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Behind the Roll- The people of Critical Role

  • Published on Oct 2, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • SpellSlots
    SpellSlots  +209

    Matthew Mercer added this to his favorites playlist!

  • Caleb Nee
    Caleb Nee  +190

    This feels like a professional documentary. Totally encapsulates the magic of the show. Hope more people see it. Great job, dude!!

  • skuney
    skuney  +68

    I love that Matt talks about imposter syndrome for those first games but when you go to Sam or Liam, they're both like "What was it about the first game that made it so amazing? Prolly MATT." I think that's pretty dang cool.

  • Matthijs Claessen

    “Let’s do it again.”

  • Maxwell Davis

    I hope someone has gotten this to Foster. This is absolutely a labor of love for everyone, but Foster made many of these sound bites possible.

  • Cryssi Ann

    "Thank god this isn't something that going to weigh on my brain."

  • Monique Rene

    UPDATE POST: First I want to say thank you so freaking much for all the love and support you guys have been giving this video! It was such a long project and so happy I got to make something for fellow Critters!

  • Cryssi Ann

    I get goosebumps every single time I watch that last bit of The Search For Grog. The energy in that room, the energy on the stage, the odds of that happening, the emotions... Crazy.

  • Peculiar Newbie

    Okay that opening had me going: "well that's a bit much for a fan edit, a bit pretentious, no?" but holy hell you proved me wrong. What an awesome video! Even though I've seen almost all the clips here, the way you contextualized and strung them together is beautiful. This deserves thousands fold the views it currently has

  • Eugene Luk

    This was amazingly well done. It's funny, you wouldn't normally think of slapping together a bunch of pre-existing video clips as an artform. But the skill with which you edited them together to tell a cohesive story, with emotion, is something that requires talent, and you pulled it off beautifully. You created art, and you should be proud of that.

  • Bennieboi 20

    This was amazing. I held it together up until the bit where travis was talking about taking risks and then getting that Nat 20 in Search for Grog.

  • Paul Felix

    Love letter to the people at Crit Role:

  • Roobendhiran Kumar

    This sir is a masterpiece. I love the concept of telling your own story from the story of others. To create your own meaning from meanings that others have decided to give to something

  • Morgan Sholes

    It’s incredible how low Matt thinks of himself compared to how everyone sees him. But it’s heartwarming. I see him carrying the same anxious energy that so many young teens do, even though he’s such a talented, intellectually gifted master of his craft.

  • themeanlesbeann

    Other than being phenomenal actors and players, what I love so much about watching these people roll dice together is the genuine love and friendship they have. It's truly a beautiful thing and in my eyes is part of what makes Critical Role so beloved by so many. This was such a great video. It honestly felt like a professional documentary you'd expect to find on their website. Bravo! 👏 👏

  • Thien N
    Thien N  +7

    As a new critter for C3 who has only seen a small bit of prior content and interviews this was fantastic.

  • AiraKT
    AiraKT  +21

    Recently I've been kind of exhausted with the amount of (very good) dnd content there is on youtube (cause I've started to peek into other shows) and I kinda wasn't as motivated to watch CR as I was a year ago, but you really reminded me of why I love these specific people so much!

  • Greg Steele

    This was awesome. Thank you for putting it together. Sad that Brian's not involved with Crit Role anymore. He had such a quirky energy.

  • Chad Wertz

    As I’m watching this, 9 minutes in I get notification the new episode is now on… it’ll wait. I’m finishing this. Well done! As a fan, I love these talented nerds and I love this.

  • Phillip Gathright

    Part improv comedy troupe, part actors studio, part group therapy session, and part friends night in. But are they not entertaining! Critical Role forever. 💙