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Liquid That Cuts Like a Knife

  • Published on Apr 18, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • I show you a cool chemical reaction that looks like a cut
    See the full video here: clip-share.net/video/EWMLL5bxqJk/video.html
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  • Boyfriend_xml

    Him: "I'm not actually cutting myself"

  • H L
    H L  +2


  • pepig
    pepig  +1

    "I'm not actually cutting myself"

  • dontdo
    dontdo  +9

    *Loses arm*

  • Amogus MateSus


  • Sphyxx
    Sphyxx  +141

    This guy: I'm not cutting myself

  • Nemy.
    Nemy.  +67

    "Please work." Imagine hearing that from your doctor before an operation...

  • RB26DETT
    RB26DETT  +382

    "I'm not cutting myself"

  • Duster L
    Duster L  +20

    Science ability: A+

  • Naughty Shepherd

    I can totally see a con-artist using something like this, claiming they have healing powers…

  • fatdaddy027

    "I'm not cutting myself"

  • The Legend27

    "AuAGh AuAgh"

  • ie
    ie  +4

    "what you're seeing is not real, im not actually cutting myself"

  • ranpokinnie

    imagine he actually DID cut himself and this happened

  • S I O M A I

    "I'm not cutting myself"

  • BadKarma101

    “what your seeing is not real, i’m not cutting myself!”

  • 6ordv
    6ordv  +10

    HollyWood actors: OMG WE NEED THIS

  • Inosuke Hashibira

    Me who is an ex fruit ninja player:

  • gels4lovez.

    "I am not cutting my self"

  • • Drew •

    “augh.. ah..”