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A week in the life of playing NEBULA in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL 3

  • Published on May 23, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Come spend a week with me filming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3! #marvel #behindthescenes #guardiansofthegalaxy #guardiansofthegalaxy3 @marvel #karengillan

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  • Life of Tom
    Life of Tom 4 months ago +18548

    This was brilliant!
    More actors should do this! But more importantly, you should definitely do it again!!!

    • Clank Zoka
      Clank Zoka 4 months ago +60

      Didn’t expect you here!!

    • 5po0n
      5po0n 4 months ago +60

      A wild Syndicate appears

    • SEspider
      SEspider 4 months ago +12

      Would be nice. But then Disney wouldn't be able to charge for the BTS nor have full control.

  • Jpcguy 89
    Jpcguy 89 Month ago +1347

    My brain still struggles with the fact that Karen is both Amelia Pond and Nebula. Just a credit to what an incredibly talented actor she is.

  • Hot Rod
    Hot Rod Month ago +375

    People don't realize just how much work goes into making a movie. Thank you so much for giving a behind the scenes tour of a little bit of what you and all actors really have to endure each and every day to create home entertainment for everyone. ❤❤❤❤

    • ᛏᚤᚱᚠᛁᚾᚷᚱ
      ᛏᚤᚱᚠᛁᚾᚷᚱ 15 days ago

      I understand why Peter jackson almost croaked from making the lord of the rings movies.

  • Keyroko
    Keyroko Month ago +394

    I love being able to see the faceless people that actually make these films possible, it should be normal for actors to be able to film their experiences on set. You know as long as they aren't actively making filming harder or releasing spoilers ahead of the movie's release. But really, this shows you that actors jobs aren't always as "easy" as they seem.

    • ExoTic 225
      ExoTic 225 24 days ago +7

      most of them get their name in the credits but ill never pay attention or care to know who they are. seeing their faces just makes it so much ... human.

  • guitardubs
    guitardubs Month ago +136

    Mad respect. The idea of sitting doing all the makeup for just one day is so much work and patience, then you consider she's done this more than 150 times. And mad respect for the makeup and support team.

  • Wild Zach
    Wild Zach  Month ago +559

    Nebula was surprising in Vol 3. She had a big character arc since Vol 1 and was really charismatic and likable in this film.
    Also, this was so cool to watch

    • Neftali Figueroa
      Neftali Figueroa Month ago +9

      I think she started letting her guard down in endgame when she hung out with stark.

    • thatHARVguy
      thatHARVguy Month ago +3

      @Neftali FigueroaAfterwards she and Rocket were the only Guardians left, so they really bonded during the Blip. Notice she was the first to draw a weapon on Kevin Bacon?

  • JackieZ
    JackieZ 4 months ago +4063

    Nebula is such an amazing character and you NAILED it!

    • FNaFMemes
      FNaFMemes 4 months ago +3

      Wow! Interesting seeing you here! 💫

    • s33ur3lv3lvly
      s33ur3lv3lvly 4 months ago +9

      One of my favorite characters. She has an interesting arc.

    • Russ Richardson
      Russ Richardson 3 months ago +13

      Nebula & Gamora’s relationship is right at the top of character arcs and development. Neb’s evolution has been a joy to watch.

    • jiji102
      jiji102 26 days ago

      Awesome video! ❤

  • Princess Jello
    Princess Jello Month ago +137

    this is actually really insightful for those who want to get into costuming! also everyone is so respectful and kind to each other in this video.
    rocket puppet was so cute! i involuntarily giggled seeing him

  • Kai The Guy
    Kai The Guy Month ago +72

    I love this! This video did a great job of humanizing actors/celebrities. It was absolutely great getting to see the busy life of an actor and all the crazy amount of work that goes into each day! Also, Karen, we all think you are beautiful, with or without the fresh makeup and ring light!

  • Hank THE Patriot
    Hank THE Patriot Month ago +87

    This is EPIC AS HELL!!! I'm so glad this was in my recommendations!!!
    Never seen anything like this and a "peek" behind the "curtain" is so extremely entertaining!!!
    Thank you!!! And here's to more Nebula and Jumanji in the near future!!! (Bond too 🤞)

  • RaduKing
    RaduKing Month ago +35

    This is unbelievably cool to see how things go during the filming of a movie like this, thanks for this Karen!

  • Shmaqzi
    Shmaqzi 29 days ago +45

    From the way you behave and the way the people around you act so naturally and cheerfully just goes to show what a delight you are on set! Not to mention a wonderful actress! Thank you, Karen!

  • Scott Manley
    Scott Manley 4 months ago +6187

    Thanks for this! From one bald headed, Scottish space person to another.

    • Frostex
      Frostex 4 months ago +97

      best comment

    • choahjinhuay
      choahjinhuay 4 months ago +62

      Fancy seeing you here!!

    • Feidry
      Feidry 4 months ago +32

      Hullo there!

    • Billy Hargrove
      Billy Hargrove 4 months ago +42

      This man has helped me keep so many Kerbals alive during my ksp playthroughs, great guy, very smart space-like guy.

    • Disguised Dv8ant
      Disguised Dv8ant 4 months ago +22

      Nebula: “Rhodey, careful on re-entry. There's an bald headed idiot in the landing zone.“

  • jupersan
    jupersan 8 hours ago

    This is one of the best BTS I've seen, thanks for taking the time (and the trouble) to make it and sharing it with all of us. BTW, congrats for your short film "The Hoarding" I watched in some time ago and hope you keep on doing more own/personal projects.

  • Mario Ayala
    Mario Ayala Month ago +39

    This has been one of the best day in the life videos I’ve ever seen, especially the behind the scenes production work. Thank you for this, Karen!

  • Matthew Brereton
    Matthew Brereton Month ago +104

    I would genuinely love to see a stand alone Nebula movie. I hope this becomes a thing ❤

  • Dave Oliver
    Dave Oliver 24 days ago +18

    Great to see how Gillian interacts with everyone so well, from the car driver through to senior production staff. Really down to earth and respectful, funny and engaging, she comes across as a really good person. Enjoyed this behind the scenes, thanks for posting and what a job to have.

  • DSS712
    DSS712 Month ago +27

    There's something so heartwarming and satisfying about watching happy behind the scenes footage for a successful, high quality project. You can really in a final product when the people involved in the film genuinely enjoyed working together and creating a collaborative a work of art.

  • Mondragon Chiropractic
    Mondragon Chiropractic 4 months ago +1810

    That was AMAZING! Thank you so much for this 💙

    • Ben Carson's Blackness
      Ben Carson's Blackness 4 months ago +14

      Marvel x Dr. Mondragon is the most ambitious crossover ever

    • James Tullis
      James Tullis 4 months ago +12

      It blows my mind when my favorite youtubers are just normal people that like things.

    • Gendgi
      Gendgi 4 months ago +1

      @James Tullis I know right? haha

  • J L
    J L Month ago +30

    Could be one of the best behind the scenes documentations ever done... none of the bs cuts to scenes of movie or interviews.. just pure behind the scenes and some narration.

  • Teacher
    Teacher Month ago +39

    All Guardians of the Galaxy characters are unique. Nebula had the best built heroic arc. A humanoid with black eyes that manages to convey more expressiveness than many other characters. The subtlety of Nebula's personality is what impresses the most. A good actor is the one who knows how to make a cold android have so much life like Nebula.

  • Another Walking Dead
    Another Walking Dead Month ago +20

    This is the kind of behind the scene I've always wanted to see literally for any movie! I was always so interested in seeing an actor showing how it works, the timing, and everything! Thank you Karen!! ❤❤❤

  • iitsTre_
    iitsTre_ 22 days ago +13

    I love that she’s taking the time to “remind us” what she looks like as if she’s not still GORGEOUS with no makeup and no sleep. But thanks Karen 😂

  • Preston Jones
    Preston Jones Month ago +16

    One thing I really miss about DVDs is all the bonus material/behind the scene content. I would always buy deluxe 2 disk sets for the extra content and commentaries. We just don't get that with todays movies.
    Sometimes a streaming service might to little featurettes about a movie, but they don't come around that often.
    It just really offers a whole new side and dimension to film making and the whole crew and production team efforts and after you see what it takes, you have a whole new appreciation to the film and even have a bit of conversation to add during a certain scene. Like how difficult or technical a scene was. How many hours it took to put an actor in that make up. Maybe they had to go home with partial prosthetics. Or sometimes a scene where an actor was injured, but it looked like nothing happened.
    Kinda lame you would get in trouble for doing something like this. I think it's great and I think a lot of people would want to see what goes on while in production.
    Damn, that trailer though. I'll take one of those.
    Btw, I just watched vol 3 the other day. It was really good. I think I cried about 3 times cause of the story with Rocket.

  • nicbam14
    nicbam14 4 months ago +4412

    In a time where behind the scenes content is tragically unappreciated by studios, THIS! This is pure gold, thank you Karen.

    • TheOutsider Jess
      TheOutsider Jess 4 months ago +67

      Its unappreciated as the studios will use the deleted content and milk it by rereleasibg the entire movie again

    • Assassin863
      Assassin863 4 months ago

      ​@TheOutsider Jess I don't know about that

    • alfonso Martin
      alfonso Martin 4 months ago +3

      @Assassin863 I'm only going to say two words "Snyder cut"

    • Assassin863
      Assassin863 4 months ago +2

      @alfonso Martin okay? I still need an explanation for the first comment.

    • A Bear
      A Bear 4 months ago +7

      @alfonso Martin the first comment still makes literally no sense within the context of conversation. You adding “snyders cut”, hysterically enough, makes it even LESS sensible

  • HelloXrancidkitteh
    HelloXrancidkitteh 25 days ago +3

    thank you for doing this! I may be late to the game, but I find this behind the scenes stuff fascinating! also its so sweet to see someone giving credit to the people behind the scenes that are equally just as important for making all of this happen. also, how am I just NOW realizing that Kirk (Sean Gunn) from Gilmore Girls is in GOTG?? I need to re-watch. thats kool he stood in as Rocket lol. loved you in Jumanji and literally didn't realize you were Nebula too until a friend told me while we were watching Jumanji lol

  • BryanP
    BryanP Month ago +15

    What a fascinating insight into what actors do! I'm so glad Karen shared this! BRILLIANT!

  • Charlotte Nissen
    Charlotte Nissen Month ago +11

    I looove this!
    Thanks for showing how many hard working people there is around such a production 🙌

  • Adarsh
    Adarsh 29 days ago +9

    Very few Hollywood actors share their work life on social media let alone post a vlog on it. Thankyou Karen Gillan for these wonderful unseen moments of your life and letting us know how exactly movies are made!🥰

  • Cris 1001
    Cris 1001 Month ago +12

    So cool! To see the contrast between one person's lovely experience, and just the sheer immense scale of the organization and structure that goes into producing films like this. Everything is so organized and efficient, really great operations! To produce a wonderful creative result.

  • Robert G
    Robert G 4 months ago +22408

    This is better than anything Disney will put on the Blu-ray Disc.

  • daulton milwrick
    daulton milwrick 14 hours ago

    I loved her in Doctor Who. So talented would never recognize it’s her as nebula. Good job.

  • Matej Rajčan
    Matej Rajčan 25 days ago +5

    Nice to see how a down to earth person Karen really is... a real life snippet of what does it take to be a movie star, never ever thought about all these things. Such a rewarding, but really busy life.

  • Amber Rose Miles
    Amber Rose Miles Day ago +1

    Looks so fun to be apart of! Loved watching this 😊

  • Jenny M.
    Jenny M. Month ago +9

    My favorite pre-MCU actor, playing a character who is quickly also becoming my favorite. I adore the arc Nebula has been on since the first Guardians movie. And may I just say that I adore how your career has grown and flourished.

  • Nunya Bidniz
    Nunya Bidniz Month ago +16

    Your Nebula was great, but I could watch you in nothing but Jumanji spin-offs for the rest of time & still be happy: you MADE those movies the hits they were! Perfect casting, perfect performances. Well done!

  • Whitney Avalon
    Whitney Avalon 4 months ago +762

    Such a fun glimpse into a busy week! (And I do the exact same thing to learn lines - my phone is full of audio recordings of my version of all the other characters’ voices.)

  • Cp3 ubz
    Cp3 ubz 11 days ago

    What an awesome opportunity to be apart of. I love that you were able to get all the videos you recorded on here!
    This was such a cool insight on how you live your life at work and I really appreciate you sharing that wonderful experience.

  • Patrick Kelly
    Patrick Kelly Month ago +22

    You do such a good job.
    I have to say I've always thought Nebula was such a fully formed character from day one. The straight/dry comedy and delivery of lines is perfect. Keep up the good work and thank you for sacrificing so much of your limited free time to make a video for us!

  • Elena Jane
    Elena Jane 24 days ago

    This is pure gold! I always wondered what being on a marvel set would look like from the actors POV 👏

  • Falcon Kick
    Falcon Kick Month ago +11

    Just watched Guardians trilogy recently and am now watching Doctor Who. How in this world did I not know you played Nebula! Amazing acting skills.

  • bodryb
    bodryb Month ago +6

    Thank you for this chance to see what it is like and how much hard work from every level of employee that goes into just a day of making a movie.
    I think all too often people don’t realize what it takes and how much everyone puts into it.
    You are a very talented artist and I really enjoy your movies but I loved that you did this for us.

  • Houston Coley
    Houston Coley 4 months ago +2253

    We're at the point where actors recording on their iPads are making better and more down-to-earth behind-the-scenes stuff than the actual studio!

    • raagnarz
      raagnarz 4 months ago +75

      Sad ain't it that was one of the whole points of dvd/bluray, the storage would allow for so much more content for release like behind the scenes stuff. Now in the age of streaming where storage isn't an issue we get nothing...god dammit lol. FYI thank you Karen for doing this, I love this kind of stuff.

    • sonozaki
      sonozaki 4 months ago +50

      It seems inherent, to be honest, as if vlogs are just naturally the best evolution of behind-the-scenes. Something about it being done from a personal viewpoint -- what she says, who and what she chooses to record, and the tone she sets from her emotions about each part of the process -- is a lot of fun. Because someone else in a different role, whether a co-star or a member of the crew, could make the process seem like an entirely different film!
      A professional project is best for posterity and serious education but this, for fun insight and knowledge, is great.

    • sports guru
      sports guru 4 months ago


    • Assassin863
      Assassin863 4 months ago

      ​@raagnarz you're just complaining you don't own Marvel

    • Assassin863
      Assassin863 4 months ago

      ​@sonozaki okay? You are just complaining

  • Bill
    Bill 25 days ago

    Thanks to Karen Gillan and the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy for all the long hours of makeup and work (even though its not too hard) for making the movies you do. I've enjoyed every one and have seen them several times. Each time I look for something new and its a never ending hunt. Thanks again and keep it up. I hope the writer's strike is over soon.

  • Madeline Grudens
    Madeline Grudens 24 days ago +2

    My niece got me into watching Guardians and the characters are incredible especially Nebula... Her transition is movie/acting genius... You're amazing!!! Thanks for sharing this incredible BTS!!

  • Christoph Sanchito
    Christoph Sanchito Month ago +4

    Such an awesome & brilliant actress. Thank you for sharing this part of your life with all of us fans! The effort this must take is tremendous, seeing how busy even one day of filming can be.
    My favorite tid-bit was when Mr. James Gunn asked “…hey do you want to know what you’re going to be doing today?” And with a quick and easy response, a psyched Karen says “…I am going to be flying a plane!”
    The ease in which you let the director know that you’re completely dedicated and aware of your part/scene is truly inspiring and awesome! Thanks again Karen, you have ALWAYS ruled!!

  • DronyLand
    DronyLand Month ago +7

    It's super awesome to see the making of and back stage of big movie production such as the Guardians of the Galaxy. Nicely done !

  • Souvik Santra
    Souvik Santra 6 hours ago

    It's really good to see when somebody enjoys every minute of their work.

  • Keverly Hills
    Keverly Hills 4 months ago +2088

    Seriously THIS is the standard for behind the scenes. It doesn't need to be high production value and curated interviews. This reminds me of Peter Jackson's Hobbit vlogs on set, so refreshing and low-fi and genuine

    • Inclement Films
      Inclement Films 4 months ago +50

      Yes! The Hobbit vlogs are some of the best documented behind the scenes of all time! What Karen is doing here is just as good because it’s so personal.

    • The Hayabusa
      The Hayabusa 4 months ago +13

      Or bungies behind the scenes on Halo 2

    • Inclement Films
      Inclement Films 4 months ago +8

      @The Hayabusa DUDE YES Bungie was so good at documenting their Halo journeys!

  • K Winter
    K Winter 16 days ago

    Love this. I remember Peter Jackson did something like this for LOTR and Hobbit and I've been dying to see something in that vibe ever since. Boy did this deliver! Great look behind the scenes!

  • Silus Greystone
    Silus Greystone 21 day ago +1

    This is absolutly the best, even beter than Pratt's attempt at BiTs. Thank you so much Karen, you made Nebula brilliant.

  • ljtweston
    ljtweston Month ago +4

    I love how Nebula has grown, overcome her history and has moved forward. She has really become one of my favorite Guardians!

  • Ethan Good
    Ethan Good Month ago +3

    I LOVE this!!!! This is the kind of content I wish more stars created. Real, genuine, authentic looks at what filmmaking is really like. The army of people who work behind the scenes. The friends and coworkers. You don't get this feel or insight from highly produced Blu Ray extras.
    I've been subbed to Brie Larson for two years because I was hoping she'd make exactly this. Definitely subscribing here in case you make more vids about other films! Doesn't have to be Marvel either. Small films would be interesting too!

  • Damian N
    Damian N 22 days ago +1

    Wow Karen, that is an amazingly ridiculous schedule. I feel drained just watching this. I don't know how you keep this up for years at a time! Very interesting look at your life :) Also, you were awesome as Amy Pond.

  • Dwayne C
    Dwayne C 4 months ago +1872

    Kudos to Karen for allowing all of the crew to get some recognition. Really fun to get a sense of what goes on in an actor’s day. Whole lotta work for a few moments of screen time, but it paid off. Loved this movie, and Nebula is definitely a highlight!

    • Aerys Targaryen II
      Aerys Targaryen II 4 months ago +34

      Well these are the people these actors see more than their family on a monthly basis. You befriend and get to know alot of them.

    • Cooter
      Cooter 4 months ago +3

      All these peoples names are on it? Even roger?

    • Common
      Common 4 months ago

      FaLl GuYs KuDoS?

    • Dante's Hollowed Grounds
      Dante's Hollowed Grounds 4 months ago


  • Ola Pil
    Ola Pil 12 days ago

    It was incredible to see this video! Thank you enormously! No words to describe; great person, great character, great actress and great idea! Best wishes❤

  • Brandon Burney
    Brandon Burney 12 days ago

    I'm definitely going to miss Nebula. She's tough but hands down so hilarious. You were so good in the MCU and I hope you'll return in the future. I definitely hope y'all can resume work on Jumanji 4 cause I'm a big fan of the original and new movies.

  • Tripp550
    Tripp550 26 days ago +3

    I know you’ll never see this but I just want to say thank you for all your incredibly hard work. You did great in vol.3! Big fan

  • Eric Nance
    Eric Nance 23 days ago

    After seeing your life for a week, and all you have to go through to become Nebula, I just wanted to say Thank You for your dedication! As a fan, I really appreciate all of the work you put into this movie franchise!

  • Keith Pharm
    Keith Pharm Month ago +8

    Brilliantly done! Thanks so much for a glimpse into your life during filming!
    You’re such a fascinating person and your accent is so awesome!
    It’s enjoyable to see how humble you are and how you interact with all those who help you during filming! Thanks for being such a down to earth person!
    I liked the nebula character before seeing this. But now I like her even more!
    Looking forward to your other projects!

  • Nate Horsfall
    Nate Horsfall 4 months ago +1722

    This is the kind of "Behind the scenes" we need more of. Showing the real people, the real process, shining a light on what is always a dark secretive void. So much goes into these movies, it's important to see that appreciated.
    And it's even more amazing with you as the guide! James Gunn: A day in the life of Nebula? So Mean all the time?
    Actually the polar opposite. What a joy.
    Thanks for the last 10 years of Nebula!

    • Eren Jaeger
      Eren Jaeger 4 months ago +2

      They hate it thats y >:)

    • Assassin863
      Assassin863 4 months ago

      There is a lot of behind the scenes

  • Andrew
    Andrew 4 days ago

    LOVED IT! She made all of this look so much fun, and gained a fan, me. And I want to work in the studio.

  • Jeremy Bake
    Jeremy Bake 12 days ago

    OMFG I want a whole Guardians 3 with Karen doing ALL the lines... so effin funny

  • Charlie
    Charlie 4 days ago +1

    That looks like a lot of hard work, everything from having the mental work of memorizing lines, to patiently sitting while they do makeup, to really hard physical things. It's very interesting, thanks for the insight! Love your work!

  • Don Edwards
    Don Edwards 9 days ago +1

    I really started to fall in love with Nebula's character when I saw Tony and her waiting to die at the beginning of end game and the football she was playing with Tony. You saw her taking care of Tony while the oxygen was being depleted and you knew that she would take care of him even in death. Incredible growth of her character thought the series of movies. Thanks for this wonderful glimpse into your hectic life Karen. Cheers from Canada

  • Harbinger-9
    Harbinger-9 22 days ago

    #KarenGillan, this is amazing! So informative and such a privilege! You've come so far since the Amy Pond days; I'm so impressed with all you've done! Well done, you!

  • Rumple Gold
    Rumple Gold 3 months ago +1692

    I love LOVE that the crew and the director don’t scold you for filming . They don’t dodge the camera they just happily comply. It’s beautful

    • Greg
      Greg 3 months ago +38

      They are about to make a billion dollars. Of course they comply.

    • Greg
      Greg 3 months ago +11

      For instance, YT pays Karen for bringing traffic to YT. The people get exposure and can charge more for their services. Have you ever worked with people that all get paid well? It’s really easy. Just remember, not everyone can be so fortunate.

    • Allen Lake
      Allen Lake 3 months ago +1

      Yeah. Like complying with the jab. How’s that working? Big fan are ya? Complying is so gooood! Let’s all comply, what a quality!

    • naz
      naz 3 months ago +22

      @Allen Lake get well soon homie lol

    • Allen Lake
      Allen Lake 3 months ago +1

      @naz I didn’t take it, I’m fine broski!

  • ExoTic 225
    ExoTic 225 24 days ago +1

    this is awesome! honestly, i know you're busy but you really should try and keep up with stuff like this. people are interested and this is interesting. also your method for remembering lines is genius.

  • Steve Snow
    Steve Snow Month ago +3

    This is so great; getting a behind the scenes in this way. Thank you so much for doing this and giving us fans a chance to get a glimpse of what it is like being Nebula.

    • george barrett
      george barrett Month ago +2

      I kinda get why studios discourage this since sensitive information or spoilers could be leaked. But I think they should do this. If I was a director, I'd say go for it.

  • David Skinner
    David Skinner Month ago +5

    You were so good as Nebula. Especially in Vol. 3 and Endgame. Extremely Talented.

  • Lucky Mangione
    Lucky Mangione Month ago +2

    This was amazing. I loved seeing everything especially your process as an actor. I’m an actor and the work is the most rewarding thing. Thank you for sharing this Karen. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to be where you are in my career. Loved the movie btw.

  • Stezell
    Stezell 21 day ago

    Man, They really did a great job at hiding all that hair! I genuinely didn't even think about that with how convincing the character was. It's funny, That was the first thing I noticed in El Camino when Walter White walked in. The hair was not well hidden and it really took me out of the scene once I noticed his bigger head but here it's just straight-up 100% flawless with somehow 4x more hair. And you know it's flawless when nobody even notices. Genuinely impressive. I'm sure this was very well planned with the head piece to be fair but still. Wow

  • Exploring and Stargazing
    Exploring and Stargazing Month ago +1445

    I love how Nebula went from being cold to caring for the Guardians. One of the best written characters in the MCU and I hope we see more of her in The Kang Dynasty or Secret Wars.

    • David Po
      David Po Month ago +5

      You should see her in Jumanji, dance warrior

    • Neftali Figueroa
      Neftali Figueroa Month ago +7

      Nebula has become my favorite guardian. She's great in jumanji

    • Ferrell Kang
      Ferrell Kang Month ago +4

      No thanks. She's earned her victory already.

    • Rock D. Casbah
      Rock D. Casbah Month ago +4

      she doesn't just care for the Guardians, she cares for her family

    • Annette Hunt
      Annette Hunt 16 days ago +2

      @David Po my son had me watch Jumanji, and then had me watch infinity war, and the endgame, and all the guardians of the Galaxy, and I stumbled upon the fact that that girl plays nebula, and he couldn’t believe it.

  • 1chuck23
    1chuck23 7 days ago

    Karen Gillan has one of the best personalities I have ever seen. Had a celeb crush since Dr. Who, but this is the first time I have ever seen a glimpse of how amazing of a person she actually is in real life! They say don't meet your heroes, but this would clearly not apply to Karen, she seems delightful! Even her driver likes her, and I have heard horror stories about other actors and actresses. Just keep being you Karen!

  • El Mission
    El Mission 8 days ago

    I am grateful for these BTS scenes. This is historical, you know. Guardians is an important movie series and your record will be part of movie history. Cheers and continued good fortune to you in the future.

  • John Fair
    John Fair Month ago +1

    Thank you for taking the time to do this. It was awesome seeing behind the scenes and all you have to go through.

  • Shell Hickin
    Shell Hickin Month ago +1

    Thank you so much Karen for sharing all this for us to see! Give us a glimpse of what life is like for you, which is crazy, but incredibly cool! Hi from Oz!

  • Brittany H
    Brittany H 4 months ago +2190

    Hey Karen!
    My daughter, Charlotte, filmed as a Star Child in a scene with you where she is holding onto your leg. She told me that you two had some wonderfully sweet interactions between takes and that you gave her awesome encouragement when she had some ideas for how to play her character. 😊 In case you see this, I want to thank you for being so generous with her. Joyful memories for a lifetime! 💛

  • zr1sparky1
    zr1sparky1 10 days ago

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