby girl
    latersbaby girl 2 months ago +114

    As a fellow Canadian, I am so proud of you guys! I rarely comment on these types of forums, but the effect of building a dog shelter in a poor community is so tangible and the effects long term and lasting, it just has to be applauded! Well done to you all and to all who contributed to the planning, building, etc.!

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks 2 months ago +707

    So amazing to see this work being put in.

  • laciew
    laciew 2 months ago +28

    when bec was getting emotional opening up the gates made me so emotional! this makes me so proud of this community I can’t even describe it x

  • vermilion-flycatcher
    vermilion-flycatcher 2 months ago +62

    How many times have I cried with you, Bec? But this time! So much joy and gratitude! ❤❤❤❤❤❤ Fantastic work, Eamon and crew!

  • Shawn Coalley
    Shawn Coalley 2 months ago +101

    I needed this video from you guys. As I’m stuck in the hospital as I almost died from a flesh eating bacteria. Laying here in the hospital feeling dejected, I needed you guys so thank you. I feel a connection to Bec, I’ve also beat cancer(kidney). You guys energy and love are helping pulling me back in. Thank you and I love you guys

  • onewayfuerzwei
    onewayfuerzwei Month ago +2

    This is so amazing!! It‘s one of our dreams saving and helping animals sometimes like you did it! Thank you so much 🙏🏼

  • Weekend Wandering
    Weekend Wandering 2 months ago +7

    The audacity that other people think that they get to message you and tell you how you should serve. Don't worry about those people... I'm willing to bet they aren't doing anything for anyone. But THANK YOU for taking care of these pups. It truly warms my heart! 😊

  • Anakha nair
    Anakha nair 2 months ago +1758

    I dont understand how anyone can be angry about you guys establishing a dog shelter, they are in such vulnerable conditions. Thank you for contributing. ❤️Take care

    • Laura Tibbles
      Laura Tibbles 2 months ago +2


    • Camille
      Camille 2 months ago +95

      The dog shelter is not upsetting. What boggles my mind is that outsiders think it’s okay to come in and establish themselves and not care about the consequences. I was thrilled even donated because Mexico needs dogs shelters but when I saw overnight oats were prices at 170 I found that upsetting. How are you going to charge 170 pesos when daily min wage is 200 pesos. I get it if you can’t afford it don’t buy there but that’s what is making Mexico as expensive as in the US. 170 pesos is close to $10 in Mexico?! Come on.

    • Sha C
      Sha C 2 months ago +47

      I got fired for needing a night off to bury my dog in January. My boss said dogs aren't human and I shouldn't care.
      Some people just simply aren't human.

    • Laura Gosnell
      Laura Gosnell 2 months ago +27

      Saving the animals saves us all!

    • Sha C
      Sha C 2 months ago +30

      If you cannot afford a days pay then don't adopt one because then you'll never be able to afford food and vet care.

  • Tiffany Dutton
    Tiffany Dutton 2 months ago +2

    I sat on my couch with my 5 month old puppy asleep on my chest SOBBING through this whole thing. I immediately went to buy a shirt and they're sold out (which makes me so happy!) Thank you for being the beautiful humans you are and for doing something so beautiful and selfless for those pups ❤

  • Laura Cathie
    Laura Cathie Month ago +2

    Eamon and Bec, I cannot even explain how happy you guys make me. Your videos, combined with your dedication and determination makes for amazingly content. You guys are truly gifts from heaven! Thank you for everything you do ❤

  • Leah Pettit
    Leah Pettit Month ago +2

    Thank you guys for taking such good care of the dogs AND the people in this video. I'm sorry you're getting some people saying hurtful things. I think it is ABUNDANTLY clear how much you care about people and ALL other creatures. ❤

  • Chris Primeaux
    Chris Primeaux 2 months ago +5

    I work at a homeless shelter for kids, and I love what you guys are doing for the doggies. Everyone has their calling. Pick one. There are many. Not everyone has to do what I do, and I don't have to rescue puppies. Just do good!

  • Henry Cowen
    Henry Cowen 2 months ago +34

    Thank you for taking care of those without a voice, and bringing laughter and love to those of us that watch your channel! You are not just a lover of dogs, you are clearly invested in helping your audience as well by sharing your joy, struggles, coping mechanisms and tools for enriching your lives. I am thankful for you both! Big hugs to the team!

  • Pamela Theoharatos
    Pamela Theoharatos 2 months ago +196

    Girl! Do not listen to all of the negatives because there will always be those out there that try to tear you down. In helping the puppies you are helping those that cannot help themselves, if other people cannot see that then that says A LOT the type of human beings they are. I love that you are doing this and supporting Alex in getting this off the ground!

    • Tanya Parker
      Tanya Parker 2 months ago +1

      Exactly!!!! You said it❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • jessica lira
      jessica lira 2 months ago +1

      You couldn’t have said it any better 😊 honestly people are so mean. I hope you know it makes me and many others so happy when you help animals!❤️

  • Holly Doshier
    Holly Doshier Month ago +3

    The world needs more people like you that are willing to step in and help when they see something so sad. Thank you.

  • Sm0kei
    Sm0kei 2 months ago +33

    SO BEAUTIFUL!! love seeing humans get together, have fun and help animals!!

  • Megan Renee
    Megan Renee 2 months ago +6

    This literally made me cry so much. I’m currently in High School stuck at home with covid doing my Vet Science Certification so I can be a vet and I just passed it. Congratulations to you guys and me:) much love ❤️

  • Gary Hillsley
    Gary Hillsley Month ago +4

    Its great to see you helping strays, what wonderful people🐕🐶

  • Emma Ramírez
    Emma Ramírez Month ago +7

    As a Mexican it breaks my heart everytime i see stray dogs!! You guys are amazing people and keep doing what you’re doing❤️❤️ orgullosa de ustedes!!

  • Max & Occy
    Max & Occy 2 months ago +315

    Smiled ear to ear throughout the whole video! This is such an amazing project & you can tell it’s so special for everyone involved 🙌🏼 Sooo worth all the hard work and long days!
    Thank you all for doing this 💛 This is the type of content Clip-Share should be pushing to the masses.
    Can’t wait to rock my Cerritos dog beach shirt 💁🏻‍♂️

    • Heidi
      Heidi 2 months ago +5

      Another doggy van lover and yourtuber !!! YAAS

    • Eamon & Bec
      Eamon & Bec  2 months ago +16

      AWE thanks Maxy!! Means so much to us both (actually to all of us!!). There is no greater job than getting to the cafe each morning and saying hello to all our puppies! can't wait for you to come visit sometime so soon!!!

  • Maya Doiron
    Maya Doiron Month ago +3

    I don’t think you guys will ever see this… but I’ve been watching since the very beginning and I just want to tell you guys how unbelievably proud I am of you guys💗 the smiles you bring to everyone, the compassion you have for others and how extremely generous you guys are🥰 you guys did amazing and brought tears to my eyes, great job!! thank you for always making me smile thru your videos 💗

  • Shannon O'Keefe
    Shannon O'Keefe Month ago +1

    Such a cool video ! I love that you guys are taking care of animals who desperately need the help.

  • Margie W
    Margie W 2 months ago +6

    You guys made this 70 year-old cry like a baby (pure tears of joy and love). I love your enthusiasm, your humanity and you are probably the two most positive people I’ve ever seen. I wish you the best success, and if I could have a puppy I would adopt one for sure. Keep going and growing. ❤❤

  • Dear Thandie
    Dear Thandie Month ago +2

    Projects like these heal the human heart in ways the world can not touch, from the people that volunteer to build the project to the people that get to adopt the little joy full souls you rescue. Believe me u are doing more for humanity that any finger gangster can understand. Love u guys so much💗

  • David Lewis
    David Lewis Month ago

    So many smiles in this one vid.. Thanks a lot E&B!.. now my face hurts. We adopted 9 y/o Magpie, who needed a forever home, almost three years ago. We were worried about how old she was, but she is easily one of greatest things to happen to our family. It was the height of the fear of that stupid virus, and my wife was sent home to work. We had recently lost our boy Louie (in my channel pic) after 12 years, so she was stuck at home alone, in her spare bedroom-basement-office, all day. She was not thriving, to say the least. We may have adopted her, but Magpie saved US. We may only have her for a short while, but the level of sweetness and fun, and joy and love that she brings is immeasurable. Don't be afraid of adopting an older dog, y'all... (what the h, I never say "y'all"-??) you will never regret it. If you're thinking about it...Do it. P&L, D

  • Globe Trotting
    Globe Trotting 2 months ago +229

    Aside from Bec announcing she was cancer free; this is the most emotional and best video you have produced. The dogs are so precious, the community support, the beautiful cafe. WOW! You guys have out done yourselves. Oh, and a shout out to Bob, it was great seeing you. I hope to see more of you in future videos!

    • Chirpy Mike
      Chirpy Mike 2 months ago

      Street dogs aren't "precious". People! People are precious.

    • Queen Panduh
      Queen Panduh 2 months ago +7

      @Chirpy Mike All animals are "precious"

    • Chirpy Mike
      Chirpy Mike 2 months ago

      @Queen Panduh people are more precious than animals. This virtue signaling BS won't do one bit of difference, other than make these 2 feel better. Prove me wrong.

    • Mandas Scents
      Mandas Scents 2 months ago +3

      @Chirpy Mike please change your name from chirpy to negative mike!

    • mexine
      mexine 2 months ago

      Good Luck with your very positive project ❤

  • Renesha Samuel
    Renesha Samuel Month ago +2

    I cried like a baby watching this to see the love of the community coming together for such a cause is beautiful. Eamon and Bec thank yall for being such amazing people catalyzing change around the world and bringing us along. I truly wanna be like yall when u grow up.❤❤❤

  • Leah Becker
    Leah Becker Month ago

    Yalls videos always make me smile. I was losing faith in humanity but this was such a beautiful example that people care and other will support you. Thank you, and thank you for helping these pups have a better life

  • Marie-Claude Godbout
    Marie-Claude Godbout 2 months ago +5

    WOOOOW, as a vet tech this hits hard ! Just LOVE to see you guys working this hard for a project you are passionate about and all these pups getting good care ! Sad tough that I could'nt get myself a T-Shirt, please put more up for sale soon *fingers crossed*

  • Mar
    Mar Month ago +2

    The fact that there are people who have an issue with what you guys are doing or who you are doing it for, says more about them & the lack of kindness they may have endured in their life. Every living being deserves love & compassion! You guys are AWESOME, COMPASSIONATE & INSPIRING people! Keep up the amazing work!

  • jj
    jj 2 months ago +2

    Thank you for helping all these babies. I have a soft spot for animals and the hard part about travelling is seeing so many stray, sick or hungry ones I can't help. This small act of kindness can change their lives in a big way. Good on you for being so kind for those who don't have a voice

  • April Peterson
    April Peterson 2 months ago +250

    The people telling you you should “care more for people” or whatever are the ones who could be doing something to help people themselves. This is so awesome what you guys are doing , such a need to help the dogs in MX. ❤️

    • Karen GES
      Karen GES 2 months ago +6

      EXACTLY. They can't solve every problem in every factor of life. They have a passion for animals and this is something they feel they can do! I'm sure with Bec's medical journey this past year, they have also done things to help people who were going through similar things. Anything you can do is great! I'm so happy to see you making a difference for these poor innocent animals.

    • Melissa Shannon
      Melissa Shannon 2 months ago +1

      I love what you guys are doing. Unfortunately, I have seen some people (not you guys). Bond with animals such as the family pet, while at the same time being neglectful and or abusive to the people in their lives. That’s hard to watch too, BUT, you don’t fix that problem by neglecting the pets as well!?!?? You guys follow your passion regardless of the naysayers. Stay positive and enjoy life!

    • *(h3/$3@*
      *(h3/$3@* 2 months ago

      Plus people can get jobs .. dogs can't. Duh!

    • 1927su
      1927su 2 months ago +1

      Caring for animals is caring for people .. many will connect because of this

    • Agnes Skibicka
      Agnes Skibicka Month ago +1

      ​@Melissa Shannon Agreed! Greetings from Poland 🇵🇱 and my channel!

  • Jim Hummel
    Jim Hummel Month ago

    You all are true Angels from Heaven helping those furbabies. Congratulations on moving mountains in such a short time. I hope that CBD will continue to prosper and grow over the years!
    Blessings to you!

  • KG
    KG 29 days ago

    What a beautiful heart project! Not only are you helping the stray dogs in this community, but also the hearts of this community that will not be scratched and wounded with no hope. And im talking about the human fraction.

  • Monika Mundell
    Monika Mundell Month ago

    Congratulations 🎉🎈 🎊 🎉 This video made me cry happy tears. What you have achieved in short a short time is testimony to the amazing community of people who have rallied together for the love of dogs. ❤ 🐾

  • Tessa Porter
    Tessa Porter 2 months ago +3

    Wow wow wow. Definitely had a few years watching this. You guys are so incredible. How you love people, animals and the world is so beautiful. And if anyone is gonna get mad about you helping dogs then they’re the kind of people that want to pick apart anything anyone does. I get how you feel though, I’m a very emotional person so I would take those comments hard too. But we can’t take criticism from people we wouldn’t take advice from. You’re incredible people. Don’t ever let anyone make you think otherwise 💛

  • Marisa Robinson
    Marisa Robinson 2 months ago +101

    What an incredible achievement, I am so emotional watching this and seeing not only what you’ve created in 30 days but the hope and amazing lives you’re giving the pups! Also, don’t let anyone get you down, you’re giving helpless animals a voice and that is a truly impactful and kind thing to do 🐾❤

  • Leone Botha
    Leone Botha Month ago

    We just adopted a dog at four and I just want to say that you guys are doing an amazing thing for the community I hope it goes smoothly well done guys

  • BG Harris
    BG Harris 2 months ago

    Eamon & Bec... You guys give me so much hope for this world. Your kindness and hearts are AMAZING!!! I don't know what to say. All the love you guys give is so heart warming and contagious. Keep spreading love Bec and don't listen to all the naysayers your heart is in the right place. Sending all the love your way.

  • Bella Sundy
    Bella Sundy 2 months ago +7

    This is the first vid I have ever seen from this channel and this is absolutely amazing ❤ it is so cool that you guys saw a problem and went and helped and made it happen. So many amazing doggies are going to live good lives because of you guys❤

  • Pet Granny
    Pet Granny Month ago +1

    Hey Bob! Amazing what can happen when good people put their minds together on a common goal. Well done, people.

  • Britt B
    Britt B 2 months ago +139

    This is amazing. Thank you for what you are doing for those dogs. The world needs more Eamon and Bec’s👏🏻🤗❤️

    • Eamon & Bec
      Eamon & Bec  2 months ago +11

      Ahh thank you so much Britt! 💛💛💛

  • Choose The Path You Take

    Such an awesome experience being able help out with this amazing project, wish we were able to stay in Mexico longer and help out more and meet the pups plus see the opening of the cafe/shelter . We will definitely be back to Baja next year and can't wait to stop by and visit Cerritos Beach Dog cafe! ♥

  • Beth Herbert
    Beth Herbert Month ago +2

    This is so inspiring. I just finished treatment for cancer too… and it’s so heartwarming and beautiful to see you THRIVING after cancer. You both are shining so bright.

  • Sara Handy
    Sara Handy 2 months ago +10

    Thank for building this for the dogs and sharing it with us. Sending love from Los Angeles 💜💛

  • Andrea Ordonez
    Andrea Ordonez 2 months ago +1

    I don't even know where to start, I'm just soooo proud of you both. I follow you for so long and I've seen you gone through so many experiences, hurdles, victories, struggles, joy, loss,happiness, growth. I cried tears of joy with this video, thank you for all you do. Your love gives me hope and your love makes waves expanding throughout the world. I love you both. CONGRATULATIONS! Blessings forever and ever. ❤❤❤❤

  • Nikki Shepherd
    Nikki Shepherd Month ago +1

    I can't imagine a better couple and group of driven people to establish this anywhere in the world. The biggest and quietest thanks you could receive is from the dogs. I'm a huge dog person. Nothing I wouldn't do for them. This my most favorite project you guys did. *LOUD APPLAUSE* Thank you!

  • Thaís Souza
    Thaís Souza 2 months ago +102

    47 minutes of video and yet I didn’t want it to end! What a beautiful thing you guys did there! Thank you for helping the dogs! ❤️❤️❤️

    • Zari Ballard
      Zari Ballard 2 months ago +3

      I didn't want it to end either. I could have watched it all day!

    • Mandas Scents
      Mandas Scents 2 months ago +3

      Love this comment!!! I feel exactly the same! Crying here at 3am

    • Agnes Skibicka
      Agnes Skibicka Month ago

      ​@Mandas Scents agreed! Beautiful. Hello from Poland and my channel 😊

  • Fidgetlover
    Fidgetlover 2 months ago +2

    Wow! Just wow. I love dogs and all types of animals and watching you guys struggle for the dogs is amazing. Those dogs deserve to have a home and to be loved by a loving and caring family who can look after them for as longs as they can. Thanks for everything you've gone through to help those poor animals who need your help in the roughest of times.

  • tassin
    tassin 2 months ago

    😢 all the poor babies getting your help and love thank goodness. YALL DID AMAZING. BE SO SUPER PROUD. so many amazing beautiful souls on this project and just doing good! proud and happy for y’all and the doggos 💗

  • Emilia Torrellas
    Emilia Torrellas Month ago

    Thank you for savings these pups! The abandoned animals situation in third world countries is so out of control... I'm from Brazil. It's incredibly sad. There aren't any kind of City or county shelters - it's all up to independent rescues like these amazing people in the video. Please consider donating to third world country rescues 🙏🏻 instant follow to you guys!

  • MrsSalad
    MrsSalad 2 months ago

    I cried so much watching this. Animals are so pure and innocent. That’s why you do what you do because these animals don’t have voices, you are their voice. Thank you so much, makes my heart melt

  • Martie Powell
    Martie Powell 2 months ago +6

    So beautiful to see all of this coming together. Thank you for caring for the pooches!!!

  • Nicole Thompson
    Nicole Thompson 2 months ago +80

    I didn't think I could love this channel anymore than I already do. You guys brought tears to my eyes!!!! This is such a huge issue in the warmer climates especially!! Thanks for always being a great example, and for continuing to spread love and joy in this very sad world.

  • Megan Williams
    Megan Williams Month ago

    the amount of warmth and love in this video is unreal

  • Nathalie Soulliere
    Nathalie Soulliere 2 months ago

    I love what you are doing! When I visited the Philippines for 3 months, I fed a bunch of the stray cats every day. You follow your passions and don’t let the haters get to you too much (but I totally understand how you feel Bec). You bring life to a community, and the community grows and helps each other. Love you guys ❤

  • Nessie F
    Nessie F Month ago

    So beautiful! Thank you for helping these 4 legged angels 💜

  • Kati Pearson
    Kati Pearson 2 months ago +1

    As the dog mom of a Mexi mutt from Puebla, thank you so much for what you've done 🥰 Remember to spay and neuter your pets!! And adopt, don't shop! ❤

  • Linda Castano
    Linda Castano 2 months ago

    Thank God for you, Eamon & Bec. Thank you very much for giving them a second chance at life. You both are angels on earth, there should more people like you.
    God bless you both 🙏

  • JulieInFreddyBeachNB
    JulieInFreddyBeachNB 2 months ago +135

    You guys are doing great things! The cafe is a genius way to help get dogs seen and adopted! Thank you for helping animals who cannot help or speak for themselves!

  • amberselina
    amberselina Month ago

    Oh my tears, they just won't stop! You guys should be so so so proud of everything you do! So amazing! Now to book my flight to visit CBD

  • Annelies Joss
    Annelies Joss Month ago

    I love you guys even more now. I honestly haven’t been wanting to travel to places with homeless dogs and cats, because I would want to bring them all home 😢.
    Thank you so much!!! 💜
    Bob, you are awesome too!!!
    I’m bummed I didn’t get here on time to buy one of those cool tshirts 😔. I’m hoping you’ll do another run……..

  • Amber Aardenburg
    Amber Aardenburg 2 months ago

    Oké straight up this must be the best and most uplifting video I've ever watched. It takes some special people to be willing to put in the work. Dream up this vision and wow what you have made together.... So f ing amazing. So glad others get to see the process and just how you guys operate. Have loved your guyeses videos for years. But showing the world this is going to be so inspiring to many. As it is to me too. Don't just sit around and dream. Dreaming is amazing. But just get up and do it!! So much love to you guys. And everyone involved. So cool what you've built together. I hope I can come visit one day 😍

  • Chelle Tiz
    Chelle Tiz 2 months ago

    I'm truly so grateful for this channel! It really feels like we're there with you. You guys are amazing!!

  • YouToo Aromatherapy & Yoga

    What AMAZING people you are ❤️❤️ We’ve rescued 4 dogs so far and intend to keep on rescuing until we can’t rescue any more xx love from Spain x

  • Donna Kern
    Donna Kern 2 months ago +74

    Not a dry eye in our house after this episode. Thank you, Thank you for being the voice for these amazing puppies and dogs. Every single one of you that helped bring this vision to fruition are heroes in our book! It truly takes a village! Love you guys! ♥️

  • Samantha Kincaid
    Samantha Kincaid Month ago

    You guys and all your amazing friends are the best of humanity. Much love to you all💜

  • Vanah Laomahei
    Vanah Laomahei Month ago

    omgosh this is so amazing! I’m in tears! Thank you guys for all your amazing work and effort!

  • Natalie Brown-Earath

    You are amazing! Those dogs are so lucky to have you! And the community will be enhanced! bless all your hearts!

  • Becky Dungan
    Becky Dungan 2 months ago

    This is amazing!! Made me cry! Thank you for helping those beautiful dogs ❤

  • Gerald Zarzoso
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