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The Truth About my Son

  • Published on Apr 15, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • Now that you've met my son, please consider sharing and donating to impact his life and so many others like him.
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    Learn more about the charity NEXT for Autism here- www.nextforautism.org/current...
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  • Mark Rober
    Mark Rober  2 years ago +314083

    If I look younger here it's because this video is actually 2 years old and it's just taken us this long to feel comfortable releasing it since this is the internet. So please be kind and please consider sharing and donating :)

    • Omen
      Omen 2 years ago +4447


    • MLB JOEY
      MLB JOEY 2 years ago +6456

      His Smile Is Contagious, Thanks For Sharing Mark

    • Blitz
      Blitz 2 years ago +2813

      Your son is so amazing! Dont ever judge people by their looks! Get to know who they are! Thanks for this video!!

    • Arctic
      Arctic 2 years ago +3604

      I love your son

    • luxity
      luxity 2 years ago +412


  • MrBeast
    MrBeast 2 years ago +128587

    I’m proud of you for this! Very informative and genuine, idk what to say but this is easily one of your best videos!

  • Jacob Moench
    Jacob Moench 2 months ago +976

    Almost two years ago, I watched this video while my son, who has autism and epilepsy, was in the back of the car, having another tantrum. At that point in my life, I wanted him to be fixed as though there was something wrong with him. I was bitter watching this video because I wanted my son to be "normal" and resented Marks great attitude. It took me a while, but I now know that my son is perfect. He has brought me more joy than anything else in my life, and I am grateful for every day I get to have him. Life is hard with a special needs son, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Thank you for your shining example Mark!

    • MIAMI305
      MIAMI305 2 months ago +24

      03/19/2023 it’s crazy how many the older generation often speak down on technology, stating that we as humans rely/depend on technology. Also, claiming technology will destroy our upcoming generations, since we will depend on it. But, often they don’t see this part of the equation, back then nobody would be able to share their experiences,thoughts, situations with anyone, since nobody would be able to relate. Now, many people are able to express themselves, also able to share many things and some how find people to relate to, or understanding. At the end of the day, we’re much more comfortable by knowing someone else is going through the same thing. As you stated years passed by, and some how this film helped you due to the fact that maybe you felt like nobody could understand or relate.

    • TimeMasterXX222
      TimeMasterXX222 2 months ago +10

      @MIAMI305 Ok sure theres absolutely positives to the existence of social media... but the negatives far outweigh the positives

    • dood_in_Tha_hills
      dood_in_Tha_hills 2 months ago +3

      @TimeMasterXX222 agreed there is i a lot of f up things and people here

    • punny puns
      punny puns 2 months ago +5

      Brave to share. Glad you came to that conclusion.

  • Sam Marshall
    Sam Marshall 2 months ago +235

    I'm autistic and although I'm not as far on the spectrum as your son is, it is nice to be able to relate to a celebrity. That made me cry. Thank you Mark Rober.

    • Max Hickson
      Max Hickson 2 months ago +7

      Im autistic aswell

    • Kreacher
      Kreacher  Month ago +7

      I’m not autistic but I have a best friend who has autism and he was diagnosed recently and nothing has changed

  • orange juice
    orange juice 13 days ago +11

    I am autistic, and to be honest, this is the most ive ever been understood.

  • CardamomThyme
    CardamomThyme 2 months ago +205

    As someone also on the spectrum I just want to mention that autism is a HUGE spectrum and sometimes you cant even tell if someone is on the spectrum just by “looking” at them. Never judge someone just by their looks. Everyone is going through something.

    • will will win
      will will win 2 months ago +4

      Yeah agreed 👍 part of the reason I don't like telling people about my autism is because I don't have speech/facial/physical issues but some people assume that autism = the example in this video.

    • Michael Cook
      Michael Cook 2 months ago +4

      We are all on the spectrum. Everyone

    • Jubiya Joy
      Jubiya Joy 2 months ago

      How do you find out that you are on the spectrum? How was your childhood?

    • Mohammad Mizak
      Mohammad Mizak Month ago

      @will will win you can say that for quite literally every mental disorder, OCD and ODD included. If you don't like telling others how your disorder is different then don't be angry when they get your's wrong, i have OCD but i don't expect everyone i meet to know about it full well or get angry when they get it wrong.

  • Agnes Acosta
    Agnes Acosta 17 days ago +10

    I am blessed to have 2 grandkids with autism the joy they bring to the world is unmeasurable I wouldn't change one thing about them...thank you for bringing the awareness that you do

  • TayZonday
    TayZonday 2 years ago +68700

    As an autistic adult with debilitating hyperacusis, I appreciate this.

    • gween been
      gween been 2 years ago +2833


    • Marbz
      Marbz 2 years ago +959

      Tay you are a hero

    • poop
      poop 2 years ago +211


    • john gon
      john gon 2 years ago +369

      Wait really?

    • vIPR
      vIPR 2 years ago +683

      I knew a guy, we called him Bus-Alex.
      Because he knew every bus schedule in whole of stockholm. Even the parts slightly outside of Stockholm.
      It's crazy.
      He couldn't explain how he did it either.

  • red ventus
    red ventus 9 days ago +1

    He's not just autistic. He's unique and gonna make his own mark on the worl with the help of his dad. Keep helping him and he'll be perfectly fine and he'll know where to go for help.

  • Alan St. Hilaire
    Alan St. Hilaire 2 months ago +16

    Mark. I love your videos, I’m a mech engineer who worked at GE aircraft engines. My brother is Down’s syndrome and is the most loving pure of heart guy I know! Thanks for bringing people with special needs into peoples hearts who didn’t know before!

  • tylerblakeney26
    tylerblakeney26 Month ago +11

    I relate to your son a lot. Because I’m also autistic. So I know what some of the problems he may get from some people. I hope he stays positive and doesn’t let people bring him down.

    • L
      L Month ago +1

      I’m also autistic to

  • Ukia
    Ukia Month ago +35

    I absolutely love how mark cares for his son like no other, he totally understands his son. He treats him the best he can, a lot of people don’t. ❤

  • Desley Page
    Desley Page Day ago +1

    Hi, Mark I am from Australia and my son is on the lower end of the spectrum. I just want to say it is a wonderful thing that you have these opportunities for the older kids and adults. My son was diagnosed by my neighbor when he was 17. I could never understand his stubberness or his lack of responsibility or lack of social skills. It all fell into place once we looked into it. You have a beautiful son and family. I pray and wish you all the best.

  • Pleasant Green
    Pleasant Green 2 years ago +42696

    Thanks Mark, from another special needs Dad.

  • Our Special Way
    Our Special Way 20 hours ago

    I just want to thank you for this. I am one of three kids in my family, and the only one without Autism. One of my sisters is very high functioning, while my other sister is low functioning. It can be tough sometimes, but it is so rewarding. More people need to know how amazing these individuals truly are!! Thank you so much, Mark!! ❤

  • Thinking of Butter
    Thinking of Butter 2 months ago +11

    I have autism and adhd and it’s made almost everything I do daily so much more frustrating. I always misunderstand situations and sometimes hurt the people I love because of that. It’s made me hate the way I am and feel jealous of everyone else but this helped a lot with remembering the supportive people that care about me and help me through the things I struggle with. Thanks mark

  • Zjuazy Z
    Zjuazy Z 2 months ago +16

    I’m a bubble blowing baby! 😭This is beautiful. It’s no wonder I get a sense of genuineness with every video. Mark, thank you for sharing your beautiful boy with us.

  • MonkeyMan
    MonkeyMan 2 months ago +15

    Such an incredible dad.

  • Marlinblack 65
    Marlinblack 65 Month ago

    As a single parent and a dad, I know exactly how precious our children are. No matter who they are they are special. What connects us to our children is a bond of unconditional love and respect for who they are. It was a joy to experience the love and joy in your family. Our kids rely on us and it is our lifelong destiny to be there for them. I am sure you are your sons biggest hero......and rightly so.

  • Johnny Harris
    Johnny Harris 2 years ago +59684

    My 8 year old is also diagnosed with autism. Thank you for making this and raising such sensitive, humanizing awareness.

    • Sourav
      Sourav 2 years ago +331

      OMG bro ur child is the best trust me ❤️❤️❤️ an d I love all ur content know u since Vox days 💜💜

      SEVIN7WAS7HEAR7 2 years ago +73

      My brother is too

    • AsterixCacher
      AsterixCacher 2 years ago +44

      Best wishes

    • akshit kumar
      akshit kumar 2 years ago +58

      Don't force crony capitalism down his throat, Johnny

    • CloudDoesThings
      CloudDoesThings 2 years ago +37

      im diagnosed with autism

    AIRPIEGAMING 2 days ago +1

    Don't worry mark, we are very supportive about your son! And we will always be 😊

  • ꧁༒•Zuza chan•༒꧂

    I can't describe how much this video matters to me, an autistic person. I'm glad that you're very supportive of your son and that you help to spread awareness

  • Emelia
    Emelia 7 days ago +2

    This vid made me cry this is such a amazing video ❤

  • Julius Castillo, Jr.
    Julius Castillo, Jr. 2 months ago +11

    Hi Mark, thank you for articulating that "regardless of your religious or political beliefs or your favorite sports team or any other way we like to divide ourselves into tribes, I think we could all agree that a successful life is one where you leave the world better than you found it. Sort of a net positive effect due to your influence. There [are] a lot of normal functioning people who are critical and seek to tear others down or who have made a ton of money but are just terrible people, and by my definition, they're not successful." This is the best video to prod us mortals to understand and support autism. Kudos to Jimmy Kimmel and all who support this great cause. Mark, you deserve respect and praise for being brave enough to publish this.

  • orangepeanut
    orangepeanut 2 years ago +152275

    It’s enough to make a grown man cry... and that’s ok

    • George Landis
      George Landis 2 years ago +3111

      guy below me isn't first
      or are they?
      yo orange is at 105k likes, dang
      and I'm at 1.8k thx :)

    • 2dMuh
      2dMuh 2 years ago +797


    • siryeetsalot
      siryeetsalot 2 years ago +230

      Yes it is

    • ExquisiteBacon
      ExquisiteBacon 2 years ago +213


    • Crazy Cat Gaming
      Crazy Cat Gaming 2 years ago +314

      Cloudy with a chance of meatballs reference lol edit tysm for all the likes

  • The Slackers
    The Slackers 2 months ago +24

    Your son seems like a great gift to your lives.

  • OurLife Daybyday
    OurLife Daybyday Month ago +5

    I am crying! This was beautiful and thank you for sharing something so personal. 💜
    My nephew has autism and it's been a beautiful journey for all of us to know how we can better support him and how he supports us in his way.
    We all have different abilities and it's about understanding that we all do! ❤️

  • Eric Proces
    Eric Proces 23 days ago +1

    As an adult in my 30s getting diagnosed, this had me crying. It wasn't my parents' fault that we didn't know when I was a kid, but seeing you be so supportive and understanding makes me happy that some kids out there are getting what they need.

  • Hakutaku
    Hakutaku 2 months ago +71

    My girlfriend is autistic (asperger), and she is honestly the best thing that has ever happened to me.
    She's such a bright and positive soul, always striving for personal improvement, and pushing me to improve too!
    She's so supportive in everything, and I wouldn't be who and where I am today if it wasn't for her :)
    Watching this video makes me so happy, I see a lot of what she brings to the world in your son too!
    Her superpower is creativity/arts! I've never seen anyone as talented as her, she just seems to pick up and learn in minutes.

    • Kuroser
      Kuroser 2 months ago +2

      Fyi, "Asperger" is an outdated term. Asd is the preferred term

    • Hakutaku
      Hakutaku 2 months ago +13

      @Kuroser She describes/prefers it as Aspergers, so that's what I use :)
      It is what she's diagnosed with after all, so I don't see why I would call it something else less specific..
      It's like me saying she's a sparrow and you saying "that's outdated, people call it bird"

    • Hakutaku
      Hakutaku 2 months ago +4

      @Kuroser I did understand, and what you're saying is incorrect

    • Kuroser
      Kuroser 2 months ago

      @Hakutaku Your source being?

  • The Singaporean Commenter
    The Singaporean Commenter 2 months ago +53

    I am also autistic, but on the lower spectrum, and I completely understand how your son is feeling, and I overcame my autism and now living a normal life

    • DomedWho
      DomedWho 2 months ago +15

      You dont overcome it, you learn how to live with it

    • Zephyr Moody
      Zephyr Moody 2 months ago +2

      Whenever j read this, my first thought is, "But Autistic lives ARE normal." (No offense)

    • Dylan
      Dylan Month ago

      How are on earth are you kiasu

    • tristan the oofer 2
      tristan the oofer 2 Month ago +2

      as another autistic i say you dont OVERCOME it, you deal with it.

    CHEFPK 2 years ago +66179

    Didn't think I could respect you even more than I did.

    • B M
      B M 2 years ago +342

      Totally agree

    • Rohan Bruce
      Rohan Bruce 2 years ago +183


    • kronkenhaus
      kronkenhaus 2 years ago +126

      @Jim Nino C Gonzales rude

    • Matt A
      Matt A 2 years ago +81

      @Jim Nino C Gonzales why

    • Caleb Wilson
      Caleb Wilson 2 years ago +45

      Dark plant no you

  • Karr
    Karr Month ago +2

    As a father of a child with silent disability - deafness, I appreciate this.

  • FaithWalker Studio
    FaithWalker Studio 2 months ago +8

    I admire the love and care you showed in this video. Thank you for making this, Mark. Thank you for sharing this with us, your son is a beacon for those around him.

  • Notgdsky
    Notgdsky 22 days ago

    I have autism as well and I thought not many people have it because according to Clip-Share, 2% of people have it but I was told wrong by many people. I never thought I was that normal because the only other person I’ve met that has autism is my bff❤ Thanks for your support Mark. It really helps me understand that I am different but not weird. I don’t know anyone else that has this but when I scratch something with me nail or maybe when I touch it with hard skin I normally have to go back and touch it again in a more comfortable way. Not many people would understand me but I’m just happy that your here to help autistic people and make them understand that their not weird, their different, and everyone is different🎉😮❤

  • Ines Lafosse
    Ines Lafosse Month ago +1

    I love to know a little bit more of him! ❤

  • Ursa Bear
    Ursa Bear Month ago +5

    Mark, you are so great and remarkable!
    Some things like this are very hard to say
    out loud and I just wanted to you are
    Wish your son a great rest of his life!

  • RageElixir
    RageElixir 2 years ago +1898

    Thank you for educating and spreading awareness at the same time

    • Mo
      Mo 2 years ago +2

      First reply

    • Nate Wilson
      Nate Wilson 2 years ago


    • Unknown
      Unknown 2 years ago

      4th reply

    • Woso
      Woso 2 years ago


    • Nora
      Nora 2 years ago +1

      5th reply
      hello 😳

  • Steve Minor
    Steve Minor Month ago +5

    This video is just amazing, i watch it probably every 3 months and cry the whole time. And I'd like to share something from my life when i was a child. I was born with a congenital heart defect, I remember my dad telling this occasionally.
    "yes, your limited in what you can do in life, be it astronaut, Olympian or professional hockey player in the NHL....but at the end of the day your my son and that's all that matters to me"
    Thanks for sharing this little slice of your life.

  • Geoff Shelley
    Geoff Shelley 2 months ago +5

    Your son is so lucky to have you as a dad! and I suspect that you are equally lucky to have him as your son.

  • Intoxicated Mf
    Intoxicated Mf 2 months ago +3

    My uncle is on the spectrum but I've never thought of him as having something wrong with him, we're only a few year apart and I've always thought of him like a big brother. He's been an inspiration to me my whole life and honestly he's doing way better than I am 😂 this video brought me so much joy and I appreciate you Mark

  • Blue
    Blue Month ago +3

    I may be a year late but your son is great :D the clips of him make me smile and laugh. I hope his smile never fades because its a contagious one and will probably make other people around him smile too!

  • ayesh pyesh
    ayesh pyesh 11 days ago +1

    I'm watching your video for the first time and just, thank you. It's an emotional rollercoaster being a sen parent. It took me 2 years to go from "why me, why my kid" to "he's a blessing, not a burden". You said it best, "they keep us grounded" and make us appreciate their little achievements even more.

  • Cartooning Club How to Draw
    Cartooning Club How to Draw 2 years ago +2045

    You’re a great father. ❤️ Love and support for your amazing work.

    • Dynamix
      Dynamix 2 years ago +4

      Hi I love ur channel

    • slender gael
      slender gael 2 years ago +1

      Me too love it have learned a lot how to draw

    • Avaolo
      Avaolo 2 years ago +1

      You helped me draw freddy and bonnie:D

    • Raja Kar
      Raja Kar 2 years ago

      hi i am a subscriber

    • Moosho Chan
      Moosho Chan 2 years ago


  • Bbeastin7Z
    Bbeastin7Z 2 months ago +3

    Mark I appreciate you throwing this message, having a child in the spectrum isn’t easy. I’ve started to love everything my son does being able to watch him express his feelings and emotions even interactions to everything makes me so happy I always talked about how blessed I was to have him and to learn more about the autistic spectrum, I cried the whole video and I haven’t expressed this feeling. Thank you for sharing your experience! Always love your videos! Blessings to your family!

  • Sky The Singer
    Sky The Singer 2 months ago +1

    Mark, I am currently 16. Well, almost. I was diagnosed with having ADHD and Asperger's syndrome when I was 13 or 14 and they are on the autism spectrum. And I have to say, I couldn't have worded things better myself. The way you've explained things here is incredible. I am not as severe a case as others might be but I still feel all of this and the fact that you're bringing attention to all this and properly explaining everything we feel has sincerely moved me. Thank you for this video. And, I have to say, your son is adorable.
    Edit: by the way, what you said about us having no filter is very accurate. And, it also applies to speech. When I'm having a conversation with someone, I don't really know what to say. I say whatever's on my mind. Even if it's entirely unrelated to the conversation. And not everyone can handle that, so, I've been shunned and pushed out of friend groups quite often. That's why I, and most other people on the autism spectrum, don't do well with groups. One, it's hard for us to know everyone and understand what to say and two, we prefer the people we're always with because, familiarity.

  • Mike Skrzynski
    Mike Skrzynski 2 months ago +3

    This is really wonderful to see, and to remember to be compassionate with those on the spectrum. I know even now it can be challenging to understand how my own daughter resonates with the world around her and it can be frustrating at times when seemingly inconsequential sounds can trigger an episode. She's still young, yet has come a long way in processing things that may affect her, and we've learned a great deal of patience along the way. Considering the uncertainty of resources for her as she gets older it's extremely heartening to see this post and to find out more about NEXT.
    Btw, my daughter's challenges are mostly social and we've been working a lot on communication and emotional regulation. Luckily these things have been manageable with the proper tools and guidance from counselors and teachers. Academically she's been excelling, which is wonderful in so many ways, but I still think her superpower is storytelling and art. She's seems to have inherited my pension for art making, but has been so much more prolific in the realm of making comics and tall tales. Love her, absolutely!

  • Rlucero
    Rlucero 2 months ago +4

    From one dad to another, thank you for helping raise awareness. Strive to be half the dad you are to your beautiful son

  • Abby Crone
    Abby Crone 17 days ago

    Thank you for this. I understand as this is the hardest thing to explain to people about our children. You did it very well ❤

  • Undecided with Matt Ferrell
    Undecided with Matt Ferrell 2 years ago +1848

    Thank you so much for sharing this, Mark.

  • Eva Guess
    Eva Guess 2 months ago +14

    I just found this video and now I am crying. Thank you for it. I worked with special need people when I was younger and it was an experience that humbled me forever.

  • Jesse Bartlett
    Jesse Bartlett 2 months ago +12

    As a kid I was diagnosed with aspergers which is now considered to be apart of the autistic spectrum, and although it affected me a lot more in my past then it does now (since I used to have a phobia of large audiences and clapping) I still feel the effects of the disorder to an extent. Even though my disorder never affected me as severely as the individuals in this video, it was nice to remember that I wasn't alone in this struggle. Thank you Mark not only for the very accurate description of what me and many others deal with 24/7, but also having the courage to spread awareness about autism since it is very misunderstood by many people in our modern world

  • AltPond
    AltPond 3 hours ago

    You are almost making me cry! We are very supportive for your son!

  • Nessa van der Holst
    Nessa van der Holst 7 days ago


  • N
    N 2 months ago +1

    I think you are brave for sharing this sacred information with the world, taking a chance there are more kind souls than haters. Sending a giant bubble of love to you and your family. A little corner in my mind is more enlightened because you took a chance. I knew nothing about autism, but I do now. Thank you for posting. 💕

  • Scammer Payback
    Scammer Payback 2 years ago +884

    Here to support you and the stream in any way that I can. From one father to another, much love Mark.

  • JJ Alfonso
    JJ Alfonso 14 days ago

    I really appreciate your opening to us as an older brother of a special needs sister I understand some things that you're going through

  • RadientPixl
    RadientPixl 2 months ago +2

    You seem so busy making your videos even though you make only a few a year. I'm glad you get to spend time with your family and friends. You're doing great stuff and I have been watching you for 6 years. I hope you keep doing what you do .

  • Rose_bay101_Fox
    Rose_bay101_Fox 2 months ago +4

    i have watched this a billion times and i'm still in tears. this is so sweet and really spreads awareness about what we have to deal with all the time. i keep it all in my head, and sometimes, i just snap. i have autism and adhd, so i can relate. my "special ability" is perfect pitch and perfect rythm, but i'm so much more than that. Thank you so, so much for this and this video is one of my favorites. the message really needed to be out there.

    • Rose_bay101_Fox
      Rose_bay101_Fox 2 months ago

      lets color the spectrum with all shades and colors

  • Christina T
    Christina T 18 days ago

    Thank you so much for doing this! It will mean the world to my daughter. She was recently diagnosed.

  • ThePatente
    ThePatente 2 days ago +1

    Wow Mark, just wow.
    Much love guys.

  • TheDanocracy
    TheDanocracy 2 years ago +848

    I absolutely LOVE everything about this

  • Daniel Cruells
    Daniel Cruells 2 months ago +1

    Mark, we don't know each other, but from what you have shared in your video is a life parenting achievement, your son will always cherish these moments, and that's the greatest legacy you can leave to your child. Thank you for sharing.

  • Fi_R_CURse
    Fi_R_CURse Day ago

    This video makes me cry. I am on the spectrum myself, and it may not be obvious, but overload sets in so easy, my confusion can completely tear me apart when in conversation as I misunderstand people. My flaws are definitely shown rather easy, but my strengths as well, because I do try my best to make people smile, because it makes me happy when I have had a positive effect on people. I wish the world was kinder, I have met a lot of special needs people, and they are just that, people. Some have life harder, some easier, but they are still human, and I still try and make them smile like you do to me. Thank you for making this Mark, and please keep up the great video work, it is truly amazing to watch every video.

  • Yousef M
    Yousef M 2 months ago +2

    This is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for being vulnerable in sharing and educating us about their perspective. ❤ They truly are giants in comparison to us.

  • Tanya Erickson
    Tanya Erickson 2 months ago +3

    My son has cerebral palsy he was born with it because I was 4 months pregnant with him when I flew out the passenger windshield so I ended up with a t4 injury but I feel ill walk again and my son loves everyone plus anime and video games plus his iPad he's now 26 and we're grateful to be alive! I have a friend with a son who's autistic he's amazing too my son's half sister is autistic as well I couldn't love them more! They light up my world!

  • Nikolas Bischoff
    Nikolas Bischoff Month ago +2

    He looks so sweet, I hope he's doing wonderfully.

  • Heal Grow Love Community

    Your boy is beautiful inside and out. You are lucky to have him and he is really lucky to have you. Thank you for sharing his story and raising awareness.

  • Anel Barco
    Anel Barco Month ago +2

    Thanks for sharing this with us, wish the world was full of parents like you, for sure it would be a better place.

  • Gaaah!
    Gaaah! 2 months ago +2

    I’m not crying, you’re crying! Your love really shines through Mark, bless you and your family!

  • Slick Reacts
    Slick Reacts 2 months ago +3

    My daughter has autism and I know exactly what you go through. Our other daughter doesn’t have autism. So we get both worlds and it’s been an interesting 5 years going from not knowing anything about autism to being thrown into this world and it’s been a ride.

  • SpaceGravy
    SpaceGravy 2 years ago +2857

    "His superpower is making people happy"
    Like father, like son

    • nada 😜.
      nada 😜. 2 years ago +17

      They are so sweet I wish the best upon them!

    • Dillon Smith
      Dillon Smith 2 years ago +8

      I thought the same

    • ke_will
      ke_will 2 years ago +7


    • Jeremy Sun
      Jeremy Sun 2 years ago +2

      happy? maybe 10%. 90% is respect...

    • Pokexero
      Pokexero 2 years ago +2


  • Owen Armstrong
    Owen Armstrong Month ago +2

    This is one of the most heartwarming stories I've ever heard. I truly admire your bravery. I would love to support the "Color the Spectrum". :) ;)

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    Hey Mark, thank you for sharing this and as a dad of two little kids, I can feel you so much on the part you almost started crying. You seem to be such a great and smart person and I think there are not many people out there that would make a greater father than you are for a kid with special capabilities like your son. It was awesome to see you two and get the information you shared. Thank you!

  • blamo
    blamo 2 months ago +2

    Mark, this made me cry. You are such a great human and great dad. Thank you for educating the world.

  • Schad Dalton
    Schad Dalton 2 months ago +2

    That description of what it's like to be on the spectrum re: a conversation in the park is amazing. I've always done my best to understand those with autism, but it's never been so simply and clearly explained that that's why having a "normal" conversation can be so difficult for them. The idea that my brain wouldn't automatically tune out background noises so I can focus on someone or something specifically is just something I -- and I'm guessing most of us -- take for granted.
    Thanks for being brave enough to put this awesome video up.

  • chris
    chris 2 months ago +3

    As someone who never comes into contact with people with special needs, this was a really inspiring video and the lessons he’s taught you are beyond invaluable. Thanks for taking the time to share those lessons with the world.

  • Lou's Our Boo
    Lou's Our Boo 2 years ago +1209

    As someone with autism, a video about how we aren't just idiots like it seems the world seems to perceive us makes me feel really happy. It's scary because sometimes I feel like I'll never be successful and seeing this video helped me realize that I am enough and I'm not just defined by autism. Thank you.

  • TK
    TK Month ago +1

    This made me cry. I just wish we weren't labeled special needs. We're just different...I like how you shared he's empathetic because as someone with Asperger's, we often get mislabeled as not being empathetic....we can be in our "own bubble"...but like your son, I love having parties for other people and it being perfect as possible. People like us aren't broken...but we do live in a world that's conditioned to breaking people..especially when you're different.

  • Hobo
    Hobo 2 months ago +2

    I have ADHD but i cannot imagine what this must be like, and all power to all of you! I have friends that judge special needs kids and don’t understand how much they persevere, and just seeing someone smile so much gives me one.

  • George Spiliotis
    George Spiliotis 2 months ago +1

    I admire your power. Yours and your son's. Touching and encouraging in ways we don't know we need. Truly remarkable how people can lose hope these days, yet we are way stronger than we'd like to give ourselves credit for. Thanks for reminding us :)

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    Minimux 2 months ago +4

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    MISTY 2 months ago +4

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  • Vidio Unik
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    Thank you for sharing this about your son and your family with the challenges and fun and success. Its awesome to hear these stories about kids and special needs people. I feel like just listening to their story, their experience changes us and everyone for the better. I love it, my son i feel like is on the spectrum as well but we have not yet looked into getting him diagnosed but we have talked to an occupational therapist that has made life a lot better in terms of quality and fun for our son. Its interesting to see when you talked about your son and i look at my son. There are some similarities. My son has a keen focus on a lot of things, he will remember things ive told him many months or even a year ago, as well he loves his recent introduction to pokemon and just collecting, organizing. Its wholesome to see this how they develop over the years and to be there to support them every step of the way.

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    Jono Mitchell 2 months ago

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    Sylvia Rogue 2 months ago +1

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