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MUST SEE Ending Final

  • Published on Mar 27, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • Jay Figgs
    Jay Figgs 6 months ago +35

    The Hawks were impressive in this game. Whole team was a unit. They're a tough matchup with our Cavs.
    But those three free shots were what saved the game. No way anyone shoots with their feet forward that far into a contesting opponent. Murray took a risk and won.
    So 👏 Hot lanta

    • DejounteProdz
      DejounteProdz 6 months ago +4

      I love y’all’s fan base always humble and respective. Appreciate u from a hawks fan.

    IMAGE ZM 6 months ago +36

    The Hawks🔥...💪🏿big win... but a long way to go still

  • bruce lau
    bruce lau 6 months ago +1

    Much needed W for the Atlanta hawks and man that was a helluva game
    Really thought Donovan Mitchell would make that shot to win that

  • I am a person
    I am a person 6 months ago +31

    Much needed win

  • dvldog_0311
    dvldog_0311 6 months ago

    Did I just see the Hawks play good defense? 😮 🎉 Good job down the stretch to put it away...

  • Tarik
    Tarik 6 months ago

    The Hawks PnR is a thing of beauty. And DJ's dagger....omg

  • emin johnson
    emin johnson 6 months ago +3

    we missed Allen tonight... alot of people saying bad decision with the mitchell 3, but yo he had 40 and he made like 2 clutch threes a couple minutes ago tbh i had no problem with that shot

  • Drain Stats
    Drain Stats 6 months ago +29

    after today, I have decided to dedicate my future to becoming a ref, reffing division 2 high school games, then move up to the college and G League level, and then finally after years of reffing hundreds of games for different teams and leagues, I'll make it to the NBA and ref one Cavs game, just so the Cavs don't get bs calls for one night for a first.

    • Ricky Grines
      Ricky Grines 6 months ago +2

      That would be an amazing career. There’s also a shortage of refs but pay may not be the best in the beginning

    • -PeEMan
      -PeEMan 6 months ago


    • AP3
      AP3 6 months ago

      Lman34 luka flops more but trae is up there

    • Elliott
      Elliott 6 months ago

      The call was reviewed New Jersey, and there was still a lot of time to play in a close game. It was nowhere close to being as cut and dry as Cavs and Raptors fans make it out to be. You cannot say with a straight face that the call cost anybody the game either, both teams had ample opportunities to win it and the Hawks just closed out the game better.

  • Dre2kClips
    Dre2kClips 6 months ago +5

    Thank you Hawks. Now the Grizzlies can move into the top 5 in the power rankings

    • Zachacus
      Zachacus 6 months ago +1

      Thank you Clippers. Now the Grizzlies can stay out of the top 5 power rankings

    • Dre2kClips
      Dre2kClips 6 months ago

      @Zachacus frick you Jenkins. Why’d you bench Ja for the young guys. We had that game.

  • Hawksfanlosinghope
    Hawksfanlosinghope 6 months ago +1

    Let’s go hawks!

  • Alain
    Alain 6 months ago +5

    Hawks, the ultimate .500 team lol

  • devious100
    devious100 6 months ago +2

    The bogus 3 that was an offensive foul and the clear push off by Murray against Levert was also a clear foul. You can see his arm was extended but they give him the shot, 5 pts gifted to them by the refs and lost a timeout, disgusting. One thing is a missed call but these were too obvious to be mistakes.

    • Elliott
      Elliott 6 months ago +1

      Cavs fans are the worst lol

  • Jake P
    Jake P 6 months ago +6

    Go Hawks

  • oliver sy
    oliver sy 6 months ago +8

    mitchell doesnt play with a brain.. he is good but not making the right decisions in crucial

    • Yout
      Yout 6 months ago +3

      Tweaking fam

    • William Durant
      William Durant 6 months ago +2

      Drugs 💉

    • Brandon Boatner
      Brandon Boatner 6 months ago +1

      Facts miss it being just garlands team 😢

    • Hatim Plawan
      Hatim Plawan 6 months ago +1

      He is predictable like Dame. Iso and just shoot 3s.

    • Yout
      Yout 6 months ago +2

      @Brandon Boatner Tbf they're going nowhere without Mitchell

  • Ronald Dechosa
    Ronald Dechosa 6 months ago +2

    Love Cavs their good defense,btter offense..the teamQork coz.of Garland&Dmitch45

  • GreekSneakCollector
    GreekSneakCollector 6 months ago

    Cavs are back on the Playoffs.

  • XliamnefrobloxX
    XliamnefrobloxX 6 months ago


  • Dee black
    Dee black 6 months ago +4

    Hawks goo

  • Unknown Shadow
    Unknown Shadow 6 months ago +7


    • Ronny
      Ronny 6 months ago

      I Agree

    • Luke Nipper
      Luke Nipper 6 months ago

      Mitchell regularly makes that shot, plus he had 40+ and just made 2 3s before the that. The problem was Garland letting trae run around for 6 seconds before fouling.

  • l'Mao
    l'Mao 6 months ago +1

    Shooting long 3 by being down 1 point? No way hes that stupid. It must be fixed match

    • Hatim Plawan
      Hatim Plawan 6 months ago +3

      No. He's like that.

    • Jay Figgs
      Jay Figgs 6 months ago +1

      He's like Russell Westbrook, sometimes he goes into autopilot. It's how he had to play when he was in Utah but it'll change with time now that he's in Cleveland.

    • swag lord
      swag lord 6 months ago

      @Jay Figgs He's not like Westbrick , Mitchell is wayyy more efficient

    • Jay Figgs
      Jay Figgs 6 months ago

      @swag lord you are like the second person that is not paying attention to my comment I am not comparing accolades I am saying that like Westbrook he sometimes goes on autopilot.

    • Luke Nipper
      Luke Nipper 6 months ago

      Did you even watch the game? He had 40+ and just made two threes before that. If anyone’s stupid it’s garland for letting trae run around for six seconds before fouling. And the refs not overturning the call on Murray’s clear offensive foul was outrageous.

  • Caleb.E 🇺🇦
    Caleb.E 🇺🇦 6 months ago

    Next Stop for ATL, Brooklyn NY

  • Zach Dawson
    Zach Dawson 6 months ago +3

    Nice nba don’t show the reply of the horrible call on that 3 point foul

  • Dale Animation
    Dale Animation 6 months ago


  • Smoking gorrila
    Smoking gorrila 6 months ago

    midlanta hawks

    HJ17GAMING 6 months ago +6

    Gotta love the refs when the hawks play. Always favoring that bum ass team

    • Yout
      Yout 6 months ago +9

      Tbf the Hawks usually get done dirty

    • Elliott
      Elliott 6 months ago +1

      Never heard something more cap in my life lmfao. Cavs fans don't get every call their way and they immediately cry, y'all are so annoying lol

  • Kj Jr
    Kj Jr 6 months ago +1

    Cavs vs refs

  • S T
    S T 6 months ago +1

    Stiff arms now legal in the NBA. What joke. Oh and kick out the jams for the fake 3 shot foul call. Kick em out.