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Girl goes WILD AF on Liam 💀 |

  • Published on May 29, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • EmazingEric4ever
    EmazingEric4ever  3 months ago +7288

    FAM! If you want the next chapter in this story HERE IT IS! We just dropped part 3! Enjoy! clip-share.net/user/shortsPKLRs8iUzqQ?feature=share

  • •YouCantSpellAmericaWithoutErica•

    Liam wasn’t violated, Todd was with that receding hairline.

    • EmazingEric4ever
      EmazingEric4ever  3 months ago +1453

      😂😂😂😂!!!!! Facts fam!

    • Alpha-1
      Alpha-1 3 months ago +181

      @EmazingEric4ever why you do him dirty like that

      WIND_CHEEKS 3 months ago +51

      ​@Alpha-1 he did himself dirty after showing up with that hairline

    • Cold_Fire
      Cold_Fire 3 months ago +25

      @H2OAkari his hairline is litteraly EVACUATING

  • Stefanie Yandell
    Stefanie Yandell Month ago +315


  • Officer Friendly
    Officer Friendly Month ago +243

    Imagine the roles reversed💀

    • ay macarena
      ay macarena 14 days ago +7

      Just like my grandpa used to say.

    • Luk.
      Luk. 14 days ago +7

      The next edp445

    • Mattheww
      Mattheww 10 days ago +2

      Adult predator 💀

  • Carol Howie
    Carol Howie 3 months ago +4277

    She ain't even a Kardashian got me dying on the floor. 😂😂😂

  • Alhussein Kassim
    Alhussein Kassim 8 days ago +29

    The hairline pushed back to the 90's ninja turtle series and the she ain't even a Kardashian got me cracked up💀💀

  • Maria Bataq
    Maria Bataq Month ago +264

    Next thing you know she's pregnant-😭💀😭

    • Susan Sage
      Susan Sage 24 days ago +4

      True todd right now-😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨

    • Tom k allday
      Tom k allday 22 days ago +4

      She was

    • Badger Badgerton
      Badger Badgerton 7 days ago +1

      Or he is.

  • Liam O'Connor
    Liam O'Connor 3 months ago +5236

    As a black dude with a name as Liam I can confirm I’m one of a kind

    • Shiroitaka
      Shiroitaka 3 months ago +65

      Wtf, actually lmao

    • Ellazar Williams
      Ellazar Williams 3 months ago +23

      are you saying you're black or are you just saying that

    • B1GLN4SH
      B1GLN4SH 3 months ago +38

      Hahaha hello brother, another fellow black liam

    • Joshua Ryan Ferguson
      Joshua Ryan Ferguson 3 months ago +14

      ​@Ellazar Williams tf?

    • RandomRatNextDoor
      RandomRatNextDoor 3 months ago +7

      ​@Ellazar Williams bro what is wrong with u💀😐

  • Blackmerkit
    Blackmerkit Month ago +27

    Ain't no way 💀💀

  • A_Ginger586
    A_Ginger586 9 days ago +10

    "She ain't even a kardashian!" 💀💀💀

  • MariahPlays
    MariahPlays 3 months ago +6743

    My man’s pouring out his soul to Liam .

  • Apex34
    Apex34 21 day ago +14

    Bro got that illegal Rizz 💀

  • Yashniel Vargas
    Yashniel Vargas 27 days ago +6

    Liam: 🤨
    The girl: COME HERE BOI 👹
    Liam: 😨

    SHERON 3 months ago +2158

    Dammit Liam don’t fall for it! That’s how they been getting us for centuries!!

    • Purple Diamond
      Purple Diamond 3 months ago +23


    • Dru Wilson
      Dru Wilson 3 months ago +27

      It is how they've been catching us! You're one of a kind! Don't do it!

    • Charles Jones
      Charles Jones 3 months ago +8

      What's the name of that movie

    • •Just_Zarhi•
      •Just_Zarhi• 3 months ago +2

      This is Shameless

    • P Gibson
      P Gibson 3 months ago +1

      I've been caught several times😅

    BUMAGAMING 3 days ago +3


  • TyIer_YT202
    TyIer_YT202 8 days ago

    “A nigra who suppost to be in elemantry school” 💀

  • Çağan Rüzgar Onay
    Çağan Rüzgar Onay 18 days ago +2

    “LİAM NOOO”got me rollin💀

  • gd
    gd 3 months ago +2341

    Todd: verbally violated
    Liam: physically violated
    We are not the same

    • MidTierMortal
      MidTierMortal 3 months ago +10

      I would have ran

    • Shaun Bryant JR
      Shaun Bryant JR 3 months ago +6

      ​@MidTierMortal call me the flash I would have been up outta there lol.

    • MidTierMortal
      MidTierMortal 3 months ago +2

      @Shaun Bryant JR both of us would have been out of there

    • Shaun Bryant JR
      Shaun Bryant JR 3 months ago +4

      @MidTierMortal you🏃 me 🏃🏾‍♂️ her:🏃🏻‍♀️

    • aDashofCurious
      aDashofCurious 3 months ago +1

      nah todd was plot violated

  • DonutManVR
    DonutManVR 11 days ago

    Bruh everyone who walks by is just hearing moans and screams

  • MJ
    MJ 8 days ago

    When Todd gets complemented his hairline goes farther back

  • Francisco Gomez
    Francisco Gomez 3 months ago +1449

    "with a hairline pushed back to the 90s Ninja Turtles series."💀💀💀💀

  • DarkAngel
    DarkAngel Month ago

    She ain’t even a Kardashian 😂

  • Wubbox
    Wubbox 9 days ago +1

    Lets get a rip for liam

  • chlo_lovesyou
    chlo_lovesyou 4 months ago +3358

    With his hairline pushed back got me dying 😂😂

    • EmazingEric4ever
      EmazingEric4ever  3 months ago +116

      😂😂😂😂!!!!! It is fam

    • Nobody
      Nobody 3 months ago +6


    • Mirzz
      Mirzz 3 months ago +6

      @EmazingEric4everbruh you make some real good content fr, the commentary makes the whole thing funny 😂

    • Leighton
      Leighton 3 months ago +3


    • Raphael Preval
      Raphael Preval 3 months ago +2

      "It looks like it got slapped on by Will Smith" - Woo Wop, a true legend

  • 🩷miley🩷
    🩷miley🩷 23 days ago +1

    I felt bad for liam juring this

  • ☆LightningBolt
    ☆LightningBolt 9 days ago +2

    Bro gulped faster than my dad left me💀

  • ♡kanao-san♡
    ♡kanao-san♡ 3 months ago +4869


    • Kristen Southworth
      Kristen Southworth 3 months ago +9


    • Dontsewme
      Dontsewme 3 months ago +9


    • Varrik Legg
      Varrik Legg 3 months ago +9

      May I ask what happened to Liam I don't want to watch it

    • High-ground
      High-ground 3 months ago +11

      @Varrik LeggHe got brutally stabbed… nothing sinful happened at all…

    • Lost World
      Lost World 3 months ago +5

      😂😂😂😂😂LOL I WAS DYIN

  • Peninah. L.Wambui
    Peninah. L.Wambui Month ago

    If Todd is looking 36 you're looking 50 ☻

  • Yesenia Johanson
    Yesenia Johanson 18 days ago

    Bro lost his virginity at 10

  • Ju2o
    Ju2o 3 months ago +1829

    Let appreciate that the kids just ignored when she pulled him in to the closet💀

    • faded
      faded 3 months ago +101

      I’m in hs honestly that’s the most realistic part of the show I’ve seen so much weird shit in my school I wouldn’t even do a double take couple weeks ago some kids snuck in a big ass piece of black top and just left it in the toilet janitors were so fucking confused 🤣🤣

    • B1urry_Bee
      B1urry_Bee 3 months ago +50

      ​@faded fr, I watched a kid get dragged out of the bathroom at lunch one time, apparently they were doing tiktoks and he messed up so the threw him out💀🤚. The next day the bathrooms were closed

    • Thomas Carrington
      Thomas Carrington 3 months ago +7


    • Alukah A
      Alukah A 3 months ago +11

      ​@B1urry_Bee Some kids at my old hs brought a shopping cart full of smoke bombs on anything but your backpack day, and they cut the lights in the bathroom lit like a dozen smoke bombs and started a light show with their phones for like 30 minutes straight

    • RoyaleAddi♡
      RoyaleAddi♡ 3 months ago +5

      It’s shameless, what did you expect 💀

  • Almighty Trell
    Almighty Trell Month ago

    When he said his hair line was pushed back into the ninja turtles 💀💀😂😂😂😂

  • The dead fool
    The dead fool 3 months ago +3334

    As a white guy named Liam I can confirm that this mf is one of a kind

    • ☆ .    adi ,, リアム
      ☆ . adi ,, リアム 3 months ago +38

      As a partner of a person named Liam, I can agree with this.

    • Its Scorpio
      Its Scorpio 3 months ago +18

      As a white guy that personally knows no one named Liam he one of a kind

    • BmBly
      BmBly 3 months ago +5

      @Its Scorpio same

    • YoItzDiggy Channel
      YoItzDiggy Channel 3 months ago +14

      As a black guy that never known anyone named Liam, that mf is a one of a kind.

  • purple guy
    purple guy 7 days ago

    The sHe aIn'T eVeN a KaRdAsHiAn got me jump ing off a cliff

  • Black Pink
    Black Pink 3 months ago +1473

    "Negro, you're one of a kind!" got my ass laughing so damn hard

  • Chuck Keeler
    Chuck Keeler 7 days ago +1

    and now we know how liam learned about the birds and bees lol

  • Lisa markström
    Lisa markström 12 days ago +3

    Liam got kidnappt 💀💀💀

  • Macel Bancaso
    Macel Bancaso 3 months ago +1681

    That got me rolling on the floor😂

    • Lyñx
      Lyñx 3 months ago +3

      Did u really roll on the floor?😅

    • Macel Bancaso
      Macel Bancaso 3 months ago +3

      @Lyñx yes

    • HyperFluxHD
      HyperFluxHD 2 months ago +2

      I’m a Negro named Tony and I act severely white I’m one of a kind 💀

    • buttsmear45
      buttsmear45 2 months ago

      Tbh that was really funny

  • Ziburzt
    Ziburzt 18 days ago

    Watching this as a 12yr old black kid named Liam, this is crazy

  • •—-b e t b i—-•

    💀💀 “she ain’t even an kardashien

  • Denisha Davis-Robinson
    Denisha Davis-Robinson 2 months ago +1389

    “ you a black dude with a name like Liam , n3gro you one of a kind “ had me cryin 😭🤣🤣🤣

    • William Rosales
      William Rosales Month ago +5

      @FortniteSqueaker no one cares

    • Quandaledingle
      Quandaledingle Month ago +2


    • Phrog
      Phrog Month ago +1

      @FortniteSqueakeryo chill it was a bot and it was correct

  • draco Malfoy
    draco Malfoy 24 days ago

    ”with a hairline pushed back to the '90s Ninja turtles!”
    **The theme song plays**

  • •its.brooke•
    •its.brooke• 24 days ago

    No one gonna talk about the fact it said “what do you want, sissy” 💀

  • Lightmare
    Lightmare 3 months ago +1370

    “SHE AINT EVEN A KARDASHIAN” stop that killed me😭

  • Juliana Hernandez
    Juliana Hernandez Month ago +1

    How was she trying to be friendly if she told him to shut up???????

  • certified.vizualz
    certified.vizualz Month ago

    Bro is talking about hairlines when you don’t have one 💀

  • GT
    GT 3 months ago +931

    Rip Liam got pulled to the backrooms
    May LIam rest in peace

    • Glitchtrap
      Glitchtrap 3 months ago


    • GT
      GT 3 months ago +2


    • ♡BOXIE♡
      ♡BOXIE♡ 3 months ago

      R.I.P Liam

    • GT
      GT 3 months ago +1

      ty for liking this comment

  • Pablo Marinez
    Pablo Marinez Month ago

    He’s scared because he knows what’s happening

  • Chronix4
    Chronix4 Month ago

    Tod was already found by not a Kardashian

  • KingKongChief117
    KingKongChief117 2 months ago +2007

    Liams only in elementary and he’s already getting snow bunnies.

    • Wwattz
      Wwattz 2 months ago +47

      😂bruh, his name is Liam! That boy was born in the north pole. The prince of Alaska. The duke of Antarctica. The earl of nova Scotia.

    • The Frog
      The Frog 2 months ago +10

      No seriously wtf 😂

    • Rye
      Rye 2 months ago +7

      That's Rizz for you

  • CrazyCaiman
    CrazyCaiman 27 days ago +1

    We lost a good man

  • Jamarian Hernandez
    Jamarian Hernandez 6 days ago

    This deserves a subscribe.

  • Kyan Verano
    Kyan Verano 3 months ago +436

    she grabbed liam like it was a horror movie

    • Paul Chaudoir
      Paul Chaudoir 3 months ago +17

      You do know who usually dies first in a horror movie right?

    • Dodgethecrew
      Dodgethecrew 3 months ago +3

      ​@Paul Chaudoir💀 wow

    • SquishyUshi
      SquishyUshi 3 months ago +14

      Lil bro is about to have a demon suck his soul out

    • Stank0ndahanghi
      Stank0ndahanghi 3 months ago +1

      ​@Paul Chaudoirlmfao so true

    • Kyan Verano
      Kyan Verano Month ago +1

      @Paul Chaudoir yeah

  • Xvisinity
    Xvisinity 8 days ago


  • Landen
    Landen 4 days ago

    “Negro you one of a kind” 😂😂😂

  • glicthyprabnoor
    glicthyprabnoor 4 months ago +2462

    “She ain’t even a Kardashian” got me rolling on the floor of laughter 😭😭

  • Ledion Saliuku
    Ledion Saliuku 3 days ago

    “LIAM NOOoOooOoOoOoOoO”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • 777corpse
    777corpse 9 days ago

    she aint even a kardashian is wild

    • EmazingEric4ever
      EmazingEric4ever  9 days ago

      😂😂😂!!! Thanks for watching and leaving a comment! And yea it is wild FrFr LOL

  • Springbonnie
    Springbonnie 3 months ago +872

    Legends says liam is still clapping till this day

  • Jackson The Gamer
    Jackson The Gamer Month ago +2

    That’s just so messed up

  • HurricaneHVK
    HurricaneHVK 6 days ago

    Todd just kept getting held back

  • Harlan Auten
    Harlan Auten 3 months ago +1287

    “You one of a kind” and “she ain’t even a kardashian” had me rolling on the floor😭
    Edit: MOM IM FAMOUS!

    • feck
      feck 3 months ago


    • MidTierMortal
      MidTierMortal 3 months ago

      I would have started running like a damn cheeta

  • Cinnamoroll Sanrio
    Cinnamoroll Sanrio Month ago

    “Liam NoOoOoOoOoOoOo”

  • Lonely_Ghost
    Lonely_Ghost 9 days ago

    Bro got SNATCHED in the closet too like it wasnt a "mmm cmere sexy boy" or a "whatcha waiting for" pull, that was a "GET OVER HERE AND LEMME SLOBBA" SNAG

  • Isaac Rangelands
    Isaac Rangelands 3 months ago +367

    Lil bro got snatched up as if he just got kidnapped 😭

    • SamDropcKrabs XIIISUR
      SamDropcKrabs XIIISUR 3 months ago +18

      He get sexually assaulted by a teenager?

    • Joyce Smith
      Joyce Smith 3 months ago +1

      Nott a great date for the Black child....😮😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • JJE Early
    JJE Early Month ago

    Dang she snatched him just like toods hair line

  • Adrian Perez-Martinez
    Adrian Perez-Martinez 7 days ago +1

    Liam knew something was off 😂

  • Kobe_J26-0704
    Kobe_J26-0704 Month ago +422

    “She ain’t even a Kardashian!” Got me cracking.

    • Berlin
      Berlin Month ago

      What episode is this!

  • Cheese 🧀
    Cheese 🧀 Month ago

    She literally just yoinked his v card

  • Harry Lawson
    Harry Lawson Month ago +1

    Man got violated

  • LeTop
    LeTop 3 months ago +315

    Humans haven't reached Mars yet, but my guys hairline sure has 💀

    • Oof
      Oof 3 months ago


    • Big Scott
      Big Scott 3 months ago

      Ayo that wasnt necessary 😢😂😂😂😂

    • Charlie Taylor
      Charlie Taylor 3 months ago +1

      He was the Forehead of Security

  • ALEX🩵🩶
    ALEX🩵🩶 7 days ago

    I swear the hair line looks like it just came from WW1💀

  • ClawedFangYT
    ClawedFangYT 25 days ago

    Nah Todd wasn’t a ninja turtle he was Mario Juda 💀

  • RarezKash
    RarezKash 3 months ago +701

    ''With a hairline pushed back to the 90's ninja turtles series '' ''Plays a clip from ninja turtles'' Had me dying W roast jamarion

  • s._725‼️
    s._725‼️ Month ago +1

    Bro im still on Season 2 of Shameless and that Liam kid is still a baby lmao wtf

  • A’quir Vanderberg
    A’quir Vanderberg 11 days ago

    Liam NNNNNNNO Got me dying on my floor

  • Ur_fav monk🐒
    Ur_fav monk🐒 3 months ago +292

    She ain't even a Kardashian got me💀

  • geno feer
    geno feer 6 days ago

    lil liam got that quak qauk

  • spykewikeyy
    spykewikeyy 3 months ago +346

    "LIAM NOO-" perfectly cut.

  • Maddi💋
    Maddi💋 7 days ago +1

    Make a chain!!

  • Google MPA
    Google MPA Month ago +1

    She violated Liam!!!

  • Catbee
    Catbee 3 months ago +123


  • 𝖆𝖉𝖚𝖈𝖐𝖉𝖏 🐥🎶


  • RNHunterYt
    RNHunterYt 9 days ago

    What did bros hairline do to him💀

  • Ledzy
    Ledzy Month ago +436

    Girl really hit liam with the "Yoink, mine now"

    • Rachel
      Rachel 29 days ago +2

      @ledzy5518 well that girl sure may voilate me 😍

    • Ledzy
      Ledzy 29 days ago +10

      @Rachel my generation is fucccked up

    • k00ltist !
      k00ltist ! 22 days ago +2

      @Rachel? 🤨

  • Jayvyn!
    Jayvyn! Month ago +3

    LIAM NOOO got,me laughing so hard i could not breathe😂😂😂😂😂

  • Dedrick Butler
    Dedrick Butler 29 days ago

    Nahh that ass ain’t have nowhere to go so she tried to finess lil Liam into giving her a home🤣🤣

  • Existence
    Existence 3 months ago +794

    The Janitor: "Uhh, you two got a reason you came in here? I'm about to be on break... so if ya'll need something it has to wait. I'm locking this up so you need to leave either way."

    • Lifelong
      Lifelong 3 months ago +1


    • Joseph Salta
      Joseph Salta 3 months ago

      imagine the janitor popping in or out the closet like this with Liam and white lady

    • Dojjoy's boyfriend
      Dojjoy's boyfriend 3 months ago +2

      you mean came or CAME

    • James Mayle
      James Mayle 3 months ago +2

      The Bible is truth.
      To understand this read genesis, Mathew, and one book of the Bible you chose yourself. As you do this practice forgiveness. It's about what's in your heart, love Is the key. If there's love in your heart you forgive. The act proves the truth. To be forgiven we must forgive. Start with your parents, they've loved you, they're easiest. Look inside for the grievances we all build up there and Genuinely forgive from within. It teaches you something you can learn no other ways. You have to learn first hand by what this process does inside your soul. Please trust me. Break down before Jesus Christ and ask for forgiveness today. It's not too late. God loves you. Please trust me.
      Jesus Christ is the way truth and life 😊

    • StormGaming
      StormGaming 2 months ago +1

      @James Mayle Tf?

  • Kenyatta Butler
    Kenyatta Butler 25 days ago

    She knew what she was doing

  • Victoria Medina
    Victoria Medina 24 days ago +1

    We lost another soldier 😔

  • Beelzebubz
    Beelzebubz 2 months ago +627

    The way she snatched him into the room tho 😭😂 that poor boy

    • Eric
      Eric Month ago +17

      You know he was smacking those cheeks if you know what I'm saying. God damn Liam

    • Gabriel Benjamin
      Gabriel Benjamin Month ago +5

      Nah she IT

    • Nev
      Nev Month ago +9

      ​​@Gabriel Benjaminbro she a child 😅😅😮

    • Gabriel Benjamin
      Gabriel Benjamin Month ago +3

      ​@Nevyo her eyes give of vibes

  • Galaxy
    Galaxy 19 days ago

    we bout to make it out the virgin care with this one 💀🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • TheGreeks
    TheGreeks 26 days ago +2

    Yes *sirr* ...We lost *him* ...

  • Andrew Davis
    Andrew Davis 3 months ago +246

    Liam about to graduate early😳

  • zyzydagoat
    zyzydagoat 2 days ago


  • aye yuh
    aye yuh Month ago

    bro why’d you take so much time on his hairline 😂😂😂😂😂😂 funny af!

  • That Kid Icarus
    That Kid Icarus 3 months ago +573

    This shit happened to me a lot growing up. Girl bullies u, u bully back, then u become lowkey frienemies, and before u know it u learn way a French kiss is but in hindsight over a year is once you’re mature you’ll wonder how the fuck a child knows about French kissing and worry for their home life

    • Stacie
      Stacie 3 months ago +6

      dam so ture

    • iTiddles
      iTiddles 3 months ago +20

      Bro discovered flirting and didn’t even know it

    • The Legendary
      The Legendary 3 months ago +13

      Worrying for your frenemies...? That's so 90s and beyond. Gen X really was the last carefree generation. NGL, when my 1st gf left me for a dude, they got in a serious car accident and her best friend told me. I couldn't stop laughing.
      Fuck. Enemies.

    • SH0WTiM3 Studios
      SH0WTiM3 Studios 3 months ago +3

      @The LegendaryI identify as a gen x 😂

  • Liam Robertz
    Liam Robertz 16 days ago

    As a member of the mixed Liam gang I can confirm no green light

  • Mishel Zerecero
    Mishel Zerecero 14 days ago +1

    Bro roasted Todd 😂😂

    F1RACER Month ago +1

    Poor liam 💀

  • Lush
    Lush 25 days ago

    Bro roasted todd so hard hos hairline got pushed bsck to 1984 TMNT comic book