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Cheater Billy Mitchell Just Got DESTROYED By New Evidence!

  • Published on Jan 28, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    Shocking new evidence has just emerged confirming Billy Mitchell has been lying about his world records. Naturally, we already knew this. But now we have photos to prove it!
    Footage at 5:20 courtesy of / @joehillstsd
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  • Karl Jobst
    Karl Jobst  4 months ago +6869

    I'm starting to suspect Billy Mitchell may have not been entirely honest about his Donkey Kong scores..
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    • Dizzeke
      Dizzeke 4 months ago +106

      Continue to clap this fraud and I'll continue liking and supporting your videos. Never fails to entertain! Thanks for all your hard work in bringing us quality entertainment.
      (edit to remove the word fake where it didnt belong)

    • Dark Fruits Animation
      Dark Fruits Animation 4 months ago +9


    • DanTe
      DanTe 4 months ago +61

      Nooo..... THE Billy Mitchell?! Greatest Donkey Kong Player and star of "The King of Kong" Documentary?! No way he could be telling the truth!

      SAVAGE GAMER ASYLUM 4 months ago +7

      Great work Karl, just making these banger videos consistently 💯

    • _jonjo
      _jonjo 4 months ago +9

      Magic fork

  • Everything Always
    Everything Always 4 months ago +9016

    its probably nothing, I mean, he DOES have a nice suit...

  • Pety
    Pety 3 months ago +882

    I like how billy goes "if me and all of my witnesses were lying, it'd have to be some sort of conspiracy!" meanwhile 1 of his 3 witnesses has literally been convicted of conspiracy multiple times

    • Raven4K
      Raven4K 3 months ago +8

      why can't he just do it on a original hardware system cause he did cheat some how and thus didn't do it in the first place so he cannot recreate his previous records

    • TheOneAndOnlyJim
      TheOneAndOnlyJim 3 months ago +39

      @Raven4K honestly he probably _could_ have done it legit, but he had to emulate, which is cheating. Emulation can change smaller aspects, including game speed and therefore increases the ease of dodging the barrels for example.

    • Raven4K
      Raven4K 3 months ago +9

      @TheOneAndOnlyJim assuming he actually emulated it and did not just make the whole thing up for the credit🤣🤣🤣

    • TheOneAndOnlyJim
      TheOneAndOnlyJim 3 months ago +15

      @Raven4K well the gameplay is there, you can't deny that there was gameplay and it's pretty clear that it was a person playing, there is footage of the gameplay, just not footage of him _doing_ it.
      Edit: Keep in mind, he most likely (I say "most likely" because I don't want billy to bullshit _me_ because you know he would if he saw this) did cheat because he didn't play on arcade hardware, and in fact, was using MODIFIED BANNED hardware, which makes him a cheater.

    • Charles Ochoa
      Charles Ochoa 3 months ago +17

      @Raven4K It's not the fact he did cheat or not. Far as anyone knows whether or not there were cheats implemented on the emulator's backend is anyone's guess.
      However, he did claim it to be an original arcade score, which you cannot do if you do emulation. Which is what it all boils down to. It's not technically "cheating", as in using outside assistance, but rather cheating in words, or lies by omission. Even if he had just replaced the board for a board with an emulator in it, that's still not allowed within the rules of an acceptable claim for a score in the specific category he was doing the score for.

  • Jeff Prentiss
    Jeff Prentiss 4 months ago +534

    I like to imagine how the judge and lawyers probably think this is the stupidest thing to be tying up the court system with, but at the same time have to treat it as seriously as any other case.

      SCINTILLAM DEI 4 months ago +57

      Someone getting money from others based on a lie, and a lifetime of it at that, is as serious as any other theft of the same total.

    • Jerk Store
      Jerk Store 3 months ago +43

      @SCINTILLAM DEI By that standard, everyone in Washington DC should be in jail.

    • Stomping Peak
      Stomping Peak 3 months ago +16

      @Jerk Store right.they have done much more serious crimes against humanity

  • Troncapoeira
    Troncapoeira 3 months ago +281

    You just killed me with the “Yes/No” list 😂

    • CommanderWiggins
      CommanderWiggins Month ago +2

      I half expected him to break out the flow charts and venn diagrams

  • BCK
    BCK 3 months ago +59

    I make it a practice not to judge someone based on their appearance. That said, you can tell a lot about a person based on how they choose to present themselves to the world. Some people ooze grace and charm, others emit confidence. Billy radiates "Slimeball energy"

    • BlackIC
      BlackIC 3 months ago +19

      Some people ooze grace and charm, and some people just ooze.

  • Jack Lempke
    Jack Lempke 3 months ago +54

    I’m embarrassed to say how hard I laughed during your reasons to trust/not trust list. Your delivery is amazing.

  • Konprise
    Konprise 4 months ago +9857

    It's always nice seeing bad people being proven wrong.

    • M.K.G #thankyouscott
      M.K.G #thankyouscott 4 months ago +39

      İ mean yeah no shit

    • sihTdaeRtnaCuoY
      sihTdaeRtnaCuoY 4 months ago +66

      How would you know? It's a 14 minute video posted 10 minutes ago, and your comment is 4 minutes old.

    • Spectrum
      Spectrum 4 months ago +149

      @sihTdaeRtnaCuoY Flawless logic

    • Joe Knuts
      Joe Knuts 4 months ago +31


  • thingsmac
    thingsmac 3 months ago +88

    You've faced some serious challenges but stayed positive & kept faith in the right thing. You're keeping the light of truth shining in the speed running (and gaming) community. Most of all, you have fun with it rather than getting down, which is epic.

    • Raven4K
      Raven4K 3 months ago


    • TheBraveOne
      TheBraveOne 2 months ago

      Who are you talking to?

    • thingsmac
      thingsmac 2 months ago

      @TheBraveOne If this message is for Billy, we're all in trouble. It's homage to Karl for being so composed despite the serious stresses he's had to endure

  • Dan Backslide
    Dan Backslide 4 months ago +89

    Ok so this is going to be interesting. If this takes the route in court that’s expected, where it becomes established that his records were fraudulent, does this then mean that there are a huge number of cases where he’s essentially unjustly enriched himself and defrauded people based on these claims? For example places that may have paid him as a guest?

    • Jasper Tyler
      Jasper Tyler 3 months ago +12

      i would assume so, but i don't know for sure. (tbh i'm just commenting so i get notified when someone answers this.)

    • Extra Google Account
      Extra Google Account 3 months ago +2

      Lots of ill-gotten gains and appearance fees for sure. It may not be worth it for most of them to go after him for misrepresenting himself, though. At least some people/businesses may have the option to do so, however, and at least all of Billy's suites against others can be flushed down the toilet.

  • TheGoonsies
    TheGoonsies 2 months ago +10

    This feels like a real life Ace Attorney case. Every time evidence is presented that refutes something they say, they change their story lol.

  • Aram
    Aram 3 months ago +5

    I find it impossible to believe that such a case like this really keeps on going. It’s like a soap opera that keeps on getting more interesting until it reaches the culminating episodes

  • Paul F
    Paul F 3 months ago +31

    Imagine the poor judge who has to oversee these proceedings...."This is what my professional life has come to"

    • Felipe Rojas - Doomride
      Felipe Rojas - Doomride 28 days ago

      Some crimes are actually solved by seemingly insignificant details. I bet there has to be some criminal that was caught because his shoelace was too long or something. the stick being the wrong color might be huge when millions of dollars are in line

  • TronBonneJovi
    TronBonneJovi 4 months ago +4545

    The fact that Richard is incapable of actually getting away with fraud makes him seem really trustworthy.

    • William Jenkins
      William Jenkins 4 months ago +176

      He is a great bad example.

    • Fork God's Descendant
      Fork God's Descendant 4 months ago +124

      Lol he’s Reverse Saul Goodman

    • marc raygun
      marc raygun 4 months ago +26

      Yup ,like the way a big shark that you have seen killing people is more reassuring than one you never see but just find bits of surfers that got bit

    • Daniel Brown
      Daniel Brown 4 months ago +80

      @Fork God's Descendant Paul Badman

  • Ian Victorine
    Ian Victorine 3 months ago +27

    I was cheated against in a big tournament (different game) by an established player (i was a kid at the time). I was so discouraged I never really played competitively again.
    I remember watching the King of Kong movie and relating to the poor guy that just couldn't beat billy.

  • TheMachoTaco isBack
    TheMachoTaco isBack 3 months ago +53

    The funny thing is if Billy did not go through all the lawsuits and everything but instead owned up to cheating the community would have still loved him as that loveable rogue.
    He could have wrote a book about it.
    Competitive gamings best cheater.

    • Chris Sheppo
      Chris Sheppo 3 months ago +2

      his ego prevents that

    • TheBigExclusive
      TheBigExclusive 3 months ago +4

      Karl did a great video. HOWEVER there is one major problem with his argument.
      The replacement joystick may not be original to the cabinet, BUT we do not actually KNOW if the Joystick is 4 way or 8 way based on the photos alone. All we know is that it's not original. But could still meet the required specifications of being a 4 way stick.
      Let me explain. Arcade machines used in arcades require constant repair and maintenance. Arcade manufacturers stop making replacement parts for arcade machines after a few years.
      Arcade owners are sometimes forced to use replacement "third party" parts to keep the games running. These parts may not always look original, but still meet the required specifications. For example, a different looking third party 4 way joystick for Donkey King. Or replacement buttons for an arcade machine. Or a different monitor. Etc.
      Twin Galaxies allows world records as long as the replacement parts used in the arcade machines meet the original specifications.
      If your argument is that arcade machine must be 100% original parts, then that's simply not possible. These arcade machines are used hard, and be will be guaranteed to have SOMETHING replaced during their lifetime of usage. Third party companies exist to make parts to keep these machines running. Whether it's replacement joysticks, replacement buttons, replacement monitors, replacement wiring, replacement power supplies, etc.
      If your requirement is 100% original parts, then you would have to disqualify HUNDREDS of records on Twin Galaxies. Because they are being played on machines that use replacement third party parts.
      I have personally watched at least a dozen videos on Twin Galaxies where I noticed the arcade machine was not using original parts due to the age of the machine. But the record was still accepted.
      So unfortunately your argument about parts not being original doesn't work. These machines always have some replacement parts. And getting Original Parts can not always be used. But third party replacement parts (that still meet match original specs) can be used for repairs.

    • leodexe
      leodexe 3 months ago +22

      @TheBigExclusive I think you missed the point where the whole basis for his defense is that they were played on unmodified original Donkey Kong Hardware, doesn't matter if the replacement was done because of maintenance reasons, he still lied and those photos completely destroys his defense.

    • Socially Responsible Xenomorph
      Socially Responsible Xenomorph 6 days ago +2

      @TheBigExclusive It doesn't matter, once it's been swapped out it no longer counts.
      The fact it's probably an 8-way is just an extra kick to the teeth.

  • Monke
    Monke 2 months ago +7

    I like how these cheaters just happens to know each other, and just happens to be so close they'd lie for each other

  • dwite fry
    dwite fry 3 months ago +14

    I like this, because it's one time where minor, nitpicky things can actually be talked about as big, impotant revelations and actually not sound silly. It's a case where a different shaped joystick can actually justify being called someting that destroys (in clickbaiting all-caps) someone.

  • TheAdvertisement
    TheAdvertisement Month ago +11

    Karl's backhanded examining of Richard's character is beautiful.

  • Max S
    Max S 4 months ago +954

    The whole sarcasm around Billy's friend being trustworthy or not was pure gold

    • Stoned420Guru
      Stoned420Guru 4 months ago +29

      Had me in the first half ngl

    • Thanny
      Thanny 4 months ago +5

      Irony, not sarcasm.

    • Thanny
      Thanny 4 months ago +6

      @Jacob That is the literal definitely of irony. Saying the opposite of what's true.
      Sarcasm is irony with sardonicism, which is overt hostility.
      Ironic = saying the opposite of the truth.
      Sardonic = saying something with hostility.
      Sarcastic = being ironic and sardonic at the same time.
      You should make an effort to learn what words mean before trying to correct someone about them.

    • Evil Duck
      Evil Duck 4 months ago +17

      @Thanny it isn't ironic to say something untrue, something is ironic when a cause seems to have the opposite effect to what was expected

    • Voidzer
      Voidzer 4 months ago +15

      @Thanny Dude he's basically saying "oh man this guys is sooooo trustworthy" with a huge dose of sarcasm. Whats Ironic is he's being called up to prove the truth of this guy while he himself has been arrested for fraud multiple times.

  • James M
    James M 2 months ago +5

    The yes and no breakdown was the best laugh I’ve had in a LONG TIME. Thank you!!

  • Duncan Clark
    Duncan Clark 3 months ago +3

    Great video and I can't wait to hear your updates on this!
    My only question is, obviously the joystick was modified, but how can you tell it's an 8 way stick?
    Regardless of the type of gate (which thank you for explaining why it matters in gameplay and the lawsuit!) the stick color alone as you mentioned throws out his case and I really hope this trial makes national news. 😂

    • Joe Allen
      Joe Allen 3 months ago +2

      It’s not necessarily the color of the joystick it’s the style of it. If you ever played Mortal Kombat or Tekken at the arcade you would notice the same type of joystick which lets you move diagonally

    • Duncan Clark
      Duncan Clark 3 months ago

      @Joe Allen That makes total sense! Thanks for replying!

  • Luke Wilson
    Luke Wilson 3 months ago +12

    imagine going to harvard law and clerking for an eminent judge, thinking you're gonna fight injustice and right wrongs. then one day a couple years down the road you wake up and you're filing brief after brief in a video game high score squabble

  • Merchant Ziro
    Merchant Ziro 4 months ago +45

    "You're familiar with Billy Mitchell, World Video Game Champion? He could probably do it. So I gotta find a way to harness his power. And I think I've found a way."
    _"That's right, we're gonna be complete and total scum with a disregard for the people whose lives we ruined until the truth finally catches up with us and our mansion of lies collapses around us just because we tried to keep our pride over a freaking video game score we didn't even get legitimately._

  • cmccrazy
    cmccrazy Month ago +1

    "no one who dresses this well could lie"
    Politicians: are we a joke to you?

  • Matthew Dadoun
    Matthew Dadoun 4 months ago +2249

    hearing more about Billy Mitchell is like watching an endless Ace Attorney case and I'm all here for it

    • Rayan Malik
      Rayan Malik 4 months ago +82

      someone needs to make this whole case into an objection . lol

    • HillelArt
      HillelArt 4 months ago +67

      The Billy Mitchell saga still isn't as long as Rise From The Ashes from Ace Attorney 1

    • theantgre
      theantgre 4 months ago +34

      Especially when he showed the photo and pointed at the stick, it was like after you used the pointer on the DS when you had to find a contradiction on a picture lol

    • NicoTheCinderace
      NicoTheCinderace 4 months ago +72

      “So, Mr. Mitchell. You say you play on unmodified hardware?”
      “Then tell me… What’s with this arcade stick?”
      “The unmodified arcade stick is black, and goes in four directions. A modified one is red and goes in eight!”
      “A contradiction.”

    • Stefan Arlio
      Stefan Arlio 4 months ago +33

      I swear, This is a moment in one of the games where Larry Butz says 'For ONCE I got evidence,' and twists the entire case on its head.
      Never thought I'd see the day where Ace Attorney is becoming more believable by the hour.

  • MistaBrandoVA
    MistaBrandoVA 4 months ago +25

    I’m so sorry that little dink Billy is suing you out of his own insecurity but I’m very happy to see even more definitive proof come out, plus creators like Charlie (Cr1tikal) spreading awareness of your situation is awesome.

    • Mark Lada
      Mark Lada 3 months ago

      I can't stand Billy or Charlie for that matter.. Charlie is more narcissistic than Billy IMO..

      CUPHEAD 3 months ago

      @Mark Lada what??

    • Sorren Blitz
      Sorren Blitz 3 months ago

      @Mark Lada I don't necessarily agree with that but Charlie is like listening to Kermit the Frog on Heroin.

  • Tracii Kunkel
    Tracii Kunkel 3 months ago +1

    I would love to see Billy unaware of these photos and the defense do exactly what was done to Alex Jones with the texts he didn't know the defense has. Unfortunately, I'm sure they would have to surface in discovery and so not much chance of Billy entering the court room without knowing about them.

  • Rufulufugas
    Rufulufugas Month ago +2

    The “Trust This Guy” column bit just made me laugh out loud hard and wake those in my home. Thanks Karl Jobst…

  • captain cook
    captain cook Month ago +1

    That "trust the guy" contemplation chart was absolute genius 😂

  • Andrew Dunbar
    Andrew Dunbar 3 months ago +45

    Just a minor nitpick I think. Around '84 a friend and myself bought arcade joysticks in Australia from the company that supplied and did maintenance on most of the local arcade machines so we could make our own for our ZX Spectrums. We also bought some buttons but they didn't have the matching concave ones in stock. I specifically wanted the stick from the classic early '80s machines with the shiny metal shaft and coloured ball on top, so like the original DK one and not like the red one in the photo. There wasn't a 4-way stick and an 8-way stick. The stick had four microswitches, but it also had several escutcheons that could be changed. There was a 2-way escutcheon I think, as well as a 4-way and 8-way one. Basically it was cut like a line, a plus-sign, or a plus sign plus the diagonals. You could only move the stick where the escutcheon fitted was cut away. Also there was a movable round plate covering it. What this means is that you can't tell from a picture if the stick can move 2, 4, or 8 ways. You have to see what escutcheon is fitted or you have to move the stick around and feel where it lets you move it.
    I'm not defending Mitchell and the red stick looks like one from later machines than the original DK. But I'm not agreeing that a stick can "look like an 8-way stick" in a photo.

    • Deuce Deuce
      Deuce Deuce 3 months ago +12

      Good point. ALL evidence, possibilities and theories should be considered. It's the only option if you're legitimately trying to find the Truth.

    • Deuce Deuce
      Deuce Deuce 3 months ago +3

      edit: A good example is that I dislike Alec Baldwin... but I KNOW for a FACT that the gun Could have Fired without him pulling the trigger, because I know precisely how the gun works and how different malfunctions can happen. Even before the FBI stating that the gun was in working condition, Many, Many (nearly all) people I heard talk about it said it was Absolutely Impossible for the gun to have fired without him pulling the trigger.p The truth though is that Alec Baldwin, even if a prick, has the Right to be presumed innocent until Proven guilty (beyond any doubt that he could be innocent)... and I could PROVE that the gun Could Have fired without the trigger being pulled by Baldwin himself and also that the gun Could Have been intentionally (or even unintentionally) rigged to fire when he pulled the hammer back without pulling the trigger... and then "unrigged" after the fact. It could be proven true or false with supporting evidence (like video)... but without other significant evidence, the possibility exists and so does the reasonable doubt. I just don't think he's going to be convicted of anything (for other reasons also) unless he takes a plea deal, which I think they will offer him a good one. Forgive the rant. I tend to do that when I speak of things I believe to be true (or in some cases Know) to be true.

    • Samuraigamer
      Samuraigamer 3 months ago +9

      good input, but since the case here is that he wasnt playing on unmodified hardware, this evidence is still damning

    • Jp Fitzpatrick
      Jp Fitzpatrick 2 months ago

      ​@Deuce Deuce What video did you watch?

  • TEQ Snukka
    TEQ Snukka 4 months ago +2484

    It's so hard to believe that Billy would lie about this.. it's so uncharacteritic of him. I mean, look at him! He's dressed so well!

    • Garrett
      Garrett 4 months ago +229

      There’s just no way a man with a American flag tie could cheat

    • TEQ Snukka
      TEQ Snukka 4 months ago +124

      @Garrett Right? and look at this beard! So well trimmed and all..

    • CZpersi
      CZpersi 4 months ago +124

      @Garrett Not to mention a US flag napkin. How patriotic of him to sneeze into the national symbol.

    • Kasper Moss
      Kasper Moss 4 months ago +33

      Let's be honest - those ties should get him banned even if this runs had been legit...

  • Német Attila
    Német Attila 3 months ago +24

    supporting your legal cases. thanks for the fight and entertainment!

    • JackyBogues
      JackyBogues 3 months ago +1

      why...? guy makes shit loads on you tube and sponsors. He should NEVER have begged for money

    • Német Attila
      Német Attila 3 months ago +10

      @JackyBogues nope. you can make some money on yt, not a shitload. then he has to pay a lot for lawyers too. maybe you should support him instead of speaking bullshit?

    • No Neck
      No Neck 3 months ago

      whose legal case?...

    • Német Attila
      Német Attila 3 months ago +4

      @No Neck he got sued like... 3 times? maybe 4? watch his other videos :)

    • snintendog
      snintendog 3 months ago +1

      @Német Attila we already know those were lies an never got sued. Dude this guy is just Milking endlessly.

  • Vocal Jazz Corey
    Vocal Jazz Corey 2 months ago

    I believe this to be one of the most serious court cases in the history of man.

  • Jesse G
    Jesse G 18 hours ago +1

    Billy Mitchell is the BEST. The perfect villain. That haircut. The dumb ties. The totally underserved confidence. It's like they made him in a lab. And now he's exposed as a massive fraud since day 1. It's amazing.

  • E. Krämer
    E. Krämer 2 months ago

    Nice to see how this whole Story plays out well for you after all this years. Go on and have a great time. Greetings from Germany.

  • Railen Herman
    Railen Herman 3 months ago +3

    It’s honestly hilarious how Bill just keeps incriminating himself.

  • Un débile fan de Pokémon
    Un débile fan de Pokémon 4 months ago +2092

    "It is only a small detail, but he was arrested for fraud." Took me by surprise.

    • Mordet
      Mordet 4 months ago +30

      To play devil's advocate here: arrested doesn't mean convicted.

    • Geyrider
      Geyrider 4 months ago +15

      Yeah Fraud 3 times? Whatevs

    • ShockwaveEXP
      ShockwaveEXP 4 months ago +15

      @Mordet Well you do need enough creditable evidence and witnesses to make a warrant for an arrest. Yes, it is up to the courts to decide if such evidence holds up, though of course public opinion has already eroded trust in the courts on both sides, but politics aside, seeing how he was already caught and fined for fraud three times, you don’t even need the courts to tell you that he is guilty. He is already guilty at getting caught.

    • HowDoUPlay
      HowDoUPlay 4 months ago +29

      ​@Mordet True, but the 1996 charges are much more straightforward: he plead guilty to conspiracy, securities fraud, money laundering, and criminal contempt in federal court. He has in fact, ADMITTED to fraud, and been accused and arrested for it several times beyond the first admission. Those accusations and arrests are not without evidence themselves, and present a highly-probable case that this man continues to commit crimes well beyond his own admissions in 1996. Kinda like that saying, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." Well if you've been fooled thrice, you just don't learn.

    • Xellios
      Xellios 4 months ago +10

      Nice Suit
      Seems Friendly
      Great Quotes 😂😂😂😂

  • Bosston62
    Bosston62 4 months ago +2

    What I find interesting in this case against billy is just how small the details exposing him are.

  • Scott Rossi
    Scott Rossi 3 months ago +1

    i have zero stake in this personally but i am hoping this finally comes to an end and this goober moves on

  • Parried Swoosh
    Parried Swoosh 3 months ago

    I wonder if the lawyers will make a case like this, and if they're using this video for reference. They should just present this video on court

  • HelloCripplingAnxiety
    HelloCripplingAnxiety 3 months ago +1

    Wouldn't it be just tragic if it turns out that Billy has never seen or played on an original unmodified machine and truly does believe that he achieve all of this fair and square?

  • gesundheit
    gesundheit 3 months ago +1

    They need to change the securities fraud laws. If this guy keeps doing it then either he isn’t paying them, or he’s making more money doing it than it costs him in penalties.

  • Putther
    Putther 4 months ago +1737

    Imma start using the “trust this guy” chart too. It’s amazing

  • Phillisophical
    Phillisophical 2 months ago +1

    I love how right now at this very moment that there is possibly a new person to the channel(who wouldn't know how sarcastic Carl is) who could be taking the jokes seriously.

    • Slightly Decent
      Slightly Decent Month ago

      That's definitely a hilarious thought, but I'd really, really hope they'd understand the sarcasm behind the trust/not trust chart. If they didn't I'd be kinda worried about them.

  • Rad
    Rad 24 days ago

    I can't believe there is actually a court for this 😳 😐

  • Computer Crazies
    Computer Crazies 2 months ago

    The ironic part of this all is that billy mitchell can actually get all the scores he faked at the time he faked them, thus the recording. In Todd and Billy's minds since Twin Galaxy employees only had to witness said event even if they were home gaming they felt it should count since they were employees so they felt no shame in using the video from casual play.

  • Grape Eggplant
    Grape Eggplant 4 months ago +4

    Being the insufferable human being that Billy is, he'd probably say something like "oh that's an original joy stick I just painted the handle red, case closed."

  • Knopsy X
    Knopsy X 3 months ago +1

    Everytime I feel sad and want to feel better, I look for your Billy Mitchell videos, they are brilliant! :D

  • DiggityDog
    DiggityDog 4 months ago +1264

    “No one who dresses this well could lie”
    That one really got me

    • Robeeb
      Robeeb 4 months ago +18

      I had to rewind a second to make sure I heard it right. lol

    • Broken Bones
      Broken Bones 4 months ago +30

      Yeah, that whole thing was funny. The yes collum then casually mentions his multiple arrests for fraud 🤣

    • Dulmorgoth
      Dulmorgoth 4 months ago +15

      You see, it's funny because people who dress nice have money and often got it by being unethical and/or using illegal means.

    • DragonEye
      DragonEye 4 months ago +5

      @Dulmorgoth Only because somehow 90% of all people with money got that money without actually producing anything. Which boggles my mind. How on earth can you people value certain things as much as the food industry which is critical to keeping you alive? I seriously think the US needs to stop backing it's money with minerals and consider the food standard to back the dollar. Food should be more important than games, movies, magazines, luxury vehicles and sex (even Cronk the caveman kept his belly full despite having a harem).

    • Yellowblanka
      Yellowblanka 4 months ago +4

      Sadly, that is something people actually believe/tell themselves. We put too much stock in appearance/charisma.

  • BKRich
    BKRich 3 months ago +2

    I would trust Richard with my life, he seems solid.

  • Rick O'Shea
    Rick O'Shea 4 months ago

    Never trust a man blatantly dying his beard like that.
    First time I saw him I felt he was a complete shyster. It's awesome to see it al come true.

  • A B
    A B 3 months ago

    Great video Karl. Do you think Billy's attorneys could claim that the arcade machine in the photos was not the only machine in the building, and that he achieved the scores on a different machine?

  • Swahilimaster
    Swahilimaster 3 months ago +3

    He could always claim he hadn't realized the machine was modified, but then how would he explain not noticing the fact that he had control he wouldn't normally have during the entire play session?

    • TheBigExclusive
      TheBigExclusive 3 months ago +2

      Karl did a great video. HOWEVER there is one major problem with his argument.
      The replacement joystick may not be original to the cabinet, BUT we do not actually KNOW if the Joystick is 4 way or 8 way based on the photos alone. All we know is that it's not original. But could still meet the required specifications of being a 4 way stick.
      Let me explain. Arcade machines used in arcades require constant repair and maintenance. Arcade manufacturers stop making replacement parts for arcade machines after a few years.
      Arcade owners are sometimes forced to use replacement "third party" parts to keep the games running. These parts may not always look original, but still meet the required specifications. For example, a different looking third party 4 way joystick for Donkey King. Or replacement buttons for an arcade machine. Or a different monitor. Etc.
      Twin Galaxies allows world records as long as the replacement parts used in the arcade machines meet the original specifications.
      If your argument is that arcade machine must be 100% original parts, then that's simply not possible. These arcade machines are used hard, and be will be guaranteed to have SOMETHING replaced during their lifetime of usage. Third party companies exist to make parts to keep these machines running. Whether it's replacement joysticks, replacement buttons, replacement monitors, replacement wiring, replacement power supplies, etc.
      If your requirement is 100% original parts, then you would have to disqualify HUNDREDS of records on Twin Galaxies. Because they are being played on machines that use replacement third party parts.
      I have personally watched at least a dozen videos on Twin Galaxies where I noticed the arcade machine was not using original parts due to the age of the machine. But the record was still accepted.
      So unfortunately your argument about parts not being original doesn't work. These machines always have some replacement parts. And getting Original Parts can not always be used. But third party replacement parts (that still meet match original specs) can be used for repairs.

    • Swahilimaster
      Swahilimaster 3 months ago

      @TheBigExclusive Up until 2018 Twin Galaxies was perfectly happy having world records on file so long as Todd Rogers said they were legit, regardless of any sort of proof. I have no problem with arcade machines not having factory default parts, so long as the replacements are within the standard of exactly what the originals were capable of, but Twin Galaxies hardly has the most stringent requirements to prove your score to get into their records, and quite frankly the speed runners themselves typically have more expertise than anybody working for them. The argument is entirely valid if somebody can prove that it is an 8-way joystick.

  • Roswell007
    Roswell007 2 months ago

    Your research and dedication is amazing!

  • 悪רשעEᴠɪʟDᴀʀᴛʜ¥ōᴋᴀiXشبح الشر كافر

    That moment when the vindicating evidence turns out to be implicating evidence

  • Austin Sackett
    Austin Sackett 3 months ago

    You know there's something I've always wondered about WR attempts like these. The rules are that the attempt must be done on original hardware. But my question is that if for example you needed to replace a piece for whatever reason, could you use an exact copy of that piece? Like using a joystick from another Donkey Kong arcade machine. Or would that make it illegal to use?

    • BlackIC
      BlackIC 3 months ago

      My understanding is that using the joystick from another DK machine would be fine. It's still the original hardware of the game. Imagine a playstation with a broken laser assembly. Replacing that doesn't change the function of the system.

    • Austin Sackett
      Austin Sackett 3 months ago

      That's what I was thinking. I know a lot of these old arcade machine are pushing into their 40s. Even with proper maintenance and care stuff could break and/or wear down over that long. So there has to be some leeway with keeping the machine functional.

    • Michael Whipple
      Michael Whipple 2 months ago +1

      @BlackIC I've always found it so funny how Twin Galaxies was so stringent on their requirements when half their records were from Billy Mitchell and his buddies like Todd Rogers whose verification method was "trust me bro".

  • The_Viceman
    The_Viceman Month ago

    I am so happy that these things are popping up. I remember that "play a tape" thingie ... that made me so angry.

  • Raven
    Raven 2 months ago

    Imagine being almost 60 years old and still trying to prove to everyone that you beat a high score in an arcade game.

  • Mike Pritchard
    Mike Pritchard 2 months ago +2

    This video is hilarious and amazing on so many levels.

  • lunalane
    lunalane 4 months ago +964

    I am always baffled by the fact that I have put more thought and effort into faking my parents signature on a bad behaviour notice from school when I was 9 than those idiots put into faking world record.

    • I am a Unicorn
      I am a Unicorn 4 months ago +26

      Y'all I put more effort in on the signature to go to the amusement park. I wanted to throw up on a rollercoaster more than these dinguses wanted to fake a world record.

    • Kingtrace k
      Kingtrace k 4 months ago +56

      It's a product of the time and the competitive arcade scene during competitive gaming's formative years. A lot of these guys weren't doing it expecting to build a lifelong career from games or to be held to proof standards that didn't even exist yet. Have a friend who happens to be one of the only refs for your small hobby verify a score that you didn't know was impossible, fake some interviews, get printed in a few books.
      It's only now that their hobby is mainstream and their lives are built around it that they have incentive to care, but it's far too late now. XD

    • Erik Larson
      Erik Larson 4 months ago +25

      I have never met him, but I'd bet my mortgage Billy thinks he is the smartest guy in the room. Every room. Every time.

    • Chris Blake
      Chris Blake 4 months ago +14

      You say that like there's a vast gulf between the two, but you have to understand that Guiness World Records are essentially a joke. Some are legitimately impressive markers of human achievement, but most of them are from folk who want bragging rights and know GWB are publishers who just want to fill books with low effort content to sell.
      In the realm of video games, decades went by before there was any real rigor to documenting the veracity of records, and grifters like Mitchell rode it as long as he could... well actually a lot longer than he could, as his complete inability to let this go proves.
      It's kind of a shame that he could have gone into history as a longtime early record holder with the respect that entailed, but all his efforts to hold onto that glory by cheating his way through 'defending his title' once far better players had come along, are going to doom him to a legacy as a con man, grifter, and liar.

  • brad5282
    brad5282 4 months ago

    If I've learned anything practicing law for the last 10+ years, it's that a guy with an american flag/eagle tie never loses in court.

  • Jacob Paint
    Jacob Paint 4 months ago +1

    Seems like it would be very hard for him to argue that there was more than one machine at the convention considering that one is set up to record. That said, it doesn't seem like it would be very hard to modify the joystick so that it resembled an original while still having 8 way function. Why would they leave it like that unless they always planned to suppress all visual evidence? Also, if he was using an 8 way stick, couldn't you tell or at least suspect by looking at the gameplay? If so why haven't people questioned this before now?

    • Paul Travis
      Paul Travis 3 months ago

      Fantastic points. Mainly your last question. It seems elementary not to notice diagonal jumping, why didn’t this come out before now? I lean toward this isn’t as key of evidence as it suggests given anyone would notice the 8-stick style movement.

  • Computer Crazies
    Computer Crazies 2 months ago

    LOL Karl is good at some sarcasm, had me chuckling my ass off with the Pro and Con list.

  • Rusty Graffiti Reviews
    Rusty Graffiti Reviews 2 months ago

    So glad we now have the evidence to show what we all knew for so long! His entire life is based off these lies, now what’s he gonna talk to people about 😂

  • Drew Who
    Drew Who 25 days ago

    An 8-Way stick would be more difficult for many reasons.
    1. The diagnals do not register and there is no movement of Jumpman - It's as if you are stuck
    2. Accidental diiagnal presses would happen and you would not be able to move at a critical moment
    3. Your learned hand movements would not work well in this config if you are an experienced DK player.
    4. (Bonus point) a longer shaft makes playing DK more difficult as well

  • jjandjack S
    jjandjack S 4 months ago +2006

    The fact that Karl still sticks to his guns even after getting 3 cases of legal action is astounding, Absolute Legends never back down!
    Edit: Thanks for the 2,000 likes :D

    • KopperNeoman
      KopperNeoman 4 months ago +62

      Man's got that Veritas energy, but for speedruns rather than RL.

    • Brad Chambers
      Brad Chambers 4 months ago +61

      @KopperNeoman Project Veritas and Karl Jobst provide so much of that real life catching the Scooby Doo villain catharsis that we all love to feel in these times of evil.

    • abdou DZ
      abdou DZ 4 months ago +3

      Free content

    • Irongrove
      Irongrove 4 months ago +10

      The truth matters more than consequences

    • Co
      Co 4 months ago +60

      Don’t forget all the legends that helped Karl afford all costs that come with the legal action billy took.

  • Viral Clickb8
    Viral Clickb8 Month ago

    ...."no one who dresses this well can lie"
    " looks to happy to lie"
    " only charged with fraud twice"
    "nice twitter quotes"
    100% trustworthy

  • M. L.
    M. L. 4 months ago +1

    Sincere question here (and certainly not trying to defend Mitchell): Is it absolutely certain that there was only one DK arcade cabinet style ever produced (with black stubby controller) - or is it possible that there were later (or earlier) versions with a different (yet still 4-way) stick?
    Asking because in those early arcade days with uprising backyard / garage companies there were always some shortcomings, supply issues or last-minute changes to designs before a new batch got produced. So at least in my imagination, there could be slightly different versions of such cabinets, especially if multiple suppliers were involved or cabinets got produced for overseas markets.
    Without a sworn statement made by a production designer or some other credible source at Nintendo / Radar systems (i.e. the arcade platform), this photograph is purely circumstantial.

  • Diego Rooks
    Diego Rooks 3 months ago

    Always thought he had cheated. Justice will be made

  • Eric Mihali
    Eric Mihali 4 months ago

    Honestly, the guy probably never noticed the arcade machine was modified and really believed he was that good.

  • Splokfake
    Splokfake 3 months ago

    I think the point about the older records being disproved because the arcade machine in 2007 was modified is a bit of a stretch (Even tho i 100% believe they are all fake.), there is absolutely a case to be made that the machine could have been modified in between that time period and that would be practically impossible to prove/disprove.

  • Squinky Threepwood
    Squinky Threepwood 4 months ago +719

    It's absolutely disgusting that anyone wearing such a nice suit can be found guilty of fraud. The jury must be called to account.

    • Kenoboi
      Kenoboi 4 months ago +9

      I assume (and hope to god) that this is satire

    • Keister
      Keister 4 months ago +62

      @Kenoboi Grow up. The nice suit clearly confirms a mistrial.

    • blu
      blu 4 months ago +30

      It's pretty common for a criminal to wear a fancy suit, it's called congress.

    • Dissociated Women Incorporated
      Dissociated Women Incorporated 4 months ago +5

      @blu also a common outfit to turn up to court in

    • boldCactus
      boldCactus 4 months ago +17

      if the suit fits you must acquit 😢

  • Clayton Brown
    Clayton Brown 4 months ago +7

    Imagine if he’d just been practicing Donkey Kong with all of this effort he’s been putting into assassinating any semblance of his own good character.

  • Molly Tealeaf
    Molly Tealeaf 2 months ago +1

    the fact he achieved a record in a mortgage broker convention in fucking 2007 of all years is hilarious

  • mhc706
    mhc706 2 months ago +1

    holy moly man that "should i trust this guy" chart had me in pain from laughing so hard

  • Home Alone Gaming
    Home Alone Gaming 4 months ago +2

    I am glad you are excited b/c as a viewer this coverage has been amazing. thanks

  • Nicholas Metz
    Nicholas Metz 3 months ago

    First time watching your videos when you started talking about weighing the pros and cons of the witness, whether he was trustworthy I thought you were being serious, I have a good laugh on that one thanks!

  • TheLobsterCopter5000
    TheLobsterCopter5000 4 months ago +772

    I absolutely love that Billy Mitchell is unironically using the only man in existence who is even more of a laughing stock in the gaming community than he is as a witness to support his legitimacy. Could he be any stupider?

    • Rock Steady
      Rock Steady 4 months ago +65

      It's the only friends he has :'(

    • Christian Stachl
      Christian Stachl 4 months ago +35

      Him, his girlfriend and a guy who got caught with big time fraud multiple times 😂

    • OrgaNik
      OrgaNik 4 months ago +13

      I'm sure he'll make the situation even worse for himself. I don't know how, but he will.

    • Andrew Driver
      Andrew Driver 4 months ago +35

      This is a man almost in his 60's that still has not learned that the tie goes UNDER the vest.

    • luckydragonwolf
      luckydragonwolf 4 months ago +4

      This is like the worst but most comedic crossover of all time.

  • Minimagz
    Minimagz 2 months ago

    Karl, if I can be honest.....your sarcasm is so damn funny. I love it!
    "No one who dresses this nice could possibly be lying."
    Gets me every time LOL

  • ATomRileyA
    ATomRileyA 3 months ago

    Crazy stuff, i would be curious what difference one of these modified cabinets make vs a real one, i would imagine the 8way stick making it easier but i wonder by how much, obviously if its an emulator you could do all sorts of things to just modify the score and make the game easier.
    Also feel like if he was as good as he says he could just recreate those scores on a real original machine done in a controlled setting and show that is was possible.
    Just watched some of the other record attempts now i am curious what i could do not that i have the real hardware but even on a emulator just to see how far behind i am from these other guys.

    • snintendog
      snintendog 3 months ago

      8 way DK if you hit two switches mario freezes up and the game cant interpret two directions at once. Its why the Gate for the stick is located on the cabinet with the game marquees for easy and cheap retrofits.

  • StudioCorpse
    StudioCorpse 3 months ago

    I bet Karl was giggling like a schoolgirl creating that pros/cons columns, you can almost feel the grin on his face as he's reading his script 🤣

  • z5TetrisKid
    z5TetrisKid 3 months ago

    There's an added factor of hilariousness, besides the picture this video is about. Seeing Billy Mitchell talk casually about his scores being legitimate while he's literally standing in front of the movie poster for 'Pixels' is absolutely priceless. The guy couldn't be more self deluded.

  • distortal
    distortal 3 months ago +8

    "It wasn't that machine we used - there was another one just out of shot." - calling it.

  • Flakjacket96
    Flakjacket96 4 months ago +638

    Fun Fact: Lying in a sworn statement is consider perjury, which in California (where this lawsuit is taking place) is considered a Felony.

    • Bob Bobert
      Bob Bobert 4 months ago +57

      They might have plausible deny ability in saying they didn't KNOW it wasn't unmodified and otherwise claiming they lacked the technical knowledge of those items... but if they certified that they KNEW it was "unmodified"... yeah they might be fucked either way.

    • LeCharles07
      LeCharles07 4 months ago +8

      [giddy with excitement noises]

    • moviemaker2011z
      moviemaker2011z 4 months ago +16

      Perjury is illegal in all states...

    • moviemaker2011z
      moviemaker2011z 4 months ago +29

      @Bob Bobert considering that rod togers is there and he considers himself an expert in games and their hardware, there is no possible defense to make for him. He claims to know everything about arcades and is a self certified "expert" so him claiming this to be an original arcade and it being proven not to be is nothing but proof he lied. He can't claim to not know it was unmodified.

  • st0ned_pixel.
    st0ned_pixel. 3 months ago

    I enjoy your videos since a long time.
    But as someone who mods his own Arcade Sticks for fighting games, I want to let you know that the only thing that restricts the stick from moving 8-ways is a restrictor gate.
    A restrictor gate comes naturally with every stick and can be mounted in two ways.

  • Steve Davies
    Steve Davies 3 months ago

    Great stuff... Have been following this ever since first watching the King of Kong when it was first released. Thanks for making this (and other) excellent video(s) about the whole affair. Almost too ridiculous to be true, yet here we are. Keep up the great work, Karl.

  • Roel Rodriguez
    Roel Rodriguez 3 months ago

    Yeah seems like we all agree Richard is the type of guy we’d want as the best man at our weddings.

  • Samuel Gibson
    Samuel Gibson 4 months ago

    I'm keeping my eyes peeled for that trial to see Billy and his cohorts fail. x'D

  • Gameplay and Talk
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    The "Should I Trust This Guy" portion had me rolling. Thanks for that. 🤣

  • ravicwannabe
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    Rest in peace Clip-Sharer Apollo Legend, your legacy bringing attention to Billy's cheating will come to light.

    • Tainted107
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      Apollo walked so karl could run.

    • Createrz
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      He is a legend
      Apollo legend

    • Lauren
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      gone but never forgotten

    • The Guaptologist
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      who is apollo and what happened to him?

    • Uriel Grey
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      Amen to that. I miss him so much

  • Stephen Murrish
    Stephen Murrish 2 months ago

    Your deadpan delivery in the YES and NO column for trustworthiness part of your video is priceless.

  • funx24x7
    funx24x7 3 months ago

    I think we can all agree that Billy is a cheater beyond a doubt but its still fun to see him sweat

  • Vanessadmusic
    Vanessadmusic 2 months ago

    Your humor kills me Karl lol. Absolutely hilarious

  • Ross Murray
    Ross Murray 2 months ago

    The loss of his defamation suit is not what Billy should be worried about. It appears from this video that he and his co-conspirators have already committed perjury, one which could be proven easily to a court, and can all look forward to an extended holiday in some prison soon.

  • Independent Mind
    Independent Mind 3 months ago

    If it talks like a fraud, dresses like a fraud, and has friends who are convicted frauds....then they have my vote!

  • Collin Abroadcast
    Collin Abroadcast 4 months ago +1066

    "Nice suit" had me rolling 😂

    • CydeWeys
      CydeWeys 4 months ago +1

      Also at 6:20 "nice watch" -- not really, that's a cheaper Movado. By comparison, a canonical "nice watch" that people might think of, a Rolex, would cost at least 20X more.

    • Daniel Braaten
      Daniel Braaten 4 months ago +5

      I met Billy Mitchell once 10 years ago. I was with a friend at an event and my friend wanted a picture with Billy and I didn’t but Billy INSISTED I get in the photo.

      SCINTILLAM DEI 4 months ago

      I know the word "suit" resonates with you since your life is about bargaining for them.

    • Porky Paul
      Porky Paul 4 months ago +1

      @Daniel Braaten what a guy.
      Just for anyone wondering he sells "Rickey's World Famous Hot Sauce", and has successful businesses - Rickey's restaurants in Hollywood, Florida, and Pembroke Pines, Florida
      Good to see such a nice humble honest man like Billy, enjoy such a successful business !

  • TGM Sho'Nuff
    TGM Sho'Nuff 4 months ago

    I would love to be sponsored by Magic Spoon. I've been looking at their cereals for years and have been super curious. Anxious to try their peanut butter flavor.
    As far as this guy in the video, this is seriously sad. :/

  • Kenny Wilkinson
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    A new Billy Mitchell video?
    The gift that keeps on giving 🙌

  • nipp
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    That Mallion segment was pure gold. Kudos, well done.