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Android 13 Hands-On: Top 5 Features!


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  • Matt
    Matt 3 months ago +8554

    I swear the hype for Android updates is massively less than what it used to be. I remember seeing masses of videos covering each pre-release version in-depth in years gone by, but this time, I was barely aware 13 was even on the horizon until today

    • Dave Moore II
      Dave Moore II Day ago

      Because we achieved what we were looking for in an android phone.
      You have the heavy storage
      The large and sustainable battery life
      Cameras so clear it can see where your hair starts
      A screen big enough to rival your TV at home
      The security is the only thing that MIGHT be one step behind apple but I'm sure that as well is gonna change soon enough
      ....what more do you need lol

    • Mahavir Bhakta
      Mahavir Bhakta 13 days ago

      I would argue same for iOS, not much changes between versions now

    • Sirajuddin Hussain
      Sirajuddin Hussain 15 days ago

      Exactly, even me i gotta know that Android 13 is going to release by seeing a pop from my mobile updates. A new version is available then, i was like wow

    • Taurean Smoke
      Taurean Smoke 16 days ago

      Apple users with 8000 likes on this comment all sucking each other's copium sticks 😂😂😂😂😂😂! You got to love when a bunch of lames get together and talk about something! For me it always comes back to the camera every time I Apple use a chose me the camera is better and we do a camera shoot out It's kind of funny how they lose and stop talking Even when it comes to video they always say Apple got the best video but when you break that pixel out it's kind of funny how the whole narrative shifts in real life!

    • Taurean Smoke
      Taurean Smoke 16 days ago

      I know you tell Apple to stop copying Android if nobody cares about Android anymore It seems like Apple cares more about Android than Apple users do that should let you know everything right there Android is the true innovator and it's the only thing worth looking at!

  • Speedy
    Speedy Day ago +2

    App specific language support is awesome! My native language is German but I very much prefer to use my phone in English cause English is the native language of the OS and I'm a big fan of language acquisition through immersion. However, I'm glad that I can now use apps like the journey planer for my local public transportation agency in its original language as well as the German version of Google Maps cause the English A.I. voice doesn't speak out German street names.

  • Jimmie G.
    Jimmie G. Day ago +2

    With the Pixel and Galaxy series, Android fragmentation is a thing of the past. Pixels got Android 13 right away in August. The newest Galaxy's got One UI 5 in October. My nearly 3 year old A71 got it in November. I hear Samsung is working with Google to bring One UI updates even sooner. Plus 4 or 5 years of updates and security patches.

  • Ihuoma O
    Ihuoma O 4 days ago +1

    I think you'd get more engagement if you did update on phone variety like one UI 5. Android 13 not exactly like this on Samsung

  • an dual
    an dual Day ago

    I remember when i was a kid, updating my phone from Android 4 to 5, and from 5 to 6, i was completely blown away by the new features and aesthetics they put in. Nowadays... boring, as boring as the difference between iPhone 13 and 14

  • brenxxon
    brenxxon 3 months ago +1854

    Android 13 is exactly what pixel owners have been begging for. Finally a stable update for the pixel 6

    • RedClaw 72
      RedClaw 72 2 months ago +1

      @Brian same boat love the pixel 6 pro been with Samsung with the S8+ and note 10+ love the fact that I can delete anything without bloatware especially with Samsung stuff honestly some companies need to give options to what you can do for your phone instead of drowning our throats with useless crap you won't use and just drain battery without using it especially with Samsungs audio is just garbage with a amp/dac (fiio btr7) pixel sounds waay better vs Samsungs overblown fake audio

    • RedClaw 72
      RedClaw 72 2 months ago +1

      @Humphrey ios still can't delete nor remove apps from home screen, still doesn't support ldac, doesn't do well with amp/dacs, it's a social media phone use lol 🤡🤡🤡 Soo your iPhone is used to troll on Clip-Share nice great to spend a lot of money just for that reason only 🤡

    • RedClaw 72
      RedClaw 72 2 months ago

      @บัญชีใหม่ Google Lord ios still can't delete nor remove apps from home screen, still doesn't support ldac, doesn't do well with amp/dacs, it's a social media phone use lol

    • Umar Farooq
      Umar Farooq 3 months ago

      Pixel 6 is a loser

    • Levi
      Levi 3 months ago

      @Theauramasternul it doesn't suck, its great. Do factory reset lmao

  • molly brainard
    molly brainard 3 months ago +537

    The biggest feature I had been looking forward to on Android 13 is the native braille support built into TalkBack. However, I and many people in the blind community are very disappointed to discover that Google still has not added support for the modern Hid braille standard, which has been around for several years now. This means that people using braille displays that support this standard cannot use braille on Android. Speaking from the perspective of someone who relys on braille for communicating with people, I find this lack of support from Google extremely disheartening.

    • kohios1
      kohios1 19 hours ago

      I have a question do see when dreams or dreaming ? I've always wondered don't know anyone that is blind.

    • Taurean Smoke
      Taurean Smoke 16 days ago

      And the broil support on iPhone is trash watch how Google shows Apple how to do braille support. Just like all the other disabled people choosing Android over iOS in general because Android just has better accessibility features That's also widely known in the community as well. Apple doesn't care about their users or user experience That's why Android is better.

    • Taurean Smoke
      Taurean Smoke 16 days ago

      If you're only looking for native bro support in Android 13 you're a clown! I find it funny when you read a comment and you can barely clearly tell that it was written by an iPhone user. First off if you haven't gotten excited for an Android update that's because you have an iPhone. To be honest saying you're not excited for an Android update just make you sound ignorant when Android has bigger releases than iOS does. What was the last big release Apple has done a lock screen redesign that everybody hates a new notch that everybody hates. There is nothing that iPhone has that people want. Apple only has 20% market share Android has 80 That's because more people are vastly more excited for Android than they are for Apple! Please Apple user stop spreading ignorance nobody cares about your phones or your updates. Or simple things that Apple steals from Android like back tap. Literally everything Apple adds they literally steal from Android That's because Apple is more excited about Android updates than they are about their own updates because when Android updates something that mean it's time for Apple to somehow get new ideas lol!

    • Ronald Isabel
      Ronald Isabel 20 days ago

      @molly brainard damn so no daredevil abilities huh? 😅 Jk light hearted joke

    • Ronald Isabel
      Ronald Isabel 20 days ago

      Maybe they need someone with your knowledge to help? Could be resources or something

  • HMan TC
    HMan TC Day ago +1

    was originally looking for a DBZ movie but this is good too, thanks for the review

  • Rajesh Goparaju
    Rajesh Goparaju Day ago

    Can feel the smoothness in ui....

  • Keith Nisbet
    Keith Nisbet 3 months ago +104

    I just bought an A53 5G as a low cost way to try out Android for a possible move from iOS. I'm having fun with Android 12 mainly because of the infinite customisability of the system. It's a tough thing to move from one to the other but I'm getting used to Android by the day and think I may be finally able to wean myself away from Apple. I feel there is much better value in the Android phone world and I'm willing to take a shot now that updates are available for a few years on the Samsung top tier and some of the mid tier phones. BTW, with a nice case you'd never know the A53 was not a top tier phone. I'm looking forward to the Android 13 update.

    • richmouland
      richmouland 10 hours ago

      Until your new android phone is no longer update supported in 2025. My Sony phone and tablet has just 2 years of support, then nothing. My apple stuff is supported many years later.

    • Thomas B
      Thomas B Day ago

      @J H Google photos is so much better than icloud, Google meet has the same quality as facetime if not better, and Google messages has the same features as iMessage with devices pairing, and it can pair to any computer or OS

    • Thomas B
      Thomas B Day ago

      @J H wow, apple finally let you have a fraction of the customization that android began offering 10 years ago

    • Thomas B
      Thomas B Day ago

      @Eric Powell I can not go back to apple it's been 5 years and you couldn't make me use the 14 pro max if you gave it to me for free, I'd still rather use a galaxy note from 2 years ago

    • Thomas B
      Thomas B Day ago

      @Leander Berg I have the s20 fe, I forget it's a plastic back all the time because I have a case on it 247, never understood why you need premium materials on such a fragile device? that's like driving a Lamborghini made of glass

  • watchdominion dot org
    watchdominion dot org 3 months ago +1037

    2:14 Clipboard
    3:41 Security
    4:20 Audio
    4:49 App Specific Language support
    5:43 Aesthetics

    • Waseem Jafri
      Waseem Jafri 2 months ago

      I won't update to 13. I'm already regret to lose 11. 11 was best so far

    • warrior wizard
      warrior wizard 2 months ago

      @No one agreed, I can already see a lot of fanboys hating on you lol

    • Aaron18Cvx
      Aaron18Cvx 2 months ago


    • Umar Islam
      Umar Islam 3 months ago

      Way to go matey

    • Viton77 Boxing
      Viton77 Boxing 3 months ago

      4:20 🧐🧐🧐🧐🗿🔥

  • Jeroen De Vries
    Jeroen De Vries 3 months ago +50

    I think Android doesn't need the "big number updates" as much as back in the days. A lot of things in Android can update without the system update, like Google play system, dialer, launcher, Bluetooth somehow (as I was told), security patches, camera, etc. And most of those updates, also update on older Android versions. Don't get me wrong, it's nice to see new features, but we see them throughout the year, bit by bit.

    • Gyaneshwar Thakur
      Gyaneshwar Thakur 3 days ago

      @anime pussy I think what he is trying to say is you get some of the basic features on your older devices without getting the newer Android version with some tweaks.
      Recently I damaged my phone so I turned to my older moto g3 turbo running Android 6. I noticed that it has nearby share feature and you can also turn on dark mode across all apps if you turn on battery saver. And few other (which I forgot) features. Isn't it amazing that they are still keeping these older devices updated. Perhaps it is because it's stock Android.
      The device runs smoothly and nearly 99 percent of the apps I needed are compatible with that device.

    • anime pussy
      anime pussy 11 days ago

      No, we don't. All they give you are Google security updates and a slightly newer kernel which is still behind AOSP.

  • Nana Kwame Agyemang Duah-Mensah

    I didn't see it until he said "I'm not going to say what it looks like" 😂😂

  • M GH
    M GH 2 days ago

    iOS is ahead of the game

  • shin chan
    shin chan 6 hours ago

    hope my next phone will be a premium phone

  • Felix Sanhueza
    Felix Sanhueza 3 months ago +5088

    Here's a practical example of why I'm looking forward to setting apps to different languages: my phone is in French, but I live in Germany. When my boiler's monitoring app notifies me of an issue, I get the message in French, so I have no idea what the issue is called in German when I want to contact my technician. I have to change my entire phone's language setting to be able to see the error message in German, and then report it to the technician. And then I get to switch the phone language again 😅

    • João Henrique Couto e Silva
      João Henrique Couto e Silva 3 months ago

      @codars are you insane my guy? OP's talking about a minor inconvenience to him. It's not trivial to know the correct translation of a technical term for a machine component. The best way to be sure you're saying the right word to the technician is to translate the app. A native could be 90yo and not know the meaning of a technical term for a boiler part. Do you know a 100% ofthe words in your language?

    • Xaver
      Xaver 3 months ago +1

      I feel you

    • Casper Lindberg
      Casper Lindberg 3 months ago

      @codars I'm not angry, it's part of my baseline. Don't ignore my argument just because you don't like the way I talk. ;)

    • codars
      codars 3 months ago

      @Casper Lindberg Calm down, guy. Your use of language is unbecoming. Don’t be so angry.

    • Casper Lindberg
      Casper Lindberg 3 months ago

      @codars Did you also consider the fact that he probably IS learning German right now, just not the terms for a fucking boiler... Language apps probably won't teach you that. OS upgrade will just make it easier to learn

  • Sam B
    Sam B 3 months ago +43

    I updated my Pixel 5 to Android 13 on Wednesday. So far, my favorite feature is the change to the media player's aesthetics and functionality.

    • Bob Smith
      Bob Smith 2 months ago

      Yes very cool update

    • Aditya Mohapatra
      Aditya Mohapatra 2 months ago +1

      Is it actually good? It sucked on Android 11 and 12, I never ever liked it. Is seeking through music reliable (is the tap to seek still disabled when tapping too close to the circle)? Which apps did you try the media player with?


    I updated my phone to Android 13 and I don't got a lot of those features and I have a Samsung galaxy 21 plus 5G which is weird

  • Robby Neale
    Robby Neale 2 months ago +1

    Favorite feature: Being able to turn off the flashlight from the lock screen without having to pull down for it. It's minor, but I use my flashlight a lot and the convenience is amazing.

  • Larry Samson
    Larry Samson 3 months ago +6

    I think one of the useful feature is the built in messages app that enable us to send messages or mms tru online (chat features like the iMessage) but the downside is majority of the company making android phones like to skin everything and change the overall stock like to candy-ish themes and stuff so in reality Messages is pretty much useless. 🙁

  • Dino Rodriguez
    Dino Rodriguez 3 months ago +3655

    For me, App Languages is a game changer, incredible feature.

    • Aspire Wot
      Aspire Wot 3 months ago +2

      " Woah So innovative " Wojak jpg

    • Moh'd
      Moh'd 3 months ago

      @Adam Gajdoš For someone who speaks more than one language or is learning a new language this would be very useful

      UNKNOWN 3 months ago

      Phone even taking over translators

    • raby
      raby 3 months ago

      @|l|l|ll||ll|l| good point, same thing happens in Portugal

    • raby
      raby 3 months ago

      @Patrizio lmao

  • Toshi _
    Toshi _ 5 hours ago

    In short nowadays Android versions are useless.
    No improvement 😂

  • Eric Londres
    Eric Londres 16 days ago +1

    Thanks for the breakdown bro. Woke up this morning to see this pop up on my Note 20 so wanted to see what the new changes are. Always enjoy your vids as they are always well put together. So far, this update to me is just ho hum after finding out whats been changed although some of the new features are definitely appreciated. A bit surprised they're no longer calling these updates with some dessert names which was fun.

  • Jamie Edwards
    Jamie Edwards 3 months ago +56

    So the main thing I've noticed with this update on my Pixel 6 Pro is that they've finally fixed the awful under display fingerprint scanner, which was the only thing that stopped me recommending this phone. Now it's pretty much perfect for me.

    • Someonelsy
      Someonelsy 5 days ago +1

      What problem were you having with the fingerprint scanner?

    • YouNeverKnow
      YouNeverKnow 2 months ago

      what about the battery ?

  • SJ Explorer.
    SJ Explorer. 5 days ago +2

    The higher we go, the cooler it is .
    The differences between the newer updates (12 &13 for eg.) seem to fade and shrink

  • Solokid404
    Solokid404 3 months ago +642

    So Android 13 is the much more refined version of 12 along with some more quality of life changes. Nice. Android 12 and alot of the phones that has it definitely turned some people off because of the bugs and lack of fixes. Hopefully this will be a much better year. And I hope more phones get long term Android update support

    • Hill
      Hill 3 months ago

      @Tomas Hledik um no, they are stuck with older version coz most manufacturers provide only 2 years of big updates.

    • Tomas Hledik
      Tomas Hledik 3 months ago

      That segmentation shows that users are perfectly happy with older android versions....

    • Smite Playz
      Smite Playz 3 months ago

      personally, ive also experienced many bugs/performance issues after updating my redmi note 10 pro to android 12. youtube lags randomly after 1+ hour of usage, and just random stutters. hope these get fixed

    • Xirpzy
      Xirpzy 3 months ago

      @Evtingperfect had that for less than a month and then it was fixed.

    • Hill
      Hill 3 months ago

      What bugs? My phone has zero problems running android 12

  • Kim In The Mix
    Kim In The Mix 3 months ago +10

    I love the changes google made to this new release, specifically the music player progress bar.

  • Gytole
    Gytole 3 months ago +4

    All I know is every problem that I had in 12/12.1 on my P6P is GONE now. There were so many bugs before that it drove me nuts. And the introduction of being able to change your resolution is AWESOME. Root and kernel needed.

  • Dylan Pattyn
    Dylan Pattyn 3 months ago +21

    13 seems underwhelming compared to what these updates usually are... I use the S22 Ultra, so maybe there will be some decent changes to One UI 5 but I doubt it

    • Matlabi Duniya...
      Matlabi Duniya... 3 months ago +1

      @Emir D in members app there was poster about android 13 and when you click that it was showing option to enroll for beta then 10 min after enrollment got update in software update for beta

    • Emir D
      Emir D 3 months ago

      @Matlabi Duniya... How did you get the beta?

    • Matlabi Duniya...
      Matlabi Duniya... 3 months ago +1

      Literally i havent noticed major changed in s22 ultra android 13 beta update

  • Thunderboiz op
    Thunderboiz op 3 months ago +16

    It's not consumers' fault. The phone companies don't push updates in order to render older models obsolete.

    • Jasper Greenhill
      Jasper Greenhill 2 months ago +1

      exactly once you have an unlocked bootloader you can switch to lineage os which actually gives you updates on time it's 100% your phone manufacturer baking in planned obselesance

  • Tim in PA
    Tim in PA 3 months ago +3

    Looking forward to this update. Media player is cool. Clipboard improvements are great, especially editing of text and working across devices. Opt-in notifications are needed.

  • k5ak5a
    k5ak5a 3 months ago

    1 thing I like on Android 13 is battery life, which is more lasting compared to Android 12 on my Pixel 5a.

  • Jonas Fermefors
    Jonas Fermefors 3 months ago +4

    The splintered OS-base is Androids biggest weakness. I'm on a Pixel phone for that reason, but I wish there were some other manufacturers that went for stock android (with a couple of apps perhaps) so they could also keep up with new versions.. I think that would be good for competition. Imagine if Samsung offered a stock alternative.. I'd be very tempted.

    • Jonas Fermefors
      Jonas Fermefors 3 months ago

      @Fisayo Ajisafe Nokia and Motorola use near stock Android, but Sony do a bit more changes - though less than Samsung certainly. I don't like Motorola much but I haven't really looked at the Nokia phones so they could be an alternative.

    • Fisayo Ajisafe
      Fisayo Ajisafe 3 months ago

      Sony and Nokia use stock android actually

  • Kh Gh
    Kh Gh 3 months ago

    A video that I truly want to see is a comparison of the accessories of both the Android and IOS devices, such as cases and covers

  • Elad Avron
    Elad Avron 3 months ago +631

    Specific app language is a game changer for me.
    I use English for almost everything but want my maps to appear in my native language since that's the language all the streets and business are in.
    You could do that internally in Maps before, but it wouldn't carry over to Android Auto where it would still be English.
    Hopefully this will solve that.
    Update: It does not carry over to Android Auto 😭

    • JC Denton
      JC Denton 14 days ago

      @Heimen Stoffels is your phone running Linux tho?

    • Oussama
      Oussama 2 months ago +2

      iOS had that for years

    • benji45645
      benji45645 2 months ago

      Android Auto is long overdue for an overhaul. There are some things it does that are just inexplicable. Like how I can't open Maps on my phone while it's connected. I know we're not supposed to use phones while driving, but is the best solution really picking up the phone at a red light to use its keyboard while still looking at the text box on the car display to see if the word was input correctly? Or like how you cannot access your car settings without exiting the AA application. Or how text notifications block a good chunk of your screen, right over the navigation directions and the top of your map (the most important part of the map). The whole app and car interface needs a really thorough refresh because they're adding features without addressing very base-level flaws, and that's gonna come back to bite them someday.

    • Danylo
      Danylo 3 months ago


    • Party Wumpus
      Party Wumpus 3 months ago +1

      @Heimen Stoffels KDE plasma is a desktop environment though? They're different things, with different features?

  • Andrew Seodyal
    Andrew Seodyal 2 months ago

    Watching this video makes me miss stock Android so much, hoping the S22U gets 13 soon 🤞

  • Kieran XX
    Kieran XX 3 months ago +2

    App language is definitely the No.1 feature that I would use. Very useful for me!!

  • Kushagra Kumar
    Kushagra Kumar Month ago

    Just installed Android 13 rom in my device and it is amazing😍

  • Oscar Shelukindo
    Oscar Shelukindo 2 months ago

    The Android ecosystem is huge cutting across various devices and with specific functions that might not require update hence the fragmentation. Also my take is that many Android users don't bother to upgrade and some can't afford the data required to do so.

  • Jaykstah
    Jaykstah 3 months ago +377

    Loved seeing these features iron out throughout the beta on my Pixel 5a. A lot of small quality of life that has made things a bit easier day to day.

    • B K
      B K 3 months ago

      @Greetings Earthlings! Pluto when you take video it will easily overheat. Commonly on 4k60 option.
      Otherwise, it just like Iphone. Great user and life experience, no bloatware. Photos are amazing as always. Battery life is great, on my pixel 5a, i assume others new model will have good battery life.

    • Greetings Earthlings! Pluto
      Greetings Earthlings! Pluto 3 months ago

      I have flip 3 thinking of going to pixel? Could I get your opinion on pixel, much appreciated, thx

    • Razi
      Razi 3 months ago +2

      I’m also using a pixel 5a running android 13 , it’s smooth

    • WHATSAPP ME 👉+𝟭 (𝟴𝟰𝟳) 𝟴𝟲𝟬-𝟮𝟵𝟰𝟰
      WHATSAPP ME 👉+𝟭 (𝟴𝟰𝟳) 𝟴𝟲𝟬-𝟮𝟵𝟰𝟰 3 months ago +1

      🔝🔝🔝🔝Thanks for the feedback,
      Expect more videos soon
      Send a direct message
      I have something for you.

  • Jamie
    Jamie 3 months ago +1

    Android 13 feels faster for me on my P5. Hope they let us customise our lock screen more in a feature drop I knew A13 wasn't going to be a big difference in looks compared to A12

  • Jose Jimenez
    Jose Jimenez 3 months ago

    All I want to see in an update, is improved battery life and performance increase.

  • Okaro
    Okaro 3 months ago

    With Android at least on low and mid range phones you generally can expect at most one major update. My two year old Huawei is still on Android 10 and never will get 11. They hide that so that the phone does not tell the version at all.
    But then I really do not want updates as they can bring problems. My Nokia 3.4 got Android 11 and at the time gestures started to vibrate so had to switch to three button navigation. I generally am happy with the device as I bought it.

  • MissRyukkie
    MissRyukkie 3 months ago +3

    I'm excited for this update. Other than the language switching I use all the other features you mentioned all the time. I have a pixel 6 pro so I'll get it soon.

  • Everyday Tech With Stan JB!
    Everyday Tech With Stan JB! 3 months ago +534

    I I know it's not a feature but my favorite has to be just the overall stability and bug fixes. Even as someone who didn't have a bad time with Android 12, Android 13 feels like what it was supposed to be. I know they're boring, but these QOL updates for some of the best for devices

    • Dragos Pahontu
      Dragos Pahontu 3 months ago

      @Samson Fraser-smith for now...

    • Walid Omairi
      Walid Omairi 3 months ago +1

      @Marques Brownlee we hope to see a video about this

    • Adri T
      Adri T 3 months ago +1

      @Marques Brownlee please make a video on how it improves or worsen

    • Sedrick Gobina
      Sedrick Gobina 3 months ago

      @Marques Brownlee 😮

    • Agent311
      Agent311 3 months ago

      13 runs a lot better on my 4 XL than 12 for sure so far. Hopefully it stays like that with the last few security updates this phone has.

  • Ytz Revo
    Ytz Revo 3 months ago

    Honestly it’s a boy crazy to see that pretty much all new Android features have been on iOS for quite some time already. Like, the complete opposite of what we’re used to. Idk if maybe we’re stagnated on software development as we (well…the developers), have accomplished just so much in the last years

  • Ese Ukey
    Ese Ukey 3 months ago +3

    The updates are an important feature to most phones so obviously, for the Android phones, it makes sense for them to keep doing that and possibly, get people's attention

  • Terrence G Gibson
    Terrence G Gibson Month ago

    The following changes to Android 13 from Android 12-accessibility to to features-are cumbersome. Accessibility to Google Wallet, Power Off, Restart, Screen Shot were all very conveniently accessible from the Power Button with Android 12. With Android 13, invariably, the Screen Shot is accidentally engaged when scrolling up to return to the Home Screen. All Screen Shots cannot be taken from the Button at the bottom of the Screen. Having to take a Screen Shot using the Power Button simultaneous with Down Volume Button is just lame and inconvenient. Having to scroll down from the top of the Screen all the way down to the Screen Bottom to locate the Power Off/Restart feature is also very inconvenient. This is a classic case of fixing something that is not broken.

  • Brussel sprouts with bacon.                      a

    Hope they make it atleast a tad bit optimized
    I would love to see a 6gb ram phone outperform a 16 gb

  • Vincent Go
    Vincent Go 3 months ago +649

    The reason the language setting for individual apps is so popular, is for the following reason:
    Many apps are written by english speakers and don't have a German/French/Spanish etc. version. So what happens is, the app automatically uses google translate and individually translates the text based on your phones system language setting. This is extremely annoying because it gives out gibberish many times, since single lines of text often miss context for an accurate translation. Most people are fine with english even though it's not their first language.
    So before you had to change the phones system language to english just to understand what's going on in some apps. Now it seems you can set individual apps to english, which is most welcome.

    • Ralph Reilly
      Ralph Reilly 3 months ago

      They have built in language resources. Using Google translate would batter data as well as be totally rubbish as there's no context. If they use gtrans then it's an awful hack.

    • Phil Knall
      Phil Knall 3 months ago +1

      I'd assume it would act the same way as if your entire phone was in that language. So apps that already have a translated version would switch to that, otherwise they'd stay in their main language. This is great because for example, google maps for Japan has way more detailed information in the local language.

    • Liam
      Liam 3 months ago

      That’s weird, I’ve seen these kinds of weird translation quirks for Portuguese and Spanish in the App Store but never in the app itself

    • RubinDublone593
      RubinDublone593 3 months ago +3

      Yeah it's like watching a movie in it's original language vs translated, some things just sound weird

    • Donny
      Donny 3 months ago +23

      I'm an Android developer. As far as I know, an app itself never auto translates. It always goes to the default language set by the dev, if it can't find the language your phone is in. (Which is English in most cases). So if you see weird translations, that's probably because the devs or product owners were lazy and used google translate themselves for the actual translations.

  • Paul Calabrese
    Paul Calabrese 3 months ago

    Your reviews are outstanding. Thank you

  • Daniel Leimhofer
    Daniel Leimhofer 5 days ago +2

    I installed it now on my Galaxy S8+ Lineageos 20 and it runs perfect.
    With great battery life and smooth performance!

  • Gazooke
    Gazooke 3 months ago

    The quality of these videos never ceases to amaze me

  • Ak Singh
    Ak Singh 3 months ago +4

    Using iOS 15.4, it’s great, but I think that we need a third major OS in the mobile world.

  • fluffmiko
    fluffmiko 3 months ago +222

    Per app language is a game changer. I'm French but like using my software in English for multiple reasons. However, some banking and transport apps will follow the English parameter, making things a bit weird (as the English version are more thought around them being used by travellers and foreigners).
    It also makes sense considering some apps like Discord provide in-app language selection. Having it at the OS level, like notification channels, make way more sense to me, as it's an OS-level parameter rather than an application level setting.
    However, it sucks a lot that Google, for some reason, decided to have developers opt-in to this rather than being the default.
    It was possible during the beta to change language for every app.
    Now, only a handful support it (and not even Google apps support it ...).
    I'm fearful it's going to end up as a dead feature, if the developers have to change a parameter when building their app.
    It's a rather niche use case, so not all developers will think about it, but it's a much needed QOL feature.

    • Windroid_User
      Windroid_User 3 months ago

      Hopefully it becomes some sort of option under "developer options" (if it isn't already)...
      I think that would be a good compromise if you ask me.

    • Dawood Ilyas
      Dawood Ilyas 3 months ago

      @Lumilicious I get the frustration that you're talking about. It's just that the support isn't there.

    • Dawood Ilyas
      Dawood Ilyas 3 months ago

      @Lumilicious There is no trigger OR flag in Android which tells google that this app supports multilingual and this does not.
      So allowing every app to automatically opt-in would not work.

    • nate
      nate 3 months ago

      I'm Egyptian and my software is always in English too because it's more convenient the pre app language option is a game changer

    • Minto
      Minto 3 months ago +1

      @Lumilicious exactly this. i just want to get rid of those poor translations in some apps without having to change the os language.
      for example youtube auto translates video titles into the os language. would gladly change yt to english because thats the only hope auto translate might work somewhat decent.

  • Daniel
    Daniel 2 months ago

    Hey MKBHD, i know its been a month but I haven’t seen anyone else cover the desktop mode in Android 13.
    I really want to make the switch back to Android and I lean towards Samsung because of DEX, does Android 13 have a native desktop mode?

  • Isaac Teo
    Isaac Teo 3 months ago +2

    love seeing them implement apple features into android!

  • Tom Otomanski
    Tom Otomanski 3 months ago +1

    My favourite feature is double tapping on the back of the phone to perform an action. Setting this to take a screenshot saves so much time and effort!

  • Martin Shaff
    Martin Shaff 3 months ago

    I have a pixel 5. Just upgraded to Android 13 on the weekend. I agree most changes are not huge compared to 12. I can say my phone is quite a bit faster, opening apps etc.

  • Duong Trung
    Duong Trung 3 months ago +399

    I'm really looking forward to the separate language app setting. Listening to Japanese songs on Clip-Share music is a pain if they convert the native letters into Romaji. It would have been fine if there are spacing in between the words, but it end up being a gibberish mess. Being able to change Yt music's locale to Japanese would be a life changer for me.

    • Mr M
      Mr M 3 months ago +2

      Same here, those chinese translation in yt music is seriously wrong lol cant wait to see this function go live

    • Duong Trung
      Duong Trung 3 months ago

      @Heimen Stoffels Not all songs switch to romaji. This depends on the publishers.

    • Heimen Stoffels
      Heimen Stoffels 3 months ago

      Strange. The Clip-Share Music website on my PC doesn't convert them to Romaji.

    • IdoN_Tlikethis
      IdoN_Tlikethis 3 months ago

      They really need to add this feature to Clip-Share Music itself tho.
      I've tried using it in Japanese but then you have the opposite problem - English song titles are shown in Japanese which is also annoying.
      It should really be as simple as adding the option "show everything in the original language" but for some reason they still haven't done that.
      Edit: As others have said best case would be what I said plus the option to set secondary languages that then don't get translated

    • Duong Trung
      Duong Trung 3 months ago

      @元祖芽衣ちゃん推し The only way for Clip-Share to display the correct language is to set the entire language locale to the preferred language, which takes so much time and downright dumb. I'm not sure how it's like with auto-translation from other languages to Japanese, but I know that Google translate has such a bad rep with how it handles Japanese language.
      I do agree that we're so neck-deep in globalisation, yet multi-billion dollar companies like Google can't be bothered to think about people who speaks more than one language. It blows my mind sometimes

  • Cameron Shultz
    Cameron Shultz 3 months ago

    Will the Android 13 upgrade affect the Pixel Buds Pro in any way, positively or negatively?

  • Nightstep Paradise
    Nightstep Paradise 28 days ago +3

    5. Clipboard update
    4. Security optimization
    3. Audio enhancements
    2. App specific language support
    1. Aesthetic tweaking (themes)

    • Nightstep Paradise
      Nightstep Paradise 21 day ago +1

      @iluvcakes19 anytime m8. I just wish the creator could do this to save the viewers time. It's it that hard.

    • iluvcakes19
      iluvcakes19 21 day ago +1

      Much appreciated

  • Marlene Galea
    Marlene Galea 3 months ago

    One of the reasons I switched to iOS was that I’d get all excited about the new Android version and Samsung would take its sweet time bringing it to my flagship from last year or the year before. Basically Android is teasing users with what they’ll get in a year or so…shrug!

  • Daddy's Home
    Daddy's Home 3 months ago

    5. Copy and Paste
    4. Better security
    3. Better audio
    2. Apps specific app support
    1. Better aesthetics

  • Jarrett Hornsby
    Jarrett Hornsby 3 months ago +85

    In general, the increasingly improving voice to text options have completely change the way I interact with my phone. The pixel Line has always had the best voice to text features, Gboard in general is OK, but the specific pixel ” faster typing” has always been impressive. Now that Apple has a better voice to text option, I would be curious to see your thoughts on comparing all of the devices now including Pixels, Samsungs, Apple and general androids etc. Thoughts?

    • I Y
      I Y 3 months ago

      @Sahil P got rid off both pixels and got S22 Ultra and S22

    • Sahil P
      Sahil P 3 months ago

      Pixel still has the best one hands down, not even a close comparison. And Tensor 2 will hopefully improve it.

    • Robotic Venom
      Robotic Venom 3 months ago

      @Made•In•Heaven 天国 just use Google assistant to make a note of that, do that on my Samsung. Also set reminders doing that.

    • Robotic Venom
      Robotic Venom 3 months ago +2

      Apple doesn't have a better voice to text option. This has been tested by a Clip-Share channel, iOS has a few advantages in voice to text like better punctuation but overall is worse

    • I Y
      I Y 3 months ago +2

      @dnegel while driving, plus it's faster than typing in general. I like typing myself, but Googe fast voice typing is pretty impressive

  • Aaditya Thapa
    Aaditya Thapa 3 months ago

    Got my android 13 update on my poco x3 via evolution X
    It's great experience overall

  • Dusk108
    Dusk108 3 months ago

    a Few of those I would have never known about but I instantly love the media play updates.

  • wevenhuis
    wevenhuis 2 months ago

    Android 13 update. Yes and no looking forward to the update. Overall improvements in performance, efficiency and stability. Yes looking foward. Mixed feelings about the esthetics. After more than 5 years I don't blike the forced esthetics of rounded corners. I want to choose between squared of and degree of "roundness" in the corners. Current style looks cartoonish and u uprofessional, and to a degree a "waste of visual space" . I like the more advanced widgets features. I think the upgrade to 16 colour palettes is too limited. No matter which version of android or company skin on top of android, I think limiting color options to me has always felt weird and highly curated.I see no reason to limit this. I'm not surprised the android update stats look the way they are. The problem is, I think beacuse there are so many different veraions with different chipsets, and different limited warranties on promised upgrades, there are android users that simply can't update to the newest update by design. I think if this was solved/unlocked contractually by android with oems, things would look differently in the stats. Secondly new upgrades aren't a guarantee old styling and featires a users liked will port over. This alone might refrain/hesitate end users to upgrade at all despite the benifits and hyped improvements. I think Apple has a more curated experience that the company pushes actively, from what I've experienced, with all its benifits and drawbacks.

  • maarteneh
    maarteneh 3 months ago +2

    I'm always looking forward to iOS updates, since that OS is so dull and restricted, everything new is welcome.

  • BlueElectric05
    BlueElectric05 3 months ago +199

    I really hope Samsung will improve this version of android even more with their one UI 5.0, hopefully even let us delete unused bloatwares :)

    • Darin755
      Darin755 2 months ago

      Well considering that Samsung makes good amount of money from there apps I think it unlikely

    • Leander Berg
      Leander Berg 3 months ago

      @Boerny use adb or universal bloatware remover from XDA dev. Annoying that it's necessary but it works, at least.

    • I Y
      I Y 3 months ago

      @James Michael for the 100s time, all of those apps can be unistallled via adb in 2 minutes

    • James Michael
      James Michael 3 months ago

      @I Yno. There are several pre-installed apps which can't be deleted from samsung phones. My phone is s10+ & it has several pre-installed apps which can't be uninstalled at all such as facebook, twitter, onedrive, my galaxy, google app, etc...

    • TheBTraiin
      TheBTraiin 3 months ago

      OneUI is easily one of the worst Android skins going.

  • Victor Momoh
    Victor Momoh 2 months ago

    For Android updates, fragmentation is a MUST because actual phones and chips are so diverse. iPhone on the other hand is one manufacturer so things are much easier to work around

  • Ash D
    Ash D 17 days ago

    Just "upgraded" from OnePlus 7 pro to Samsung s22 plus due to it being on android 10 with no updates in sight. Hoping 13 will be a good experience with something new to offer 😎

  • William Reyes
    William Reyes 3 months ago

    One of the android 12 betas had a media player that'll be my favorite ever in any build. I can't remember which one it was, but it was much better than the new one

  • TheBlckbird
    TheBlckbird 3 months ago

    i love the fact that most of the features are already in iOS
    but i love this clipboard editing

  • D. Carter
    D. Carter 3 months ago +319

    Reminder: Android OS distribution numbers include other devices besides phones, including TV's, smart home devices, and even home fitness equipment. Those devices tend to run much older OS versions and will never see an update because they simply don't need it to maintain basic functionality.

    • D. Carter
      D. Carter 3 months ago

      @Döbermadd Magnum Power! 👆🏾

    • Döbermadd Magnum
      Döbermadd Magnum 3 months ago +1


    • raby
      raby 3 months ago +2

      @John Doe how would one even go about enforcing laws like that? You would have to define "updated software" first, I sure as heck don't want the dementia gang up on the government passing laws like that, they would probably just make it worse... I think a possible solution would be to make manufacturers open source the embedded software on network capable consumer devices after a certain period of them being discontinued under a MIT or GPL license, and let the community do it's thing, but even then I sure there's a million ways where that can go wrong lmao
      That doesn't really solve the problem of keeping the software up to date, but hey, at least you're free to do it yourself on your own devices if you want to
      But yeah I agree smth needs to be done about that

    • raby
      raby 3 months ago

      @Kandy knight that's awesome! I love those kind of hacks ahah

    • raby
      raby 3 months ago +2

      @Tomas Hledik I went as far as to install a more up to date version of lineage os on a tablet that I use as a wireless monitor, I don't mind old hardware, it's 10 years old, but still perfectly fine for having discord open on the side, but outdated software on a device connected to my network is a big no no

  • Manuel Godoy
    Manuel Godoy 3 months ago +1

    I really appreciate the quality of your videos. I noticed on wifi my phone automatically plays your videos on 1440p but for some reason I messed with quality settings and saw it can go up to 2160p and the resolution is incredible. Idk how many people record on this quality but I bet is not a lot so thank you for that

    • Distar
      Distar 3 months ago

      My phone, the redmi note 9 pro, has never been advertised nor reviewed to have the ability to stream in 2160 and HDR, and yet it can. The screen is absolutely astonishing regardless of no OLED, which I could also care less about.

    • Samuel Freddy...
      Samuel Freddy... 3 months ago

      Does ur smartphone have 1440p resolution?

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  • Dennis Williams
    Dennis Williams 2 months ago

    I got it on my OnePlus 10 Pro. Digging some of the new features that OnePlus added to the phone.

  • CPTFiXtion
    CPTFiXtion 2 months ago

    Just downloaded the beta on my S21 ultra. It appears they finally fixed the Android 12 casting volume control issue!

  • Jonathan Diederiks
    Jonathan Diederiks 3 months ago

    Hope they have eventually standardized menu icons, in Android 12 when sharing from an app like Clip-Share, some share options are circular, some rounded squares etc etc. same applies to other apps to, and why round home icons but rounded square icons in Play store, these inconsistencies are irritating, and seem forgotten by Google.

  • That Toy Guy
    That Toy Guy 3 months ago +746

    The biggest feature of Android 13 I'm looking forward to is in Google Lense. They spoke about a feature that would allow you to take a photo of a shelf of groceries and look for peanut free foods on that shelf (as an example) and it just tells you. As someone with a lot of food allergies that just makes doing groceries so much easier and opens me up to more foods I may have never tried before cause I didn't know they were safe.

    • Aditya Mohapatra
      Aditya Mohapatra 2 months ago

      lol don't trust google for any health related feature if you care even a little about your life

    • Distar
      Distar 3 months ago

      This used to be possible on my phone before it upgraded to android 11. The feature's been removed for whatever reason.

    • Vũ Lương Lân
      Vũ Lương Lân 3 months ago

      @Shivansh Saini not an ios fan at all but apple done it later and is already catching up at an alarming rate. either google lens gets improved now or it might as well fades into obscurity like google+

    • Bruce
      Bruce 3 months ago

      You have to know that it won't work properly, right?

    • Miodrag Petrovic
      Miodrag Petrovic 3 months ago +2

      Why you so weak? Haiyaaaa...

  • Movie Trek
    Movie Trek 3 months ago +1

    The hype for IOS update is higher because more apple users will have access to these updates. Android updates are reached much slower & most Android phones have got customized UI unlike IOS. So, it makes less difference

  • Skop
    Skop 3 months ago +1

    I love the language setting, it has been my dream since I started learning Italian. I want to use my phone in Italian to improve my vocab but I don't want my twitter in Italian. Because when you search in twitter it brings up the result in the phone language first. So I can almost never find the tweet I want without scrolling for eternity. Also sometimes I don't feel comfortable enough in Italian to read the automatic translation of twitter in Italian from a language that I don't know.
    Theennnn there is the navigation thing. I live in Turkey but use my phone in English because it's more convenient for most apps but navigation apps pronounce the street names etc as if they are english names.
    I always wished that app designers would include language option but only a few of them do that. This language setting will solve it all.

  • Marshmallow Puff
    Marshmallow Puff 3 months ago +1

    I’d love it if all Android Phones used stock Android with no delay for updates . I’d switch in a heartbeat

    • Jasper Greenhill
      Jasper Greenhill 2 months ago

      that's called custom ROMs lineage os usually updates in line with the pixel for supported devices

  • John Rowley
    John Rowley 3 months ago

    Thanks for this ground breaking analysis of the main features description of the update. Youre researcher should get the week off now after all that hard work

  • Cory Medina
    Cory Medina 3 months ago +118

    Since Google Messages was so well integrated into my S22+ I'm hoping that we can see similar software scheduling as the Pixel with Android 13.

    • Diwa Alejandro Galvez
      Diwa Alejandro Galvez 3 months ago +4

      @Jack Wong It is for Samsung. Same with Duo before it got mixed with Meet. Only for Samsung, though.

    • Jack Wong
      Jack Wong 3 months ago +1

      Hmm didn't expect this message integration is based on brand of the phone but not the OS lvl.

    • Mr. J
      Mr. J 3 months ago +3

      OneUI 5 is still on beta

  • Baby
    Baby 2 months ago

    My favorite feature is maybe the clipboard and i am hoping to get the android 13 update

  • Solomon Joseph Francis
    Solomon Joseph Francis 2 months ago

    I'm a pixel user and have always been an android lover. My phone runs on Android 13. If Android doesn't up their game by next year, people are gonna go for an iPhone only in the coming years.

  • Random Neurons
    Random Neurons 3 months ago +1

    I think the Android fragmentation metric should be given less weightage. OS adoption are not a priority in many markets outside of Europe & US. Even if OS updates are provided there are people who do not care for those. I personally know family members (in Asia) who use 5+ year old smart phone, All they use is basic talk, text, some video calling and primarily WhatsApp. I am sure there are others who use a decade old phone to do the same.
    They do not update their phone ever for various reasons, It could be their only phone for the family , just lack the knowledge to take back ups etc. Bricking the phone can mean they are cut of from all communications.
    There are millions and millions of super cheap android phones out in the world so Android will never have the same level of adoption as iOS and that is ok.

  • Claudio H
    Claudio H 3 months ago

    Great Video
    Concise, lively, and to the point.
    Thank you 😊

  • jimmy kez
    jimmy kez 3 months ago +224

    I hope they consider making the Pixel homescreen more customizable (remove the search bar to reduce chances of screen burn). Using Nova launcher causes some random crashes for the system ui in my experience.

    • KCScorpion34
      KCScorpion34 2 months ago

      I haven't had any issues with Nova on my Samsung.

    • Fox On Board
      Fox On Board 3 months ago

      I don’t think that burn in is that much of problem anymore by now..

    • Jex-the-NoteBook-Guy
      Jex-the-NoteBook-Guy 3 months ago

      Square Home is nice but will take getting used to. Out of the mostly free no ad launchers people recommend I installed both of those on my current phone. It's like 2 different flavors of UI. Unfortunately I went back to looking at all the features of One UI Home.
      And then I realized yesterday... I have the Core version. Didn't know there were 2 of them. -_- Square Home it is then cause someone complained you can't remove the bar on the bottom in nova

    • Clancee Infinity
      Clancee Infinity 3 months ago

      idk about pixel ui, but i got a pixel os based rom on my phone and it has burn in protection and it actually works great, i had some minor burn ins with one ui, they are gone now.

    • Kennedy Muchiri
      Kennedy Muchiri 3 months ago

      @Jared Nipper Yeah they should try Microsoft launcher...Really good

  • Herculean
    Herculean 3 months ago

    Double Tap on back for flashlight was my reason for updating. Didn't understand why this wasn't in Android 12.

  • uTechnology
    uTechnology 3 months ago

    Sounds Great to hear about android 13 and it's updated features

  • Donald
    Donald 3 months ago +1

    Been noticing my Pixel 6's volume would randomly drop and there's a whole subreddit about it too. Hoping this bug will finally be fixed in Android 13 🤞

  • Eric Sheffey
    Eric Sheffey 3 months ago

    Everything seems to be running much smoother on my Pixel 5 with the new update. And FINALLY I can adjust volume controls on my chromecast devices again without having to open the specific app that’s casting.

  • Blake Workman
    Blake Workman 3 months ago +36

    I feel like one of the other main differences in why iOS number changes are watched more instead of Android number changes is a lot of the changes, Google does through app updates, iOS requires system updates
    When Google announced the new tablet interface versions at Google IO, alot of that has already showed up, I see most of the Google apps already have a nice tablet experience. Most of the new stuff Apple announced at WWDC won't take effect until iOS 16 releases.

    • Tom Scheunemann
      Tom Scheunemann 3 months ago +6

      Yeah exactly.
      Plus Every manufacturer has it's own slightly different UI Skin (Oxygen OS, One UI and so on), which also gets updated separately.
      As a Samsung user i would be much more interested how One Ui 5 will be in terms of features. Just because those changes will be much more noticeable.

    • Samson Fraser-smith
      Samson Fraser-smith 3 months ago +2

      Spot on.

  • Saad Bashar
    Saad Bashar 3 months ago

    One cool feature I've been looking forward to is the ability to selectively mute applications from the notifications screen...see this as chrome tabs, we mute one and switch to other stuffs, we wanna go back, we unmute. That will be so crispy!

  • Frank Omil
    Frank Omil 3 months ago

    Ever since Oxygen OS got Oppofied..One UI is the best thing going on android as far as software. Pixel UI is the template & One UI is the deluxe blueprint. Also One UI support is now 3-4 years per device implementation so that another Plus.
    Dear One UI keep saving us from that horrible quick setting panel from android 12.
    MyUX on Moto is also great but shorter or no lifetime device OS updates but I like how Moto has inched into its niche after LG & Huawei exit from mobile space

  • Jasper Yip
    Jasper Yip 3 months ago +1

    i want Samsung to pick up way how android 12 and 13 does the notification shade and control centre. While it's extremely functional, it would be nice to have an option to use the new version

  • Christian Urban
    Christian Urban 3 months ago

    One addition to the app-specific languages. I usually use my phone in English even though I live in Germany.
    The English translation of a some German apps is poor though so it makes sense to use those specific apps in German while I can keep the majority of the apps and the system in English.

  • Daniel G
    Daniel G 3 months ago +67

    I'd love to see a re-review of the 6 Pro after android 13 to see if it's gotten better.

    • Lewis Copland
      Lewis Copland 3 months ago

      I've had the 6 Pro since a few months after launch, and Android 13 has made it feel like the phone it was always supposed to be. Waaaaaay cleaner, more refined, and even the fingerprint reader is faster and more reliable.

    • Damian Jeziorski
      Damian Jeziorski 3 months ago +1

      @Rod Elliott strangely had the same issue, but also can confirm its fixed now with 13

    • Rod Elliott
      Rod Elliott 3 months ago

      I had a 6 Pro and returned it and got the 6 for the flat screen. I've had only one weird issue with Chrome not going to sites when I type them in randomly but that went away when I installed the 13 Beta.