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How to Get More Batteries for Zonai Devices in Tears of the Kingdom

  • Published on Oct 1, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • How to expand your Energy Cell in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.
    This guide has everything you need to farm Zonaite, Crystallized Charges, and Energy Wells to expand your Energy/Power Cell, which is critical to getting the most out of Zonai Devices.
    0:00 - Intro & The problem with most flying vehicles
    0:19 - Where to upgrade Energy Cell / Batteries (Crystal Refinery)
    0:54 - Where to get Autobuild and Forge Construct (Do this first)
    2:43 - How to build a Simple Flying Vehicle and Save in Autobuild
    4:30 - How to add Brightbloom to Flying Vehicle
    4:54 - Crystallized Charges Source #1 (The Depths Minibosses)
    5:24 - Frox Boss Strategy
    5:52 - The Depths Temple Bosses Explained
    6:21 - Crystallized Charges Source #2 (Yiga Camps)
    6:50 - Crystallized Charges Source #3 (Zonaite Deposit Hotspots)
    7:47 - Crystallized Charges Source #4 (Floating Coliseum)
    9:01 - Floating Coliseum for OP Weapons, Arrows, and Rupees
    9:51 - Green vs Blue Batteries Explained
    10:13 - How to buy unlimited Big Battery Zonai Devices
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    Have a great day, and as always, thanks for watching!
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  • Its Shatter
    Its Shatter  4 months ago +719

    More Zonai-focused content is on the way! Thanks for watching!

    • Naru taru
      Naru taru 4 months ago +5

      What item are u duping

    • Its Shatter
      Its Shatter  4 months ago +17

      @Naru taru I’m not duping anything for the energy cells. Mostly just doing coliseum/ hunting bosses. If you wanted to dupe something the best bet would probably be large Zonaite

    • Tony Redgrave
      Tony Redgrave 4 months ago +6

      I've never seen a more helpful guide so far since the release of the game. Good on you!

    • Some Child
      Some Child 4 months ago +1

      what weapon are you using for defeating the Frox at 5:30

    • Its Shatter
      Its Shatter  4 months ago +4

      @Some Child it’s a silver lynel mace horn fused to a 1-handed weapon, I think it’s a sparkling/clean knight’s broadsword

  • RobertIDK
    RobertIDK 4 months ago +972

    Shoutout to everyone else like me who was trying to explore the depths on foot before this video 🤪 thank you dude lol

    • Amanda Croft
      Amanda Croft 4 months ago +108

      Ikr, I feel like I keep trying to approach things the way I would in BotW, I need to break out of that mentality lol 😅

    • Balboa Baggins
      Balboa Baggins 4 months ago +15

      Off course. How else would you start?

    • The Sky Walker
      The Sky Walker 4 months ago +12

      i kinda give up the depth since it feel like need a lot of resource before going there .Definitelly come back, kinda into quest more

    • #-#mose
      #-#mose 4 months ago +8

      Im new! And me! I'm still to scared of going down to the depths unfortunately heheh 😅 (easy reason why because and it's because of gloom hands)

    • Drasend
      Drasend 4 months ago +1

      I am going to make the flying contraption as soon as I can, tho I will still use and improve my "HoverSled" (just a sled with steering and a fan in the back) to travel the underdark.
      The Big Glow Bloom is something I should have thought of before I actively used lamps....
      Works somewhat on water even when it tries so hard to be a dolphin..

  • Nathan Blackburn
    Nathan Blackburn 4 months ago +431

    One thing that players might not notice is that Lightroots always seem to be beneath surface shrines, so if you toggle between the surface and underground maps you can use the lightroot/shrine locations to locate shrines/lightroots respectively

    • YouTube Sucks
      YouTube Sucks 4 months ago +15

      Big if true

    • Nathan Blackburn
      Nathan Blackburn 4 months ago +133

      @Clip-Share Sucks It is, in fact the lightroot's name is actually the corresponding shrine's name backwards

    • YouTube Sucks
      YouTube Sucks 4 months ago +116

      @Nathan Blackburn We got fucking Megamind over here

    • Multi Koopa
      Multi Koopa 4 months ago +43

      every single Lightroot is the direct counterpart of a shrine on the surface. if you can't find the counterpart, there's a trick to finding it

    • Fogmoz
      Fogmoz 4 months ago +29

      Robbie mentions a link between the positions of the shrines and the light roots in a journal, at one of his camps during the very first Depths quest you do 👍🏼

  • Toni Rizzo
    Toni Rizzo 3 months ago +62

    Tip for Frox: After mounting their back to attack their zonaite deposits, they'll shortly begin to tremble before shrugging you off (much like Stone Talus do). HOWEVER, if you make sure to stand still on their tail when they try to shrug you off, you'll be launched way into the air. Bullet-time snipe the weak point, repeat.

    • juniikid
      juniikid 2 months ago +1

      Oohh this is good

    • Jacob Kinsley
      Jacob Kinsley 2 months ago +3

      It's best to start aiming halfway through when they do the Speen jump as it gives you more angles to hit at if its out of reach initially, also you can throw dazzlefruit at the beginning of the fight to start off doing this strategy instantly.

    • Brett Wyrick
      Brett Wyrick Month ago +1

      Thanks for the tip, internet friend!

    • Jarrod Dorsey
      Jarrod Dorsey Month ago

      That’s what I did

  • Karl Rock
    Karl Rock 4 months ago +1137

    Thanks! The game didn’t explain all this to me, or maybe I skipped past it. I’m over halfway through the game and still only one battery. Time to change that 😄

    • Its Shatter
      Its Shatter  4 months ago +59

      Happy to help, Karl! Thanks for watching!

    • chstens
      chstens 4 months ago +61

      It's explained on the tutorial sky island.

    • Sulav Bhattarai
      Sulav Bhattarai 4 months ago +6

      bro i’m a big fan didn’t expect to see u in the comments 😆

    • Michael Wilkinson
      Michael Wilkinson 4 months ago +107

      THey explained it on the tutorial island but not properly; they said you need to go to the depths to get zonaite and literally nothing else lol

    • • One •
      • One • 4 months ago +23

      Wow you've been playing through skill alone?! I've been Bob the Buildering my way to success and I've only done one temple but have 9 and a half batteries 😅

  • quigonkenny
    quigonkenny 4 months ago +596

    Advice for facing the Lynels:
    1) Get a Royal Guard Claymore. There's one at Hyrule Castle Sanctum (where you fought Ganon in BotW).
    2) Find a Rock Octorok (Eldin area). Save and drop the RG Claymore in front of it. He'll suck it in and give it a bonus (you'll see "sparkles" while he's "chewing" on it). If it's a good one, kill the Octorok and find another one. If it's a bad bonus, reload the save and try again.
    3) Repeat above with another Rock Octorok. You will likely get an even better bonus. If not, reload and try again. Make sure to kill the Octoroks when done so they'll respawn at the next Blood Moon and you can use them again, since you won't be able to use that same Octorok again unless you do so.
    4) You should have a nice level of Attack Up and Durability Up by now. If not, try again with the Octoroks. You may need to wait for a Blood Moon.
    4) Smack the RG Claymore into trees, the ground, etc., until it's almost broken. Its attack power will go up dramatically.
    5) Fuse the nastiest damage dealing material you have to it. You should be well above 100 in Attack Power by now, possibly close to 200.
    6) Fight the Lynels. Stun with a bow (hit the face) then run up and jump on its back. Wale away with the RG Claymore until it knocks you off (shoot it in the back of the head during bullet time if you can). Repeat until dead and move onto the next one.
    7) Don't ever use the Claymore for normal attacks, because it will eventually break. Save it specifically for doing damage to the Lynels while on their backs, since that does not affect its durability. You'll be able to use the massive damage you've given it indefinitely.

    • exodus9001
      exodus9001 4 months ago +28

      Very dope advice thanks my man. Didn't know about the Rocktoroks. Is there a consistent spot for them or is it just randomly under a rock? And are they the only ones that do this, other octos dont?
      I also heard feeding them repairs durability is that the case

    • Pandoe
      Pandoe 4 months ago +5

      @exodus9001 there are specific spots

    • quigonkenny
      quigonkenny 4 months ago +11

      @exodus9001 PhillyBeatzU just did a couple pretty comprehensive YT videos on both the RG Claymore and the Rock Octoroks today, but IIRC it was Austin John Plays (also YT) I first heard about it from, for both things. The no durability damage on Lynelback thing is a carryover from BotW, so I already knew that.
      AFAIK, any Rock Octorok will do the upgrade, but it has to be a _Rock_ Octorok. Those are pretty much only found in Eldin, around Death Mountain. The normal Octoroks, even if they're hiding under a rock, won't do it, since they don't suck in before they blow. Both the guys I mentioned above have videos on their channels that go into detail on where you'll find some, but I seriously doubt they're the only ones by now. "Rock Octorok locations" is autofilling for me when I type it into the search bar, so people are definitely making videos about it.

    • mytrgg
      mytrgg 4 months ago +3

      Any idea how to hit the lionels more on the back? I get three hits and they kick me off and in these vids i see 5-6 hits

    • Yaqins
      Yaqins 4 months ago

      imma leave a comment for later. Great advice man

  • Kuuga Gameing
    Kuuga Gameing 4 months ago +4892

    This video has no cruft, stalling, obnoxious sponsorships, or dead air. Excellent production and utlilty, a rare thing to see nowadays from games guides.

    • Its Shatter
      Its Shatter  4 months ago +361

      Thanks Kuuga! I think that's about the nicest thing anyone has ever said about my guides!

    • Sisyphus
      Sisyphus 4 months ago +102

      not to mention the spoiler protection, alot of really subtle but still meaningful aspects of the game have been spoiled for me because of guides like those : (

    • Toxic Shot
      Toxic Shot 4 months ago +21

      its really rare these days

    • Manwë
      Manwë 4 months ago +8

      Was precisely about to say the same thing. Have a new follower by dear Zelda fan bro :)

    • firstname lastname
      firstname lastname 4 months ago +9

      ehh it has a little bit of stalling, but the chapters made it easy to find which portions I needed to see, so that was great

  • ThioJoe
    ThioJoe 4 months ago +64

    Very good tips 🧐

    • cookieapple45
      cookieapple45 3 months ago

      Bro I used to use watch you

    • itzGalactica
      itzGalactica 2 months ago

      Wait... ThioJoe??! I didn't realise you were a Zelda fan...

  • Feris Salvo
    Feris Salvo 4 months ago +70

    This. This is what a guide should be. Quick and to the point while still making room for detailed explanations alongside a visual aide, spoiler protection for anything past the first few hours of gameplay, and recommendations for future learning. I'm truly amazed I've never come across your channel before, and I shall be waiting eagerly for more guides on whatever you choose to cover! :)

  • LieThePenguin
    LieThePenguin 4 months ago +86

    Yo heads up, there is a battery forge right next to the human outpost in front of the castle. if you walk through the doors of Josha's lab area the fallen debris to the right with the researchers standing next to it has a forge on it. Don't have to return to the sky island everytime!

    • Void
      Void 4 months ago +19

      Yeah, but I think what he meant is that it's easier to get to the sky island one, since there's the shrine right next to it, while the tower's a bit of a walk

    • Fernando Dember Laguna
      Fernando Dember Laguna 4 months ago +3

      @Void its like 10 seconds saved lol, unless you are speedrunning the one in lookout is more convenient since you actually have to go back to lookout multiple times through the story.

    • Summery Cast
      Summery Cast 4 months ago +7

      ​@Fernando Dember Laguna
      True but if you just need to upgrade your battery, better off going to Sky Island.

    • Carlos
      Carlos 3 months ago

      That one requires 2 temples though

  • This account is pending review
    This account is pending review 4 months ago +1566

    You forgot one thing. Don’t just sell the Lynel parts. Use cooking pots to mix them into elixirs at a rate of four monster parts to one insect/lizard/frog which significantly increases their value.

    • RX78-9- GDESTROYER
      RX78-9- GDESTROYER 4 months ago +81

      i think it wasn't mentioned simply for the fact that the amount of parts farmed through this method already bring in a good amount of money every blood moon anyways and it was only mentioned as a bonus to farming the crystalized charges

    • Tahu toa of fire
      Tahu toa of fire 4 months ago +33

      Im proud about going to the coloseum when i had 5 hearts no stam killed 2 of em and got the 3rd to half health probably could’ve won if i had more and better weapons and bows

    • Tackle Berry
      Tackle Berry 4 months ago +32

      True. In BotW, four lynel guts and one lightning beetle was worth 2300 rupees. Most other bugs would still net you over 2000 rupees if cooked with four guts. Totally worth it if you’re doing this farming method

    • Darcidious99
      Darcidious99 4 months ago +62

      @Tahu toa of fire dawg i just got to that colisseum, I killed one and was so proud, and then the second gate dropped and I noped the fuck out😂

    • Manwë
      Manwë 4 months ago +3

      Since there is basically a glitch to dupplicate things, you don't really need that to make rupees until it's fixed^^

  • playwars
    playwars 3 months ago +10

    4:45 It is also worth mentionning that brightblooms also increase the distance at which vehicles despawn, as long as they are attached to them, thus giving it double the utility.

  • Ûkbûk The Pigsticker
    Ûkbûk The Pigsticker 4 months ago +325

    The giant seed actually screws with the weight. If you place it on the bottom of the stick it actually balances the weight equally.

    • Careless
      Careless 3 months ago +1

      good heads up man thanks

    • Superthot
      Superthot 2 months ago

      But then you’d only be able to see below and not in front, I put mine in the front and back it balances everything out

    • Ûkbûk The Pigsticker
      Ûkbûk The Pigsticker 2 months ago +3

      @Superthot It projects light in all directions wherever it's placed, it shouldn't affect how far forward you can see at all. The only noticeable difference I ever noticed placing it in different spots on the vehicle is the weight distribution.

  • Derflerp
    Derflerp 4 months ago +208

    I managed to tumble into the depths on a wing with 4 fans stacked on the bottom. It was not a stable ride, and I had to climb the wing when it swung vertical, but to make a long story short I ended up with 200 zonaite before I had the paraglider. I love this game.

    • MeMeLuRd
      MeMeLuRd 4 months ago +6

      Reminds me of the hit game Kirby Super Star.

    • Buddie21341255612351
      Buddie21341255612351 4 months ago +7

      2 fans at 45* each side of the control stick
      Super stable

  • AJ Manning
    AJ Manning 2 months ago +6

    Bro this video is… Impressive. By all content creation, informational video, entertainment, and how-to guide standards I can think of you have absolutely nailed it. The video has zero fluff and your delivery is practiced, neutral, and doesn’t have obnoxious patterns. The pace of information is rapid so that you can learn what you need and move on, but you say it slow enough and when showing you carefully, deliberately display what you are talking about for long enough to clearly show what you mean without cutting away too quickly. The bgm is perfect, you consider and briefly mention small things the viewer may want to consider without spending minutes at a time on them… I am really impressed. If you other videos are like this one then I’d say you’ve earned my subscription.

  • RedRoseSword
    RedRoseSword 4 months ago +51

    I absolutely love how he actually guides us and not rushes and he helps us

  • Wendy Lott
    Wendy Lott 4 months ago +17

    Thank you!! A spoiler free, no fluff, no filler, straight to the point guide! And you included time stamps too! Clip-Share recommended your channel And I subscribed after this video!

  • him
    him 4 months ago +23

    Amazing guide, No spoilers whatsoever even keeping which dungeon bosses are where in the underground is amazing. Best guide I’ve seen in a long time.

  • Riley Bittle
    Riley Bittle 4 months ago +126

    Hey just so you know, during the Frox's inhale attack you can drop, shoot, or toss a bomb or timer bomb into their mouth which will cause them to explode

    • Squiddon64
      Squiddon64 4 months ago +12

      Do Don Go.

    • Happi
      Happi 4 months ago +3

      @Tronicalli they dont even take big damage, but it stuns them

    • Theukon-dos
      Theukon-dos 4 months ago +6

      Bombs will stun them, but feeding then anything else will force them to chew for a good while, which is basically the same thing.

    • The Lovers, The Dreamers, and Chaos
      The Lovers, The Dreamers, and Chaos 4 months ago +4

      Yeah, I mostly used bomb flowers because it was SUCH telegraphing of an obvious weak point to me, but i accidentally threw one of my weapons in there and i was so sad....

    • Tracy R
      Tracy R 4 months ago +1

      I just throw blue chuchu or whatever junk

  • Ray
    Ray 4 months ago +21

    It's so good to see a dedicated youtuber who makes in depth tutorials for real and actually puts lots of effort into their videos. You deserve all the subs out there man. good job

  • BTK Trailmakers
    BTK Trailmakers 4 months ago +6

    Incredible guide. Came for the batteries, left knowing 20 things I didn't know I needed to and they will ALL improve my playstyle 😂

  • Cameron Harvey
    Cameron Harvey 4 months ago +5

    This video contains a ton of extra information that is so useful for achieving a path to what is essentially endgame. Simply farming the lynel coliseum and then using that as a jumping off point for everything else is incredibly powerful and skyrockets you to having way more rupees, a much stronger weapon / bow stash, and more batteries.

  • Raelynn Marks
    Raelynn Marks 3 months ago +2

    Dude, this is an incredible guide. You quickly but throughky cover all of the inportant aspects, paying attention to small details that most people miss. I gotta go watch the rest now, thank you for making this!

  • Rosie Leaverton
    Rosie Leaverton 3 months ago +4

    I never knew you could replenish the stock of charges so easily! I thought you had to wait for a blood moon to happen, but this will make it so much easier. Thank you for making a video explaining all this!

  • FolkloreLover
    FolkloreLover 4 months ago +9

    Clear concise instruction and I thank you for it! Excellent farming strategy for the cells. Excited to try it out once I get farther in. Thank you so much for putting it up. Also love the fluffy beast at the end. Subscribed.

  • Vanssz
    Vanssz 4 months ago +12

    Absolutely amazing! A video without bull.. informative, no spoilers, and straight forward! Amazing! Very rare these days. Keep it up

  • endgamerlvl1
    endgamerlvl1 2 months ago

    Youre doing a really great job at releasing clean, easy to understand videos, keep it up! Loving it

  • devak45
    devak45 2 months ago

    Superb guide as always, thanks man!! I’m ~80 hours in or so but have been really neglecting my batteries and now I’m regretting that. Gotta get farming

  • Jay Mac
    Jay Mac 4 months ago +1

    Massive respect to you for getting straight to the point. No needless information or rambling. Many Clip-Sharers could learn from you.

  • Quinton Hoffert
    Quinton Hoffert 4 months ago +3

    This is a great video, and I have just one more thing to add to it. In addition to the large mining facilities (found beneath each of the major towns on Hyrule's surface) there are many additional smaller mines. These mines always have a chest, some of which contain special armors but most of which contain 20 Crystalized Charges, along with many Zonaite deposits. If you don't have Majora's Mask and don't want to do the Floating Colosseum but you still want to get a lot of Zonaite, these mines are very useful and there are tons of them. I have killed a few Depths bosses (I think about 5-6 in total) and very, very few Depths mini-bosses (Stalnoxes, Froxes and the like) but I nevertheless am only 7 Energy Cells away from having maxed out energy, and I've only explored maybe 2/3 - 3/4 of the Depths. I'm pretty confident that between all the smaller mines and the various Depths bosses that reward 100 Charges you can get to max energy without really needing to farm much, if at all.

  • Tricksulo
    Tricksulo 4 months ago +1

    This is without question one of the best guide videos I have ever seen. The way this whole video is put together is... Perfection

  • JohnRedstone
    JohnRedstone 4 months ago +5

    This video was so efficient, incredibly helpful, THOROUGH, no spoilers, and charming. Way to go, looking forward to your next one :)

  • Hourglass
    Hourglass 4 months ago +6

    Great videos, can confirm the arrow trick. Started fighting lynels with about 40 arrows, ended with 120+

  • dashii111
    dashii111 3 months ago +1

    I thought this grind was going to be awful but it’s actually pretty fun. Good motivation to hit all the light roots too.

  • Broke Reader
    Broke Reader 2 months ago

    Shatters guides are always welcome, used them to do elden ring quests and now helping me in totk, what a great lad

  • William Baldwin
    William Baldwin 3 months ago

    This was incredibly informative. Every time you brought up something that I didn't know about, you continued to explain each subsequent task and acquisition along the way. This is a one stop shop for learning everything I needed to know about getting more batteries. Thank you so much

  • 5MadMovieMakers
    5MadMovieMakers 4 months ago

    Pro strats right here

  • FandomFanatikz
    FandomFanatikz 4 months ago +5

    Before watching this, I didn't even think going into the Depths would be useful at all. After watching I've been grinding Zonaite/Energy Cells for hours now. Great video 👍

  • Twilight Tiger236
    Twilight Tiger236 3 months ago +1

    One of my favorite places to farm Zonaite is in Rist Mine (Where the swirly peninsula area is in the Akkala region), since it's absolutely crawling with a bunch of little froxes that give 1-2 Zonaite each and there's a bunch of zonaite deposits too as you walk along the path through the mine. I can usually get at least 100+ Zonaite and 10-15 Large Zonaite per trip and can be farmed again after a blood moon.

  • Himi
    Himi 4 months ago +4

    Im only 10hrs in so being spoiler free while also having no bullshit and going straight to the point was very helpful, I dont usually watch guides but I will definitely watch more of yours!

  • inphanta
    inphanta 3 months ago

    Thank you so much for this. The more I get into this game, the more I realise there’s so much I don’t know - the amount of depth in this game is truly staggering to the point of being daunting at times, so videos like this really help. Thanks again! 😊

  • Lucas Ng
    Lucas Ng 4 months ago

    Thanks so much for providing such informative and helpful tips. I would have a hard time playing through without knowing these stuff. Great video!

  • Arlofan
    Arlofan 4 months ago +3

    This was high quality, informative and super helpful! Great video. Finally know what the green vs blue is (was what I expected but glad to confirm) and didn't know about the shop after fully upgrading!

  • sh4dowbunny
    sh4dowbunny 4 months ago +19

    looking forward to seeing your channel grow following the release of this game. out of all the vids out for it, yours are my fav. cohesive, good voice tone, good edits, overall great work. keep it up! :)

  • Joshua Ruth
    Joshua Ruth 4 months ago +2

    I just built that hover motorcycle and it’s legit my favorite vehicle in the game now. I have so many batteries that I can endlessly explore the depths with ease. It controls perfectly and uses hardly any power. Thanks so much.

  • caffeine goat
    caffeine goat 3 months ago +1

    The brightbloom seed instead of the useless headlights is such a brilliant idea and I wish I knew that when I just started figuring out the depths

  • The Cultural Dumpster Fire

    Just subbed. Absolutely the best walkthrough video I’ve watched on TotK so far. This is exactly what I’m looking for when I search for a walkthrough video. The information presented by a competent voice with clear visuals and no bullshit. And thanks for not selling me anything because I’m not buying anything right now anyway… I’m spending all my time playing TotK!!!

  • swimfast2231
    swimfast2231 4 months ago

    honestly fantastic video. great explanations, good pacing. thorough and quality, no stupid fluff. subbed ✊🏼

  • jean maillard
    jean maillard 4 months ago +16

    I was finally able to do that flying machine without it drifting thank you so much

  • balex
    balex 4 months ago +8

    Great informational video, covered a lot of great bases of progression. thank you for the great video 👍

  • Total DuDe
    Total DuDe 4 months ago +45

    Understanding the depths will help double your progress in this game. Here are the links between the surface and the depths:
    Underneath every shrine is a lightroot (Even the name is spelled backwards), If you can't find the shrine directly on the surface, it's most likely in a cave.
    Below each mountain is a mine. Huge deposits of free Zonite without enemies and usually some crystalized charges or better. (I recommend using the free rock sledge to take out the 5-8 deposits, and toss a bomb or two at the large one)
    Sitting under every town is a refinery (Game still calls these "mines" too don't know why). When I go to turn in, I go first the great central refinery, then Hateno refinery, If I STILL have more I go to the Gerudo refineries. (All of these have light roots RIGHT next to the refineries)
    Generally you will find connections of interesting stuff from the surface to the depths, these are just the ones I've found so far. Can you find more?

    • Its Shatter
      Its Shatter  4 months ago +3

      Great info! Thanks for sharing.

    • L R
      L R 27 days ago

      Creepy guy statues underneath goddess statues.

    • ★froggy★
      ★froggy★ Day ago

      Also all water on the surface is a wall you have to go around in the depths(cannot be climbed over) and all special goddess statues are bargainer statues in the depths
      A lot of people know this one too but all high-up places(mountains, hills, etc) are lower places in the depths(trenches, canyons, valleys, idk the differences)

  • Hundo Mo
    Hundo Mo 20 days ago

    I appreciate you doing your best to avoid spoilers during your walkthrough. A lot of content creators dont do that

  • Leo Kicklighter
    Leo Kicklighter 4 months ago +1

    Well-produced, provides options, goes into useful detail while avoiding pointless tangents, isn't trying to sell me anything, and has a cat. Best guide video ever.

  • Slowbust
    Slowbust 4 months ago +3

    My man, I’ve followed all of video for Elden Ring and now I found you here for Zelda. My happiness came be described 😢 you’re the best guide we could hope for, you go straight to the point, no detour, no useless blabla, you’re the best ever, so happy to have you back ❤️ keep on the great work !

  • Aiden O'Neill
    Aiden O'Neill 4 months ago +1

    Great video, kept simple. loved it. also i believe you can find a big battery capsule in a chest on the floating isles you go through just before the water temple

  • JTeppic
    JTeppic 4 months ago +11

    My god an actual useful video that is based around the starter section, thanks dude. Immediately subbed, great content.

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