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How Andriggity 13 VIOLATED Goku and the Z-fighters

  • Published on May 29, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • android 13 was really out there cooking up goku and the z fighters it has to be spoken about the z fighters (except krillin) really clutched up in the 4th quarter man THEY DIFFERENT
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  • DustyO'Rusty
    DustyO'Rusty 3 months ago +5069

    The fact that Toei actually animated Goku’s nuts cracking like eggs is one of the most insane things I’ve ever seen.

    • Brian T
      Brian T 3 months ago +635

      Not just cracking, they got obliterated like planet Vegeta

    • DaDMonDCB
      DaDMonDCB 3 months ago +675

      I just slowed that shit down, and just saw that you can actually see 2 explosions that could not be anything *but* testical damage. That's insane.

    • Some random guy
      Some random guy 3 months ago +335

      they got healed by a senzu

    • sean Gutz (mina)
      sean Gutz (mina) 3 months ago +65

      ​@Brian T nah💀

    • Hayato StarGod
      Hayato StarGod 3 months ago +197

      I always thought it was TFS who added it

  • CanuckDuke
    CanuckDuke 3 months ago +844

    "He tried to spawn-kill Goten" is an all-time line. Keep up the great work

    • Karim Bique
      Karim Bique Month ago +7

      bro killed me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 had to come to the comment section after hearing this

    • Julian Medina
      Julian Medina 3 days ago

      11:07 had to pause the video to get new underwear because I shit myself with laughter

    • XxTooShiestyxX
      XxTooShiestyxX 2 days ago

      ​@Julian Medina11:08 2 eggs crackn in slo mo 💀💀💀

  • CForControversy
    CForControversy 3 months ago +788

    “It wasn’t even a warm up all they did was feel pain.” They were trying to almost die so they can get stronger 💪 that zenkai boost ain’t no joke. Just ask Cell 😂 I love your work man!

    • Codenamesuper
      Codenamesuper  3 months ago +165

      🤣 Thank you 🙏

    • CForControversy
      CForControversy 3 months ago +47

      @Codenamesuper Keep it up Supes! I'm still waiting on invincible lol jk 😂

    • Spectacular Peter rizzle
      Spectacular Peter rizzle 2 months ago +3

      @CForControversyit’s a cannon event tho

    • stupidity at it's finest
      stupidity at it's finest 2 months ago +2

      how did i not see that before

    • shaftslammer
      shaftslammer 2 months ago +11

      I aint gonna lie if my race had an xp boost for almost dying AND I had a powerup that healed me and magnified my strength id spam that shit everytime.

  • Aaron Fife
    Aaron Fife 3 months ago +338

    Bro, you're sitting at #19 on trending for the WHOLE of Clip-Share. Mad respect, dude.

    • RatedE Stops Commercial Fishing
      RatedE Stops Commercial Fishing 2 months ago +15


    • JasonX117
      JasonX117 2 months ago +13

      Who knew making funny commentary on a old DBZ movie would do that.

    • Xaviel
      Xaviel Month ago +3

      Shit I wish I had that type of skill. Congrats to bro tho

  • Bryku
    Bryku  3 months ago +505

    "He tried to spawn kill Goten" Had me dead 💀

  • Glenroy 64
    Glenroy 64 3 months ago +77

    I honestly didn’t remember Goku getting violated like that early in the movie and have the audacity to start smirking like wtf you haven’t been doing anything, that’s like the equivalent of Krillin hitting cell with his Destructo disc and he realizes it does nothing then he starts cheesing 😂😂😂

  • Bardock
    Bardock 3 months ago +2894

    "Don't you lecture with yo thirty dollar haircut, Goku dies" that was one of the funniest lines in dbz

    • SilverByakuya
      SilverByakuya 3 months ago +323

      "We'll see, you Red Ribbon Redneck".

    • JasonX117
      JasonX117 3 months ago +159

      Usually I don't hold much regard to the original Funimation dubbing of DBZ and the movies, but I will give credit on them clearly having fun with this movie.

    • game universe
      game universe 3 months ago +60

      Which is weird considering the dragon ball universe use zeni but i quess thirty zeni won't have the same effect

    • Andarius Dragonfell
      Andarius Dragonfell 3 months ago +60

      ​@game universe I know it's not true, but I love imagining that the line wasn't in the script. That was just the VA's genuine response and they ran with it

    • Biology
      Biology 3 months ago +53

      ​@game universe "don't you lecture me with your 30 Zeni haircut Goku dies"yeah your right it doesn't hit the same

  • Bloodclatburner
    Bloodclatburner 3 months ago +315

    In the old movies the Z fighters be getting pummeled for an hour and 30 minutes just for Goku to take everyone's energy and punch a hole through the villain lmaooo

    • Dusk
      Dusk 3 months ago +48

      With an unparalleled rage too, absolutely villain-destroying
      Even those that don't feature super saiyan like Goku vs Slug

    • əɔսəʎᵴԀ
      əɔսəʎᵴԀ 2 months ago +3

      so are the new movies better? literally stopped watching the movies because that's how they all were lol

    • Sage
      Sage 2 months ago +19

      ​@əɔսəʎᵴԀ The new Super movies are objectively better. You will enjoy them if repetitiveness was your issue with the non-canon ones.

    • Glctc Thnkr
      Glctc Thnkr Month ago +5

      @əɔսəʎᵴԀ the new movies are all very different. I’d say that DBS Broly is somewhat similar to Fusion Reborn once the fighting starts but that’s it

    • dcm on mobile
      dcm on mobile  3 days ago

      You clearly only watched this and broly

  • dark E
    dark E 3 months ago +358

    I'll never get over how they all simultaneously took turns getting bodied once 13 transformed. Like they all saw Vegeta's attacks have no effect and got bodied and that wasnt a clear indicator to run cuz Piccolo zooming past Goku like "I'm next" his attacks have no effect. He gets bodied. And then Goku's like "my turn" and if 13 didnt teach them all a lesson prior yk he saved the best violation for last with that vile ass nut punch. Like the Z fighters fr dont know when to take a damn hint to pack it up

    • Jerson T.
      Jerson T. 3 months ago +53

      Trunks just was the funniest dude just couldn't take a hint that his sword ain't doing shit and in the end 13 just broke that like it was made of plastic

    • Hyram Jackson
      Hyram Jackson 3 months ago +9

      Lmao 😂

    • MCBD*LLC
      MCBD*LLC 3 months ago +1

      ​@jersont.3339 which is werid cuz isn't hirudagan supposed to be unleashed when his sword breaks? Android 18 broke it android 13 broke it.

    • SaperBossTv
      SaperBossTv 3 months ago +1

      ​@MCBD*LLC on one hand, those times when the sword should've released hirudagan way before the events of wrath of the dragon. But on the other hand, most of the dbz movies aren't really canon so I guess it doesn't really matter at the end of the day.

    • Tsubasa Amsel
      Tsubasa Amsel 3 months ago +3

      ​@MCBD*LLCIf i remember correctly the thing that would unleashed Hirudagan was Tapion going to sleep/just being outsise the sealed music box.

  • ItsMePeyton
    ItsMePeyton 3 months ago +23

    I always thought, to explain the plot hole, that Sayians are very prideful people. They wanna talk about the fight later and go, “Yeah I beat his ass, without even transforming.” And to have to transform to beat someone means that they were on your level, and know for damn sure Vegeta doesn’t want no one to be on his level.

  • CForControversy
    CForControversy 3 months ago +99

    Ok let’s be honest Trunk’s sword is just for the drip. There’s no other reason for him to have it. It either breaks or gets taken from him 😂

    • milk ♡
      milk ♡ 3 months ago +10

      Or it literally does nothing 😭

    • CForControversy
      CForControversy 3 months ago +3

      @milk ♡ Right like why waste time drawing it 😂

    • Bosskawz Beats
      Bosskawz Beats 3 months ago +9

      You'd think he put his Saiyan energy into the sword for a power up or something

    • Thot Slayer
      Thot Slayer 2 months ago +3

      @Bosskawz Beatsike he did with Zamasu 😂he won’t figure dat out later

    • CForControversy
      CForControversy 2 months ago +1

      @Bosskawz Beats exactly I thought that the sword would be an extension of how strong he was or whoever was using it

  • DaMarleyMan
    DaMarleyMan 3 months ago +36

    I remember as a kid and watching this in Japanese and I genuinely had felt bad for goku when Android 13 was rocking his shit in that ice valley. Masako Nozawa knows how to really make him sound like he’s in absolute pain.

  • Olympus The Dark One
    Olympus The Dark One 3 months ago +2199

    Why is it so funny when you point out Vegeta’s entrances 😂 I can really see him sitting in the backgro while his son and rival get folded and he worried about how he finna look during the pull up. Him and Piccolo prolly be giving each other advice

    • Jerson T.
      Jerson T. 3 months ago +304

      Nah those two definitely make reunions after the battles to debate who had the most badass entry

    • StolenSouth
      StolenSouth 3 months ago +244

      Funny thing is at the credit scene, Piccolo and Vegeta actually seat with each other back-to-back

    • Avery
      Avery 3 months ago +113

      It’s only makes sense they be the sauciest because piccolo is black and vegeta got that dog in em

    • A Very Menacing Name
      A Very Menacing Name 3 months ago +42

      ​@StolenSouthit's not over till the fish jumps

    • Family friend usenarme
      Family friend usenarme 3 months ago +20

      Lmaoo and its not exclusive to this movie, vegeta legits waits till the middle of the fight to show up

  • milk ♡
    milk ♡ 3 months ago +108

    I think the beating that frieza gave to vegeta in namek is a underrated violation,not only did he make him cry at the fact that vegeta is powerless and it doesent matter how hard he tried but also grabbed him with his tail,choked him,then made grabbed him again and made him hit himself alot and bro was still crying 💀

  • Slinky Slink
    Slinky Slink 3 months ago +140

    "He was built to defend himself verbally AND physically" good shit lmao

  • TehAdrenalinePickle
    TehAdrenalinePickle 3 months ago +163

    My man really said the words "losing record" and put Future Gohan up on the screen- almost 3 months later and you still can't stop cooking Puddlehan.

  • mac
    mac 3 months ago +21

    Nah 11:52 Gohan real as SHIT for that. Took that Ki blast like he was secret service or sumn

  • Noesis
    Noesis 3 months ago +2166

    The way Android 13 groin punched Goku out of Super Saiyan was legit crazy. Goku had to absorb a whole-ass Spirit Bomb to get a getback that could top that.

    • game universe
      game universe 3 months ago +255

      Dude create a entire new move to beat him

    • my guy
      my guy 3 months ago +360

      Now we really know how Goten got strong as a kid, bro got a Zenkai Boost as a sperm 💀💀💀

    • ron10
      ron10 3 months ago +14


    • Freedom Zero64
      Freedom Zero64 3 months ago +70

      @my guy Bro got a Spermkai Boost 😂

    • KC Smooth
      KC Smooth 3 months ago +34

      @my guy Damn you know what??? That's my head canon now 😂😂😂

  • Ikrani
    Ikrani 3 months ago +36

    For real, 13 had the best lines. Goku comes out of the ice and tosses that iceberg, and 13 goes, "How'd a scrawny guy like you take my opening attack?"
    Like, I can't even tell if he was trash-talking or genuinely surprised Goku survived that.

    • baller cell 🏀
      baller cell 🏀  15 days ago +1

      trunks: "you're just a slave, a pawn with no free will of its own"
      trunks gotta be the most racist in dragonball

  • Ichael
    Ichael 3 months ago +40

    The most impressive part of this fight is that Vegeta never grabs his arm

  • Cory Patten
    Cory Patten 3 months ago +28

    Vegeta set for life and wouldn't settle for anything less than the rich ass scientist family. He definitely don't do shit but train and stare into the abyss waiting for goku to stop dying

  • TheJayspyder
    TheJayspyder 3 months ago +64

    "Look at his face, bruh. That is no warrior." I'm stealing that quote 😂

  • Chiefster
    Chiefster 3 months ago +4

    I'm happy to see your channel growing so fast. You deserve it, bro. Excellent editing and superb commentary once again. Already a legend.

  • Amon Coda
    Amon Coda 3 months ago +2112

    The nut punch was lethal. Diabolical even.

    • Flamin Alex Beatz
      Flamin Alex Beatz 3 months ago +197

      No wonder Goku looked so mad once he defeated 13😮

    • clink
      clink 3 months ago +35

      @Flamin Alex Beatz fr

    • Fz9NYC
      Fz9NYC 3 months ago +18

      Real Dillon Brooks move.

    • No Chill Will
      No Chill Will 3 months ago +103

      Between nut shot and jumping, Dr. Gero has put fiendish tendencies in every android's code.

    • game universe
      game universe 3 months ago +24

      Metal cooler nut kick vs android 13 nut punch which is worst

  • ShakeFan14
    ShakeFan14 3 months ago +19

    14 really gave Trunks the reverse treatment he did to King Cold. Cold probably looking up smiling like "That shit ain't so sweet now, huh?".

  • LemonLaw
    LemonLaw 3 months ago +11

    Trunks' sword still caught more bodies than the Final Flash though 😂😂

  • Guest Guest
    Guest Guest 3 months ago +27

    09:50 “And a dark skin smurf” had me DEAD!!! 💀💀💀

  • luckycandy101
    luckycandy101 3 months ago +5

    I actually burst out laughing during the "If you're going to help anybody, it should have been Trunks" part. That shit was too funny. 😭

  • SaturnineXTS
    SaturnineXTS Month ago +5

    Everyone's always on about how dominant Broly was in Movie 8, but everyone is for some reason ignoring how Super 13 laid down a beating just as brutal, if not more.

  • Egbert Milton
    Egbert Milton 3 months ago +1548

    Amazing how 13 annihilated Goku's whole future bloodline in an instant

    • game universe
      game universe 3 months ago +79

      Just ask shenron to bring it back

    • Kamil
      Kamil 3 months ago +74

      @game universe
      A senzu bean would suffice.

    • Storm Bringer777
      Storm Bringer777 3 months ago +89

      Android 13 is the reason why Goten is trash. That nutshot destroyed every future braincell.

    • Invincible Gamer
      Invincible Gamer 3 months ago +26

      ​@Storm Bringer777 damnn Goku got that morden Ball to brain wireless connection

    • milk ♡
      milk ♡ 3 months ago +5

      ​​@Kamil not even a senzu bean would fix this travesty,he done

  • -DewMan-
    -DewMan- 3 months ago +21

    Bro really said "he tried to spawn kill Goten", I was laughing my ass off so hard! Like damn. I guess saiyans be getting into fights as sperm too. How are you not even fertilized yet and you already taking L's? No wonder he and Trunks learned Super Saiyan so fast.

  • Danny Boy
    Danny Boy 3 months ago +11

    I think a lot of the weirdness of how they animated the way 13 fights is because they were going with the whole "He's just a bruiser with no martial arts skill" type of character, but then when he transforms he just goes full robot. I think they did the same thing with android 16.

  • TatsubeiYagyu
    TatsubeiYagyu 3 months ago +33

    Andriggies all programed with the Jump Function...except for Gero himself, bro ran out of chips or something?
    It never made any sense at all to me that he made 17 and 18 who were strong enough to beat EVERYBODY, even in the timelines where they train with advanced notice, and a literal time traveller who weaved backwards through time for that run back.
    These andriggies get a pass cause they are movie villains, they get to be the strongest opponents I've ever faced™.

    • Al Fall Doot
      Al Fall Doot 16 days ago

      It's cause Gero was spying on the Z fighters training and buffing his own stuff in advance to their advance training.

  • Kristopher Willis
    Kristopher Willis 3 months ago +30

    12:28 AYO 13 is a warrior 😂

  • Aron Surakh
    Aron Surakh 19 days ago

    the way you commentate these fights is so good😂 explaining everything in a way that even if you seen it, it really makes you appreciate the work more, details and added sfx, I'm aboutta watch your buu fight vids even though I don't even like that one because I'm convinced you're takes will make it better

  • HailMammon Moments
    HailMammon Moments 3 months ago +6

    Your breakdowns are on team four star level for being more fun than the original. 🥂

  • Youtube Watcher
    Youtube Watcher 3 months ago +964

    I really do feel like Sayian be smurfin’ walking around in base form trying to get free zenkai boosts. Straight insurance fraud 😂.

  • Jo Thompson
    Jo Thompson 3 months ago +38

    The “Nah, resume.” Killed me😭😭

  • Maurice Dew
    Maurice Dew 3 months ago +15

    11:18 this air combo 13 does is one of the most vicious beatings in an absurd way

  • Yume
    Yume 3 months ago +17

    bro that 12:52 Piccolo entrance give me chills everytime

  • Bliisty
    Bliisty 3 months ago +5

    He never disappoints. Keep em coming 👑

  • WalkDawg 2019
    WalkDawg 2019 3 months ago +3

    Man you need your own DBZ show because this is better than watching and waiting for something to happen! Great job my man!!

  • Neocade
    Neocade 3 months ago +591

    There's a few channels trying to do what you're doing and failing hard. I exhale air out of my nose much during your posts, keep it up man, happy 150K

    • RPO7
      RPO7 3 months ago +54

      He’s doing well at it. But people are trying to do what cjdachamp does and failing hard

    • Tristan
      Tristan 3 months ago +58

      they not failing hard damn bro but nah codenamesuper is the funniest by far

    • Robert Laudun
      Robert Laudun 3 months ago +33

      Yeah, blame people chasing money willing to shamelessly copycat, I clicked on one thinking it was this channel and was like nope lmao

    • N Ad
      N Ad 3 months ago +42

      It’s weird how many black creators making hood anime vids. Weird new wave. I like it thought

    • Mr. Duane Sharpe
      Mr. Duane Sharpe 3 months ago +8

      This mans invented “weave nation..” lol 8:28

  • Arthur Durham
    Arthur Durham 3 months ago +3

    I think the reason in the films why they always take so long to go Super Sayain is for people who may be watching who aren't as familiar with DBZ.
    You basically get the gyst that it's a huge power upgrade when you see them getting bodied in the their base forms first and them snapping back as SSJ.
    And it gives more context to the villians' final transformation when it's even more powerful than their upgrade. It doesn't make much sense narratively but I get the point.

  • SoranotRoxas
    SoranotRoxas 3 months ago +9

    You got to admit, that Vegeta entrance was straight fire 🔥

  • Dame
    Dame 3 months ago +32

    Pause at 11:08. I never noticed those broken eggs before. That’s CRAAAZZZYYYYYY ASFFFF😭😭

  • Ice13
    Ice13 3 months ago +17

    Okay but why is Goku with the absorbed spirit bomb actually terrifying, I think if that's the last face you see before you die then Hell is going to suddenly feel a lot more welcoming

    • Punisher X
      Punisher X 3 months ago

      @Ice13 What's crazy to me is that; this movie is the ONLY time he does this move. And in the Budokai 3/Infinite World games, he can absorb the Spirit Bomb energy AND turn it into a Dragon Fist.

    • Azrajin
      Azrajin Month ago

      Cause he's at the center of a giant mass of light like he's inside a star or he's The Phoenix. While looking angrier than he's ever been in his life. Bro did not look that angry when his best friend got blown up in front of him, or when the planet blew up, or all his friends got killed by Nappa. Etc.

  • Chubby
    Chubby 3 months ago +31

    9:59 you are not wrong 💀

  • Julius Blackwell
    Julius Blackwell 3 months ago +870

    It’s crazy how 13 really did a low blow

  • enrique suber
    enrique suber 3 months ago +15

    The voice over at 1:06 had me dead 😂 just looks at trunks and he like “oh yeah, that’s light”

  • Ace Cashman
    Ace Cashman 3 months ago +7

    I like how you made a point to say a half eaten 16 would get washed since we saw a fully built 16 whooping Imperfect Cell's ass lol

  • Drippy Lightbulb
    Drippy Lightbulb 3 months ago +18

    Goku really came back like: 13:13

  • Hood VO Cartoons
    Hood VO Cartoons 3 months ago +19

    10:14 Bro this snatched the oxygen out my lungs dawg! You got it! 😭😭😂😂

  • NeroDTD
    NeroDTD 3 months ago +4

    Goku looking so mad at the end is insane cuz all the heartache they got the entire movie was self inflicted bro could’ve just ended it early and instead decided to get pieced up for fun first

  • Emmanuel Ifeonu
    Emmanuel Ifeonu 3 months ago +445

    That man Vegeta forgot he aint the main character with the way he pulled up 😭

    • game universe
      game universe 3 months ago +39

      He saw how much it took to beat his android with it even knocking him out of super Saiyan but he for some reason thinks he can do something against a guy with that android plus another combined

    • Emmanuel Ifeonu
      Emmanuel Ifeonu 3 months ago +7

      @game universe that Saiyan pride bruh lol

    • FOAM
      FOAM 3 months ago +2

      What's the music

  • Shika Otsu
    Shika Otsu 3 months ago +5

    The craziest part, we gonna talk about how this man broke Trunks' sword without even trying? 😭😭😭

  • Malc
    Malc 3 months ago +11

    6:08 bro you didn't have to roast my mans like that, I WAS CRYING
    But you know what, you brought up a good point. In this and the Bojack movie, Vegeta's pull up game was insane

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 3 months ago +14

    It was his factory settings on Chi Chi's side kicking in

  • HLLTop
    HLLTop 3 months ago +11

    Bro, you should’ve mentioned how cold Trunks speech was when he pulled up on him for the last time.Trunks: (to Android 13) "You know what's funny about the future? You're nowhere to be seen. You're not in the future because you die right here and now today!"

  • Shareen Zafar Astronomia
    Shareen Zafar Astronomia 3 months ago +5

    I love it Every time Vegeta has one of his entrances, that shit never Disappoints.

  • DovahDuke45
    DovahDuke45 3 months ago +419

    The in air combo he gave goku was brutal

    • hugefuckingloser
      hugefuckingloser 3 months ago +34

      beat him so bad he lost his shirt in the process

    • game universe
      game universe 3 months ago +36

      Probably would have been a super attack if he got in fighter z

    • Max Alain Two
      Max Alain Two 3 months ago +6

      Bro think he Gojo

    • Marques Pereira Alves
      Marques Pereira Alves 3 months ago +9

      ​@game universe It is in raging blast If I remenber correctly.
      But also It would 100% be his lvl 3 super.

    • TK The Hero
      TK The Hero 3 months ago +12

      ​@Marques Pereira AlvesAlso his ult in BT3

  • milk ♡
    milk ♡ 3 months ago +6

    The fact that we are able to see gokus nuts exploding just by that small effect really shows that the animators knew what they was doing with that 💀💀💀

  • gtaylor1229
    gtaylor1229 2 months ago

    4:24 to 4:35 got my laughing so hard and at the end when he said “I guess is he wants you know what it’s like to be Yamcha.”
    I WAS DEAD 💀🤣

  • Egoistic
    Egoistic 3 months ago +21

    Goku aint playing no more he had enough 😂

    • Codenamesuper
      Codenamesuper  3 months ago +5

      Bro was tired 😭

    • Egoistic
      Egoistic 3 months ago +4

      @Codenamesuper even super saiyan 3 ain't making that kind of face dawg 💀

  • Nova Bronz
    Nova Bronz 2 months ago +3

    Bruh that cut away to krillin attacking cell had me fucking wheezing 😂😂

  • Collin Masvikeni
    Collin Masvikeni 3 months ago +11

    Nah bro you gotta be my favourite Clip-Sharer of all time ong your videos get me everytime😂

  • Daniel Barnes
    Daniel Barnes 3 months ago +749

    I like how this man throws stray Krillin every chance he gets lol 😂

    • Arthur McClendon
      Arthur McClendon 3 months ago +106

      Nah those weren't even strays, buddy straight had the Beretta .50 cal, it's a calculated shot every time 😂😂😂

    • JJameson
      JJameson 3 months ago +28

      but are they unjustified?

    • JasonX117
      JasonX117 3 months ago +66

      ​@JJameson No. They are. Sold out everything over one kiss with a girl he didn't know.

    • Garou
      Garou 3 months ago +41

      Did he NOT once sell the whole squad and the earth for some robopus?

    • game universe
      game universe 3 months ago +30

      ​@Garouby that logic Vegeta also let it happen with him doing it to circle jerk his ego

  • Andyboimiqsil
    Andyboimiqsil Month ago

    Bro told us everything we needed to know about Trunk’s sword faster than the anime itself 💀

  • Slim Chelmi
    Slim Chelmi 3 months ago +5

    the combo 13 hits on goku in the ice corridor is the meanest shit in DBZ I swear, bro must have practiced that shit it was so clean

  • Michael Martin
    Michael Martin 3 months ago

    I think the logic behind the androids is that you cant sense their energy and they are used to fighting by sensing energy at this point, it was revisited in DBS.

  • jewels ultra
    jewels ultra 3 months ago +4

    Absorbing the spirit bomb should be a main timeline move for Goku imagine making his ultra instinct stronger absorbing the spirit bomb versus a villain in any ark or doing his sparring session versus a god of destruction just to be able to surpass one

  • TinySonix Hedgehog
    TinySonix Hedgehog 2 months ago +4

    It took Goku and trunks 30 minutes to turn super Saiyan. Vegeta turned super the second he was getting pounded so I'd say he was the one that made everyone go "... Oh right super Saiyan exist..."

  • Quix1527
    Quix1527 3 months ago +390

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    • Jerson T.
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      SIR DIXON 3 months ago +3

      Weenie Hut Junior's 😂

  • Brian T
    Brian T 3 months ago +5

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  • The Smoking Salmon
    The Smoking Salmon 3 months ago +1

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  • No_One Important
    No_One Important 3 months ago +1

    Remember, this was a movie released in japan while the anime was running. So not only did they have to make it at least longer than a regular episode, but it was hyped up as The 3 Legendary Super Saiyans.

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    Danny Peton Day ago

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    Either or, trunks gets done dirty in every movie 😂

    • game universe
      game universe 3 months ago +9

      Well in the future everything is almost destroyed so it be cheap

    • Protalghulnist
      Protalghulnist 3 months ago +50

      @game universe Cheap? Trunks was the sole obstacle between the androids and total human genocide, if he wasn't getting those cuts for free then maybe humanity had those androids coming.

    • Bloodlyshiva
      Bloodlyshiva 3 months ago +17

      @Protalghulnist He's an honest boy-he's the sort who'd insist on paying. Especially since the money would be going to rebuilding.

    • Protalghulnist
      Protalghulnist 3 months ago +14

      @Bloodlyshiva Good point

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    • game universe
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    Also, congrats on that +150K
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  • Raudelaire Desrosiers
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  • Julian Uchiha
    Julian Uchiha Day ago

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    • Water🌊🌊
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