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  • Published on Jan 28, 2023 veröffentlicht
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Comments • 11 407

  • Chunkz
    Chunkz Month ago +65220

    Mum i made it! I’m on a sidemen Sunday hehe

  • Solo Dolo Trevino
    Solo Dolo Trevino Month ago +1352

    Chunkz went from a witness, to a hostage, to an accomplice all in one round lmao

    • Ghost
      Ghost 7 days ago +1


    • Maritin
      Maritin 9 days ago +1

      say thx later to me for making ur comment to 1k

  • Aline Cintura
    Aline Cintura Month ago +3050

    Harry focused on finishing his tasks is so wholesome 🥹

    • meera almansoori
      meera almansoori 11 days ago +3

      he's the cutesttt hahahhahahaaha

    • nx_29xx
      nx_29xx Month ago +4

      @Arrowstin he did

    • Arrowstin
      Arrowstin Month ago +6

      harry lost he didnt even do the puzzle lol

  • Brian The Newbie
    Brian The Newbie Month ago +293

    18:52 Simon was literally running just to scare them, until he walked in a room with 2 bodies. That was so funny 😂😂

  • Klein
    Klein Month ago +2560

    JJ chasing Kenny while laughing like a maniac was straight outta a horror movie lmfao🤣. My boy was running for his life

    • Beans Ontoast
      Beans Ontoast Month ago +5

      Wtf were the neighbours thinking hearing that 😭

    • Klein
      Klein Month ago +40

      @Izzati Harry had done all his tasks which means that he has won. He can't be killed anymore, thats why.

    • Izzati
      Izzati Month ago +4

      I dont understand. Why didnt JJ kill Harry while he was chasing kenny ? Harry wasnt dead yet tho

    • E
      E Month ago +4

      E‎ ‎

  • Ch :-p
    Ch :-p Month ago +879

    I want to see more Beta Squad x Sidemen Collabs! There is so much potential.

  • Aj Shabeel
    Aj Shabeel Month ago +29915


    BALOCH GAMING Month ago +364

    1:06:25 the way the cameraman runs for his life is just hilarious 😂😂😂

  • Adz2
    Adz2 Month ago +659

    I'd love to see them do this with a full Among Us set with meetings and all

    • Rain
      Rain Month ago +20

      mrbeast come through 🗣️🔊🔊

    • zak _unlimited999
      zak _unlimited999 Month ago +30

      That would be legendary, imagine a real live spaceship map

  • RudyPhile
    RudyPhile Month ago +735

    35:00 Harry on the swing as the narrator of this whole game and that 36:46 scene when Harry says "he's out there" and Kenny says " Who? " Then JJ comes screaming is literelly a scene from a thriller movie😂😂

    • faryalt
      faryalt Month ago +15

      the timing was so cinematic

  • Dacorr 1
    Dacorr 1 Month ago +318

    I love how Niko always calls JJ knowledge

  • 6kPhantoms ff.
    6kPhantoms ff. Month ago +128

    35:27 KSI 999IQ moment right there. Takes his shoes off to be stealthy while screaming at the top of his lungs. 😂😂

    • Selina Heva
      Selina Heva 29 days ago +8

      no i think they just don’t wear shoes in the house

  • KingKennyTv
    KingKennyTv Month ago +21832


  • Lucy
    Lucy Month ago +517

    Tobi getting his revenge on KSI is too funny

    • Xvisionary
      Xvisionary Month ago

      @Auto Cove i didn't see the thing tobi mentioned. College

    • Auto Cove
      Auto Cove Month ago

      @Xvisionary What kind of ques is that

    • Xvisionary
      Xvisionary Month ago

      Why did he get revenge tho?

    • Auto Cove
      Auto Cove Month ago +6

      Little man nailed him in da sack

    • Hanebel Asaah
      Hanebel Asaah Month ago +9

      I loved that

  • Iskandar The Panda
    Iskandar The Panda Month ago +463

    I’ll be honest, never watched BetaSquad, but they are flipping hilarious and have glowed up massively. Kenny looks like a chill guy

  • Alex Burdejová
    Alex Burdejová Month ago +303

    59:52 this bit had me in tears, the way chunkz grabbed aj, I can't breathe😭😭

  • T Mar
    T Mar Month ago +65

    53:02 I don't trust anybody in this dunia 😂😂😂 Harry coming through with the terminology

    • Shadow kage
      Shadow kage 2 days ago

      @Akmal Leon nah he probably learned it from vikk

    • Akmal Leon
      Akmal Leon 2 days ago

      @Shadow kage Harry is a Moslem?

    • Shadow kage
      Shadow kage 2 days ago

      @Akmal Leon world

    • Akmal Leon
      Akmal Leon 3 days ago

      What does "dunia" means?

    • Dil Kaur
      Dil Kaur Month ago +1

      Bro he said so casually I didn’t even notice

  • Evan The Axolotl
    Evan The Axolotl Month ago +181

    38:50 Kenny being in such panic and distress is so funny-

  • Mubeen Dewan
    Mubeen Dewan Month ago +6908

    jj pretending to be dead is the smartest thing I've ever seen this man do in a sidemen video

    • cristian Hernandez
      cristian Hernandez 5 days ago

      @The man 587its not like almost every dead person moved to completely different rooms the whole video

    • Jhelo Pedrozo
      Jhelo Pedrozo Month ago +3

      The K in KSI acting up

    • Shourov
      Shourov Month ago +7

      All cuz tobi ball-tapped him

    • Mert James
      Mert James Month ago

      I’m I’m gonna gonna have

    • Pernik
      Pernik Month ago +1

      I wish I like sideman I only watch bc of betasquad

  • Keegan
    Keegan Month ago +55

    0:07 nice work from the editors. I respect the work put into this man, just look at how they managed to put the boys as among us characters. 💯

    • emilija k
      emilija k Month ago +2

      even the triangle for AJ

  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith Month ago +46

    Harry is the lone warrior in the slasher survival horror, who goes off on his own, everyone suspects him because they can’t find him and he ends up in a suspicious position, but ultimately become the only one who survives. This was cinematic

  • I Am Dokyeom Mystery Mystery

    17:27 Tobi being funny as always 😭

  • Krishn Agarwal
    Krishn Agarwal Month ago +38

    38:31 The horror on Kenny's Face, JJ's ultimate psychotic acting, The transition of suspenseful background music to a defeat one, JJ's brilliant acting of quenching his murder thirst.
    Man this moment is the best of the whole video 🔥✨
    No one could have done an impostor better than JJ. Period. 🙌🙇💯

  • Sandra barbie
    Sandra barbie Month ago +34

    it kills me how Niko was so after JJ he didnt even care about Harry😂😂😂Its called revenge best served cold

    TD BRICKS Month ago +6472

    Bro when it was nearing the end of that first round that felt like a movie

    • Alex Firth
      Alex Firth Month ago

      This is one channel I was not expecting to see in a sidemen sunday video comment section

    • June Creator
      June Creator Month ago +1

      @Inferno Galaxy what movie?

    • E
      E Month ago

      E‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎

    • doug brown
      doug brown Month ago

      @Inferno Galaxy it was really bad though wasnt it?

    • Buster Norén
      Buster Norén Month ago +1

      Hi I love your Lego channel

  • Ivailo Yakimov
    Ivailo Yakimov Month ago +155

    52:19 chunkz is too funny man 🤣🤣🤣

  • abbie Ledger
    abbie Ledger Month ago +161

    53:20 Harry “gangly man get away from me “ 😂 had me dying

  • Renitey
    Renitey Month ago +138

    8:45 Camgirl actually afraid of JJ 🤣🤣

  • itisjustnas
    itisjustnas Month ago +14

    33:18 AJ reaction when everyone drew in the painting task 🎨
    33:43 Karma to Chunkz for not waiting for Kenny

  • youihajje
    youihajje Month ago +70

    "AJ's little mouse screams were too quiet for any human ears to pick up :("
    bro this got wheezing

  • Drezzo
    Drezzo Month ago +2160

    That first round was a cinematic masterpiece

    • E
      E Month ago

      E‎ ‎ ‎ ‎

    • arctic monkeys
      arctic monkeys Month ago


    • Dinu
      Dinu Month ago +4

      jj climaxing 39:28

    • Speeed
      Speeed Month ago

      clip-share.net/video/a_Jh22V2_EE/video.html Finally It’s Here🤠

  • Bashar Shafiq
    Bashar Shafiq Month ago +38

    I never laughed this much for a long time 😂😂 thanks for making this video Sidemen and beta squad🤝🏻❤

  • Jaxxal
    Jaxxal Month ago +90

    Everyone drawing triangles for Aj had me dying 😭

  • RethinkingMyLifeDecisions

    1:03:21 Josh going for food is a mood

  • Teaghan peloski
    Teaghan peloski Month ago +33

    All the people who work on these videos deserve so much praise!! The camera crew, the riddle guy, editors ,everyone. Sidemen content is always so funny and a true pleasure to watch 😇❤️

  • Panabble Cat
    Panabble Cat 6 days ago +1

    Seeing Harry on a swing after he won is the best thing ever

  • Millie Westwood
    Millie Westwood Month ago +2808

    harry was so committed to the tasks this whole video bless him 😂

    • index
      index Month ago +1

      @joevincent titular he still held one... 🤦🏿

    • joevincent titular
      joevincent titular Month ago +1

      @index he did not use the rpg, he threw oranges 29:50

    • Millie Westwood
      Millie Westwood Month ago +2

      @index 💀💀💀

    • Vlap
      Vlap Month ago

      @index oh mb

    • index
      index Month ago +2

      @Vlap err yes he did

  • Stella Joyce Villanueva

    Chunkz literally is killing it being the bad guy 😂 pure evilness 😂

  • The Quantum Kage
    The Quantum Kage 23 days ago +9

    19:14 One of JJ's rare big brain plays, and Simon still figures it out instantly lol.

  • Shauka Hodan
    Shauka Hodan Month ago +9

    The editors are genius. When the ghost come out and Kenny and chunks holding the guns like ghost busters @32:53

  • Adit Patidar
    Adit Patidar Month ago +21

    I swear chunkz is the best actor out of all of them. He needs to win an Oscars. 36:10

  • mauvay
    mauvay Month ago +17

    53:25 the music is so perfectly lined up to what niko is saying, crazy. sidemen got the best editors in the game

  • BlueMo
    BlueMo Month ago +3127

    Harry casually sitting on the swing enjoying the view after he’s won is so wholesome and such a Harry thing to do 😭

    • Dylan Murphy
      Dylan Murphy Month ago +2

      @Elliot Bowles same , took me 50 mins to realise Ethan wasn’t in it

    • Dylan Murphy
      Dylan Murphy Month ago +2

      He was thinking about how much he misses Ethan

    • Elliot Bowles
      Elliot Bowles Month ago +3

      Chunkz made it but I thought Ethan would’ve been good in this video

    • Pimp Chimpin
      Pimp Chimpin Month ago +4

      Proper genuine chuckle, loving Kenny being hunted down too 🤣

    • William Lycke
      William Lycke Month ago +25

      that moment made my heart melt, love harry so much, what a person he is

  • Nathi
    Nathi Month ago +28

    Harry casually enjoying the swing while Kenny's bargaining for his life is beautiful cinematography

  • Joshua Latham
    Joshua Latham Month ago +30

    1:06:25 The camera man running away all serious is way too funny.

  • Talha Tsmc
    Talha Tsmc Month ago +60

    17:52. I love it when Niko is supposed to be dead and is just walking with a glass of water. 😂😂😂🤣🤣💀

  • Manash Kashyap
    Manash Kashyap Month ago +9

    Can we just appreciate the editor he did an amazing job ✨

  • Dheeraj Nihalani
    Dheeraj Nihalani Month ago +25

    Best part of the whole gig, Tobi genuinely wanted to complete the whole task and I continued doing it even after dying.

  • Courtney Elliott
    Courtney Elliott Month ago +2007

    Can we just take a minute to appreciate the editors? They smashed it!!

  • Don't Forget me
    Don't Forget me Month ago +26

    We all can agree JJ's the best imposter 😂 from the evil live to the deception of playing dead fatneek for the dub 😭😭

  • Faith Rumengan
    Faith Rumengan Month ago +50

    Tobi's coldest moments 18:28 💀

  • Javier Liera 3
    Javier Liera 3 Month ago +14

    18:50 Simon is so funny bro, it’s funny how he caused a scene for nothing to find and actual scene right after his scandal 😂

  • 小荣
    小荣 Month ago +7

    I love how it takes Vikki so long to do the puzzle and Harry just rolls it 🤣

  • liajasmine
    liajasmine 18 hours ago

    i want more sidemen and beta squad collabs! they’re so funny

  • Vicky Vortex
    Vicky Vortex Month ago +2114

    It’s Scary How Good JJ Is As a Psychopath Killer 😂😂

  • Protogonus
    Protogonus Month ago +9

    28:45 lmao Niko tried to give JJ a pocket knife

  • PookaNey
    PookaNey Month ago +21

    niko and knowledge being imposters for each round is so satisfying

  • T
    T Month ago +13

    Chunkz doing the bowling pin thing was the highlight of my night😂😂😂

  • Ojas Kulshrestha
    Ojas Kulshrestha Month ago +58

    Harry's face when everyone was screaming "Harry's here" 😭😭😭

  • Amelie E.
    Amelie E. Month ago +25

    18:05 might be my favorite moment so far

  • otisjoi
    otisjoi Month ago +1310

    it's so interesting how much more capable Harry is in the real life scenario as opposed to in game

    • Aashir Imran
      Aashir Imran Month ago +2

      Harry solved the puzzle and vikk just gave up 😂😂

    • My Favorite Fruit Is Mango
      My Favorite Fruit Is Mango Month ago +4

      Lmao this goes to show simulation will never come close to replicating the real thing tbh. But they didn't really do the same thing did they lol no meetings no kill cool down and the challenges consist of eating and dancing.

    • Bella
      Bella Month ago

      Here is the recommended clip that say it :

    • ZDFrostbyte
      ZDFrostbyte Month ago +17

      he at least knows a tiny bit of what he’s doing in real life versus in game when he has no idea

  • Kristian Scooczech

    I just love Harry minding his own business and just doing his tasks.

  • iTsCapo
    iTsCapo 4 days ago

    The cameo the cameraman has been waiting for his whole life, he was so ready

  • V¡oL4 B
    V¡oL4 B Month ago +6

    the best collab i’ve ever seen whole video got me dead HAHAHA pls we need more sidemen&beta squad vids

  • Nimma City
    Nimma City Month ago +7

    I really love how Tobi decided to just do tasks anyway 😊😊

  • Crisp General
    Crisp General 14 days ago

    This was a legit fun episode to watch. Part 2 when?

  • M1A2C
    M1A2C Month ago +3470

    I love how JJ tries to win with strategy and Niko just runs around dippin everyone

    • Kixtri
      Kixtri Month ago +6

      reversal of what you'd expect

    • MBJ Gaming
      MBJ Gaming Month ago +49

      And they don't even have like an emergency button so they can't do anything but run

    • Liya Club
      Liya Club Month ago +1

      Here is the recommended clip that say it :

    • King Longface
      King Longface Month ago

      clip-share.net/video/a_Jh22V2_EE/video.html Finally It’s Here🤠

    • Niggas in a Nutshell
      Niggas in a Nutshell  Month ago


  • Jessica Mills
    Jessica Mills Month ago +7

    I love the beta squad crossovers! Please more!

  • Arminsfingers
    Arminsfingers Month ago +18

    28:26 harry busting out them gru moves

    • Arminsfingers
      Arminsfingers 21 day ago +1


    • miing
      miing 21 day ago +2

      congrats on making it into a more sidemen vid lmao

  • Anisa Siti Kholifah
    Anisa Siti Kholifah 12 days ago +1

    harry focused on finishing tasks is soo cute🥺

  • Jasmine Moeroa
    Jasmine Moeroa Month ago +7

    JJ acting psycho chasing kenny was actually terrifying 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Kraken
    Kraken Month ago +17

    Kenny and Chunks know Niko so well they immediately know he’s imposter

  • Emma Powers
    Emma Powers Month ago +2078

    That cut to Harry on the swing while Kenny is running from JJ is pure gold.

    • jordan goley
      jordan goley Month ago +2

      Niko runs like a dinner lady

    • Veluta ✓
      Veluta ✓ Month ago +1

      Same with harry being chased by niko and then cutting it to kenny and simon peacefully painting is hilarious.

    • King Longface
      King Longface Month ago

      clip-share.net/video/Mj8zSr3c61A/video.html Finally It’s here🤠

    • Bella
      Bella Month ago

      Here is the recommended clip that say it :

    • Elithebomber X
      Elithebomber X Month ago +12

      and then niko luring jj in with chicken was so wrong he used his weakness

  • Khufra -
    Khufra - Month ago +37

    38:30 gave me chills

  • Robert Edwards
    Robert Edwards 6 days ago +1

    Absolutely love the video editing!! Funny and sot on, love it

  • Dilo
    Dilo Month ago +23

    „I don’t trust anyone in this dunya“ -Harry 53:03 🤣

    • Dilo
      Dilo 2 days ago

      @Ranim Abid isn’t it more like “world”

    • Ranim Abid
      Ranim Abid 2 days ago

      @Akmal Leon life in Arabic

    • Akmal Leon
      Akmal Leon 3 days ago

      What's "dunya"?

  • 01 - Muhammad Ali
    01 - Muhammad Ali Month ago +6

    The hunt of Kenny got my heart pumping so hard. Rest in peace General Kenny

  • Kailyn Mabon
    Kailyn Mabon 6 days ago +1

    Lmaooo I love how niko started going after the camera crew

  • H4ny
    H4ny Month ago +2577

    JJ as the imposter was hilarious he did so well. Harry and AJ were a duo I never knew I needed 🤣

    • Bella
      Bella Month ago +1

      Here is the recommended clip that say it :

    • Riya Ali
      Riya Ali Month ago +2

      I love AJ

    • Speeed
      Speeed Month ago +2

      clip-share.net/video/Mj8zSr3c61A/video.html Finally it’s here🤠

    • Swifty
      Swifty Month ago +26

      i mean if they did a voting system then he would of been out from the start but ig that defeats the whole purpose and the video ends within seconds

  • Aline Cintura
    Aline Cintura Month ago +11

    22:29 chunkz is too good i swear🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Tahir Qureshi
    Tahir Qureshi Month ago +33

    Sidemen and beta squad need to do more

  • Ariel
    Ariel 2 days ago

    chunkz being insanely good at riddles is so funny

  • Ignu
    Ignu Month ago +15

    This was like a movie it had so much comedy drama and plot twists😂

  • Mohsin busheri
    Mohsin busheri Month ago +9

    28:10 harry getting scared is the funniest thing ive seen

  • Rose Daphne
    Rose Daphne Month ago +4438

    harry on the swing while kenny is literally running for his life is a cinematic masterpiece

    • Nik
      Nik Month ago

      @Izzati cus he was outside and already completed all the task.

    • Rose Daphne
      Rose Daphne Month ago +3

      @Izzati harry already won lol

    • Izzati
      Izzati Month ago

      I dont understand. Why didnt JJ kill Harry while he was chasing kenny ? Harry wasnt dead yet tho

    • E
      E Month ago


    • Nilbud
      Nilbud Month ago +3

      It is one of the best masterpieces of all time

  • Unbroken D
    Unbroken D Month ago +3

    Well done to the editors the animators and the camera people they don't get much praise BIG UP YOURSELVES

  • NxmeLesss
    NxmeLesss Month ago +4

    Kenny:*running for his life*
    Harry:enjoying the great outdoors

  • Hamish Seerkissoon
    Hamish Seerkissoon Month ago +4

    I love how JJ chases Harry then he stops and see’s Niko on the floor and gets confused

  • Davis A
    Davis A Month ago +8

    11:01 is one of the greatest edits ive ever seen

  • Kiko Ferras
    Kiko Ferras Month ago

    This was so fun
    Ya'll should never stop doing 'Among Us In Real Life' videos

  • Suryaansh Akhouri
    Suryaansh Akhouri Month ago +3031

    Chunkz's riddle solving skills are IMMACULATE.

    • tzuyology
      tzuyology Month ago +2

      @Barley27 he was the same tbh

    • Dylan Murphy
      Dylan Murphy Month ago

      @FOAD UK yank Wally

    • Go to my Home page
      Go to my Home page Month ago +1

      Finally it’s here! 🤩 - clip-share.net/video/bFy0B-Tc4PY/video.html

    • Dragro
      Dragro Month ago

      @Ollie Sopwith josh still

    • Brainless
      Brainless Month ago

      @FOAD UK waldo in the us

  • Sky Robson
    Sky Robson 12 days ago

    I love these videos they make me laugh pls make more x

  • Tai Lewis
    Tai Lewis 24 days ago +1

    I loved this video we need more collabs😂❤

  • Coat Guy
    Coat Guy Month ago +3

    really like how niko doesn't play by the rules and screams his lungs out when he's dead. Really immersive and exactly how it works in the game!

  • nathcurrymunch
    nathcurrymunch Month ago +18

    Am I the only one who cracks up when Niko refers to JJ as “ knowledge”

    REVERB Month ago +4

    23:57 had me dead😂😂

  • Alexey Moss
    Alexey Moss Month ago +3079

    The editing for Harry saying “it’s now or never” and then he shoots the never option 😂

    • Bella
      Bella Month ago

      Here is the recommended clip that say it :
      clip-share.net/video/ZnSZzExF58Y/video.html !!

    • Bibhushan Rajthala
      Bibhushan Rajthala Month ago +6

      Yeah I thought it was there

    • Speeed
      Speeed Month ago

      clip-share.net/video/Mj8zSr3c61A/video.html Finally it’s here🤠

    • Razan
      Razan Month ago +21

      So good 😂😂😂😂

  • PookaNey
    PookaNey Month ago +10


  • Tucker Farrell
    Tucker Farrell Month ago +18

    I think the 1v1 between Kenny and KSI was one of the greatest things I’ve ever watched

  • William Rebollar
    William Rebollar 28 days ago

    The transaction from 10:49 to harry shooting the rocket was the smoothest ever 😂