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MLB's New Rules Are Saving Baseball and People Hate It

  • Published on Mar 29, 2023 veröffentlicht
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Comments • 5 332

  • asf7sg89
    asf7sg89 2 months ago +6212

    Maybe some day they could "save" baseball by addressing ridiculous blackout restrictions and tv deals that push people away from using extra effort or money needed to watch any baseball at all.
    Especially when going to games is expensive as hell.

    • HoboKyle
      HoboKyle 2 months ago +186

      Could not agree more.

    • Fratrick Machomes
      Fratrick Machomes 2 months ago +193

      Yep just got blacked out of a regional game

    • CDubs27
      CDubs27 2 months ago +260

      It doesn't make sense to me. The tv deals make people not watch the game. If the MLB wants to make more money, make it more accesible.

    • JasonTheMagnificent 2.0
      JasonTheMagnificent 2.0 2 months ago +204

      Yeap. I paid for MLBTV and still can't watch local teams. Like, WTF! I have to use a damn VPN to get around the blackout restrictions

  • Adam1146
    Adam1146 Month ago +77

    I went to my first baseball game last week (yankees against blue jays at yankee stadium). It was just overall a great experience, even though it was a "boring" low scoring game. It seems to me (a complete novice) that the clock really made a difference and forced the game to flow at a nice pace. And it was not too quick, it still was a quite relaxing experience unlike every other sport I'm used to here in Europe.

    • DylPickle
      DylPickle Month ago +4

      I kinda like the long games, although it never seemed long to me

    • John Rem
      John Rem Month ago

      That's an interesting moment:
      I learned a couple of things there though. One is that the runner could still be out. If the 1st baseman can beat him home then right covers first and center covers second. Why? Loose change. Flat footed outfielders should practice shoe string on the run catches and all in one throws as well. Other than that it was 8 men out for various reasons 🤣. But the bottom line there Adam my friend happens at approximately 13 seconds and 15. The game mostly calls itself with no real penalties of ANY kind.

    • Saul Speaks
      Saul Speaks 9 days ago +4

      If you have no previous experience, how the hell would you know it makes a difference? I swear, every npc just says the thing they think they're supposed to say.

    • Cory Selvidge
      Cory Selvidge 8 days ago +2

      @Saul Speaks "If you have no previous experience, how the hell would you know it makes a difference?" Yeah I guess common sense or just thinking about it for longer than 4 milliseconds

    • Saul Speaks
      Saul Speaks 8 days ago +2

      @@coryselvidge8812 It is absolutely wild to me that you thought that was some kind response. Are you drunk or distracted? I don't like feeling second hand embarrassment. Edit your comment

  • Dan Arrington
    Dan Arrington 2 months ago +164

    I have never understood why pitchers never got more involved in pitch calling. Jimmy Key is the only pitcher I've ever seen that would give signs to the catcher.
    The catcher would give the initial sign and then Jimmy relay his sign back. If the catcher put down a "1" but he wanted to throw a "3" then he would "swipe" with
    his glove 2 times. It was very efficient and didn't require any technology at all.

    • Mark Harbaugh
      Mark Harbaugh Month ago +13

      Greinke on occasion will hand signal or even scream the signs to his catcher with the batter looking at him.

    • jayyyjude
      jayyyjude Month ago +1

      Ohtani calls his own pitches

    • mindpurge
      mindpurge Month ago +5

      Man, Jimmy Key was one hell of a pitcher, loved him in Toronto.

    • C Snide
      C Snide Month ago

      Tommy John did that .

    • Small World Big World
      Small World Big World Month ago +1

      Technology that kills human exchange of thoughts is not good for us. Speeding up the game is good, but having a computer system that essentially is a one way form of communication makes baseball even more individualistic than it already is.
      In a world where cooperation and communication are in serious decline - arguably endangered - it is a sad thing to see one of the most timeless and unique forms of communication and cooperation in sports, "the battery", essentially neutered by tech. It's just sports, but it's another area where we are losing what makes us special.

  • Old School CFI
    Old School CFI 2 months ago +972

    Save baseball by making tickets affordable, and letting folks watch it on TV, end blackouts.

    • Ronald Mayle
      Ronald Mayle Month ago +17

      If you end blackouts, then there would be no ticket sales.

    • Sinfinite
      Sinfinite Month ago +51

      @Ronald Mayle not if u made them cheaper and affordable

    • Ronald Mayle
      Ronald Mayle Month ago +19

      @Sinfinite Someone has to pay the millions of dollars in salaries of players and owners.

    • Sinfinite
      Sinfinite Month ago +53

      @Ronald Mayle more people watching and attending = more money

    • C.Hart48
      C.Hart48 Month ago +4

      Underrated comment

  • Richard Taylor
    Richard Taylor 2 months ago +556

    The ghost runner rule just feels like me and my buddies in our backyard making up rules because we only had 6 people wanting to play...

    • Meetra
      Meetra Month ago +19

      it's been a rule in games that are 18u for a long time. It's called the "texas tiebreaker rule". It's also been a thing in fast pitch softball for a long time

    • c c
      c c Month ago +32

      ​@Meetra doesnt mean it's right

    • Richard Taylor
      Richard Taylor Month ago +9

      @Meetra and in sandlots everywhere for a long time

    • SoparlaX
      SoparlaX Month ago +13

      ​@c c doesn't mean it's not good

    • C.Hart48
      C.Hart48 Month ago +1

      😂 felt that frfr

  • Anthony Petrozzelli
    Anthony Petrozzelli Month ago +38

    When I was a boy growing up in Boston in the 60s, the game was great. There was plenty of day baseball and day/night double headers. The season and World Series ended in early October, not November. Also, as a boy growing up, almost all the Red Sox games were televised on UHF, which could watch without paying for it. My parents were poor and could not afford to pay for me to watch baseball. I never went to a game, but I was able to watch the games on TV or hear it on the radio. Also, the World Series games were in the daytime. Young kids have a hard time watching baseball at night if they have to go to school or their parents can't afford cable. Baseball has gotten ridiculous with its overpriced tickets and cable viewing. When I was a boy, I and all my friends' first love was baseball. Now, it's a sport for the rich, privileged middle-aged men. If they want to save baseball, make the sport available for young boys. Also, when I was a boy, I played whifle ball, baseball, and softball with my friends on the streets or the park. My parents couldn't afford to let me play little league. I grew up following my beloved Red Sox and watched their games on TV or listened to them on the radio. I feel bad for kids growing in Yuppie Suburbia, where they can play sports on the streets. No wonder why kids have no interest in baseball. Greed is killing baseball. Make tickets affordable for families, and put baseball on regular tv.

  • Thomas Wildman
    Thomas Wildman 2 months ago +2048

    Zack Greinke shaking off his own pitches is one of the best things I have heard in my whole life.

    • Tom S
      Tom S 2 months ago +88

      It's a genius move because it inserts doubt into the batter's mind. At least half of an at bat is mind games by the catcher and pitcher messing with the batter.

    • L. J.
      L. J. 2 months ago +54

      If the question was name a pitcher that shook off his own pitch selection.... i would have guessed him.

    • JustCallEmHowISeeEm
      JustCallEmHowISeeEm 2 months ago +57

      It’s also the most Zack Greinke thing I’ve heard in awhile. 🤣

    • WarlordofBritannia
      WarlordofBritannia 2 months ago +27

      @Tom S
      “Hitting is all about timing. Pitching is about disrupting timing.”

    • BrosephtheAsian
      BrosephtheAsian 2 months ago +5

      Watched his game earlier. Weird to see the catcher agreeing or not on the called pitch

  • Fix Ipszikon
    Fix Ipszikon 2 months ago +42

    The rule to force batters to stay in the box is a good rule.
    The problem is not that they are a foot or two outside, but because some tend to wonder around in circles. Nobody wants to wait for them to get themselves together.

    • Nunya Bizwacks
      Nunya Bizwacks 2 months ago +9

      agreed. its ridiculous how much time those fools waste. One of the many reasons baseball has been declining in popularity for decades now, younger ppl would rather watch much more exciting Bball or football

  • John Shepherd
    John Shepherd Month ago +71

    I think the pitch clock will irrelevant as pitchers get used to it. Pitchers used to pitch at the pitch clock pace without the clock. Any baseball fan who is over thirty probably watched Mark Buerle pitch at least once.
    The bigger based only favor the runner on tag plays. They favor the defense otherwise. The ball gets there faster than the runner.

    • Mich050
      Mich050 15 days ago +8

      The biggest issue I had was with the batters and their constant re-setting after every pitch. The pitch clock saved MLB from implementing the mandatory use of Zoloft to treat the massive OCD that is prevalent in MLB. These batting rituals were getting out of control.

    • BobsBuurgers
      BobsBuurgers 2 days ago

      Larger bases means you can "round the bases quicker"... Making triples and going from 1st-to-home a lot easier. The trade off benefits the offense on any ball hit past the infield especially with runners on base. And in 2 out situations.

  • CarrsLLC Carrillo
    CarrsLLC Carrillo 2 months ago +121

    There is word that the stadiums are losing revenue from the shorter game times. Less time equals less money being spent at the consession stands.
    From the discussions I'm hearing over my local sports talk air waves, there is a possibility that stadiums may end up opening the gates earlier which I like that idea. I never get to see my home team practice on the field and the gates always seem to open when the visiting team is practicing. So this would be a nice change if it happens. Spend more time at home away from home.

    • Hsox05
      Hsox05 Month ago +27

      Long run there will be far more fans in stadium so the revenue at concession stands will be more than made up. Attendance has been dropping like crazy

    • Snort Retort
      Snort Retort Month ago

      Nobody practices in the big leagues anymore. Maybe once a month a couple guys will take some gbs/fbs but they don’t even use fungus now, the ball is shot out of a handheld cannon (dead serious). If you’re referring to batting practice though, every mlb park has always opened for BP.

    • al ntr
      al ntr Month ago

      @Snort Retort geeze I didn't think it was that bad. Thanks for the info.

    • Danny Grieco
      Danny Grieco Month ago +1

      Yeah, and annoyingly so far, only a few stadiums have extended beer sales into the eighth inning. Annoyingly the Giants here haven’t even though they probably have one the largest percentage of fans who aren’t driving themselves after the game.

    • Jessy Fretz
      Jessy Fretz Month ago +3

      People really aren't rushing to pay $7 for a hot dog after they've dropped $1,000 for their kids to come with them because we're paying Shohei Ohtani $1Billion.

  • Michael Martin
    Michael Martin 18 days ago +2

    A lot of the drama comes from that time taken between pitches, expecially in the postseason during tight scoring games. I'll be interested to see if the new pitching rules take away from the postseason or add to it.

    • Suslikki
      Suslikki 16 days ago +2

      I agree, the best part of every playoff game was when the batter adjusted his nuts for 40 seconds. Shame all that excitement is now gone.

  • Kilroy was here
    Kilroy was here Month ago +21

    I won’t be surprised if they come up with a rule limiting outfield shifts, dividing the outfield into thirds based off the lines of 2nd base

    • Fred Wills
      Fred Wills 25 days ago

      Never seen an outfield shift and leave an entire side open. Infield shifts only work because they are choosing the wrong players to bat who can’t hit to all fields. And how much are they paying them not to hit away?

    • Priest of Syrinx
      Priest of Syrinx 13 days ago

      Incoming Rule Changes:
      2024 - Two strikes for a strikeout
      2025 - Maximum limit of 9 batters per inning
      2026 - Infielders cannot move more than 3 feet in any direction to field a ball
      2027 - Two outs per inning
      2028 - Seven innings per game
      2029 - No extra innings. Now a "tied" column in the standings.
      Hey, these are all rules that will speed up the game just like MLB wants and help with offense a bit.

  • Gass_5
    Gass_5 2 months ago +1594

    For a sport that doesn’t exist you do a great job covering it

    • Bread And Circuses
      Bread And Circuses 2 months ago +5

      Sure does.

    • SoLiX
      SoLiX 2 months ago +77

      It doesn’t exist, so he’s covering his imagination. We are merely buying into his fantasy. Maybe someday _baseball_ will exist.

    • Jog Messon
      Jog Messon 2 months ago +2

      Man i confused this channel with Baseball's not dead often lol. I even thought the channels is own by the same guy.

    • TrashyMemeYt
      TrashyMemeYt 2 months ago +11

      what the hell is baseball?

    • no
      no 2 months ago +4

      Where can I buy this video game.

  • Mr. Cokoko
    Mr. Cokoko 2 months ago +61

    I have a few issues with the new rules but generally I think all that needs to be solved is tweaking, such making sure that pitchers don't get too exhausted too quickly with the clock; 15 seconds is a decent amount of time but MLB should probably change it if issues that to occur with it.

    • Ricky
      Ricky 2 months ago +1

      you definitely have never pitched before

    • Ricky
      Ricky 2 months ago +3

      these rules are horrible and made by people who have never played baseball and don't know pitching causes the arm a huge amount of stress and is very delicate and that the entire skill of baseball is based on pitching and hitting a ball someone is trying to get you to miss.
      It's like if they made a clock for golfing. The entire skill is being precise and not just swinging randomly

    • coast2coast00
      coast2coast00 2 months ago +5

      @Ricky The PGA has rules for this. In secret they calculate the slowest 10 players and make them average 60 seconds per shot over a round, the 10 players are given a warning for being slower than that.
      Any player taking more than 120 seconds on a shot will pay a fine of $50,000 per shot.
      Disc golf also has a 30 second time from when you are clear to throw, or you get a penalty stroke and this works fine, and feels fair.

    • Ricky
      Ricky 2 months ago +7

      @coast2coast00 I don't know if the first part was a joke, but I want to say something. I think it would be fine if they made the pitch clock like a minute or something to prevent people from being excessive. But anything less than 30 seconds is making pitchers into throwers. And the people who don't see the difference between pitching and throwing have never pitched before. It's the difference between baseball and slow pitch softball. A pitcher in slow pitch is a person to help get the ball in play, and a baseball pitcher is competing and using skill.

    • Reed Stiles
      Reed Stiles Month ago

      @coast2coast00 so what happened w Cantlay at the masters? This isn’t enforced

  • The Derpiest of Derps
    The Derpiest of Derps 23 days ago +6

    Would love another analysis of this at the end of the season

  • Mike Sekula
    Mike Sekula 2 months ago +7

    Anything that makes Jazz Chisolm mad is a win. Good job MLB. Now fix your ridiculous blackout rules.

  • Austyn
    Austyn Month ago +9

    I watched baseball as a kid and it bore the hell out of me. I love the game itself; I played softball for 15 years and all my daughters play too. This season, I just randomly started watching again and immediately noticed the pitch clock. The game pacing is sooooo much better. If they remove that pitch clock, the MLB is dead in the water.

  • Dennis Young
    Dennis Young 6 hours ago

    A problem with the rule changes is that you can't really compare any records now to older ones as the new rules have undue influence on them.

  • Come Fast To Get Into My Body
    Come Fast To Get Into My Body 2 months ago +2179

    Zack Greinke shaking off his own pitches is THE most Zach Greinke thing EVER.

    • Shawn P
      Shawn P 2 months ago +7

      😂 ❤ it.

    • MR.VIDEO MASTER 101 6062
      MR.VIDEO MASTER 101 6062 2 months ago +22

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    • Rex Banner
      Rex Banner 2 months ago +5

      Was going to say, that is completely normal for him. No surprise. Lmfao.

    • Aaron_Brown
      Aaron_Brown 2 months ago +7

      I started laughing out loud at that…shows how ingrained shaking the catcher off is 😂

    • Akamai gtag
      Akamai gtag 2 months ago +3

      Your profile pic looks interesting 🤨

  • Orca Lord
    Orca Lord 2 days ago +2

    Dude I haven't even liked baseball since the 2nd grade and yet I'm still invested in this channel.

  • Prime_Comando
    Prime_Comando Month ago +7

    I enjoy the new rules. I went to watch minor league games and they were actually fun to watch

  • Bennett Flynn
    Bennett Flynn 5 days ago

    I remember when Showalter first took over the Orioles, the shift was not only incredibly useful but it was fascinating to watch because it was so unique. I remember thinking how funny it was seeing the second baseman in right field. Then it became common practice. Then the shifts got even more pronounced. Then, before the end of the decade not even 8 years out it made the game entirely unwatchable (sure some might disagree but for me and most people I know they’d agree)

  • A.R. Online
    A.R. Online 2 months ago +5

    What a quality video. Your speed and succinctness while sharing a ton of relevant information earns you a sub. I’m a judgemental POS and I’m impressed with you. Thanks.

  • D0land0
    D0land0 16 days ago +2

    Im a baseball traditionalist. But I just don't understand how the game has gotten so long. Seems the changes are good from what I can tell so far

  • cgDerrick
    cgDerrick 2 months ago +183

    Two things people hate; change and the way things are.

    • hatky
      hatky Month ago +1

      Lol well said

    • Jay Russell
      Jay Russell Month ago +5

      People approve of comfort far more than change

    • The Carter
      The Carter Month ago

      LMAOOO facts

    • Mal Funk Shin
      Mal Funk Shin Month ago +2

      If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

    • jigglefloyd
      jigglefloyd Month ago +1

      @Mal Funk Shin MLB is totally broken - people complained about game length in 1908 and it's only increased since then - and given people have the attention span of a goldfish these days....

  • Cody Perry
    Cody Perry 16 days ago +17

    I can't tell you how much I love these rules! It is honestly making baseball watchable again! Pitch Clock, No endless pick off attempts, the ghost runner! *Chefs kiss* I have been watching more games and enjoying it so much more! Going in a really positive direction!

  • Cade Brouillette
    Cade Brouillette 2 months ago +3

    I love how much work is put into this vidoes. Lots of respect. Godbless

  • Mr. Big Squid
    Mr. Big Squid 9 days ago

    The new rules made my sister enjoy the game. She actually loves going to games now. She says they’re not boring anymore.

  • The Architecture Grind
    The Architecture Grind Month ago +36

    As a former baseball player, MLB players not being able to hit opposite field is just insane and lazy. To be playing at that high of level but not able to control where you hit it is ridiculous. I understand the MLBs reasoning for the rule, but if you suck at hitting one direction and they put a shift on you, maybe it’s time to learn how to hit the other way

  • Arthur Hosey Jr.
    Arthur Hosey Jr. Month ago +2

    I went to a Rockies game this past Sunday (Apr 30th) and it felt like baseball but even my wife who isn't a baseball fan commented that the game was flying by. It felt like baseball though.

    • Mich050
      Mich050 15 days ago

      I went form 3-5 hot dogs a game to 2, max. Not enough time to go to the food stand. Might miss three innings!

  • CZsWorld
    CZsWorld 2 months ago +65

    This is way better than the new rule explanations all the RSNs are airing.

  • Joseph Ochoa
    Joseph Ochoa Month ago

    I can see the new rules effected the Diamondbacks in a positive way

  • Yank Quinn
    Yank Quinn 21 day ago

    I'm loving it! Not saying i don't love a full day MLB game but not much i like to do for 2hrs straight... ever

  • Callum Lambkin
    Callum Lambkin 2 months ago +1

    People will complain about the MLB losing viewership and then get upset that the MLB actually made a strong move to improve the game experience for fans.
    They had to do *something* to speed up the game and a pitch clock seemed like the perfect idea but I guess some people value "tradition" too much

  • Sanelora1
    Sanelora1 Month ago +2

    As a relative baseball outsider, all of this seems like reasonable methods to both speed up the games and make them more exciting. Heres hoping that it does just that

  • SeattlePioneer
    SeattlePioneer Month ago +1

    Despite living in Seattle, I have seen exactly one major league baseball game. That was twenty years or more ago. I was doing repairs for a hotel, and the Concierge had an unused ticket which he gave me.
    I saw most of the game in the "old" domed stadium ----a magnificent piece of architecture that should never have been blown up.
    The most amazing thing about the game was how FAST those pitches are thrown! Watching on television is deceptive.
    That's my MLB experience!

  • Daniel Shawl
    Daniel Shawl 2 months ago +326

    At this point watching baseball is like watching a group of statisticians discuss a complex board game. There’s a bunch of percentages for obscure actions, and a lot of meticulous rules.

    • Shane Dancer
      Shane Dancer 2 months ago +58

      Luckily all of these rules shouldn’t be able to make the viewing experience worse. The viewer doesn’t have to keep track of how many pickoffs there have been, what the timer is, or how large the bases are. But they definitely notice games taking less than 3 hours, more steals, and more scoring.

    • nozrep
      nozrep 2 months ago


    • Spman2099
      Spman2099 2 months ago +11

      @Repent and believe in Jesus Christ Wow, rule 3.16 seems extremely odd. And who is this Jesús fellow? Is he one of the Dominican players? Dan is right, baseball rules are getting confusing.

    • WeSEEhowCommieGoogleis
      WeSEEhowCommieGoogleis 2 months ago

      All most as bad as watching Golf.

    • NewAgain
      NewAgain 2 months ago +4

      More like a group of Statisticans vs Lawyers organizing a complex board game. 😖

  • Doug Styles
    Doug Styles 2 months ago +2

    Love the checking runners on 1st rule.

  • KenoTube
    KenoTube 2 months ago +4

    The new rules add to the excitement of the game, for sure. One drawback, though, is all sorts of records will be broken because of these rule changes, and all these new records will need an asterisk next to them.

    • Doog
      Doog Month ago

      Nah, leave them as is sans asterisk, and have an asterisk next to the old record with how many times Garciaparra adjusted his batting gloves that game

    • peter tort
      peter tort Month ago

      Who cares, get in the box and swing the bat let’s gooooooo!!!

    • The M.A.
      The M.A. Month ago

      There won't be any asterisks when old records inevitably get broken and new records are set. Let's be real here! That would be bad for baseball.

    • Mal Funk Shin
      Mal Funk Shin Month ago +1

      what's bad for baseball is giving the runner a shorter basepath, a countdown to when he can take off and knowing that there's basically zero threat to be picked off after 2 failed attempts

    • Richard P. Balls
      Richard P. Balls Month ago +1

      None of the records will be broken. People who think anyone would catch Henderson with stolen bases really underestimated how far ahead he is of everyone else and how impossible it will be to break any of his records.

  • Giovanni DeMarinis
    Giovanni DeMarinis Month ago +5

    The only change I’d make is adjust the pitch clock so it doesn’t determine the outcome of a tied 9th inning game with bases loaded and full count

    • BobsBuurgers
      BobsBuurgers 2 days ago

      But it dictates all other 8 innings? That's illogical... The players have 1 job they've been doing their entire life. Lmao😅 throw ball, hit ball... Keep it simple and its much more enjoyable. Keep the drama for the Real Housewives please...

    • J.D
      J.D 2 days ago

      That doesn’t make sense man a rule has to be applied at all times or it’s not a rule. Almost every other sport can end on a penalty even a delay of game penalty so if it ends a big game that’s unfortunate but it’s not hard to follow the pitch clock so players need to just pay attention

  • joseafalvel
    joseafalvel Month ago +2

    the thing I don't like is the shifts banning but I guess I'm not like most of the fans out there, I do like defensive games and I do like the possibility to use strategies that need the use of stats and lot of observation, it was pure mental skills like counting cards in black jack

    • J.D
      J.D 2 days ago

      I actually don’t like it either for the same reasons but I see why they did it and I’m fine with it now.

  • Luke Penguin Mashups
    Luke Penguin Mashups 22 days ago

    I think 20/25 is a good sweet spot, no rushed time, but no stalling either

  • edalder2000
    edalder2000 2 months ago +331

    Max Scherzer on the mound could be diagnosed as psychotic. So him using the pitch clock as a weapon is on brand.
    Zack Greinke using PitchCom in Spring Training and not taking it all seriously is totally him as well. Zack calling his own pitches must have been wonderful for him.

    • WarlordofBritannia
      WarlordofBritannia 2 months ago +7

      People with social anxiety like Greinke are going to absolutely love the additional control it gives

    • IronCouger
      IronCouger 2 months ago +3

      Shaking off his own pitches is the most greinke thing ever

    • Spencer Cook
      Spencer Cook 2 months ago

      Scherzer 100% on brand with the pitch clock.

    • Harrison Om
      Harrison Om 2 months ago

      Love me some Scherzer.

    • Gavrael
      Gavrael 2 months ago

      How long before Scherzer gets a second amendment to his own rule? If there’s a way to break it, he’s the one to figure it out

  • Aurjay
    Aurjay Month ago +4

    Want that Robot Umpire since the first time I heard it mentioned in a game by the Yankee's Announcers. It really feels like the bad calls have shot up an insane rate the past few years, this year being probably the worse (from what I can tell while watching the game for both teams equally too.) My 2nd wish is for there to be actual punishment players with fines for unsportsmanlike conduct with threats of suspensions and bans from all of MLB for repeat violations. Manny Machado's getting a little better than his previous years where he cleated 1st basemans and middle infielders multiple times intentionally along with many attempts that weren't successful. That kind of garbage needs to be addressed more than just a few choice words from the opposing team's players, MLB should be involved. And my 3rd wish, kind of ties into the 1st one a little bit, fines for Umpires who have horrible report cards or with calls that are beyond a reasonable mistake. There was a pitch that was called a strike 5 inches out of the zone this year. No way of having that altered. Other bad calls unrelated to the strike zone are also getting out of hand, and there is no way to challenge some of these calls. Take the 15 second to challenge rule in the Yankees/Orioles game recently. Orioles manager didn't challenge a play, the fans see the replay on the jumbotron and boo and the umpires go to the Orioles manager asking if he wants to challenge the play, well over 15 seconds after the play. When the umpires were in the wrong and it was challenged by the Yankee's Manager the Umpires said there is no way to overturn that decision now, oops.

  • RecluseSports
    RecluseSports 2 months ago +81

    I just started watching baseball last year. I would watch when I had nothing to do cuz the games were so long. Now when watching, I have to actually stare at the screen because they pitch so quickly and I love it as a new fan. Biggest complaint before I even started watching was the time and now games have consistent action. I know old fans said these changes won’t bring in new fans but it certainly has hooked me

    • mr-mooster
      mr-mooster 2 months ago +3

      Same goes for me. I’m not a huge sports person but I like baseball because it’s easy to keep up with. Faster action makes it real fun too

    • Sixth Savior
      Sixth Savior 2 months ago +1

      Same here

    • Mal Funk Shin
      Mal Funk Shin Month ago +1

      Tell us more about your lack of patience and inability to understand strategy...

    • RecluseSports
      RecluseSports Month ago +3

      @Mal Funk Shin so every other sport lacks strategy because they’re faster paced? Taking 2 minutes to throw one pitch is not strategy. A batter taking a stroll and tightening his gloves after every swing is not strategy. There’s still strategy with the picked up pace so your attempted dig sounds unnecessary

    • Jose Vergara
      Jose Vergara 29 days ago

      Same. It used to feel like it was wasting my time. Now I can’t stop watching.

  • July
    July 12 days ago +3

    I go to baseball games frequently and I never went to a game on time because damn they used to take so long. this pitch clock absolutely saved the pace of the game. I absolutely hated when a pitcher takes over a minute to pitch and pick off several times.

  • Noah Golden
    Noah Golden 2 months ago

    Wow, that was really on point and informative. Thanks!

  • Ousama Abdu
    Ousama Abdu Month ago +9

    These new rules will be a HUGE net positive for the game . Baseball, not just at the MLB level but overall is really starting to make the right moves to ensure future popularity.
    We can even look at this channel as proof. The last three videos are already at over 1 million views each and it hasn't even been a month yet.

    • Tbone
      Tbone Month ago +2

      Well said. Love the new rules. The players don’t like change, but the guys from the minors coming up with the rules will be ok. Reminds me of when hockey made helmets mandatory. The guys coming up we’re fine with helmets

    • Jonathan browning
      Jonathan browning Month ago

      Or its because the videos are about a topic that has a wider net appeal than most of his other videos, the algorhythm syncing well with the keywords used on these videos, a spike due to a shoutout or cross promotion or any other number of reasons that make more sense than "MLB pitch clock directly drives interest in hearing about world baseball classic." You know, that thing MLB players didnt take seriously for years and the league didnt want players to participate in? Totally linked when talking about administrative rules changes.
      You could draw a much more convincing line to back up your logic if you said that videos about current baseball issues have routinely higher viewership than those about past players. It wouldnt be that solid because there's no control group to test against to say that its not just that his videos about past baseball subjects do a significantly worse job covering them than other channels (which is true) but it would at least begin to follow a trail of logic.
      Think back to your first day of 8th grade science class. Correlation does not equal causation.

    • Richard P. Balls
      Richard P. Balls Month ago

      @Mal Funk Shin More stolen bases are fine, it’s not like it matters record-wise cause no one is ever touching the records set by Henderson. As for the pitch clock strikeout, well maybe players should stop being lazy and get in the box. I’m there to watch baseball, not grown men doing nothing.

  • MrMikeyMike216
    MrMikeyMike216 2 months ago +242

    Today I watched the O's vs Red Sox and honestly? The 3 hours flew by. Felt SOOO fast, despite it being so long from it being a 10-9 game

    • Maple Syrup Miner
      Maple Syrup Miner 2 months ago +12

      same with the jays cardinals game

    • David Novak
      David Novak 2 months ago +14

      I'm a Rays fan. Rays beat the Tigers today in 2:14. Never seen a shorter Rays game.

    • Carl Pacquing
      Carl Pacquing 2 months ago +36

      That game would've taken 4.5 hours last year, especially with it being a high scoring AL East game!

    • Dungeon Master
      Dungeon Master 2 months ago +5

      ​@Carl Pacquing and it would have been great. It's a different game might as well create new records

    • BeefPapa
      BeefPapa 2 months ago +27

      I never minded a 3+ hour game. It was the lack of action. And these rules seem to have fixed it.

  • Delta Function 0
    Delta Function 0 2 months ago +1

    A balked-in run had happened before. I believe the Braves had a walk-off balk against the Mets a few years ago.

    • Sean Monahan
      Sean Monahan 10 days ago

      Maybe he meant that never before had a runner scored on three balks in one at-bat. ¯⁠\⁠_⁠( ツ ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯

  • arofree
    arofree 2 months ago +1

    I think the pick-offs at first base has a particular loophole: The Hidden Ball Trick & Fake throws.

    • Mr. Clean
      Mr. Clean 23 days ago

      Oh, damn. I never thought of that. The first baseman could just hold the pick off ball forever... huh

  • Parker Cushing
    Parker Cushing 2 months ago +35

    Only complaint I heard today from visitors to Oracle Stadium was that they went to get a beer and missed a bunch of action because it moves so quick.

    • Mark Harbaugh
      Mark Harbaugh Month ago +13

      Vendors and concession stands were not taken into account when speeding up the game. The game was sped up for tv (which most can't even see because of blackout rules), but the speed of the game takes away from the in the stadium experience. In my opinion.

    • You Got Baited
      You Got Baited Month ago +2

      Welcome to sports buddy. Baseball games are boring as fuck. And that’s why the MLB is making changes

    • Mal Funk Shin
      Mal Funk Shin Month ago +1

      ​@You Got Baited if you think they were boring then you very obviously have no clue about the game or what's going on

    • ianwestc
      ianwestc 29 days ago +2

      @Mal Funk Shin There is absolutely nothing exciting about a hitter that steps out of the box, unvelcros his batting gloves, adjusts his fingers in them, revelcros his batting gloves, readjusts the stickum on his bat, taps the bat to his helmet, steps into the box, scuffs the ground, and taps the ground a few times with the bat, and then is ready for the pitch. And then he does that, without fail, after EVERY pitch. There's absolutely nothing exciting about a pitcher who waits 30 seconds doing nothing, nothing at all, before a pitch because he wants to bore the hitter, throw off his timing, and "slow the game down" so he can be in control. Nothing exciting about that at all.
      I've been a baseball traditionalist and I have hated new rules like the DH, the ghost runner, the juiced balls, maybe even the bigger bases. But the pitch clock is a wonderful, wonderful change. Games had gotten slower and slower over time. It's about time they made this change.

    • Mich050
      Mich050 15 days ago

      Once sales slump, they will increase the time between innings. It's all about the money.

  • Max Coburn
    Max Coburn Month ago +7

    I saw the pirates play the dodgers in a 6-2 win and it took less then 2 and a half hours. That’s one of the fastest games I’ve ever been to and it was a decent score. I think the pitch clock and shift restrictions are great for the game and the only people hating on it are not looking at the advantage.

  • SiriusMined
    SiriusMined 2 months ago +2

    Provide evidence that this is "saving" baseball, and that ratings and attendence will be going up

  • Mike Case
    Mike Case 2 months ago +136

    Overall I'm interested to watch the impact of the rule changes over the course of the season. The only issue I have at the moment is MLB going after bat boys, that's just not cool.

    • J Rick
      J Rick 2 months ago +13

      Bat boys need to be on point, no more lazy focus

    • Michael Anthony
      Michael Anthony 2 months ago +38

      The should all be like tennis sideline kids. Also they should be kids and not fat adults who tear their ACLs tripping.

    • Sneersh
      Sneersh 2 months ago +6

      Yeah going after bat boys is over the top. You'll save what, a couple seconds per game at most? It's silly and I'd feel bad for an overweight kid who's a bat boy and can't run very fast.

    • Redmenace96
      Redmenace96 2 months ago +25

      Don't see it as going after the BB. The manager may give the kid instructions to dilly-dally or drag his feet executing his duties. Using the bat boy to manipulate the rules is something that about half of the managers/players would do.

  • Vox Veritas
    Vox Veritas 28 days ago +1

    It is like the game I grew up watching and I’m soooooooo here for it. Nothing but love for this. If MLB were to enforce the rule as it’s written we’d have a 12 second pitch clock

  • John R
    John R 15 days ago +1

    The rule changes are fantastic, especially eliminating the shift. Baseball should have never allowed players to shift positions like that. Play your position as intended. Also, limiting mound visits…….. great!
    Other suggestions; stop raising and moving the fences back. Fans want to see home runs!
    Finally, implement electronic balls and strikes. It’s time.

  • The M.A.
    The M.A. Month ago

    These new rules almost make me want to get more into baseball beyond watching highlights. Emphasis on "almost". I still don't have the time or patience to watch a full Yankees game! 😅

  • veriest1
    veriest1 2 months ago +19

    It had gotten to the point where I only watched the highlights on YT after the game so I’m glad to see the rule changes.
    If I was driving I’d listen to it but sitting through a game wasn’t happening. Certainly not every day or even a couple of times a week.

    • Mich050
      Mich050 15 days ago

      I agree. Clip-Share gives the highlight of every game back-to-back. It feels like I've seen enough of each game. I'm not paying for cable MLB games.

  • Calvin Sellers
    Calvin Sellers 21 day ago +3

    The shift is the rule that upsets me the most.
    It is absolutely insane to me that professional batters aren’t able to avoid hitting into a shift.
    You should never see a shift in the MLB, not because it’s against the rule, but because the batter should be good enough to avoid it. So the defense wouldn’t do it. It’s that simple!!!

  • Melee Kunis
    Melee Kunis 2 months ago +98

    MLB holding batboys/batgirls being held to a higher standard than their umpires is crazy...

    • PAGoTribe1963
      PAGoTribe1963 2 months ago +17

      The batboys need to unionize. Pay their dues in gummy bears.

    • Microsoft Spam
      Microsoft Spam 2 months ago +2

      @PAGoTribe1963 everybody is pro union Starbucks, pro union Walmart, pro union this and that until they watch sports

    • Shorewall
      Shorewall 2 months ago +2

      @Microsoft Spam I don't think those people overlap.

    • Sun God
      Sun God Month ago

      ​@Microsoft Spam there's a difference between unionizing against shitty corporations and unions in sports

  • Shawn Fuller
    Shawn Fuller 2 months ago +1

    I truly was not a fan of baseball until this spring training. The games are actually entertaining now!

  • SlapCabbage08
    SlapCabbage08 12 days ago

    They should have introduced these rules but not enforced them for a season. Spent the season monitoring teams counting the infractions & imposed a sanction of the 3 teams who broke them the most. This would have meant the coaching staff had time to get the players in the the swing of things.

  • Tartar sauce
    Tartar sauce 22 days ago +1

    The drama and behind the scenes of baseball is more entertaining then baseball itself

  • Esaú Castro
    Esaú Castro 26 days ago

    Personally I'm liking SOME of these rules so far. I remember one time, I went to the kitchen to get a cold drink, served myself some snacks, went back to the TV and the batter still hadn't hit anything.
    Also I agree with most of the comments, it should be more baseball on TV, or at least make the stadium tickets a tadbit less expensive.

  • Kubanakan Taino
    Kubanakan Taino Month ago +2

    This is just so weird. I want to get back into watching sports but seeing how the MLB is trying to speed the game up artificially through the use of digitality is just so stupid. Another issue I have that is very controversial is that players should be paid less and the teams with the most money shouldnt be able to dominate the sport since it makes the game more about access to capital then skill.

    • Richard P. Balls
      Richard P. Balls Month ago

      Well there isn’t really too much correlation between spending a ton of money and winning titles. Houston won in 2022 with the 11th highest payroll. Atlanta won in 2021 with the 13th highest. In most cases whilst a high payroll can take you to the playoffs, it usually doesn’t mean a world series

  • Trevor Hintz
    Trevor Hintz 2 months ago +97

    Longest game from opening day was Cardinals/Blue Jays at 3 hours 38 minutes. Mostly attributed to 384 combined pitches thrown, 19 combined runs, 12 pitching changes.

    • Jeff Green
      Jeff Green 2 months ago +21

      Yeah, as a Jays fan, who watched that game. The length of that game was NOT due to general delays. Something was happening every half inning.

    • t hannon
      t hannon 2 months ago +7

      Well you wanted more offense....

    • Thomas Hebert
      Thomas Hebert 2 months ago +8

      Certainly longer than what people want, but at least offense was happening. People have no problem watching 3 hour football games because things happen pretty consistently in that time.

    • Chip Spangler
      Chip Spangler 2 months ago +6

      Yup. The second longest game on opening day (BAL @ BOS) also had a combined 19 runs, 26 hits, 3 errors, 10 pitching changes, 344 pitches, and was only 3:10. Average game opening day was 2:45, median time was 2:38, and only 5 games over 3:00 (only that one over 3:10). Shortest games (two) were 2:14. Not a bad start.

    • Zraknul
      Zraknul 2 months ago +16

      "Game is longer because of a ton of action" isn't a problem.

  • sammvoyager
    sammvoyager Month ago

    Great rules prompted by the owners leading to more hits & runs & reasonable game duration for us i-pay-ur-salaries Fans! Evens out -- the rules affect every player

  • J.R. Whedbee
    J.R. Whedbee Month ago +4

    The Time rule change is the best thing to happen to MLB. I'm back to watching baseball again. No more 4 hour games, watching guys looking around the stands and scratching their balls doing nothing but wasting my time. Thank you Baseball.

  • SwordHMX
    SwordHMX Month ago

    I think it would be better of the pitch started after an accepted sign with runners in base, but was only eight seconds at that point.

  • Kevin
    Kevin 22 days ago +1

    I like the pitch clock I’ve enjoyed more baseball this year than I have any other year

  • Houligan
    Houligan 3 days ago +1

    The pitch clock is a much needed improvement

  • Youtube Userman
    Youtube Userman 2 months ago +241

    Damn I don’t like the changes exactly but this is definitely going to be the most exciting year in baseball in a long time by sheer chaos alone. It’s like a huge balance patch in a videogame 😂

    • Jim Dayworth
      Jim Dayworth 2 months ago +9

      I guess whether real life or virtual a game is a game.

    • MyselfTheThird
      MyselfTheThird 2 months ago +6

      It's only exciting if the games actually matter, which they can't if the game is distilled to a series of gimmicks

    • Sir Sluginston
      Sir Sluginston 2 months ago +5

      As someone who doesn't regularly watch baseball, I look forward to the brawls that come out of these new rules

    • Thomas Garcia
      Thomas Garcia 2 months ago +1

      the shift change is gonna make such a negligible difference nobody even gonna notice.

    • james williams
      james williams 2 months ago

      no lol its already a lame season with the crap rules

  • Spawny
    Spawny 2 months ago +5

    I love these new rules.

  • just kidding
    just kidding 2 months ago

    Automated umpires are something that should've been implemented as soon as the tech became available.

  • Kent Milbrandt
    Kent Milbrandt Month ago +30

    Love the new changes! The game of baseball is now played as it once was. ACTION, not computer generated boring game that had little to watch.

  • De Todo Un Poco
    De Todo Un Poco 2 months ago

    I would like you to do a video talking about why Sammy Sosa is not a HOF and why the MLB has forgetten about everything he did for baseball.

  • Ben Fielding
    Ben Fielding 2 months ago +290

    I'll voice my opinions on the rule changes after I've seen what it does in the next few months. However, the one thing I can't stand is the extra inning ghost runner. That to me is atrocious.
    I do like how they dropped the defensive shifts though. Lefties AVG will skyrocket.

    • xTackett
      xTackett 2 months ago +64

      The ghost runner rule is so bad man

    • Reuben Sandwich
      Reuben Sandwich 2 months ago +32

      The ghost runner made me turn off what game I watch off after 9. If the teams don't care and just want the game over with, why should I watch.

    • Greg Penismith
      Greg Penismith 2 months ago +20

      The ghost running is outrageous to me, and slightly behind that is everything to do with the pitch clock. They are talking about punishing bat boys... heaven forbid teams have something fun and memorable for a child or fans. The shift rules seemed half baked and don't go far enough.

    • Boo Radley
      Boo Radley 2 months ago +21

      @Greg Penismith far enough as in "they dont let clubs freely do whatever they want because this is baseball not "Rob Mannfred's penny squeezing simulator?" Because I agree, not letting teams play ball smarter and artificially restricting them is lame as fuck.

    • John Wray
      John Wray 2 months ago +18

      It should only be implanted after they've played ad least two real innings. Like the 12th.

  • AnvilPro100
    AnvilPro100 2 months ago

    I don't really like baseball (But I love video essays on Clip-Share) but the rule changes all sounded great to me. The problem historically for me is that the games are too slow and, as someone that doesn't know shit and so could be way off base, they all sound like valid changes to try and change that

  • lakeffect games
    lakeffect games Month ago +2

    i love these changes

  • alg11297
    alg11297 Month ago +5

    The idea was to convince people who hate baseball to hate it even less. Personally, I've never been able to sit through a full 9 inning, 27 (at least) at bats without becoming so bored I actually watched the audience. A good drinking game for the next televised baseball game you watch is, "Spot the black fan". If you see more than 3 it's time for whiskey.

  • Prince no really
    Prince no really 2 months ago +2

    I like the new pitching rule

  • Nolloway
    Nolloway 2 months ago +28

    I've enjoyed the changes so far. I think a faster game with more regular action is good. I think these changes will mature well when the summer gets here.

    • Guy Incognito
      Guy Incognito 2 months ago +8

      I noticed a pleasing change in feel after one game. All they did was address players and their egos and rituals, ffs catch and throw. Once you're conscious that there's a clock you just get in a new rhythm and never think about it, and suddenly you realize that you dont need even the 15 seconds which are alloted. No player in history was who he was statistically because he was allowed to adjust his f'ing helmet for no reason and wave the bat with one hand several times before setting up to hit. That's all horse **** that no one pays to see. It's clear that we don't need all this idle time. It's so nice to force it out for good.

  • Aphox
    Aphox 2 months ago

    I don't mind the shift or the pickoffs, or the bigger bases. I do however mind the pitch timer and think that has zero place in baseball. universal DH? sure, fine. extra innings runner? don't like it, but i understand how *that* makes games quicker. i do hope they drop the timer, at least.

  • Porter Wake
    Porter Wake 26 days ago

    Ryan Braun stepping out of the box to redo all his uniform was bull. I'm so happy that baseball is going faster.

  • giovannito858
    giovannito858 27 days ago

    agreed. the changes have saved baseball.

  • keith collier
    keith collier Month ago +4

    It definitely shouldn’t be deciding the end of a game. I understand speeding up the game but there should be limits to that b/s at the height of the game.

    • Mr. Clean
      Mr. Clean 23 days ago

      I mean, a violation only ended a spring training game once. The players are finally getting used to the rule changes.
      If you change the rules in the 9th inning, you're just asking the batter to ice the pitcher repeatedly.

  • Johnny Boone
    Johnny Boone Month ago +1

    I love the new rules. The Phillies beat the Mariners in Philly this afternoon (27 APR 2023) 1-0 in 2:04.

    • Mich050
      Mich050 15 days ago

      The drive to the stadium, the time to park, the time to get out of the parking lot, the drive home: 3 hours. Baseball game: 2 hours. Why bother?

  • jefe417
    jefe417 2 months ago +8

    I've watched a few games already this year after not having watched regular season in probably ten years. So refreshing the amount of contact and action happening in the games. I don't understand the baseball purists who just want to see guys stand around all day long. You still get long games in this system, just only when there's a lot of offense prolonging innings -- not pitchers just taking forever to deliver the pitch.

    • Bot Boi
      Bot Boi 2 months ago

      thats really it. a lot of people like low scoring games, especially when a pitcher is playing well. plus more action and offense will just destroy small market teams like my rays. probably not this year or next but in a few years definitely.

    • Nick Lazzaro
      Nick Lazzaro 2 months ago +1

      @Bot Boi this doesnt destroy pitching though lol. It just makes them deliver the pitch. High end pitchers will still be incredibly difficult to hit.

    • Bot Boi
      Bot Boi 2 months ago +1

      @Nick Lazzaro generally speaking yes. however their stamina will likely be lower than usual because they are having to throw pitches so quickly

    • Nick Lazzaro
      Nick Lazzaro 2 months ago +2

      @Bot Boi Have ya watched baseball the past 20 years at all? Pitchers go through the lineup twice unless theyre an ace and its over... 6 innings is like a rarity now. What stamina?!

    • anon2you1966
      anon2you1966 2 months ago

      @Bot Boi Between 1890 and 1980 the average games were along the lines of 2 1/2 hours long. If you go back and watch old games, the pitchers threw pitches on average in around 15 seconds, maybe 20 seconds if the count went deep or after a foul ball. And there were more complete games back then, so I don't think stamina was a problem. Also, batters did not step out nearly as often or for as long. There was no shift. There was more action in the form of hit and runs, bunts, stolen bases and more run scoring rallies, not just homeruns or strikeouts. I would think that type of "small ball" would help small market teams - you don't need the high priced hitters, just guys who can get base hits and know how to manufacture runs the old fashioned way.

  • Toydominic
    Toydominic 2 months ago

    You should do a video about Wally Backman’s up and down career as a manager.

  • Bruce
    Bruce 10 hours ago

    Personally (before watching the video) the only rule i dislike is the shift ban
    Players like Brandon belt would litterally just bunt down 3rd base if he got shifted on so I dont know why others cant do that if their a lefty as well.
    The pick off rule I think is a little aggressive, but I dont want to see 3-4 pick offs in a row before a pitch when getting outs on a pickoff is so low already.
    The pitch clock I do personally like however
    Edit: I didnt realize all the rules for the pitch clock I only knew the basics batter is ready at 8, pitch starts before 1 second (which I do like)

  • Janie K Carney
    Janie K Carney Month ago +1

    The batter’s responsibility is to be ready.

  • Kenny Reynolds
    Kenny Reynolds 2 months ago +1

    Love the new rules

  • Personal info
    Personal info 2 months ago +1

    “You both have good points. Let’s see how we can work together.”

  • Joey Valentino
    Joey Valentino 2 months ago +48

    I like the idea of the pitch clock but a tie (or close) game in the later innings not being rushed and allowing tension to build is one of the best things in sports. I don’t want to see a bottom of the 9th in the playoffs get rushed. I wouldn’t mind maybe seeing the pitch clock not being used if the tying run is on deck in the 8th & 9th innings. Just an idea

    • floxy20
      floxy20 2 months ago +9

      No! The beginning of the slippery slope.

    • James Drake
      James Drake 2 months ago +26

      Baseball, to me, it’s very different as a fan, from regular season to postseason. Regular season, it is a game made for radio. The slow pace and long season are made for story telling and really showcase the abilities of good radio broadcasters. As a fan, you listen all summer long and get to hear all kinds of interesting stories, including about the old days, from the color commentator. Post-season is a different beast.
      Postseason baseball is great tv. The slow pace again becomes a feature, but instead of for storytelling, it’s for suspense. Some of the most memorable visuals in my sports-watching life are MLB pitchers staring in to get the sign, coming set, and summoning up their focus and energy to make the pitch, on a cold October night.
      Is baseball slow paced? Yes. But so is golf. So what? It’s not for everyone. How long do cricket matches take? But they still have their devotees.
      That’s just a little defense of the slower pace. I will say, the points for wanting to shorten the game are not invalid. MLB just needs to understand that suspense and story telling are part of their product too.

    • peter tort
      peter tort Month ago


    • al ntr
      al ntr Month ago +2

      @James Drake very good point.

    • Nathaniel James
      Nathaniel James Month ago +3

      Playoffs this year will be a shitshow. Just wait for games to be decided by the pitchclock

  • William K
    William K 2 months ago +6

    I like the rules and most everything I’ve heard from our fans, players and coaches in my state is all positive. The one comment I’ve heard that I agree with is it should be like the ghost runner on 2nd it goes away in the playoffs. About the time clock I think that should go away in the playoffs too. But that’s just my opinion I don’t think adding another hour to a playoff game is a big deal when it comes to seeing who is the make it or break it champion.

    • Clam Chowder
      Clam Chowder 2 months ago

      No ghost runners. The rest is okay.

    • Zekedia222
      Zekedia222 2 months ago +1

      This makes sense to me.

    • peter tort
      peter tort Month ago

      No way , ghost runner ever time and if they go to the 11th inning put a runner on 2nd and 3rd, 10 or 11 innings are enough!!!! My new lifetime motto get in the box and swing the bat let’s goooooooo!!!

  • sir stephen
    sir stephen 27 days ago

    You didn't mention the new rules on non pitchers pitching. A solution for a non existing problem.

  • Vytas Rauckis
    Vytas Rauckis 29 days ago

    Let's get tp the real reason the shift was eliminated. The Tampa Bay Rays were better at it than any other team, and it was irking everyone that the Rays were one of the 4-5 best teams in the league even though they have a low payroll. So the teams that are lazy and just buy players after they already peaked decided that it was just too hard to learn analytics and they eliminated all these things to try to level the playing field. Just one thing. The Rays are still the best team at finding talent through the minors and know just when to get rid of the ones they have, eg. Austin Meadows for Paredes.

  • Willerb
    Willerb 2 months ago

    Baseball being like the only major sport to still wear belts is still shocking

  • Allan Vodicka
    Allan Vodicka 21 day ago

    Love every change. Got tired of watching batting glove adjustments and pitching changes for 45 minutes a game. Now we can watch baseball not navel gazing.