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INSIDE STORY: Spin And Win: Max Verstappen's Charge From P10

  • Published on Aug 13, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Starting P10 on the grid after a frustrating technical issue brought an early end to Max Verstappen's qualifying, the chance of the Dutchman winning looked to be quite small. However, what took place at the 2022 Hungarian Grand Prix was the stuff of legends, with an incredible recovery drive from the Red Bull driver!
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  • Cole
    Cole 7 months ago +3193

    GP is one of the best race engineers in the game. Always clear, calm, and collected. Tells Max only the information he needs.

    • bhargav pavuluri
      bhargav pavuluri 17 days ago

      Actually Rocky is the best race engineer.

    • estenba
      estenba 3 months ago

      how about plan e

    • Magical
      Magical 6 months ago

      But max wants to hear the GAP! Some more

    • Sjoerd Piepers
      Sjoerd Piepers 7 months ago


  • Jojy Varghese DIY TECHIE
    Jojy Varghese DIY TECHIE 7 months ago +3272

    Max’s Engineer is the biggest star I believe, so calm and reassuring is his voice. And Max just executing the drive perfectly. Brilliant Red Bull

    • Caroline Francis
      Caroline Francis 5 months ago +1

      I could listen to him forever

    • Fabian Conde
      Fabian Conde 6 months ago

      @Gijs Sie OH 😊😅só me z

    • Stiv
      Stiv 7 months ago

      Pete Bonnington does that better

    • 椿絢音
      椿絢音 7 months ago


  • Murtuza Sid
    Murtuza Sid 7 months ago +3922

    Inside Stories are way better than Drive To Survive, We need more of these. 🤩

    • sandeep soni
      sandeep soni 6 months ago +3

      cannot agree more...DTS is exaggerated drama

    • capser86
      capser86 6 months ago


    • 椿絢音
      椿絢音 7 months ago


      BUYMORE 7 months ago +1

      Netflix must have a great season with Max winning everything haha

    • Adventure48
      Adventure48 7 months ago +2

      Yes but theres no Guether :(

  • Stuart Guy
    Stuart Guy 7 months ago +2677

    Max & Red Bull are just a really potent combination, wasn't a crazy race but Max & the car were fast & the team were efficient & executed the correct stategy well. Overtook when he had too & the team undercut cars at the perfect time to put him into the lead. Nothing massively spectacular, just quick & efficient while others didn't get it quite right.

    • 椿絢音
      椿絢音 7 months ago


    • Steven St
      Steven St 7 months ago +2

      Max gained 6-8 seconds on the front runners with two out laps after his pit stops. That is massively spectacular that no other driver can even think of doing in these cars. The third fastest out lap after Verstappens top two was Leclerc, and it was 1.6 seconds slower.

    • look_for sr-71
      look_for sr-71 7 months ago

      @Serge Koenen Yeah I did saw it and also saw Jenson Button beat him in the 2nd fastest car coming from the back to first in Canada 2011. And yes Vettel is 4x world champion but in a red bull... which my point... I dont know if you're actually understanding my point.

    • look_for sr-71
      look_for sr-71 7 months ago

      @Serge Koenen Yeah I did saw it and also saw Jenson Button beat him in the 2nd fastest car coming from the back to first in Canada 2011. And yes Vettel is 4x world champion but in a red bull... which my point... I dont know if you're actually understanding my point.

    • Serge Koenen
      Serge Koenen 7 months ago +2

      @look_for sr-71 you never saw that race at Interlagos in the Rain, have you? Btw ..Seb is 4x world champion..Are you deluded.

  • Aniruddha Kabbya
    Aniruddha Kabbya 7 months ago +1569

    Huge shoutout to the redbull’s chief strategist. undercutting cars at just the right time to give max those extra track positions. Efficient and effective. Bravo!

    • Ton Lit
      Ton Lit 6 months ago

      @All Blue No comeback for Lewis? I don't know. Perhaps this is the RB-Max era of dominance.

    • All Blue
      All Blue 6 months ago

      @Ton Lit No comeback?

    • All Blue
      All Blue 6 months ago

      @Ton Lit nice name the anomaly, any others?.

    • Ton Lit
      Ton Lit 6 months ago

      @All Blue Remember Zandvoort?

    • All Blue
      All Blue 6 months ago

      @Ton Lit But does he shout and swear as much as Max. Tell me and we will see if you really lit

  • HattoriHonzo
    HattoriHonzo 7 months ago +1026

    This race will be the blueprint teams study in the future for how to properly undercut/execute an outlap. Incredible

    • Mr. Prince Music
      Mr. Prince Music 9 days ago

      I'm a huge max fan, but I don't like how they make checo turn off to let him by. I think they should let them race tbh but I get it

    • klarkqent
      klarkqent 10 days ago

      This and the 2021 French GP, masterclass in outlap, undercut and on track overtake

    • Aventus
      Aventus 5 months ago +5

      ​@EpicShibe XD tbf, Max's outlaps have been pretty staggering for a while now. We saw it last year in France as well

    • Salman Khan
      Salman Khan 7 months ago +12

      @Mohd Shayan Baig Yup, nobody seems to be talking about Max's outlaps... Also, out of nowhere and dying tyres, he suddenly picks up the pace just before a pitstop. Noticed his deficit going down before each stop.

    • Tunjo
      Tunjo 7 months ago +5

      @Pyrex C dude, max always has the fastest outlaps, look at some data from the races in2022-21-20

  • whoo
    whoo 7 months ago +1225

    Max being so unbelievably fast on his outlap won him the race. Incredibly drive and even a greater driver.

    • TedFromYT
      TedFromYT 2 months ago

      incredibly car

    • Ton Lit
      Ton Lit 6 months ago +1

      @Troy Lewis No it doesn't. But of course you are entitled to admire Lewis more. We don't mind as long as you don't say dumb things.

    • Ton Lit
      Ton Lit 6 months ago +1

      @Pierre Gasly Why can't Sergio do the same? They are right, Max was trained to go to the limit right away and he shows it time after time.
      You are still mad because you had to leave RB, but you realy made a mess of it.

    • Bullpit2
      Bullpit2 7 months ago +1

      @Pierre Gasly lol, you are funny

  • Shameera Swartz
    Shameera Swartz 7 months ago +324

    This race is another reason why I find it so hard to understand why people hate Verstappen and think he isn't a great driver. He's one of the best we've ever seen in the sport. EVER. The dude is freaking talented.

    • Bob Johnson
      Bob Johnson 13 days ago

      @Snake Doctor Hamilton? Maybe, but at least he challenged the Ferrari of Vettel in both 2017 and 2018. The rest are boring

    • Snake Doctor
      Snake Doctor 13 days ago

      @Bob Johnson Oh, so Hamilton didn't win six World Championships with the best car on the grid by a country mile, for a team with a £500 million head start on everyone else in the hybrid era?
      No, of course not.

    • Shawn
      Shawn 2 months ago

      @Mayankhow was the RB in 2021 weaker? 😂 They started the season beeing the faster car by some margin. Mercedes then brought 1 upgrade to silverstone and from there on it was equal

    • Mayank
      Mayank 3 months ago +7

      And Max won 2021 in a weaker car, thats what some fans cannot digest. They can blame that last race all they want, wouldnt change a thing. Max is one of the best ever, to execute that startegy and win from p10 was outstanding.

    • Bob Johnson
      Bob Johnson 4 months ago

      And that's where you're very wrong. Verstappen absolutely did no effort, using the best car with no doubt. His car wasn't damaged like Brazil 2012. He's just so overrated. People are like this: whoever is champ is the goat. NO. What about his car. Plus, this win is no match for Abu Dhabi 2010, with a way dominant performance using a weaker car. You just understood it all wrong.

  • Philip J. Fry
    Philip J. Fry 7 months ago +1118

    Hate him or love him he’s an incredible driver I honestly didn’t think he would catch up let alone win after that spin but he quickly recovered kept his cool and still managed to push to p1. I don’t think I can wait another 2 weeks for spa I just hope it’s not raining like last year and they have to cancel the race after a 4 hour broadcast.

    • TedFromYT
      TedFromYT 2 months ago

      incredibly car and binoto best strategy thats why he won

    • Jeffrey Rijkse
      Jeffrey Rijkse 7 months ago

      @Josh Flynn Lewis has done the same thing in the past, but that is racing to!

    • Faiz
      Faiz 7 months ago

      don't forget the clutch issue which made it trickier to get on the throttle out the slow corners that is why he spun really incredible drive from max

    • Cuong Nguyen
      Cuong Nguyen 7 months ago +1

      Yeah if he didn't spin gap to Hamilton would probably be 20 secs plus in the end

    • Rients Dijkstra
      Rients Dijkstra 7 months ago

      @Warden Cobb That's called "overtaking" (other than with a DRS)

  • wilsonmcc1
    wilsonmcc1 7 months ago +623

    Whether you want to believe it or not, Max is an incredible driver, backed up by the best team in the paddock. Red Bull’s strategy and composure is next level

    • Fern Dale
      Fern Dale 7 months ago +1

      @Drafgo Before 2021, Max won 10 races, which is the same as Bottas in the Mercedes, the fastest car of all time. Even now, Leclerc hasn't even won 10 races in his career, even though in 2019 he had 7 poles and in 2022, he has the fastest car.

    • Fern Dale
      Fern Dale 7 months ago +4

      @Drafgo They are idiots. Max built his name in F1 by dragging the 3rd fastest car to wins and podiums before 2021, when Mercedes and Ferrari were a lot faster than Red Bull. Watching Max drive was like watching Senna again.

    • Bullpit2
      Bullpit2 7 months ago

      @Fern Dale why are they not first or second than?

    • Rients Dijkstra
      Rients Dijkstra 7 months ago +4

      @Les Blàse If it is the car then:
      1.) Why does checo not outqualify Max at least about 50% of time instead of about 2% of time?
      2.) Why is it not Checo who is fighting Max for the DWC?
      Better check you logic, bro.

    • Drafgo
      Drafgo 7 months ago +12

      @Les Blàse iT's ThE CaR. How people can still say this while Max show's his racecraft race after race is beyond me.

  • Santino Pecorella
    Santino Pecorella 7 months ago +349

    Even with Clutch problems and a 360 spin, he managed to win this race, he is an incredible driver and I hope he keeps driving for a long time

    • Sairam R
      Sairam R 7 months ago +4

      @RAZGR1Z he has still much to learn to become like prost. Trust me, Max is yet to hit his Prime soon

    • MaD SaM
      MaD SaM 7 months ago +7

      @anan thu 10 gp wins and 42 podiums by the end of 2020 season

    • Sayantan Mitra
      Sayantan Mitra 7 months ago +3

      @anan thu 10 gp wins before 2021.

    • RAZGR1Z
      RAZGR1Z 7 months ago +29

      @anan thu Last year he was Senna. This year he is Prost.

    • anan thu
      anan thu 7 months ago +35

      That guy is a monster. literally the Senna of modern era .
      9 gp wins and 50 podiums between 2015 and 2020 seasons without having the best car . Truly great achievements he had achieved before finally clinching the world title

  • sdtok
    sdtok 7 months ago +158

    Max his engineer sounds calm, collected and fully in control.
    The Ferrari engineers sound confused and panicked even when simple questions are asked.

    • Will
      Will 15 days ago

      And gp is italian

    • brouwerification
      brouwerification 7 months ago +11

      Ferrari feels like a call center call...😆

    • DethstruXioN ™
      DethstruXioN ™ 7 months ago +17

      @Zulamun "We are checking. Hold please."
      "Vinny, ask Luigi to call Mario to see if Danny has news from Anthony about Paulie on the parts that Tony was supposed to give to Vic."
      "But Vic is sitting right next to you."

    • Zulamun
      Zulamun 7 months ago +2

      We are checking

    • Solid Snack
      Solid Snack 7 months ago +15


  • Clement Lam
    Clement Lam 7 months ago +127

    Max is the Senna of 2020's.
    Always pushing for limits, and fearless in rain.
    What a time to be a F1 fan.

    • Nathan Irizarry
      Nathan Irizarry 7 months ago +11

      @Kimi Raikkonen I agree max on his own is a benchmark enough he doesn’t need to be someone else to be great

    • debendra gurung
      debendra gurung 7 months ago

      LOL, the rain.

    • Kimi Raikkonen
      Kimi Raikkonen 7 months ago +8

      can max not just be max does senna have to be mentioned?

  • Robert Jackson
    Robert Jackson 7 months ago +43

    Max is probably one of the greatest drivers that we will see for a long time in F1

  • Austin Jestis
    Austin Jestis 7 months ago +221

    What’s crazy is when GP told him to keep the gap to Sainz in front at 2.5 when he was charging up to him rapidly he did just that. I was watching the timing and scoring and he was constant at 2.4-2.5 for 6-8 laps steady. Pretty cool.

    • PAUL'S World of Wonder
      PAUL'S World of Wonder 6 months ago +7

      Max can drive as a metronome. He experiences speed and time at the same moment by intuition

    • hoolyh
      hoolyh 7 months ago +7

      @Eman Manal fuel

    • Sven Castricum
      Sven Castricum 7 months ago +3

      I wished we could see how much time he could of been ahead of Sainz if he were able to keep pushing.

    • Rico Aarntzen
      Rico Aarntzen 7 months ago +20

      @Eman Manal To save his tires I think

    • Eman Manal
      Eman Manal 7 months ago +4

      Why was max asked to do that?

  • Ben Murray
    Ben Murray 7 months ago +316

    Max is just on another level this year, he’s driving with so much confidence and calmness. He could be on to copy the likes of Vettel and Hamilton in recent years with multiple back to back titles.

    • aesir1 ases
      aesir1 ases 7 months ago +3

      He will get titles as long as RBR allow him to, I can see him winning at least 2 more titles in his career, to make a 4 time total, but who knows, maybe even more.

    • Adam Ad
      Adam Ad 7 months ago


    • David
      David 7 months ago +26

      He's driving way more mature and relaxed now that he's won a WDC and isn't under pressure to push the limits and take risks to get there anymore.

    • Hugh Nique
      Hugh Nique 7 months ago +21

      I think he will be WDC in 2022, 2023, 2024 and 2025. After this the new rules will apply but if this whole Porsche deal goes well he should be able to get one or two more championships.

  • mixxxter
    mixxxter 7 months ago +70

    Since winning the wdc you can see how much more mature he is. Calm and collected, and showing he’s one of the greats

    • Sairam R
      Sairam R 3 months ago +1

      When you've been through the most chest crushing pressure of your life, nothing seems like a challenge after that. 2021 was that pressure for max. It broke him and moulded him.

  • LoveGaming
    LoveGaming 7 months ago +166

    And this is why Max is one of the biggest talent from the last 15/20 years. People can say whatever they want about Max, but he woke up F1! If you love F1, you can't deny Max, but just enjoy this man 🙏🏻

    • Versiable
      Versiable 6 months ago

      @vimponex Hahahahaha

    • vimponex
      vimponex 6 months ago

      @Versiable 🤡🤡🤡

    • Monique Grasso
      Monique Grasso 7 months ago +5

      NIKI LAUDA said Max is a Talent you only see 1x 100 years😅🤣so with other words, HE IS THE BEST DRIVER EVER😎

    • Versiable
      Versiable 7 months ago

      @kam d Hahahaha

      BŁACK HÖŁÉ 7 months ago +9

      I agree✌🏻

  • 1nTerzept
    1nTerzept 7 months ago +744

    If I had a nickel for everytime Max Verstappen gets an Inside Story involving Hungary, I'd have 2 nickels. Which isn't alot but it's weird that it has happened twice

    • Ayan Choudhury
      Ayan Choudhury 7 months ago +2

      @Metro there wasn't even contact there....I thought you guys were bored of people telling Hamilton took out Max in Silverstone

    • Metro
      Metro 7 months ago

      @Alucard When?

    • K O
      K O 7 months ago +1

      cool little doofenshmirtz reference

    • Myka
      Myka 7 months ago +33

      @Metro He didn't go from last to first in Brazil, there was a Sprint race first my guy.

    • Rian Castermans
      Rian Castermans 7 months ago +29

      @Metro That was in 2 races, not in 1

  • Bean Mr
    Bean Mr 7 months ago +225

    Look at his onboard. Max’s quick decisions on his steering and throttle were insane, turned what could’ve been a massive loss into a minor setback. Pure skill, any other driver wouldn’t have been able to recover that into a clean spin

    • DethstruXioN ™
      DethstruXioN ™ 7 months ago +1

      @Gijs Sie OH Yeah, it's the new age, just like with the army.
      Kinda funny how far games have come, they're finally approaching their full potential of simulating real life.
      The simple fact of spinning out lots of times in a racing game and recovering from that, working well enough to use in real life, i think is pretty funny.
      Hopefully he doesn't try my tactic to steal positions in a corner by crashing into other cars, i think Bottas tried that once last year.

    • Gijs Sie OH
      Gijs Sie OH 7 months ago

      @give me a break he told that himself indeed

    • give me a break
      give me a break 7 months ago

      Gaming helps a lot !

    • Dražen Vida
      Dražen Vida 7 months ago +1

      @stvn sure, but that's not your original comment. I saw this one the moment F1 uploaded a vid after the race.

    • stvn
      stvn 7 months ago +1

      @Dražen Vida Pretty sure I wrote it myself

  • Mig Y
    Mig Y 7 months ago +129

    Incredible performance by the entire RB team. I love the way Max’s engineer is so calm and clear on the radio. Different story at the red team.

    • Sackhaarspalter
      Sackhaarspalter 7 months ago +6


    • Gijs Sie OH
      Gijs Sie OH 7 months ago +14

      yes the red team is chaotic , but then again italians are just listen how they talk to each other

  • Calm Boy
    Calm Boy 7 months ago +53

    Max and fast outlaps is an underrated love story.

  • Simon lol
    Simon lol 7 months ago +620

    What a unbelievable race if this guy and his team 🔥🔥

    • Shaan
      Shaan 7 months ago

      @Les Blàse the car... the car, why did people not say that when Lewis dominated, he CLEARLY had the best car and ofc he performed, and without the fastest car on the grid, where is he? no way near the number 1 spot in the championchip, get a grip m8, Max's strategy was flawless, cry more

    • Les Blàse
      Les Blàse 7 months ago

      Nah man. It’s the car

    • Gijs Sie OH
      Gijs Sie OH 7 months ago +1

      @Metro yes but he is too polite to his team, Carlos stayed out when they called him to box.

    • Shaan
      Shaan 7 months ago +3

      @Metro it's funny that Sainz is against the strategy, he has done so many times this season, charles need to be more like his teammate

  • The InkedCyclist
    The InkedCyclist 7 months ago +421

    World: Overtaking in Hungary is really tough
    Max: Hold my tulips............

    • Jose Miguel Veliz Villagra
      Jose Miguel Veliz Villagra 7 months ago +1

      @Pierre Gasly still cry Gasly not come back to Redbull 😂😂

    • p_nilly
      p_nilly 7 months ago +1

      @Pierre Gasly Actually he wasn't the only one that made lots of moves this year. The tyre aging and offset definitely plays a big part but with the cars following so closely this year, it's become much easier to pass here than in most previous years

    • Anshuman Kakralia
      Anshuman Kakralia 7 months ago +1

      @Erik Verbove 😂👍🏻

    • Erik Verbove
      Erik Verbove 7 months ago +6

      Hold my stroopwafels:)

    • Arjan Arendsen
      Arjan Arendsen 7 months ago +6

      Hold my AH bonuskaart

  • Kuziph
    Kuziph 7 months ago +17

    Love him or hate him, you cant deny he's one of thoes 'Once in a generation' talents.

  • Zaki Gamer
    Zaki Gamer 7 months ago +47

    Learning now that he wasn't simply instructed to push all the time, that at times he was told to just sit there and manage, match a certain pace makes it even more impressive on Max and Hannah Schmitz and the entire RB team. That's how you deploy a strategy.

  • Navtej
    Navtej 7 months ago +125

    Watching max's outlaps is amazing,around the pitstops he is the most fun driver to watch. Every undercut from him works because of his absurd outlaps

    • Csongi Horvath
      Csongi Horvath 6 months ago +1

      @Pyrex C Sure mate. 😂 I mean his standing starts are mostly average or bad. His cornering in the slow speeds could be better. But his outlaps are truly out of this world. If you don’t wanna believe, you don’t have to. But facts are staying facts. The timer doesn’t lie.

    • Pyrex C
      Pyrex C 6 months ago

      @Csongi Horvath I do know that even verstappens formation lap is amazing to y'all 😭

    • Csongi Horvath
      Csongi Horvath 6 months ago +1

      @Pyrex C Tell me you don’t know anything about F1 without telling me you don’t know anything about F1.😂😂

    • Pyrex C
      Pyrex C 7 months ago

      @brouwerification so why is having fresh tyres vs the competition suffering high deg that impressive?

    • Pyrex C
      Pyrex C 7 months ago

      @Tazzifa Afizzat give me a reason to..

  • Ruud van Manen
    Ruud van Manen 7 months ago +13

    Masterclass racing and strategy! A team performance and a well executed strategy! Well done, Hannah Schmitz! You're the greatest on the grid. Together with Max and Gianpiero Lambiase, you're almost unbeatable! ❤❤

  • Scott Stewart
    Scott Stewart 7 months ago +27

    The connection between Max and the Team during the race is very different from other teams. They have a plan and can adapt, with less drama and whining than others.

    • Professor Fate
      Professor Fate 4 months ago

      especially Hamilton. He calls in to sook about everything

  • joy joshi
    joy joshi 7 months ago +31

    That one outlap of Max was otherworldly; destroyed Hamilton's chance of a win with that one demonically fast outlap. Max is something else this year.

  • Jrh2005
    Jrh2005 7 months ago +58

    Complete masterclass even the spin was a masterclass to not panic and not mess up the tires and keep the car running and only lose one place…

  • Mayuresh Bhattu
    Mayuresh Bhattu 7 months ago +25

    Communication between Max and GP is incredible. GP gives precise and useful information. He listens to Max's frustration and calms him down. On the current grid, no driver engineer combo has this synergy.

    • Bert Bouwhuis
      Bert Bouwhuis 7 months ago +1

      Max even stated in an interview that if GP stops he would stop as well!

    • Jeffrey Postma
      Jeffrey Postma 7 months ago +2

      They know and trust one another fully, which might be the most important thing. So many other drivers are fighting their engineer.

  • Lloyd P Babu
    Lloyd P Babu 7 months ago +32

    A legend in the making. His determination is incredible, he's truly becoming one with the car.

  • joy joshi
    joy joshi 7 months ago +16

    Max and Redbull together are a well oiled machine. Demonically talented Max, very calm and collected pitwall. Championship winning stuff.

  • Ayush Kumar Sinha
    Ayush Kumar Sinha 7 months ago +98

    My guy won the race after:
    1. Having a really bad Q3
    2. Clutch slips
    3. A circuit with no overtakes and less favourable for RB engines...
    4. Did a fricking 360!!
    But at the end he is Max Verstappen in Red Bull so basically that's not even close to stop him to cross the line first!! WAY TO GO SUPER MAX!!!

  • Andy van Kempen
    Andy van Kempen 7 months ago +318

    this was one of his best races ever..... from p10 to win on a somewhar hard circuit to overtake

    • Gionnbharra Bear
      Gionnbharra Bear 7 months ago

      @diogo if you knew anything about Sochi you would realise how ridiculous that statement is

    • diogo
      diogo 7 months ago

      @Gionnbharra Bear Because as he said on the radio he had to preserve tyres

    • Dark
      Dark 7 months ago

      @Gionnbharra Bear so what

    • Gionnbharra Bear
      Gionnbharra Bear 7 months ago

      Just to let you know that Max got overtaken by Alonso at Sochi on pace before the rain

    • Big Smoke
      Big Smoke 7 months ago

      @Dark Yes precisely he was one of the earliest ones to switch to inters and that takes a strategy call?

  • Roberts
    Roberts 7 months ago +35

    Max is not getting half as much praise as lewis did after brazil from P10 to P1. Plus lewis had a safety car to bunch the pack up. Max had to pass 5 drivers with similar pace to his. A much better drive imo

  • Buyan Karatren
    Buyan Karatren 7 months ago +30

    Watching that live i was asking myself why he don't close the gap to Sainz but now seeing this it's clear. He was ordered to. Anyway... one of his best drives so far. With that spin again he showed he is not driving the car.... he is the car.

    • Bullpit2
      Bullpit2 7 months ago +1

      I am the danger

  • TG-Maverick
    TG-Maverick 7 months ago +35

    I can watch this over and over again. One of Max's best races!

  • A S
    A S 7 months ago +301

    I want more of inside stories

    • Freddie Freihofer
      Freddie Freihofer 7 months ago +1

      @Guardian of the Blind The Silverstone 2021 Inside Story is insane. You see how the huge numbers of race cameras are coordinated in the control center.

    • John Kuhles
      John Kuhles 7 months ago

      me too

    • Aventus
      Aventus 7 months ago +4

      @Metro they probably just do an online coin flip

    • Metro
      Metro 7 months ago +52

      I want an inside story on how Ferrari consistenty throw away an easy 1-2

    • Guardian of the Blind
      Guardian of the Blind 7 months ago +2

      there are quite a few more, but exclusive for f1tv subscribers.

  • HopeloosBoos
    HopeloosBoos 7 months ago +21

    3:23 look how max just changed his settings while being in the fastest corner of the track

  • Grants Rants
    Grants Rants 7 months ago +15

    This type of content is what DTS needs to be. Show all the behind the scenes of the races and the strategy calls, and mix it in with the fancy camerawork Netflix likes to have

    • HGZ
      HGZ 7 months ago +4

      @Gerbrand van Kolck Max had some talks with Netflix he said on some American podcast. He will be in the next DTS, fwiw.

    • Gerbrand van Kolck
      Gerbrand van Kolck 7 months ago +5

      Unfortunately Max doesnt like DTS, so he wont cooperate with them. And well.. uuh, Sky Sports is involved, so its Lewis Lewis and Lewis first.

  • Aron James Garcia
    Aron James Garcia 7 months ago +12

    2 years ago, it damaged suspension and was fixed by the mechanics before the green light and finished in P2.
    Now, he started in P10, great pitwork by the mechanics (best in the business) and a very calm execution of strategy by the team. This is the real highlight of the 2022, so far.

  • mert balbal
    mert balbal 7 months ago +31

    the control he has at that 360 is mind blowing, I had to watch a couple times to see the hand switch he makes, out of this world

    • KneppaH DnB
      KneppaH DnB 3 months ago

      and it's not the first time he did it. amazing stuff

  • Formula 1 / CCR
    Formula 1 / CCR 7 months ago +11

    One of the best races of Max! Epic strategy and drive by team Red Bull!

  • Paul Michael Freedman
    Paul Michael Freedman 7 months ago +5

    That overtake on LeClerc in the turn was so smooth and anticipated...goosebumps.

  • Dražen Vida
    Dražen Vida 7 months ago +18

    That hands switch during the spin is 🔥🔥

  • Jonny B
    Jonny B 7 months ago +5

    One of the best races of the calendar year so far. I would like to see Sainz in a redbull again.

  • AbswithFlabsTTV
    AbswithFlabsTTV 7 months ago +32

    Started 10th, won by nearly 10s, increible!

  • Zabir Affan Khan
    Zabir Affan Khan 7 months ago +14

    Just hope that this run continues for him and Red Bull. Don't want those notorious reliability issues and DNFS at this stage of the championship. Still 9 more long races to go.

  • sakina
    sakina 7 months ago +16

    a big round of applause for Hannah Schmitz! an inspiration to young girls all around the world

  • E-Sir
    E-Sir 7 months ago +56

    "Who is that in front?"
    "Checo needs to move aside"
    That is a lion smelling blood.

    • Sairam R
      Sairam R 7 months ago +1

      RB didn't want a tussle like Seb and Webber. I think Checo might have a condition in his clause, that's why max and Checo always team up without fighting.

    • LeonardiLifter
      LeonardiLifter 7 months ago +16

      When he spun it looked like Checo also instantly went defensive to block off Russell, when he easily could have passed Max. Pretty cool dynamic. RB really looks like one of the greatest teams we've seen in a long time so far.

  • Not Xabi
    Not Xabi 7 months ago +24

    This performance is so embarrassing for the other teams. Chances to capitalize and somehow Max still wins COMFORTABLY.

  • MM
    MM 7 months ago +24

    Brilliant work from Red Bull and just an outstanding, mature performance by Max.

  • Kazu
    Kazu 7 months ago +8

    What a phenominal team performance, Max drove his heart out and Red Bull was amazing

  • EthiozDevelopement
    EthiozDevelopement 7 months ago +39

    Max didnt believe his team that leclerc has hard tyres so he did a spin just to make sure

  • Arkcen
    Arkcen 7 months ago +14

    He is THE best driver at the moment. There is no comparing to the confidence he is driving with right now. Borderline invincible driving, a beautiful race done by redbull.

    • Arkcen
      Arkcen 5 months ago

      @Waso i truly think if redbull keeps this up, he will be the best to ever touch a track. no doubt. 10+ championships, 10 championships in a row, get ready for the redbull era of f1, u thought it was vettel, my friend, they were just getting started with vettel, prepare for the decade of max

    • Waso
      Waso 7 months ago +1

      Second driver ever, can even be the GOAT

  • Ricardo Leffering
    Ricardo Leffering 7 months ago +3

    Calm and collected, such a great drive from Max. His engineer gave him the right information in a calmly manner.

  • Paul S
    Paul S 7 months ago +43

    RB driver support from their engineer is world's above other teams. they listen to him, give only the important info. solid group of people behind a very talented driver.

  • Oliver M.
    Oliver M. 7 months ago +61

    Inside Stories are the very best content. Love 'em! 👌

  • Sumanth N Tunga
    Sumanth N Tunga 7 months ago +12

    The fact that GP gave info about Russel when max was on P6 says all about this Race. They were targeting Podium and got a win.. Great drive!

    • Sumanth N Tunga
      Sumanth N Tunga 6 months ago


    • Lostfrequentie _
      Lostfrequentie _ 6 months ago +1

      we are looking for a p5 win but dou you want hard or soft tires question?, and the drink is not conected you will not have the drink sorry

  • Herschelle Collom
    Herschelle Collom 7 months ago +86

    I am not a big Max fan but big ups for both Max and team Red Bull this was a Masterclass

    • tokmoh2000
      tokmoh2000 7 months ago +4

      @joy joshi i think it's there just to say despite not being a fan, he acknowledges and has respect for what Max and Red Bull achieved there.

    • Kimi Raikkonen
      Kimi Raikkonen 7 months ago +8

      nobody cares if you’re not a max fan i swear to you 😂

    • joy joshi
      joy joshi 7 months ago +6

      You could just state your opinion without starting with "not a fan". No one's gonna judge you. 😅

  • Kingo
    Kingo 7 months ago +73

    Really does make you appreciate a well executed strategy even more with all these blanks filled in that commentary cannot provide.
    This is a prime example of it, RB and Max synced up and unfazed by small setbacks.

  • FiFo Da Bahia
    FiFo Da Bahia 7 months ago +6

    Max é um fenômeno das pistas 🦁🦁🦁

  • Toto Wolff's Table
    Toto Wolff's Table 7 months ago +22

    Great car, great strategy and GREAT driver. This has to be RedBulls greatest season next to 2013 and 2011

    • NathanDrums
      NathanDrums 7 months ago +7

      For real. Absolutely unreal performance from them this season. Masterclass drives from Verstappen each race weekend as well.

  • Stephen Taylor
    Stephen Taylor 7 months ago +19

    Max has been sensational this year . I think his racecraft has gone up a level compared to even last year when he won the WDC. He and RBR have turned into a ruthless machine this year. Max will thoroughly deserve his second title this year when he wins . Verstappen winning the 2022 title is a question of when it happens imo not if.

  • Ben Murray
    Ben Murray 7 months ago +26

    I love these inside stories, gives a far greater insight to the communication and strategy between the drivers, engineers and the team etc

  • Sarah Gichure
    Sarah Gichure 7 months ago +22

    This race was all about strategy. And red bull were able to execute it to perfection👌👌.
    And may i add that Red bull and max are a match made in heaven. I hope he never leaves.

  • Aspero_YT
    Aspero_YT 7 months ago +34

    Max with his talents to keep his calm, Checo a defensive monster and RedBull's uptight attitude in race makes this team currently the best on the grid and then again, Ferrari being Ferrari even with such excellent drivers behind the wheel giving RedBull a push in securing both Championships

  • Mauricio Coronado
    Mauricio Coronado 7 months ago +16

    Incredible race from Max. But on a side note, something about David Croft that bothers me is I noticed when Max overtook Charles it was "Max had the space on the inside" but when Lewis overtook George it was "the old classic switcheroo what a brilliant move". Seems a bit biased. Especially when the move was done AGAIN after Max spun.

  • Mohd Shayan Baig
    Mohd Shayan Baig 7 months ago +9

    Strategies and monster outlaps. His both outlaps were 1:40.1 and 1:39.4… no one else managed to put anything close, only Lecrec did one in 141.7 (still 1.6 seconds slower) but most were 3-5 seconds slower. Those undercuts were liked magic because of great timing to pit and monster outlaps.

  • trautsj
    trautsj 7 months ago +10

    I mean Max and Red Bull have put aside any question of them deserving that #1 on the car this year. Absolutely surgical race.

  • Maur
    Maur 7 months ago +29

    Incredible race! Also Checo needs some love as well, he defended while Max spun!

    • LeonardiLifter
      LeonardiLifter 7 months ago

      @Eric yeah. That’s why he almost instantly moved over and let him pass earlier in the stint. Lol

    • Eric
      Eric 7 months ago

      @LeonardiLifter PER tried it on the outside, door was closed.......... nothing "easily done". PER is not on track to "serve" Max.............

    • LeonardiLifter
      LeonardiLifter 7 months ago

      @Eric looks like he covered off George and parked his car instead of zooming past Max like he could have easily done after a spin like that but whatever. Not trying to argue

    • Eric
      Eric 7 months ago +1

      @LeonardiLifter yeh, wanted to pass max, could not, defended to RUS and lost out. No "helping" Max whatsoever...... don't glamorize everything for PER........

    • LeonardiLifter
      LeonardiLifter 7 months ago

      @Eric He lost his position to Russell when Max spun because he tried to defend.

  • CrossfireBolt
    CrossfireBolt 7 months ago +63

    That was a great race. Full of drama and action. Can't wait for the next one in 2 weeks :)

  • grishemall
    grishemall 7 months ago +51

    Man this race was something else 😁 And I was lucky to see it live from the grandstands! My first ever trip fo F1 Grand Prix, and I got this kind of treat. Cherry on top was, I met some truly amazing people while being there 😍 That weekend couldn't be any better 😍

    • Rowi V
      Rowi V 7 months ago +1

      My first race was Abu Dhabi last year :-)

    • SimRacing Channel
      SimRacing Channel 7 months ago +1

      Cheers man ive been to the 2019 Hungary GP myself and it one of the best GP events ive been to.

  • Keerthivel M
    Keerthivel M 7 months ago +12

    And he did this without a safety car, just pure driving skills and stratergy!

  • ItsMaxWolf
    ItsMaxWolf 7 months ago +38

    Max’s race pace is incredible. He’s terrific at qualifying too, but when that goes wrong, everyone knows he’s never out of the fight. Back when the Mercedes was dominant in 2020/2021 he always shows that he can perform in the most crucial moments.

    • Sairam R
      Sairam R 7 months ago

      The Mercedes pressure has seasoned him very well. Max knows that if he can handle that much pressure, he's pretty much invincible

    • FabiO CastrO
      FabiO CastrO 7 months ago

      the car only has one problem in the classification, the weight of the car

    • Its_GodlyRL
      Its_GodlyRL 7 months ago +3

      @Metro since you’re arguing that red bull was the faster car, why wasn’t perez up there with verstappen? he was literally knocked out in Q2
      its the same reason bottas wasn’t up there with hamilton
      you don’t even begin to compare bottas to hamilton or perez to verstappen

    • Bean Mr
      Bean Mr 7 months ago +3

      @Metro noop Mercedes definitely had the faster car

    • Metro
      Metro 7 months ago +3

      @Its_GodlyRL Except he also outqalified Bottas by 7 tenths, but it was obviously jUTs tHe cAR

  • pauluZM
    pauluZM 7 months ago +3

    Keep these Inside Stories comming! What a wonderfull addition to you vids!

  • Ollie Cole
    Ollie Cole 7 months ago +17

    Continues to amaze me how much the driver is doing besides actually driving.

  • Mohammed Bin Mahfooz
    Mohammed Bin Mahfooz 7 months ago +10

    Come on! Max has to be the King of outlaps

  • PAUL'S World of Wonder
    PAUL'S World of Wonder 7 months ago +2

    It's like a 14 minute mini movie. Fantastic to hear all the detailed communication between Max and his race engineer. These two are so well connected, working together like a perfectly oiled machine. One of max's best drives. Cool and collected, very impressive.

  • AJ Kornegay
    AJ Kornegay 7 months ago +11

    The level of calm from team to driver has been un matched this year

  • Error 403
    Error 403 7 months ago +11

    I love these kinds of insights. Nothing like DtS can provide. The editing is really nice

  • satyrony
    satyrony 7 months ago +3

    I loved how GP just went "Head down" after Max' rant and it contained everything Max needed to hear, and GP needed to say.

  • rikkierikkie
    rikkierikkie 7 months ago +10

    Red Bull should give Hannah a contract like Newey to hold on to her as long as possible.
    She's an absolute genius.

    • Ivan Stanković
      Ivan Stanković 7 months ago

      @Shintaro when you say someone should have a contract like Adrian Newey then it sure is, every team is going to choose Newey over hundred strategists like Hannah.
      Newey is the best paid in RB apart from drivers and he had shares in a team and there is a reason for that and reason being that of containing the most unique and the most useful skillset on grid

    • Shintaro
      Shintaro 7 months ago +1

      @Ivan Stanković when your team is arguably the best strategists on the grid, i doubt its overreacting.

    • Prasoon Tiwari
      Prasoon Tiwari 7 months ago +3

      She's been with RedBull for over 13 years, suffice to say I think both parties like to work with each other and there is sufficient consideration for both to continue their working relationship for over 13 years.

    • Ivan Stanković
      Ivan Stanković 7 months ago

      You don't think you are overreacting a bit?

  • Joe Somebody
    Joe Somebody 7 months ago +16

    I'm glad Formula 1 did this because all the talk on Skysports was about how Lewis was amazing and could've won, etc etc etc. Almost downplaying the drive Max had

  • Attila Gyula Záborszky
    Attila Gyula Záborszky 7 months ago +1

    So proud of this guy! He’s at the very top of his talent right now

    • Caroline Francis
      Caroline Francis 6 months ago +1

      I agree

    • AngeIspawn
      AngeIspawn 7 months ago

      I'm secretly hoping for a 2nd driver that rivals and challenges him. He's to comfortable being the #1 driver at RB. If he has to fight for that position i have a feeling he can be pushed even further.

  • kreshBACON
    kreshBACON 7 months ago +7

    Max and Redbull are the most powerful combination of the grid at the moment, brilliant race

  • Joss Escobar
    Joss Escobar 7 months ago +29

    Increíble trabajo de Max. Dándose el lujo de hacer un trompo y continuar para terminar en el primer lugar. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Mike
    Mike 7 months ago +4

    There's no real contender for Max this year, he's dominating everyone!

  • Henrik Bolstad
    Henrik Bolstad 7 months ago +2

    Not a huge Max fan, but this season he is on a well deserved roll!

  • Naufal Pahlevi
    Naufal Pahlevi 7 months ago +145

    We need Inside Story for unbelievable Ferrari's strategy more than a story about Redbull doing Redbull things..

    • Freddie Freihofer
      Freddie Freihofer 7 months ago

      @Stysner Yeah, but no real progress can be made until the real issues are acknowledged. Feelings are of no help with data.

    • Rose K
      Rose K 7 months ago +2

      I actually appreciate seeing something else besides the constant comments over Ferrari's strategy. Max and RB did an incredible job here and it deserves some recognition.

    • Whateva
      Whateva 7 months ago

      Box Box Box

    • Nu
      Nu 7 months ago +6

      @Foh more like "we are choking"

    • Kaktuscar 37
      Kaktuscar 37 7 months ago

      @Foh hahaha

  • Deepak Ojha
    Deepak Ojha 7 months ago +4

    Always a treat to hear these comms at high-stress strategic calls. So much to do in permutation and combinations. These engineers are as much legends as the person sitting inside the car!

  • PbPomper
    PbPomper 7 months ago +2

    GP is so amazingly calm. I can imagine that Max loves him.

  • frim 🥳
    frim 🥳 7 months ago +16

    Contrast RB strategy and how streamlined and calm they are the whole race with Ferrari. A world of difference

  • RedguardSpy
    RedguardSpy 7 months ago +8

    Who would've thought? Not me.. something about the way this played out is just magical.

  • Melvin Tschan
    Melvin Tschan 7 months ago +9

    With everything Red Bull are doing, not only in F1, I wonder when they will start a space program.

  • Rohan Naidu
    Rohan Naidu 4 months ago +1

    Can we just appreciate how clean that second overtake on leclerc was? How late his applied the brakes then just able to throw the car sharply into the turn and switch around leclerc

  • Gus305
    Gus305 7 months ago +16

    That was brilliantly done, by his crew and max, and I’m a Lewis Hamilton fan, not that it changes anything but he did outstanding job

  • ankur
    ankur 7 months ago +16

    As much as i'm a ferrari fan, red bull are just brilliant. It's such a shame that ferrari strategists consider themselves worthy of being in a top team, it's impossible to even think that ferrari could ever be able to put together a brilliant strategy like that. they finish out of podium even starting front row let alone 10th

    • Hans Kuijsten
      Hans Kuijsten 7 months ago

      I think they ARE able to develop a strategy. They just don't seem able to execute it. Nor improvise.
      They just panic and react, which losrs them the initiative each time.